Molasses Health Benefits and Natural Cures

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Iron Content

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[YEA]  09/23/2009: Arn from Kenmore, Wa.: "Molasses and iron.

Organic iron - good. Metallic iron - bad. Iron in its elemental state is what is used in most drugstore vitamins, and in most iron fortified cereals, flour etc. Read the label and it will say iron or reduced iron. Reduced means the iron filings are ground up very small. It is still like chewing on a nail, and elemental iron CAUSES pernicious anemia and a lot of other probs. It is toxic. Avoid iron fortified 'anything' like the plague.

But molasses is the right stuff. All the minerals therein have been filtered and processed through the plant and are in organic form. Just think. They get rid of the fiber, most of the water and sugar, and what is left is concentrated organic minerals. You would pay a premium price for it if it were in capsules and a fancy bottle at the health food store. But guess what! It is delicious and cheap and available most everywhere. This is the best health bargain there is."

06/06/2009: Luis from Cali, Colombia: "Guys, please check out iron content in your blackstrap molasses. Iron could mean too much ferritin in blood, potentially dangerous for hearth health. For your best days."

01/11/2012: Painbgone from Milford, De, United States replies: "Does anyone know how much iron IS TOO MUCH IRON in BCP& what is ferritin in your blood?"

Low Iron Count

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[YEA]  01/22/2012: Cheryl from Abilene, Tx: "I tried to donate blood and could not - my blood was iron poor -it was at 7.2 - had to be 7.5 to donate. This was in June of 2011 - so I went on blackstrap molasses and gave blood in jan 2012 - now I am at 12.9 - wow Blackstrap Molasses works for me!!"

11/09/2012: Concerned2 from Watonga, Oklahoma replies: "Excellent note on low iron. Most people lose iron - I found this out, also when I went to give blood: my iron was low because the nurse said that I shouldn't drink tea when I am eating a meal. Very unusual. Evidently, tea lowers the level of iron. I got my blood level up with BSM AND apple cidar vinegar... Drank alot of it in a glass of grapefruit and honey. Yea for BMS. Feel great, sleep better and less leg cramps."


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[WARNING!]  07/31/2007: Rhonda Nelson from Tallahassee, FL, USA: "I was just browsing through some of the information posted and wanted to add my "5 cents".

I should mention, if you do use blackstrap molasses to "blacken your hair" be careful that you do not develop a vitamin B3 deficiency, WHICH IS known as pellagra, which apparently is important for the diet for those with Lupus.

For the man who treated Lupus on a gluten free diet...take head, that this goes right back to a probable involvement of strep as this is the main bacteria that feeds on B-vitamins, as it is essential for them to live. This is especially true if you eat corn products because corn alone can induce pellagra if the corn has not been fortified (i.e.canned corn or corn on the cob, corn chips, or unfortunately for all its good corn producers that do not fortify their processed foods. If you have Lupus and you're going luten free and eating unfortified corn, you're inching closer to pellagra.This one instance where eating a wholesome food (corn) will give you disease (pellagra) if eaten in large quantities and it is not fortified."

02/24/2009: Katerina from Athens, Greece replies: "You mean that Molasses induce a B3 deficiency? Is this true EC?"

EC: Blackstrap Molasses is said to be a good source of B Vitamins, so we're not sure. Conflicting reports on the net re: molasses and lupus. We could not find anything about it causing a B3 deficiency.

02/28/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Haven't found anything on this yet, but if sorghum and corn are closely related it is possible, I guess. At least heavy corn consumption is listed is one of the causes of B3 deficiency. It seems that alcoholism is one of the major causes. Wonder if that is because a lot of booze is made from corn or because the alcoholic usually drinks too many of his calories instead of eating nutritious foods"
05/21/2009: Marcelle from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa replies: "I have just bought my first bottle of Black Strap Molasses and have been researching the comments. There was a concern that BSM will deplete Vit B3. I have had a good look at my Unsulphered BSM and it shows to contain 4mg Vit B3 (Niacin) so I am confident that it is actually a source of this vitamin."

Menstrual Issues

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[YEA]  08/17/2012: Bea from San Antonio, Tx: "Amazing for me and a friend of mine. Both of us had extremely heavy periods. I suffered two miscarriages and two DNC's. Horrible, my periods were never the same again for two years. I was anemic, losing a lot of blood, huge clots, flooding pads, staining clothes at work, wouldn't leave the house. Desperate I looked for a natural way to going under the knife.

This has been amazing. I bought organic, BSM at our health food store. Started taking it DAY OF and added a 1/4 tsp. Of baking soda just because I read how good it is for you, just so desperate I tried it. 2 tbs. In am. 1 at night in an 8oz. Glass of room temp. Water. First day, I could see a change not as many clots, flooding, cramping and I didn't have to go home from work! Continued this for the entire cycle and results kept getting better. For the first time in two years I had a regular 7 day period. I was so happy!

My friend suffered for 7 years. I gave her the recipe, she actually did it and she said she could really tell a difference, she did not go 20 days (I don't know how she lived that way, but women do??) bleeding straight and instead she had an 8 day cycle. She could not believe it either. I dont know how it works but it works and ever since I found this site I hope with all my heart more women find it. (p. S. I also read BSM is great against constipation ;)"

08/20/2012: Catrina from Western Ireland, Ireland replies: "Hi, Does Black Strap Molasses balance hormones or is it just that the introduction of the extra minerals/nutrients causes a positive effect on the menstrual cycle/body. Cheers for contributing."

[YEA]  06/10/2012: V from Richmond, Virginia: "Started last month on the vinger and blackstrapp after 7 years 1st time no bloat, no gushing and no large clots thank you all for this wonderful info I so amazed thank you, thank you :)"

07/31/2012: Stephanie from Douglasville, Georgia replies: "I have a very large fibroid tumor and the flow was so bad that I was close to needing a transfusion. I would bleed for three out four weeks a month, sometimes spending 45 minutes stuck on the toilet gushing like a water faucet. I really thought I was going to bleed to death not to mention baseball size clots that were painful to pass. Organic Blackstrap Molasses stopped all of that. As long as I take 1 tbsp every morning I have normal periods. It saved my life. I have been doing it for two years now.

One thing to note is only the organic works for me. The health food store was out of the organic so I bought the regular blackstrap molasses, it said unsulphered so I tried it. It did not work, within 2 days I started bleeding. Also I have to take a dose every day... If I miss a day I will start to bleed in 24 hours. Unfortunately it has not stopped the growth of my fibroid, it has doubled in size even though I eat lots of turmeric and take curcumin capsules."

10/31/2011: Sona from Ghaziabad, India: "Please let me know will it be ok if a person with a weak digestion can have BSM as I have a tendency for loose stool if I take any mineral rich diet... But at the same time heavy flow with bad cramps..... Still I want to try BSM.... What precautions to be taken?"

10/31/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Sona, start small, start with 1/2 teaspoon a day."

[YEA]  06/01/2010: Tuesday from Indianapolis, In: "Blackstrap Molasses is my life saver. I had extremely heavy periods that would last 15-18 days. I take 1 tablespoon of bsm daily and 2 when my period comes. My periods have gone to 3-5 days. I have noticed a strong odor. anybody have any remedies for the odor??"

[YEA]  08/27/2010: Tasha from East Coast, Usa replies: "I too had very heavy periods. They were also irregular. I once went almost a year without one. I happened to be almost a month late when I started taking 1 tbsp of BSM daily. Within 3 days I started. Now that may be a coincidence, but this period was very different. Normally I have extremely painful, crippling cramps, heavy bleeding and periods that lasted 5-7 days. This time my cramps were 90% gone, flow 50% lighter and it only lasted 3 days! I havent had a period like that in a few years so I know its the BSM. Not only did it effectively solve my "female" problems but within 7 days it had slowed my hirsutism. Amazing. And while I havent been diagnosed with PCOS, Im pretty sure this is what I have. And my theory is that if it has corrected my symptoms, it must help with the condition too. HIGHLY recommended and I'm HIGHLY impressed."
09/22/2011: Hef from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "Couple of days ago my wife was having very bad menstural cramps with bloating. I did some research and bought her Un-Sulfered BSM.... Today is 3rd day and there was a 80% reduction in her pain and cramp on the second day. Today she told me that there is no pain.

I thought of adding this feedback here as BSM really has worked.!!

I have also started taking BSM in the morning and also started oil pulling (today is my second day) to address my continues fatigue issues. Surprisingly enough, I woke up quite alert in the morning, otherwise I would feel lethargic even after 8-9 hours of sleep and feel like going to bed again. But the last two day were really different I must day. I'll continue on both for next few weeks and post my udpate here."

12/21/2009: Jomarie from Kansas City, Mo: "On my last period I decided to try Blackstrap Molasses for my terrible cramps that put me down for atleast 1 day..I took 2 tbsp. in almond milk and was amazed how much it eased my cramps...enough that I was able to function that 1st day and not have to go to bed w/ the heating pad. Because of the BSM, I was able to cut way back on the Midol and Ibuprofen which are very hard on the stomach. Also the flow was not as heavy as well. I highly reccommend anyone to try BSM if you have the same menstrual related problems. I am so happy to have found this remedy."

12/22/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello JoMarie from Kansas City,

Have you considered that those menstrual cramps that lay you low might be telling you that you need some magnesium? If so, you might want to bring your level up quicker by using the MgCl (magnesium chloride) transdermally (absorbed through the skin). See site for obtaining it on the transdermal magnesium page of EC."

EC: Transdermal Magnesium Therapy page here:

12/28/2012: Sarah from Baltimore, Md replies: "I started taking magnesium when I feel my period starting and I barely feel any pain at all. I used to get it really bad. I take homeopathic mag phos, 4 tablets every 15 mn for 2 hours and some more the next couple days. That's all!! It's amazing. it's also helped me ALOT with moods and moments of stress!! Highly recommend it...."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  01/31/2009: Rebecca from Sydney, Australia: "I stopped menstruating 2 years ago (I'm 47; my mother stopped at 46), and was pretty sure that I had gone through menopause. However, six months ago I started taking blackstrap molasses, and one month began bleeding. I stopped the molasses and the menstruation stopped too (it was very light). Now I have begun the molasses, the menstruation - very irregularly has begun again. I'm a bit worried why this is happening and whether it is normal. Anyone's informed feedback would be appreciated. Thanks."

[YEA]  02/12/2009: Donna Hyde from Lincoln, NE replies: "i stopped my menstruation a year ago. i started black strap,and apple cider viniger 1 month ago because my ankles were swollen, and redness was going up my legs. the apple cider and black strap did get rid of my swollen legs. i started a light period after 1 year of not having one. i said ''well hello''. i came to the conclusion that my body was so depleted of minerals that my body quit bleeding because it had nothing to give. i guess it will quit when it is ready to quit, i am not worried about it. i feel better than i have felt in years. if black strap was doing something to hurt me, then i would be feeling sickly. i feel young again. i don't suffer hot flashes anymore, my bones don't hurt, i am finaly able to loose weight. i have lost 25 pounds since i started black strap almost 2 months ago.i take it with apple cider viniger, and warm water. Thank God for His wisdom of what is good for us"
11/17/2010: Lynette from Houston, Tx replies: "Donna, How much blackstrap molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar were you taking?"

[YEA]  12/07/2008: Saundra from Cleveland, OH: "I purchased Organic Molasses manufactured by Wholesome Sweeteners from The Food Co-op in Cleveland(on sale $3.98/31 oz. bottle). This version is unsulphured. I have only been taking it for one week, but the first day I used it was 2 days before the start of my menses. I noticed that the flow decreased in duration from 6 days to 4 days. I am 47 years old, do not have fibroids or any other complaint other than some gray hair and ocassional stiff knees. I am in general good health. I swallow two tablespoons in the mornings straight down. I will take note of the duration of my cycle next month as well. I am not expecting to see any changes in my hair color for at least 4 months. Will keep you posted. Thanks to all who have shared their input. Peace, health, abundance & wealth to all!"

[YEA]  11/12/2008: Nancy from Northern, IA: "At the end of August my menstrual cycle lasted 3 weeks and the flow was three times as heavyas normal. The Dr. said I had "huge" fibroids and an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. They said some of my options were a hysterectomy or trying birth control pills. I found earthclinic instead.

Thanks to the advice on earthclinic, I decided to try the molasses trick. Our grocery store didn't carry the blackstrap--so I thought I'd wait until I got somewhere that did. After only 1 week off--I got my cycle again. On the 2nd day it was abnormally heavy again--I thought --shoot, I'll try the regular stuff, and bought the regular molasses-mild and unsulphered. I took 1 TBSP.

Was it coincidence that it worked instantly? Was it conincidence that the cramping dissapeared? Was it conincidence that my next 2 cycles were right on schedule and back to normal? More importantly, was it coincidence that my follow up ultra-sound showed that the cyst had dissolved and the fibroids were now classified as large-rather than huge? I don't know--but for $2.50 per month (the cost of the bottle and how long it lasted) I will definately continue with taking 1 TBSP per day coincidence or not!!"

03/12/2009: Mia from Seattle, WA replies: "wow, thanks Nancy!"
02/10/2014: Healthnut In Atlanta from Atlanta, Ga replies: "Make sure that you take the the DAY OF your cycle. I thought I would be proactive and start drinking it about 10 days before my cycle came you it would be built up in my system...BAD IDEA!

It actually made me come on my cycle 9 days early!! EARLY!!! Seriously...please make sure you only take it the day of...unless you want to come on early..."

02/10/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "That's strange, Healthnut. In my family, it is taken all month - especially during the week BEFORE the menses, to offset pain. And it does work for that. I guess everyone is different. Or could it be that in your case it was cleaning out undesireable stuff?"
02/10/2014: Carly from Wa, Usa replies: "Dear Healthnut....this is nonsense. I take unsulphered blackstrap Molasses at one tablespoon a day, every day...for the past couple of years. There are irregularities for every woman in her cycle from time to time....but this is something that can happen with or without the BSM."

[NAY]  08/26/2008: Adaku from London, United Kingdom: "re: excessive and prolonged peroids. I have been trying the black strap molasses for almost 2 weeks it made my period worse. i have fibroids and exceesive bleeding every month and its difficult cause im trying for a baby pleas help i have prolonged periods."

11/01/2008: Satina from Waldport, Oregon replies: "Is your molasses the sulfured kind? That has been known to increase bleeding and cramps. Get the unsulfured, organic kind!"
11/02/2008: Susan from Northern, IL replies: "Adaku, besides making sure you have the right molasses, try to make sure your PH is alkaline. I had horrible, heavy cycles until I used ACV+Baking soda. Cycles got much better/shorter. Some people need the baking soda, some don't. You have to expirment. Also, make sure you to stay away from articifical ingredients in food (ex. aspartame, MSG, etc), drink good water (not tap water, etc), take a good food based multi a few days a week, etc. May also want to look at kelp for the iodine. No pops - get used to drinking water. If you've been on birth control,y ou may have to address hormone imbalances. Look at other symtpoms you may be having for commonalities. Not medical advice - just what I would do."
08/15/2013: Kimberly from In replies: "By chance did the Blackstrap Molasses start cleaning out your system... Hence the extended period? Maybe if you continued another couple of months it might get better? Kinda guessing here"

[YEA]  04/30/2008: Mary from New York, New York: "I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia and put on birth control pills recently. I'm a menopausal 50 year old and don't need or want to be taking hormones. I found your site with all the testimonials from women who shared my history of extremely heavy periods (I swear I lost 2 pints in one day) sleeping on towels, enduring anemic exhaustion, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, etc. I decided to try taking one tablespoon of BSM per day in a cup of warm water. IT WORKS! I've had two completely normal periods in a row and my doctor (who had been seeing me 2-3 times per month) scheduled my next appointment six months from now. I believe I'll be taking BMS for the rest of my looooong life. Thank you all."

[YEA]  04/25/2008: Diane from New Albany, Ohio: "I am 51 years old and for the past year I have been experiencing very heavy menstrual bleeding.February 29th I was taken to the hospital by ambulance due to how heavy the bleeding was. I was diagnosed with anemia and the ER doc did see something resembling a cauliflower growth on the cervix. I am going to be having pelvic ultrasound and probably other tests this week. During the lapse of time between that ER visit and this apppointment next week I have been out of state taking care of a sick parent and put off tests which I know is bad. I found this website when trying to figure out what I can do to get the bleeding under control until I this is diagnosed. I have been taking 1 tablespoon of unsulphured blackstrap molasses per day from the day my period ends until 10 days beofre another one is due to start. At that point 10 days before and during the period I take 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 in the early evening. I take it straight and just drink lots of water after. I am pleased to report that the bleeding is probably half of what it was. I have had two realatively easy periods now. The only down side I can report is that my stools are slightly loose and very black by the time I have doubled that dose for 10 days. I am assuming this is from the mineral content. My stools return to normal as soon as I go back down to 1 tablespoon. I would also like to add that long before my periods became so problematic that I had become housebound for the duration I had seen eraly symptoms that there is something wrong. Three years ago I started to have night sweats. Over a period of 3 years I lost 10 pounds without trying. My body composition changed dramatically from very muscular to flacid. I went to my physician who ran tests and found nothing to be wrong. In the years to follow I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage and the stress was unbelievable. I develped a tic in my eye, I started having anxiety attacks. I have had mysterious aches and pains all over and finally my periods became very heavy. I sought help from physicains 4 times over a period of 3 years and all 3 physicians thought I looked too good to be sick and ran just a few tests which did not show any problems.They concluded that it was due to the severe stress and suggested leaving the marraige and getting professional counseling. I know my body and my intuition was telling me there is something wrong but I ignored it probably because I wanted to believe the physicians were right. Now I hope this is not cancer and strictly due to either perimenopause or fibroids. I have periods every month right on schedule every 28 days."



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