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Blackstrap Molasses
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Blackstrap Molasses Natural Cures

Last Modified on Nov 20, 2015

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Posted by Lockamime (Brooklyn, New York) on 01/06/2010

I've just started using Plantation Balck Strap Molasses. In your list of Brands, I notice only the Crosby Molasses mentions 'copper' as an ingredient.

Does that mean the other brands don't have copper in them? I'm also looking to 'naturally' maintain my natural hair color, black.

EC: Lockamime is referring to this list:

Replied by Susan
Boston, Ma
My understanding (which I didn't check recently) is that, if a product lists an ingredient as 0%, it means that it has less than 1% of the item, but that it has *some* of that item. So, even if it has .9%, it gets listed as 0%. I found at least one testimonial on another site where someone's grey hair was growing in at her natural color using Plantation molasses which lists copper at 0%.

Posted by Mavis (Kennesaw, Georgia) on 01/02/2010

I would like to know if BSM would be labelled as such or unsulphured is the same, because that is the only one I see in the grocery store.

Posted by Idella (Brooklyn, New York) on 12/02/2009

In Oct. this year, my doc. told me I have very high cholesterol of 258. She said I was heADED FOR HEART ATTACK AND OR STROKE. SCARED STRAIGHT, AND BECAUSE i JUST LOST A DEAR FRIEND ABOUT A MOMTH AGO, FROM HIGH LDL AND High bld pressure, I immediatedly stopped everything I'm eating and went to my health food store and bought everything the computer said to bring my ldl's down. Then my daughter said that she's going to start on Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) and to buy her some. I did. the next morning I read about its power and ability to ward off cancerous tumors. I was so astounded, I started taking hers in chamomile tea every morning first thing. It's different but tolerable. My goal and determination is not to stroke or attack my heart. I plan to see 58, 59, 60 etc. despite our age or gender, we all need to go back to basics, and as they say...let nature take it's course....I feel great now and hope to continue, and the best i give to all others.

Replied by Jan
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
I find one of the most effective ways to take crude BSM is to dissolve or melt 1 teaspoonful (7 gms) in half a cup of hot water and add enough cold water to make it no hotter than one can bear to put their finger in. If symptoms are severe take this on rising, before each meal and last thing at night. This will enable the body to easily absorb all the minerals available in the molasses and to help overcome many ailments. (You may find that the dilution is similar to the biochem tissue salts, eg. 6x potency. ) Do not add refined white sugar, this is acid forming which is undesirable, and do not put it in tea as the tannin inhibits the absorption of iron. If this strength is not tolerated, eg gas, or a sensitive stomach the dose should be made weaker and taken more frequently through the day.

I would suggest taking crude BSM for an absolute minimum of 8 weeks consecutive treatment. I have only been using it for two and feel more energetic. I am treating a problem with my nails and candida and rheumatism plus menopause...etc.etc.etc.

Will keep you posted on improvement. Good luck to all of you who are using crude BSM and don't give up too soon.


Replied by Carl
Niacin to increase good cholesterol and take care of the diabetes. I cut out animal products and my cholesterol fell 100 points in ten days. However, it takes a long time if ever without sterols like Lipitor to remove the buildup on your veins.
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
One person in a hundred is helped to avoid a cardiac event by taking a statin drug. (1%) One person is five is harmed by the same drug, many permanently so. (20%)
Replied by James222
New Hampshire, US

You might want to target your research in the direction of food grade hydrogen peroxide, if you decide to try it don't take Vit C or any other antioxidant at the same time as the two will cancel each other out.

Hope this helps.


Replied by Kim
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I have been drinking BSM and soda for the past 2 wks at night to rid any disease or inflammation that may be lurking there. I started using it with coffee then changed to green tea. Over the last 2 days I have been sick (nausea, slight dizziness, fatigue, gerd and vomited once). I have crohns and IBS also. I must be doing something wrong. Is it the green tea, is it the soda? Please help me get back on track. Thanks.
Replied by Timh Donate

K: Yes, the green tea is contraindicated for those w/ bowel problems as it much to irritating somehow. Try herbs like Slippery Elm & Marshmallow for soothing & lubricating, and DGL & Allantoin for rebuilding or healing. Turmeric is good for the inflammation and also somewhat antipathogen.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Kim, you can try using MUCH less. Or you can explain it away as Herx reaction. Personally, I would cut the amount to a quarter of what you are using.
Replied by Kim
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Thanks a bunch. I thought there for a while that I was dying. I am getting back to normal now. Whew! This trying to get health can be very tricky! I think I will stick to just one teaspoon molasses. Thank you.
Replied by Medicine Woman
South Florida
Kim, STOP mixing the BSM with soda. Soda of any kind is highly acidic, can attack the stomach lining and cause many problems. It takes 3 1/2 gallons of 9.5 ph alkaline water to 1 can of soda, to neutralize the acid in the soda. Google the 9 disturbing side effects of soda. They're not pretty!
Replied by Ali
Wales, Uk
Umm. He just says soda. It could be either soda drink or baking soda. I don't think he means soda drink.

Baking soda taken too much or too often isn't helpful though either, as it can neutralise stomach acid. Taken first thing in the morning, a while before food in small amounts, like half a teaspoonful or last thing at night several hours after the last food is eaten when the stomach is empty is ok, but not when the stomach is trying to digest food.

The digestion is a delicate thing, easily upset. Not having enough stomach acid can block certain enzyme release that triggers bicarbonate release for acid neutralisation in the gut. A lack of sulphur, and sulphur-based elements like Thiamin (B1) can inhibit stomach acid production/strength triggering a cascade of ineffective or inappropriate digestive processes.

Posted by Karen (Sugar Land, Texas) on 03/11/2008

Dear friends, I wanted to add a quick note assuring you that Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Certified Organic Molasses (blackstrap style) is indeed unsulfured. Thanks so much for the great work. All best, Karen

Posted by Dawn (Westlland, MI) on 02/23/2008

There seems to be some confusion about blackstrap molasses. It can be sulphured or unsulphured. The blackstrap designation does not have anything to do with whether it is sulphured or not. Blackstrap just means that it is from the third boiling which means it has more iron. They sulphur molasses if it is being made from young green sugar cane (sulphur is used as a preservataive). No sulphuring is needed if they use mature sugar cane, so it is labeled unsulphured. An example of unsulphured blackstrap molasses is Brer Rabbit molasses with the purple label. For complete molasses/suphur explanation:

Gray Hair
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Posted by Lowiron (Manitoba, Canada) on 01/12/2015

[NAY]  I have been taking Blackstrap Molasses for more than 6 months and still have very low iron. The dr has now put me on iron pills and my hair is still amazingly grey. I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago.

Replied by Cherish
Tucson, Az.
If you're going for the Iron, learn about the long list of foods and other nutrients that either block or impair our uptake of Iron. Even though some foods, like Spinach, are known to be high in it, it is said to not be bioavailable. Learn how there are nutrients that we can take with Iron sources to enable and even triple our uptake. Intake doesn't equal uptake. You could be ingesting iron in vain if you're putting the wrong foods in the same digestive time period, thus blocking your uptake. More study.
Replied by Mechayla
Iron needs an acidic environment to be broken down into absorbable elemental iron. Ferrous sulfate is best taken on an empty stomach with a glass of orange juice for the best absorption.

Posted by Hubert (Phoenix, Az., United States) on 01/01/2012

I am going to try Black Strap Molasses (BSM) in an effort to eliminate some of my grey hair, but I am a novice as far as BSM is concerned, so would one of the BSM Veterans wade in and respond to my comments and questions.

There were a few people who stated in their post that they were taking BSM in hopes of minimizing/eliminating their grey hair; they went on to explain they had to discontinue their regimen due to the high sugar content of BSM, which had a negative impact on them. I'm wondering if they were taking the unsulphered BSM. Is there is a difference between the unsulphered and plain BSM?

Also I was wondering would it be ok to use BSM in hot green tea with lemon? Normally I use honey as a sweetner, because I believe it is a healthy alternative to sugar. But I would like to start my BSM regimen with green tea and lemon; providing the beneficial effects of the BSM won't be diminished.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
HI U HUBERT, my ole Mississippi Grand Dad used to have a cane syrup mill which a mule was used to turn the cane squeezing system. He then used a wood burning cooker to evaporate off the water. The Black Strap came from the third cooking and had less sugar but more vitamins and a higher content of iorn than the previous two cookings. What you want is Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses.

I have tried this before, but the high iron can wreak havoc with you. In my case it caused my glucose to go out the roof for several weeks. As my Nuropath doctor tells me, iron is a two edged sword. Be- careful. =====ROBERT HENRY=========

PS.. Hope all you people are having your good luck Black eyed peas today. Looks like we are going to need it in 1212. We are having them and Collards Greens for the money. This is a Southern Tradition.

Replied by Rho
Rho - Fl
If your body is anemic/low in iron this stresses the body to work harder to overcompensate for the lack of iron and the additional stress causes gray hair and other symptoms. When you take the molasses and restore the iron levels in the blood the body is less inflamed and thus, less like to grow gray hair. The molasses probably doesn't do anything for gray hair except restore an anemic body back to normal so normal healthy hair can grow anew.
Replied by Ajf
Austin, TX
The iron didn't cause your blood glucose to go through the roof - the molasses itself did. It is sugar.
Replied by Stormie
What I know of BSM is you should have it in the morning as it takes all day to process. I like to have it between breakfast and lunch and mix it in half a glass of warm rose-hip tea as it is high in vitamin c. Dosage moderation balance slow and steady wins the race. Is this a good way any other hints. Thanks
Replied by Jen
I will try today with green tea!!!
Replied by Cherish
Tucson, Az.
To Hubert: According to Iron Disorders Institute, tea and coffee and many other foods block or impair the uptake of Iron- and it is widely stated that BSM is rich in Potassium ( on the back label of the organic- 730 mg. Per Tbsp. , as opposed to 110-210 in Grandma's and Brer's, meaning non-organic), Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Selenium and more. Another website shows the whole long list of foods that block or impair uptake of Iron as well, stating that especially Green Tea is completely contrary to Iron. But as it's not necessarily the Iron that effects gray hair, perhaps the other nutrients in it is what you're inquiring about. I wouldn't mix it with any tea, coffee, dairy, or calcium product, or anything else on the long list, UNLESS you want to lessen your iron uptake, or potentially chelate/ lessen the Iron you already have.
Replied by Pbird
Wa, US
Right Cherish, I think those of us who have plenty of iron on board, should take it in coffee or tea to control the iron uptake.

Posted by Christina (Houston, Tx) on 08/07/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I started taking BSM about three weeks ago. I take a teaspoon daily. About one week after beginning BSM I noticed my silver hairs looked copper colored and some were yellowish. I was happy- I believed the BSM was working to restore my natural color. Now my hair looks yellow and green in sunlight. I do not use coloring agents or chemical processes on my hair and I haven't been swimming. I've already tried a clarifying shampoo, it did not remove the yellow and green. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing these undesirable colors?

Replied by Addy
Fb, Ga
Use purple shampoo for grey hair. It is sold everywhere. Good luck!
Replied by Lon
Stanhope, Nj
I'm quite a novice, so may be completely wrong on this subject, but just in case, I thought I'd mention the following. I know a person whose dark brown hair gradually became lighter, but with a greenish tint. This amazed everyone. It was later found to be caused by too much copper in the diet and in a supplement he was taking. I was told he had a susceptibility to this. I may be wrong, but doesn't BSM contain a significant amount of copper? The person's diet had to be changed, supplement eliminated and I think there was a vitamin used to help reverse the effects.
Replied by Christina
Houston, Texas
Thanks to both Addy and Lon for your comments. I already use the purple shampoo, this was a standard before deciding to try BSM. I will stop the BSM and look into vitamins as well as other solutions to reverse its effects.
Replied by Happee
Se Usa
Hi - just FYI, there is no way that something you consume can change the color of the hair that is already on your head (grown out from your scalp). Hair isn't "alive" in that way; it's like your fingernails. So whatever was affecting your hair color came from an outside application, such as chlorine in water.

I don't know about molasses affecting hair color over time, but I do know that there are herbs that are used in Asia that accomplish this, so I would assume that, if molasses treats an underlying imbalance or nutritional lack, it could produce the same result. It would take some time to see whether it works though.

The growth rate of head hair for most people averages about 1/4" to 1/2" a month. 1/2" a month is considered pretty fast growth, for example. Using that calculation, you'd have to consistently take the molasses and see if you started to notice a difference in hair color after about six months (since the molasses effect might not start working immediately).

Replied by Lola
What Asian herb gets rid of gray?
Replied by Khem
Fort Worth, Tx
A Chinese herb that is supposed to work on gray hair is He Shou Wu, also known as Fo Ti root. Read more here: One should always be careful when taking herbs, especially Chinese herbs, as they may be adulterated or contain additional toxins. Also, consult a Doctor or Medical professional before starting an herbal regimen.

A natural alternative to dying gray hair is to use black teas with sage and/or rosemary. This offers a gradual coloring of the gray hairs as the rinse may have to be used for two or three weeks, once each week until desired darkening occurs.

Henna is also another natural alternative, yet it turns gray hairs reddish. If left on too long, the gray hairs may turn orange.

Replied by Ana Maria
Mi., US
Henna and indigo herbs will make hair dark and cover gray. You may add amla for less red undertone. They work and they are all safe. I get mine from
Replied by Amy
Charlotte, Nc
wholesome sweeteners, unsulphured black strap molasses brand

BSM has many wonderful benefits. Loaded in minerals and high in potassium. Everything in moderation .... one Tablespoon in the am plus I sprinkle a little baking soda (1/2) tsp or so

Benefits I have noticed is skin, hair and nails are vibrant, increased energy and bone, joint aches are a thing of the past. As far as grey hair reverting back to its original color, it takes time people, about three good months to expect to see grey hairs lessening .... have a little patience :) and remove all processed sugars and google an alkaline/acid food chart, you be in good shape in no time

Posted by Amy (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 06/03/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  6 Month Report

I have been taking BSM for 6 months - 3 teaspoons a day. I believe it is beginning to work. My hairline and first several inches looks less gray, although the cowlick, at the back of my head, is still quite gray. I was never very gray, or solid gray. maybe more like 50%.

The bottom line is, at 6 months I still need to color my hair every three weeks. However, the gray looks less noticible to me around my face.
I shall continue ading the BSM to my tea. Why not? It is tasty enough. And I sooooo want this to work. I don't mind coloring my hair but every three weeks is too often for me.

Replied by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa
Hello! I know it is maddening when the hair gets off color. It happen to me 20 or so years ago but it was from to much msm that I was taking for skin problems. Dear, make sure that your Blackstrap Molasses is organic and also check you amount of sulfur in you diet and supplements: some liver can process only small amount of sulfur per day. I don't know if this is pertaining to you, but it doesn't hurt to check. For restoring color, look on iodine and paba. But remember, what ever you do is connected to you whole body state of health and there is a lot of reading to do on this site and the internet. I hope you get satisfying result! PEACE!
Replied by Amy
Scottsdale, Arizona, Usa
[NAY]   This is Amy, the original poster. I am checking back in at 9 months and was about to say with certainty that this does not work. I have been taking pictures every 3 months and see no improvement and still need to color every three weeks.... However, I have not been taking ORGANIC BSM. I've been taking Plantation brand unsulfured BSM from the health food store but it does not say organic. Hard for me to imagine how this can make a difference. And if the health food store does not carry it, how am I supposed to find it? At the moment I shall not continue with this 'treatment'. I do not see any results and at 1 T a day for 9 months that is a lot of calories for no result.
Replied by Jerome
Wi, US
Plants are nutrient rich, when they are organically grown or wild crafted. Always use organically grown, non GMO molasses.

Posted by Sochie (Boston, Ma) on 08/12/2009

[YEA]  I have consistently taken 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses daily for three months. I was skeptical about the claims that blackstrap molasses could restore your gray hairs to their natural color although I was encouraged by the overwhelming response suggesting that it does, in fact, help.

I am 31 years old and have noticed over the past few years that the grays have permeated through my brown hairs and have become prononced around my hairline. I have been spending an unnecessary amount of money to color & highlight my hair to temporarily cover up the grays.

I'm pleased to report that my hairs are gradually returning to their original brown color after regularly using the blackstrap molasses. I have been raving about the natural remedy to family and friends and hope that they will also experience the same benefits.

Posted by Diane (New York, NY) on 03/04/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I started taking BSM and ACV for leg/foot cramps. A friend said that years ago her father was advised to use this remedy and that it not only got rid of his cramps but turned his full head of gray hair blonde again. I've been doing it for about a month and find both to be improving. But I take a Tbs of the BSM off the spoon in the morning followed by about 1-2 tsp of ACV in a little water. Is there some more effective method I should be using?

EC: Many more grey remedies here:

Posted by Donna Hyde (Lincoln, NE) on 02/10/2009

[YEA]  hello, i take black strap too i am 54 years old. i don't take it alone. i take 6 alfalfa tabs., and 2 flax seed oil 2 times a day .i use to be gray, i am seeing streeks of brown. and my gray is getting darker. i take my black strap with _____s apple citer viniger, and warm water. 2 tab.spoons viniger, and 1 tab.spoon black strap 2 times a day. i noticed that i no longer have hot flashes.

Posted by Fee (Melbourne , Victoria) on 10/01/2008

[NAY]  I've been taking blackstrap molass in my coffee every day for the last 3 weeks and haven't noticed any changes in reversing gray hair. I'll keep at it until the jar finishes and see how that goes.

It provides me with a lot of energy. After a run, i normally get tired but takign 2 teaspoons with a drink, i don't feel the need for a nap. However, the calories in it makes you very fat if you don't work it off and I noticed that it gives me a lot of phlegm when I take it.

Replied by Donna Hyde
Lincoln, NE
ho cool, i only have 3 more months to go, thank you for the info.

Posted by Patty (Covina, California) on 01/18/2008

[YEA]  When I heard about molasses taking white hair off I could't believe it. But I though it was worth to try. every morning in an 8 oz glass of water I mix two table spoons of the blackstrap molasses, two table spoon of raw honey, and two table spoon of apple cider and drink it. I have to be honest the taste I don't like very much, but the energy i get from that is tremendous, and not only that but because of the apple cider keeps me away from any type of viruses including flu. This is a great thing I am so glad I learn about it because it been already 5 months since I started taking it and almost all my white hair is gone!!! I will take it for the rest of my life, thanks to my Health book I purchase!!!

Replied by Anna
Toronto, Canada
Should molasses be used in a glass of hot water or cold water?
Replied by Donna Hyde
Lincoln, NE
you should dissolve it in something warm. water or milk. then cool it with cold water or milk.
Replied by Sue Steele
Las Vegas, Nv
I take brer rabbit molasses. Where are you buying blackstrap? After taking the molasses for two and a half months my joints stopped hurting.
Replied by Anjie
Re: Recipe for reversing gray hair: Does apple cider help with grey hair? I can't stand it's smell.

Posted by Mary (Dayton, OH) on 02/24/2007

[YEA]  After reading here about black strap molasses and gray hair, I have been taking 1-2 tablespoons in my coffee each morning for a little over three months. I tried it in hot water and it was horrible. In coffee, it taste like a latte, and after getting used to it, I look forward to it every day. The first two months I noticed a difference, but wondered if it was my imagination or wishful thinking. Now at three months, I would say the gray is 70% gone, and my stylist is absolutely amazed. The white patch above my forehead is gone completely. I'm 40 yrs old, and was starting to gray rapidly, it was costing a fortune to keep covered. The first 2 months, my hair grew so fast, that the gray was showing quicker, but I'm glad that I stuck with it, the little bit I have left is hardly noticeable, and I am hoping that in time, it will all be gone. I am so thankful that I read about this on your site, and will be taking it for the rest of my life. I have also noticed an increase in energy, and believe it to be the molasses also. Thank you!