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Tumor and Cyst Remedies

Last Modified on Jul 27, 2015

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Posted by Sally (Seattle, Wa) on 04/27/2010

My dobie Babe has a tumor on her upper leg on the humorous above the elbow. Six weeks ago I took her to one of the 2 vet's we see. He said the limp and the swelling was due to running into something in the yard. She'd been limping for about a week or so. He ordered 30 days of bed rest with potty breaks. We did that. At the end of the month, the limp was gone. I took her back in and the vet said she can slowly resume running and playing. Then the limp returned after another week went by. The first vet keeps costs down and doesn't have an ex ray machine. At that point, 3 weeks ago, I took her to the 2nd vet and she was diagnosed with the tumor. The vet said she can do nothing and that she's seen 3 other dogs since the first of the year with bone cancer on a leg. It must be what they're eating. She also said if the limb were removed, another tumor would grow back so she feels it's hopeless and all I can do is let her go. It seems cancer is everywhere both animals and humans..

Thanks to Earth Clinic and all that I've read here, I have her on Essiac tea. I brew the tea and put it in her water and have been putting it in her food as well, about a teaspoon both meals. I put 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of flax seed oil on it so she'll eat it as I mix it with liver, her favorite food. I give her turkey or chicken morning and evening with 1 tablespoon and 1/2 of flaxseed oil over the food. I add 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric for both meals. I mix it in with the turkey and oil and amazingly she loves the oil and the turmeric as she licks the plate clean. I've put flavic minerals in her water thanks to Ted on earth clinic. I'm giving her MMS several times a day. 5 drops of MMS mixed with 25 drops of the citric acid. I put it in 2 caps and put it down her throat after she's eaten. I follow each cap with a small piece of liver or chicken in case she's tasted the MMS. I was giving her a cap with a piece of chicken wrapped around it.. but she caught on after a few days and wouldn't take anything from my hand.. so I was left with the alternative. I also put a caster oil pack on the tumor every evening. I've put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in her water as well. I'm using everything I've read about on Earth Clinic to help her. She's only 4 years old!!!!

The vet suggested I come back in 2 weeks for another ex ray (and check for $120 ). She assured me that the tumor would be larger. I decided to spend the money on food and the supplements rather than another sad warning of why I should put her down. So I don't know if the tumor has grown or not and she is still limping. But the other thing is she eats like a horse and she's not growing thin as they do with cancer. She's started to play with her daughter and wants to run around more even with the limp. In the beginning she was quite lethargic and wanted to sleep on the couch much of the time. She's still sleeping more then usual but she's also playing more so something is going on with her and it seems to me to be positive. Thank you Earth Clinic and all the wonderful readers that share their stories. Sally

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Posted by W (St. Louis, Mo) on 10/24/2009

[YEA]  I have a 12 year lab. He was suffering with 8 fatty tissues that were very large. I learned that raspberry powder can help dogs with removing fatty tissues and tumors. My dog was draggy and slow with the many fatty tissues. I came a cross raspberry powder and gave it to him for a month. He only has two left. I would put 2 table spoons over his dog food in the morning and evening. This is a real story. The two fatty tissues left have been reduced in size. My lab has more energy and moving around better. Also I give my dog 1 teaspoon of apple cidar vinegar in the morning and put it in his bowl and put his food over it. He does lick it up. W

Replied by Leah
San Diego, Ca Us
Hi where did you get the raspberry powder??? I need your help please- thanx


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Posted by Laure (Woodlands, TX) on 11/27/2006

[YEA]  Our dog had a tumor on one of his ears. The vet said that if it continued to grow, it should be removed surgically. I'd had good results using raw food, and had heard of many cancer cures using raw food, so I did a search and found that the raw pet food I had once heard about, from Canada, called B.A.R.F. (which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), was now available within driving distance from a local distributor. The dog was put on this food immediately. In three weeks, the tumor had flattened and blackened into a hideous thick crust. At 6 weeks into the raw food experiment, it was just a small flat scab. At 7 weeks, the scab fell off and revealed perfect, pink skin, with only a trace that there was ever a problem. We have kept him on a largely raw diet since then. Today, almost 2 years later, I can't tell where the tumor was. And he always smells fresher and less "doggy" when he is on raw food. He also has a lot more energy. I love how the raw diet decreased the burden of digesting cooked food, and gave him more assimilable nutrition to help his body heal.

Replied by Dee
Los Angeles, CA
What raw meat recipes are/did you use? My Cat has breast cancer for the 3rd time. The 1st and 2nd time she had surgery; she can not go through another one. So I would like to do anything possible to stop the tumors, they are growing over night... anything you have for Cat Cancer. Thank you, Dee

Have you been to

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Posted by Beanie (Newhall, Ca) on 07/14/2012

I searched this site many times looking for a remedy for a large tumor that appeared on my dog's head above her eye. She is a bichon and is 13yrs old. I tried the castor oil faithfully about 6 or more times a day for weeks but it did not work for me. The lump was getting larger and harder. I stumbled on seabuckthorn berry oil and started giving her half a dropper every day. It's been a little over one month and the tumor which had been there for about 9 months is completely flat!! It just amounts to raised skin now. I wanted to share this because I thought it was amazing and I always come here looking for help so I hope this helps someone. There is also a seabuckthorn seed oil available but I bought the berry oil not the seed oil. It tastes better and has slightly different make up. It is for human consumption - they both are - so it is safe for your pet. I guessed at the amount and it seems fine for my dog who is about 19 pounds. If your dog has lumps please try this. It also gives her more energy. I don't know if I can say where I got this but it is available on the internet. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper. It is easy to administer as she just licks it from her bowl. I sometimes rub some on her gums and it helps to keep them healthy and reduce bad breath odor. Please post here if your dog was helped by this. We need to keep our dogs healthy without drugs.

Replied by Neukum
Sussex, Nj, Usa
Hello, my best friend Freddy is a 19year old Shepard chow mix that I rescued 15 years ago. He is my world. He developed a fatty tumor on his side that started out about 4 years ago. The vet said don't worry about it, he is not suffering from it. Well, about 3 weeks ago he started licking it and it started out the size of a walnut. Now it's the size of a baseball. Every time the vet declined surgery cause they claimed it was not bothering him. Well now it is a problem. I have it bandaged and the vet now won't do surgery cause he is too old now and they said he won't do surgery cause of his age and they say the anesthsia can kill him. So I have been in the last day thinking about a vitamin called nuVet. The reviews are amazing, saying it shrinks the tumor but when something sounds to good to be true it usually is. So I came across your story. My dog is 71 lbs. What dosage do you suggest for his body weight and where can I get this sea buckthorn berry oil??? Please help.
Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh
Get some turmeric (real cheap, in bulk, at the Indian store... That's India). Add 1/2 tablespoon to his food, and mix it all up, each time you feed him. I did this with my golden retriever who had a cyst which was the size of a pea when it first started, but grew to the size of a quarter and got all red and oozing when her immune system was compromized. Within 2 weeks the cyst disappeared!

I'm not guaranteeing that this will work for your dog's tumor, but it might.

Replied by Beanie
La, Ca
Hi, I just read this. Sorry to hear about your dog. Please do a search online at Amazon or for the seabuckthorn berry oil. It is not that hard to find. Since your dog is 71 pounds I think you could give him 2 to three droppers per day. Maybe one dropper in the morning and one in the evening. You can always adjust it. It sounds like a lot but it is a fruit oil so it really is like food. However, this is not professional advice. I know it sounds good to be true but it really shrunk the tumors on my dog. She is still with me. Please try it. And, best of luck to you. Please post here to let us all know if it helped so others will know too.

p.s. As I posted, my dog is 19 pounds and one dropper full (not drop) was a good dose for her.

Replied by Jss
London, England
[YEA]   I live in London, England and I have a 14 year old American Spaniel, Boppo. In the past year Boppo has lost his sight and his hearing but he still has mobility and he gets around just fine. However in late January 2015 Boppo developed a tumour on his mouth. It grew rapidly and went from the size of a marble to the size of a small tomato. The vet told me that Boppo could not be treated as he was too old to be anaesthesised. Looking around on the net I found this thread from 07/14/2012 describing how Beanie had treated her dog with Seabuckthorn Berry oil (which I'd never heard of) and the treatment had worked. I obtained some Seabuckthorn Berry oil and I've been giving Boppo a whole dropper full every day for 5 weeks. It's quite incredible and difficult to believe but there is now no trace of the tumour. I have now reduced the dose to a half a dropper every day and I'm eternally grateful for having come across Earthclinic and to Beanie in particular.
Replied by Sharyn
Pa., US
I too, cannot afford expensive vet fees. WHY, if their profession is "caring" for animals do they put the cost out of reach for so many people???
I started reading these articles because my 10 yr. old Golden has several TUMORS, different sizes, different textures. I've removed two. Both oozed gross matter before removal. However, I've got an ongoing bill to pay. This berry treatment got my attention rather than turmeric paste, etc., due to oozing. Where do I get this product and how much for an 80 lb Golden Retriever. Risks???
Replied by Jss
London, England
[YEA]   Seabuckthornberry berry oil is for human consumption and as my dog has had no adverse reactions to it I would assume it's safe for all dogs. As I truly believed I'd be saying goodbye to Boppo within weeks and I was clutching at straws I went for a high dose, a whole dropper a day. When the tumour had shrunk to virtually nothing I decreased the dose to half a dropper a day and I'm giving him that still. Seabuckthorn berry is easily available in oil form and capsules. I bought the oil from the largest online retailer and it's made in the USA and produced by a company in Chicago, Ill.
Replied by Krystal
Anyone know if its safe for a cat? She's about 9-10 lbs
Replied by Lesley
I would guess if it is okay for humans and dogs, it should be okay for your kitty.

I found the sea buckthorn berry oil today at Whole Foods for $32. My 12 year old husky-chow has a tumour on her lower jaw and I hope this works.

Good luck!

Replied by Melissa

So my basset about 8 years old had a lump on her neck and I was not sure so I took her to the vet and got told that if it wasn't bothering her I must just leave it, so I did but now two years later it is still there and been bothering me because I didn't know what it was but then I decided to have a closer look...It was not noticeable until you feel it . I decided to push on it a bit and there was just water coming out so then I pushed harder and it popped with a huge amount of puss and I can tell that had been there for years now the lump is gone and just has some redness around.

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Posted by Cheri (Lexington, Illinois, U.s.a. ) on 09/10/2011

[YEA]  Tumors in pets; Several years ago my cat developed a mass which my vet said was a tumor. I was taking shark cartilage for osteoarthritis (which did relieve the pain) and added some to my cats food. After a few weeks I took her back to the vet for an exam. He found that the tumor had liquified. If you read the book "SHARKS DON'T GET CANCER" it claims the shark cartilage cuts off the blood supply to the growth.

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Posted by Erika (Citrus Heights, Ca) on 06/14/2013

Hi there! My dog had a tumor on her gums. Spindle cell sarcoma. They want to remove a portion of her jaw in a couple of weeks. Anything you can suggest that may help her show improvement by then?

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Posted by Jordan's Mom (Lansing, Mi Usa) on 09/02/2010

Can I use the Ted's above alkalinity formula for an oral tumor my cat has? It really fills much of the space in the back of his throat. I have been doing hydrogen peroxide therapy alternately with Mesosilver 2x day on each one. I understand adding silver to h2o2 makes it much more powerful but am searching for how much of one to the other to mix together. Have been using slightly less than. 5 solution of hydrogen peroxide orally and I also spray in his mouth on the tumor.

Posted by Kate (Lakeside, Ca) on 08/11/2009

[YEA]  Hi,

I have an adopted black lab, age 15, "Lady", with a large tumor that appeared on her right leg joint (started as elbow callus appearance). The Vet stated that I would probably have to "put her down" soon because she will stop walking due to leg discomfort. He did not recommend surgery or chemo; she does have an obstructed nasal passage since someone probably kicked and crushed her face at some point in her life. She often gets antibiotics for her nasal infections - we have to carefully feed her to keep food out of her nose.

I am writing to say thank you for your directions and the Castor Oil... it's been nothing less than amazing!

I began treatment a week ago as you directed and the large, mushy mass is now 1/3 the original size, no edema. She is walking around and even rolling in the grass. I will continue all phases of her treatment and wish to say thanks on our behalf, she feels very good, frisky and most importantly, she is able to truly enjoy her days more.

Replied by Holly
Martinsville, In
How did you treat it?

EC: Kate was probably referring to Ted's remedies here:

Posted by Marilyn (North Port, FL) on 04/15/2009

I have a few questions and I hope you can help. My Lab, Trev, is 13 1/2 years old. He has a non-cancerous tumor on his left leg. He has had surgery for removal but it keeps coming back. It is now bleeding constantly unless I keep it wrapped. Because of his age, the doctor does not want to perform surgery because it is so large it would mean removal of his leg. His back hips are bad and he has trouble getting up. Every time I change his wrap, it bleeds. I read your column about castor oil and bloodroot. I tried castor oil months ago and it did not help. I have never tried anything else. I don't know where to get bloodroot. If I can help him, I want to do what I can for him. According to the vet, he will have to be on antibiotics for the rest of his life and I have to change his bandage (it's a large wrap with an ace bandage around it), every two days. I am trying to avoid infection. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Marilyn

Replied by Diane
Pine Mountain, Ga

How is your Trev? I have an Italian Greyhound that is 13 and she has the same thing that Trev has. I had it biopsied and the vet called it 'hemangiopericytoma'. He said there was really no cure. It is a malignancy. It will keep growing back until it ruptures with bloody tissue everywhere, then maybe take it off again. But given her age I won't do that again. I have been looking all over the internet for some type of cure. I have seen several sites where people have used flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese twice a day and say that it has worked. Look for this on the internet to get a correct dosage. I hope this answer is not too late and good luck. I started my Lilly on it yesterday.


Replied by Luiza
Brooklyn, Ny, Us
Hi Diana, ive read about your dog with hemangiopericytoma tumor, my 13 yrs old siberian husky has the same thing, I was wondering if the budwig diet helped? I started my dog on it 2 wks ago.

Posted by Dominique (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 02/27/2009

I have successfully used Ted's Remedies and now I have a new problem. My dog just had puppies January 11, 2009. One of them was born with what I thought was a tumor but after using these remedies for 2 weeks with no results I have discovered that what I thought was a tumor is actually a perineal Hernia. There is not cure posted on this sight for hernias. I am trying a fully raw diet, castor oil, vitamin c and e. What else can I do to get rid of this hideous looking thing. It is like cottage cheese right by her vagina and when I squeeze it I can hear it ooze. I am thinking cayenne pepper, what can help my puppy. She is very happy and playful. She does not even know that it exists.

Replied by Dawn
Woodinville, WA
Pretty sure perineal Hernia's require surgery.
Replied by Danielle
Newburgh, Indiana
It sounds like an umbillica hernia and when the dog gets spayed or neutered the vet can close it then. Do NOT push on it as hernias are small openings in the muscle wall and the pups intestines are just poking out some. If you mess with it you can cause problems. Many dogs live they entire lives with them, but better to close if already undergoing anesthesia.

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Posted by Doglover92 (Ontario, Canada ) on 04/21/2015

I have a 10 pound Shih Tzu, she is 15 years old and our vet said he is very happy with how good her liver, heart, and blood pressure is.

She has a 3 inch wide tumor on her head above her ear, we started mixing a little bit of turmeric in with her food, and today is started bleeding. I don't know if it's because she has been trying to get the cone off from around her head or not. Has anyone else experienced this?

Posted by Kaz (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) on 07/12/2013

[YEA]  I would like to thank all the writers here for your advice on reducing fatty tissue tumours in dogs. I started treatment on my 13 yrs old dog two and half weeks ago. I put turmeric in his food every time he ate and rubbed the tumour with castor/tumeric combination. The "size of a golfball" type tumour ruptured after enlarging and shrinking last week. I have been treating with anti-biotic and the castor oil/turmeric pack and wrapping it (i sit with dog for an hour each time because as soon as my back is turned, the bandage is off and he is licking it). The size of the tumour has decreased by 70% at least and seems to be regenerating skin and closing slowly. It looked really nasty but I cleaned it 3-4 times a day and applied anti-biotics. I am happy with what has happened so far and am very thankful for the advice as a I am a pensioner and vets, etc are just too expensive. My biggest problem is keeping him from taking the bandage off. He looks happier and is moving around better. My fingers are crossed that it will be nearly all gone and healed within a few more weeks.

Replied by Kaz
Townsville, Qld, Australia
Update: I have been using the turmeric and castor oil paste for nearly four weeks now. In the last day or so, I have added aloe vera to the paste. The tumour is open but no infection and is clean, no smell or weepiness. It looks as if the skin is re-growing and closing the "wound". I use equal parts of turmeric, castor oil and aloe vera in paste (1 teaspoon each) aloe vera is straight from garden and I open leaves and scrape out gel to mix in with the turmeric and castor oil. I couldn't be more happier with the results. EARTH CLINIC: is there any way to put up before and after photos to show people how effective this has been for my dog. And thank you Earth Clinic for this site, it has been invaluable.

EC: Yes, please email the photos to staff(at) and we'll post them in your thread.

Replied by Kaz
Townsville, Qld, Australia
To the Staff of Earth Clinic, I am sending these photos of the tumour that is on my dogs front leg and how it is healing after using turmeric, castor oil and aloe vera on it.

First Photo: taken after five days of putting turmeric in his food, it swelled up and then started to get soft and crinkle and blister.

Dog Tumor Before Remedies
Second Photo: taken after four weeks of treating the tumour. The "wound" was not cleaned so it has some grass on it however, once cleaned, mixture was applied and wrapped. there is no infection and it is closing slowly.

Dog Tumor Treated With Remedies

Thanks for the assistance from your site and your readers.

Posted by Judi (Rockford, Ill) on 03/28/2013

I have a 9 yr shihtzu that has a fatty tumor on his side and it just hangs down and flops. I have been giving him dissolve formula from paw healer. About a week ago it has starting bleeding and is red does not look good at all. This tumor is about the size of a big grapefruit if not maybe little bigger. Surgery is not really an option here he has a heart murmur. It seems to have gotten litlle bigger since I gave him the dissolve formula. Have read alot of good reviews on here for remedies for dogs with fatty tumors. Could you please help me? I'm really desperate at this time to help him. Also am afraid this thing is going to burst and what can I do if this happens? what is the best thing I can do for him now. Am making little paste with tumeric and olive oil and apply that on there but he keeps licking it off. Please help me with your suggestions and what I have to order and what to do with it. Isn't tumeric a hot spice to be giving a dog? thank you very much.

Replied by Namiko
Oak Bluffs, Ma
Hi, This may help. You should google food grade hydrogen peroxide. And also hydrogen peroxide therapy. It is good for both humans and animals. I am currently taking it myself, for increased energy. And if you read through the research on line, you will see that there has been alot of success with tumors shrinking during a course of hydrogen peroxide therapy. It sounds like your pet's problem is farther along but it's worth a try. If you do give him the therapy be sure not to put the H2O2 with water in a metal bowl, but rather a ceramic or other non metal bowl. I hope this helps and I hope your pet gets better and out of pain if any. Good luck to you.

Posted by Rose (Coldwater, Ontario, Canada) on 03/27/2012

Hi there we have a golden retreiver who was recntly diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her back leg. she is diabetic as well - also recent 1yr. We rescued her - prior to her living with us she was severly neglegted and abused. She has had a happy life with us and we would like to keep her has happy and healthy for as long as possible. Can tumeric help with canerous tumors - most of what I have read seems to be related to cysts. She is about 80lbs and we really dont know how old she is but we estimate her to be around 10yrs old.

Any feed back would certainly be appreciated.

Replied by Julie
Scarborough, Me
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have a 10 year old, 20lb terrier. She has had a benign fatty tumor just above her chest bone and below the collar line for several years and about 1/2 a golf ball in size. I have been giving her about 1/2 tsp of turmeric in her food every day for about 3 weeks. It has shrunk considerably I may up the dosage for the next few weeks to see if we can completely dissolve the tumor.

Posted by Vj (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 10/02/2011

[YEA]  Just wanted to pass on the great success I had with turmeric and our dog.

Our 7 year old shepard husky cross had about a 6" x 3" fatty lipoma on his right side, just under the shoulder blade (confirmed by vet by drawing fluid out of it). It was very noticable. Looked like he was fatter on one side. I had read about turmeric on this site and shortly after went to the health food store and bought a scoop of tumeric from the bulk herb section. Cheap... don't buy the capsules, way more expensive.

I simply sprinkled about 2 tsps of it on his dry food and mixed it up with a little olive oil, twice/day. Within 3 weeks I could not believe how much it had shrunk. Another 3 weeks later.... completely gone! Amazing! I have never before seen the benefits of a natural herb/spice work so well & so quickly.

I actually have a small fatty lipoma on my leg, and I'm trying it. You're supposed to mix it with black pepper so I just mix it up in a little water and down it quickly. Hope it works for me. All sorts of other benefit of it as well. In fact I can't believe how much more energy I have. vj

Replied by Glsmith14
Mobile, Al
I have a 13 yr old lab mix that has some fatty tumors as well as something on her right flank and possibly the right one. I took her to a holistic vet for acupuncture as it helped a dog that we had years ago. She said that it could be a tumor but without X-rays she wouldn't know for sure. Maggie has had two bloat surgeries within the last 3 years and I don't wont to take the risk of putting her to sleep again. She is not limping and is still very active and eating well. I have decided to try the turmeric as well as the castor oil. I mixed the turmeric 1/2 tsp, with about a tablespoon of local honey and she licked it right down. I am not sure what to do with the castor oil. Do I make a poultice for her hip or does she ingest it? The vet ran blood work and everything looked pretty good except for her creatinine was a point over normal. The vist was close to 400$ and as with most of the folks here have other pets and limited income. So I am going to give this a try and will keep you posted. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. She eats taste of the wild salmon along with pork meat that I cook, about 2-1/2-3 cups daily. I have her blood test that I can send if it would help with suggestions. Thank you glsmith14
Replied by Teresa
My 10 yr old Cocker Spaniel has what feels like a tumor on her chest under the skin. I don't take her to a vet so I don't know what it is. Will turmeric in her food help this?

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