Effective Natural Cures for Fibroids

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses  

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Posted by Tunnu (Sunnyvale, California) on 12/30/2012

Hello All, I read a lot about ACV and BSM, my doc told me I have a large 5.8cm intramural fibroid. My doc gave me Lupron inj (11.25mg) and told me that it will shrink the cyst size and after that I can get it operated, I took this injection in sep and I had my last cycle in September, from October till now I did not get my periods, I don't have any pain. But I feel my abdomen is big, feel some kind of sweeling in abdomen. I am in Sunnyvale CA and don't have health insurance. I was doing some research on fibroids so I came across this website. Can anyone please guide me how to use ACV and BSM and whether it will help me. I want to conceive asap. Please guide me what I should do?

Replied by Tunnu
Sunnyvale, California

Hello All, I am 32 years old and I have 13 years old daughter, was diagnosed with fibroid. My doc gave me Lupron inj (11. 25mg) and told me that it will shrink the cyst size and after that I can get it operated, I took this injection in sep and I had my last cycle in September, from October till now I did not get my periods, I don't have any pain. But I feel my abdomen is big, feel some kind of sweeling in abdomen. I am in Sunnyvale CA and don't have health insurance. I was doing some research on fibroids so I came across this website. Can anyone please guide me how to use ACV and BSM and whether it will help me. I want to conceive asap. Please guide me what I should do?" Someone please reply, I read a lot about ACV and BSM and I started using it 2 spoons of ACV with! Spoon of BSM twice a day. Plzzzz tell me will it help me to reduce my fibroid size and get my regular cycles, will it help me to avoid operation. Plzz help me what should I do. Thank in advance

Posted by Sania (Lahore, Pakistan) on 11/28/2012

hi I m suffering from fibroid I m 30 and unmarried. I asked from those who have used Blackstrap Molasses and acv. Pls tell me Apple Cider Vinegar would be better for me??bcoz I m unmarried and having large blood flow. I m very weak. My weight is 42 now bcoz of fibroid. It was less before fibroid. So can I use Apple Cider Vinegar with bsm. I would not be dangerous for me??or for uterus??? how much quantity I should use. Pls tell me I m v depressed. I m using homeo medicines to stop bleeding should I continue it with Blackstrap Molasses and acv??thanks

Replied by Anon

Hi, Blackstrap molasses( unsulphered) does stop heavy bleeding take at least 3 tablespoonfuls with water and the flo usually stops very soon, there are lots of testimonies here that say long term use of Bsm shrank fibroids. Really these are general guidelines as we all react differently. There are other indications that fibroids are a symtom of iodine deficiency and vitamin a. You should check the vit a levels with a hair test first.

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa

Hello Sania from Lahore, Pakistan- For heavy bleeding and fibroids try the following:

1. Apply 5-6 drops good, therapeutic grade quality geranium essential oil on the lower stomach and back during your period. This will help reduce the bleeding. You can do this 4-5 times daily during the period.

2. Raspberry leaf tea 2 cups everyday for 2-3 months, and then 1 cup per day will also lessen bleeding and allow fibroid to disintegrate naturally.

3. Please google 'pranic healing'. There are many pranic healers in Pakistan who can give healing which will help in this regard.

4. Good quality cod liver oil which is super concentrated in Vitamin A is known to reduct bleeding and help resolve fibroid issues.

5. Have your iron count checked through blood test. With heavy bleeding you could be anemic, and the molasses is very helpful for this.

Good luck, Tina

Replied by Sania
Lahore, PK
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hello I'm sania, unmarried, 32 years old, having fibroid in uterus which caused heavy bleeding, anemia, calcium deficiencies. 1st time, I'm taking meridian unsulfured pure cane molasses from 12 days from starting of periods. On 10 and 11 and 14 days, I have heavy bleeding and clotting 1 time a day. I'm confused about what's going on? Why is this bleeding? The past 9 days were a bit normal, but now it's a terrible problem.

I live in Pakistan, Lahore. I can't find unsulfured blackstrap molasses in Pakistan. My relative send me a bottle of meridian unsulfured pure cane molasses instead of Blackstrap Molasses from UK. Is this problem due to pure cane molasses? I haven't tried Apple Cider Vinegar yet. Should I use it? And what are fibroid shrinkage signs, please tell me. I'm taking homeo pills to regulate cycle, but once in a year I have this problem of irregular cycle. Please tell me how to use Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar. I can find organic doctors Apple Cider Vinegar In Lahore, but no international brand is available in Pakistan. Should I use local brand? If any one knows if Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar are available in Pakistan then tell me please....." please give recommendations, I'm in trouble.

Replied by Marium

Dear Sania

you can get "Blackstrip Molasses" from Karachi at "Aghas Super Market" clifton and Apple cider veniger you can get from any big store "Amercian Gargen" brand is a good one you can use it.

Replied by Sania
Lahore, PK

aoa, you told me that blackstrap molasses is available in agha, s super market but I don't find it. I called on this shop, they said it is not available. So pls tell me are you sure it is available in Karachi?

Replied by Adil Jamshaid


You must know sugarcane juice? You can find "ganaye ka juice" or ROO as it is called in Pakistan.

You will have to take say two three liters and boil it to decrease its volume and make it thick.

The process that sugar mills follow is:

1) boil

2) Centrifuge that juice and make it stand still to separate sugar crystals.

Its a light molasses.

The above step is repeated two times more. In the end you get a thick black molasses.

I will try to separate sugar crystals at home but if I cannot, it is okay. I will boil it again and again till I make it thick and almost black.

As much water will have evaporated. Concentrated cocktail of nutrients will be in my possession :)


Replied by Sania

Hello, I used unsulphured bsm. but it don't work. I used only 1/2 tsp but my periods prolonged. Can anyone tell me y I have this problem?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Sania, not everything works for everyone all the time. You can also try drinking a cup or two of Sage tea a day..

Replied by Cc
Dallas Tx

If I were you, I would use the exact same recipe that everybody else is using that works for them. I will try the unsulphured blackstrap molasses. If you can't find unsulfured I would get regular blackstrap molasses.

Posted by Sania (Lahore, Pakistan Lahore) on 11/27/2012

i m umarried and have fibroid in uterus form last year. i have anemia too bcoz of too much bleeding. I used lots of medicines and homeo pathic medicines also. Now I want to use Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar for fibroid shrinkage. Please tell me how many months I should use it??. So fibroid begin shrinking. How much table spoons I should take. ??bcoz I have to buy it from sugar mill in pakistan otherwise it is not available. So I take unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses but it should organic or not?or it will not harm uterus?? bcoz I m unmarried I m v upset pls tell me and reply me.

Posted by Anita (Ny) on 10/16/2012

I put a reply to this post but I forgot one ingredient.

1 TBS molasses.

Posted by River (Portland, Oregon, United States) on 07/29/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hello again. I hope everyone is well or at least headed in that direction. I'm following up from my last post. So, it's been over a month since being on the ACV and Blackstrap Molasses remedy and I was anticipating what my menstrual cycle would be like (that's a first). Typically, it would arrive on the 20th day. Well, it came on the 26th day with no premenstrual symptoms. I kid you not, there was no fatigue, bloating, moodiness, abdominal pressure, NADA! The first day consisted of spotting and no pain. The second and third day were slightly heavy w/ smaller clots and little gushing but not the heavy I was used to. The cramps were very painful though, to the point of having to take ibuprofen. Normally, I won't take a pill for pain unless I can't function w/ the pain. On the fourth day, the flow decreased and the pain lessened dramatically. I am currently on the fifth day and no pain, very light flow. I have to say, I never felt drained for the duration of this period. My stomach/abdomen isn't as tight and full feeling. It can only get better from here on out.

Its only been over a month and I feel like this site has made a major difference in my health and life. I plan on giving it a few more months before returning to my doctor to examine me. Thank you Earth Clinic, you are a blessing!

Replied by Heather

Well done that's great news. Bathe in Epsom salts( magnesium sulphate) to help cramps pain / pmt.

Replied by River
Portland, Oregon, United States

Thanks Heather from Leicester. I will try that if it happens in the next cycle.

Posted by Jehd (Missisaugga, Ontario) on 07/27/2012

Hi there!!! After reading all your testimonial about ACV and unsulphured blackstrap molasses.. I convince my self to try.. in fact ACV and BSM, we use it for cooking.

I have cyst and fibroids.. Right now, Im taking apple cider vinegar w/ blackstrap molasses for two days and I notice that I have brownish spot on my panty liner, I was wondering if this is the side effect of ACV and Unsulphered blackstrap molasses?! .. I want to know if this is normal while taking apple cider and blackstrap molasses.. Thanks!

Replied by River
Portland, Oregon, United States

This is a response to Jehd from Missisaugga, Ontario. Hi, you said you have been taking ACV and Blackstrap Molasses for two days and experiencing brown spotting. How much of each of these are you taking? I have found that the dosage can make a big difference. ~River

Posted by River (Portland, Oregon, Usa) on 07/21/2012

I have uterine fibroids and I currently take these two but based on my experience, I can't mix them together. They work better for me taken once a day separately. 2tbsp ACV with 1 tbsp honey(for flavor) in 8 oz lukewarm water in the morning. The Blackstrap Molasses, 1 tbsp in 8 oz lukewarm water in the afternoon. I will wait 30 minutes to an hour after eating before taking any of these. Has been working so far.

Posted by River (Portland, Oregon, Usa) on 07/21/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hello all. I am following up from my last post which was a month ago. This is regarding uterine fibroids. When I first started I was taking 2tsp of regular acv (it was all I had at that time) with 8oz of water, twice a day for the first ten days.

As soon as I was able, I got some Raw-unfiltered Organic ACV 'with the mother' and took 2tbsp w/ 12oz of water twice a day. Then I decided I wanted to add the blackstrap molasses, so I mixed 1tbsp of Blackstrap Molasses-unsulphured to the acv (twice a day). A week ago, I noticed weird changes with my stool. It became very soft then turned to diarrhea.

I never took this mixture on an empty stomach. I would eat, wait an hour then take the mixture. The diarrhea got to the point where I had to go to the hospital for dehydration. Mind you, I drank of plenty of water but it robbed me of my electrolytes and plain water wasn't replenishing it fast enough -as the doctor put it.

Once they put me on an IV and gave me fluids I was fine. The conclusion I came to regarding my bowels was mixing the molasses with the Apple Cider Vinegar because my eating habits found no possible suspects. What I decided to do was take them separate and see what happens.

Now I take the 2tbsp ACV w/ 1 tbsp honey w/8 oz lukewarm water once a day (in the morning). Then in the afternoon, I take 1tbsp of Blackstrap Molasses w/ 8 oz lukewarm water (once a day). The diarrhea stopped. Thank God for discernment. :-)

With that issue solved, I can talk about what changes have taken place with my menstrual cycle. As I mentioned before, I would get them every 20 days and they would last up to 8 days. Well, today marks the 20th day and I have not had my period yet. Last night I was out having dinner with a friend and I went to the restroom and I was spotting.

So I figured ok, its right on schedule. Well, by the time I got home, it stopped. It was strange because I didn't have the usual symptoms of breast tenderness, headache, bloating, fatigue or cramping; which is typical two weeks before my cycle even gets here. I'm just waiting for it to start and see how that turns out.

I don't know what this stuff is doing but its definitely doing something. I give the ACV & Blackstrap Molasses a thumbs up! Will return to share how the blood flow turns out. Peace and health to you all~ River

Replied by Trlyblsd
Jax, Fl, Usa

Are you taking the ACV and molasses everyday or just during your cycle?

Posted by Amanda (Franklin, Indiana) on 07/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Ladies, I am 51 and have had severe problems with my cycles for about 5 years. Every year I mentioned to my doctor that my periods where heavy, painful and clotty, I felt pressure on my bladder and in my rectal area. Finally after my last check up on 5/16/2012 she sent me for an ultra sound which I had on 6/14/2012. I have a fibroid tumor the size of an egg in the top of my uterus and 2 small cysts in my pelvic area. She recommended surgery. I felt that was a drastic approach to my problem.

I believe in natural cures and I am so thankful I found this site. I started on _____s ACV with the mother 1 Tbs with 1/4 tsp Aluminum free Baking soda in warm water 2 times a day. I also have been taking Tree of Life Unsulpured Blackstrap Molasses 1Tbs in 6 oz of organic goats milk 2 times a day. I stopped all red meats, wheat, caffeine, sugar. I now am eating a diet full of organic veg and fruits, organic chicken, fish and nuts. Within 2 days I noticed my energy had increased. By day 7 I noticed the tenderness associated with the cysts had lessened dramatically. By day 10 the pressure on my bladder and rectum have abated. I no longer have to wear a pad for fear of leaking. I can still feel the tumor when I lay down, but it feels smaller and not as sore. I have not had my menstrual cycle. It is about 3 days late. I am so anxious to see if it is normal again. I got an unexpected surprise. My hair has starting turning from grey/ white back to the brunette it was 15 years ago. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and giving me hope. Thanks to Earth Clinic without this site. I may have had a surgery I felt was unnecessary!

Replied by Amanda
Franklin, Indiana, United States

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an update. It has been a month since I started the ACV, BS and BSM. I did my self check today and am pleased to announce that the cervical cyst that I have had since I was 16 is gone!!!! It was the size of a pea and never gave me problems. I can no longer feel the 2 in my abdomen, so I am going to assume they are still there but have shrunk due to my new diet regimen. My fibroid unfortunately is still there, but is smaller, and not as painful. I still have not had a menstrual cycle. I am not sure if this is due to the location of the fibroid or due to eliminating everything from my diet that acts like estrogen in the body. I feel like I am back in menopause again. Hot flashes and sleepiness mostly. If anyone has a cure for these I would love to hear about them.

My energy level is so much better. I have started doing yoga 3x's a week and have lost 12 pounds. My arthritis has improved greatly. I am no longer so sore in the morning that I can't move when I get out of bed.

I have read that many people are having a hard time adjusting to the taste of ACV and BS. I have found the easiest way to take the ACV and BS is in 8 oz of water and add 1TBS of honey. I think it takes like apple juice and is much more palatable.

I will update again in a month and let you know how I am doing. Good luck to you all.

Replied by James
Fayetteville, Arkansas

How has your period been my girlfriend just started the Apple Cider Vinegar and blackstrap and has had a week late period and has been bleeding and clotting for 13 days. Is this a side effect of this treatment?

Posted by Cp (Clt, Nc) on 02/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello All, It gives me much joy to report that I am on the ACV and BSM regime and IT WORKS!!!! Many thanks to the person(s) who created this blog and took the time to share their information about these two wonderful products. When I first read about it, about a month ago, I figured why not, I didn't think it could hurt, but now I wish I'd known about it soooo long ago.

I am an AA woman, 46 yo with no health insurance and have been diagnosed with fibroids and cysts. I had a fibroid myomectomy (sp) approximately 5 years ago and have been informed that they have returned, mostly on my right side. I am overweight with a history of cancer, hypertension and diabetes in my immmediate family, so time to get to work! I am on an otc iron supplement, I work out and am taking the Apple Cider Vinegar (4 Tbs per day) and Blackstrap Molasses (2 Tbs per day). I've cut back on the dairy, am taking additional otc vitamins and have incorporated shepherd's purse in my diet, not consistently, but in my diet as well. I use the shepherd's purse when I see/think the spotting will begin.

Sooo.... I am currently on my menstrual cycle, I'm on day 3 and my flow has been reduced DRAMATICALLY!!!! I have only had to take 6 pain meds (taking 2 at a time) over the last three days and I can't begin to count the number of pain meds I normally would have taken by now. By now, I usually would have gone thru at least half of a package of SUPER LONG MAXI pads, I've only used maybe 6, no more than 10 so far. I am still clotting, but the pain is MINIMIZED and have not had any MAJOR accidents, some small ones, but that's getting better. I'm not taking the baking soda due to the sodium content.. Don't want to chance it, but overall, I am sooo much better. Thank you so much for the information and will continue to keep you abreast of my progress. Fibroid and cysts removal for all!!!!!

Peace and Blessings, CP

Posted by Ash Jay (Brisbane, Qld) on 02/15/2012

Hi all, I am 27 yrs old and has been diagnosed with multiple fibroids with a couple of them as big as a red plum.. I had this severe pain on to my back running down thru the sides of my thighs and under my abs.. I always had pain during my periods but last month it hit me the worst with 3 continuous sleepless nights.. My husband tried to call after hours doc and they didn't respond.. I felt like I was going thru labour..

It was after this episode of severe pain, while I got a small cramp, I was praying to God to heal me that I googled up for remedies and I found this site. I could not believe the number of testimonials here.. I was so happy to find it.. And went to find the ingredients... Had to search for a while to find Blackstrap molasses.. For all those in Australia.. Try looking for them at health food or organic stores... I found one in a store called The Natural City.. Under the brand name Willowvale organics... I am not having a lot of pain in the last 3 days since I started having it.. But I am scared to death as my next cycle is approaching.. I really hope that this will help me.. As I will be starting to work from next week and it is going to be my probation.. I hope I will not have any problem to conceive a baby which I am hoping to happen some time soon.. I hope all of get better soon and will be able to lead a healthier life.


Replied by Deb
West Virginia

Thanks for all this wonderful information. I was diagnosed of fibroid 2 years ago and it keep getting bigger and my stomach size it's as if I'm pregnant. I want to try the ACV( which have already ordered online) and blackstrap molasses. My question is which molasses do I need to buy, I saw sweetner molasses without blackstrap is that okay as well? Please, I will be happy if you can help me to clarify this or give me a brand name that I can buy.

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Posted by Maria (Baltimore, Md, Usa) on 02/13/2012

Hello, I am a 45-year old South Asian woman (not Oriental) who has been on orthotricyclen for fifteen years. Within the last two years my fibroids grew and now they are the size of a 5-month pregnancy. My symptoms are: I get full relatively fast when I eat; have to pee once an hour; and one heavy day in my 4-day period; and slight bulge in my profile. My OB suggested a hysterectomy. I was about to do it and then saw the rate of prolapse post-hysterectomy and that horrified me. That was when I began to look for other ways to lose the fibroids.

On your website I saw the hundreds of testimonials about ACV and BSM and beets so I tried it four days ago (for four days) and I bled yesterday - a full week before my regular period. Mind you, I've been like clockwork for 15 years on the pill. I'm still on the pill and cannot believe I am bleeding (unsulfured BSM). But for some reason the bleeding did not annoy me: instead I was elated, and I felt as if a curse had been lifted after 15 years. I bled about an hour, just a little; then today again I am bleeding a bit. It's not blood blood, but still blood, if you know what I mean.

So obviously this means that my homeopathic experiment can absolutely bust through the synthetic hormones that I am getting through the pill. Now I've noticed on this website that a lot of women who are NOT on the pill are controlling and even shrinking their fibroids through BSM and ACV. My question is, what do I do now? I know that estrogen feeds fibroids but I also see that almost no doctor will say that the pill feeds the fibroids (as you know the pill is a mix of estrogen and progesterone in varying ratios). But I'm starting to think that the fibroids are indeed being fed by my pill; and that they are growing bigger now because I am making less progesterone (as I age and get closer to menopause). I am thinking of going off the pill by first going on a lower dose pill (currently on 35 mcg) and then weaning off that, while doing the BSM and ACV the entire time. I will tell my OB but she's going to freak out, I know it. Especially when I tell her about the BSM and ACV.

Any suggestions?? Anyone know what will happen once I stop the pill? Will the fibroids get really big if I stop the pill?

Replied by Carol
Bridgetown, Barbados

Hello Maria come off the pills, you do not have to tell your ob, these people just want money they do not care about your health. I was also on the pills and they did not help me. So I stop taking them. And never went back to a doctor. Then I took some cayenne peper and BSM and they stop. And you have to stop eating meat, egggs, cheese let's say you have to go on a diet veg and fruits you can also try the beets and carrots, Blackstrap Molasses and red wine. I wish you wellness.

Posted by Munno (Kuwait City, Kuwait) on 05/17/2011

hi i am 43 yrs of age my problem is heavy menustrual bleeding and big clots. I also have a very small fibroid in my uterus and a cervical polyp. my gyne doc has advised me polyptomy and dnad c i am hypertensive also just read about the Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar wanted to ask can I take them with my my problems and with hypertension and with sugar on the borderline? thanks

Replied by Mari
Sylmar, Ca

Hello I am 30 yrs old and just been diagnosed with 1 small fibroid. I have no pain at all just bloating and very heavy bleeding with huge blood clots. I have been bleeding for over a month straight. I would like to know if the ACV and the molasses can be taken straight or does it have to be mixed with water etc?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Mari, basically: however you can get it down!!

Replied by Heather

Hi, If you've been bleeding so heavily for a month then I would advise getting your iron levels checked as this can lead to more bleeding too. If you take 1 tablespoon of unsulphured organic Bsm followed by water 3-4 times a day the flow will lighten. ACV should be taken in water and preferably with bicarb. (drinking through a straw helps) 3 times a day as advised elsewhere on site.

Replied by Mari
Sylmar, Ca

Thank you for your reply. I just got a hold of the molasses, I have the ACV and am wondering if anyone can give me instructions on how to take this stuff and how often? I can handle the ACV straight.

Replied by Heather

Hi, when I take ACV I put about 3 table spoons in a small half glass of water and add about 1/3 of teaspoon of bicarb soda- I drink this thru a straw- adding fresh lemon juice improves the taste. There are better instructions in teds remedies section I'm sure.

Replied by Mari
Sylmar, Ca

Hi I would like to know if I should stop taking my birth control pills if I have fibroids? I started the molasses with ACV but I am still bleeding. =(

Replied by Anita

This past cycle I drank the following:
1/4 tsp baking soda, 2 tsps ACV, 16 oz. of water

My flow was about the same but I only took 1 aspirin for those few days instead of 2-4 per day. Hope this helps...

Replied by Miserable In Miami
Miami, Fl

I started taking bsm and apple cider vinegar on nov 16 my period came on dec 5. i suffered with heaving bleeding, large clots feels like i was having a miscarriage, but on dec 5 my bleeding was normal the next 2 days was heavy but no clots i am on day 5 and i think it is my last day just spotting now. i have not had this experience for over 5 years so i hope what i am doing is helping i will update my post next month. i a very happy with the results so far cause i get tired of people asking me when i have my baby i am 47 years old with three grown children and 5 grandchildren i am not having any more babies and i hate being asked that question which i admit i do look like i am having a baby that's why i want to do something about it well good luck to all.

Posted by Aquines Anderson (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/14/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I've just started taking 2 Tbls's of BlackStrap(Unsulphured) Molasses with a Tbls of _____s with mother Apple cidar vinegar.

at first I started taking Apple cidar vinegar with baking soda yet the baking soda must be the kind with no aluminun, not your everyday baking soda you can et from cvs or your local market.

you should get the one at whole foods or your local health food store with out alluminum.

I'm on a strict diet of

* No meat including chicken, beef never pork.

* No coffee it makes it worse

* no asparatime or splenda, nutra sweet they cause cancer.

* avoid all white sugar, chocolate, candies

ect. they make your situation of healing your self worse. yeah I knw oh its chocolate or gum or

sweets yet they make it worser for your body.

* No pastries, danish cakes, white flour,

white bread..

anything you eat such as pasta, ect should be eaten in moderation.

I act like I'm stuck on an island and all I have to eat or drink are coconut milk, water, baby coconut is really good to because theres more water in them. I find mine at the chinese market. But thats all I usually buy. I dont eat the fish, or noodles or other foods there because they smell weird to me just my opinion we all have them.

* No Ramen noodles with the spice pack thats MSG

* Chinese food its MSG


maybe selter but with quinine. Not the flavored type. You can squeeze lemon for extra taste. or add a little gin..lol


I make sage drinks with lemondae, honey and sage thats good your fibroids as well. (from back to eden book), or tumeric tea good for the bones.

there inexpensive cheap ways to heal yourself of fibroids.

I'll keep everyone posted on the fibroid remedy I'm trying. Yet my tummy feels a lot better and its shrinking. plus I go for walks everyday and stretch that helps.

Best of luck and a speedy recovery to everyone.

Replied by Lynn
Dallas, Tx

After reading here about Black Strap Molasses - unsulfured and Apple Cider Vinegar - with the mother, I went out and got them both two years ago. I began by taking 1 tablespoon of each mixed together in the morning and once at night. I was shocked by how soon the month long bleeding stopped. I saw improvement the same day. I cut caffeine out of my diet and cow's milk as well.

Now, two years later, I'm not cured but I don't suffer at all like I use to. I just spent my period week on vacation with two trips to the beach like a normal person.

For maintenance, I only take the molasses and vinegar mixed on day one of my period in the morning and at night. The rest of the days are only once at night. My period lasts for about five days and I have a normal 23-28 day cycle.

My doctor told me at my last appointment with him that this was just a "witches brew" when I questioned him about molasses and ACV as a natural treatment. I was scheduled for surgery two weeks after that appointment. I went to Sprouts instead and started that same night. Needless to say, I cancelled that surgery and never saw that doctor again.

If this doesn't work for you, please make sure that you have the right ACV (with the mother! ) and the right BSM (unsulphered). Next, make sure you have made some changes in your diet like eliminating caffeine (25 mg of caffeine now will start my period in the middle of my cycle), limiting/eliminating diary (soy milk is what I drink now).

This is not a cure, but a treatment. It should be thought of no differently than if your doctor put you on a daily pill regime that came with a list of do's and don'ts. The good news is, unlike most medical solutions, this isn't a life-long regime. After menopause, fibroids diminish on their own so you can discontinue ACV/BSM at that time. This is the best $8 investment I could ever make. I just wish I had researched this before my first fibroid surgery that cost the insurance company over $6000 and me over $800 out of pocket.

Posted by Maria (San Diego, Ca Usa ) on 01/08/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I am taking the apple cider vinegar, baking soda and black strap molasses for uterine fibroids, a recipe that I got at this wonderful website, and it is definitely working. Except for one thing, I am getting little bumps on my face, which I never had before and I was wondering which one of the ingredients is giving me this side effects. Has anyone out there have had this experience?

Replied by Rg1010
Norwalk, Ct, Usa
4 out of 5 stars

hello there!!!! I've been reading and reading and reading all your posts on this thread for exactly 6 days now. I was wondering if I should tell you my story... At first I decided not to, but then... Well... all of your stories have helped me so much in the past week that I realized that maybe mine will help someone else as well.

So here we go.

I've had fibrosis 10 years ago when I was only 20. I had 3 of them, inside my uterus (sorry, don't know the exact term in english for it) I don't remember the exact size but all together they were almost 500gr.

my condition was very serious, because I had extremely bad anemia (7gm/dl on the last exame they did before I started treatment for it.)

15 days after they found out I had a surgery. My sweet sweet doctor was actually an angel sent from God to help me out, and although the surgery was long and hard he was able to take all of them out and keep my uterus intact. My mom always mentioned to everybody how he talked to me like a dad, and not like a doctor! Well, that was sort of what I needed I guess since I cried every day, every hour during those 15 days. the only time he saw me NOT crying was when he came to see me after the surgery.

the bad news were that the fibroids could come back.

Well... I am pretty certain they did. I haven't gone to the doctors yet because I am recently without health insurance. =( it's always like that right??? something always happens when you don't have it.

but around 7 months ago I noticed how my period flow increased a lot. And also cramps, really painful cramps, and lots of bloating. Around 4 months ago I noticed that the right side of the lower part of my stomach (right by the edge of my scar, of all places) feels a little "harder". That was basically the confirmation I needed. That little Bas*$%ard is back!

I've been considering my options as doctors go and my cousin had a procedure to "remove" hers without surgery in Brazil. I don't want to alarm my family back there, so I've been researching options like that online and trying to find a clinic in my area.

some months things seem to be ok. Not so much pain, not so much bleeding. (more than it was before but still) I'm taking iron supplements to keep the anemia at bay (although I crave ice and cherry tomatoes like crazy) but things have been ok. Just going through WAY more pads, and going crazy with that fear that I'm gonna leak in public (which I have a few times in the past months)

cramps started now a week before my period. Pretty bad ones, and sometimes icant even touch my stomach, can you imagine wearing jeans???? it's very inconvinient and all I want to do is stay home. But I can't =(

i am very regular, can't complain about that... and when I finally get my period cramps get soooo much worse, sometimes it feels like someone stuck a knife on me and is twisting it =(

i have to take medication for pain every 3, 4 hours for a whole week, otherwise I can't function.

but last week, thrusday to be more exact... I woke up and I looked 6 months pregnant. I am not joking.

i am 5'2" and 100lbs. I was all belly. There is no way whatsoever that I could be pregnant so I wasn't really worried about that, but it was weird. I had a huge stomach, soooo sore, and extremely tender boobies. When I googled about it all I found was... "you are pregnant" Well... I know how babies are made, and... Uhmmm that's not happening on my side, sooo no I AM NOT!

so I thought maybe it could be the fibroids (although last time I had really bad anemia and cramps, I never had this bulge. Maybe I didn't notice because I was around 15, 20lbs heavier then (oh what a good mamma's food does to us!!! ) I don't know... so I started looking up about fibroids and found this site.

i got very excited reading all your posts. The good thing about natural remedies is... If you follow exactly the instructions, if it doesn't work, probably won't do any harm. I prefer natural stuff anyways because I hate doctors and medicine and stuff...

i read almost everything. I made sure I got the ingridients right!!! UNSULPHURED BSM... And I also went for the organic ACV with baking soda. Was very careful not to buy baking powder lol

i started with the whole thing that same day, while looking like a 6 month pregnant woman. I took 2tbsp of ACV with 1/4 tsp of baking soda on warm water, then 1tsp of BSM followed by a cup of water (sometimes I drink less than that cause I already pee like crazy... all this water will keep me in the bathroom the whole day.)

i took that around 7pm that night... And I couldn't believe when I woke up... I looked just 4 months pregnant! =P but the best part of it all... No pain. no pain at all.

i wondered if it was like a placebo effect. If after reading all these amazing stories if I was just letting my mind take charge... I don't know... but I kept doing it.

i can only take it 2x a day because it's a bit inpractical for me to carry all that stuff to work. But everyday I felt better, and my stomach was smaller. It's too bad it "grows" overnight but it takes a couple of days to go down!

but it's ok! I'll take anything!!!!

for the first time in my life I couldn't wait to get my period. I just wanted to see how it was... Since it started AGAIN the first day is already very heavy and painful. I can feel it coming full of clots. it's awful, and I know you all know that.

I've been taking this since last thrusdays and... Got my period today. No pain NONE AT ALL! And I didn't even notice until I went to pee. Also very very very very very little. I just changed pads because I always do anyways... but didn't really need to.

as I said I am extremly regular. In my whole life my period had just been late or early 2 times, and both because I was too nervous and excited. So the BSM and ACV didn't change that so far. I was getting it on the 14th!! And 14th it was!!!

i honestly can't believe it. This is amazing. I can't wait to see how next days are going to be... Hopefully will stay like that!

i hate the taste of those things, but like someone said here before, if it helps... I'll take, and smile and say YUMMMMM!

so much better than surgery. My surgery was extremely invasive... Just like a c-section, since the tumors were inside my uterus. the recuperation afterwards was extremely slow and because I work with kids the doctor didn't let me work for 6 months.

i cannot afford it this time.


so I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep taking this. I hope it shrinks the fibroids, but if it doesn't... I hope it keeps them from growing even more.

thank you so much for all your testimonials!!! Your shared experiences have been of much help and inspiration to me!!!

Replied by Lila
Austin, Texas

Hi, I was happy to read your post. Do you need to take the ACV every day or just the days you have your period (to slow down the period)? Thanks...