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Blackstrap Molasses  

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Posted by Andy (London, Croydon) on 07/16/2012

Can someone please help with some advice! I have posted before but no reply. Me and my wife lost our baby due to two large fibroids. I read about molasses on your website and decided to try it. Unfortunately the brand we bought was not blackstrap. We eventually got the right one from the internet which is blackstrap molasses unsulphered. My question is does blackstrap molasses cause pain and bleeding?? Does that mean the fibroids are degenerating?? She has been taking it for about 3days now!! Please help... I can feel the pain she goes through sometimes and it seems very painful!!

Replied by Amanda
Franklin, Indiana, United States

Hi Andy, please see my post under Fibroid tumors in the Ailments sections. I am having success with my current diet the BSM, Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking soda. Good luck to you and your wife. Amanda

EC: See previous post on Latest Post page.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Andy, BSM does help, but if your wife has undesireable side effects, she might be taking too much. Don't rush. Take a tablespoon or less a day.

Replied by Elle
Duluth, Ga

I have a question about the ACV and Baking Soda, should these be mixed? Or one tablespoon of each?

Posted by Queen B (Kingston, Jamaica) on 05/08/2012

I have tried the lemonade diet only this time using the BSM instead of the syrup and girls! .. Mek me tell unu! .. My period have gone back to normal no heap of clotting etc. My energy levels are also better.

The doctors claim I have 7 fibroids. So I have am trying the Castor oil packs for two weeks now and will continue for thirty days because God knows I dont trust any doctor to cut me.

I will surely let you know what I see in June 2012 when I do another ultrasound. Castor Oil cures tumors so I believe I'll be fine.

Posted by Smt (Mumbai, India) on 04/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am extremely thankful to earthclinic. com and all the people who have posted their responses regarding the effectiveness of Blackstrap molasses for menstrual related and fibroid related problems.

I am a working woman aged 50 and had been having a terrible time since the last 5 years. I was suffering from heavy bleeding during my periods which was progressively getting worse by the month.

In Dec 2007 I was told that there was a fibroid in my uterus which was about 4 cms. But the gynec suggested that once I reached menopause there wouldn't be any problem. So I decided not to do anything about it. A year later the sonography showed it to be the same size. So I wasn't too worried. But my periods had become a little more painful and heavy. I attributed it to approaching menopause and still did nothing.

In Dec 2009, my annual health check up revealed that my hemoglobin had fallen to 6. 7 and the fibroid was now slightly larger, around 5. 8 cms. By now I had reached the stage of dreading my periods every month as now the number of days had gone from 5 to 8 with the second and third days being extremely painful. Sometimes the pain used to be so intense that I used to literally faint.

The period after that was one long suffering as now I would have incessant bleeding for upto 15 days at a time. Still, I held on in the belief that menopause would surely happen and I would be free of this torture.

However, the sonography in Jan this year showed that the fibroid (still one in number) was now 6. 7 cms, hemoglobin was 8. 4 (after taking an iron supplement everyday). Everyone, family, friends, office colleagues started berating me for my inaction, urging me to go for a hysterectomy. By now I too had become tired of the constant torture. My life revolved and was governed by when my periods would start and stop.

So finally in March I went to see the gynec to finally resolve the matter. She said there was no way out except surgery.

That was when I googled "how to shrink fibroids naturally". I came upon ur site and was highly encouraged by the responses. But I wasn't sure how I could procure this product in Mumbai. But luckily for me, a few searches and phone calls later I came to know that it is available in Mumbai. I immediately placed an order which was delivered to me in 3 days time.

I started taking it on 10th March. 1 tbsp every morning in a glass of warm water. Today is the 5th of April. My last period had lasted 14 days with extremely heavy bleeding and HUGE clots almost for the entire duration.

This month, my period started on 3rd April. 3 days are over, but I just cant believe this. There has been ABSOLUTELY no pain, hardly any bleeding and simply no discomfort. As if the past few years never happened.

I shall keep you informed of future developments. A big THANK U to all.

Replied by Heather

Hi srd from mumbai, I agree with you on the BSM. One thing I am just doing for first time is getting hair analysis just to confirm what I am deficient in, you might want to do this too. I'll post again and update you.

Replied by Robin
Memphis, Tn

Hi SMT. I would like to know whether you have experienced any additional success with using BSM?

Replied by Chhavi
Ashburn, Va Usa

Hi friends, just browsing thru this website. I'm also suffering from heavy fibroid bleeding for a year now. Will just the BSM be enough to control the bleeding or you do you have to have the ACV also to control the bleeding with clots? I live in Virginia and I'm from India. Will apreciate any replies.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Chhavi, every person is different. For the women I know just the BSM and Sage tea was enough.

Replied by Mist

Just wondering follow up measurements of your fibroid on ultrasound?

Posted by Ed (Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa) on 11/09/2011

Hi I live in Pretoria South Africa and aged 46. Iam generally healthy though I have high blood pressure and medication daily. I started taking unfermented soya porridge every morning since january 2011. I went for my gyno examinations including pap smear in jan 2011 and all was clear. To my surprise, about 4 months ago I started getting urinary tract infections that would not respond to 3 types of medication. My periods became painful and I would feel a lot of pressure and discomfort in my pelvic area. I would keep running to the toilet.

I went to see my doctor 3 weeks ago and he said I had 3 fibroids 3cmx4cm and 4cmx3cm.

1. My question is this the cause of the pain I feel?? Is the size of the fibroids too big??

2. I have read that Blackstrap Molasses helps. I have gone to health shops and all I see is nature's choice sweet mollasses de-sulphured , and nature's choice bsm, I have asked the shop owner if the BSM is desulphured and he doesn't know!!!!!!!! What brand is desulphured as I am allergic to sulphur?

3. Could the soya have made the fibroids grow??

4. I really like it as my breakfast cereal- can I ferment the flour myself??

Blessings to you all.

Replied by Marisa
Detroit, Wayne

Hello Ed from South Africa,

I wanted to say to you that the soya could've have made the fibroids grow because soy has estrogenic properties and too much estrogen in the womans body can do all sorts of harm, including causing fibroids. I myself, recently had given up meat and only ate soy products. After a year of this diet, my menstrual was completely off and I have developed cysts. I am going to try this black strap molasses and see if it helps. Will keep everyone updated.

Posted by Mary Ellen (Chicago, Il) on 08/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had good luck with blackstrap molasses for my 11cm uterine fibroid for the first couple months that I took it--noticeable decrease in size, better energy, more regular bowel movements. Then suddenly I noticed dramatic changes--marked increase in the size of my fibroid, overall body swelling, skin changes, constipation, hemorroids. I was taking birth control pills at the time and would track these changes according to the week on the pill--week 1 I looked 2 mos pregnant; week 2 I looked 3 mos pregnant; week 3 I looked 5 mos pregnant, and then I'd get my period and all would go back to baseline. After some months of this I noticed that my body stopped going back to baseline and that these changes just seemed to move in and stay. My clothes were no longer fitting, no longer could do yoga, too hard with all that swelling. My MD said that bcp's would not make a fibroid bigger but I thought otherwise.

One month ago I discontinued the bcp's. Guess what happened? My fibroid is GONE! My body is back to normal--the way I remember my body looking and feeling before all this shenanigans started. I see my MD in 3wks and I bet she will be shocked by this outcome. If you're taking bcp's along with any other natural regimen (i.e. Black strap molasses), consider that it may be more foe than friend in your efforts to manage your fibroid. I couldn't be happier to have my old body back! Thanks for reading and good luck to all.

Replied by Tameka H.w.
Atlanta, Georgia

Hi, What was the outcome of your doctor's visit? Did your fibroid shrink? Was it actually gone? I have two large fibroids and surgery has been recommended. I'm willing to do natural remedies and change my diet first.

Therefore, I'm interested in any feedback regarding shrinking fibroids. Thanks in advance, Tameka

Replied by Juli

Hello, I suffer from fibroids. I have 4. I tried all kind of natural remedies. I found the blackstrap remedy and I want to try it. How long I have to try it to see a difference. Does it make a difference if is organic blackstrap molasses?

Replied by Penny
Kuala Lumpur

Where can I buy this blackstrap molasses in Kuala Lumpur as I have fibroid about 8cm and doctor said I need operation to remove my whole uterus but I still want children! Please help.

Posted by Ummah (Cape Town, Western Province) on 07/20/2011

i have just recently been told by my doctor that I have an under active thyriod, I also have fibroids and have found out that molasses(the unsulphured kind) is very good for the treatment of the fibroids, what I would like to know is can I still use the molasses, even though I have this thyriod problem. Ummah-South Africa

Replied by Andy

You need iodine if you are sure about your thyroid problem. This will cure u in 3wks-1month.

Posted by Sally (Concord, Ar) on 06/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, and about two weeks prior to my surgery I read about blackstrap molasses. I started taking in the mornings. Put a teaspoon in a little warm water and filled a cup with organic milk every morning.

After I had surgery, my doctor advised that she found my fibroids were much smaller than she thought. Her words were "It wasn't as bad as she thought. " I don't know if it was the blackstrap molasses that helped them or what, but I think there is no doubt that the molasses is giving me more energy during the day. I am continuing to take it every day, and think I may take it morning and night after I have read many of the posts.

Replied by Amber
Altoona, Pa, Us

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis/Adenomyosis along with a 6cm fibroid in the right side of my uterus a week ago. I started to have extreme bleeding (blood clots) last year and feel I wwaited longer than I should have to get it checked out, but I have no medical insurance, so things can become expensive for me very quickly. My Dr. recommended a hysterectomy but I am 34 and may want to have children, so I started the molasses Monday evening (the 21st). I am scheduled for surgery in one month to have the fibroid cut out, along with some of the Adenomyosis, but I want to avoid this if I can, so I'm trying to shrink them naturally.

I will update everyone in a few days. (Those of you who have yet to post, it's VITAL that you report back to let others know what is working and nor working for you!).

Replied by Isabel7
Hove, Select One, United Kingdom

Hi Thanks I enjoyed this article. I have fibroids and am trying to shrink them naturally. I am following the advice in an e-book. This site is excellent and has a link to the e-book. Fibroid Pain

Replied by Mariela
San Jose, Ca

Any update please???

Posted by Kristylee (Los Angeles, Ca.) on 03/16/2011
1 out of 5 stars

After taking 2 tbs. Daily I haven't noticed any difference. Still flooding, still cramping. I could try switching brands (I used Crosby's), but I doubt that it will help. I'm disappointed that I don't have the results that others have had.

Replied by Diane
Berkeley, Ca
1 out of 5 stars

BSM never helped my fibroids. Nothing did really, but eventually surgery was a good solution for me.

Replied by Simone
New York, Ny

Crosby's blackstrap molasses contains sulphur - you need unsulphered blackstrap molasses.

Posted by Jess140 (South Coast, Uk) on 11/22/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My husband told me about Blackstrap Molasses about 18 months. I took a tablespoon of the stuff on a few occasions, but was so challenged by the stuff that I didn't persist with it. In hindsight, I wish I had, because my story would be very different today. 18 months on, with 2 blood clots to my leg because of one of the fibroids pressing against the main artery to my leg, a bald patch in the middle of my head, due to loosing so much blood and poor blood circulation to the extremities of my body, and bladder problems due to another fibroid pressing against my bladder, I visited about 30 websites of the benefits/ warnings of blackstrap molasses.

This website was particularly helpful, as a reader went into great detail about caution with the product. That said, the benefits outweighed the risks, so I started on Organic Blackstrap Molasses about 1 month ago. To take into consideration the warnings from this website, I started on 2 tablespoon of Molasses a day in hot water, but after a week, switched to 2 teaspoon per day in hot water; and have settled for 1 tablespoon per day in hot water. This is in contract with those on this website who take 3 tablespoon full a day.

The first improvement was fnding that I wasn't going to the bathroom as often as I have become accustomed to over the last 3 years of suffering with multiple fibroids (4 to be precise and with my uterus the size of a 4-5 month pregnancy). This single change motivated me to be deligent with taking the Molasses. I have just completed a period cycle. This time, instead of 1.5 extremely heavy days of bleeding in 5, I bled heavily for 1/2 day. Instead of changing every 30 mins on heavy days of bleeding. I changed every 2.5 hours. I did have quite a few clots which I have never experienced before. I was wondering could the fibroids be disintegrating. This is speculative, as I am not medically trained. My stomach didn't expand to twice its size during this monthly cycle, but remained the same throughout.

However, my monthly cycle started 4 days early. I don't actually mind, because of the massive improvement experienced. I have in the past lost 1 pint of blood in one period. This month, it was nearly back to where it was 5 years ago. I am really excited about the results and want to share this with every woman out there suffering from fibroids. This has to work for me as an operation isn't an option, because I want children.

Replied by Kathy
Las Vegas, Nv

I add molasses to my coffee to make it taste better, I have loads of energy when I do. I usually take 1 tsp a day.

Replied by Papillio95
Toronto, Oh/usa

In response to Jess140. The clots you are experiencing is the lining of the uturen walls falling. This happens to me & my sister during that time. Some women experience it & some don't. It's just a part of Mother Nature.

Replied by Jacintha

Having going thru all good testimony and the fibroid shrinking molasses. Am thinking of seeing it as an option for my 4 months old pregnancy looking fibroid. How many months before this becomes a thing of the past and am I using just molasses alone or mix with other supplements? Thanks

Replied by Cynthia

I hav 2cm fibroid, problem is heavy bleeding I have seen testimonies of people who have used molaseses! Now what amount of molasses can I used to control this bleeding and reduce the fibroid?

Posted by Jamie (Burke, Sd) on 07/01/2010
4 out of 5 stars

My mom has just started taking blackstrap molasses to help shrink fibroids. She says she can tell she has more energy but also said that she can feel a little cramping in her lower stomach area. I was wondering if this is a sign that maybe the fibroids are shrinking? I don't want it to be anything serious and was hoping that maybe they are contracting and getting smaller and this is what she feels. Has anyone else felt that?

Replied by Moyo
Dallas, Texas

Hello, Where can I get this blackstrap molasses from please?

Replied by Special01
Indianapolis, In, Usa

I buy it from the healthfood store. I buy the wholesome brand because it is organic and unsulphured.

Replied by Evymae
Houston, Tx

In Texas, I have found unsulphered blackstrap molasses at Kroger, HEB, Randall's (Tom Thumb), Whole Foods. It is either with the baking products and syrups or sometimes in the "organic" section depending on the store. Some stores do not carry the unsulphered, but I am sure Whole Foods does...

Posted by Carol (St James, Barbados) on 02/07/2010
4 out of 5 stars

About four years ago i was bleeding for about three monts straight then i deside to go to the Dr she put me on some kind of pills that had so much side effect it did stop the bleeding for a while then while taking them the bleeding staeted back she just tell me that is some thing to do with the lineing of my womb. i was interduce to herb call colanclensing and bitter clensing that work for me .i also had an oultersound i was told that i had fibroide.and there small.that was four years ago.on the 25th of December 2009 i started to spot for 5days then i started to bleed heavy until the fith of febuary 2010 i did not went back to the doctor because i say that it have to be my fibroids and i say that the lord say that the herbs are for the healing of the nation so i went and buy some.there are chastertree, redraspberry, siberianginseng, redclove, licoriceroot, budock root, golden seal, echinacea. i got about half ounce each boild the bark and root for about five min in one gallon of water turn off the stove and then add the leave let it steap i drink four ouncees twice a day i put the rest in the fridge and warm four ounces twice a day that help a lot istarted taking it on the 2/2/2010. it lesen the blood clots but then i was on the computor and came apond your sight earth clinic and and i read about blackstrap molasses.i call my mum and ask her if she have any molasses and she say yes so on the 7/2/2010 i went and got some from her i mix it with cayenne pepper and drink it in about five hours when i went to the bath room i havent seen a drop of blood true true true it work and i will never eat no meat again it is strickliy veg for me because i know that is what mest up my fibroids .all iwas do ing is eating nuff fry chicken .so women take care of your health watch what you eat and also beleave in the lorde jesus christ for by his stripes you are heal

Posted by Renee (Fremont, Ca) on 11/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from fibroids for many, many years. My monthy periods were debilitating to say the least. The only thing that worked for me was taking Naproxen and that killed my stomach for the next few days. I had been reading about the black strap molasses and was willing to give it a try. I am so glad I did! The first month I only took it when my menstruation started and felt my cramps had subsided somewhat but the second month I decided to take it a few days before my mentruation and what a difference it made. I feel like a totally different person. I still had to take 1 Naproxen but not 4 or more like before and I probably could have gone without it all together...I will try that next month. As far as the way I consume the molasses, I just add 1 tablespoon to one of my daily green tea servings.

Posted by Lanena0413 (Buffalo, Ny) on 09/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am 31 female, went to the doctor and was diagnosed with fibroid tumors. I knew that I had some problem in my lower stomach because I constantly had pain when my stomach felt full. The first day of my period always was rough. I don't like surgery, so I went online looking for some natural remedy. I started trying the unsulphur black molasses (1 TB), a little hot water and soy milk. After trying this once daily for two months, the pain has been gone. My periods have become normal again. This also has given me more energy and feeling of less stress.

Posted by Jennifer (New York, Ny, United States) on 09/04/2009
0 out of 5 stars

Hi! I've been reading about the Unsulphured Organic Blackstrap Molasses for Fibroids. I'm not sure how it works so I decided to give it a try. I have been taking 1 tablespoon of bsm with soya milk in the morning since Monday morning until now. I was feeling more energetic at first, but there is a few problems. All of a sudden I was bleeding on Tuesday morning. I try mixing it with water only. but it's no used either, so I decided to quit the bsm. It can't be my period, because it ended 1 week ago. My stomach got more bloated, plus I was having a headache. I stop using the bsm on Friday morning. I felt much better. My stomach wasn't bloated and my headaches went away, but I'm still bleeding. I just hope it stop bleeding. I drank some Raspberry tea to decrease the blood flow. Anyway, thank you for the bsm information.

Replied by Andy

Soya contains estrogens. Its not good for people with fibroids. Fermented soya (natto) on the other hand is better and can help with fibroids.

Replied by Linda From Florida
Zolfo Springs, Fl

jennifer from new york, stay away from soy period. Causes estrogen and will make ur fibroids grow. Try serrapeptase this shrinks fibroids and maca. maca will help regulate ur periods and fibroids too.

Posted by Bobo (New Delhi, India) on 09/04/2009

Blackstrap molasses for fibroids/fibroadenoma: I have read that one should avoid sugar in case of fibroids then how safe is it to take BSM?? I have multiple fibroids in my breasts so am looking for remedies. Also should i avoid potaoes and rice? ?actually doctor has suggested that, but its quite hard to do that

Replied by Tkbworldwide
Atlanta, Georgia, Usa

Hello. I have a question about the dosage as they seem to be varied. Do MOST people use one TEAspoon or one TABLEspoon? Also, are you guys taking it everday or only before and during your cycle? Finally, how do you know when to stop; is this intended to be a regimen until menopause? Thanks!

Replied by Heather

Hi, it's tablespoon just before and during your period, some people take as much as 3 tablespoons a day. You need to drink a lot of water with it. I think it's best to then take a teaspoonful or something throughout the rest of the month but it can be challenging as it's not necessarily the easiest thing to take. As to when to stop it's up to you to try and see how it helps you I read an old book which claimed it cured you of fibroids eventually but it would be best to combine it with other therapies and try and establish the cause.

If you read the fibroids posts or google fibroids here there is lots of information. I'm always interested in this as I am similar, I would like to know what it is in the Bsm that helps us, we know that iron helps the anemia which can inturn lighten flow but also I think the copper in it helps reduce the fibroids. It's interesting that peple who take the contraceptive pill have relatively high levels of copper and don't suffer from such uterine issues. Iodine ( lugols) really helps too but it's gradual not instant like Bsm ( google this)

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa

Hello. I am a 51 year old not yet in menopause woman with fibroids, and ovarian cysts.

I take one full tablespoon of BSM in my one cup of coffee every morning for over a year now. I do not find it hard to take at all. In fact, if I make iced tea I use it as a sweetener in that also. I love the taste of it. (I didn't at first, but it really is an aquired taste. Keep at it, and you will start to like it! )

I use it every day, and find that it helps me a lot. Not sure if it is the iron, copper, or one of the trace minerals. I just know it really helps! Good luck to you.