12 Natural Remedies for Fibroids

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Maria (San Diego, Ca Usa ) on 01/08/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I am taking the apple cider vinegar, baking soda and black strap molasses for uterine fibroids, a recipe that I got at this wonderful website, and it is definitely working. Except for one thing, I am getting little bumps on my face, which I never had before and I was wondering which one of the ingredients is giving me this side effects. Has anyone out there have had this experience?

Replied by Rg1010
(Norwalk, Ct, Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

hello there!!!! I've been reading and reading and reading all your posts on this thread for exactly 6 days now. I was wondering if I should tell you my story... At first I decided not to, but then... Well... all of your stories have helped me so much in the past week that I realized that maybe mine will help someone else as well.

So here we go.

I've had fibrosis 10 years ago when I was only 20. I had 3 of them, inside my uterus (sorry, don't know the exact term in english for it) I don't remember the exact size but all together they were almost 500gr.

my condition was very serious, because I had extremely bad anemia (7gm/dl on the last exame they did before I started treatment for it.)

15 days after they found out I had a surgery. My sweet sweet doctor was actually an angel sent from God to help me out, and although the surgery was long and hard he was able to take all of them out and keep my uterus intact. My mom always mentioned to everybody how he talked to me like a dad, and not like a doctor! Well, that was sort of what I needed I guess since I cried every day, every hour during those 15 days. the only time he saw me NOT crying was when he came to see me after the surgery.

the bad news were that the fibroids could come back.

Well... I am pretty certain they did. I haven't gone to the doctors yet because I am recently without health insurance. =( it's always like that right??? something always happens when you don't have it.

but around 7 months ago I noticed how my period flow increased a lot. And also cramps, really painful cramps, and lots of bloating. Around 4 months ago I noticed that the right side of the lower part of my stomach (right by the edge of my scar, of all places) feels a little "harder". That was basically the confirmation I needed. That little Bas*$%ard is back!

I've been considering my options as doctors go and my cousin had a procedure to "remove" hers without surgery in Brazil. I don't want to alarm my family back there, so I've been researching options like that online and trying to find a clinic in my area.

some months things seem to be ok. Not so much pain, not so much bleeding. (more than it was before but still) I'm taking iron supplements to keep the anemia at bay (although I crave ice and cherry tomatoes like crazy) but things have been ok. Just going through WAY more pads, and going crazy with that fear that I'm gonna leak in public (which I have a few times in the past months)

cramps started now a week before my period. Pretty bad ones, and sometimes icant even touch my stomach, can you imagine wearing jeans???? it's very inconvinient and all I want to do is stay home. But I can't =(

i am very regular, can't complain about that... and when I finally get my period cramps get soooo much worse, sometimes it feels like someone stuck a knife on me and is twisting it =(

i have to take medication for pain every 3, 4 hours for a whole week, otherwise I can't function.

but last week, thrusday to be more exact... I woke up and I looked 6 months pregnant. I am not joking.

i am 5'2" and 100lbs. I was all belly. There is no way whatsoever that I could be pregnant so I wasn't really worried about that, but it was weird. I had a huge stomach, soooo sore, and extremely tender boobies. When I googled about it all I found was... "you are pregnant" Well... I know how babies are made, and... Uhmmm that's not happening on my side, sooo no I AM NOT!

so I thought maybe it could be the fibroids (although last time I had really bad anemia and cramps, I never had this bulge. Maybe I didn't notice because I was around 15, 20lbs heavier then (oh what a good mamma's food does to us!!! ) I don't know... so I started looking up about fibroids and found this site.

i got very excited reading all your posts. The good thing about natural remedies is... If you follow exactly the instructions, if it doesn't work, probably won't do any harm. I prefer natural stuff anyways because I hate doctors and medicine and stuff...

i read almost everything. I made sure I got the ingridients right!!! UNSULPHURED BSM... And I also went for the organic ACV with baking soda. Was very careful not to buy baking powder lol

i started with the whole thing that same day, while looking like a 6 month pregnant woman. I took 2tbsp of ACV with 1/4 tsp of baking soda on warm water, then 1tsp of BSM followed by a cup of water (sometimes I drink less than that cause I already pee like crazy... all this water will keep me in the bathroom the whole day.)

i took that around 7pm that night... And I couldn't believe when I woke up... I looked just 4 months pregnant! =P but the best part of it all... No pain. no pain at all.

i wondered if it was like a placebo effect. If after reading all these amazing stories if I was just letting my mind take charge... I don't know... but I kept doing it.

i can only take it 2x a day because it's a bit inpractical for me to carry all that stuff to work. But everyday I felt better, and my stomach was smaller. It's too bad it "grows" overnight but it takes a couple of days to go down!

but it's ok! I'll take anything!!!!

for the first time in my life I couldn't wait to get my period. I just wanted to see how it was... Since it started AGAIN the first day is already very heavy and painful. I can feel it coming full of clots. it's awful, and I know you all know that.

I've been taking this since last thrusdays and... Got my period today. No pain NONE AT ALL! And I didn't even notice until I went to pee. Also very very very very very little. I just changed pads because I always do anyways... but didn't really need to.

as I said I am extremly regular. In my whole life my period had just been late or early 2 times, and both because I was too nervous and excited. So the BSM and ACV didn't change that so far. I was getting it on the 14th!! And 14th it was!!!

i honestly can't believe it. This is amazing. I can't wait to see how next days are going to be... Hopefully will stay like that!

i hate the taste of those things, but like someone said here before, if it helps... I'll take, and smile and say YUMMMMM!

so much better than surgery. My surgery was extremely invasive... Just like a c-section, since the tumors were inside my uterus. the recuperation afterwards was extremely slow and because I work with kids the doctor didn't let me work for 6 months.

i cannot afford it this time.


so I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep taking this. I hope it shrinks the fibroids, but if it doesn't... I hope it keeps them from growing even more.

thank you so much for all your testimonials!!! Your shared experiences have been of much help and inspiration to me!!!


Amazing Testimony!! I Read in this combination and just bought everything needed and will start it today!!

Replied by Lila
(Austin, Texas)

Hi, I was happy to read your post. Do you need to take the ACV every day or just the days you have your period (to slow down the period)? Thanks...

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Dee (Brandon, Fl, Usa) on 11/27/2010

Hi. Has anyone's fibroids actually disappeared after being on the BSM and ACV diet? I am not meaning to sound incredulous. I am very grateful for having come across your website. I just want to make sure that I am getting as much information as possible. Thank you.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi Dee. I have read everything on here re uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, and have never seen one case where someone gave their doctors results after using these things for a period of time. It is too bad, as so many people seem to see positive results. I have fibroids and reoccuring ovarian cysts, and have been using the ACV and BS (apple cider vinegar and baking soda) daily for well over a year now, along with other things, such as organic virgin coconut oil (3tbsp a day in my coffee) and turmeric. I have since lost my insurance, as I would love to go in and have another ultrasound to compare the size of my ovarian cysts and fibroids. I would think it would be very interesting.

Such as it is, all that I can say is incidental - I just FEEL better. I am almost 50, not showing one sign of menopause (yet) and have had NOTHING but female issues since I was 29 - until I started the ACV and BS. I am still not 100% "normal" - but I am at about 80% now. Much better than I used to be.... And not a placebo, or it would have worn off by now. Ha ha. Hope this helped a bit, and I too would LOVE to hear from someone with some hard physical evidence on the shrinkage, (or lack there of) of their fibroids or cysts. Good luck to you, Carly

Replied by Azlina
(Rocklin, Ca, Usa)

Well, I found this site last month searching for a solution to my incredibly heavy flow for the last couple of years. I am 45 years old, and the condition was getting noticably worse, heavier and longer.... At time up to 10 days. The last few months, I have to get up in the middle of the night to clean myself, and have blood running down my legs despite my best efforts. Ob/Gyn suggests hysterectomy (too radical), my solution was to check out of life for two or three days every month (so inconvenient). And then my cycle became irregular. 40 days, 19 days, 22 days..... After a lifetime of 29 to 30 day cycle.

I found this site last month, after bleeding through my clothes at lunch. Apple cider vinegar? You are kidding me.... The solution to my problem was right under my nose this whole time? What the heck.... Let's give it a shot. I took 2 tblspoon with water as soon as I was done reading. I promptly fell asleep for 2 hours in the afternoon. When I woke up, my very heavy cycle had stopped. I didn't mean slow down, I mean stopped! I was surprised. And continued taking it. This cycle.... 30 days, no bleeding through, no tender breasts, and completely done after 3 days. I am so grateful.

My 18 year old son with aspergers syndrome said it makes him calmer. Well, let's not argue with success. Funny thing is I have heard of vinegar as an effective aid to weight loss. Never needing to lose weight, I never looked into it any further than that. I cook with and clean with it, so I always have some in my pantry. And as I said.... The solution was right under my nose the whole time! Thank you for putting this site together. I will try adding the black strap molasses.... THAT I don't have in my pantry!

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales Uk)

Hi dee x I'm so sorry that you are suffering with Fibroids. I had them myself and all the problems and pain that comes with them is hell! When I had them I got so stressed out by them, I thought the only escape from my suffering was to end it all.

Then behold, I found "EARTH CLINIC". I Then found a lot of people using food grade h2o2, (hydrogen peroxide) to cure so many ailments, I decided to try it. I originally started to drink it (45 milligrams per liter of distilled water). I was also found to have ovarian cysts as well. I Found that after drinking it(sipping it through out the day) it made my teeth sensitive. This doesn't effect everyones teeth that way, I'm 51, so I think it effected my teeth due to wear and tear due to my age. Anyway, some one suggested I nebulize it instead. Then after 3 weeks of drinking it and a fortnight of using the nebulizer, I then went back to see my gynecologist.

After a scan by the Gynecologist, Hoorah! The Fibroids and the cysts were gone!! And this was after being told, I'd only one option, yep, an operation was the only solution, my Gynecologist was amazed and could not understand how my probs had disappeared! Hoorah again!! When I told her, I was given the usual Med heads explanation, that some how I'd gone into remission, huh? I hope this has given you some comfort and peace of mind, and the good folk here on EC, will tell you how they fixed the same probs by using natural remedies from this fab website. MUCH LOVE AND PRAYERS COMING' AT CHA' ANDREA C X X X

Replied by Anon
(City, State)

You might try raspberry leaf tea, too.

Replied by Rjasmin

hi, I'm a 46yo female from Singapore. Am trying the ACV now that I hope will shrink my fibroids. I have a few fibroids with the biggest at 8cm. Can someone tell me if it's ok if I were to take the ACV and at the same time taking Evening Primrose oil?. Am taking the EPO twice daily for my PMS; I was just wondering if the EPO will interfere with ACV. I really want my fibroids to shrink as I don't want to go for surgery. Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Rjasmin, Yes you can take the ACV with the Evening Primrose Oil. Not a problem. Cheers Lily.

Replied by Rjasmin

Am glad to say that the ACV is helping me with my monthly PMS and period. For once in a long time I had pain-free period and hardly any PMS. I did not even realized I'm having my period until I went to the toilet. And guess what, I am also losing the extra fat around the abdomen that I had problem wearing my old pants - they are loose now. I will continue to take the ACV; hopefully it will help to shrink my fibroids. Will update again the result after my gynae appt in early Nov. Pray for me ya :)

Replied by Pelusa
(Bangkok, Thailand)

@ Rjasmin, did you get your results from the gynecologist?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Artistgirl (Detroit, Mi) on 10/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I came across this site three weeks ago and got excited about the apple cider vinegar and baking soda treatment for fibroids. The science made sense to me so I decided to give it a try. I have been using the ACV and BS three times a day for the past two weeks for fibroids. I have been plagued with flooding (heavy periods)that were ruining my life! I have had embarrassing accidents and have been diagnosed as anemic. I have been in the process of scheduling a uterine fibroid embolization procedure, but decided to try the natural way as I feel a little funny about having plastic injected into my body. I had been given the option of hysterectomy (NO, NO, NO! )which is why I chose UFE.

Anyway, I want you all to know THAT IT WORKS! My period started on Sunday, and for the first time in over twenty years it is light! I flooded for about six hours (this is my first period since starting the ACV-BS program) but when I took a teaspoonful of unsulphured molasses, it stopped within thirty minutes! Seriously, dead cold stopped! Normally I flood for TWO DAYS! My period is light and manageable; instead of six to eight sanitary napkins a day for two and a half days, I am down to three a day! My fibroids feel as though they have shrunk and after the third day on the program I could touch my toes without a stabbing pain on the left side of my pelvis. The heaviness eased after 4 days, the lower back pain eased up by 90% after 7 days, the upper shoulder/neck pain died after one day! I stayed home from school because I did not know if I would flood or not and didn't want to be in public in case I did, but it was all good and I don't feel so afraid to go out anymore!

Replied by Artistgirl
(Detroit, Mi)
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I'm back again with an update! I am pleased to post that I have just come off my second period after finding the ACV and BSM thread on this site. Well, I have to say, I have good news! This month my period started with a light flow on the first day, no cramps, the second day was a little more intense with flooding for about four to five hours but I could handle it, then normal flow for the rest of the day, the third day was a normal day and the fourth day I was done! That's right, I have knocked one whole day off my period, it's shorter since I started the ACV/BSM.

Before, I would flood for TWO DAYS and my period lasted for five days. Last month, I flooded for about six hours but it was the first month after starting the ACV/BSM. This month I was pleasantly surprised that my period came right on, no spotting, no cramps and one day shorter! I can touch my toes now, before I would get a very bad dull stabbing pain whenever I bent from the waist, but now I don't so I can go back to yoga now. My lower abdomen has decreased by at least three inches. I believe castor oil packs have something to do with that. I'm a believer, ladies, don't let them cut on you, keep your parts! Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Gyn, I'll give you all an update on what he tells me when I come home.

ACV/BSM is the best thing you can do for yourself, ladies, try it and stick with it, it worked for me, it can work for you!

Replied by Artistgirl
(Detroit, Mi)
4 out of 5 stars

I'm back to check in for month number 3: I have just had my third period since starting ACV, BSM and BS. Just like last month, I was on for only four days. I did flood for a few hours, but just like last month, I went back to normal later that day and everything went on swimmingly.

Here's why I think some ladies feel they do not have results and become discouraged: I think the reason I still flood, even for a little while, is because of multiple fibroids that are taking time to dissolve. I had a lot of little ones along with the big 2cm one I had, so even though a major amount of fibroids have dissolved, some are probably dissolving slower. But they ARE dissolving, so I plan to keep on with the ACV, BS and BSM. I also dropped diet cola, aspartame and high fructose corn syrup out of my diet. When I drink soda it is only soda made with cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup because it aggravates fibroids. I have not seen my gyn yet, but will post when I do. Stick with it, ladies, it works. Be patient!! I expect to stop flooding period soon. I am losing weight and feeling much better about myself, so things are good. Good luck, ladies and keep the faith. This works, believe me!

Replied by Artistgirl
(Detroit, Mi)

Hello, I'm back! This month I decided to try something a little different. In previous posts I have talked about the six hours of flooding I experience in spite of the vast improvement in the length and quantity of my period. I deduced that the real difference in my improvement had to do with BSM and its Magnesium content.

So I thought to myself, "Self, what if the answer is Magnesium?"I purchased a bottle of Magnesium Oxide tablets (regular plain old Mg) from the drugstore in 250 mg. Strength. I also purchased Zinc Gluconate (regular plain old Zn) in 50 mg. Tablets. I began to take the Magnesium tabs, one tab a day, two weeks before my period. Well, what do you know? NO FLOODING! I kid you not, I did not flood last month! I believe that Mg is the key.

I think that some women need a little more of the Mg than others when dealing with fibroids. I do not worry about overdoing the Mg because it is eliminated by the kidneys and one cannot overdose, so even though BSM supplies Mg, a little help from the drug store or health food aisle will not hurt! So, ladies, perhaps you should increase your intake of Magnesium to help cut that pesky lingering flooding, however temporary it may be. Get yourself some Zinc, too. It won't hurt.

Since ACV takes calcium away, you will find that the additional Mg will help shrink your fibroids faster. I have lost an additional two inches off my waist and lower abdomen since adding the Mg tabs, so there is definitely a bonus in it for you. I feel better about my figure coming back; up to this point I've looked several months pregnant and I feel good about my tummy flattening out. If this keeps up (and I think it will), I'll be back to normal by summer!

So, to recap: Try increasing your intake of Magnesium to combat lingering temporary flooding.

I will be back next month to report on my next period with the Magnesium tabs along with ACV and BSM and post results. I am so happy for Earthclinic, as I like to help people and I hope this helps you ladies out there get your life back and start living again! Stop being a prisoner once a month, come outside with the rest of us, we miss you!

Until next month!

Replied by Pat

I read your post about heavy periods. I currently started on myomin. Read about. Supposed to block estrogen and has good results.

Replied by Artistgirl
(Detroit, Mi)
5 out of 5 stars

Well, I'm back to report MY FLOODING HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED! In February I noticed my bladder capacity had increased. This told me that the fibroid lying on my bladder had either dissolved or was shrinking. Until then my bladder was not very large so I had to frequently urinate.

I continued with the Mg and Zn, but added Calcium with Vitamin D in March.

This month I once again experienced bladder capacity increase with the added bonus of no flooding. If you've been following me, my flooding went from two whole days down to half a day since December. Now, I don't flood anymore!

This month's period is the first period I have had in five years that I have not flooded. I HAD NORMAL FLOW ON ALL DAYS! I did not have to change pads every hour and a half, but was able to go for four hours without spillage or seepage on the heaviest day of my period before changing my pad.

Nothing leaked, my underwear was alright, I didn't have to change clothing, no accidents AT ALL!

Ladies, you have to stay with it. It is not an overnight thing. My biggest fibroid was 3 cm (2 inches) round. I had at least 12 fibroids of different sizes in my uterus. They wanted to hysterectormize me. I said NO. You must say NO, too!

I dreaded the summer because I knew I would be miserable because of the overflow of blood during my period, but now I feel so much better knowing that the flooding has been arrested and I can have a somewhat more normal life this summer instead of being worried that I've soaked my clothes or that I'll have an accident in public.

It's a matter of patience, ladies. You have to have patience and you must believe you can heal. My body let me know at every turn what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right, and your body will tell you, too. Slow and steady wins the race, girls. Just keep taking care of yourself and stick to your cures, they work, trust me on this one!

I'm a new woman, I can go out in public without worrying, I can go visit my friends more now, I can sit for long periods of time without worrying about leaving a spot if you know what I mean, I'm just very happy right now!

Thank you Earth Clinic for your advice, I am so happy to have found this site. I am also so happy to be able to share and encourage others in finding their cure.

Natural is the way to go, it has been for me and I really hope it is for you, too!

(Nairobi, Kenya)

Hallo ladies,

I have been battling fibroids with heavy bleeding and flooding for the last 8 years. I started taking some Ayurveda medicine and therapies but although my fibroids, body weight and the belly have reduced significantly, I am yet to see satisfactory results on the flow.

I came across this blog and I have been consistently taking ACV and BSM as recommended together with other herbal medications including Red Raspberry.

The last time I had a scan, my largest fibroid had reduced from 9 to 7 cms. That was before I started using AVC and BSM. I am eager to see how the flow will be in a few days. I feel encouraged and celebrate success stories posted here by my fellow ladies. Mine will also be a success story and I know it will benefit others.

Replied by Sanantoniorose
(Austin, Texas)

What remedies were you using to shrink or disolve your fibroids? I have several friends who suffer from this and I would to let them about nonsurgical options.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi San,

The things that have helped with mine are -Unfiltered Apple Cidar Vinegar - 1oz mix in 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda - wait for fizz to stop and add 12 oz water and 1oz Orange juice.

I do this every morning, and when I have my period I do it two or three times a day as it REALLY slows bleeding.

Also, 1 heaping teaspoon (probably closer to 1 tablespoon) of unsulphered blackstrap molassas and 1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil in my coffee every morning. Tastes nummy.

Evenings I take 600 mg Calcium, 600 mg Magnesium, 5, 000 iu vitamin D3, 3 mg Boron, and DIM (you will have to look up what that stands for - DIM balances estrogens), along with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric and freshly ground (1/4 teaspoon) of black pepper in my tomato juice.

ALL of the above sounds kind of complicated.... But when you have fibroids and ovarian cysts you are willing to do most anything to have a normal life. I now have a pretty normal cycle, and am pretty thrilled that I can actually leave my house during my periods!

Incorporate one, incorporate all.... But once you find what works for you.... you will know it.

Good luck to you!

Replied by Tola
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I was glad when I came across this site. After reading this thread, I immediately order ACV and started using it. I have also been taking lime instead of lemon. I hope this will give the same result. I intend to add Baking soda since I already have some. I went to the store to try and get BSM but what I saw was black molasses and I was confused so I didnt buy it, is it the same thing? I also heard taking garlic and royal jelly helps so I am gonna order some. I intend to treat this thing from every angle till it goes, the hardest part for me is sticking to the diet and the routine of taking ACV, lime etc because I am always travelling. The good thing about this approach is that the its all natural so you cant overdose. Lol

Replied by Labak
(Nigeria, Lagos)

Hello tola,

im nigerian as well just wanted to find out if uv had any luck with the ACV MIXTURE AND bakings oda pls... Thank you

Replied by Laura
(Canyon Country, California)

I've just recently started taking the Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses for uterine fibroids but I have a question can I take coral calcuim with this remedy or is calcuim off limits period?

Replied by Mary
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Hello.. I am 47 yrs old and was diagnosed with fibroids about 1 year ago.. My gyno said the only option I had to deal with them was a hysterectomy.. This last cycle I bleed about 8 days, lots of clots and severe cramps.. So I decided to start the ACV and BSM regime two days ago.. I put 1 tbsp of ACV and 1 tbsp of BSM in a cup of red rooibos tea in the morning with a wee bit of stevia and it makes for a tasty tea..... Oh yes, I also quit drinking coffee four days ago and going to cut back on meat products because those that are not organic feed the fibroid growth... I drink more water since I'm not peeing as much now that I've stopped coffee and going to exercise on a regular basis.... I just finished my cycle so I'll keep you posted on how my menstrual is next time around...

Replied by Sunshine
(Southfield, Mi, Us)

@ Artistgirl from Detroit, thank you for posting your information. I was reading all of your posts and you had mentioned you would share the results of your next visit to the gyn on your fibroids size but I have not seen where you did that. Did you not have favorable results? Please continue to share your information it is very helpful.

Thank you, Sunshine - Timah from Southfield, MI

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Tammy (Pikeville, Ky) on 08/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I used the BSM for Fibroids before and had found them helpful and felt more energy overall also but they are nasty tasting to me and I got lazy and stopped. But my periods had gotten to the point of almost immobilizing me for 3 or 4 days and having to change clothes because of the sudden gushes. It seemed as if they lasted forever and I would be getting dizzy and lightheaded by the end and I was spotting almost all the time also. So I was reading on here and decided to get the BSM back out and start them again and also add ACV this time. I have been having 2 spoonfuls of BSM of the morning full strength (UGH) and then having a tablespoon of ACV in a 1/4 cup of tomato juice for lunch and supper. I have been at this for 2 weeks and then got my period. I still had pain but only lasted 1 day and could control with advil. Only had to change pads 2 times a day and I didn't bleed through or even come close to overflowing. I am so happy. Hopefully, next month will be even better since I will have been at this longer and maybe it will be doing something with the fibroids. I had been having the severe cramps and gushing for over a year straight so to see this change now I have to attribute it to the BSM and ACV. I don't think it was just a difference this time by nature because it has been so severe without change for so long.

Replied by Sandy
(Sherman Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Okay, I had a problem with my last post and got cut off so I'm back. The biggest thing about day 6 was that my fibroid on the left seems to have shrunk dramatically! It used to feel like I was carrying a grapefruit around and I could easily feel it just by touching my lower left side. Today is day 7 and my period is down to almost nothing! My period usually last 21-25 days!! My advice to anyone who tries this and her symptoms seem to get worse, that maybe your body NEEDED to purge the toxic mess from itself! Don't give up and keep it up. This stuff is a miracle!

Replied by Christina
(Ann Arbor, Mi)

Hello Sandy,
I want to try what you've done to shrink a large fibroid (also the size of a grapefruit). How much ACV did you consume (ratio of ACV to water), how many times/day, and did you mix it with baking soda? Thank you for your response. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm IN PAIN!!!!! (but I don't want surgery). Christina

Replied by Pras

Can someone let me know if ACV and BSM remedy discussed below work for Adenomyosis. Suffering with stage 4 adeno..so please help. A

Replied by Anon For Now

Pras, I would be inclined to say no. I have taken both BSM and ACV faithfully every day for years and years, and I recently found out that I have adenomyosis. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to try- everyone is different, and you might find you get other health benefits (as I have) from the BSM and ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Madie (Madison, Al) on 05/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to THANK ALL THE POSTERS on this board. I planned to have my fibroids removed this summer as I have had enough of taking pain medication for many years. For the last couple of years, the pain felt like I was in labor whenever i had my period not to mention the "flooding, clots and bloating stomach". I learned about this site a couple of months ago and started taking the recommended 2tbsp ACV with 1/4 tsp baking soda mixed with 1/2 cup of warm water then followed by 1tsp of BSM then a whole glass of warm water. I took this in the morning and evening. My period in March was much better than when i used to have my period before I had fibroids. It was "normal", no bloating, little clots and I did not even know it came until i went to the bathroom. I used to get pains on my lower back and legs a couple of days before it started. I did not have to take pain medication at all. I waited for my next period before writing my comments and appreciation on this board for validation. The next period felt even better. I lost 8lbs for the last couple of months too. I hope the ACV with baking soda the BSM have shrunk my fibroids. I'll find out after my next OBGYN appointment.

Again THANK YOU everyone for sharing your experience/s and comments..

Replied by Vic
(Toronto, Canada)

That's good to know. My biggest fibroid is 11cm and I'm waiting for UFE. I would like to shrink my fibroids as much as possible before the procedure. Can you let me know if your fibroids shrunk after your next OBGYN appointment? Thank you and thanks for sharing your experience.

Replied by Sandy
(Sherman Oaks, Ca, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

I can't begin to express my gratitude for having found this website! My story is like many of you. I'm 49 years old and have been suffering for the past several years from periods that lasted 3 weeks with a short break in between, extremely heavy flow and lots of clotting, to the point where my quality of life had really deteriorated. I finally saw a doctor (no insurance) and was diagnosed with multiple fibroids, enlarged uterus, and too much endometrium. I was also very anemic, naturally. The doctor prescribed birth control pills to alleviate some of the bleeding, but said I would not get 100% relief and that my only choice was a hysterectomy. At first, I thought, "surgery, great! It will all be overwith! " But after having a moment to think, I realized major surgery is not something I want. So I consulted the web, and found this wonderful website! I pored over the testimonials for hours and finally came to the decision to try the ACV, BSM and baking soda route. I rushed out to Whole Foods and bought everything I needed. Coincidentally, I started the program on the first day of my period. I am taking 1 tbs ACV, 1/2 tsp baking soda in 8 oz. Water, followed by 1 tbs BSM straight from the spoon ( I don't mind the taste) morning and evening. The first two days were pretty light. Then, the usual much heavier flow began for the next two days. Then, on day 5... All hell broke loose!! I began hemorrhaging at around 11:30 am, passing multiple giant clots about every five minutes for about 4 hours straight! I thought I might have to go to the hospital for a transfusion. It finally subsided, leaving me exhausted and dizzy and wondering what had I done to myself?! By the next morning (day 6) the flow had decreased to moderate, but the strange thing was, my uterus no longer felt full, tight, and heavy AND believe it or not

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Goldenlady Kaiecie (London, Uk) on 02/02/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone!

I've been reading the posts on this site with great interest...so many of us have similar stories! So, I'd like to share mine with you...

I'm a (very young!) 45 year old black woman. Up until last year I had normal periods, heavy flow & cramps on the 1st day, gradually tailing off and coming to an end on day 4. However, last year I was diagnosed with one submucous fibroid (which was the size of a 3 1/2 month foetus) and several small intramural fibroids. My periods went up to 8 days (heavy for at least 5 days and very bad cramps for the first 2-3 days). I was getting through a 12-pack of pads per day for Days 1-3. Plus, regardless of my exercise regime, my once-flat tummy now resembles a woman who is 3-4 months pregnant. Not fun at all.

I visited 2 gynaecologists who gave varying drastic "suggestions" for treatment, including "microwaving the lining" of my uterus and a hysterectomy: I'm 45 with no kids, so I suppose that's why the male doctor felt these were options for me. I soon set him straight and put a flea in his ear in the process!!

My dear friend Janice sent me the link to this site, and I decided to try the apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses. A few days after my last period, I started with 30 mls ACV (2-3 large tablespoons), 1 tablespoon BSM, the juice of 1/2 a lime, mixed with 150 ml of hot water, twice a day.

Almost immediately, I started getting period cramps. Sometimes quite severe! I used a positive mental attitude to think that the cramps were related to my shrinking fibroids (lol!)

My period started on Saturday 3oth Jan. On the 1st day the flow was lighter than it has been in ages! On the 2nd day the flow was quite heavy and the cramps were awful. I went to a party, got home in the late hours of the morning and was tired all day Sunday, so I don't know if that was a contributing factor. However, in the past I wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving my house, let alone attending an all-night party!

BUT on Monday (Day 3) the flow had reduced to a trickle! Today is Day 4 and I'm only on panty-liners. I won't know if the fibroids have actually shrunk until my next check-up (next month), but I'm just glad it seems to have had a positive effect on my period!

This stuff has worked for me in a short space of time. My stomach has gone down a LITTLE. I just wish I'd known about this remedy before. I shall keep taking it and will let you know if the fibroids have shrunk.

Hope it works for everyone as well as it worked for me!

Peace & Blessings
Goldenlady KaieCie

Replied by Trinichick
(Bronx, Ny)

Hi, I have been reading this site for most of my day and this particular post topic is one I can't talk about with anyone because I dnt have any friends due to my fibroids. And I have no insurance so I cnt talk to a doctor.

I first got my period at 17 and it came once or twice a year since then. Lasting from 10 days to 2 months. 2009 it came in August and lasted 1 month. No pain. Just heavy bleeding. It came again in April. 2010 and didn't go away till June. Luckily before my bday. I am so lucky I should say that I am a housewife now at 26. May 29th the bleeding and pain was unbearable so I took a hottttt bath to calm me dwn. I woke up in the er they sent me home and said it was just irregular bleeding. I took the pain killers they prescribed. I needed them. Everything went away June 15. Now its been a month since I've been bleeding very heavily. And minor pain at night. I go through 8 of the largerst overnight pads a day. Very big blood clots. I am going to try the ACV recipe :-)

I really hope and pray it works because I am afraid to travel far from my house. My boyfriend is suffering. I'm suffering. And I want to have a baby soooo bad I'm the only one of 4 sisters and 3 neices that doesn't have a baby. I'm falling behind. My 23 yr old neice is expecting her 2nd one next month. If u think that I am way past the ACV and I should cough it up and get them removed. But I dnt know if that's going to help me. SUGGESTIONS and COMMENTS please.....

Replied by Special01
(Indianapolis, In)

Several people have said Blackstrap molasses will dissolve fibroids.

Replied by Amd
(V Ville, Ca)

This is just a stop gap, but try some Black Strap Molasses. Buy the unsulphured kind. It costs about $5 or $6 for 16 fl oz. Go to a natural health food store or Whole Foods. Try and get organic if possible. Take a full teaspoon to start. Some people love it and others not so much. I am from the latter and have found the easiest way -after lots of experimenting - was to have a warm cup of tea or just warm water (not hot) and the minute I pop the BSM in my mouth to take a drink of the warm liquid, it just dilutes the stuff immediately and there is no aftertaste. Good luck and blessings

Replied by Kavita
(Somerset, Nj)

Hi Ted, Hi EC,

Could you please let me know if it is ok to mix ACV, BSM and baking soda all togather and drink the mixture first thing in the morning and get the benefits of all three?

Replied by Special01
(Indianapolis, In, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

I have mixed ACV and BSM together. If you buy the organic, unfiltered ACV there is a recipe on the bottle. It makes the taste a bit more bareable. I have not mixed in the baking soda. Since that is the ingredient that balances the PH I will try it.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Claire (Sterling , Va, Usa) on 01/23/2010
4 out of 5 stars

ACV & Black Strap Molasses for Fibroids

I discovered last year that I had a fibroid a little smaller then a golf ball, which explained the heavy bleeding and large clots. I tried an herbal remedy for about 4 months, which seemed to be help up until last month. I an alternative that I could try, since it seemed that the pills I were taking were no longer helpful, and found this site. I read the other comments, and figured that I had nothing to lose. So I ran to Wholefoods and got the ACV(undistilled)and the Molasses and started immediately. I tried 2 tablespoons of ACV, and 1 of the Molasses and a little warm water(about quarter cup). At first I had to get past the taste, but found that it was more like drinking prune juice...really not that bad. I figured that I would do it twice a day, In the morning and before dinner. Well I have to report that my period this month was good! Cramps weren't an issue, barely any clots and only one day of somewhat heavy flow and I didn't have to run to the bathroom to change...I was pleasantly surprised. I'm going to continue this and see if it continues. Now if anyone has a remedy to get rid of the spotting before and after the normal flow, I'm all ears!!!

Replied by Philippa
(Frankfurt, Germany)

To relieve spotting, use Shepherd's Purse in capsule form for immediate effect (also available as a tea). Vitex agnus castus (also known as Chasteberry) capsules taken daily will also regulate your period and help to stop break-through bleeding.

Replied by Ladynsuv
(Norfolk, Va)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I have been there and this really does work but you need to be using the right kind of vinegar and I see that you are not using this with the baking soda this is what I use trust me this really works :APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with the mother 1 tbs and BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES UNSULPHURED 1 tbs and BAKING SODA aluminum free 1/4 tsp mix all with half cup of warm( good )bottle water do this 1 in the morning before you eat and 1 at night before bed I DID THIS for three days and I stop bleeding!

Replied by Jana
(Bountiful, Utah)

I'm on Depo. I want to get off it. I've gained weight since being on it. I want to go more natural. I found this site and have been reading with much interest. I bought some ACV and BSM. I've started taking it. I go see my OBGYN next month. Hopefully I'll be able to get off the Depo and use ACV and BSM to shrink the fibroids.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mary (New York, Ny) on 12/16/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Have any fibroids shrunk with ACV and Black molasses?

I have been using 1 tb of acv and 1 tb of black unsulphured molasses for the past 3 weeks after I was diagnosed with large fibroids. While I did not have too much pain initially, the remedy helped ease the pain that started almost immediately after I was diagnosed. Also, my period was much lighter and much less clotted than in prior months.I am scheduled for surgery in March and am wondering if for anyone at all the fibroids have shrunk???

Replied by Special01
(Indianapolis, In, Usa)

I too have fibroids and BSM is truly a miracle. I have all the symptons of parasites. I have tried ACV and get blood in my stool almost immediately. Do I continue taking ACV and the bleeding will stop or should I be doing something else to kill off the parasites??

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Rae (Chicago, Illinois Usa) on 09/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Just two days ago I started taking apple cider vinegar (ACV -> organic, raw, unfiltered, with "the mother") and black strap molasses (BSM -> unsulphured). I have been taking 1 tablespoon of each in warm (not boiling) water, followed by a glass of cool water three times per day to reduce excessive bleeding from some recently discovered fibroids.

Some background on me...

I had an emergency myomectomy performed seven years ago for a plum-sized fibroid that caused me to hemorrhage after giving birth. In 2005, scans showed that I was still fibroid free, and I thought all was well until earlier this month. My cycle started Sept. 1st, and it's STILL going. I went to the emergency room when the clots were so large that they scared me (about half the size of the palm of my hand). The ultrasounds indicated I had about three fibroids that are sub-mucosal, which resulted in the excessive bleeding. My doctor wants to perform hysteroscopy or another myomectomy to remove the fibroids.

I was prescribed Provera (10 days) to stop the bleeding, but it didn't work. (I was told that the Provera would stop the bleeding, but that I shouldn't be alarmed if my cycle resumes after it ends, since Provera can be used to start periods in some women.) The excessive bleeding and clots NEVER stopped. My doctor wants to prescribe something stronger so that the bleeding will stop and surgery can be scheduled, but I'm concerned that I'll end up in a fibroid removal rotation every few years when they keep growing.

My husband and I found this site just 2 days ago, and my husband picked up the ACV and BSM that afternoon. My bleeding was still just as heavy the first night after I began taking these products. As usual, I was up every 2 hours to use the bathroom and pass the clots. But 24 hours after I started, the bleeding was MUCH lighter, and I actually had some of my old energy back. My husband really noticed the difference, too. Instead of changing a large, overnight sanitary pad every 1.5 to 2 hrs, I was able to wear a much thinner liner. Yesterday and this morning were the first times I had used the bathroom without seeing a sea of red. I only saw urine in the toilet! (Apologies for being so graphic, but I thought these details might be helpful to someone else going through this.) Last night was the first time I've been able to sleep for more than two hours at a time! I didn't have all of the cramping and clotting. I also didn't feel my heart racing while I was lying down trying to sleep, which I've learned can be a sign of anemia.

This is my third day, and I'm still bleeding, but it is SO much lighter and I'm not passing huge clots. I did have a slight headache yesterday afternoon, and I have a slight one right now. Others have commented that this can occur because the ACV is removing the toxins from the body. In addition to the ACV and BSM, my husband picked up lots of organic fruits and veggies, so I've been eating those, too. I've always been slim, so I'm hoping that all of these healthy foods aren't going to cause me to lose any weight. If anyone has some ideas on ways to add some healthy bulk to this program, then I would appreciate it. I've always eaten a fair number of veggies and fruits, but I have a penchant for shellfish, a good steak, and homemade desserts, so I want to replace those calories with healthier bulk.

I have a consultation scheduled with another physician next week to determine whether I can safely adopt a wait-and-see approach. My goal is to continue the ACV and BSM over the next several months and monitor the size and number of fibroids. I will post updates to inform everyone of my progress. Many sincere thanks to everyone for posting your experiences on this site. Wishes for good health to all!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Steelblue (Warrenton, Va) on 08/07/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Last Year I was diagnosed and Prepped for Surgery due to a Fibroid and massive Bleeding every other week in a month. Well I would do anything to avoid Surgery and thought there has got to be a Natural Solution to dissolving it so I started looking for it on the Internet and found that a certain ACV with the Mother In it would dissolve the fibroid and the Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses would help with the Bleeding so I began taking both 2 Tablespoons each in a cup of Warm Not Hot Water. This is a Most Disgusting Drink and I had to figure out a different way to take. So I decided to just take the ACV straight off the Spoon. The ACV is very hard to handle at first straight but now after taking it, okay I forced myself to do it and kept thinking Surgery VS. Natural and well after doing this for 3 weeks without Fail, 2 Tbsps once a day there has been a considerable change in my health.

I noticed it in the first week but thought it was just Mind over matter but it really has done something. I have noticed the swelling has gone done, the pains I had have diminished and I feel less tired, drained. I also have no more Indigestion since taking the ACV. I had stopped taking the Blackstrap Molaasses for reasons of just Forgetfulness, so I have begun to take that now, last night since reading that it helps with Grey Hair which I have about 50 percent of it and since the Fibroid Diagnosis I noticed it was coming in at a drastic rate. I took it straight off the spoon, 2Tablespoons and I like it but then it reminds me of a Certain Brand Name All Natural Black Licorice and I Love that brand of Black Licorice. Anyhow I was reading that some say it the Molasses has Copper which is needed to possibly reverse grey Hair but then theres arguments of there is none in it at all considering the Label doesn't show it.

So I went to my Local Natural Market and asked the Lady there if there was any copper and if so how much percentage wise and would it work to reverse greying and if so How Much of it would a person need to take. The Lady went upstairs checked her book,the Blackstrap has 12 percent of Copper and you have to be careful of taking copper because it can become dangerous,so she said with me taking 2 Tbsp of it a day thats about 24 percent and it was an okay level. Now thing is she said that Trace Minerals is a Much better Solution to reversing Grey Hair, not so much the Molasses, it would take a Much longer if possible to reverse any grey. But getting Trace Minerals will bring back the Natural Hair Color and remove grey. So of course ee never got to finish the conversation on the trace Minerals as the Place was buzzing with People and she was the only one there working it but I will be seeing her soon to find out more of this Trace Minerals Concoction she is referring to as I do Not have the time or desire to color my Hair anymore and well theres just too much Grey anymore so it was getting very Costly.

Much Luck and Successs to Everyone. I will get back to you as soon as I find out more. Please be patient.

Replied by Sunshine
(Naples, Florida)
5 posts

Was just wondering how you have been doing with the grey hair issues. Did you try trace minerals and did it work?? If so, which ones. Thanks for any input!

Replied by Texastea
(Cedar Park, Tx)
0 out of 5 stars

I started drinking baking soda with my Apple Cider Vinegar and honey to help with my fibroids around a month ago. I recently went to the doctor only because my sudden headaches and dizzy spells wouldnt go away. I was diagnosed with ANEMIA. I am wondering if the baking soda added to my mix is the problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Kimberly (King George, Va, Usa) on 08/01/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Well, I have to say that I was not a FULL believer. I suffer from fibroids and I was just sick and tired of talking to doctors who give me my "only" options.. which all included surgery and menopause. I am 42. I do not have children and it has been the bane of my existence. So, after visiting the doctor, a specialist, who advertised fibroid assistance. I left the office disgusted! Once again: "you can have surgery or we can put you into menopause. We don't do anything else here. But, we will write a prescription for an MRI so that we can judge the size of your fibroids." I was furious! Not only did I waste a day off from work, and my $30 co-pay, after traveling 2 hours to get to the "specialist", I wasted my time? So, as soon as I came home I started reserching holistic approaches. I found blog after blog where women were claiming the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) as some type of cureall elixirs! At this point what did I have to lose? So, I ran out to the healthfood store on the other side of town and I purchased Organic ACV and Organic unsulphured BSM as recommended on the sites. That was 14 Jul 09.

So, my situation: Fibroids! HEAVY HEAVY menstrual cycles with lots of clotting! So, heavy that my 2 hour commute to work had become a true burden, because of the fears that I would not be able to make it to a bathroom in time to change or clean up. I could tell some pretty horrific stories about that too. And the cramps!!! YIKES!!! The first time I experienced them I was in my 30s. This was all a shock to me. I had never known so much pain and discomfort before. EVER!!!

So, again, here I am on 1 Aug 09, 15 days after taking 1 tbsp of ACV and 1 tbsp of BSM every day once a day and I cannot believe that my cycle has caught me by surprise. I mean NO CRAMPS!!! Minimal.. and I mean MINIMAL discomfort. I mean, I have not taken ANY painkillers yet and today is the first day. Usually, I would have started 3 days ago.

Now, I will say two things, some sites recommend mixing the BSM and ACV in water! Personally, I think that is a terrible idea.. I tried it in a 16.9oz bottle of water...it only prolongs the terrible taste of the ACV.. and ACV and BSM do not mix! lol. Definitely not together. But, the BSM was easier, I take 1 tbsp of ACV and then, add the BSM to my morning cereal, or yogurt or morning smoothie. I find more interesting ways to enjoy the BSM. I am still working on the ACV.

So, I will keep everyone posted on what else happens for the next two weeks.

By the way I am also a new vegetarian. I heard that products of hormone treated animals is not good for fibroids. It only "feeds" the fibroids. So, I figured I would try it for a year. So, I eat seafood, and dairy products. I just look for dairy products of "clean" animals.

Wish me continued luck!

Replied by Kimberly
(King George, Va)

ok... I said I would keep everyone updated. I AM A TRUE BELIEVER. Here it is 2 months after taking my first swallow of BSM and ACV and 1)My cycle showed up WITHOUT ANY CRAMPS and 2)I am having a VERY NORMAL one.

This is absolutely incredible! I have not had a normal cycle in over 10 years. I am hoping that this is the answer. Just for additional information. I do not consume anything with Aspartame nor do I consume and dairy products where the animals are given Hormones or Antibiotics. Not sure how much this has to do with the change, but, I think I am going to continue my tbsp or 2 of ACV and tbsp or 2 of BSM. And by the way, I oculd not tolerate either in water. It tasted terrible, but, I do mix 1:1 of ACV:BSM and use it as a salad dressing. It really tastes pretty good.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Isa Veronica (Nigerian, Adamawa State Yola) on 05/13/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Good day. I am been suffreing from fibroid for 15 years and happened to come arooss your wesit about how acv and bsm can cure fibroid and i started uesing for 2months now and have not see any changes in the fibroid. Pls help me

Replied by Maskeen
(Dubai, Uae)

I have noticed that healing or the lack of it has to do with the mind and the body. Stress is the biggest detrimental obstacle to healing. First deal with the stress. Second is nutritional deficiency and third is parasites. Fourth is toxins and etc. However, if you wish to disregard this, then for fibroids, try nattokinase with turmeric and black pepper. The nattokinase is a potent fibrinolytic, dissolves the fibers which constitute the fibroids and the turmeric lessens the inflammation. The black pepper makes everything extra bioavailable.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Wendy (Moose Jaw, SK, Canada) on 01/06/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have been using the BSM and ACV baking soda remedy for about 6 weeks.Out of that 6 weeks i have been bleeding for 4, not always heavy but heavy in the last week .My stomach is not as hard and bloated as before, my cramps are less frequent and not as painful. I could feel the fibroid and it does seem smaller but I have very little energy and am so tired of the bleeding I am thinking could surgery be so bad....in spite of watching Suzuki's documentary called Sex,Lies, and Hysterectomies!

since it has been 10 years since i first noticed my fibroid I know it may take a long time so I am trying to be patient. Next I will add the mineral packs to my regime and see how that goes.Maybe i have had the fibroids too long!

Replied by Keke
(Aberdeen, Maryland, Usa)
1 out of 5 stars


If you doing the ACV AND BSM. Please do not drink coffee or chocolate the is going to make the fibroids grows really fast. I've learn that the hard way.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mich (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started using ACV just because I read that it was good for you. I had no idea it helped your cycle or fibroids. I discovered that on my own before I found this website. It should be organic with the "mother of vinegar" in it. This is the ugly looking stuff with little strings floating around in it. Otherwise, it serves no purpose other that salad dressing. My cycles were less painful. However, once I stopped drinking it, the pain returned. So, I am back on it and adding molasses this time. For people who say it's not working, make sure you are using the correct form. I do not know the size of the fibroid the Dr says I have but I know ACV has helped me.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Wendy (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 11/27/2008

I have been using APV and BSM for about 8 days to trat what I believe are large fibroids. I also have pain in my upper right abdominal quadrant that seems to be gas because i get relief from gas relieving meds.

Anyway, my skin feels great but I still feel not so great. Rashs, itching etc. leaves me to think I have yeast issues as well. Long story short I mistrust conventional medicine and pretty much self diagnose when possible. New symptom to report is white froth and what looks kind of like cream in my urine.

i am 49 yrs old and have peri menopause, last period lasted 3 weeks with heavy bleeding for at least a week. My symptoms are keeping me home bound and usually experiencing some varying form of pain and discomfort. I hope and pray i can improve my health somewhat with the natural tratments on this site. I took 2-3 tblsp.each of ACV and BSM , yesterday i added 1/4 tsp.baking soda and started doubling my ACV treatment, once in the morning, once in the evening. Let you know if anything seems to be working.

Replied by Michelle
(San Diego, Ca)
4 out of 5 stars

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone on this amazing website for all the information. I also was diagnosed with a fibroid, and a polyp in my uterus. I had really heavy bleeding and gigantic clots that were freaking me out. My doctor removed two cervical polyps, but said I would need surgery to remove the one in my uterus.

I found this site and started taking ACV, 2 T in 8 oz. Water, at least twice per day. I haven't tried the BSM yet, but I'll go get some. So far, the ACV is really helping. I will go in for another ultrasound in a month or two to see if the fibroid is really shrinking. She said I had to have surgery to remove the fibroid but I would rather not do that if it's possible to shrink it using these methods.

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your stories.

If anyone needs a good iron supplement, by far the best I have found is Rainbow Light Complete Iron System. I have taken iron for years because I've always had heavy periods. This one by Rainbow Light is fantastic. It absorbs really well and does not irritate the stomach at all, at least with me. I have tried a lot of iron supplements and this one is fantastic. Some Whole Foods stores carry it, some do not, but they will special order it for you. I get mine at an independently owned health food store.

Thanks again for all the info about ACV, BSM, and also Natto.

Replied by Joy
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

hi my name is joy I hv read all the interesting miracle story of ACV and BSA. But my on case is different, I start having lower abdomen pain when I was 28 yrs, when I got marriad the pain increase, at the age 30 when I was trying to concive a baby I went to hospital the doctor said I hv uterine fibroids that it very small and he gave me some pain medications. But I have normal monthly circle. But the worst part of it now is that the pain comes every second day after my ovulation which will last for 2 days. I always see hell druing this time every month. I will feel like killing my self because the pain hot me from left lower abdomen to left lower back. please I seriously need help to concive a baby, will this remedy work for me?