Top Natural Remedies for Fibroids

Flax Seeds with L-Lysine

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Posted by Pamela (Columbus, Ohio) on 12/10/2008

I have a friend living in toledo, ohio where I stayed only three years ago, my gyn doctor is there who diagnosis me with Fibroids in 1996. I have a case where mine shrinked and one passed based on using a natural remedy my friend gave me. Take Flax seed water soluble capsules and make sure they are the purest form, along with lysine it works. The one that passed was stuck in my opening but the doctor pulled it out and tested it. He found nothing. When I stop taking the products one grew almost an inch. I have since began the regiment again, this time I won't stop till they are gone.

Garlic and Ginger

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Posted by D Dawn65 (Kuwait) on 08/27/2012

Last May 18, 2010 I was diagnosed of a cervical cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) of the cervix. My obgyne told me to undergo for chemo, radiation and brachy theraphy, due to financial problem I just underwent 6 days of radiation theraphy. After a year my sympthoms of the cancer was present again. I read about garlic and ginger as a herbal medicine for cervical cancer. I tried garlic first cut it in a smaller pieces and take it with water. After a month the foul smell coming from my genital was gone. After sometime I read about ginger as an ovaarian cancer cell killer. I tried it also I grated it and take it just like taking medicine together with water. After a month believe me there are fibroids that come out of my genital. I continue taking ginger and garlic to be sure that the cell will be gone and not come back anymore. I have pictures of the fibroids that were released from my body.

Replied by Gimba
(Abuja, Niger, Nigeria)

How do I use ginger and garlic to treat and cure my fibroid?

Replied by Vinvin

Hi Dawn, How large was your fibroids? Did you take the garlic and ginger daily? What else did you do? I am interested because I have large fibroids. Thanks

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Posted by Ec Fan (California, US) on 12/02/2014


I was someone who had a big fibroid (8-11 cm) but little did I realize how big that really is until a doctor pointed it out to me. I didn't believe any of my doctors who said that I must consider surgery. I thought they just want to make money, that's all! I kept coming to this site most of all and read bleeding experiences of women whos bleeding would miraculously stop on ACV etc. None of these women reported their condition a few months from their severe bleeding episodes. So I kept hoping my fibroid would just disappear or at the most the symptoms would come to an end. I was WRONG. I would just keep looking for & trying natural remedies one after another while my condition kept getting worse and I ended up in the ER 4-5 times, with profuse bleeding, gigantic clots, high pulse rate (you can die if the bleeding isn't controlled) and was given blood transfusions multiple times, my levels had dropped as low as 6! Finally I relented for a surgery after struggling with pain, anemia, fatigue and bleeding for 5 YEARS! I have been the happiest since, with my energy back and am no more anemic for the first time in life and my blood levels are in the range of 12-14 without taking iron pills! My request to all women is, if you are consistently having severe symptoms, don't take health into your own hands or even surrender it to naturopaths. Just go to the traditional doctors! You'll be glad you did. Mainstream medicine and doctors saved my life! Please be smart to know when to stop trying natural remedies and when to trust the medical industry. This site is a great resource otherwise!

Replied by Tessie

I just had my cervical fibroid removed a week ago, and I felt so much better after my procedure. I am very active woman and eat healthy everyday, my question to my Doctor is how did I get it, and she told me mostly women who only have one child is very common, it's a tissue that is growing. So please fellow women if you feel anything do not hesitate to visit your Doctor.

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Posted by Susan (San Francisco, CA) on 06/01/2014

Good morning, On an older fibroid post, I believe it was Tom who mentioned that fibroids were mainly caused by fungus. I wanted him to speak more to that and if by fungus, did he mean candida or something to that effect? I have fibroids and find all this info and site VERY helpful. I look forward to hearing back.

Thanks, Susan

Replied by River
(Portland, OR)
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Fibroids are caused by estrogen dominance. Meaning there is too much estrogen in the system. What can cause this imbalance is the food and products you consume daily. There are chemicals, added hormones and antibiotics in dairy, processed foods, meat, beauty products, etc. It's not caused by a fungus.

(New Mexico)

Estrogen is exacerbated by the presence of fungus. And vice versa. You could think of estrogen as a perfect growth medium for fungus. So, truly, the two go hand and hand. It IS worth addressing fungal issues if fibroids are present.

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Posted by Dana (Canada) on 10/20/2013

I am 23 years old not yet married. I'm feeling a big pain while I'm sleeping and during my period. I went to doctor to check with ultrasound and it shown that I have 7cm fibroid inside my uterus he said its very dangerous and you should remove it as soon as possible and before u get married. Is it true or better to leave it and remove after I get married? And is it possible to get pregnant if I have that big and inside the uterus? Is it possible to be something other than fibroid like baby or something else cuz I did sex with my fiance? Please help I am worry

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Dana,

Sorry to hear about the fibroid! You may not have to get it removed at all. Many people have found natural solutions to get fibroids to disappear.

You can read people's stories here:

Blackstrap Molasses has helped many people and Charcoal Poultices have also been known to cure fibroids. There are lots of other stories. I think you will be encouraged.

I suppose it is possible that you would be pregnant. Sonograms have certainly been wrong before. But if it were 7cm size baby, it would already have a heartbeat that they should have been able to detect. Again, anything is possible, but it is probably a fibroid.

Please keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

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Posted by Terri (White Plains, Maryland) on 10/03/2012

Ted, How do you make bromelain? Is there anyone out there that has had success with using bromelain to get rid of fibroids. How long did it take?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Terri, the hardish middle part of a fresh pineapple is what has bromelain. Chew on it, then spit the hard stuff out. Or blender it with the rest of the pineapple. This blended stuff can be frozen in ice-pop molds for a yummy treat. I don't know what it's used for, but it seems to be anti-inflammatory.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Terri, Yes, Mmsg gave you the explanation of bromelain. It can also be taken to help digest meat. Because it has an enzyme effect on meat, it can be used as a meat tenderizer as well. But as for the fibroid, did you look at the success of blackstrap molasses for fibroids on the Fibroids page?

Also, I have heard of enzyme therapy for fibroids but I don't know its success rate.

Hope this helps, Lisa

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Posted by Mandi (Studio City, California) on 08/05/2012

Hi everyone. So I went to the doctor and was told I had 2 small ovarian cyst and 2 small fibroids... Started searching for a remedy and found a product called Fibroid clear by botanical health it works-fibroids are gone. I also purchased this book called the Anti-estrogenic diet-it changeg my life my health-and I am sure it assisted in getting rid of the fibroids. Going to go to whole foods and get the Apple Cider Vinegar and mollasses for the cyst-so will let you know how that goes... Also for that person with legs cramps it is probably a calcium deficiency! And will fix the problem. Mandi in california! Oh that book is by ori hofmekier you can order it on amazon.

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Posted by Michelle (Lawrenceville, Ga, Usa) on 08/03/2012

Has any one has uterine ebolization done? I am thinking of having one done. I have had a fibroid removed and it came back like years ago. Now its as big as a cantaloupe. I need help to decide which better way to cure it without surgery. Or some remedies that will help me get rid of it. My Doctor said it is pushing my bladder and kidney. Please help.

Replied by Ketan
(Mumbai, Maharashtra)

go for acv black strap molassess to cure naturally. U can find more information in earthclinic post

Replied by Michelle
(Lawrenceville, Ga, Usa)

Hello Ketan from mumbai, thank you for replying. I really want to try the ACV and BSM. Can you please be specific about the mixture of the ACV and BSM? And also how many times a day, and do you take it before meals or after? Michelle.

Replied by Lisa
(Dallas, Tx, Usa)

To Michelle from Lawrenceville: The dosage for the ACV and BSM treatments varies, but the amounts I've seen mentioned most often are to take up to 2 Tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses (not regular molasses like Grandmas or Brer Rabbit -- very important). You can take it with your ACV or with something else, depends on how you tolerate the flavor. Some people (including me) recommend working up to the 2 Tbsp/day to avoid digestive issues -- start with 1 tsp and work up from there over a couple of days or so.

The recommended amount of Apple Cider Vinegar varies, too -- anywhere from 1 to 2 Tablespoons once or twice a day.

I take one shot glass (about 2 Tbsp) of ACV in an 8oz glass of water with 1 Tablespoon of UBSM mixed in, twice a day. I drink the first glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I have my second glass after dinner. How much you take really depends on how well you tolerate the taste. I don't mind the taste, but a lot of people do. See the BSM topics here for other suggestions.

I use Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar "with the Mother". (ACV needs to be unfiltered & natural for best results -- thus "the mother".)

I found it interesting that right on the label for the ACV they have a "health drink" recipe that combines the ACV and UBSM.

I get the UBSM from Sprouts (Sunflower) Natural Food Store -- I think you can also get it from Whole Foods if you have one of those. Also check online sources Netrition and

I get my ACV from my regular grocery store (Tom Thumb/Safeway here in Dallas), but Sprouts also carries it.

If you want to read up more on both the ACV and BSM treatments here are the threads on this site. That's where I got started -- a lot of very good info here. The BSM ACV seems to be helping so far, but I've only been doing it about a month at this point.


Molasses Cures (Fibroids):

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures:

Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar:

Replied by Michelle
(Lawrenceville, Ga, Usa)

Thank you soo much for your input. I really appreciate it. Michelle

Replied by Michelle
(Lawrenceville, Ga, Usa)

Lisa from Dallas, Tx, Usa - I have been doing the Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar on and off. But it seems it has been working pretty good so far. No more heavy bleeding and I have more energy. I like to know if I have to continue during my monthly cycle, because I have been stopping drinking during my cycle. Thanks Michelle

Replied by Bhumika
(Dubai, UAE)

Am looking for a treatment for Fibroids and PCOS? Have anyone really cured these problem of Fibroids and PCOS by taking Apple Cider Vinegar and BSM. Kindly let me know

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Posted by Fynk (Cebu, Cebu) on 07/06/2012

Hi good day to all, I came across to this website some few days ago and just the same with the rest of you here I am currently diagnosed with fibroids which is intramural that means it is inside my uterus although I am asymptomatic but I have heavy bleeding but not much of the cramps, as of right now I am on a monthly hormonal injection called luprolex. Anybody had this type of treatment before? Pls give me some feedback. I want to try ACV but I want to know if there are contraindications when taking this remedy. I really want my fibroids to shrink and I am going to try any possibility as long as it is not hysterectomy and also I want to know when is the best time to take it- before or after meals and how many minutes before or after you eat? pls send me some tips so I can do it the right way. Thanks so much.

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Posted by [email protected] (Los Angeles, United States) on 06/12/2012

Sharon, I live in los angeles and am glad to know. I am not alone in this fibroid tumor battle. I could not become pregnant because of this fibroid condition. I too refuse to get a hysterectomy and still refuse. I just had a pap march and an ultrasound. The fibroids has gotten larger. I did buy flax seed plus. I am fifty one and have been battling this problem since I was thirty three years old. I appreciate Ted sharing this vital information. My fibroids block my uterus. I want to thank everyone for there input and testimony. I will lift all of us up in prayer. I wanted at least two children. It never happened. I am the only one in my family with no children. I love children. I am right there with you ladies.

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Posted by Maria (Baltimore, Md, Usa) on 02/13/2012

A hysterectomy may lead to a prolapse about 5-10 years down the road. The uterus is not just there for holding a fetus; it's very important in helping support the abdominal organs such as the intestines and the bladder. The abdominal organs stay in place due to a network of ligaments and pelvic floor muscles. When the uterus is removed as in a hysterectomy, this support system is greatly weakened and so these other organs have a lot less support, and tend to fall down or move into spaces they normally don't. (please google images) If you have a partial hysterectomy, the top of the vagina could fall down; sometimes the bladder herniates and sometimes the bowel moves into places it should not- all these lead to more surgeries down the road.

Interestingly, when my OB suggested hysterectomy to me for my fibroids, I do not remember her saying one single word about a prolapse down the road. I wonder if she is shilling for the OB surgeon. It's also possible that prolapse happens more often if you have a weak pelvic floor to begin with; but, as a woman ages, her ligaments and muscles get weaker anyhow, and chances of prolapse get higher even if she has a normal pelvic floor. I do not want to contribute to that by having a hysterectomy- not if my fibroid symptoms aren't that bad.

Replied by Terri
(White Plains, Maryland)

Maria, Thank you so much for putting this important information out. I have had many doctors tell me that I didn't need my uterus because I wasn't having anymore children. I felt who were they to tell me that I didn't need my uterus. As a woman I just feel that this is what makes you a woman and why should we let someone take that away if not necessary. If someone faces an emergency situation then they may not be able to avoid it, but otherwise, keep your uterus.

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Posted by Victoria (Morris, Illinois, Usa) on 01/02/2012

I'm 43 and found out about 5/6 years ago I had a 1" cm tumor in my uterus and every year I had my physical and complained of heavy bleeding and abdominal pain. And my doctor never ordered anymore test ultra sounds ect. So this last summer I insisted and she had her nurse call to tell me it grew and to see the gynecolgist she reffered and do whatever he says. The gynecologist himself called me and said it grew and there were now multiple tumors and my uterus is enlarged becasue of it. So we're trying to reduce the size with birth control pills but he's almost positive they can't just be removed I may need a hysterectomy.

Now I'm furious because my own doctor could have watched them and I could have caught them in time for just the tumor to be removed now it's too late.

I wanted to know if this is medical neglect or not?

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Posted by Michelleq (London, Uk) on 09/02/2011


i saw people using the mixture of beets and carrots and non alcoholic wine for cysts and fibroids- I just want to clarify, is it beetleaves (green) or red beet.. Many thanks

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Michelleq, the red beet is the one you use. Lily.

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Posted by Christina (Albuquerque, Nm) on 12/27/2009

Fibroids: Tampons & Pads

Regarding Tampons and Pads: Ladies all tampons and pads are bleached with CHLORINE unless you are buying organic/non-bleached natural cotton items.

Chlorine is very toxic it creates a by-product Dioxin which is harmful and linked to cancer and tumors (google it). You can buy cotton items at any natural health food store or online (they are expensive but worth it). I would recommend buying these especially for women with Fibroids.

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Posted by Daisy (Nicosia, Cyprus) on 11/08/2009

Fibroids: I am 52 years old. I am on Zoladex (generic name Goserelin) to help breast cancer and it helped shrink the 6 cm fibroid in my uterus. However, it has flared up again despite the strong medication. I believe it is because I recently started dairy products after abstaining for a year because of press reports about a link with breast cancer. I have also been using natural progesterone cream which in my case is not balancing estrogen as it is zero in my blood analysis BECAUSE THE DRUG lowered it to zero. I suspect the cream may have also fed the benign egg because I have used it together with this drug without specialist advice. It may have fed the fibroid. I tried ACV and it immediately helped.