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Posted by Sweat Pea (Somewhere, Usa) on 11/21/2012

I have been reading so many posts on EC about candida infections that I found it very curious no one has posted the simple spit test to find out if you actually HAVE an overgrowth of candida. My journey into natural cures began about 3 years ago when I was given a book about natural cures that they don't want you to know about. Many of you know the book I'm talking about. I read it cover to cover as suggested in the book itself and my eyes were opened to the deception and brainwashing I have been exposed to for years. Big pharma is not the answer to a huge majority of what we call medical problems. It's mainly the problem to additional problems.

I read about how antibiotics can lead to a full blown candida overgrowth that gradually works its way up your body and even into your lungs causing asthma. Needless to say, a light bulb went on! I realized that all the prescription drugs were NOT HELPING! I knew when I took Albuteral it was making my lungs weaker. Then add Advair and steroids, my health got worse by the week. I did a the candida spit test and it revealed that I had a very bad case of it. That's when I bought a candida detox that is at health food stores and on the internet. After completing it my asthma was gone! Gone! I was breathing free and easy! No more gasping for air in the middle of the night! That was more than 2 years ago.

So this is the spit test - When you get up in the morning you simply spit in a clear glass of water (like an 8 oz glass), as much spit as you can spit into it. The glass should be clear and glass, not plastic. Don't eat or drink anything before the test, it must be the first spit of the day. Then simply wait about 2 minutes and look at the glass. If you see a lot of stringy things hanging down into the glass that indicates a candida overgrowth. My glass was shocking, tons of stuff hanging down. When I tested recently I had nothing hanging down at all. If you want to get rid of candida, first make sure that's what the problem is, it's just so easy! I would be glad to answer any questions anyone has about this. Getting rid of terrible asthma has truly changed my life and I take NO prescription drugs today. NONE! Please try the spit test and post your results, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks!

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/19/2012 | 1020 Posts

I have recently stumbled upon a very useful questionnaire and tool that Dr William G Crook -- who wrote The Yeast Connection -- used to more accurately diagnose whether any of his patients had candida or not. With his permission, his questionnaire has been put up on this site:

Time and again on EC I have read posts from desperate people who know perfectly well that there is something very wrong with them. And when they go through all the docotor's tests, the doctors tell them there is nothing wrong with their bodies. Some believe that they might have candida but have no confirmation from doctors. Other's call it a mysterious illness because they don't know what the problem is and ask desperately for some help. Candida is a very dangerous disease due to its robustness and due to its associations with so many other diseases and conditions in the body.

I have said often that modern medical research really doesn't have a good reputation in properly being able to diagnose early or even late stage systemic candida problems.

William Crook's questionnaire is about 4 pages long and works from a point scoring system. Dr Orian Truss also included a questionnaire in his book -- Candida: The Missing Diagnosis. Truss's questionnaire was 11 pages. This just illustrates just how difficult it is to accurately diagnose candida, because it always seems to be associated with a host of other allergic, bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.

For those who are unsure of their current condition or those who honestly suspect candida, taking the questionnaire should help to give you a clear answer.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
I've found the same test for candida(William Crook's Questionnaire) given in my original post at another site. This test is presented in a much clearer format and the point scoring is also automated and much easier to use. See this link:

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi, It's funny because I almost posted a candida questionnaire which I have given to friends to check if they may have candida. It is very similar to the one you have the link to. Here's the link to the one I use:

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Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 12/29/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been on a Candida Diet for about 6 months, definitely with some improvements. However, just couldn't get rid of this recurring yeast infections. After further research I kept on hearing about capryllic acid, and what a powerful anti-fungal it is. What I didn't know is that you have to slowly build up the quantity (the lady in the store suggested 3 in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon). Long story short, 7 days later I had a Herxheimer reaction, also known as a die-off reaction. Mine was pretty crazy though, very scary especially if you don't know what the heck is going on and have no one to talk to about. For about a week prior I noticed red, hot burning checks, especially after I came out of the shower. Then my cheeks started becoming really dry and started slightly peeling. As mentioned, 7 days later, I woke up with extremely itchy palms in my hand and feed. Within hours the itchiness spread throughout my entire body. Something was obviously in my blood stream. It was a weekend so I went to Urgent Care as I started noticing really huge hives showing up. I was told to take Benadryl, which somewhat helped. I broke out in hives and rashes for the next two days. On day 2 and 3 both my eyelids were swollen. The doctor simply called it allergic reaction and prescribed steroids. Somebody told me to go and get hydro colon therapy for 3 consecutive days. I had my second one today. Most of my rashes, hives and itchiness are almost gone. And my eyelids are almost back to normal. In retrospect I found a lot of online information how capryllic acid can cause a herxheimer reaction, which is why you need to slowly build up the potency over a couple weeks. I'm so glad I didn't take the steroids. Well, hopefully I rid my body of the candida by now :-)"

Replied by Phill
Pleasant Hill, Il
When searching to overcome ANY health problem, please don't neglect to consider msg and free glutamate. I fought candida, heart palpitations, fatigue, muscle symptoms, fibromyalgia, headaches, neck pain, foggy thinking, stomach problems, trouble swallowing, and so much more for a great number of years.

I believe in limiting carb intake and eating only complex carbs, along with fresh healthy vegetables and protein. I believe in exercise and stress reduction and prayer or meditation. But the thing that finally took away the remainder of my symptoms was to eliminate msg and free glutamates from my diet. Also aspartame! These are excitotoxins which do great damage to your body!!!

The most helpful information that I have found are on the websites and Also,

Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford, BC) on 08/24/2008

[YEA]  About 10 years ago now I was having regular, severe bouts of vaginal yeast infections, seeming to coincide with my cycle. Then I began experiencing numbness and tingling, first in my hands and feet, then my lips and tongue, then pretty much everywhere! Doctors had no answers for me and any "solution" they suggested would have been worse than my condition. One day I was in a health food store, and noticed that the symptoms for systemic candida were identical to what I had been experiencing. The book also said that caprylic acid killed yeast, so I bought some right away and the yeast infections stopped and the numbness and tingling went away gradually. However, I didn't take probiotics at first, and I did have some reoccurence of symptoms when I couldn't get caprylic acid, so I began taking an enteric-coated probiotic blend (which ensured that it maked it through the stomach acid to where it was needed in my lower tract). Caprylic acid has a rather nasty burp aftertaste (a little food to chase it down helps) so I much prefer the probiotics and have been symptom-free for many years now.

Posted by AC (West Midlands, England) on 04/21/2008

[YEA]  I read about Coconut oil on this site and went to my local health store to ask if they had any. They said no, but they suggested I take caprylic acid, which is in coconut oil and helps cure yeast overgrowth. I purchased it to help cure my athlete's foot and stomach discomfort.

I purchased it and I took one 350MG tablet daily as per directions. It did not cure my athlete's foot like I wanted, but I felt less hungry, less tired, and my stomach felt better. I also lost weight without serious effort. I've been taking it for two months now.

Warning: I experienced two things while taking this: stomach discomfort and a slightly yeasty odor coming from my body for a week or two.

The yeasty smell rubbed off on my washcloth and towels. I discovered by accident that putting a capful of hydrogen peroxide (the regular kind from the pharmacy, not the food grade kind) in my bathwater stopped this. It stopped me from emitting the yeasty smell and from transferring it to my wash cloth and towels.

Replied by LuAnn
Rapid City, SD
My local Walmart carries organic virgin coconut oil 16 oz. I prefer this over expeller pressed coconut oil. It has a different tast. So cold process or virgin does taste better. I use it in my teas. I cook my eggs with it. I use it in my hair as a conditioner. I have even used it up my nose for the sinus issues candida cause. I put some each nostril and lay down with a warm compress on my eyes. If you were congested you will get up and blow your nose and it feels great.

I have friends who have exemia and most of them said it is gone in 3 days.
I just tried the collidioal silver tonight in a nazal spray bottle. What a wonder full relieve not only 2 hours later, the 4 day headache is gone. Still have pressure by no where like before. Thanks

Replied by Revcarlag
Kansas City, Mo, Usa
[YEA]   Caprylic acid has also worked for me. I was just on flucozanole for one month and didn't get better. I started back on caprylic acid capsules last night and today I have die-off, so I know that it is working. I also take oregano oil capsules with it--the double whammy. As for colloidal silver, I saw a man who took that and his skin turned silver and it will NOT go back to it's regular color. Stay away from that stuff!

Posted by Peter (Melbourne, australia) on 03/02/2008

[YEA]  Caprylic acid is a good cure for candida and it is completely harmless, being a C8 acid extracted from coconuts. It is readily available as a tablet. I am not certain if it affects people allergic to coconuts.

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Posted by Marlo (Hattiesburg, Ms) on 12/02/2009

[YEA]  I tried so many things to overcome my candida infection but the single most effective thing I tried was drinking a few dashes of cayenne pepper powder in a beverage. Vitamin and probiotic supplementation also helped some. It relieved my depression/fog, fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, yeasty body odor, itching, allergies, anxiety, high blood pressure, "blurred" vision, generalized muscle pain and spasms.

Chamomile Tea   1  0   

Posted by Bobbie (Sydney, Australia) on 05/23/2011

[YEA]  I suffered from candidiasis after I had had 4 days of iv antibiotics (in hospital) for a bowel infection - and then, while my intestines were quite vulnerable (flora imbalance), I ate a mouldy pancake (unknowingly of course). Huge, itchy red welts spread over my body withins days. I even had white fungus growth in my ear canals (my ENT specialist showed me on his video screen). I tried most of the remedies on this site with some success (oregano oil, bicarb in drinking water, kefir and h2o2 etc). With each remedy that I tried, I got better but found it was true that I had to make sure I was trying new anti-fungals and alkalining remedies to keep on top of the infection (apparently, it mutates very quickly). It wasn't until I drank Chamomile tea that all my symptoms finally disappeared.

I had 3 cups of hot and v strong chamomile tea within a couple of hours (I used tea bags, although I imagine loose leaf would have been better). It gave me a big headache but I kept it up with at least 2 cups per day, for the next week.

I have been free of candidiasis for 2 years now and feel that the combination of exercise, healthy eating (alkalising foods), rotating anti-fungals and especially chamomile tea helped me enormously.

Check for Sjogren   1  0   

Posted by Basela (JAX, usa) on 06/30/2007

[YEA]  Check to see if you have Sjogren Syndrome: Sjogren Syndrom causes dry mouth and eyes and thrush in the mouth due to Candidas.

Replied by LuAnn
Rapid City , South Dakota
Would love to know more about this. At night mostly, I mostly have a very dry mouth. Doesn't matter how much I drink, always dry at night. At work my eyes are dry and my lips seem dry, but because I talk all day on phones, I can only sip or drink on breaks. There are times when my tongue actually sticks to my mouth when that dry. Awfull. Wondering if this is a something I need to worry about. I do have Systemic Candidiasis. So I am apt to have a whole lot of syndromes. Hoping this is not one to add to the list. Thanks LuAnn Got some advice?
Replied by Anon
San Francisco, CA
RE: Dry Mouth. Are you on medical drugs? Toxins often make your mouth dry. Pesticides on plants, herbs, etc. also can cause dry mouth. Ny dry mouth goes away when I stop taking food or herbs that cause dry mouth. (I don't take "meds," since many are too toxic.

For DRY EYES, I juice about half a small onion with other vegetables, which makes my eyes quite moist. (Recall how you tear easily when peeling onions?) Also, for dry mouth, I eat mung beans SPROUTS. It naturally cleans my eyes and makes it moist. This might work for dry mouth. too.

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Posted by Snowbird (Dublin, Oh) on 03/12/2013

[YEA]  Cloves for Candida: I have had very good results by adding a lot of ground cloves (spice) to my beverages and foods. While many other things also help candida, (biotic silver, probiotics, etc. ) I haven't seen too much information re cloves, so I thought I would share this. Cloves help to kill any parasite eggs within the body, also making them helpful in this regard as well.

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Posted by Sandra (California, Us) on 09/05/2011

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Thank you earthclinic for the wonderful website! On here I've found the cure for so many health problems from sore throat to eczema. I am now writing because I've started using VCO three weeks ago and I am loving it. The reason why I wanted to try it is because I think I have mouth candida. For the first two weeks I felt a huge difference in my mouth. It felt cleaner, fresher and that horrible white coat completely disappear!!

A few days ago I started to have an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I can't be sure if it is the metalic taste that some people describe but I can assure you that it is not nice. My tongue is not as pink as it was when I started taking VCO but not as bad as before I started taking it. My question is: Could the bad taste in my mouth be a symptom of candida die off or is it just that the oil worked in the the first two weeks and is not working anymore? Thanks very much

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Sandra, California, I also started taking a bit of coconut oil again a few days ago and my tongue is white (while it nowadays is quite clean) and I have this bad taste in the mouth, like I am always thirsty. Although, as I had started to take Chlorella and Spirulina at the same time I am not sure which one is causing this! I don't know whether it is the die off effect as I think that I suffer from Candida or whether my liver got overloaded because this is the result when you take or eat something that doesn't agree with your liver! No idea what to do now.... yesterday I didn't take the clorella spirulina powder or the coconut oil but nothing changed.
Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada
On 09/06/2011 Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France wrote: "... I also started taking a bit of coconut oil again a few days ago and my tongue is white (while it nowadays is quite clean) and I have this bad taste in the mouth, like I am always thirsty. Although, as I had started to take Chlorella and Spirulina at the same time I am not sure which one is causing this! I don't know whether it is the die off effect as I think that I suffer from Candida or whether my liver got overloaded because this is the result when you take or eat something that doesn't agree with your liver! No idea what to do now.... yesterday I didn't take the clorella spirulina powder or the coconut oil but nothing changed."

Francisca, a few random thoughts here ... Candida is known to accumulate in tissue that contains heavy metal deposits as the heavy metals in some manner seem to protect the Candida. Chlorella is well known to help the body excrete heavy metals by any channel available. I suspect your ingestion of the chlorella started to remove the heavy metals which accounts for the bad taste. With this start to the heavy metal removal, the Candida felt somewhat threatened and in its movement, was exposed (white tongue).

If you want to read more about the heavy metal-Candida association see this link

Replied by Amanda
Boston, Ma
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   Coconut oil also made my tongue turn completely white & I had a terrible taste in my mouth like metal. My tongue was fuzzy - it was horrible! But I also experienced great efffects like weight loss, smoother hair, and much better sleep (I think it was helping my hyperthyroid). I had to go off the coconut oil bc the white tongue - even when I went down to 1/8 of a teaspoon & the taste were intolerable.
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Amanda, The coconut oil was doing a great job of detoxing you, thus why you saw the white tongue and had the bad taste in your mouth. Since coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory you were actually seeing its benefits. If you don't like its effects, you may want to find another way of detoxing since this was an indication that you have a level of toxicity in your body. Hope this info helps, Lisa

Posted by Joyful (Memphis, Tn, Usa) on 07/07/2010

I've cooked with raw/organic/un-refined virgin coconut oil a tad, and I use it liberally in my personal care products. However, I gag whenever I try to injest it. Aside from the overall health benefits, I am curious about this oil because I am dealing with candida overgrowth. I am currently taking probiotics and enzymes from a reputable company, using raw ACV in my water daily, and I will start taking garlic (with allicin) capsules soon. Would it be necessary to consume VCO if I'm doing the other things mentioned above for candidiasis? Are there even coconut oil capsules out there?! Thanks in advance!

Replied by Randy
Jc, Nj
You can take capryllic acid instead, which is the main active substance in VCO that kills the yeast

EC: VCO= virgin coconut oil

Replied by Melissa
Old Saybrook, Ct.
Hi, I am a 61 year old female and have broken out in a rash all over, legs, arms, etc. I have osterperosis in the hips and should take calcium. I have acid reflux expecially in the evening. I have high blood pressure. Vaginal dryness that will not stop even though I am taking vagifem. I have a white tongue. What do you suggest?
Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Melissa - I take Boron (3mg a day) Magnesium 400mg a day, and a Calcium MAYBE every other day... Maybe. I also be taking Organic Virgin Coconut oil at 3 tbsp a day (starting at one tablespoon, and working up to three tablesoons, SLOWLY so as to not upset my digestive system too much). Boron builds bone, and Magnesium is needed by so many bodily functions... VCO is a GREAT thyroid balancing agent. I also add turmeric to my coffee / VCO (coconut oil) concoction every morning.

Aside from that I also take ACV at one ounce (a shot glass full) in a glass of water and a splash of orange juice every morning.

You might want to also look at taking DIM (google it - DIM) and a good natural progesterone cream. Just suggestions per what you said your age and symptons are... Great for balancing out those damned estrogens that can make our bodies get so whacked out.

I am turning 50 this month, and these are the things I have found helpful for me.

Also - a great (beyond great, and AWESOME book actually) to read is "Breakthrough" by Suzanne Somers. Yes, Suzanne Somers.... The woman is VERY intelligent!!!!!

Good luck to you, and if nothing else, just "google" the individual elements I have mentioned to see if they look like something your body may be needing.... One of them may just be something you will be very happy to have found! Carly :-)

Replied by Sims
Branson, Missouri
I was having a hard time with my health and couldn't quite figure out what I had going on, and after some reading I figured out I had candida in my intestines (I fit the symptoms to a T ) so I started with the cold pressed coconut oil about 2 to 4 spoons a day and I am all but cured of all of my symptoms, I also started taking Apple Cider Vinegar at the same time and a strong probiotic... My health is great and I lost 5 lbs which were those last 5 that are so hard to shed, lost some puffy-ness too :) VERY happy... Thank you Earth Clinic!

Posted by Corinna (London, Kent, England) on 02/05/2010

[YEA]  I suffered from candida infections virtually all my adult life. It started after I used antibiotics in my early twenties and became chronic. This changed once I started to use virgin coconut oil for cooking at age 38. What a relief!
I went to a food intolerance check in my local health food shop. The man was all set to diagnose me with candida because then he would be able to sell me lots of medicines (his major source of income) - or so it seemed to me. However, he checked and checked and could not find the candida. He seemed astonished because apparently he found the fungus in everyone. Anyway, I am free of candida for the last 10 years and as an added bonus I also suffer less from herpes outbreaks that I used to have much more frequently.

Posted by Colleen (Livingston, NJ) on 06/28/2009

Hi, My Mom and I have been doing some research regarding Candida. We are both convinced that we have this condition since we both fit the symptoms to a tee.

Anyway, my question is, my Mom has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I've been seeing mixed commentary on the web to whether or not taking the Coconut Oil is good for people who have high blood pressure. Should she continue taking Coconut Oil and will it lower her pressure or make it higher?

Any commentary or personal results are appreciated!! Thanks!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
[YEA]   Hi Colleen...As a help to you here is a website showing much of the research on coconut oil in our diet:

There are many myths that have been spread around about saturated fats and the above web-site should explain all.

I use extra virgin coconut oil internally and externally on body every day, I regard this oil as far more curative even than olive oil because coconut oil is a stable saturated fat, whereas olive oil is a monounsaturated vegetable oil, therefore less stable and much more prone to quickly oxidise.

When I started taking coconut oil, I actually lost weight, my blood pressure went down, my cholesterol levels went down and rebalanced, I had more energy and it was a major factor in getting rid of my Candida.

Replied by Maria
Wilmington, DE, Usa
This is a question to Bill from the Philipines. Bill how long did you take the coconut oil to cure your candida? Maria
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
Hi Maria...It took a year to cure my candida. And coconut oil wasn't the only remedy I used. I also used the following.

* Ted's lime/lemon plus Baking soda 3 times a day for alkalizing the body.

* Occasionally Ted's ACV plus BS or BS on its own on in water to provide more energy and to provide more bicarbonates respectively.

* Teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses in my coffee for minerals.

* Milk thistle to support my liver throughout the cure.

* Kelp tablets for iodine.

* My own homemade decoction of Tinospora cordifolia, Phyllanthus niruri(Chanca piedra or Stonebreaker) and Tumeric, all of which grow in my garden. I took this for liver, kidney and intestinal support throughout the cure. I have recently included Neem leaves in this decoction, because I found a Neem tree in my neighboorhood the other day. Neem, amongst all its other highly beneficial properties, is also highly alkalizing.

I had terrible constipation for about 7 years and usually had a bowel movement once every 4 days. Not good. The coconut oil had an immediate effect on this, my stools became smaller and softer, and eventually I started to have regular BM everyday. I cook everything in VCO now, even use it on my salads. I have banned all other polyunsaturated veg oils from my diet now, since most of these are highly processed chemically and suffer oxidation too quickly which is bad for the body. VCO should be unprocessed, stable and it takes 2-3 years to oxidize this oil.

Just to say that intestinal candida is an insidious problem that can be very hard to eradicate. It is insidious because initially you don't notice its effects, they sort of creep up on you and since I'm over 60 y o I just thought it was age...LOL. But then I stumbled on EC and read about candida. I now regard any yeast, mold or fungus as the prime human enemy now, far more destructive on the human body than viruses, bacteria etc. Fungus's are way more adaptable than any other microbe, they are neither plant nor animal, they can hide for years, they can transfer their nucleus via their hypha by penetrating host cells in order to hide and breed when under attack. The overall effect of this is to continually weaken and wear down the body's immune system, and eventually to provide a wonderful acid environment to allow in a plethora of other viruses and bacteria. This is why it takes so long to get rid of and recover from candida.

Simply put, there is no one magic bullet for candida. I still regard Ted's lemon/lime remedy as the prime remedy that hepled to destroy my candida. But I also have a very high regard for VCO too.

Replied by Maria
Wilmington, De - Usa
Hi Bill, Thanks for the prompt response and thorough explanation. However, I have a few questions regarding your remedies:

1. How much lime/lemon juice and baking soda dis you use?
2. Milk Thistle - is this in a form of tea or powder. How much and how frequently do you use it.
3. Kelp tablets - not sure I need it or do I

I have had thrush in my throat (I'm sure it's in my stomach as well) for about 2 months now and went the Rx route but I'm ready to use the home remedies. I am also over 60 and having a tough time of it but I'm not giving up, there must be an answer. I am determined to kill this fungus off and get my life back. All the best to you.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
Hi Maria...In answer to your questions:

1. How much lime/lemon juice and baking soda is you use?

Use 1/2 tspn Baking soda dissolved in the juice of one lemon or lime. Just slowly add the BS to the lemon/lime juice in 1/2 glass of water until it stops fizzing(Do not worry if you use a little more or less than 1/2 tspn BS). Take this at least 2 times a day -- at least one hour before or two hours after meals. Never take this remedy with meals. Take this 5 times a week with 2 days rest every week.

2. Milk Thistle - is this in a form of tea or powder. How much and how frequently do you use it?

I took Milk Thistle powder in capsule form -- Two 1500 mg capsules per day. Do not buy the tablets, buy the capsule form containing powder. I took this every day in order to help my liver cope with the Herx reaction or fungal die-off.

Kelp tablets - not sure I need it or do I?

Kelp contains minerals, but I took it mainly for the iodine to support my immune system. It is always a good idea to support your immune system as much as possible. You can also use iodine foot-painting (transdermal absorbtion) as well as described here if you like:

I use iodine painting now. For this you can use lugol's iodine or just ordinary iodine tincture or even Betadine.

Ted advises the best way to get rid of oral thrush here:

Although I've never used the ACV plus hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) combo, I have used these two separately for different reasons and they are both powerful anti-fungals. I also agree wholeheartedly with all his other advice.

Replied by Pr
Houston, Texas, Usa
Bill, I have to agree with you on how destructive fungus is to the human body and how deceptive it can be. As you mention it will hid in the body waiting for an opportunity to start growing and a person will never know it. I see fungus as one of the great cleanser of the earth digesting unused material. But what does this tell us about what we are consuming and we get an overgrowth inside. As you know too much toxins and waste. I believe eating clean is a big part of conquering this dis-ease.

I am now for the 4th time in my life dealing with this. I am having great results with EC remedies and your posts. I also used the maple syrup combined with baking 3 xs a day to kick start the clean up. Boy did it do it. I lost 7 pounds from stomach in about 3 days. I feel so much better not having the extra weight around the middle. If anyone tries this be prepared to feel really sick for a week or so.

Thanks for your posts and sharing your journey as it is a great encouragement to fellow travelers.

Replied by Peter
Chicago, Il
Bill, I am not afraid of taking B/S, from my experience using two tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, I always need at least one tablespoon of B/S to stop the fizzle. I just want to double check with your experience to make sure I am doing this right.

Posted by Star Z (London, UK) on 03/17/2008

[YEA]  I have been taking Organic VCO before meals for the last 2 days. A single heaped table spoon. It's yummy. I felt a tense pressure in my baby belly and my stomach has not stopped churning very low pain levels. There is also discomfort to my lower back. I was surprised to find a huge discharge below totay. I was unaware of the fact that I had trush. It disclodged and evacuated more discharge than the prescription medicine I take when I feel the discomfort of thrush. I have also been having an unusually thin poo, not watery, loser than the norm. After the display with the discharge I just wonder what is leaving my stomach! The fact that I didnt know it was there is not reassuring. This is the best detox I have ever done. I think in 3 weeks I will reduce to 1table spoon a day, as well as skin and hair application. This site does a fabulous job, somebody needs to tell Oprah.

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