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[YEA]  09/26/2007: CORAGA from Milwaukee, WI: "I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and it been a living nightmare. I did some research and I found Turmeric on the internet. I went to Outpost health store in Milwaukee. I am really shocked at my symptoms. They are not as bad as they were before. I am working out everyday and not having as many relapses as before. I feel better then every. I though a few months ago I was heading for a wheelchair. I take it with Organic Carrot Juice in the morning and occassionally I have it in some bottle water a few days a week. It works."

[YEA]  09/14/2007: Rosemary from San Mateo, CA: "I tried the recipe for turmeric tea with ginger and my sciatic pain subsided within a few minutes, not kidding! I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I had powdered turmeric but didn't have the powdered ginger so I used fresh ginger and no lemon. I microwaved the water in a Pyrex measuring cup along with the sliced ginger pieces, then added the turmeric and maple syrup, strained and drank. I didn't make it per cup as the recipe, but it worked. I will drink this every morning, as it is very difficult to get out of bed. I am so jazzed about this, woo hoo!"

02/19/2009: Anna from Philadelphia, PA replies: "My husband had his sciatica pain gone in few minutes after eating ginger by itself (candidized or powdered). He never tried turmeric, but probably both act anti-inflammatory."

[YEA]  08/07/2007: Sharrieff from Atlanta, GA, USA: "Fortunately I have been aware and using remedies from your web site for nearly a yaar. A friend asked what could be done to eliminate diarrhea and I searched earthclinc and fourn turmeric. Upon reading further, I discovered some additional benefits. Most notably after taking less than a tsp the first night, I did not feel drowsy druing the evening. After taking it for three days I noticed a significant reduction in my usual body aches. This is a marvelous site. I've been using herbs since 1971 and this is one of the best resources."

05/22/2007: Charles from Austin, Texas: "The ayurvedic recipe for turmeric tea should NEVER use honey. Ayurvedic texts warn that heating honey has a very detrimental effect on the human body that lasts for decades. Never use honey that has been heated and never cook with or put honey in anything warmer than your body temperature."

[YEA]  04/09/2007: Pranathi from Vegas, USA: "Just wanted to add that turmeric is used in India on infants as well with good results. Babies are regularly bathed with turmeric paste to prevent infections (not on the head though, since it prevents hair growth). The quality of the turmeric must be checked though and the infant's skin watched carefully the first few days after using. A harmless side effect is that it colors the skin/nails for a while. A pinch is also put on the baby's tongue and used to clean it."

03/02/2008: G from Buffalo, NY replies: "Some where on here, I read a post that said turmeric inhibits hair growth. When trying to find it....I'm wondering if earthclinic deletes comments after so long...maybe I missed it. I would just like to know where the poster got her information from..or anyone else that can give me information...so I can research this on my own. Thank you."

[YEA]  03/02/2007: Rose from Las Vegas: "i love your recipe for turmeric tea, i have many joint/bone pains from medicine i must take for breast cancer. So this tea has helped. I hope it will continue to relieve my symptoms when i have taken the tea for a longer time.. great site. thanks"

[YEA]  02/15/2007: Heather from DFS: "Ailment: Woke up one morning, my arm was almost limp, it hurt to pick it up, no strength, could not hardly pick up anything, felt like it was swollen inside. Went to doc, he put me on Vioxx, started taking them then heard of all the bad side affects, called a Naturopathic Doc, Doctor Charles Rouse, Columbus GA, he told me about several ingredients, including Turmeric, so I went to the health food store and bought REMEDY: Turmeric Special Formula because it had several of the items he mentioned I needed in it. I then made a tea of it, and put local tupelo honey in it drank it every day and in several days my symptoms were totally gone and has never came back, The only thing about taking a capsule and making in into a tea is there are granules left, you can either drink them or strain them, I drank them for a while, then I started straining them (do not boil the turmeric in the water, or you will lose some of it medicinal effects) boil or heat the water first then put the turmeric special formula in it like you would if you were making a cup of tea, add honey to taste, then drink it while it is warm, You can find the formula I sure several places but this is the brand I used http://vitanetonline.com/description/3802/vitamins/Turmeric-Special-Formula/."

[YEA]  02/03/2007: SuSu from Sacramento, CA: "After taking turmeric, 1/4 heaping tsp, and then stopping, I realized that the eczema on my palms had disappeared and then returned when I quit taking the turmeric. I resumed and it's been gone ever since."

[YEA]  09/08/2006: Ken from Holmdel, NJ: "Turmeric. 3/4 tsp 3x day and esp. before bedtime cures carpal tunnel pains and fitful sleep."

[YEA]  08/05/2006: Vandana from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India: "i tried taking powder of turmeric -- it has been a great thing for the skin and my menopause symptoms are going smooth. Turmeric is best of all the spices -- good for all the ailments basically inside the body and physically also."

[YEA]  Jane : "I have essential thrombocythemia and am using turmeric to reduce platelet count with good results. As an added side effect, I have found that it reduces body fat. I take three 400 mg capsules three times a day. I find it best to take with food as it can cause minor stomach burning."

02/26/2012: Ladyliza from Granada Hills, Ca replies: "My doctor's office called yesterday and told me to purchase Lumberkinase. No, I had never heard of it either. I have"sticky blood and type 2 diabetes, which I just got under control with tumeric and Glucose Optimizer. There is bitter melon in there. My blood has too much fibrin. Lumberkinase is made from earth worms.. Yes you heard me right. They are enzymes from the earth worm and they eat up the fibrinogen problem and cure the sticky blood. It will prevent thrombosis. It disolves blood clots naturally within a few hours.

Anyone who's doctor has recommended coumadin or warfarin should look into this."

Turmeric Pill Ingredients

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07/29/2011: Larry from Fairfax, Va/usa: "For its variuos health benefits, I've been interested in taking Tumeric (curcumin) in capsule form, but found I was allergic to it. But, recently found a particular Tumeric capsule that I am not allergic to and find that it seems to minimize inflammation due to a lower disk problem. The recommended dose is 1 capsule with food per day. I would like to possibly take 2 capsules per day. Does anyone have experience with taking more than the recommended dose of 1 cap/day?

Here's a description of the product (without indicating a brand name or manufacturer):

Each capsule contains 400 mg. Of the following -

(Curcuma longa)25:1 extract (root)std. to 95% total curcuminoids ComplexWith Essential oils of Turmeric Rhizome by HPLC (380mg)

This 400 mg product is said to be equivalent to 2772 mg of a typical 95% curcumin extract based on its improved absorption.

Is anybody familiar with the Turmeric product I described? If so, your comments including the use of more than 1 capsule per day would be greatly appreciate. Also, comments about the health benefits you derived from using such a Turmeric product would be of interest."

[NAY]  09/09/2011: Jenny from Birmingham, Great Britain replies: "I had been taking the same capsules as Larry - 1 a day and the first time I took them, I had terrible diarhoea. I stopped and did a bit of liver flushing more mildly. Then I resumed taking them. My RA and Osteo arthritis pain increased after a week or so. I stopped them and gradually my pain reduced. I waited a long while and started taking them again. I have been taking them for 2 and a half weeks and there is pain all over my body. I don't know if it is the turmeric essential oil. Perhaps it is too strong. I will stop taking them now. I will go back to Boswellia with curcumin. That product worked. After two months my pain decreased wonderfully and there was no general all over pain like there is with this product. It was an expensive waste of time. Jenny UK"

[WARNING!]  03/23/2009: Dianna from Austin, Tx: "Check out this link. there are tainted turmeric supplements killing people in scandanavia. http://www.nutraingredients.com/Regulation/Tainted-turmeric-supplements-linked-to-Scandinavian-deaths/"

03/23/2009: Dianna from Austin, tT replies: "yep! i've never bought turmeric in capsules because usually there are other things in them!

the powder is usually much fresher too and you can buy the root! can you imagine the smelly yellow mess - LOL believe me - your cutting board will never be the same again :)"
03/30/2010: Karen from Lawrenceburg, Ky replies: "About the post of Turmeric being tainted, I wanted to know, I buy mine from a seller on EBAY, so could this information possibly apply to his product? I buy turmeric powder. I have noticed since I've been having it, I've had stomache aches pretty bad, and I literraly never got them before. I hope I'm not getting a bad product, if anyone has any help, let me know. I don't think asking the seller about it will help, since he'll probably deny it. ~Karen"

07/21/2008: Earth Clinic : "If you decide to buy turmeric capsules, please read all the ingredients on the packaging! We recently bought a bottle Turmeric Curcumin at the chain GNC for $21.99 (gulp!) because so many of our readers mentioned buying capsules instead of powder in the spice section of a grocery store for $3-$4. We got the bottle home and inspected it more. We were quite dismayed to see Dicalcium Phosphate and Maltodextrin listed as "Other Ingredients". Reported side effects of Malodextrin are bloating and headaches. The caveats and side effects of Dicalcium Phosphate are reported here: http://www.superglisodin.com/dcp.html.

Wikipedia's official opinion is the same:


"Our position appears to be contrary to the majority of manufacturers and distributors of nutritional products. our decision is based on research and years of experience watching results of dietary supplement intake on hair mineral analysis reports. The Origin of DCP Mined from deposits within the earth's crust, calcium phosphate is known by many synonyms such as "lime," "hardware lime," "calcium lime" or "dolomite." Mixed samples of the substance may have a high percentage of impurities imbedded in them which may be harmful."

01/11/2010: Anon from Brazil replies: "Be VERY suspicious of Wikipedia! It's a great starting point for research, but it's already tainted.

One example: natural treatments for AIDS or anything that questions the role of HIV in AIDS. If you look at the edit history, you can see that anything that is not mainstream is immediately removed. You can also see that AIDS articles uses tactics such as name calling and personal attacks, which is typical of people that cannot hold up an open discussion free of bias, and can only defend non-sense dogma. After all, you can't attack the issue, then you have to attack the person."

01/11/2010: Anonymous from Springfield, Ohiyamaude replies: "It seems that the Wikipedia page for Dicalcium Phosphate no longer has any information reguarding it's reported side effects. Perhaps someone doesn't want us to know of it's potential danger? It always, and I mean always causes problems for me. No more vitamins in pill form for me thank you very much.

I would love to see someone put some credible, cited information about it's safety for human consumption on Wikipedia..and see how long it lasts up there. In fact, I urge all of you to contribute. Let's take back our right to free, open information!""

01/01/2011: Al Thompson from Torrance, California replies: "Turmeric/curcumin should be fortified with black pepper. Why black pepper? see below. I won't say my product name to respect the integrity of this Q&A, but I have some first-hand insight to offer on "other" ingredients on the GNC label and the effectiveness of turmeric (in general) for many ailments/disorders...

Re: The "Other" ingredients on the GNC label of Turmeric was probably only a few mg and was probably used for packaging (for packaging machine lubricity, getting the capsules full). My Turmeric/black pepper product also has a few mg of rice powder and a few mg of another approved ingredient to make sure the caps are full (and tight) after the exact mg of turmeric and black pepper has been reached per capsule.

The BEST Turmeric should be Turmeric (curcumin) fortified with Black Pepper. Turmeric does not absorb into the body well. Black pepper significantly improves bioavailibity (absorption) of the turmeric and other nutrients into the body. TRUE STORY: My sister has been hand-packing turmeric fortified with black pepper for over four years. I tried her formula Turmeric/black pepper about a year ago. I actually felt better and had noticeably more energy within 3-4 days.

The key to optimize the effectiveness of turmeric is the black pepper's bioavailavility. Black pepper also has its own health benefits. Turmeric is THE Super Supplement, a Super Herb. Turmeric (curcumin) has more health benefits than any other (single) natural herb on the planet. Google "turmeric health benefits" and "turmeric & black pepper health benefits" and learn more about India's "Super Herb" for over 4,000 years."
03/17/2011: Jason from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Watch out for getting any of your health information from Wikipeda. It is biased against natural remedies and anyone who adocates them first over drugs. Wikipedia is not a credible source for anything truly health related.

And by the way, stay away from the real quack himself Stephen Barrett, "MD" of Quackwatch.com. Stephen Barrett, MD, the infamous "quackbuster" has been heavily touted by the AMA, FDA and FTC, AARP and numerous other organizations with ties to the medical and pharmaceutical cartels. Over the years, Barrett has savaged many practitioners of alternative, complementary, integrative and holistic medicine, especially chiropractors. He was also outspokenly critical of two-time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling.

Barrett calls himself a retired psychiatrist. However, in a 2007 court proceeding in Allentown, Pennsylvania, under heated cross examination, attorney Carlos Negrete exposed the fact that Barrett had never actually practiced psychiatry and had not even passed his credentialing exam."
03/20/2012: Dawna from Platte, South Dakota replies: "Turmeric with black pepper: if making a cup of hot chocolate as suggested, can someone suggest the ratio of turmeric powder to black pepper? Thanks, Dawna"
05/21/2012: Rashid from Orange County, Ca replies: "The ratio of black pepper to turmeric. Just add a pinch, like you might sprinkle on soup or an egg. So for a teaspoon of turmeric, you would add just a 100th of one spoonful of pepper... VERY small amount."
11/16/2012: Fetcna from Hampton Roads, Va, Us replies: "I started taking a little less than 1/3 of a tsp of Turmeric in a cup of hot water yesterday, and I felt great after the first cup. But then I took it again in the evening, and this morning, and it just makes me sleepy now. I'm hoping it is the start of detoxing. Or am I taking too much?"

Turmeric Recipes

06/03/2013: Wendy from Raymore, Missouri, United States: "I found a way to take tumeric that I think is yummy. I warm some almond milk on the stove, pour into a mug, add 1/2 tsp. Turmeric, a dash of pure ground cinnamon and 2 drops vanilla extract and drink before bedtime. It tastes like custard."

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