Vitamin C for Receding Gums

| Modified on Apr 03, 2024

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Posted by Coco (Flat Earth) on 10/21/2018

YES!! Vitamin C helped me grow back my receding gums. My gums were extremely receded, you could see almost the whole front incisors. I was what's called "long in the tooth" at only 35.

I actually started taking vitamin c because I was constantly getting sick and ended up with pneumonia. A friend recommended vit c and said I may be getting sick because my adrenals are fatigued. Anyway, I started taking vit c (1/4 teaspoon of powdered vit c dissolved in water about 2 to 4 times a day). My health began to get better. About a year or so later, I was examining my mouth and was shocked to see that my gums had grown back!!!

I knew it was the vitamin c that helped me. But, obviously vit c is not the only nutrient we need. We need to be sure to eat as many nutrient rich foods as possible which include all vitamins and minerals. We also need probiotics.

Replied by sandy

Can you please elaborate on which kind of Vit C. There are different kinds, so was curious about the brand and kind of vit c

Replied by Joan

Hi. I hope you will answer, if taken the following at the same time is ok.
I already take 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tps Vitamin-C (ascorbic acid). I take it as I heard it would be good for teeth, as I have receding gums.
I would like to add a pinch of borax to that mixture - will that be ok you think?
Thank you in advance 🙏

Vitamin C
Posted by Ash (Australia ) on 07/01/2016

Drinking "100% orange juice" is almost completely unlikely to do anything beneficial for your gums and teeth. Oranges simply don't contain high enough amounts of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) to provide the body what it needs, especially in cases of vitamin c deficiency. You would literally have to consume a truck load of oranges to get the amount of vit c your body needs to sustain itself. A healthy person required AT LEAST 5,000-10,000 mgs (5-10 grams) of vitamin c per day. Yes, that's right! I said 5-10 GRAMS. Again, that's just a daily maintanence dose for a healthy person. Someone who has the flu can easily tolerate in excess of 100,000mgs of vitamin c before they reach bowel intolerance. Humanity as a whole is extremely deficient in vitamin c. So I suggest you read up on "mega-dosing with vitamin c".

Replied by Michael

Here is a good place to read up on "mega-dosing with vitamin c"

Why A Sick Body Needs So Much Vitamin C

I just ran across that site yesterday, and there are several good articles there on this subject. I have to take at least 50 grams of C a day (ascorbic acid) right now just to keep myself functional. Becoming electrosensitive 10 years ago started a downhill slide in my health such that now, besides many other supplements and remedies (thank you, Earthclinic), I need to live my life according to Vitamin C "bowel tolerance" on a daily basis.

Vitamin C
Posted by Steven (Liverpool, New York) on 02/26/2012

I saw someone suggested vitamin c for receding gums all I have to say is thank you. The first of the year I could feel my teeth at the line. Now there is plenty of gum on the gum line.

Replied by Pat
(Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Usa)

Steven you mentioned vitamin C helped your gums. Did you take it internally and how much do you take?

Replied by Jo
(Cary, Nc)

I use vitamin C, but taking 1000 mgs a day wasn't enough so I take a capsule and pour the Vitamin C powder directly on the receding gum line. Make sure to use Vitamin C in Ascorbate form NOT ascorbic acid. This was a great relief to my burning gums. I also find oil pulling to be very helpful. I recently read to put Aloe Vera 100% on your gums before going to bed to heal the gums. Something that I have yet to try.