Supplements for Receding Gums

| Modified on Apr 03, 2024

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Posted by Soccermom (Velpen, Indiana) on 04/05/2016

For Gum disease: You need to be taking a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. In addition to that, additional Niacin(full flush) and Vitamin C must be taken to correct Periodontal disease. Remineralization of cavities and bone loss require Vitamins A, D3 and Vitamin K2 (Mk4), and the minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Look for a "bone builder" supplement which provides many of these essentials.

Posted by Timothy (Md) on 05/30/2015

I have had receding gums for a few years now and I think that I have found the solution. I never had inflammation of the gums, just recession. I have figured out that, for me, eliminating caffeine and alcohol while taking 2400 mcg/day of folic acid and 75 mg of B-12 (3 tablets of 800 mcg of Folic Acid and 25 mg of B-12) is slowly regrowing my gums. From what I understand, caffeine and alcohol reduce the amount of folate in your body which is needed for healthy gums.

Replied by Timothy

Sorry, the B-12 should be in mcg units not mg units.

P.S. my gums are still getting better.

Replied by Serena
(Az, Usa)

Thanks for the tip on folic acid and B12! Did your gums fully recover? Were they ever bad to begin with? Thanks again!

Posted by Gloria (Greensboro, Alabama) on 02/15/2015

I believe K2 is critical to remineralizing the teeth. Vitamin D is the driver for calcium and K2 directs it into bones and teeth instead of arteries and brain and other unwanted places. Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for mouth tissues (gums).

I would also suggest some basic tools: Inter dental floss sticks, a sonicare tooth brush (it sends sonic waves up the gum line and dislodges debris and tartar in that area, and a water flosser (Water pic) to be used twice a day. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and coconut oil (for oil pulling, or to make a brushing paste) can substitute for fluoride toothpastes.

Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 01/03/2015

I did find a cure for receding gums. I had noticed that my gums were weakening for sime time probably due to my age (near 60). My gums were getting weaker and I got concerned.

Biocell HA (HA + Collagen) on empty stomach which I was using for another problem unexpectedly strengthened them. They don't even bleed like they used to. The key is finding a HA formula that absorbs well. Take the supplement for 2-3 months about 3 capsules per day.

I did go to the dentist where they checked my gums and teeth 5 months ago. They couldn't find any pockets in my gums. My gums have stayed very strong. Receding gums seem to be an old age issue but just in case you're young, I would try a good vitamin C supplement. Receding gums are a serious issue since it can lead to loss of ones healthy teeth. I hope this information can help a widespread problem.

Posted by Joannemuriel (Cobble Hill, Bc) on 03/03/2014

The Weston Price diet of pastured butter, fermented cod liver oil, Vitamins A, D, K and bone broth helps to rebuild bone. One person had a bone scan and without additional exercise, the bone was stronger. I am on this diet to reverse tooth decay. It was either that or pay 10K in dental fees. My worst cavities were remineralizing, but it's taking a long time (it's been 3 months now). Anyway, I'm committed because I'm seeing the progress. About the gum issue, mineral ascorbate vitamin C helps heal gums. Organic matcha with manuka honey is good for relieving the pain, as is the broth.

Posted by Peter (Soho) on 01/26/2014

For Gum Disease: Crush 1 B Complex 100 into a powder put in a small cup w lid and apply w cotton swab to gums before going to bed nightly. You will see improvement within 2 weeks. 1 pill can last 3, 4, applications.

Posted by Tim (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 06/28/2013

I read that I might get some help with receding gums by taking some vitamin D3 supplements. I started taking 2000 iu of vitamin D3 once per day and within 2 weeks I noticed my gums getting noticeably worse. I stopped taking the vitamin D3 and within another 2 weeks I noticed my gums getting a bit better. I don't know if I was taking too much vitamin D3 or if the particular brand of supplement was bad for me but my gums did not appreciate it. Has anyone else had this reaction?

Replied by Tara

Thank you for posting this question. I just came here because my gums are getting worse again. Bingo, I started to take D3. I will stop immediately and see if they get better again.