Hydrogen Peroxide for Receding Gums

| Modified on Apr 03, 2024

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Posted by Barbara (Gilbert, Az) on 03/21/2017

I have periodontal disease causing deep gum pockets and one tooth extraction from bone loss. I now have a bone graft waiting for the implant next. I now brush twice daily and rinse with 3% peroxide. In the evening I keep the bubbly peroxide in my mouth while I floss. With the floss I can push the peroxide between the gums! In two years my pockets have gone from 5/6/7/8 in the molars. Last week the numbers were 2/3/4/5. Big improvement. Plus, the dentist mentioned how white my teeth are and asked white I was using!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lita (Sanford, Fl) on 09/17/2009

Whenever I have problems with my gums I buy ___ at any pharmacy. This is a mouthwash made of Peroxide but on a gel base. The gel allows the peroxide to stay longer in your mouth to keep killing bacteria. Good luck!

Replied by Bluemoi
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Well I was doing some reading and actually found that that the peroxide solutions out there tend to dry out the mouth, along with other things like coffee etc. and that is not good for the receding gums as they need that saliva to keep the area clean and aid healing. Also acidosis could be an issue with some people. I don't know if pulling with coconut oil would dry out the mouth or really aid the situation but perhaps someone else can comment on what has worked in their situation.