Effective Natural Cures for Fibroids

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Posted by Fynk (Cebu, Cebu) on 07/06/2012

Hi good day to all, I came across to this website some few days ago and just the same with the rest of you here I am currently diagnosed with fibroids which is intramural that means it is inside my uterus although I am asymptomatic but I have heavy bleeding but not much of the cramps, as of right now I am on a monthly hormonal injection called luprolex. Anybody had this type of treatment before? Pls give me some feedback. I want to try ACV but I want to know if there are contraindications when taking this remedy. I really want my fibroids to shrink and I am going to try any possibility as long as it is not hysterectomy and also I want to know when is the best time to take it- before or after meals and how many minutes before or after you eat? pls send me some tips so I can do it the right way. Thanks so much.

Posted by Sharon32843@yahoo.com (Los Angeles, United States) on 06/12/2012

Sharon, I live in los angeles and am glad to know. I am not alone in this fibroid tumor battle. I could not become pregnant because of this fibroid condition. I too refuse to get a hysterectomy and still refuse. I just had a pap march and an ultrasound. The fibroids has gotten larger. I did buy flax seed plus. I am fifty one and have been battling this problem since I was thirty three years old. I appreciate Ted sharing this vital information. My fibroids block my uterus. I want to thank everyone for there input and testimony. I will lift all of us up in prayer. I wanted at least two children. It never happened. I am the only one in my family with no children. I love children. I am right there with you ladies.

Posted by Maria (Baltimore, Md, Usa) on 02/13/2012
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A hysterectomy may lead to a prolapse about 5-10 years down the road. The uterus is not just there for holding a fetus; it's very important in helping support the abdominal organs such as the intestines and the bladder. The abdominal organs stay in place due to a network of ligaments and pelvic floor muscles. When the uterus is removed as in a hysterectomy, this support system is greatly weakened and so these other organs have a lot less support, and tend to fall down or move into spaces they normally don't. (please google images) If you have a partial hysterectomy, the top of the vagina could fall down; sometimes the bladder herniates and sometimes the bowel moves into places it should not- all these lead to more surgeries down the road.

Interestingly, when my OB suggested hysterectomy to me for my fibroids, I do not remember her saying one single word about a prolapse down the road. I wonder if she is shilling for the OB surgeon. It's also possible that prolapse happens more often if you have a weak pelvic floor to begin with; but, as a woman ages, her ligaments and muscles get weaker anyhow, and chances of prolapse get higher even if she has a normal pelvic floor. I do not want to contribute to that by having a hysterectomy- not if my fibroid symptoms aren't that bad.

Replied by Terri
White Plains, Maryland

Maria, Thank you so much for putting this important information out. I have had many doctors tell me that I didn't need my uterus because I wasn't having anymore children. I felt who were they to tell me that I didn't need my uterus. As a woman I just feel that this is what makes you a woman and why should we let someone take that away if not necessary. If someone faces an emergency situation then they may not be able to avoid it, but otherwise, keep your uterus.

Posted by Victoria (Morris, Illinois, Usa) on 01/02/2012

I'm 43 and found out about 5/6 years ago I had a 1" cm tumor in my uterus and every year I had my physical and complained of heavy bleeding and abdominal pain. And my doctor never ordered anymore test ultra sounds ect. So this last summer I insisted and she had her nurse call to tell me it grew and to see the gynecolgist she reffered and do whatever he says. The gynecologist himself called me and said it grew and there were now multiple tumors and my uterus is enlarged becasue of it. So we're trying to reduce the size with birth control pills but he's almost positive they can't just be removed I may need a hysterectomy.

Now I'm furious because my own doctor could have watched them and I could have caught them in time for just the tumor to be removed now it's too late.

I wanted to know if this is medical neglect or not?

Posted by Michelleq (London, Uk) on 09/02/2011


i saw people using the mixture of beets and carrots and non alcoholic wine for cysts and fibroids- I just want to clarify, is it beetleaves (green) or red beet.. Many thanks

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi Michelleq, the red beet is the one you use. Lily.

Posted by Christina (Albuquerque, Nm) on 12/27/2009

Fibroids: Tampons & Pads

Regarding Tampons and Pads: Ladies all tampons and pads are bleached with CHLORINE unless you are buying organic/non-bleached natural cotton items.

Chlorine is very toxic it creates a by-product Dioxin which is harmful and linked to cancer and tumors (google it). You can buy cotton items at any natural health food store or online (they are expensive but worth it). I would recommend buying these especially for women with Fibroids.

Posted by Daisy (Nicosia, Cyprus) on 11/08/2009
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Fibroids: I am 52 years old. I am on Zoladex (generic name Goserelin) to help breast cancer and it helped shrink the 6 cm fibroid in my uterus. However, it has flared up again despite the strong medication. I believe it is because I recently started dairy products after abstaining for a year because of press reports about a link with breast cancer. I have also been using natural progesterone cream which in my case is not balancing estrogen as it is zero in my blood analysis BECAUSE THE DRUG lowered it to zero. I suspect the cream may have also fed the benign egg because I have used it together with this drug without specialist advice. It may have fed the fibroid. I tried ACV and it immediately helped.

Posted by Aries36 (Knoxville, Tn) on 09/24/2009

Hi ladies, i'm thankful for you all and hearing your stories let me feel connected to a sista hood of women whom i've never met who is experiencing the same as i am so now i don't feel so all alone with this dreadful medical problem!I just want my life back and this is taking my body over daily. It makes me not even want to have a sexual relationship with my husband cause i feel like a good-year blimp! I take the avc with the (Mother) in it and the bsm and i do get relief from both. The avc does help control your weight but my question to you ladies is:

How long must we stay on these short term remedy? 4EVER... EVERYDAY TAKING THESE SHORT TERM REMEDIES THE WILL NEVER GIVE US A COMPLETE SOLUTION?? I hate the fact that when we give birth 2 bring beautiful kids into the world after that our bodies go through SOOOOOOOO... MUCH AND MEN HAVE NO ISSUES AT ALL!!

I'm just 36 and i feel like my life is OVER dealing with this crap. Doctor's always want to cut on us so we can go into menopause early and have to go to them for more medical issues and bills.. this is how they make their money. Anyway, to the point @ hand. I did find out that having the partial hysterectomy will allow them not to return because by having it done they want grow back because the uterus wall allows them to reattach to something, by removing it..there's nothing 4 them to grow on because there's nothing there. I still don't know what to do even with that info because i'm scared of early menopause. Someone please give me your input.

EC: You don't mention your ailment, but we think you are referring to fibroids...

Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

I had fibroids, too, if that is what your problem is. If they are not causing you too much of a problem...in other words, if they are more of a nuisance than an actual health problem...the best solution is to just wait them out, because they shrink and go away on their own after menopause. At 36, you are not too young to be having peri-menopausal signs and symptoms. To cut down on the bleeding, try taking bioflavanoids and Vitamin K-2. And if they are not life-threatening, DO NOT let the doctor cut on you. Peri-menopause is a time when women start to get anovulatory cycles and become estrogen dominant, so do not take any supplements or eat anything that contains phytoestrogens because it will only make the problem worse by adding to your over-all estrogen burden. You also might want to check your thyroid status, because low thyroid can cause heavy bleeding, too.

Posted by Mya (Los Angeles, USA) on 09/29/2008

I passed out and hit my head on the bed, because I lost so much blood. I went to the hospital in an ambulance. My doctor did a new procedure and a DNC. There was a girl there who was 16 years old who had her fibroids removed, how is this possible? I was so scared, but I came through, by the grace of God. I tried all of it and it didn't work.

Posted by Joan (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea) on 09/05/2007

I wish I knew what I was suffering from for 10 years then I would have gone on herbs but I was past that as I was fainting from lack of blood from severe bleeding and my womb prolapsed with the fibroids. I thought I had a heart problem as the symtoms was high blood pressure. I am now well and living with my scars as I also had T/L. So it is healthy living and stress free life for me.

Grapes, Cherries  

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Posted by Bonnie (Hamilton, Ontario) on 07/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Fibriods: Hey All, I have tried everything, bsm and all. I read on and found that coffee that has caffeine has alot to do with it, I drank coffee every day,when I read that it wasn't good for you making your estrogen go hay wire, I decided to stop! I try something that I have read on here what someone else wrote, and I swear by it!! I had heavy periods and the whole thing. Believe me!! So I decided to try what that person wrote, and I did, It was grapes & bing Cherries!! It's been over a year and my periods are normal, and no more heavy bleeding and no more blood clots. I swear my this thing. My blood count is up & my red blood cells are ok now. So 3 things to remember: No more coffee and eat grapes & cherries!! And you'll be ok, at least I am. My doctor wanted me to go for a hysteromy, but in the mean time I decide to try the grapes & cherries, no more heavy periods & clots, they are normal now. Maybe it's a conscience, not sure but something helped me, and I eat them every day!! And I'm fine now. :) Hope this helps someone, because I know I was desperate!!!

Replied by Vina
Powdersprings, Ga

Are you eating regular grapes red, purple or green. And just any type of cherries. How much do you eat a day. Thanks for the info.

Replied by Bonnie
Hamilton, Canada

Vina from GA: I eat any kind of grapes, and snack on about 12 a day.

Grapeseed Extract  

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Posted by crystal (any town, United States) on 04/23/2008
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I tried grapeseed extract for menstrual flooding associated with fibroids. I took 3 - 90 mg tablets 4 times a day and my menstrual was the closest to normal it's been in years. Also mother tried it for the same problem and was well pleased! I am happy!

Replied by Karling
Los Angeles, CA
5 out of 5 stars

Well, Let me first say, I've had fibroids and ovarian cysts for over 7 years. They have progressively gotten worse and worse as far as heavy clotting periods, PMS, and weight gain. Basically my life revolves around my periods. I don't "do" western medicine so I only go to the doctor to find out what's going on. I'm also a vegetarian. My job is that of performer, so I've had to be meticulous about scheduling shows around my cycle. I'm so excited right now I had to share this immediately. It's early days, I'm only into day 4 of my period, but the change has been incredible. For a whole week before my period I did castor oil packs over where I consider the fibroids are. I rented movies, and spent every evening for about an hour and a half with the pack on my belly, and a heating pad over the area. Also, from the first day of my period I've been taking 2 (100mg) grapeseed extract tablets 3 times a day. They give me a bit of lose stool, but that's the least of my problems after all the bleeding I've endured over the years. Ok the report is: So far my bleeding has been cut in half, if not even more. A few very small clots, as apposed to huge clots. I feel different. I don't feel exhausted, and I'm thinking a miracle has happened to me. I don't know if it's the grape seed or the packs, but I am going to continue this procedure. I'm not sure how often I should do the packs, but I read in this forum that the grapeseed should be done only during your period to keep it's potency on your system. Oh, also something else. I had been taking BSM for over a year, (no decrease in bleeding, but other very good effects) and I read on this forum that House of Herbs had the most iron, so I orderd a whole case of it.. but the label is very sparse, and I think it might be sulfured, and that is not good because it thins the blood, so the only other thing I've changed is that I've cut OUT the sulfured BSM. I will update as I find out more, but right now I'm extremely happy. Day 4 and it's been a walk in the park!!!

Green Tea  

Posted by Katie (Northport, Ny) on 03/29/2014

Has anyone looked into green tea for fibroids? Attached is an article detailing a recent study done in Egypt using green tea to shrink fibroids and an article pulled off of Pubmed regarding the same study (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)


Replied by Sharon,
Renton, Wa, Usa

Green Tea only increases breast fibroid inflammation for me. I have tried an herbal anti-inflammatory with green tea, which makes BF inflammation worse.


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Posted by Annie (London) on 11/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone

After reading Ann's (Calgary) testimony, I decided to give Medorrhinum 1M ago for fibroids. I had a myomectomy 8 years ago but the fibroids grew back bigger and lots of them...with all the discomfort: anaemia, tiredness, constipation from iron tablets....

I took 3 pellets on 11 /11/15. I was sleeping longer but was sharp and fit upon waking up. Which is a miracle!

I took the 2nd dose on 25/11/15 ( my periods began that same day and came so calmly with no pain or symptoms at all! ). The 26/11/15 evening I started bleeding profusely with a lot of fresh looking clots but no pain! The more I bled, the better I felt. For the first time ever I didn't feel tired or weak after bleeding so much! My swollen stomach went physically down. My hair and nails grew stronger and looked cleaner, I could clean, tidy and cook, read. Usually I am bed bound in pain and can' t lift a finger!

My elimination is perfect (after every meal) or just after a walk! My mind is clearer, I can now read and remember...

I made a mistake with the first dose and took my iron and Vit D3 tablets 2 days after taking it. I felt very uncomfortable. I stop. Last Saturday(28/11/15) I felt sick and vomitted at night 11.45pm) but I was rather relieved afterwards and slept like a baby.

I am fit and look refreshed and "clean" usually I look weak and tired during and after my periods....

I read that you should not drink coffee and herbal teas with Medorrhinum. How long after taking it can I have coffee/herbal teas? I used to drink a lot of green tea, milk thistle... and ground coffee every now and then. I sometimes do crave coffee in this weather...

I also used to massage my lower abdomen with some essential oils. When is it ok to resume?

Are there other "Don'ts" when taking Medorrhinum? Please share with us. I will update my progress and hope everything goes well and will help somebody else. Thanks. Annie.

Replied by Julie

Hello Anne,

Do you have any updates? Just bought Medorrhinum waiting for it to arrive. Thanks.

Posted by Ann (Calgary, Alberta) on 02/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I have had excellent success treating fibroids which I I suffered with for 20 Years. I found this website www.how-to-avoid-hysterectomy.com/homeopathic-treatment-for-uterine-fibroids.html

I took homeopathic Medorrhinum 1M strength. Simply take 3 pellets dry to dissolve in mouth. Two weeks later take another 3 pellets. That's it. I did not take any of the other remedies listed on the page. I did try the thuja but did not like how it made me feel so I stopped there. I have stopped taking iron pills and do not suffer from anemia anymore. I have excellent mental and physical energy now as I did when I was 20.

Medorrhinum 1M is strong. Remember when you take homeopathic medicine you may feel worse initially before you feel better. The aggravations are fine that will occur. Do not take any medicine to counteract any strong symptoms that arise and do not go to the doctor. They are temporary for a few days then go away permanently. You may feel odd for about 3 weeks as your body heals. For example after taking the first dose I was very sleepy for about 4 or 5 days. this is my body beginning to heal. All anger or sadness left my mind. In the subsequent weeks I became extremely clear headed, like a normal person is and energized. The whole process took a month.

When taking homeopathy presently and in future months, it is important not to take ANY mint/menthol products nor use or inhale camphor or eucalyptus products. No coffee and avoid herbal teas. All these products can antidote the remedy. You can order this remedy from a health food store that sells homeopathic remedies or online from a supplier.

Replied by Memyselfandi

Hi. I've never heard if this Medorrhinum that you speak of that helped you dissolve your fibroids. I'm concerned about side effects. Can you tell me how you knew they had dissolved? Did you go back for a follow-up ultra sound to have proof? Thanks.

Replied by Ann
Calgary, Alberta

I know the Medorrhinum worked because I am now able to live a normal life. over the last 20 yrs. I had to stop all physical activities ( sports) due to the severe anemia. Since taking the remedy in January 2015 I have resumed all my regular activities. I now exercise several days a week, including weight training. I no longer have major blood loss during my menstrual cycle. I am able to work full time again as my energy is now normal, even high. I have been searching for the last 20 yrs. for a cure desperately. NOTHING else worked. Molasses, apple cider vinegar etc. - these are all band-aids. They don't work for women who are really suffering from fibroids.

Do not worry about side effects. I also gave this remedy to my 14 yr. old son. (1 Homeopathic remedy may also be used to treat certain other types of illnesses). The sideffect he had was sleepiness for three days and mild fever. The chronic illness he was having NEVER recurred after that (recurring cold sores/blisters in mouth). On the second day after taking the remedy. His mouth started tingling and later blisters started coming up (that was the sickness coming out from deep within his body) A few hours later the blisters disappeared. and NEVER came back again. The next day he was up and around like nothing had happened, playing and happy. That is normally how homeopathy works. (The fatigue shows that the remedy is working)

You have to remember with homeopathy that this type of holistic medicine works differently. imagine a tree trunk cut in half. There are concentric circles small in the middle going outward. That represents your body. Homeopathy takes the illness from deep down in your body (middle of tree trunk) to the outside in order to get it out. So you may see symptoms as the sickness leaves your body. Mostly fatigue. It is TEMPORARY. let it happen. It will not harm you. The sickness has to come out. Homeopathy is safe. It can also be given to babies. My side effects were as they were, yours may not be. Do it It works. You can also consult the website how-avoid -hysterectomy.com as I listed above if you want more info.

i did not go for further tests. I observe that I can walk, jump, work, play , think like a normal person now. My periods are completely normal, no heaviness now after decades. That's proof for me. Doctors were not able to cure me. I don't need to go back for any check.

Medorrhinum also comes in 200 strength. If you are really hesitant then you can try that first since it's not so strong. (Though the 1 m strength is best. )Take at two week intervals, 3 pills. Take , wait two weeks, then take again. Then stop. Wait and see how you feel.

Replied by Barbara Lowry, Dsh, Cch
British Virgin Islands

Homeopathy is individualized medicine. You should always consult with a trained homepathic practitioner for chronic health issues because the most appropriate remedy is not based on the diagnosis; it's matched to the person -- mental, emotional and physical levels. Medorrhinum worked well in this case because it happened to match the state of that individual. Another person suffering from the same "diagnosis" would require a different remedy. Remedies, especially in high potencies (200c, 1M and higher) should only be repeated when indicated and not before. More is definitely not better.

Replied by Ann

I did state at the beginning of my post that women can go to the website www.how-to-avoid-hysterectomy.com/homeopathic-treatment-for-uterine-fibroids.html. if they want more information. This is is where I got the information for this treatment. There is even a practitioner there that one can email for more information. I was not personally evaluated by the practitioner. If women go to the website they will better understand. This is a different form of prescribing utilizing homeopathy. A different science is employed. It's called astrological homeopathy. Hundreds of women are suffering terribly from the adverse affects of fibroids, with no hope. I know that this WORKS. Go to the website, email the practitioner if you want. Then you will better understand. Don't be dissuaded. After living with the condition so long I feel it's my duty to tell others of this help available to them.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hello Barbara Lowry --- good to read your post.

However as much as I am in favour of homeopathy, for the average person in need of it it is unaffordable. I have good books on it and have even success with abscesses with my pets and some other situations. It is a dream so far.

I hear it is even more expensive for cancer issues. Sad.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Ann

The total cost for this treatment is $10. That is the cost of the remedy. I paid nothing else. I don't have a big budget for these things either.

Replied by Ellsworth

Hi there,

I am very interested in this approach. I have several fibroids, one of which is very large. About 8 inches. I checked out the site and I wouldn't mind contacting the practioner, but I cannot find a way to contact anyone anywhere one the site. Do you know how I could contact someone?

Replied by Ann

Yes, the contact info is a little hard to find on the site. I emailed him and he replied quite soon. It's dsavic3@astrodule.com. Wishing you well.

Replied by Julie

Hi Anne,

How long did you use meddorhinum? May be you indicated but I missed it. Battling fibroids for 7 years now at the end of patience. Did you get a scan? Thanks for reply.