Fibroid Tumors
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Natural Fibroid Treatment

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/21/2007 | 685 Posts

When the body is sufficiently alkalized, the serum calcium normalizes, causing a reduction in cysts and fibroids. Fibroids are a bit tough since the calcium goes deeper than a cysts and will take some time, sometimes with iodine foot painting now and then might be helpful, such as once a week. Normally cysts takes about a month to reduce or in some cases be gone, as the blood will clear up the excess tissue calcium, thus reducing the cysts. Ovaries and menses can only function perfectly whenever the excess calcium in tissues and glandular functions are reduced.

This can be done by getting the proper alkalization so that glandular functions can function normally, and hence normal menses, as well as normal pregnancy, without the blocked fallopian and uterus problem. Some women sadly can't get pregnant because of block fallopian tubes which can be due to fibroids or somes cysts and the ACV and baking soda may help reduce this blockages, or even a lemon and baking soda remedy will also get similar results.

While the lemon (lime) is more effective on alkalizing and potassium, the ACV is more effective on the body's metabolic rate, and hence some reduce weight is experienced. It doesn't require rocket science to realize all this. Only a good understanding of normal body functions. Ideally the ACV and baking soda is taken 3 times a day, but some people find it more convenient to do it 2 times a day because of the heavy work schedules, or other factors.

Replied by Mary
Galway, Ireland
Could you tell me what how much cider vinegar and bread soda to use? Also, I am a bit confused because many posts mention ACV and molassess instead of baking soda, Which combination is best for getting rid of fibroids? Many thanks, Mary

EC: To date, we have no feedback from our readers re: Ted's remedies for fibroids. Readers are rather reporting good results from ACV and molasses, 2 popular remedies on the site.

Recipes for Ted's alkalizing formulas here:

Replied by Christina
Albuquerque, New Mexico
First THANK YOU Ted for sharing your knowledge, it is greatly appreciated. I was diagnosed with one large (13cm) fibroid Nov 14, 2008. I totally agree that alkalinity is the way to cure dis-ease within the body. Oxygen is very very important -cancer and disease can NOT live in a body that has proper oxygen.

I know this is scary having something foreign living in our bodies but getting stressed over this will not help it will make things worst. So the first thing to do is take a Huge deep breath and focus on what we CAN do. And it is important to realize that something that took months or years to grow is NOT going to go away by taking something for a week or two.I was told my only option was a full hysterectomy, I am 41 and haven't had children. I totally believe in getting a 2nd or more opinions. (Unless your life is in danger)
Don't be "scared" into getting a hysterectomy it is a major invasive surgery. For some it is the only answer. I decided to seek alternative medicine, focusing more on the mind/body connection. Herbs,Yoga and Meditation can do wonders.....

I believe by cleaning up your diet and exercising we can get a grip on our situation (I am a Certified Wellness/Physical Fitness Specialist and a Personal Trainer). Eliminating as much stress as possible is a necessity. My tumor was found after one of the most stressful times of my life. So it is crucial to evaluate where you are and how you got there. Do you smoke, drink, eat junk all day? I know from personal experience that alcohol can wreck havoc on your system.

Using the vingar and molasses will help IF you stick to it and make it a priority. And yes cayenne pepper does stop bleeding BUT you need to take large amounts which you can get in capsule form, Native Americans have used it for centuries. Also castor oil packs are great. I use a heating pad for cramps.

It is unfortunate that there is so much mis-information out there....But I've believed since day one that having a hysterectomy is not something I want to do. So I will continue to search, pray and follow my intution that there is another way. To all my Fibroid Sisters I wish you all Wellness and Health :) Much Love ~ Christina

Replied by Maki
La, Ca
Hi Christina, I'm in the exact situation as you, thanks for sharing, I'll go your way as well. Infinite love and gratitude, And Thank you Ted for sharing your remedies. I'll try my best to follow!


Replied by Nichole
Silver Spring, Md
Replied by Tanya
San Mateo , Ca
Re: Nichole's suggestion. My body does NOT do well without meat. I can do without dairy but I get sluggish, both physically and mentally, when I don't eat any meat or fish. But eating whole, natural, organic foods is crucial. And if a fibroid indicates an overabundance of estrogen, then stay away from estrogen producing foods like soy. Just my experience is all. . . .
Replied by Debra
Christiansburg, Va
I agree with Tanya, Nichole's suggestion is good, but not everyone has the access or the money for those choices. Also, everyone's body is different. I tried a Vegan diet and it made me depressed with anxiety and insomnia. I put meat back in my diet and I am much better. Dairy is actually not good for most people (especially those with fibroid tumors) and the Lactose causes the mucus in your body to thicken and your membranes to swell. If you stop eating dairy and substitute coconut/almond/rice milk instead you will notice a significant reduction in sinus allergies and colds. Choose organic whenever possible. Minimize the canned food. There is range-fed beef in stores which is good. Most of the meat in the stores is from animals that have been fed steroids and that is the main thing that is bad for you. Also, there is a lot of Iron in red meat. Eat salmon or other fish which are high in the Omega 3 oils. I read that Flax seed is very good for reducing the estrogen level and therefore good for reducing an estrogen eating fibroid and they are also high in Omega 3 as well. You can purchase flax seed meal at any natural food store or natural food section in a regular grocery store. Mix a tablespoon in juice 3 times a day before meals. The blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar are also excellent choices. Make sure you take plenty of iron, magnesium and B-Complex. Multivitamins are also necessary. Plenty of exercise and time out for yourself is a must. I have three fibroids growing now after have three removed one year earlier. Thanks for all the tips and I am right there with you.
Replied by Shari
Huntsville, Texas
I have a fibroid that has been bothering me. I also got sick w/allergies. I have never had allergies before. I was so full of fluid in my throat and even in my face. It took about 6-8 weeks to get rid of it. So reading your comments, are fibroids and allergies connected? Asking, as I would not have ever come to that conclusion. Thanks
Replied by Kcm
Baldwin, Ny
[YEA]   A year ago during a check up my Doctor was concerned about the size of my uterus. He thought it was fibroids and recommended I see my GYN Doctor. My GYN Doctor agreed that my uterus was extremely large and sent me for a sonogram. I was told my uterus was as large as if I was five/six months pregnant. I did research and saw this site which recommended ACV. I tried taking it but it made me feel sick. I have never been able to digest vinegar well even when it was used to prepare food.

A family friend told my Mom about Chickweed Tea. She had drank it a few times a day over a long period of time and it shrank her fibroids. I starting drinking it but didn't like the taste it wasn't too bad but I starting taking the pills instead of drinking the tea. It has been just about a year later and I just saw my GYN Doctor who was shocked to see how much smaller my uterus had become. I am convinced it was the Chickweed pills. You can get the pills or the tea at the health food stores and vitamin stores. I had also lost 19 pounds since the last time visiting the Doctor and the family friend said it is good for losing weight also. I hope info helps anyone who cannot take the ACV like me.

Replied by Santi
San Pablo, Ca
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I followed the Vinegar and baking soda for just a day and the my stomach could not take it. It was too acidic for me. I understand the concept of alkalizing the body to deal with fibroids, etc, but then ACV is acidic, not alkaline (unless I am mistaken). Any explanation? After taking this, I have been having burning pain in my stomach that wakes me up in the night (its really bad in the night) and my physician tells me its because my stomach has become too acidic. Maalox, warm water and not having any acidic food is helping me a bit - I am hoping this goes away. In future I would just use tums to get my body alkaline to deal with fibroids.
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Santi by adding the baking soda to the ACV you were making the ACV too alkaline. The stomach acid is The normal pH range for stomach acid is between 1.5 and 3.5. ACV has a pH of about 5 which is less acidic that stomach acid. By adding the baking soda you are further making the stomach acid less acidic. You probably had the pain because your stomach was too alkaline not too acidic and could not digest your food.
Replied by Santi
San Pablo, California
Debbie, thanks for the explanation - so based on what you're saying, the ACV actually makes the stomach less acidic (as it has a lesser PH than the regular stomach acid). It does make sense except for the fact that the only thing that stopped the burning in my stomach was Maalox (which is very alkaline). So I'm kind of still confused...
Replied by Demet
Seattle, Usa
I was diagnosed with a 1cm uterine fybroid. This is new to me. I've had terrible pain in my pelvic area and felt very sick recently and even went to the emergency room. I'm not bleeding any more than a normal period, just feeling uncomfortable pain. Do you think this formula might help me with the pain?
Replied by Sassi
Ibd, Pk
hey ted I have the same problem as she has written above 4 months back, multiple small fibroids were diagnosed largest one was of 15mm. At that time me and my partner were planning a baby for 9 months but no out come. I m worried doctor has given me medicines to shrink but another doc told me that taking that medicine has more side effects than its benefits. Plzzzzz help me in this regard. I want babies in future im only 25 year old. Ted plzz tell me which combination is suitable for me to shrink my subserousal and submucosal fibroids even I dont have any symptoms of fibroids like heavy bleeding or cramps except slight pelvic pressure pain.

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Posted by Paula (Cork, Ireland) on 10/07/2012

Hi Guys, For the people that have experienced really positive results in taking ACV w/BS did you stick to the eating pattern that Ted suggested... Eat one food category at each meal as this makes the process more effective or did you just eat as you normally would? As I'm finding it difficult with work and busy schedule to eat this way. Appreciate your advice Paula

Replied by Sammy
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ca
Hello, I just eat the way I always have. The ACV capsules are helping. But I found that the iodine supplements I started taking for sluggish thyroid are doing much more. No more heavy bleeding. Very little PMS, and cramps? what cramps? Hope you find relief. Sammy

Turmeric   0  0   

Posted by Rapha7 (Mytown, Usa) on 11/20/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Fibroid Tumor Remedy - Tumeric

I found out about 4 or 5 years ago that I have fibroids when having an ultrasound for something else, and over the course of that time my periods have gotten heavier, started having clots and experiencing cramps which I rarely ever got. During the heavy times I would go through a Ultra Plus tampon in 1 hour.

I don't remember if it was on EC or another site, but I read that the heavy bleeding was caused by inflammation (either the Uterus being inflammed or the fibroids)during periods and it mentioned taking Tumeric.

Someone on EC recommended Natto, and I tried that for a while, but didn't notice reduced bleeding. Then I added a sprinkling of Turmeric on the Natto. The bleeding was reduced some, but I thought it was the Natto. I ran out of Tumeric & continued with the Natto and since I didn't seem to be getting great results, and the Natto is 'Natso good' I stopped.

It wasn't until I read the article about inflammation & Tumeric, that I put 2 and 2 together & realized that what had reduced the bleeding when I was eating the Natto with Tumeric sprinkled on it was actually the Tumeric doing it's thing. To be sure, over the last couple of months I've been taking 1 large teaspoon of Tumeric in juice, at least twice a day when my period starts, & it's nothing short of a miracle. Now I can actually get 3 - 4 hours of solid sleep without having to worry about an accident. Before on heavy nights, I would sit up, so I wouldn't fall all the way to sleep, so I could get up every hour or hour and a half to change. During that time if I could get a solid 2 hours of sleep I was estatic.

Other remedies I tried was the Unsulphered Black Strap Molasses. It reduced the clots by around 90% and the iron definitely gave me an extra boost, as the heavy bleeding caused me to be anemic, but it did not reduce the bleeding.

I hope some of you ladies try this and get the results I have. Although it's not a cure, it helps make the fibroid situation bearable. Lastly, the Tumeric is bitter, but well worth the results.

Water and Air   1  0   

Posted by Carmen (New York, NY) on 10/03/2008

[YEA]  I am finding that Water and Air are dissolving my fibroids. Yes, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it's true. Twice a day for the last two weeks, I've been standing up against the wall of my studio apartment breathing deeply, doing an exercise from the Book of Internal Exercises by Stephen T. Chang. (I inhale sharply and exhale while maintaining a stiff abdomen.) After the first day of doing this, I noticed my fibroid protrusion was lessened. Also, I've been drinking 5 glasses of lukewarm water a day, sprinkled with a bit of tumeric. The water seems to be literally washing the fibroids away as I notice what looks like to be be pieces of the dissolving fibroid membrane in my stool.

Could it be that water and air naturally contain the enzymes needed to dissolve fibroid membranes if concentrated? I'm becoming a believer.

Replied by Hope
London, UK
Hi, Are your fibroids gone following the treatment.How long did u do it for? I am looking for natural remedies. I know deep down we can do it. Thanks
Replied by Vina
Marietta, Ga
I would like to know how large your Fibroid were and are they completely gone. Did you have to change your eating habits, or were you a healthy eater. What all did you do? I am very interested in getting rid of these fibroids. Thanks for the information
Replied by Apple
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
My uterine fibroid is now 13cm. No diet change, organic food, detox, enzymes pills, TCM per se helped. Last week, I started myself with qi gong and reflexology to tackle stagnation of chi in uterus. I'll allow myself 3 months to gauge results. Hope when I next write in, I'd report good results... BTW, I love this great site for sharing so generously! I am also drinking ACV regularly, and BSM helped with my monthly pain. Thank you so much!
Replied by Apple
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Been 4 months since I've tried qi gong (on and off basis due to hectic work schedule). I find it is helpful in minimizing monthly pain. Had I been more consistent, I believe the improvement would be very much more better. As long as there is very little discomfort each month, I do not care very much if the fibroid is still there. The bulge in my tummy is not really apparent.
Replied by Nigerian Girl
Lagos, Nigeria
Hey there,

Glad to hear all this. I am 29, getting married next month and just recently diagnosed with a 5cm fibroid. I had no heavy periods over the years but just started having major cramps on my right side which took me to the doctor, had an ultra scan done, found out that there was a little cyst on my right ovary and this fibroid. Please, what specific fruits and veggies should I be eating?

Replied by Simi
Fremont, Ca
My concern right now is am in the process of IVF.... Since doctor had prescribed estrogen pills for this cycle... They have scanned today a fibroid in my uterus muscle... he says its not so big but I want to take care of it naturally if there is a way.

My question is Can I take blackstrap molasses when my embryo is getting implanted and when I get pregnant to cure this fibroid. Can I take apple cider vinegar everyday twice... IF so what would the dosage be.... Past period was really really painful like hell I didnt want to take painkillers as it would only harm my body.... Am getting totally stressed with this issue...... I really want some natural cure.... Thats why I was browsing and came across this wonderful thread.... If I can take all this alongside my pregnancy it woud be really great but am not sure..... Pls advise..... as I dnnow if my Doctor can answer this qs.

thanks ladies, Sona

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
I took BSM during pregnancies with no ill effects. 1 tblsp a day in hot water with ACV, the advice is to start with a tiny dosage. Maybe 1/2 tsp. Or less, once a day, and after a few days, twice a day. but I am wary of going over that amount even not during pregnancy.
Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi Simi, I don't like to say what you can take when you are pregnant because it is a very unknown area for most things, but black strap molasses and apple cider vinegar are both kitchen remedies and I would suggest using them lightly, maybe a teaspoon of BSM a day and a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in water per day. That would be keeping well within what could possibly be in a recipe for cake for example and you would be able to eat cake. (I wouldn't haha! ) Hope this makes sense. Cheers and good luck, Lily.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
oops. missing a period before "with acv" meaning that with ACV, I am more wary.
Replied by Mary
Hello, I have read so much about your formula and would love to give it a trial. I have been diagonised with fibriods (4) in my uterus and womb and would seriously want to get rid of them. Kindly guide me on how to use the Apple Cider Vinger ans Baking Soda components to achieve the best results. Thank you. Mary
Replied by Roseladyinpink
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with subserous uterine fibroid by August 2013 and the size was 7.72 cm x 5.56 cm x 7.88 cm and doctor recommneded an operation to remove my ovary because I had experience difficulty to urine twice almost within 2 months.

I refused to do so and start googling to find is there any way to shrink it naturally. Since that time, I went on diet to cut out meat, soy products, carbs, white sugars, avoid plastic bottles and containers etc. I drank more on organic fruits and vegetables juices. I drank aloe vera juices, apple cider vinegar and lemon juices in the morning on empty stomach, exercises on daily routine ( brisk walking, yoga, belly breathing, hand swing etc ), get morning sun and meditate with visualization. I also drank turmerric powder in the morning.

By June 5, I went to have usg and the result is amazing. It shows a sign of shrinkage. the size is now 6.02cm x 5.59cmx 6.65cm and the doctor asked me what I was doing since it has shrinked to smaller size and said no more operation needed. I told her what diet I have been undergone and she was surprised.


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