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Blackstrap Molasses Natural Cures

Last Modified on Jan 29, 2016

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Posted by Glen (St. Mary's Newfoundland)

[YEA]  A friend of mine who's dog was riddled with cancerous tumors gave him black strap molasses each day for a month. she took him back to the Veterinarian and the cancer and tumor were gone! Her mother, who was a medicine woman in the hills of West Virginia suggested she do this as the ancient egyptians used the remedy for consumption (cancer).

Replied by J
Chapel Hill, Nc
Just to be clear, consumption refers to tuberculosis.

Posted by Pam (UK)

[YEA]  my daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor 13 years ago. i was told she had not long to live . i gave her black molasses after reading a book. last week she was told the tumor was still there but had not grown in 13 years.

Replied by JC
San Antonio, Texas
First I am not a doctor or medically trained professional but this info is from personal experiences. I have also heard success stories from other people and a few doctors that have had patients tell them they have done the same thing. We have a family friend that had prostate cancer and was told by his doctor that if he didnt begin aggresive chemo treatment immediately he would only have 3-6 months to live. He refused becuase he didnt want to endure this torture and began to seek new treatments. He began drinking organic barley green grass 3 times a day, ate less red meat and ate more veggies. A few weeks later he went to the doctor again and the doctor was amazed at the result and told him I dont know what you are doing but I want you to keep it up because it seems to be helping you. This was almost 2 years ago and he is doing extremely well. This has also worked to help shrink fibroids. Barley green is known for removing harmfull toxins from your body. You may want to drink Organic Barley Green Grass powedered/granules Not In Pill Form. You can mix it with water or apple juice but nothing acidic (no orange or lemon juice), nothing with caffeine.
Replied by Mark
Las Vegas, NV
The best and most proven cure for cancer is the Budwig Diet. Cottage cheese mixed with flax oil bended together with a hand blender. Google "budwig diet" Also coconut oil as well is also known to cure cancer.

Canker Sores  
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Posted by Celia (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 09/09/2006

[YEA]  I'm a dental hygiene student, and one of my instructors told me to try putting black strap molasses directly on my canker sores (i get them all the time! grrr!). I tried it last night and today they're nearly gone! it's a miracle cure, and I can't believe how well it worked! You've gotta try it!

Carpal Tunnel  
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Posted by Claire (London, UK) on 02/24/2007

[YEA]  This is g8 stuff .I had a big problem with carpal syndrome some nights i could not sleep cause of the pain. Searched on the internet for any ideas came across this site and read reviews. Next day brought some BSM (Black Strap Molasses). Took a tablespoon before i ate every morning and another before i slept. After a few days the pain in my arm was not so severe. Within a month the pain disappeared.Also my husband noticed that i had lost weight. Maybe this was due to taking bsm (black strap molasses) . i continued to take it and in 6 months i have lost 3 stone. I think the bsm stopped my craving for sugar and also i didn't feel hungry.So overall, a wonderful medicine with loads of vitamins and minerals. recommend it to anyone.feel g8, hair is shiny. nails strong and skin glowing. This would be g8 for someone who is pregnant as it has calcium and iron in it.

Posted by Kim (Blessing, TX) on 11/29/2005

[YEA]  My father-in-law's joint and hands were hurting so bad the doctor performed carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, but the pain and swelling was still there. For about 6-8 months he was unable to do anything, he couldn't sleep, and she helped him do everything. His joint pain was horrible. Then one night my mother-in-law was making him biscuits with molasses and when he woke up he felt completely full of energy it was amazing. He got outside and did he chores with no effort at all. She thinks it was the iron he needed in his body, but it sure did work. He is back to his normal self.

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Posted by Simon (Cape Town/pretoria) on 06/15/2014

Been taking BSM for 5 days and my cold feet and hands disappeared.The following happens each time after taking it:
1.Chest pains.
2.Pains around waste, kidneys.
3.Sneezing a lot.
4.Metabolism seems to be accelerated.
5.Feels like sharp needles under my soles and feet.
6.Feels a little bit energetic (used to be difficult waking up).

7.It seems to have shaken my whole body.

I don't know what it does to my head, eyes and ears. But theres something good going on there.

NB: I want to try Green added molasses tablespoon. I Hope to post the results once I have tried it.

1. Green tea + Ginger=Good circulation.

Replied by Whiskers
Mass., US
How much and how often did you take the blackstrap molasses? Did you take it straight or put it in a drink?
Replied by Lisa
Palm Springs, Calif.
If the BSM makes you have chest pain and pain around the kidneys and feet then why would you still be taking it? I don't get it????

Posted by Norman L. (Abbotsford, BC) on 03/16/2008

[YEA]  I had serious swelling of ankles ,feet & legs. And all doctors could suggest is poor ciculation and one way valves in leg not working properly and would have to wear pressure socks for the rest of my life but I was not willing for this and kept earching and tryinng all sorts of natural things but when finally I went back to black strap molasses which I used to take for nose bleeding & cured that and after some time of use I ran out of it & forgot to replace it and got swlling problems but never connected it to molasses but after 2 yrs for some reason tried molasses again and after some time I noticed something , less swelling to happen and gradually dissapearednd not even swelled during the day anymore and so must be the molasses that played a part in circulation for me in my legs and so will continue taking it for this is a much better cure than wearing pressure socks whch did not go to fix the problem anyways. Thank You, Norm from Abbotsford BC

Replied by Donna Hyde
Lincoln, NE
[YEA]   i had swollen ankles also, i had red going up both my legs. i am not a person who likes the Doc. i believe in what God has put on this earth for us to use. i started 1 tab.spoon black strap, with 2 tab.spoons _____s apple citer vinegar, with 8 oz. of warm water. my swelling went away, and so did the redness.
Replied by Ellianama
Smyrna, Ga
Thank you for this "recipe. " My husband gets bad swelling in his ankles and by the end of the day, his feet hurt from the swelling. He also gets a lot of redness/purplish color in one of his feet from bad circulation. I am going to have him try this and see if it helps. I think the bad circulation is from having many varicose veins removed from his legs several years ago.
Replied by Olalekan
Milwaukee, WI
What does YEAS mean?
How long should I use it to be completely cured from anemia?
Hope to read from you soon. Olalekan

Posted by Maureen (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)

[YEA]  Thank you Norman L. from Abbotsford, BC for taking the time to write about the benefits blackstrap molasses has had for you. I have NEVER heard of anything that helps swollen ankles and your e-mail has given me hope. I have just started using it for other reasons and now hope I get the same results you got. I must say I try so many things that I would not know what worked if something did work! I will pass on something that I discovered last week. I used the remainder of blackstrap molasses I have had for years and bought new organic unsulfured blackstrap molassas last week. There was some that I could not get out of the bottle so rather than waste it I decided to add shampoo and water to the bottle and wash my hair with it to see if it would help my gray hair. Well it did not, no surprise there, but it did clean my scalp (from itch) about 90% for most of the day. It worked just as good as apple cider vinegar does for me without the smell.

'Thank you Earth Clinic for a fantastic site and also to Ted and Bill for your valuable input. Maureen

Replied by John
Cincinnati, Ohio
Maureen - Just to let you know, I've had success with having my gray hair turn back using blackstrap molasses, but it's how you use it that matters. When I read your email it sounded to me as though you applied it topically to wash your hair. That's not going to do it for you if you want to bring back your color. You need to be taking a tablespoon or two (it can be mixed into food or drink) a day religiously over months to get the desired effect. The hair actually will grow out of your head darker and it takes a while to notice it working because hair grows so slowly and the ends of your hair will still be gray as the BSM doesn't affect hair that's already grown out. I've been taking a spoonful in a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and have just started upping my consumption to two times a day. I've been doing this for about two months and have noticed a definite darkening of hair growing out and others see the difference, too. It's a work in progress, as they say, but so far so good. I've heard you need to continue for 3-6 months for optimum effect and after that I'd presume you'd need to keep up the regimen to prevent the hair going back to gray. It may be that this is only a partly successful treatment, but it's real color, not something out of a bottle. I'm also guessing that results vary from person to person. I hope this helps you get a better sense of how this works and wish you good luck should you decide to give it a try.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi John and Maureen, I am trying molasses as well. I am 52, dark hair going grey which I have dyed for years. As I don't want all the chemicals in my hair and scalp I am giving this a try. I will keep you posted...... I hope it works because I look much younger and it is a bit weird to have grey hair.
Replied by Susan
Humboldt, Tn
[YEA]   water with fresh lemon juice every morning will help with your ankles swelling. before anything else.... I drink some lemon water and my swelling has not been near as bad. Blessings

24 User Reviews | 6 YEA | 3 SIDE EFFECTS

Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 01/09/2009

[YEA]  ok - i am amazed. after reading about molasses here and remembering my great grandma feeding it to us on biscuits; i knew i HAD to have some and ASAP. well, i got some yesterday and immediately tasted it when i got in the car. i could barely restrain myself from drinking the whole bottle. i positively NEED this stuff. why was i NOT using it before? how had i forgot? weird. already i feel better. i have only had about 1 tablespoon since i got it - but my long time constipation is already better today! originally i got it with the idea to feed it to my pet rat sookie who just isn't thriving. she shows NO interest in it really - but for me i can tell i need it. btw - i am diabetic and was (B-12) anemic when i was younger.
djh/austin, tx

Replied by PAMM
Alabaster, AL
I have IBS Chronic Constipation (HELP)& bad arthritis: My question is on Molasses Do I Have The Right Kind? I purchased the name is "Dark & Zesty Pure Molasses" is this the same as pure black strap molasses? If not where do you find that kind? Mine has Iron & Sodium & Potassium in it but also 14grams of sugar per Tablespoon. Also I am having trouble drinking this stuff. It is nasty to me, its too sweet. It taste like Honey. Is there a better way of eating or drinking this stuff. I am desperate for some relief without medications! I love this Site!

EC: Molasses is the first or second boiling of cane sugar syrup while blackstrap molasses is the third boiling of the syrup.

Replied by Fyreseer
Madison, AL
PAMM - Dark Molasses is NOT the same as blackstrap. However, it still has lots of sugar, so it's going to seem sweet. I had a hard time with the taste in the beginning, too - but mixing it in with milk (it dissolves absurdly easily, even in cold milk) has been the best suggestion I've seen. Check your local health food stores for the blackstrap!

Posted by Fred G (Charlotte, NC) on 10/30/2007

[YEA]  My father is 87 and suffers from Parkinsons. He started having severe constipation problems as a result of intestinal muscles just not working. The doctors prescribed packets of chemical laxatives which marginally worked. He had to keep increasing these packets to a max of 7 packets. The expense was huge with many side-effects. On a follow up exam he asked if there was any alternative to help with the expense. The doctor recommended that he try black strap molasses. He incorporated 2 tablespoons a day and immediately was able to reduce the laxatives. Within 2 weeks and since he takes 0 laxatives and just the two tablespoons of Black Strap. He feels so much better and of course his mental state has improved greatly due to the relief that he nows has. He is not constipated at all and is just doing great. On that recommedation my elderly aunt, who has had constipation problems for years, tried the same remedy and had similar results. the doctor said he heard about this cure from his grandmother and figured it was worth a try.

Replied by Doris
Orange County, CA USA
Don't take laxatives to cure constipation. Laxatives cause bowels to expel by irritating intestines. If stools are hardened, expelling is VERY painful. Instead, use stool softener, for example blackstrap molasses, or another great remedy is a generous tblspn mineral oil by mouth (available in small plastic bottle at any grocery without rx, no need to buy expensive vitamin form). Mineral oil is odorless tasteless colorless and natural. It softens stools, so they can't help but expel and expels totally comfortably and painless, so keep bathroom nearby as it will not disappoint. Blackstrap molasses tastes better even alone, than mixing mineral oil or flavored cod liver oil in oatmeal or beverage like orange juice or milkshake or fruit smoothie.
Replied by Jewelofthesky
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Be careful taking mineral oil for constipation. It should not be used long term because it blocks the proper absorption of minerals. Google it and see. I was giving it to my cat for constipation on my vets advice, after several weeks she just didnt seem right, then I read about it on the internet and stopped giving it to her, and included cooked veggies with her food and she got better. I just don't think our intestinal tract was meant to process mineral oil.
Replied by Georgia
Dallas, Texas
Mineral oil is the left-over part after they refine gasoline. Comes from crude oil, and is very occlusive. NOT good for you at all!
Replied by Mia
London, Uk
I don't normally write posts but I feel that everyone one who has suffered from uncontrollable bleeding and huge fibroids should try molasses. I suffered with pelvic pain and huge blood loss for 10 years. The doctor just ignored me. I would bleed huge clumps and my side would constantly be in pain and it was ruining my life. It's been 2 months now of combining molasses with raspberry tea twice a day. My period is one fifth of the monster it once was and my pelvic pain is slowly getting better. I assume the fibroids are shrinking. I tried everything from medicine to avc and other herbal medicines. This is a miracle. I hope it helps others too. Its a tough disease that no one else understands or believes. Good luck and I hope it works for others.

Posted by Karen (Kingsland, Georgia) on 10/11/2007

[YEA]  I have been taking the blackstrap molasses for two weeks now. I have super energy now with in days of using it. i,ve also been having regular bowel movements daily. don't want to stop taking this am sold out.

Replied by Pauline
Lancashire England
Due to getting older my bowels are more sluggish than before, so I will give black strap molasses a go.
Replied by Man
Sojournor In America
[YEA]   If speeding up your bowels is the issue then I know what to tell you here. You will need Cayenne pepper, distilled water. Take a small amount of cayenne pepper and put it in a bottle of distilled water. Drink it all day long. Shake up the bottle each time you take a swig. And by the end of the week of doing that you should be running well. I would also consider Extra virgin Olive oil with turmeric to take once in a while too as necessary.

Posted by Vickie (Ontario, Canada) on 02/27/2007

[YEA]  I started taking molasses; 1 tbsp in warm water in the morning and again in the evening; a few minutes before meals and I think it's cured my constipation. I stumbled upon this site when I was researching ACV. I also advised my friend to take it because she's been anemic all her life and she too is having free bowels. We only started taking it 5-6 days ago but I'll keep you all updated on her anemic condition and on my fibroids. Please remember us in your prayers. Thx. P.S. If anyone has any more information on any other remedies for uterine fibroids please do not hesitate to e-mail me; I'd really appreciate it.

Replied by Sunsitara
San Juan, Puerto Rico
If you can afford it, craneosachral therapy is very good for everything.They will measure your energy level (live energy) and they will emphasize in your specific needs.They level your brain hemispheres and clear your energy channels(located all over the body)They bring relax to where and when necessary or stimule a depressed energy area in order to help the body in healing.Tai Chi - Qi kung is also great.It is kind of "medicine" insight out. It's hard to do but it really makes a difference! Then, a healthy diet and state of mind and you will see ..! Of course you should follow your MD's recommendations. And you should consult before practicing Tai Chi-Qi kung or any other physical exercise. Please, try to avoid junk food! Also refined sugar,salt,cereals or grains. Eat whole fresh foods, not cans or preserved. Be thankful, always, for your blessings. Including your uterus. uterus is the craddle of life. Even if we never have children, it is a space of - and - for life and positive energy.Even when it cannot be there anymore, It will always be that feminine "spot" where we are one with nature at all levels.(if we get in tune properly)Don't stop searching for ways to help your body.Your attitude means "healing disposition" which atracts positive solutions to your life. BLESSINGS!
Replied by Yo
This was lovely and uplifting.
Replied by Karla
Castor oil packs are good for fibroids

Posted by Shamsuddin (Columbia, South Carolina) on 06/05/2006

[YEA]  Will have a feedback soon. So far I have natural bowel movements 2-3 times a day. Energy level much better. Suffer from high blood pressure but it has gone down without medications. Have a checkup the 21st of june let you know what they said and how molasses did to prepare me for the checkup also potassium was low use to take potassium pills let you know what happened at the doctor. Peace namaste.

Replied by Cindy
Monroe, WI
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I have been reading all these testimonies and I just don't have the same experiences as you guys. I didn't have a problem with constipation before I took bsm but it did give me terrible stomach aches. I mixed 1 tablespoon of bsm in a small 4oz glass of 100% grape juice and it made me irregular. I had to quit drinking this because of my stomach aches. Has anyone else had this problem.
Replied by Suzy
Bristol, England
in reply to Cindy from Monroe, Cindy... Im sorry youve not benefited from the BSM but perhaps try it with a nice large glass of hot or cold milk or soya milk, not grape juice. This seems to be the way to go.
Replied by David Aames
New York, NY
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I'm in the same boat as Cindy from Monroe, WI. I don't know why but ever since I started taking BSM (1 Tablespoon in the morning) it seems to be having the exact opposite influence on me than what it's stated to help with. This is my 7th day taking it.

I've been taking ACV (1 tblsp. 3x a day with a cup of water) for 3 weeks now and DE (Diatomaceous Earth)for 2 weeks and things seem to be going pretty well until I added the BSM. I've suffered from constipation, bloating, anxiety, heart palpitations and so on :( It's such an awful feeling to be constipated and bloated...yuck! So while I was on just the ACV and DE its helped a lot. I don't really get bloated and when I been going to the bathroom 1-3 x a day. And when I went to the bathroom I would feel lighter and emptied out for the most part.

Now ever since I've incorporated the BSM into my routine it hasn't had the same effect on me as it has on most people here and I would like to keep taking it because of all the health benefits it seems to have. By taking this I thought I would be going to the bathroom more and releasing like crazy. Unfortnately that hasn't happenned. I still do go to the bathroom at least 2x a day but it just doesn't feel the same. It feels like I have to struggle more kind of and when I do release it's not as much as before when I wasn't taking it. I don't feel as light after going to the bathroom...kind of still a little full and slightly bloated.

It also seems to have made my heart palpitations more noticeable and I feel this throughout the day from just taking the BSM in the morning. So I think the BSM has given me more or less some anxiety, constipation & heart palpitations...WHATS UP WITH THAT!! :(

I've taking the BSM a couple of ways and don't really care for any of them...I've taking it straight followed with some water, mixed it in a cup of cold water, put it in my cereal and have also poured it over my cooked oatmeal.

I really don't want to stop taking the BSM(especially if it helps with stopping your hair go gray...not that I really have that problem now but later on down the road..I'm in my early thirties) so if anyone can help with any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Maybe I should put the 1 Tablsp. of BSm in some boiling/hot water maybe that would help some I don't know but maybe it will. Or maybe I should take like 2 teaspoons in the morning and 1 teaspoon in the afternoon(3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon as far as I know).

Thanks to whomever read this mess that I wrote and for any help :)

Replied by Elaine
Hartford, Wi
Side effects- If someone is not getting the results they are looking for, we need to remember what is good for one is not for another all the time? Some need to take smaller doses, not as often, or in another form. We are all different and God created so many different foods and herbs to help us. Don't give up!
Replied by K. S.
Houston, TX, USA
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Adverse side effects: I've been taking 1 T BSM every morning for one week and, unfortunately, have suffered bad headaches and stomachaches since. It also happens that I was on my period and the clots were heavier than ever! I suppose BSM just doesn't work for everyone. Such a shame.
Replied by Avis
Indianapolis, In
Don't take black strap molasses on an empty stomach it will make your stomach hurt, rather use it after you have eaten or when you are eating.
Replied by Akaavis
Indianapolis, In
You might try an organic unsulfured form of black strap molasses. Many have said it makes a difference.
Replied by David
Romford, Essex,uk
Hi, Thought I would just mention, .... BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES... Is loaded with at least 5% IRON.... Iron in some people can cause constipation me for one..... GREAT SITE earth clinic rocks.

4 User Reviews | 3 YEA

Posted by Lisa (Jerusalem, Israel) on 08/07/2008

[YEA]  I had tried a lot of things to beat depression, Including: St John wort and different traditional medications. Molasses worked - no side effects. It is just a healthy food to eat. I have about 1- 2 table spoons a day. TO make it easier to eat I made a made a molasses based taffy.

Replied by Tasha
East Coast, Usa
[YEA]   It seemed to work on my mood immediately, as in within 2 days. My anxiety went WAY down very quickly. Very pleased with this and absolutely sure its the BSM.
Replied by Becky
Denver, Co
[YEA]   Molasses also helped my depression. 1 TB per day. I always try to "fix" my health problems with natural things. I have tried sooo many things through the years for different health concerns and most of the time I didn't notice any difference. I started the molasses and I believe I felt better the first day. I am happier, more positve, have more energy, I'm motivated to do things. I have hope once again.
Replied by Rachel
Manchester, New Hampshire
Ladies, is it possible your depression was due to low iron count? (Molasses is high in iron). Or low count of some other mineral in which molasses is high? Investigate this, since the answer may suggest other things that can help your depression.


Posted by Priyanka (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh) on 05/12/2013

I want to know that can BSM can causes diabetics?? My mother is a diabetic.

Replied by Lisa
Yes, I am a diabetic as well. I would love to know the answer to this. I see so many benefits to black strap molasses.