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Posted by Meg (Kansas City, Mo) on 02/13/2014

Dear Bill, Thank you for you very helpful information as always. I have been reading and studying your posts re iodine and turpentine for a few months now and wonder what you think about the idea of using turpentine with the DMSO as a mouthwash.

I have candida in my gums (the top right gums above molars look a pale white) as well as a lump about the size of a dime well above the gumline in the root area of my teeth. I have been trying to deal with this situation for a very long time to no avail. The infection (lump) is leaking into the gum through what looks like a small pimple and the area above the gumline looks unhealthy, compared to the left side of my mouth. Dental advice has been oral surgery, root canals, etc. I have a mouth full of gold and porcelain crowns, but no root canals thank heaven.

As you may guess, my digestion is quite impaired, no doubt with candida also, and have been working on it for years too. Small intestine I think is the main problem area.

On reading your very interesting and informative posts and attachments on Dr. Brownstein and iodine, I am now up to 20 drops of Lugol's, working up slowly since last October, which seems to be right for me at the moment. My health is not the best with adrenal fatigue and subsequent hypothyroid due to iodine deficiency, I feel sure. The good news in that area is that I am beginning to feel warmer and have more energy. I do not take any medication, supplements only.

I have worked up from a few drops to 1/4 tspn. of turpentine and really like it as it gives me mental clarity and physical energy which I need. I also experience Herx. reactions, which I am very glad of, as it tells me something is going on, especially in my mouth. My gum situation becomes very red and sore and I feel awful and have to back off the turps for a few days. Last Christmas, the gum infection really became active and I was unwell for a week. The problem is, I do not know how to resolve it, to get the infection to clear once and for all, no matter how badly I may feel. I have been using the turpentine as a mouth wash mixed with water also, as well as taking it internally with oil or molasses/honey, and as a mouthwash it seems to make things worse, which is good in that it shows me something is happening.

So, in a nutshell, I think rinsing with DMSO and turps might be worthwhile trying. What do you think?

When I have been quite sick with the mouth infection which acts like an abscess at times, I have used activated charcoal to draw out the infection. But once I feel better, the lump is no smaller and I appear to be back where I started.

I am also alkalizing with lime/baking soda, and take a ton of enzymes and HCI as I have very low stomach acid.

Thank you Bill for all your helpful advice and any further tips you may have to help me resolve my mouth situation. I live in hope, and hope my experiences may be of help to someone else. I think iodine and turps are the way to go for me!

Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi Meg...Regarding turpentine and DMSO, I would certainly recommend them as separate mouthwashes. I would not use them mixed together because turpentine is not soluble in DMSO so DMSO would not be able to pull the turps into the gums. But by all means use the DMSO and turpentine at different times. These local protocols will both help to kill candida and other pathogens in the gums and root canals as well as help to heal them as well.

As you might already know, I cured a painful, wobbly tooth last year just with turpentine. But DMSO acts at a more deeper level than turpentine; it is more able to reach and travel deeper into the gums and root canals for local disinfection when used as a simple mouthwash because of its unique transdermal qualities.

What I've been doing recently is taking 50% DMSO(as Hulda Clark recommends) as amouthwash several times a week together with two drops of iodine. If the DMSO is too strong for you then just use it at 20% strength. DMSO, when used locally in such a manner, is famous for reducing inflammation and pain because of its beneficial effects on nerves in the local region. DMSO also seems to help these local areas heal faster because of its ability to improve the transport of nutrients in the blood to these damaged regions.

Taking turpentine as a supplement should also help against candida and other pathogens and will also help to cleanse both the intestines and blood.

Concerning your ongoing digestion problems, the enzyme and HCL protocol that you are taking should help you. But this protocol will be greatly enhanced by taking at least 1/4 tspn baking soda or sodium bicarbonate with water one hour after all meals. Taking baking soda in this fashion will ensure that the digestion medium in your upper intestines is set to its correct alkaline pH level for proper digestion to occur. This easy protocol should provide help to provide you with some further respite from your current digestion problems as well as help to kill the candida.

Replied by Meg
(Kansas City)

Thanks so much for your quick response Bill. I will try your suggestions and post back when I see some results. It may take a little while.

Replied by Carolyn
(Carrollton, Tx)

Have you tried a good brand of oil of oregano?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Catherine...You wont find any double-blind, random, placebo trials for the efficacy and usefulness of turpentine or kerosene for any disease. That's because Big Pharma is not interested in any chemical that cannot be patented. But I have seen large numbers of personal testimonials on the web -- particularly from Germany, America and Africa. Dr J Daniels recounts that the slaves in the old US used ordinary turpentine as their miracle cure for everything. Dr Charles Oscar Frye, an American doctor, wrote a pamphlet in 1914 on how to cure tuberculosis easily and without fail using a fine mist kerosene spray as an inhalant for the lungs. Paula Ganner, from Germany, was interviewed by 7 Tag Magazine in Germany. She brought 20, 000 letters of thanks from people who had been cured of many forms of cancer, sepsis(gangrene), leukemia, diabetes, tuberculosis etc. using her kerosene cure. Two weeks after the editor of 7 Tag put out the article on Paula Ganner he was fired from 7 Tag magazine. And one year after the article and both kerosene and turpentine were suddenly banned as outright poisons after being heavily used in medicine for centuries(since the Greek period) as an inhalant, a topical remedy, as an enema(with soap) and as a supplement.

Paula Ganner always insisted that kerosene was a blood purifier -- that it could kill anything bad in the blood. In fact, I've had a rough sore throat for the past day or so, probably viral. This morning at around 11 am I simply took a teaspoon of turpentine in about 1/5 of glass of water and swallowed it down. This way, the turps will be absorbed quickly and directly from the stomach into the blood where I wanted it. By 3 o'clock this afternoon my rough sore throat was gone, my chest congestion was much reduced and my voice was back to normal. Turpentine is the one I run to when nothing else works. Kerosene has the same healing attributes as turpentine but its a bit more tricky to get the right form of kerosene. Easier just to buy the pure gum turpentine and use that.


Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Bill, thank you for always providing reliable information on turpentine and other remedies. It is so aggravating and sad that such great natural cures are discredited by the mainstream medicinal practice and believed by many to be nothing more than placebo or wishful thinking, and in the worst case, a poison.