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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health and Well Being

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[YEA]  08/06/2011: Veerybird from Hobe Sound, Fl: "I have discovered a great recipe for taking the ACV. I have always taken it with 1/2 juice and 1/2 water in my 24 oz water bottle with 2-3 Tbs. of ACV. That works for the faint of heart: I even got my kids to start taking it. I also carefully measure out a strong flavored juice in a wine glass and add the ACV. That is a great way to get it down. The best recipe that is healthiest and easy to travel with is 24 oz. of water, 2-3 Tbs. of ACV, and blueberry tea. I buy the True Blueberry from Celestial Seasonings and it has plenty of flavor. No "sugar" if you like sour things. Just make up the water and ACV then add a tea bag. Many people think that tea must be hot but it will steep fine in a few minutes. I tried it with Tazo Passion Tea (which I love) but it didn't work."

05/02/2011: Natasha from Syracuse, Ny: "Hi! I am 31 years old and have been drinking an ACV cocktail 2 to 3 times a day for about a month now. I simply mix 2 tsp organic ACV with 8-10 oz. of cold water with ice. I love the taste! However, a lot of information that I am reading is saying that it is good to mix the ACV with warm water and honey. Is it just as effective for the body in cold water? I appreciate any insight! Thanks!"

08/04/2010: Fra-fra from Mineral Wells, Texas, Usa: "I'm trying to find out if you can take acv, h2o2, iodine and magnesium oil mixed in 8 oz. of water in one dose. Will you still get the benefit as if you take them separate?"

08/05/2010: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "Hi Fra-fra... Regarding your mixture, I would leave out adding any H2O2 to it. HP will react with the iodine and may form Hydrogen Iodide. HP will also react with ACV to form Peracetic Acid, a much stronger version of Hydrogen Peroxide. So, unless you know what you're doing, just take the ACV, Magnesium Oil and Iodine on its own. Make sure you take the HP on its own later in water -- at least an hour after the mag oil etc.

Here is a link where you can check remedy combinations on EC. See Ted's List."

01/07/2010: Jd from Quezon City, Philippines: "What is the difference between taking ACV with 8oz water from drinking it undiluted ? Does it affect its efficacy ?
Thanks in advance"

01/07/2010: Eli from Brazil replies: "I don't think it affects efficacy. For example, one tablespoon of ACV in one litre of water ingested is still one tablespoon of ACV when ingested, along from one litre of water, period.

However, concentration is important. Undiluted ACV is more acidic than ACV that is diluted and that has ramifications: for example, it may hurt your teeth enamel more than diluted vinegar (although some dispute that). It may also impact liver cleansing, I would suppose. But I'm just speculating: since ACV is not patentable, we will never know because there is no financial interest in paying for such studies in order to understand the effects of ACV on health.

There is also some people who advise on very diluted ACV all day long instead of having a couple of "doses" in a day. You just have to try each for a couple of weeks and see that works best for you. Everybody is different."

[YEA]  11/26/2008: Nichole from Stanton, CA: "...Also a quick recipe to get kids to take ACV is to add a couple tablespoons to a bag of sliced apples, allow to sit for at least a day in the fridge and the kids gobble them up!"


[YEA]  04/07/2008: Ron from Paragould, Arkansas: "I'read and heard all these great things about apple cider vinegar. I have an uncle who is in his 80's and has taken apple cider vinegar since he was a very young man and he's never even been in a doctor's office. I tried it with water, with honey, and with a few fruit drinks. The best thing I've found for drinking ACV is V8 vegetable juice. I mix a small amount of V8 with my ACV, and have a larger cup of V8 in my other hand as a chaser. I grand slam the mix, never even letting it touch my tongue, then chase it with the pure V8. Most of the time I never even taste the ACV which is FINE with me! Plus I'm getting all sorts of good stuff just from drinking the V8!"

05/22/2008: Noel from Santa Fe, NM replies: "What is it with such antipathy to ACV taste? I don't find it hard to handle at all - just mix in some water and throw down; I usually add some stevia but don't really find it necessary.

ANYWAY, I do have a good testimonial, amidst doing a lot of other natural health stuff these recent years, so it's a little hard to scientifically isolate results. ONE thing I know for sure the vinegar has immediately helped me with is clearing up a sort of dandruff condition under my eyebrows -- frustrating and sometimes embarrassing for over 20 years! I never really liked applying things to my skin, even natural oils and creams; they never helped. The ACV cleared it up! Now I'm experimenting with my scalp too - wonder if it will help with my somewhat-thinning hair that seems possibly related to my scalp condition, tending to both oiliness and dryness."
06/19/2009: Jeffro from Goreville, IL replies: "I have seen a couple of people using V8 "juice" to take their ACV or H2O2. Two servings of regular vegetable V8 meet the RDA's max for sodium intake. I don't trust the RDA to determine what I need and don't need, but just be aware of what you are doing if this is your regimine."

[YEA]  01/09/2008: Beverly from Phyllis, KY: "I recently tried ACV for the first time. I tried it mixed with baking soda and then alone. Alone, I mean mixed with water-2-TBSPwith4OZ.water.This worked for so many of my ailments I can't begin to tell you. But the BITTER TASTE!!!!!!!!!UUUGGGHHH!!!!!! So if your like me and you have very sensitive taste buds, try this-USE A STRAW to quickly sip the drink,and have a water chaser ready. It's the only way I could stomach the bitter taste. Now I take it daily, thanks to my straws!!"

[YEA]  12/27/2007: Sanjay from Ahmedabad, India: "after trying to use ACV for some months now, i feel it is best to use it on & off, not religiously everyday, also my dosage now is very small, just a few drops in a glass of water. believe me, the smaller dosage is more effective. i have stopped mixing with Baking soda now, because the dosage is small enough."

[YEA]  John from Caledon, Ontario: "Apple cider vinegar is easiest to palate when mixed with apple juice. It tastes like apple cider, plus you get the numerous antioxidant and natural benefits from the apple juice."

[YEA]  Lara from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: "I took Apple Cider Vinegar with a shot glass of Welches Grape Juice. It tastes a lot like wine to me this way. Much easier to take this way. I have a lot more energy already and I have only been taking it a few days."

[YEA]  Shawn from Boulder: "Mixed with ginger ale and white grape juice, ACV tastes terrific. Very similiar in taste to Kombouchu tea."

[YEA]  Lisa from West Plains, MO: "I like the benefits I'm having since I've started taking acv. But I did not like the taste and surely I'm not alone. I tried it with mango tea and one spoonful of the vinegar and an equal amount of honey. It tastes wonderful. I drink it at least four times a day. It's that good. Lipton tea has mango and I'm sure other brands will work. Now, go have yourself a cup 'o tea."

06/26/2012: Patch from Sarasota, Florida, United States replies: "Hi I must add my voice to the crowd of people who find the taste of pure ACV to be absolutely unpalatable at best, nauseating at worst. That said, I have an interesting anecdote to report: I recently finished a bottle of very old ACV that had been sitting virtually untouched for 2 - 4 years (no kidding). It was never refrigerated, and for the last few years wasn't even properly closed (the cap broke). What happened is that it turned a very dark color, and the "mother" was so fully developed that it looked like kombucha starter, if you've ever seen that. I'm talking about large brown gelatinous masses rather than small filaments. Here's the most interesting part: it tasted great! It definitely had the right acidity and "kick" but there was no foul odor (excuse me if you're a fan), and no strong after taste at all. It was a very clean taste. It seems that ACV only gets better with time (and maybe even more healthful), like a fine wine, so if you ever see a long-neglected, dark colored bottle with well-developed "mother of vinegar, " snatch it up!"
06/26/2012: Carmel from Clacton, Essex, Uk replies: "Very interesting. I bought a large bottle of this months ago and was told when I bought it that it had the mother in there. I was naive, had never bought this stuff before. When it was delivered and I looked for this fascinating mother I had read so much about I could see just a few bits in there, like grains of pepper. It tasted horrible so I decided to put it to one side while I had a think. A month passed and the few grains had become more and yes like kombucha. Still have not drunk it. Am contemplating doing so to help with my sinuses and blocked ears but hate the taste."
06/26/2012: Patch from Sarasota, Florida, United States replies: "Carmel, here's another "recipe" tip in case your batch is still foul-tasting. I'm from Russia and I usually drink my current bottle (still young, light colored, and quite gross) the way Russians drink cheap vodka. Pour yourself a shot with 2 tbsp ACV. 1/4 tsp baking soda is a good idea to neutralize the acid. (Other stuff is optional, cayenne pepper, honey, etc.... )

The real key is breathing properly:

1) Inhale
2) Exhale fully
3) With no air in your lungs, drop the whole shot with bravado
4) Inhale (if the stuff is real bad, then take the first inhale entirely through the mouth)

If you want to be on the safe side, you can take a few more breaths through your mouth before inhaling normally.

Chasers help too, even plain water...

If you have an old bottle of spirulina capsules, try emptying one in the shot. It won't make it taste any better, but it will turn it a neat radioactive green, and you can pretend you're about to turn into the incredible Hulk."

Refrigeration of ACV

07/03/2009: kristinad from SLC, UT: "There seems to be some confusion so I am writing to clarify about the ACV mother. I did go to the Briggs sight and looked up the the information on ACV with mother needing to be in the refrigerator. It 'did not' say 'do not' refrigerate it only said you did not 'need' to refrigerate! That is logical because vinegar has a almost indefinite shelf life but in can be stored in the refrigerator with no ill affects as well. Neither one is a problem, or right or wrong so it is a personal choice. Hope this is helpful."


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[YEA]  Another reader : "Yes, I tried vinegar, not orally, but rubbed it on the spot in my back that has given me horrific pain for 6 years, I have used Zonalon ($85 per tube, Empi ($45 per oz) and Capsascin, even athletes foot medicine, Aspercream, and this is so far, the most relief I have had. My shingles never blistered, but I was left with Posthepetic neuralgia which has been terrible. Worth a try, and you have it in your kitchen. I wonder how does it work, is it the acid?"



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