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Blackstrap Molasses Natural Cures

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2015

Gray Hair   13  3   

Posted by Venice (Atlanta, GA) on 11/25/2006

[YEA]  2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses cured gray hair. ENERGY BOOST. It took several months, but my gray hair along my hairline has begun to turn brown! IT WORKS! It's also a great energy boost. I'm a 40 year old female who weighs 120, and I leap out of bed. No aches; no pain. I have no health complaints because I use the following on a daily basis: blackstrap molasses, apple cider vinegar, yerba mate tea, cayenne pepper, cod liver oil, and MUCH PRAYER.

Replied by Robin
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
[YEA]   I think the idea of black strap molasses to avoid graying hair is a great idea. As I think of it, my father used to eat some molasses every day on his biscuits and he was into his sixties before the gray began to show a bit. When he developed diabetes, he was ordered to stop the molasses, and his hair really became quite white within a year. I have heard that a B vitamin deficiency can cause gray hair. You are right, it cost a packet to color your hair and I don't think the toxic chemicals in most commercial hair dyes are good for your health- quite the contrary. I will buy some molasses soon and see what happens. I only have a small amount of gray, but if molasses will help, then why not. Maybe it will help with other complaints as well.
Thanks Earth Clinic angels!

Posted by Barbara (Clackamas, Oregon) on 04/19/2006

[YEA]  I guess I'm not taking enough. My question is for Patty in Florida or anyone with the answer. Do I need to take 3 TBS of each: blackstrap molasses, brewer's yeast and wheat germ all at once or can I divide it up; taking 1 TBS each 3 times a day?

Posted by Patty on 04/10/2006

[YEA]  I do AT LEAST 3 TBS of each per day. Also, I do ABSOLUTELY NO REFINED SUGAR, FLOUR OR OTHER MAN-MADE JUNK! Eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, plain yogurt, organic eggs and flax seed oil. It takes time, and the hair that is already gray WILL NOT recolor. It must be cut off as new, colored hair replaces it. Hope this is helpful. GOOD LUCK!

Posted by Patty (Bartow, FL) on 12/29/2005

[YEA]  Using blackstrap molasses, along with brewer's yeast and wheat germ, completely reversed the graying that had took hold of my dark brown hair. You could actually see individual strands that were gray/white turning brown again! My comment is to Wanda and everyone else who wanted to know how much molasses, brewer's yeast and wheat germ to use to reverse gray hair.

Replied by Dwayne
London, England
i have been using wholesome sweeteners unsulphered molasses brewers yeast tablets and wheat germ based on what one comment on the site says dont know if those r the write stuff to use especially the molasses if someone could please let me know
Replied by Hazel
South Africa
Good Day,

I am yeast intolerate, can you please tell me what else I can take to replace the brewers yeast as I have been taking black strap molasses for two months to reverse the grey hair I have. Regard, Hazel

Replied by Gayatri
Maharashtra, India
Hey can you plz tell how did you take brewer's yeast and wheat germ ?? I mean in what form?

Coz I have been using molasses since 4 days and I have to reverse my grey hair asap.

Plz help :)

Posted by Guilda (New Zealand)

[YEA]  Have just finished reading an old book on molasses and it contains not only most minerals our body needs but also all Vit.B complex properties and it is B2 to stop graying hair. Extremely beneficial for good health.

Posted by Bernie (SOUTHFIELD,MI)

[YEA]  For approx 20 years I have been taking Blackstrap Molasses - 1 Tablespoon daily in warm water. Sometimes if I need more energy I will take a second Tablespoon. How did I find out about Blackstrap Molasses? I purchased a book many years ago about the positives on the product. Today I am 55 years and do not take any medications from a doctor. The great reason I loved the book was about gray hair. My hair today has very little gray hair compared to other people my age.

P. S. I do also take other natural products along with Blackstrap - so I would not state that Blackstrap is the only reason for good health.

Replied by Jm
Keller, Tx
[YEA]   Crazy. I had been taking a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses everyday for a month or so, then started getting a little lax. Today I plucked out a gray hair that was silver on the end but dark brown at the root. Will definitely have to start back up again and be vigilant about it.

Hangovers   1  0   

Posted by JB (Minneapolis, MN) on 01/03/2007

[YEA]  If you take a tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses after a night of drinks and then one in the morning, the effects don't seem as bad. I'm thinking it's the potassium that is the helper. This molasses has a lot of potassium. My husband tried it and he agreed that he felt much better in the morning. I at first recommended the molasses to my mother who was iron low and had a hard time with iron pills. Her iron was normal a few weeks later at her scheduled doctor apptmt. I read the bottle and noticed the potassium percentage and decided to try it after a cocktail party and was amazed!

Headaches   2  0   

Posted by Chris (Colorado) on 12/23/2006

[YEA]  Well, it was that time of the month and I had the mother of all headaches. I tried apple cider vinegar in apple juice and it got a little better. 2 hours later I gave up and took a tablespoon of molasses (don't particularly like that stuff). 10 minutes later my headache was completely gone!

Posted by Karen (Union, KY) on 11/09/2006

[YEA]  This is the first time I've tried this for my monthly migraine, which I have had for several years. Nothing I tried seem to prevent this from happening, I could only medicate after it started. This is the first time I haven't had one after using the Molasses. I took a couple of spoonfuls in the morning and took it to work and used a couple of times during the day. I use an organic unsulphered brand. So glad I have found this, no more migraine this month. I really can't believe this, still waiting to see if one comes on.

Replied by Gretchen
Carlisle, pa
This is great news, I am also a sufferer of the "Monthly Migraine" (mine comes after mine, when do you get yours?) I started taking BSM and ACV today, hopefully to help with fibroids...It's exciting to find out it might help my migraines, grey hair, and constipation too!

Heart Health   0  0   

Posted by Anton (Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) on 05/04/2009

I have recently suffered a myocardial infarction which resulted in cardiac arrest. I am a great believer in the healing and beneficial properties of crude molasses but when discussing the concept with dietitians they were concerned that the high sugar content would be detrimental to me in my case. Is this true? or can molasses have the wonder healing benefit to the heart muscle/ components and the vascular system in general?

Hemochromotosis   0  0   

Posted by Jehnet (Belgrade, MT) on 02/08/2009

So if you have high levels of iron bordering hemochromotosis, would there be a problem taking Black Strap Molases? I have acid reflux, asthma, COPD, and borderline diabetes.

Replied by Dianna
Austin, TX
all i can tell you is that molasses made me sick. i have diabetes type 1 and also am hep C positive (with good liver enzyme readings) and was also borderline anemic (b12 not iron) when i was younger. molasses sounded wonderful to me.

when i tried it (1 teaspoon) i loved the taste. luckily i didn't take more. i only took it 2 or 3 times and over the next few days my blood sugar skyrocketed. i felt dizzy had the runs and just felt horrible. finally i felt better and my blood sugar went down - but it took about a week.

i stupidly decided that it must be a concidence and decided to try it again with an even smaller dose - 1/2 teaspoon. same thing happened.

from what i read - iron is not good for a hep c positive person - and i may also have too much iron in my body. i'm not sure - but my skin always has a greenish tint to it (olive skin) and i remember having a similar feeling after taking some vitamins with iron.

i would be careful if you try molasses - make sure you get organic unsulfured - and try a small dose and see how you feel. also i have heard that molasses has naturally occuring sulfites and this may have been what bothered me.

oh - i must say that after taking only 1/2 teaspoon a couple of times - even though it made me sick - that when my period came a couple of weeks later - i had absolutely NO cramping and only a couple of clots at the end.

i wish i could tolerate molasses :( hope you can!

good luck

Replied by Marcelle
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
[WARNING!]   WARNING Do not take Black Strap Molasses if you suffer from Haemochromotosis. This is a disease in which your iron levels are too high. Seeing that BSM is a huge source of iron you would then be seriously overloading.

Horses   3  0   

Posted by LuAnn (Newcastle, CA) on 05/27/2008

[YEA]  Black Strap molasses in water for horses! Amazing results.

EC: What kind of results? Please share!

Replied by Annette
Orwell, United States
Black Strap Molasses I would like to know how it helps horses? I have a horse that may benefit from it.
Replied by Carolyn
Novato, Ca
[YEA]   I use a smear of molassas on my horse's bits to get them to want to get bridled and it works great!! Most sweet feeds for horses (grain mixtures) contains molassas and there's a mix called A & M that we feed to fatten up skinny horses. It's ground up alfalfa and molasses and smells so good! Horses who are on sweet feeds or A & M usually look and feel great... sometimes too good and get frisky when you're riding them. I'm not aware of any specific ailments in horses that molasses fixes. I know that Apple Cider Vinegar helps keep stones from forming in their stomachs... (enteroliths).
Replied by Jennifer
Sacramento, Ca
[YEA]   Molasses is commonly used to help horses, cattle, pigs, etc. get used to new water. If you move to a new location and find that your animals aren't drinking the water because it tastes different, try adding a couple tablespoons of molasses to the water. It helps to mask the new tast of the water with someone sweet that they like. Particularly helpful if your horses are familiar with the smell and taste of molasses.

Hot Flashes   2  0   

Posted by Annie (Warkworth, New Zealand) on 03/30/2010

[YEA]  Hi I am looking after a man with Parkinsons and he has had problems with night sweats and also hot flashes during the day. A few years ago a lady told me Blackstrap Molasses helped with hot flashes so he tried it. He was amazed as it really worked and he and his wife are getting better sleeps. I have heard that it helps with alot of other illnesses also.

Posted by Joyce (Atlanta, GA) on 07/29/2008

[YEA]  Purchased some blackstrap molasses 5 days ago for the first time and I cant believe after only taking 2 teaspoons for 3 days, I am no longer having hot flashes. I am shocked and will continue to take this for my usual low blood count. I feel so enegetic. I shared information with co-worker and picked her up a bottle too. Lets keep sharing this information so others will know the benefits of BSM. Joyce

Immune System   1  0   

Posted by Caroline (Nairobi, Kenya) on 03/01/2007

[YEA]  Hi people, This is another plus for blackstrup molasses!Theres been a flu virus going around over here and usually im one of the first poeple to get it.This time for the first time I escaped.Unbelievable.Please try it,try it,try it any cynic out there and decide for yourself!Carol

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