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Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Sinus Polyps. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Dietary Changes, Water Fast

Posted by Dori (Usa) on 11/12/2018

We had lived in Hawaii for one year before my 33yo husband started having asthma symptoms (2010) which started a few months after a sinus infection that wouldn't quite go away. He lost his smell and taste almost immediately but the nasal polyps and aspirin allergy didn't show up till a year later. (Sampter's Triad) He was overly stressed, drinking alcohol and coffee daily, and had a high processed food diet. I had him trying every single remedy/cure that I researched online for about 5 years until he refused to try anything else. Some diets minimized symptoms but nothing cured him.

HOWEVER!! About 3 years after the symptoms started, he again got a cold/flu. He was flat out on the couch for 3 days. He didn't eat one bite of food and only drank the fluids that I gave him which consisted of ACV diluted in warm water, Bone broth that I made, herbal teas (Pau d'arco, echinacea, licorice root etc and water. All of his symptoms completely disappeared after only 3 days of fasting and drinking those liquids.

He got his smell and taste back, the polyps were gone and he could breathe easily through his nose and he had zero reactions to any foods that he ate. (we were too afraid to test his aspirin allergy) This amazingly lasted for the 3 weeks that he abstained from coffee, alcohol and eating relatively healthy. He then decided that he would begin drinking decaf coffee and after several more days he started in on the caffeinated coffee. All of his symptoms returned within the week.

I have a feeling that a liquid fast, or maybe even better, a water fast for 5-7 days would cure this thing. Then of course no coffee, alcohol, sugar, white flours, processed foods, dairy (unless raw/organic), meat (unless grass fed/organic), along with lots of fruits, veggies, water, bone broth, some nuts.... Aflatoxins seems to pervade lots of foods out there. I think that, along with chronic stress is enough to destroy the digestive system which makes you susceptible to food allergies, leaky gut, respiratory issues and a host of other things.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Ron (Kenosha, Wi) on 05/28/2018

Just liked to say after reading posts on ACV, this is a super remedy maybe even a cure. Anyway suffered with polyps for 19 years now, and had one surgery to remove. Dr said I'd be on flonase the rest of my life. Didn't want that but did for little while. Then said there's got to be other options. By then polyps were coming back, so found sinus wars an that only kept them at bay, if u drink alcohol then they would flare up. So thanks to earthclinic reviews ACV, has done more than anything. I'm only on day 4 but after having a polyp the size of grape coming to the end of ur nostril, u have to try.

So I started swabbing inside an on the polyp for 2 days. Started turning white with full strength, but then had to back off off polyp and just do inside around of nasal area, because of blood, so I diluted with purified boiled water to ACV. 1 ounce dropper bottle one teaspoon to the rest water, may sting a little but much safer. Anyway both nasals are almost clear after the 4 day. I also take Table spoon in 1/4 cup water morn, noon, and nite, going real good, like I said this has been the best remdey to date or maybe even a cure the way it has been working sinusus are feeling the best ever!! Just stay with it it works!! Thanks again for the reviews on ACV it is a miracle solution!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree and Coconut Oils

Posted by Byron Boshoff (South Africa) on 03/29/2018

So it's been over a year that I've had nasal polyps, in three days I managed to reduce my polyps by 50% by making my own natural and organic nasal spray.


  • 12 drops tea tree oil
  • 2 tea spoons coconut oil
  • 4 table spoons Apple Cider Vinegar 100% pure
  • 100ml warm distilled/ pre-boiled water
  • 1 Nasal spray bottle.


Combine all ingredients, shake until mixture is cloudy (oil and water need to mix this way)

Pour into nasal spray bottle and prime the spray.

Dosage and Preparation:

1 spray per nostril in the morning and evening, DO NOT inhale or sniff, you want it on the polyps not down your throat, if the bottle has been standing for a while the coconut oil will start separating, war the bottle in a cup of hot water for 5mins then shake until cloudy before use.


It burns like hell fire for 60 seconds, DO NOT sneeze or sniff during this time. Make sure all equipment, containers and utensils are 100% sterile. DO NOT use tap water, distilled or boiled water that has cooled ONLY. Please keep it organic, tea tree oil, coconut oil and ACV usually are organic, don't assume, CHECK.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Polly (Edinburgh, Scotland) on 12/31/2016

I have had sinus problems and a polyp in my left nostril for 18 months. I couldn't sleep and sounded like Darth Vader all night! My GP prescribed steroid spray, it worked on the polyp but only temporarily. He then suggested the salt wash from a nasal aspirator but couldn't find a reference it to any of his pharmacy books, so gave me more steroids. I got the NeilMed kit from Amazon instead of using the steroids, and although very soothing and much easier than I was expecting, it didn't clear the mucus or the polyp which by now was appearing from my nostril if I tried clearing my nose. Thanks to your site, and others, I picked up that apple cider vinegar can help. I was desperate so like your previous reviewer. I used 2.5ml ie ½ tsp in 240ml water (distilled not chlorinated tap water).

I pumped this up my nose, and at first thought Oh No! What I have just done! The discomfort in the sinuses in my forehead quickly subsided and I did this twice daily for a few days. It started working from day 1.

After that, I used neat cider vinegar on a cotton bud, and massaged it as far in and around my nostrils as I could. My prescription was dated 3rd Dec 2016 and its now the 31st. My polyp has completely gone, and I can breathe easily through my nose.

My hypothesis is that the problem originates from a candida overgrowth. The lactobacillus in the LIVE ie unpasteurised cider vinegar killed off the fungus. (lots of people have found that mold in the home causes the same problem)

The Mayo Clinic recognises that Lactobaccilli can treat vaginal fungal infections and this is similar - just a different part of the body with a different biome. I suspect that the cider vinegar has treated the symptoms, but the underlying problem of candida needs to be dealt with by taking refined carbs, maybe gluten or other foods out of my diet. I am just about to start 30 day diet to see if the last remaining bit of congestion, now so mild I wouldn't trouble a doctor with it, will go completely. I hope this helps someone else. I have been grateful to all other reviewers.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Msred78 (Charlotte, Nc) on 10/27/2016

Let me just say.. ACV is the cure to nasal polyps... After long years, stuffy nights, ears popping.. even tears ducts blockage, mouth breathing..taking medicines that caused acne breakouts ughhhh the struggle.. I read this post on here about using ACV.. and it only literally took bout 48 hrs before huge difference.. I been suffering from polyps since 2004.. never undergo surgery cause seemed very pointless after all the research.. and I literally tried everything.. I must say ACV gave me my life back.. MRI showed my left nostril was completely air whatsoever on left side.. which resulted in loss of smell.. the things we take for granted til its gone...

So here it is..all you is 2 household items: Need is organic ACV with mother, and Q-tips...

Wash hands, take qtip.. dip it in the ACV to soak tip...then use it to gently swirl inside of ya nasal passage (it will sting for about 15 secs) ... repeat once, but do so 3 times daily... (at night it helps to place tissue or cotton ball on side after you apply ACV method)

When I tell you.. I literally can blow my nose, and feel absolutely no blockage now and only been doing it for 4 days... I got my sense of smell back completely ..and the biggest polyp that I literally can see that was blocking my nasal cavity shrunk 75% already.. in just 4 days.. I'm so excited.. I got my life back..

Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Prasanth (India) on 08/08/2016

Hi All,

This is Prasanth from India. First of all I would like to thanks a ton for this website who actually founded it. This is Miracle website which cures ailments.

Coming to me, I was a great suffer for sinusitis due to nasal polyps which is visble. I am afraid of surgergies so when searching for natural remedies I found this website by god's grace. wow. It was horrible yesterday, miraculously seeing some improvement after following below steps:

Day 1:

Mixed 5 drops of tea tree oil into one spoon of Caster Oil (hexanne free) one and had put it into both nostrils two drops each. (instead of qtip ) Initially scared to put tea tree oil, but how ever my suffering with nasal polops gave me force to use it. I have used it.

It is not much strong so to cause sting..I have added more caster oil for safeside.

Next thing I have done is, nasal rinse(water+ saline powder + two drops of tea tree oil into it) and then used this as Rinse solution. It clease most of bad stuff inside. I see little blood it it..

Day 2:

I have now added a 1/4th of spoon of ACV (Apple cider venigar) into my nasal rinse solution(water+sinusair saline powder+1/4th spoon of acv) and then did the nasal irrigation...

wow this combination seems to be very well than tea tree oil combination.. It did not sting much..

To my amazement, I noticed my nasal polyp shrunk noticeably than yesterday....

WOW god bless this website and who found this solution...It seems to be working, I am going to update this post I am going to try this solution contineously..

I really thank this website, I hate of surgeries and fear of it, some how Tea Tree oil and ACV comes to rescue...

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Blueciel (Monterey, Ca) on 07/02/2016

I love this! [ Sorry for typos below ]

WARNING: Not for those with low pain tolerance and impatient. DO NOT READ IF YOU GET NAUSEOUS OR GROSSED OUT EASILY.

I have had surgeries for my nasal papillomas for 18 years, even since I was born. Since I am turning twenty I decided I HATE surgeries, so I wanted to try something else. I've tried tea tree[ burned but did nothing but clear sinus a bit], turmeric[ taken orally, worked slightly but not that good], I've even tried Indol-3-Carbinol [ which worked great! And I had them falling out left and right, but got too expensive and a formula switch for my favorite brand stopped me] so I finally tried apple cider vinegar again recently. I've been doing it everyday after work for three days now and here's my process.

Day 1

I apply it using a dropper and try not to let it slide down back of nose, although it DOES and stings but oh well. [ This mistake was helpful, as I noticed the one in the back fell out when this happened about an hour later, I just decided to use a cotton swab that wasn't soaking to prevent burning]

The warts turn white, but I keep dropping apple cider vinegar on them for about an hour or two straight then go to bed.[ watch youtube and be patient! This will help.

Day 2

I wake up smelling so well! Its about 20% clear, which is small but if u struggle with polyps or papillomas u know 20 is BETTER THAN NOTHING OKAY.

So I notice it is a bit smaller in size, and when I go back to add more after work [ for another hour or two] I notice the wart in the center of my nose begin to bleed out a bit, [ I know this is graphic I'm sorry] and when I try to add more vinegar it STINGS, like applying alcohol to a cut kind of stinging, but its nothing I cant handle due to my pain tolerence.

If u get to this stage stay strong because the third day is so worth it.

Day 3

I wake up smelling 50 percent better. NO JOKE! The wart in my right nose is 50% smaller, and has a small [again I'm sorry for the graphic and gross details] crust over it as it healed from last nights beating lol. I remove the crust and blow my nose, and notice that it is super reddish pink before I apply the vinegar.

But I have just applied more ACV to it and more warts from the back have fallen out, and the main one is turning a brighter white and I am so excited for tomorrow. If this is three days imagine a month!

Closing: ACV hurts. It also hurts ur normal nose skin a bit, but apply Vaseline and you should be alright. it wont burn ur skin [ it didn't to mine but may for sensitive skin] .

THIS STUFF WORKS. NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING has worked for me ever, and in three days [ a bit painful] nonetheless I have had such good results. I can actually look people in the eye again! So happy to say.

Please try this, even take it internally if u want, but applying it directly gave me these results.

Eliminate Sugar

Posted by Brian (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) on 02/04/2012

This totally natural cure has worked for me, twice. I think it will work for others too, maybe not everybody but at least some. It is so simple, costs absolutely nothing, gives you back your health, your vitality and libido, your sense of smell and helps you to control your weight all at the same time. It gives you back your life.

In one sentence, all you have to do is cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible. The more sugar that is cut out, the faster the healing. It is that simple. I cut out the sugar, cured myself but lost a bit more weight than I wanted to. Having declared myself cured, reintroduced sugar to my diet to help put weight back on, which I did, but the polyps came back too. I am currently off the sugar again, polyps have gone again. Twice cured with the same reasoning is enough proof for me that this works.

I did not want to have a medical operation and went looking for a natural cure. I turned Net Detective and researched nearly every website on nasal polyps to gather clues to form a theory. I have absolutely no medical qualifications whatsoever and the theory I am about to outline is just that, my own personal theory. Here we go.

The root cause of nasal polyps is not bacterial, it's fungal. The prime suspect is Candida Albicans, which everyone has to some degree. The good bacteria in your body assist to control bad fungus. Which is why antibiotics don't work because by killing all the bacteria in your body, including the good bacteria, there are none left to control the fungus.

Fungus are extremely clever little critters. They feed on sugar and produce Ethanol as a waste product. The Ethanol confuses the receptors for the Thyroid which tell it to shut down production of Vitamin D. A Vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system and causes lethargy. Lethargy increases cravings to eat more sugar for an instant energy boost and the condition then compounds as the fungus population grows and prospers.

But wait, there's more. A white blood cell called an Eosinophil goes in to battle the fungus but with a weakened immune system, they fail dismally to win the fight. It seems they act like suicidal cluster bombs - they go to the foe and blow themselves up to take out as many of the foe as they can. When this happens in the nose, they irritate the nose membrane, the cells in the membrane fill with fluid and voila, there they are, a medical case of nasal polyps.

Operations to remove polyps, nasal sprays, potions, lotions and nasal rinses only remove the symptoms temporarily and they are not cures. The cure therefore, is to break the cycle by removing the food supply to the fungus, which is sugar. Ethanol levels thereby diminish, the Thyroid receptors kick start the Thyroid into production of Vitamin D again, which then improves the immune system which then assists the attack of the Eosinophils to win the battle of the nose.

Okay, so that's my theory. I'll admit it may not necessarily be entirely accurate in the finer details but having said that, the one thing I am sure about is that reducing sugar in my diet has eliminated my polyps. I haven't discussed my theory with my doctor, fearful of being either laughed out of his office for being ridiculous, or being thrown out for being too close to the truth and cutting out a source of his wages, and the wages of his expensive Ear Nose Throat Specialist mate who gave me useless antibiotics.

It is impossible to remove all sugar as nearly all foods have it to some extent. Just try to reduce it as much as possible so at least there is no excess for the fungus to frenzily feed on. An obvious deletion from the diet is white sugar added to coffee and on cereal - don't add sugar to anything, totally delete that option including any and all sugar substitutes. Also cut out completely ice cream, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, lollies, honey and fizzy drinks. Even fruit - I have exchanged apples and bananas for raw tomatoes. On packaged foods and drinks, I won't buy anything with more than 10% sugar content. There is usually a per 100g contents list on the package, just look at the sugar level and if it's more than 10g per 100g, don't eat it. The preference though is for levels below the 5% mark because the more sugar that gets deleted, the faster the healing.

From going no sugar, the time taken to full recovery for me on both occasions has been about 4 weeks, with every passing day getting better and better. As an added bonus, you can save a fortune on tissue paper let alone the costs of sprays, potions, lotions and the big one, the operation.

I lost weight dramatically the first time but not this second time. At a guess my metabolism has adjusted to derive more nutrients from real foods rather than depend on sugar. My diet now is fresh meat (never packaged), poultry, fish, bacon and eggs, vegetables (including fried potato chips), milk, bread, nuts (especially almonds), pizza, strawberries and cream. Even beer is okay. It's a bit like a caveman diet, but with benefits.

To conclude this post, as a suggestion, if anyone is willing to take my "no sugar" theory up, from the day of their decision, to start a daily diary and keep a record of least their weight and a degree of difficulty from 1 to 10 to breathe through the nose during the day and also the night before (1 would be very easily the nose, 10 would be mouth only). Count tissues used if you can, that would be a fun number. Some feedback would be nice as this is the first time I have shared this idea on the internet. Good luck.

Selenium and Zinc

Posted by Jessica (Denver, Co) on 03/22/2010

Thank you, Ted! I took your advice to treat my nasal polyps

I took selenium and zinc for 30 days... at first my polyps grew more, mostly trying to fight back... But after about 2-3 days of that they retracted, more and more until i could breath once again! No more headaches, blowing my nose, embarrassment while talking to people!

ps. I also cut a lot of dairy from my diet. Not sure if they won't come back, but for now i feel great