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Posted by Frank (Toronto, Ontario) on 05/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to Gary for posting about tree tea oil.. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a go.... The first couple of days my insides of my nose had a burning sensation that lasted maybe 30 seconds but after 5 days of continual use, I could not believe it. I could breathe through my nose again. It has been almost 3 weeks since. Still breathing through my nose and just using a nasal rinse to keep my nasal pasages moist. Thanks Again

Replied by Gsk
(London, Uk)

Frank from Toronto: Did you find that on the first day or two the polyps seemed to get worse? I am trying T tree and it seems worse... But I wonder if that is just a process I have to go through. Please any feedback will be very useful. Thank you.

Replied by Frank
(Toronto, Ontario)

Gsk from London, Uk... The only side effect I felt was the burning sensation. As of this day, I still breathe through my nose and have could not feel better. The only thing I do now is I use a Nasal Rinse just to clean my nasal cavities. Its basically a saline solution.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Bev (San Clemente, Ca) on 04/16/2012

Ok, I am on day 2 of using Tea Tree Oil for my polyps. I have found that it makes me sneeze a lot when I first use it. Did anyone else find that? Other than that, I have found that I am starting to be able to breathe better. Still can't smell, hopefully that will come after another couple of days.

Replied by Binoy

I have been using tea tree oil for 1 week to polyps directly by qtip 3 times a day. Everyday a white colour layer developing on polyp and going out. My sense of smell not yet return back. Waiting for polyps fall off.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Owner (Fontana, Ca) on 03/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hey guys thanks a lot for suggesting Tea Tree Oil for Sinus Polyps. I have been using that for 4 days now and my polyps are falling off now. Seriously guys try it. You can buy it on Ebay for like 5 bucks for a 10ml bottle.

I also know of another remedy using manuka honey, distilled water and a "Neilmed Ready Rinse" bottle. You put a teaspoon of the honey and fill the bottle with distilled water and use it to irrigate your nose. Its really good at killing the bacteria in your nose and removing the bad odor. Supposidly its supposed to get rid of the polyps but I wasnt beeing constant with it. Your supposed to try it 2 times a day and then to 3 times a day when you get comfortable with it. Still it does a really good job.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Dawn (Lubbock, Tx) on 02/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

West Texas wind has done more than damage my sinuses. Allergies run rampant year around. I have had polyps for 3 years with no relief till I found this website. Thank you for suggesting the tea tree oil. You have made me very happy again!!!!

Replied by Manaf
(Dubai, Uae, Uae)

Hi Dawn, Could you please elaborate on how did you use Tea tree oil, how frequently, how long it took to get a cure etc? Did the polyps get removed by applying the oil? You applied it using a cotton bud? Cheers

Replied by Betty
(Hong Kong)

Thank you all for sharing. hope all of you are doing well and living happily without those nasty buggers. I just found this thread and it sounds very hopeful indeed. Though I was told that when you have visible polyps, you are likely to have developed it over years, rooting from way inside your sinuse(s). Which is true in my case as my CT scan shows serious sinusitis and polyps everywhere. Nonetheless, I'm trying out nasal rinse with a drop or two of 100% tea tree oil in filtered boiled water and it stings like madness. As well as direct Qtip contact, which stings much less but is not reaching very far. Also saw a Chinese doctor who said I should not have to go through surgery with his prescription. So I'm giving it a try. but that should take longer. I also know I don't exercise enough which helps metabolism but, easier said than done.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Gary (Sacramento, California, Usa) on 08/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For Sinus Polyps, Try Tea Tree Oil applied directly via a Qtip. The polyp will fall off in about 3-4 days.

Replied by Shane
(Port Elizabeth South Africa, Eastern Cape Rsa)

Hi Gary from Sacramento, What is a Qtip and have you tried using Tea Tree Oil? Thanks

Replied by Ehope
(Canmore, Ab)

How often did you have to apply the tea tree oil?

Replied by Jeannie
(Lexington, Ky)

How often did you apply the tree oil?

Replied by Gary
(Sacramento, Ca)

To Ehope and Jeanie,

In Australia they call a Qtip a "cotton bud" - maybe the same in South Africa. Tea tree oil does not burn or have any adverse affects that I have observed - so apply it as frequently as you like. I probably did it 3 times a day.

Replied by Dave
(Central, Virginia)

Hey Gary, Have been applying Tea tree Oil directly (BID) and after 3 days polyps are breaking down? Thanks for the great tip.

Replied by Sunny
(Dresden, Germany)

Mint oil! It helps.

Replied by Mike E
(Huntington Beach, California)
1 out of 5 stars

BEWARE!!! I have nasal polyps and have gone to the doctor in the past. He gave me nasal steroid spray and it worked. I would prefer a natural solution. I came across this link and tried Tea Tree Oil applied with a Q-tip. It made the polyps worse and I am miserable! Headache and hard to sleep b/c lack of air. The polyps have become larger! Try one nostril first if you decide to try this method!!

Replied by Des
(London, Ontario)

How are you supposed to put the oil directly onto the polyp if you can't see it?

Replied by Pnokeo

If you are unable to reach the polyps put two drops of tea tree oil in each nostril and inhale deeply. Do this twice daily. The blocked airways will clear up and the nasal polyps will shrink and eventually fall off.

Replied by Joe
(Indianapolis, In)

Do you have to tilt your head back before putting in the drops?

Replied by Pat

Yes Joe, I did that last night, boy o boy, be ready....... I nearly vomited as it went down the back of my throat. It's done something cos my nose was like thumping and I felt something pop, not sure what the hell was going on, got nose drip now, but will bare with it for a while yet.

Replied by Jawad
(Italy Trento)

lol true say. I am suffering From a chronic sinusistist. exactly same thing happened with me. Last night I put just Three drop of TTO in my left nostril oh my God . It's too strong. My God after that my nose was like a water tap all gone gone out. Ufff Thank God Now feeling good 😊

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