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Blackstrap Molasses
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Blackstrap Molasses Natural Cures

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Posted by Yul (P, South Africa) on 02/09/2008

[YEA]  (Normal) Molasses has made a HUGE difference in my bleeding from fibroids! (BUT BLACK STRAP Molasses actually extended my bleeding due to the sulphur acting as an anti-coagulant! So I'm really wondering if most ladies here are calling Molasses, BSM or Black Strap Molasses, when they're actually using the sweeter one??)

I've had 11-17 day long periods within a 28 day cycle for the past 5 years now due to having a fibroid. I've also been craving ice due to iron deficiency thorough summers and winters!

6 months ago I decided to drizzle Molasses (the normal sweeter one) into my ice-cubes, and what a hit!!! I just did it for the iron, but when I had my first and 2nd periods after that, I noticed that my bleeding was not as heavy, but thought it was just my imagination. The 3rd and 4th months my periods went from 11-17 days to only 6-7 days!!! Almost NO pain, and quite a lot less bleeding, especially after the first initial heavy days.

Then I tried ADDING BLACK STRAP MOLASSES to the normal molasses (1:2). This time my bleeding (the 5th period since starting this Molasses journey) just would not stop!! It was SO heavy and SO painful, day 9 was as heavy and painful as day 2-3, and for the first time in years I had to take pain medication! The only thing I had changed was the Black Strap instead of just the normal Molasses.
Then I remembered that the lady at the health shop said that the difference between Black Strap and normal sweet Molasses, is that Black Strap contains SULPHUR. I then read up about sulphur on the internet, and saw that it acts like an ANTI-COAGULANT (which stops your body from stopping bleeding!!) and can cause strong bearing-down pains, which was exactly what I was experiencing! So I immediately stopped the Black Strap and my bleeding immediately slowed down and stopped within 2-3 days.

This past month I've just been on the normal Molasses, and my 6th period has just ended in 6 days again!! I'm SO glad I've discovered this, and can feel my fibroid getting smaller!

WARNING: Just make sure you don't overdose on Molasses!! It was very easy for me to do since I was already in the habit of eating ice all day, and found that by drizzling Molasses into my ice was so delicious that I would often prefer that over food! I was going through 1 BOTTLE (250ml) every 1-2 DAYS!!!
Molasses is very high in iron, copper, etc. These nutrients in high doses can be bad for your liver/pancreas, etc, and yesterday I was extremely weak, shaky, yelow/green/nauseas, with a temperature, after having had diarhoea for 2 days before (could be a sign of iron overdose). I immediately stopped eating my Molasses ice and feel a lot better today.

I think I'm first going to research and find out exactly how much of each nutrient is in Molasses, and how much is safe to take, so that I don't overdose and cause some serious dammage... (Scary!!)

But over-all I'm feeling amazing (before yesterday!) and everyone is saying how much better and healthier I'm looking!

I would like to know though, if most people here are calling 'normal' Molasses: Black Strap Molasses???

Replied by Sherry
Longview, Washington
To the author of My Story: Maybe the black strap molasses you were using wasn't unsulphered. Thank you for the tip about sulpher causing heavy bleeding. Unsulphered seems the way to go for women.
Replied by Michele
Austin, USA
I use only UNSULPHURED Blackstrap Molasses. I believe this is the best molasses.
Replied by Nina Mayberry
Use UNsulphured blackstrap molasses.
Replied by Sue
Bowie, Md
It should be Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses- organic is even better

Posted by Leah (Emeryville, CA) on 12/05/2007

[YEA]  This stuff works! I have suffered badly from fibroids for about 3 years now. I have tried alot of remedies to no avail. I was scheduled to have a myomectomy. Then I came across this site and started taking the blackstrap molasses in September 2007. Three tablespoons a day every single day. It has a horrible taste, but it is SO worth it. Immediately, I noticed a tremendous change in my bleeding. I would almost hemorrorhage, but now it is almost a normal flow. I was absoutely amazed! I had been praying for a a natural remedy and I think I have found it. It has also helped tremendously with my anemia. Previously, I had been to the hospital 3 times because of fainting spells. I have also totally changed my diet and only eat natural foods now and I get foot reflexology treatments done once a month. Also, saying the Lord's Prayer 15 times daily is good too.(If you're religious or spiritual). I have made alot of progress, but I still get hard cramps, but my periods are about 70% better than before. Ladies, just try it and give it chance, because it truly works!!!!

Replied by Rena
Baton Rouge, La
Thank you so much for your comments. I, too, have had similar issues. I added to your regimen, the use of lavender oil by ____. I also use their ____ and have completely relieved my cramping. I love these oils! Rena

Posted by Lauren (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 07/24/2007

[YEA]  Hello All...My cousin introduced me to this site and I read all the claims about BSM. I suffered from break through bleeding while on the PILL and in no time the bleeding was full blown. I was miserable and passed clots for two weeks straight. I had an ultra sound done and found out my fibroids came back. I went out and got the BSM and did the dosage recommended and in about a weeks time my cramps disappeared and I didn't feel like a whale. Thank you for these postings and insight on using something in our pantry.

Posted by Tracy (Los Angeles, USA) on 07/19/2007

[YEA]  This is amazing! I started using black strap molasses two months ago after reading the comments on this site. I have had fibroid tumors for two and a half years. I got a scan a few weeks ago and I found out they have doubled in size since my last scan, they are now 3" in size. The main problem for me has being the long periods and the heavy bleeding. My periods would last up to 2 weeks and I would pretty much go into hibernation since I was so paranoid about bleeding profusely while out in public..

I started taking black strap molasses 1 tbls. per day for a whole month, I did see some slowing down of my period for the first month but it was still quite heavy. I then found out I was anemic, what a surprise that explained the long hours I sleep and the lack of energy, I immediately increased my dosage to 3 tbls. per day and my last period I only had 2 heavy days and 3 really light ones.

Another area that seems to be affected by the tumors is my bladder, the tumors are pressing on my bladder so it seems that I have to run to the bathroom every five minutes to pee..

I will keep you up to speed on the tumors and my progress I am going to get a blood count again next month to see if there is any change there. My Doctor has recommended having the tumors removed and I told her to give me till the end of this year to see if the black strap molasses helps to shrink the tumors.

I am so glad I found this site and all the helpful testimonials..

Replied by Florence
Boca Raton
A friend told me pouring black strap molasses into capsules and inserting into vagina will make fibroids go away very quickly. Any thoughts?

Posted by Lyn (Saint Clair, Missouri) on 07/17/2007

[YEA]  Just an update for all. I started the Black Strap Molasses for my Fibroids on 6/25/07 today alittle less than 1 month later....I can tell for sure it is working ladies. Don't delay anymore, this really works. Praise GOD all the way!!!! I'm also taking Organic Apple Cider vinegar and can tell a huge difference in my joint stiffiness. Good Luck!!

Posted by SHARON (LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA) on 03/21/2007


Posted by Viktoria (Toronto, Ontario) on 02/13/2007

[YEA]  I'm looking for this book which apparently talks about molasses cures. Sharon from Sonora, California, for example mentioned it. Could anyone tell me the title and author? Thank you. I discovered this site just recently and I have been taking blackstrap molasses, I hope it cures my ailment. I'll keep you informed. I've decided to give myself about 6 months and see how I do with it. Please pray for me.

Posted by Nuria (Madrid, Spain) on 01/02/2007

[YEA]  About a month ago I was diagnosed with a 6 cm Fibroid tumor in my uterus. At that point I was having very heavy periods that will last over a week with a lot of pain and passing very big blood clots. I also suffered from back pain due to the fibroid and had problems peeing as the fibroid was pressing my bladder. After I was diagnosed, I started to look for natural cures on the internet and I found your website and after reading about all the remedies I started to take molasses three times a day ( 1 tablespoon). The first thing I noticed was that my period lasted only four to five days and I have to say I was a little afraid because my blood flow was abnormally light and I did not have not even a blood clot. Also, when I started to have horrible pain I took 4 tablespoons on one go as another reader suggested and after about 40 minutes the pain totally disappeared!!! Today I went to the doctor and they did a ultrasound scan and said the fibroid is gone!!! I am totally amazed and I am not too sure what to think, I don`t know if it is gone for ever or what but I will keep molasses in my diet just in case.

By the way, I did not use blackstrap molasses but the normal molasses which is sweeter. Also I started to eat algae (japanese Kombu-which is rich in iodine) as part of my diet, about once or twice a week, , so maybe this also played a part in the cure. Thank you very much for your website and I hope you can understand my english. Nuria

Replied by Maz
Manchester, Uk
Hi there everybody, great website here with lots of info!!! Great stuff. I have a bit of a challenge though which I'm hoping someone can help with. I've suffered with fibroids for about 5 years now. Due to massive pain, large clots and excessive bleeding, I was adviced by my gynae to have a myomectomy almost 4years ago. Also mainly b'cos one of the fibroids apparently was about 9cm and was sitting on my womb and could do damage should I get pregnant. So I underwent the surgery which didn't make any difference to the pain, clots or excessive bleeding. I've been on Mefenamic acid for the pain and traxenemic acid for the bleeding for years.

Recently though, the pain became even greater and I started to research a lot for alternative remedies and fortunately chanced on this site. I decided to try BSM and ACV having read all the good testimonials about these products. I started taking 1 or 2 TBS of ACV with the mother with 6 to 8 drops of lemon juice in about 8ozs. of warm water twice daily and added 2 TBS of BSM to my tea twice a day. I started taking this about a month ago and was very excited and hopeful b'cos I was actually looking forward to my first menstrual flow in years minus the pain, clots and heavy bleeding.

Much to my disappointment though, a month on when I had my flow which was a few days ago, nothing had changed at all. If anything at all, the pain was much worse and for the first time, I ended up in hospital b'cos my husband had to call out the ambulance because I collapsed. Everything was the same. The heavy bleeding, massive clots and excruciating pain.

I started to drink ACV as well at the same time as BSM b'cos I have been on meds. for HBP for over 6yrs now. I was on Amlodipine but this was changed by my Doctor about a yr. Ago to Labetalol b'cos I wanted to try for a baby. I've moved from 100mg once a day to 100mg twice a day; then to 200mg twice a day and now on 400mg twice a day but still my HBP is uncontrolled.

I'm 41 now and although the Doctor keeps saying I'm too old to be trying for a baby, I don't think so. However, despite all the many testimonials of ACV having been used by others to lower their HBP, mine has not budged at all after a month. It keeps bordering on 140-160/85-105 and this is why the Doctor thinks I should pack the idea of trying for a baby in the first place. I don't know why both products didn't work for me, what I did wrongly or what I'm not doing. I am very disappointed now and hope that I could find something that will work. Help please!!!

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Maz, I am sorry the ACV and BSM didn't help your issues. I know what you are going through with the fibroids. It is a terrible, terrible thing.

I am just going to put a few thoughts out for you to research and decide for yourself on, and hope maybe one of them might lead you to something that will help you...

First of all, cysts and fibroids are estrogen driven. If you are at all over your ideal weight, your fat cells produce more of the "bad" (There are three types as I recall) type of estrogen. If you are not at your correct body mass index score, try to lose some weight.

Second: Research "DIM". (di-indole methane). DIM helps to normalize and convert "bad" estrogens into good estrogen. I have been taking DIM for a couple of years now, and will continue after all of the research I have done on it. Please do a web search on the benefits of DIM and estrogen normalization.

Third: Serrapeptase. I have mentioned it on EC a few times in the past month. It is an enzyme that breaks down dead proteins in the body so the body can expell them. Cysts, fibroids and scar tissue are dead proteins. It may also help to regulate BP and blood sugar. Please read up on serrapeptase as well. It is amazing.

I buy mine online - they are much less $$$ when ordered through a site like Vitacost (.) com than if you walk into a brick and mortar store.

Good luck to you.

Replied by Tina
Houston, USA
Few things that helped resolved my menstrual issues:

Raw foods during your period will cut down length of the cycle, and will give you lighter bleeding.

Good quality Cod liver oil, all month long, but increased quantities during period, will CONSIDERABLY reduce bleeding.

Daily exercise or walking briskly.

Good luck!

Replied by Heather
Hi, as far as the BSM is concerned make sure you have the organic non sulphured type and take at least 2 tablespoons a day maybe more when you are mensturating, it will work. I take it straight from the spoon followed by a glass of water but everyone has a preferred method. Good Luck.
Replied by Nadine
Brisbane, Australia
Hi, you may want to try also lugol's iodine or better still nascent iodine, as fibroids are often a sign of iodine deficiency.

Posted by Sharon (Sonora, California) on 02/04/2006

[YEA]  I am 65 today but when I was in my mid 40's, I was told by my doctor that I needed a hysterectomy because of excessive bleeding and fibroid tumors. I also had been literally crunching ice cubes from the tray in the ice box for quite sometime. A wonder they didn't break every tooth in my head plus it was driving everybody around me crazy. I had read this literature at some point about black strap molasses being able to get rid of fibroid tumors and I told my doctor I would let him know about having the hysterectomy and immediately started drinking 1 tablespoon black strap in a cup of water in the a.m. and another in the p.m. It wasn't long before I noticed I wasn't craving the ice cubes and the bleeding slowed to normal. When I went back to my doctor 6 months later the fibroid tumors (and there were many) had all but shrunk away. I continued drinking the molasses for a time after that and never had another problem in that area. That is the only thing I did. I was so glad I had found that little book on blackstrap and its cures. Great stuff.

Replied by Claudette
Did you drink the am molasses before eating anything or after breakfast? I have fibroids, did an operation back in 02 but it is back. I want to make sure I do this molasses thing right as I have no intention of doing any more operation.
Replied by Yvonne
Columbia, MO
Hey everyone, I REALLY want to try out this BSM AND ACV and I am sure of the ACV but I'm sooo confused about the BSM.

I check online and many people advice you use the unsulphured bsm, but question is, which brand is the best? Checking amazon there are different brands, can any of you tell me which ones you used so that I can get rid of my multiple fibroids? I can see there are many companies, but which one worked best for you guys? Does it have to be sweetened? I am only 25 and I want kids someday, the pressure of getting pregnant (as all the doctors as recommending) is too high as I am still in school and not ready for kids yet. But if I can find something that ca shrink them, i'd be happy.

Please someone, anyone, I pray one of you to read this and direct me where and which specific brand to use.

Replied by Mike62
Denver, CO
Yvonne: Plantation has 600mg potassium per serving. Don't get the one that has 100 mg potassium per serving because it has been overly processed.
Replied by Meggie Sophia
Yvonne, I would look for ORGANIC black strap molasses. The sugar syrup is boiled down to the dregs till almost all of the sugar has been extracted, and what's left is very concentrated, called black strap molasses. Since it's so concentrated, you know there's gotta be tons of pesticides! You can avoid poisoning yourself with organic black strap molasses. There are different brands, over the years I have used Tree of Life and Sunshine's.

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Posted by A.C. (West Midlands, England, United Kingdom) on 03/11/2008

[YEA]  I've been taking a tablespoon of BSM daily for Heart Palpitations (which worked by the way). When cutting my nails yesterday, I noticed that the white, half moons at the base of my nails (I've forgotten the name for these) reduced in size by half within one week! I'm completely amazed! I heard these were due to mineral deficiency but I'd been taking supplements and had just given up. Thanks Earth Clinic!

Posted by Susan (Ripley, WV) on 06/21/2007

[YEA]  I've been taking black strap Molasses for about 6 months. One thing it's done for me is my fingernails grows fast. I never had pretty nails before now I can grow them. It has to be the Molasses. Still waiting for the fibroid tumors to go, having faith they will. I've taken apple cider vineger for 40 years. It's how I keep my weight down. I'm glad we have this website to check out. I've also used Cayenne Pepper daily for about 3 years. Something is keeping me healthy, so I'll keep doing it. Thanks to all of you that take time to post. age 72, feel like 40

Replied by Norman
Metro Cebu, Philippines
I have taken molasses for many years now for a daily nose bleeding I use to have since very young, then clauterization worked but I became too much of a heath nut and wanted everything natural to have that procedure done again. Molasses was way more effective for me.

But now I have for the last 5 yrs edema in feet & ankles & legs to calf and am upping my molasses to cure that also hopeful, better than wearing compression socks to control it but never cures it.

I'm a vegetarian & fish & fruit diet for many years now since a young teen ager,( I like to walk a lot)( am 66 yrs now) barbecued meat & fast food & drugs all have side affects . Many people say I look like 40 .

Replied by Nadine
Brisbane, Australia
Magnesium chloride would help a lot too.

Posted by Renee (El Dorado, Kansas) on 06/21/2007

[YEA]  Have been using regular molasses a few weeks and noticed a slight improvement in the color of my fingernail bed. Purchased Black Strap Molasses a few days ago and enough pink has returned to my nails that I can see the moons, which I've not seen in 20 years.

Replied by Crystal
Clearwater, Fl
How much molasses do you take? Thank You

Fruit Trees
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Posted by Bonnie (Sanborn, IA) on 06/01/2009

Years ago I had a recipe with blackstrap molasses and a second ingredient to keep the webs out of the fruit trees. I would put the ingredients in a plastic jug and hang it in the tree. It worked wonders. Never had any webs kill the branches after that. My problem is that I cannot remember the second ingredient.

EC: Do you mean tent Caterpillar nests?

Posted by Gretchen (Wheeling, WV) on 10/25/2008

[YEA]  My friend uses blackstrap molasses to keep the bugs off his fruit trees. He said in early spring he paints the base of the tree up to about 12 inches high and he never has to spray his trees and he does not have bugs! He said he would repeat the procedure in June. He said his apples and peaches were great. He learned it from his grandfather.

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Posted by Linda (Brooklyn, NY) on 08/24/2006

[YEA]  The blackstrap/ACV has reduced the incidence of flatulence after eating dairy (lactose intolerance). I still have some but not as much as before starting on 8/14/06. Curious, how long before hair starts to darken again?

Replied by Donna Hyde
Lincoln, NE
i noticed that taking flax seed oil with the black strap turns your hair a lot faster. i have been taking both for a month and i am seeing streaks of my brown hair which i have not seen for years.