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Castor Oil  

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Posted by Sgd (Dayton, Ohio) on 12/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Sinus Polyps: I took a tea spoonful castor oil daily about 6 days for three weeks before seeing my ENT doctor. He told me that there were no polyps in my sinuses. It was unbelievable, for I had polyp surgeries twice in the past. Castor Oil works for me.

Replied by Sgd
Dayton, Oh Ohio

I am modifying my statement. I am not quite sure how many weeks I have taken a teaspoonful castor oil. It could be six day of one or two weeks, not three.

Replied by Hannah

Why Castor oil only six days a week? Is it harmful to take every day? What does six day of one or two weeks mean?

Replied by Fk

Hello, I would like to know the method of using Castor Oil. And does it have any side effects? Thank you, Fakhra

Replied by Andrew
Dayton Oh

I used Home Health castor oil-- cold pressed, cold processed, and hexane (poison) free. It has been safe for me.

I mixed one tea spoonful castor oil with 4 oz hot water and drank it before going to bed

Replied by Nitin

Hello, am based in India, can you please let me know which brand/make of castor oil did you use.

Replied by Fjk

Hello, I am sorry I am unable to follow you. Can you please explain in detail on the method and process used for this remedy. I mean, I want to know, the amount and time to be taken.

Posted by Anupam (Mumbai, India) on 06/16/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I am putting castor oil in my nose for last 10 days and I have seen visible improvent in my breathing. I dont think that polyps have shrunk drastically but for sure improvement is visible.

Replied by Anupam
Mumbai, India

Castor is okay but I moved to homeopathy and wow it really works. More update on homeopathy section.

Posted by David (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/04/2012

The Castor Oil works wonders for Sinus Polyps!!!!!!!! I was in the proceess of getting ready for my first surgery to have my polyps removed.

After extensive research, I started applying castor oil drops 'inside' my nostrils each night before bed. I use about 3-4 drops in the nostrils. Within the week, my polyps have shrunk so much I can no longer see them when looking up my nostrils with a mirror! I can breath out of both nostrils now!

I'm also noticing that my sense of smell is slowly starting to return. I'll continue this regimen until I can completely get my sense of smell back so hopefully by May/June of 2012 I'll be 100% again. :)

Replied by Dave
Central, Virginia

David, How is the castor oil treatment going?

Replied by Emilio
Stony Brook, Ny

Hello Dave, I had sinus and polyp surgery in 2008. Thankfully, I've had not need to operate again. However, my sense of smell is minimum to none. I saw a nee ENT and he says that, small polyps are blocking my smell sensors. I wounder if your smell has come back after you are using the castor oil. Also, you only insert it in the nose right? Not ingested?

Thanks, Emilio

Replied by Joule
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

That's good news Brother... I also had sinus polyps on my both nose But now I used castor oil and I feel better... I wait till 1 week. Hopely my polyps shrunk

Replied by Sharon

David, Joule

Thanks for sharing. I have been diagnosed with small polyps blocking the air way to my smell sensors. I would like to try castor oil

I would like to know if there is a certain grade for the drops to be used in the nasal area.

Will any of the cold pressed castor oil sold in general store work?

Posted by Dee (Berkshire, Uk) on 04/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Dear All, I am very very excited to share my health news with you! I have had 12 operations for removal of nasal polyps, usually every 2-3 years since they regrow so fast and I am determined not to have another one. I have tried many remedies and of course, I don't need to mention the use of antibiotics and steroids. I am asthmatic as well and use usual inhalers and steroid treatments.

A few days ago, I was ready to call my doctor in order to obtain a referral for my 13th operation. I was desperate, both nostrils blocked and I could see the polyps almost protruding out of my nose! The fact I cannot breath through my nose, not only affects my sleep, speech but also affect me psychologically. I get depressed and experience "brain fogginess".

Thanks to Earthclinic, I have discovered the ACV which is fantastic - helps with even during asthma attacks.

Now, I discovered Castor Oil. I cannot tell you enough what amazing results I obtained in the past couple of days.

I have applied Castor Oil on my nostrils and I have also tried to create a Castor Oil pack. I only applied oil on my liver area (so not a pack as such - please research for a proper pack description), covered it with a flannel and applied a hot water bottle. Firstly, I have slept very well, secondly, I woke up with my nose UNBLOCKED. The night before I was ready for surgery seeing the polyps almost protruding through my nostrils, yet in the morning they retracted or shrunk so I was able to breath. I was not able to breath perfectly but it was a huge improvement. The visible swellings caused by polyps were gone and my face looked less like a 'boxer's' face. I am a long time sufferer and this was a huge breakthrough! I hope I will manage to avoid my 13th operation by continuing to use Castor Oil.

Ted's remedy: Ted considers that this condition might be due to rancid fat in the body and therefore he recommends Lecithin for fat breakdown, Vitamin C - 1000mg, ACV. [I am not fat (58kg- size 8-10 UK), however, I have noticed that when I lose weight and don't use wheat in my diet, my asthma and breathing problems are almost non existent.]

So, what I did:

1. Castor Oil applied on nostrils (a tiny bit on eyelids and wrinkles too! )

2. Castor Oil pack on the liver area

3. The following day when my nose was unblocked, I inserted diluted Grapefruit Seed Extract in my nose (acts as disinfectant and antibiotic - please research! )

4. I am taking Lecithin and Vitamin C and try to remove bread (to start with) from my diet.

Good luck to all - if it worked for me, a long term sufferer I am sure it will work for many of you.

Many thanks Earthclinic and again, good health to you all.


Replied by Daniels
London, Middlesex, Uk

Dear Dee, I am also a long term nasal polyps sufferer living in UK.

I have had four nasal polyps remove surgeries so far and I am refered to ETN specialist this month. Aniyway I would be appreciated if you could tell me where you bought a castor oil. Basically could you give me your email address in order to stay in touch with you? Regards, Daniel

Replied by Dee
Berkshire, Uk

Hi Daniel, I bought my Castor Oil in Whole Foods (formerly Fresh & Wild). It is organic, cold pressed. I have to say, to this day, my nose is completely unblocked. I am doing so well - my confidence is back, no more brain fogginess, sleep well and my nose doesn't look swollen like a professional boxer's one anymore! I wouldn't like to post my email address here, however, could you give me yours and will gladly send you my details. Good luck with ENT - I am determined not to go through another operation. Maybe this remedy will work for you too, best wishes!


Replied by Vivienne

Hi Daniel,

I, like you have had 4 operations to remove nasal polyps and each time they return. I also suffer from asthma. After my last op 3 years ago I under went an Asprin desensitisation program and I'm currently taking 300mg of Asprin daily. The polyps have returned, but nearly as bad as before, however my sense of smell has gone. I would like to try the castor oil, but was curious as to how it went for you? Vivienne

Replied by Janet

Nasal polyps ..asthma .. Possibly related to toxic mold. Common symptoms for black mold in the environment. You may want to look into it to prevent more problems. Or more surgeries. I use a nasal pump washed out I add 2 drops of iodine and fill remaining with mineral water. Spray each nostril 2 x. 4 hours away I use Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide spray to control the lung issues. Just a thought that might give you another avenue. Janet

Replied by Princess
Manchester England

How do you apply the castor oil? On the outside or inside the nose and how much? Thank you.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Princess,

Castor Oil does penetrate the skin well but for polyps I would probably put the oil in a bottle with an eyedropper and drop a few drops into each nostril once or twice a day.

~Mama to Many~

Castor Oil, Steaming, Neti Pot  

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Posted by Marilyn (Canada) on 04/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am very happy to report that my nasal polyps have not become a problem since using castor oil.

In the morning I steam my sinuses, then I use the neti pot with 1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar to one cup distilled water (warm).

The AC vinegar stops all bacteria growth (sinus infection) In the evening I steam again and put 2 drops of castor oil in each nostril when I go to bed.

I used a rinse (cortisol) from the doctor for a month to get them down so I could breathe and smell again. Once that was done I have only used the castor oil and apple cider vinegar to keep all infection and polyps at bay for 3 months and running!! I think I'll cancel the MRI scheduled next month in preparation for surgery...don't need it!

Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Sue (Ireland) on 10/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Great site, thanks for all the information. Re nasal polyps, I was told I had them and could get them taken out. Did a bit of research on that and decided, no thank you. I started spraying colloidal silver in each nostril, a few times a day, it took a few months but it really helped. I also added a few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus and or lavender which also helped. Another thing was inclined bed therapy, raising the head of your bed by 6 to 9 inches, I used a few small bricks under each leg of the top of the bed, it helps with circulation, and I can feel my sinuses clearing also.

Replied by Mikes

Hi Sue,

I just read your post I also have Polpys and after going to ent I am back on steroids.

Could you please tell me in more details where you got Colloidal Silver and how you made the spray if you dont mind

Thanks for your time.


Posted by David (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I believe I can provide some help to those who are suffering with polyps and the associated nasal inflamation, runny nose, postnasal drip that comes with polyps.

First, there is an underlying congestion problem caused by any number of factors ranging from environment to diet. One nurse once told me that she had observed a correspondence between those who had chronic congestion and those who had a particular blood type and she believed the blood type produced a thicker mucus.

Second, those who suffer with such congestion will correspondingly be most likely to find an infection developing in the sinus cavity... because it is inflamed and as such an infection can more readily grow there.

Third, the infections in such people tend to be cronic and hence the cronic infection will produce the polyps that is housing either, virus, fungus or bacteria or a combination of the three. The variability of such a mix is the reason why polyps are of a variety and "behave" differently, some spreading.

Fourth, a partial solution: As to the underlying congestion issue (see the item "First" above) I have no suggestion but as to the consequential result of infection (see item "Second" above) we can aleviate the infection easily. By using on a regular basis "collodial silver" to knock out the "oft occuring" infections we can keep the sinus cleared of the congestion, postnasal drip and running nose because those three are the by- products of the infection. The polyps will not grow or will die off with constant irrigation of a silver solution.

I use silver in my sinus cavity when ever I feel any sign of post nasal drip or runny nose; sign of a cold; congestion like a stuffy nose. I use an ear syringe to squirt the colloidal silver (gently) into my sinus cavity and there will be a stinging on the dominately infected side.

The reason some people get results from Tea Tree Oil is that TTO is an anti viral and anti biotic and anti fungal. I do not think it is nearly as effective as colloidal silver and TTO can have some side effects as enumerated in preceeding posts.

I make my own colloidal silver, a very simple process.

So in conclusion: An underlying congestive sinus is caused by any number of reasons but the real problem is the consequential infection of the cronically thick mucus passages. If the infections linger, polyps will develop. Thus, one must irrigate the sinus passages with colloidal silver to eliminate the secondary effect... cronic infection which is causative of the polyps.

Replied by Robin
Rural, Va

Yes, I have found Colloidal Silver to be the absolute best thing for my constantly runny nose, and post nasal drip. I have suffered this for more years than I can remember. I don't know about polyps though. I am a blood type O. I use a bottle that has a nasal saline spray in it, and empty it.

Replied by David
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Robin, I've used Colloidal Silver (CS) for 18 years. The blood type observation was just to say that the underlying congestion is not caused by a virus/fungus/bacteria but vfb sure do grow in a constricted nasal passage... It's an infection factory! I'd love to get rid of the underlying constriction (thick mucus) but at least I keep it from becoming something worse... Turning into an infection. I take a little bottle of CS with me even on trips. The slightest indication of infection and I irrigate the nasal passages. Before I knew of CS I'd get 3 or 4 serious infections a year. Often they would become a serious upper respiratory infection.

Sometimes I do have to fight off a persistent infection for a week or longer but the infection never gets past the sinus cavity.

Best to you in your health journey. Post here if you want to elaborate or ask any questions.

Replied by Anonymous

Just read most of the comments about Polyps, I think most of the comments were excellent, I think David from Fountain Inn had it pretty well spot on, also some of the remedys might work for some and not others as other people have already said and I have just found out that we have a immune system slightly different from other people and its the reason we get the problems that we have, I have had sinus problems for as long as I can remember, the other day my ears were so bad I went to see the ENT Dr, My daughter said why not check your nose at the same time I thought why not long time since last check, she discoverd a large Polyp in the right side two smaller ones left side, I'm on loads of medication which works (I can smell and taste food now) strange that most people seem to have large one right side, also I would like to say I'm a great beliver in Castor oil and ACV, so when med stops salt bath and some of the others, all the best to every one.

Replied by Alan
London, Uk

Exactly how do I go about this CS nasal treatment? Do I mix the CS with xylitol or water? Is your procedure similar to sinus flooding? What if I do not make my own CS, which one is best to buy?

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Alan from London:

You give yourself a Colloidal Silver "irrigation" by ingesting the solution into sinus by squirting gently with an ear syringe... Or putting about a teaspoon into palm of your hand and just sniffing.... or by using a nettie pot...

I prefer the ear syringe because the pressure from the squeeze forces the solution way back into the sinus cavity. It will sting a lot the first time you use it... But ten minutes later when you do it again, it will only sting a little. The silver is killing the virus/fungus/bacteria...whatever microbe is there.

Also squirt into the ears two or three times during the day. That will not only knock out the infection, if any, in the ears but between the squirts into sinus and ears, the eustacian tubes will also be relieved of infection.

As to your other questions: I use the CS at about 100 parts per million (ppm). Here's the test for knowing if your CS is strong enough: If you are infected and you are; does the application sting when you squirt into sinus and then within five minutes are you beginning to drain from the sinus?

If yes to those questions your CS is sufficiently strong and you have a good brand.

I started using my own little "generator" twenty years ago because I was so prone to colds, sinus infections and consequently chest colds. CS saved my life. I've only had five chest colds in a twenty year span. Prior to CS in my life, I was getting two or three a YEAR. (I was also plagued by migraines, but CS didn't help that... Colloidar silver kills microbes but is not a "SILVER bullet" for everything.)

If you decide you want to get your own generator (just two strands of silver with capacity to plug into socket or battery of 3, 9 volt, batteries. Mine cost less than a hundred bucks) google something like: colloidal silver generator, or economical colloidal silver generator. I've had mine for 20 years with the SAME strands of silver. Just got a new one because the wiring on the first went bad. I got that fixed so now I have two. (I am not associated with any silver manfacturer, nor do I sell or work for any silver making company. I'm a lawyer.)

Best to you and write back for any clarification. Dave

(By the way, I love London.)

Replied by Jewel

Thank you so much for this information. I've been searching for years for help with these nasty polyps in my sinus cavities. There is one dominant on the right and another on the left, which is not so troublesome. However, during certain seasons, they tend to swell causing headaches, dizziness, breathing problems, itchiness, bleeding, and a sourish smell in my mouth. I have had a terrible P.N. Drip for twenty years. They are the nastiest thing I've ever had.

I have sought long and hard for solutions, cures, remedies, and relief to no avail. Turmeric sort of helped, but not for long.

As I read your witness for CS, I remembered my homeopathic doctor giving me a bottle years ago. It was tucked away in the back of my medicine closet. I got it out and used it immediately. I used it in a netti-pot, and only a splash of it. I used it to rinse out the dominant side. I immediately noticed the silver as it affected my teeth, believe it or not. It was sort of uncomfortable at first.

After a few minutes, I noticed immediate relief. I spit up a gross chunk of phlegm (so sorry for being graphic there) that the CS loosened and had a bit of drainage for awhile, but could breathe again. I went to bed, and woke up breathing normally.

I do not know how long it will last, and am a bit nervous to continue the process regularly, but I will use it when I get stuffed up again.

Thank you for the help. First time something worked on these impish growths.

Grateful to you,


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Thank you Jewel,

I got a lot of responses from that 2013 post. Glad the colloidal silver helped!


Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Jessica (Chicago, Il) on 07/25/2017


I have noticed that my nasal polyps shrink when I have an empty stomach. They almost completely shrink. I believe my body is producing too much mucus when I eat food. Is there any medical literature or anyone who has experienced this?


Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Jessica, google "the mucusless diet". Personally I don't think you need to go to such extremes but it might help you zero in on what is causing the problem for YOU. For starters, dairy is mucus forming for some people.

Replied by Adell
Baltimore Md

I've had nasal polyps for over 5 years. I had the surgery 3 years ago and the polyps grew back worse. I have begun to work with an acupuncturist and she had me research leaky gut syndrome. I am now on a regimen of vitamin supplements and an 80% plant based diet with very little sugar. The first week was HARD (toxin release) but I am feeling MUCH better (3 weeks so far). I am told it takes 2 to 3 months to go through this detox/rebuilding process.

Posted by Kkt3 (Castlegar, B.c., Canada) on 04/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have been reading up from this amazing site for quite some time and now will sit and explain my experience. Yes, nasal polyps are the worst. Nuff said on them. On April 13th my girlfriend switched our diet. We have been eating meals from this site, The difference has been unbelievable. The weight loss is incredible to. The polyps in my right nostril have decreased in size by at least 75%. Don't know whats farther up there. But no more bulging sinus on the right side. I now have some air flow thru that side and each day it gets a bit better. Sometimes better than other, but some. Patience being the key as it will take some time, We are trying this diet for 1 month. I have also been putting some castor oil on the bridge of my nose on the outside for the last 3 days. ACV has been a regular in my diet for a long time. What works for 1, might not work for another. Will update along the way. Keep the faith!!!

Replied by Dante
Brooklyn, Ny

I am strongly leaning on the diet solution, though I can't wait for it to take effect. I will be getting the operation and then change my diet life style. I watched Dr. Berg's video on youtube on "what causes tumors, polyps, and moles and pimples." Check him out.

Posted by Liza (Charlottesville, Va.) on 01/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've had sinus polyps for almost 20 years, have had 2 surgeries, steroid injections etc. etc. I went on a diet this summer that consisted of vegetables, fruits, and protein plus olive oil for salads. My polyps have mysteriously disappeared. I have my smell and taste back. I can only think it is diet related. gluten? wheat, yeast? I was so throroughly tested for food allergies so I'm not sure why I've had relief, but I will stay on this food plan.

Replied by K.k
Sydney, Aus

i've realised that too, for me, i think its getting rid of dairy products that is causing the reduction in polyps. i think its related to mucus or something. but i also found that its immensely difficult to keep up the clean diet regime. once you eat something 'wrong', the polyps fire up again.

Replied by J.a.
Saskatoon, Sk

Would it be possible that you send me this diet plan? I too, am thinking it's dietary that's causing my infections and loss of smell. I am desperate and I am not too keen on going for surgery. Thanks

Replied by Jannette
Ridgewood, Nj

I am wondering how long you stayed on the diet before you felt relief? Also, have you reintroduced any of the eliminated items back into your diet? I immediately react to wine so I haven't had any in over a year and have been on a restricted diet the past two weeks and still see no change.

Replied by Joanl
Arlington, Tx, Usa

I am just beginning to help my husband with his newly diagnosed nasal polyps. His right side is completely blocked, so he is having ear trouble too. My approach includes diet, cleansing, herbs, and homeopathy. Diet plan: I let him have one food at a time, fruit, oatmeal, chicken soup, plain yogurt.. (no junk! All organic! ) and would ask for reports of more or less stuffiness. Grapefruit made him stuffy.. Poor guy, he's been eating grapefruit every day for 10 months. Then I had an idea: why not use the simple test used for homeopathic remedies for food too? So: first I had him hold his left hand out, with his thumb and middle finger pressed together. I say, hold strong, and then I try to pull them apart using my two index fingers. His test was weak, I could pull them apart with little resistance. I had him hold a package of oatmeal over his belly button for a count of 8 seconds. Tried the test again while he still held it there. Strong like bull! I couldn't pull them apart. Ok, oatmeal he can eat. Tried the grapefruit. His hold came apart like wet spaghetti. No more grapefruit until he tests strong for it. The I went bananas, testing him on all sorts of things. No more coffee, beer, cashews, etc. He did fine with organic pinot noire wine, but weak on another red wine. Unfortunately, he wanted to test ME on my gluten free cookies... Sob... But I tested strong for coffee.. Yea! I could test him for anything, really, I had him hug me and he tested super strong! (thank goodness) The theory is if a substance makes your test strong, it is good for you, if it makes your test weak, then its not. Allergies can be tested this way. For free. Let me know how it goes!

Replied by Joanl
Arlington, Tx

Note: while on prednisone the test was null, he tests strong on everything, which is the drug, not him.

Replied by Joanl
Arlington, Tx

Its been 3 weeks since starting to treat polyps: allergy identification is crucial. My nasal rinse is 1/4 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp glycerin, 4 ounces of thyme tea (just brew thyme like you would any kind of tea for 10 minutes and strain), 28 ounces boiled distilled water. We use a dropper to put squirts in the nostrils, 3-4 times per day. Once in a while we add grapefruit seed extract 2-3 drops to the ounce. Excellent results!!! The thyme tea is antifungal, antiviral. Also has tannins. On Essiac tea also, brewing it at home for little money.. Its no big deal to brew small batches.

The big winner in herbs is this invention of mine: 3 parts tumeric, 3 parts ginger root, 1/2 part horseradish, 1/4 part goldenseal. (example: 3 teaspoons each of tumeric And ginger , half a teaspoon of horseradish , quarter teaspoon goldenseal) All powder forms. Capped in 00 capsules, 8-10 a day. Cheap to do if you cap your own; you can buy this stuff and the essiac tea herbs at "years to your health" here in the metroplex, or online. I have no affilliation there, just been buying there for 20 years. They ship. Husband says the herbal capsules are a huge help. The food testing is great, and for sure he is eating correctly combined foods. (no protein with starch, etc. )He feels awesome and has lost 14 pounds.

Replied by Joanl
Arlington, Tx

Allergy identified: citric acid, vinegars. Elimination of allergen=reduced polyp size by 30% within 2 days. Citric acid is in a lot of foods and vitamins, also used as a preservative.

Replied by Givemeair!
Cookeville, Tn, Usa

One of the main frustrations of having nasal polyps for years, (and trying about every conventional and wholistic remedy known) is that despite countless internet searches for information, nobody seemed to know what causes them. It turns out that, although allergies, crud in the air etc may aggravate them, the real, specific cause is now known: VEGF, or Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Look up an article on the Science Daily website called "Researchers Track Down Protein Responsible for Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Polyps". Now, VEGF (in too large amounts) enables the growth of blood vessels which in turn enable the polyps to grow.
The good news is that whereas there are drugs (complete with a range of likely side-effects) to inhibit VEGF, there are scientifically known and accepted lists of foods (and some herbs and supplements) which work as well or better, minus the side-effects. Do a search for "Dr. William Li's list of naturally anti-angiogenic foods". Also, go to PubMed and do a search for "Herbs that specifically inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor and have direct activity against angiogenesis".

I am very hopeful now of slow but steady progress toward being rid of these pesky polyps. If results take months, so what?
Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy some green tea, dark chocolate, red wine, and a bunch of delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables - especially in "green smoothies".

I will update you on any significant improvements in my condition (and the polyps have been _bad_ in recent months).

Replied by Alana
Seattle, Wa

WOW!!! I just prayed about finally finding an answer to my long battle with severe nasal polyps is the hope of avoiding another nasal surgery. My chronic asthma and allergies are no walk in the park either. Currently my right nostril has a huge polyp completely obstructing it and descending to the entrance (lovely! ), at least the left one is partially open still. Had a great day packing it off and on with 50/50 water/hydrogen peroxide plus tea tree oil to get some relief and shrinkage. The good news is, yes it truly does work, it also stings and hurts a fair bit but it is, for me at least, a way to avoid surgery, time off and the $$$ that always entails. I will be looking up the good Dr. Li's anti-angiogenic foods too. The prospect of chocolate and green tea beats the bitter herbs I've been scarfing like candy today! Thank you for the great new information! May God Bless you for so graciously sharing this news with all of us!

Replied by Raquel
Los Angeles, California

Get a food allergy test. I had 2 sinus surgeries for polyps and get fed up with my ENT who told me there was nothing I could do. I saw a holistic doctor, got a food allergy test, and when I eliminated the foods I was allergic to (wheat & dairy - common allergens), my sinus problems totally disappeared!

Dietary Changes, Probiotics and NAC  

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Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 05/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered for many years (10+) with nasal polyps and chronic sinus infections. I had other health issues but this was one that was chronic and annoying!

What helped me the most was

1) going gluten free/dairy free and

2) taking a good non-dairy pro-biotic and NAC 600mg (N-acetyl cysteine).

I haven't had a sinus infection since 2008 and I rarely get sick with colds/flu and I no longer have allergies... I know this may seem extreme but it is worth it. Hope this offers some hope!

Good Luck ~ Carleen

Replied by Lucy B

Polyps appear if you have candida overgrowth in your intestinal tract. Candida likes sugar - fruits, grains, alcohol, ect. You need to kills the candida in order to get rid of the polyps.

I just started an anti-candida program and hope it's going to work for me. I have polyps for 15 years - surgeries, steroids, fasting and what not..

Replied by Nadine
Goshen, New York

How can I eliminate all sugars from my diet?

Replied by Claire
United Kingdom, Manchester
5 out of 5 stars

After reading your posts about eliminating sugar for sinus polyps, I decided to try this. I am on day 3. Yesterday for 5 minutes I got my sense of smell back! Today I have tasted my lunch and have had my sense of smell back twice throughout the day. I have had 2 FEES operations and within 6months of each op the polyps have come back, I have tried steroids but they came back. I am allergic to dairy, they also trigger my polyps. You are a genius! You really have changed my life! People who don't have polyps won't understand. Thank you so much! Hopefully in the future having a sense of smell will be a regular thing for me :)

Replied by Ian
Hengoed, South Wales, Uk

I have suffered from polyps for about 20years, I had two operations, the first in 1997 and the second in 2000, I suffer with terrible headaches and zero sense of smell, however no affect on my sense of taste, I do have and have always had a very sweet tooth, I'm not over weight and consider myself quite fit for a 45 year old. From about September 2012 I started having flu like symptoms, these symptoms continued until eventually, my nasal passage on the left hand side, became completely blocked and the right hand side, became partially blocked, in the new year 2013 I noticed that I could feel a lump close to my nostril, a couple of days later it had dropped enough that it was almost showing outside of my nostril, enough was enough, so I visited my GP, my GP prescribed 30mg of a steroid called prednisone, to be taken for 10 days and a nasal drop called flixonase, which was to be taken as and when required, the steroid is very fast acting, within 4 hours it had shrunk up inside of my nose and within 12 hours appeared to be gone altogether, within a further 2 days my sense of smell was back and remained for about a month, which is fantastic when you consider I had spent all these years, with either very little or no sense of smell, plus the head aches, you tend too or at least in my case, live with your condition and just get on with it.

After 2 months of ending the steroid I noticed my eye sight appears to be affected, when something is too close to my eyes it is very blurry, I have always had perfect sight, then at the end of May 2013, we came back from a family holiday to Ibiza and I started developing a nasty cough, it is worse at night and morning time, I went to the doctors and as usual in the UK, they prescribed antibiotics, I still have the coughing fits to this day, back to the doctors and they now feel I have got Asthma symptoms, brought on by polyps, personally I think they are talking crap as they do not take polyps seriously enough, personally I think I'm suffering from side affected brought on by the use of a love or hate steroid, I have an appointment with a specialist 30th August 2013 about my polyps and a Astma test on the 2nd September 2013, so we will wait and see, the problem with the NHS in the UK at the moment is, that everything is geared towards cost, the doctors here will just keep shoveling tablets in to you, in other countries this is not the case, where my wife is from for instance, they diagnose the problem 100% first, before prescribing drugs, my wife as just come back from her country Latvia with my boys and while there she asked a doctor there is advice and he said the best treatment is to have them surgically removed with a laser, you have said about sugar being a cause, is very interesting to me and changing your diet by replacing carbohydrates with protein, I would like to give this a go but to be honest I have not got a clue, on how to go about it, could you or someone out there offer advice, on how best to go about this.

Replied by Karen
Clearwater, Florida, Usa

You say that you had to revert to carbs because you became so weak.... May I ask what type of carbs? Simple or Complex? Simple Carbs are what are killing America. Do you know that every grain turns into sugar? The rule I give people is avoid anything white; white sugar, white flour, potato, macaroni cheese, fries etc. You can certainly eat COMPLEX carbohydrates and eaten with protein is good. Have an avocado vinagrette instead of a Big Mac meal for example. I buy Ezekial bread - it is made with sprouts of seven grains. The sprout stage of a grain is the most nutritious, therefore this bread is FUEL for the body, unlike the white flour baked goods that go on the arse and hips. Love handles, baloney! Soft flabby bodies (from all the sugar breaking down the minerals in the body) I say. I load the Ezekial toast with REAL butter; either Irish, Danish, Australian or New Zealand (where they still haven't destroyed or watered down the butter with cheap additives) or coconut oil is great too. Second I scrape on a tiny spread of Miso (fermented soy paste that is nutritious) for a little salt flavor, add slices of avocado and pile with 2 inches of Alfalfa sprouts. This is a dieting meal for me. Try it! If you do not know these terms it is time that you researched them and learnt. Food is meant to be UNprocessed, WHOLE and nutritous for our bodies. Eating for our ancestors was not a hedonistic activity, it was an action done to run the body with the purpose of survival. When we get back to basics here in America, the population may heal itself from the diseased condition it has arrived to at present. 13 Nov. 2013

Replied by Caitlin
Ausin, Tx

Karen, loved what you said & especially this: When we get back to basics here in America, the population may heal itself from the diseased condition it has arrived to at present.

This week we learned that diabetes is now considered epidemic level around the world, particularly in the United States. Corn syrup, honey, white flour or white crystalline sugar -- it is all the same. As Gloria Swanson's husband William Dufty indicated in his book "Sugar Blues, " sugar (and grains) is as incidious a poisen as heroine & cocaine.... and can be linked to nearly all health problems in our bodies today. Before she moved to another state, a friend once told me she swore off sugar for 1 year at the funeral of her beloved father who died of diabetes complications to his eyes, organs, and limbs. She said, with sugar being the only exclusion from her diet, she lost 30 pounds and she never looked or felt so healthy and beautiful. She said it was like looking in the mirror at another person. Before and after pictures of William Dufty are the same! It is UNBELIEVABLE how sugar DESTROYS our looks, our minds, our bodies! I learned some years ago that most killers in U.S. prisons were/are sugar addicts And, when prisoners volunteered to go on experimental diets that did not include sugar, their rage/desire to kill decreased. Sugar should be labeled a dangerous poisen to all human and animal species on this planet! Dare we go there? We will see....

Peace out, Caitlin

Replied by Loraine

I have had polyps for 16 years. Now it also causes me severe sinus problems I have got so bad I have become housebound.

Replied by Paul

Hello Brian, Paul from Leeds here. I've suffered with polyps for a few years now and have tried various methods and a couple from here, the Tea Tree Oil didn't seem to work for me, my polyps are quite high up, I'm interested in your reduced sugar method. The 10% carb intake you mention, is that per day or per meal? Btw, well done for sharing your findings, it's such a terrible condition and it's so difficult to try to get good help and information for. Paul

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Posted by Suman (New Delhi, Delhi, India) on 06/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Brian, I am really grateful to you for writing about your findings here. About two months ago, my nasal polyps (I've had them for about 7 years) were at their worst and I was desperately looking for a cure. My research led me to findings similar to yours, but after reading your post in which you succinctly explain the link between sugar and nasal polyps, I was convinced that this is the way forward.

On 30 April 2012 I went off sugar completely and within 6 weeks, I had stopped mouth-breathing. My sense of smell came back gradually and is only getting better day by day. I can taste my food again! It is a gradual process where some days it may look worse especially in the beginning, but like you have mentioned, one must persevere, because it does work.

The other thing that I did was I applied Tea Tree Oil directly to my polyps with ear-buds for about a week. I believe Tea tree oil is a strong anti-fungal and many people have recommended it here too. My thinking was that if there was any surface fungal growth, that would be taken care of by the Oil.

I have also noted your additional point about reducing carbohydrates too, and I am in agreement and will put it into action.

Thanks Brian. People, this really works!

Posted by Brian (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) on 02/04/2012

This totally natural cure has worked for me, twice. I think it will work for others too, maybe not everybody but at least some. It is so simple, costs absolutely nothing, gives you back your health, your vitality and libido, your sense of smell and helps you to control your weight all at the same time. It gives you back your life.

In one sentence, all you have to do is cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible. The more sugar that is cut out, the faster the healing. It is that simple. I cut out the sugar, cured myself but lost a bit more weight than I wanted to. Having declared myself cured, reintroduced sugar to my diet to help put weight back on, which I did, but the polyps came back too. I am currently off the sugar again, polyps have gone again. Twice cured with the same reasoning is enough proof for me that this works.

I did not want to have a medical operation and went looking for a natural cure. I turned Net Detective and researched nearly every website on nasal polyps to gather clues to form a theory. I have absolutely no medical qualifications whatsoever and the theory I am about to outline is just that, my own personal theory. Here we go.

The root cause of nasal polyps is not bacterial, it's fungal. The prime suspect is Candida Albicans, which everyone has to some degree. The good bacteria in your body assist to control bad fungus. Which is why antibiotics don't work because by killing all the bacteria in your body, including the good bacteria, there are none left to control the fungus.

Fungus are extremely clever little critters. They feed on sugar and produce Ethanol as a waste product. The Ethanol confuses the receptors for the Thyroid which tell it to shut down production of Vitamin D. A Vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system and causes lethargy. Lethargy increases cravings to eat more sugar for an instant energy boost and the condition then compounds as the fungus population grows and prospers.

But wait, there's more. A white blood cell called an Eosinophil goes in to battle the fungus but with a weakened immune system, they fail dismally to win the fight. It seems they act like suicidal cluster bombs - they go to the foe and blow themselves up to take out as many of the foe as they can. When this happens in the nose, they irritate the nose membrane, the cells in the membrane fill with fluid and voila, there they are, a medical case of nasal polyps.

Operations to remove polyps, nasal sprays, potions, lotions and nasal rinses only remove the symptoms temporarily and they are not cures. The cure therefore, is to break the cycle by removing the food supply to the fungus, which is sugar. Ethanol levels thereby diminish, the Thyroid receptors kick start the Thyroid into production of Vitamin D again, which then improves the immune system which then assists the attack of the Eosinophils to win the battle of the nose.

Okay, so that's my theory. I'll admit it may not necessarily be entirely accurate in the finer details but having said that, the one thing I am sure about is that reducing sugar in my diet has eliminated my polyps. I haven't discussed my theory with my doctor, fearful of being either laughed out of his office for being ridiculous, or being thrown out for being too close to the truth and cutting out a source of his wages, and the wages of his expensive Ear Nose Throat Specialist mate who gave me useless antibiotics.

It is impossible to remove all sugar as nearly all foods have it to some extent. Just try to reduce it as much as possible so at least there is no excess for the fungus to frenzily feed on. An obvious deletion from the diet is white sugar added to coffee and on cereal - don't add sugar to anything, totally delete that option including any and all sugar substitutes. Also cut out completely ice cream, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, lollies, honey and fizzy drinks. Even fruit - I have exchanged apples and bananas for raw tomatoes. On packaged foods and drinks, I won't buy anything with more than 10% sugar content. There is usually a per 100g contents list on the package, just look at the sugar level and if it's more than 10g per 100g, don't eat it. The preference though is for levels below the 5% mark because the more sugar that gets deleted, the faster the healing.

From going no sugar, the time taken to full recovery for me on both occasions has been about 4 weeks, with every passing day getting better and better. As an added bonus, you can save a fortune on tissue paper let alone the costs of sprays, potions, lotions and the big one, the operation.

I lost weight dramatically the first time but not this second time. At a guess my metabolism has adjusted to derive more nutrients from real foods rather than depend on sugar. My diet now is fresh meat (never packaged), poultry, fish, bacon and eggs, vegetables (including fried potato chips), milk, bread, nuts (especially almonds), pizza, strawberries and cream. Even beer is okay. It's a bit like a caveman diet, but with benefits.

To conclude this post, as a suggestion, if anyone is willing to take my "no sugar" theory up, from the day of their decision, to start a daily diary and keep a record of least their weight and a degree of difficulty from 1 to 10 to breathe through the nose during the day and also the night before (1 would be very easily the nose, 10 would be mouth only). Count tissues used if you can, that would be a fun number. Some feedback would be nice as this is the first time I have shared this idea on the internet. Good luck.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

For many of us (I being one), elimination or avoidance isn't enough as the disease process and aging can be debilitating. In the severe category one would need to eliminate and avoid sugars (as much as possible) and become proactive in treatment applications.

For the burning of sugars, take ---B Complex Vit, Minerals such as Vanadium and Chromium in particular, herbs like Cinnamon, Gymnema, Mulberry. ACV is also proved sugar burner. With this combo, positive results would have to be present. Oh, also Alpha Lipoic Acid is good glucose burner.

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa

Hi Brian, Interesting post. I enjoyed reading it. One thing though - I have always been told that eating potatoes, pizza (dough and suace) and drinking beer was about the same thing as eating table sugar. The body metabolizes starches like sugar.

I don't see where you really cut out sugar much if you were eating those things. Maybe eating better over all caused you to lose weight. Perhaps being thinner put less stress on your body, allowing your immune system to work better to get rid of the polyps?

Just a thought.


Replied by Brian
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Hi Carly, Thank you for your nice comments and also your thoughts. To address the grocery items raised, an average size 200g potato has 3g of sugar (1.5%) and the packaged chips I buy from the freezer section at my supermarket (to heat up in the oven) has less than 1g of sugar per 100g on the label so I will assume even fried chips from a Fish & Chip shop or even McDonalds would be about the same. The pizza I buy which is also from the same supermarket freezer has 4.7g sugar per 100g (or 4.7%, which is under my 5% limit). I have found it impossible to find a sugar content for beer but will run with the thought that although sugar is introduced for fermentation, it gets converted to alcohol, so there is no sugar.

Starches and fats I don't care about (except Trans fats that I really do prefer to avoid). I have targeted sugar as the only food source that feeds the fungus that cause the polyps. The first time I went "no sugar" I was 56kg at the start (and had been diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency by my doctor, which was the only problem he could find that I had, so that became part of the jigsaw puzzle that I put together) so I was already thin anyway but had a bad case of polyps. I scarily bottomed out at 52kg before I reintroduced sugar to regain weight and am currently 55kg and the polyps are gone again. A net sum of 1kg loss in weight hasn't destressed my body and eliminated the polyps, it can only be the sugar.

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Hi Timh, All I can say is the headline that Earth Clinic allocated is a bit misleading. It should have read "Eliminate sugar to eliminate nasal polyps". I am in no way claiming that "no sugar" fixes everything. I had no other medical conditions except for nasal polyps and a Vitamin D deficiency (and a sore foot which I cured myself but that's another story) and the avoidance of sugar all on its own cured my polyps and restored my well being. I did not take any other pills, herbs or supplements along the way. Except I did take apple cider vinegar for about 2 weeks for first time when I went "no sugar" so yeah, maybe that's why I lost too much weight then. But the second time I went no sugar I didn't have any ACV at all (the taste is terrible and I had totally gone off it) and I still cured my polyps but didn't lose any weight. Crikey, Timh, the penny just dropped, sounds like we just discovered the best ever easiest natural way to lose weight (no sugar ACV). Thanks for that.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Brian, some supplement co's make ACV tablets but not many distributers it seems. Swanson has regular and double strength ACV tabs. So don't give up altogether and try and find some ACV tabs down under.

Also worth noting, studies show sugars like high fructose corn syrup not only make triglycerides to be stored as stubborn fat, but also suppress immune function substantially.

As for natural sweeteners ---honey, blackstrap molasses, and stevia are favorites.

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, S.a., Australia

Hey Timh, Thank you for the info about ACV tablets, I didn't know they existed. I do now believe that ACV does help a person to lose weight when on a sugar reduced diet, as you alluded to in your previous post, but that is not my intent. I am 5'7" and only weigh 55kg and would rather be putting weight on, not off. My only intent was to get rid of Nasal Polyps and I have done that no other medications, potions, lotions nor the dreaded operation, just reduced the sugar and it was a done deed 4 weeks later.

Your comment about "sugar suppresses immune function substantially" supports my theory about feeding the fungus that causes that (via the Thyroid causing Hypothyroidism, which is an underactive Thyroid function, which is whereby the immune function is reduced and also a Vitamin D deficiency both of which I was diagnosed to have had, by my doctor). Thank you for that. Anyone else reading this thinking where is the Thyroid anyway, picture it as a very small double handed grip around your upper wind pipe.

As for natural sweeteners and considering that fungus don't care what type of sugar they are being fed or where it comes from, the weight of an average teaspoonful of table sugar is about 4g, 1 tspn each of honey is 5.7g of sugar in 7g (81% sugar) and molasses is 3.7g of sugar in 6. 7g (55%) both of which are more or less the same as a tspn of table sugar and therefore no reduced sugar benefit whatsoever. Both of those products are definitely over my preferred limit of 5% and absolute limit of 10% sugar content. Artificial sweeteners I avoid like arsenic. Just Google "stevia good or bad" and your head will spin where to look first. If it was good, why is bad even an option. Cheers.

Replied by Anjomac
Woodstock, On

Brian, Thanks for the info on eliminating sugar for nasal polyps. I had come across this the last time I had bad polyps and had completely forgotten when I got this round. This got me looking into it again. In addition to reducing sugar and starving the candida, it seems that you need to increase the Probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus?) in your system as well. Maybe that's the beer in your diet doing its work. I'd be interested to hear about your foot cure as well. Thanks

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Anjomac. I do think nurturing the good bacteria in the gut is important. I believe they control the fungus in their vicinity, so there are no cavalry left to charge to the nose after the Eosinophils have won their battle and the irritations to the nasal lining stop. Before I formed my theory and after the last round of useless antibiotics that the specialist prescribed, I did have a lot of Organic Yoghurt (12% sugar) that contained acidophilus, bifidus and casei cultures, to help repopulate the bacteria in the gut. I have sworn off Antibiotics ever again, that is definitely a bad move, except of course if they are needed to save my life. Beer is best in moderation (Aussies love a good BBQ - just don't eat the pavlova :) and can only say an occasional social beer doesn't impede the cure and I doubt if it has any bacterial benefit. Reduce sugar to 5% of product though and the curing starts at the exact same moment. Let me know how you go. Give me a month or so too and I will make a post about curing my sore foot, suffice to say the cure will contain the word "barefoot" a lot. Good luck.

Replied by Belinda
Cape Town, South Africa

I've suffered with polyps for nearly 20 years now and have had two operations neitehr of which has been all that successful. Yes, I can breathe, but I cannot smell or taste anything without taking oral steroids. My doctor will no longer prescribe them due to the long term side effects, and I am desperate. I also had a aprtial thyroidectomy four years ago and although I take medication, I am permanently tired and am becoming depressed as a result. I am excited to read this post which theorises on the linking between the two. I shall begin my sugar elimination regime NOW!!! And hope for some relief.

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Belinda. Sounds like you have done it tough for 20 years but welcome to my theory about the cause of nasal polyps and the 4 week cure. Forget the oral steroids, I tried them too, also expensive steroid nasal sprays. The trick is to reduce the sugar to the barest minimum because it is impossible to eliminate sugar completely from the diet. Here are two more tips I haven't mentioned before:

1) Besides the sugar content displayed on packaged foods, if you google or search 'nutrition data' you will find a site (no affiliations, not even a member) with all the sugar content of natural foods. Don't eat any fruit or natural food with more than 5% sugar content of total weight and the curing occurs.

2) The condition worsens initially and you may think this is a wasted effort, but please persevere. As the nasal polyps shrink and the passages to the sinuses reopen, there is a lot of trapped gunk up there that finally comes out. Take this as a positive sign of healing in action, it will soon pass.

In about 4 weeks time, it would be great to hear about your progress.


Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

But wait, there's one more tip.

3) Vitamin D may well be a critical factor. Good sources are eggs and fish which are definitely on the menu, or there are supplements, but the best source is sunlight, which is free. Vitamin D deficiency can be determined with a simple blood test but regardless of that result, try to get 5 to 10 minutes of direct sunlight on as much of your body as you can without sunscreen lotion (and without offending the neighbours :) about twice a week. (My theory includes Vitamin D boosting the immune system to provide the knock out blow to the fungi.)

Replied by Kathryn
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

To Brian from Adelaide, Australia... You mentioned that the thyroid produces Vitamin D... The human body produces Vitamin D through skin exposure to UVB rays from the sun... The liver and kidneys are involved with the conversion... the thyroid isn't involved with the conversion process within the body.

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Kathryn. It was unintentional if I implied that vitamin D is produced by the thyroid. My intent was to say that the thyroid controls the production of vitamin D and I did omit the explanation for that in my original post for the sake of some brevity.

You are quite right. When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation it converts a cholesterol derivative in the skin into calciferol, or vitamin D3. The calciferol travels in the blood to the liver where it undergoes a first conversion and then on to the kidneys for a second conversion into calcitriol. Calcitriol is the biologically active form of Vitamin D. However, the link with the thyroid is that the conversion in the kidneys is promoted by a hormone released by the thyroid.

My theory is, when the thyroid receptors are confused by ethanol into thinking there is enough vitamin D in the body, then the thyroid shuts down the release of the hormone which is needed by the kidneys to enable the second stage conversion, which then results in a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is crucial to the proper functioning of the immune system. My theory included affecting the ability of the Eosinophils to battle the fungi residing in the nose - in a weakened state, they accidentally irritate the nasal lining instead, which then causes the polyps to form which then causes the breathing difficulties.

I theorised that the weakest link in this eternal loop of misery was to reduce the ethanol produced by the fungi by reducing sugar in the diet. This would not only starve the fungi but also un-confuse the thyroid, get vitamin D production going again to boost the immune system and thereby give more grunt to the Eosinophils to do their job properly and provide the knock-out blow to them.

I'll now take this opportunity to make an important alteration to my theory and therefore the diet strategy, that being in every post I have made so far:


About 5 weeks ago I had nasal polyps reform with a vengeance, worse than ever before. I was eating low sugar foods but they were high in total carbohydrates. Remembering what Carly from Seattle said, I took her clue and went to the next level and limited the foods in my diet to Total Carbohydrates of 10% of Volume. The body does need carbohydrates for energy, I'm not saying go to zero level, just back them off. I can only guess that being deprived of simple sugars, my body got more efficient at metabolising the sugars in the more complex carbohydrates, the starches.

So out went the pizza, potatoes, oven baked chips and crumbed fish. The fungal die off stage was the worst ever this time - sniffling, snortling and nose blowing 24/7 for about 2 weeks. I persevered through it all, staying with the revised theory and then suddenly in the space of 48 hours, almost miraculously, I went from full blown symptoms to absolutely no symptoms at all.

The result the third time is the same as my first two efforts with simple sugars, cured again. The polyps have either gone or shrunk away and I am breathing free and easy again. Life is so much better without them and I'm not about to invite them back soon - I'll stay with the 10% carbs plan instead.

Replied by Robbie
London, England
5 out of 5 stars

You are my new God!!! Ten years of these tyrannical polyps, and this sugar free idea is working wonders. It's day five of my new diet, and my snoring has completely stopped. My voice isn't nasal anymore, food tastes better, and I can breathe through my nose for the first time since my op, (five years ago) and every day it's getting better and better. Got the shock of my life when I smelt my shower gel this morning, forgot how amazing the sense of smell is! Literally feel like a superhero walking around. Thank you so much for sharing your findings, you have literally changed my life! - one happy dude!!! :-)

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Robbie. That is great news! Cured in 5-days is a truly amazing feat and I too had very early success with just cutting out simple sugars. But I am fearful your polyps will reform as mine did (the fungi that are the root cause are very resilient). Perchance they do, please remember to limit all Carbohydrates to 10% of product consumed and then just persevere for renewed success.

The most successful anti fungal/anti polyp diet should consist of nothing but lean meat, eggs, nuts and low carb vegetables (luckily I love steak or lamb chops & 3 veg, beef & veg stews, mince meat recipes, almonds, strawberries & cream and for breakfast, bacon & eggs alternated with avocado & yoghurt). No other fruit except tomatoes. No cheese. Also limit caffeine which prompts the liver to dump large doses of sugar into the blood stream. I will admit I do eat wholemeal bread at 37% carbs as toast under the bacon & eggs and also for a work lunch sandwich but I offset the bread with low carb fillings so the total carbs in the meal itself is under 10%.

I don't believe this is a lifelong sentence and at a guess may need between 4-6 months before safely reintroducing sugary products again but by then, the yearn for sugar (read poison) has hopefully diminished anyway.

Thank you for the Yea!

Replied by Jannette
Ridgewood, Nj

Last year I was gluten/dairy free for 5 months and while my congestion was less I still never got my sense of smell back. So gradually I reintroduced gluten and my symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, etc. ) returned.

I decided to try again with gluten/dairy free and this time I also eliminated sugar. It's been 4 weeks and again symptoms are better but still no sense of smell.

Are everyone else's polyps in their nose? Mine are not, they are higher up in my sinuses. (I have always been able to breathe through my nose) I wonder if nasal polyp location makes a difference?

Also, if you have eaten anything with sugar do the polyps immediately return, or can you "cheat" on occasion and still be okay?

I plan to continue this diet through the summer and hope for the best. Would love to hear more feedback from those of you who have been successful with eliminating sugar.

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Jannette, the lower the polyps hang the longer the cure time, is all. Lower polyps would mean a greater level of infection. So to have high polyps but with symptoms means you are doing most things right but not quite there. Gluten and high carbs are married (any type of flour product delivers both). Forget the gluten, just read the carbs level on the package and stay under 10% of product. Which means bread won't qualify but you can cheat on that one if you offset with low carb toppings (bacon & eggs on toast, for example). Dairy products, milk and cream seem fine, just go easy on cheese and only eat unflavoured yoghurt. All of these can be found under 10% carbs.

Apart from cheating by offset, I would urge no other cheating until you are nose breathing 100% of the time, especially sleep time. Cheating just throws the yeast infection a sugar coated life jacket to hang on longer. Then when feeling confident, gradually reintroduce slightly higher carbs and some cheat times, but be prepared to back off immediately if any symptoms recur and try again later. Good luck and would love to hear that you can smell the roses again before the Summer is over.

Replied by Jannette
Ridgewood, Nj

Thanks Brian for your input/insight. I have eliminated all carbs, dairy, and sugar (I think). My diet mainly consists of eggs, leafy greens, protein, beans and some vegetables and brown rice. I only drink green/herbal teas and water.

I will stay the course and hope to get my sense of smell back soon-I will let you know when it does!

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Janette. Thanks for listing your main diet items so I can help you. It's actually a good diet for a polyps cure and explains why you have "higher up" polyps but the one item stopping your final cure is the brown rice it's about 23% carbs of product which translated, means every 4th spoonful is akin to a spoonful of pure sugar. Please, read the carbs level on the label. Also, I really do encourage reintroducing dairy. The yeast infection lowers Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is necessary to not only improve the immune system to finally eliminate the yeast and therefore the polyps but is also vital for calcium absorption. Calcium is needed for healthy bones and dairy products are a great source of calcium. Please, do not put yourself at risk of developing osteoporosis too.

Replied by Doeboymcjc

Hello, I have had polyps for 5 years a one operation. I am on day 3 of the no sugar diet. I will keep you posted with my results.

NO smell and still blocked up all the time atm. I am also trying tea tree oil (please still my posts above referring to tea tree oil). Peace.

Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Doeboymcjc. I've never bothered with potions and lotions. I truly believe the cause is a yeast infection and the only way to eradicate the yeast is to stop feeding them sugar, which means reducing carbohydrates in your diet. I now call it my 10% Plan. I am also starting to think that us polyp sufferers have a direct metabolic link to our Paleo ancestry and that we are not meant to consume carbohydrates. I am so convinced that my theory works that if you, or anyone else for that matter, would like my help to achieve the 10% Plan that you "[email protected]" (email me) "chariot(dot)net(dot)au" with reference to Earth Clinic in the subject line to avoid unread deletion. My advice is absolutely free and it takes about one month to achieve a truly remarkable and virtually miraculous cure. I do stress however, that one must be prepared to reduce consuming sugar so as not to waste my time. Cheers : )

Replied by Doeboymcjc

Hi, just an update from my last post, Sunday 19th August 2012: on 23rd August I stopped using the TTO as it made my nose completely blocked and would run for about 2 hours after use. I am not going to do this again, EVER. Sorry to those who swear by it. For me it is a waste of time as it feels like i'm going backwards.

I am still on my no sugar diet but have reintroduced carbs as I realised that I was becoming so weak that I could not think properly. I am on my forth week of the no sugar diet and still no results. I DID however get my smell back for about 2 hours in the evening on Saturday 1st September and it was sensational! But it went as soon as it came, pretty much. I am using my Micromist still three times daily. No sugar is a killer as I crave sweet things but I guess it's healthier and good for my teeth. So when my dentist asks me how I got such amazing teeth my answer will be "polyps" ;)

If this diet does not work after 1 month then i'm going to try something called 'Sinus Wars 13'. It's supposed to be a cure at about 70 a bottle. It's not a natural cure like the no sugar diet, but i'm desperate. I hate this condition.

I will keep y'all posted. Thanks.


Replied by Brian
Adelaide, Sth Aus, Australia
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This week I saw my doctor on a matter apart from polyps but while I was there, I did ask for a nose examination. Without any declaration all he said was "How did you do that?" So me, the patient, then told the doctor how I cured my polyps.

The cure is free. It doesn't come in a bottle there are no magic potions, lotions or sprays and operations are a useless waste of time and money. All you need to do is swap the energy source you get from carbs and go high on protein at the same time. My absolute recommended low carb limit is 10% of product and there are no limits on protein bacon and eggs, all meat products, beef, lamb, poultry and fish- the diet of our paleo ancestors. Generally, serve with above ground and not below ground veggies (potatatoes & parsnip are the worst) but also avoiding corn, nuts and fruit.

To appease the sweet tooth, surprisingly, strawberries and cream are okay. It's the sweet tooth that gets one into this mess so it's denying the sweet tooth that is the only way out. From experience, the yearn for sugar does subside in due course. And also, if one is a Vegan, sorry to have to say it but you may never find a cure.

What I said to the doctor is this. Low carb, high protein. The problem is a yeast infection of the nose. The yeast feed on sugar in the diet and produce ethanol (read alcohol, which causes brain-fog) as well as compromising the thyroid which compromises Vit D levels and in turn compromises the immune system which is supposed to control the alien yeast infection. The immune system desperately needs help and the only way to do that is to reduce carbs in the diet, reduce the ethanol, unconfuse the the thyroid, boost the Vit D, boost the immune system response and win the battle. All for free just by changing the carbs intake to less than 10% of product and go high on protein to maintain energy and weight levels. And it takes about a month to get there if you don't cheat. Cheers :)

Replied by Doeboymcjc
London, UK
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Hi, just an update. I am on week 5 of my no sugar diet and still no changes. I cannot smell and my nose is still blocked up therefore I still have orange mucous.

After reading the posts on this forum I understand the problems that arise with yeast and carbs but with my job (winter sports salesperson and photographer) and my love of sports it will be almost impossible to eliminate sugar, carbs and yeast from my diet. Sugar is enough! I am going to buy a product called ______. This is supposed to irradicate all polyps and the reviews look great from people who have tried it.

Brian - thanks for the help with your posts. I have now lost about a stone with the no sugar diet ;)

I will keep you posted with any results with ____. Its not a natural cure but I'm fed up.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Doeboymcjc, I know both my husband and my oldest daughter found it is the elimination of both sugar AND dairy which gave them the results they wanted. They both know to stay away from dairy especially and when they give in to it, the results are immediate! Mucus, olfactory issues, swelling of the throat, itching ears and more. Enough to make them ask themselves, Is it worth it?! Sometimes they do it anyway... I always wonder why?! Lisa

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus, Australia

My original theory on a yeast infection being the true cause of nasal polyps included the extension that it also caused corruption of the Immune System. It could also be that the reactions to dairy that Lisa described “Mucus, olfactory issues, swelling of the throat, itching ears and more” are also caused by a corrupted Immune System, which identifies the proteins in dairy as an invasion, releases antibodies in response, which in turn release histamines which then cause the bad reaction.

I will further theorise that it should then follow that the ability to consume dairy products without any ill effects would confirm a healthy Immune System. Conversely, a bad reaction would therefore confirm a corrupted Immune System which in turn, must then confirm a yeast infection as the cause of the corruption.

Yeast infection can only be eliminated by diet, by removing their carbohydrate food source being sugar and starch. Low Carb diets abound and can be quite confusing. I ignore them all and apply a 10% Carbs Content Rule to stand alone and products in combination meals. There are only three simple qualifications to apply:

  • Convert the Total Carbohydrates total on packaged products to a percentage by weight or volume. Avoid any over 10% unless to be combined with a lower offset.
  • Determine carbs content in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds by researching ‘nutrition data'. The site I use, typing “raw” after a product limits the result.
  • To maintain energy levels, consume protein in moderation and healthful fats without restriction but totally avoid all products containing trans fats.

High carb diets are also implicated in probably all of the major ailments that befall the world today, even including cancer. The only happy people are surgeons and owners of white collar drug companies and their shareholders.

Life is all about choices. People can also legally choose to either smoke or not and one is a healthier option than the other. In a perfect world, everybody would live their life without medical expenses. I have been polyp free and medication free for a long time now and instead of thinking Low Carb as being a restrictive diet, I think of it as a lifestyle choice. It isn't a diet anymore, it's simply a better way of life and easily the best choice.


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Brian from Australia,

Concerning loss of sense of smell. I did enjoy your post and your fine analytical style.

If you google "google scholar" and then "reasons for loss of sense of smell" you'll find a number of scientifically inclined papers which discuss a primary reason for loss of smell as

......Infection. And next,

......Lesions from some trauma to the nose/head.

For infections, I use colloidal silver to knock out viruses and for the lesions the use of serrapeptase, the enzyme which seems to have the ability to dissolve tissue structure. For instance, "serrapeptase scare tissue."

Other possible causes but of the articles that come up under the search I mentioned, those two seemed to be the most common.

On the "yeast infection" theory, very close to being "right on" but also might be viral. So if this were me, I'd at least try colloidal silver. I use CS as an irrigation; if it stings, I know an infection is present. I have to repeat many times to completely knock out the infection.

"Cheer" back at you.

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus, Australia

Hi Dave. Your intent was excellent and I thank you for that, but I think you responded to a misleading heading not of my choosing that appeared in Real-Time Posts. Please understand my sense of smell is totally functional and it was all due to the Elimination of Sugar that did in fact restore it. Also, as well as nasal polyps, every other health issue I acquired from a high carb diet has been eliminated since adopting a 10% Low Carb Lifestyle. I don't take chemical treatments of any sort, which empowers my body chemistry to do its natural job, which further eliminates the need for treatments. It's simple but it works. Cheers.

Replied by Tanveer
Sydney, Austtralia
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Brian, I must admit I was a bit sceptical about sugar being the driving force behind my nasal flares, but your logic made sense and as I had tried everything else I decided to give your suggestions a go and wow, I can't believe how wrong I was, I am on my second month of low sugar diet and never in my life do I remember waking up in the middle of night and breathing through my nose, I used to have constant tension in my nasal passage due to inflammation, I have slight dust-mite allergy but the sugar in my diet was fuelling the allergy ten folds, I was bed ridden at least few times a month due to constant runny and itchy nose This was really ruining my career and life so much so that I had discussed with my family to go under knife,

One thing I would like to point out is that I have not completely eliminated all sugar from my diet, I still have my fruits but have eliminated all sugar that I used to add to my tea coffee (at least 4 cups a day), no fizzy drinks for me, no sweets but due to me being gym junkie I need to have protein shakes that do have sugar in them but that does not seem to have created any problems, may be because I burn more than I consume.

What is amazing is that even lowering my sugar intake has given me my life back, I can only see it getting better if I eliminate more sugar.

Other benefits I found by lowering my sugar intake were, my teeth seem to be glossy and whiter, As mentioned earlier that I am a gym junkie, I found that my sweat does not smell at all, I had read somewhere that the body odour is caused by bacteria feeding off sweat and it's their faeces that give out the foul smell, I guess their digestive system does not cope with sugar very well either ;-) (This would be something for people who are fed up with finding a chemical free cure for body odour),

I also find my energy and attention levels are stable (I feel I am able to focus better now, may be because my body does not go through sugar spikes anymore which allows me to stay focused longer).

I hope people find this helpful as I had,

Thanks again, Tanveer

Replied by Brian

Congratulations, Tanveer. I know going Low Carbs is not an easy decision to make, but as well as beating the polyps, please also take comfort in the many other health benefits you now possess. Such as, vastly reduced risks of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and possibly even cancer, to name a few. The longer sugar is reduced the easier it gets to resist it and then find ways to reduce it even more. I agree the more you exercise the higher your sugar tolerance will be, which is why you are getting away with the fruit and protein shakes. If you ever stop exercising though, please ensure you make the necessary adjustments. I hadn't thought of the body odour benefit before, suffice to say, all I do to avoid scented aluminium based expensive commercial deodorants, is make a cheap chemical free mix of 2 level teaspoons of bicarbonate soda per 100ml of aloe vera juice in a spray bottle. It doesn't stop sweating, which is a natural body function that shouldn't be stopped anyway, but it sure does stop odour. Cheers.

EC: Hi Brian!

Yesterday we posted on Earth Clinic's Facebook account about your wonderful thread. Here it is if you haven't seen it yet!

Replied by Phil
Sydney, AU

40 years of chronic sinusitis (the last 25 with polyps), 4 surgeries, so many unsuccessful diets I can't begin to list them all. Encouraging signs after 48 hours of Low Carbs. Fingers crossed.

Replied by Pnokeo

Hello Brian,

I just stubble on the Earth Clinic site and read your threads. I was very excited about the recommendation you provided because I am a polyp and asthma suffer. I'm looking for some permanent relief. One year ago I started the process of cleaning up my diet and eliminated table sugar, along with most dairy products. I had stop eating red meat more than 14 years ago. My diet consist mostly of fruits, nutra-bullet smoothies, turkey and fish.

In addition, I lost my sense of smell and taste about 11 years now.

About two weeks ago when I found the Earth Clinic site, I tried one of the recommendations, the tea tree oil. As a result, I am able to sleep well, stop snoring and breathe through my nose for the first time by not using oral steroids. Also, after three days of using the tea tree oil, diluted with water, I sniffed inward and felt something roll to the back of my throat..I think it was a polyp??during my physical last year my doctor had said I had a large polyp higher up in my sinus??Unfortunately, I'm still not able to smell or taste.

What else can you recommend that would help me regain my smell and taste?

I await your reply. Many Thanks, Troy

Replied by Myway

Troy, do your research on Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil). I take a teaspoon once in am and once at night to help reduce inflammation for asthma. I just about have this asthma licked (former Advair user). I don't have polyps but the black seed oil may have a stabilizing effect on your body chemistry hence, improve taste and smell. Perhaps do some reading my Michael Smith, MD on this topic. Just google his name. All the best.

MyWay, :D

Replied by Derrick

I blend a lot of fruit. So did you really eliminate all sweet fruit in your diet? I also heard gluten/dairy causes polyps insome people. I wonder if that's because most dairy comes from cows with bovine growth hormones (causing lactose intolerance?) Unless the wheat is organic, it is GMO wheat. I wonder if that's the reason people get gluten allergies...

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus

Hi Derrick. Yes, I eliminated all sweet fruits, especially bananas, pears and apples. Even today I only consumed fruits with less than 10% carbs by content. That's regardless my nasal polyps disappearing several years ago and have never returned since. The replacement fruits I found have far better nutrition values and offer a greater and healthier variety to choose from.

You are on the right track with the gluten connection, which I hereby formally add to the opening theory, as being the absolute starting point for developing polyps. Dairy intolerance and food allergies are more likely a side effect from the damage caused by gluten. Only buy meat from a reputable butcher who procures product from pasture raised sources. Avoid wheat, barley, rye and all cereal, flour, pastry and pasta products therefrom, whether or not they are organic or GMO. They are all above the 10% carbs limit protocol anyway.

Replied by Marie
Randolph, Ma

I am fighting nasal polyps anti biotic & predisone I am going to try your method. Sounds very good. I am trying to stay away from surgery but this can drive you crazy was always healthy & the last 8 months miserable glad I found your article.

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus

Marie, both antibiotics and prednisone have no effect on polyps and can actually worsen the condition and cause even more ill health, then surgery is offered for, at best, temporary relief for a few months. The invitation in my post dated 08/25/2012 still stands, it just needs a little deciphering.

Replied by William
Scottsdale Az

Sugar fits the proper definition of a schedule one drug. Think about it. Does great harm, extremely addictive (if you don't think so just try eliminating it completely from your diet if that is even possible?), has no medicinal value (please do not include baby laxatives or getting baby to drink more water because that is a certain method of addicting babies and children and yes even if used sparingly and better methods should be employed). Does that about cover it?

Replied by Meredith

Hi Brian, I have had nasal polyps for 12 years have had surgery 2 times and refuse to have it again. My polyps come back so quickly. I've done allergy shots, accupunture, nasal rinses, gone gluten free (don't think I stuck with it long enough), tea tree oil etc. I have a sweet tooth and candy is my weakness. Over this past year my nose has gotten so bad that I am miserable. My doctors keep telling me I have 3 options- 1-do nothing 2-steriods and antibiotics or 3- surgery. In the past I have continued to choose option #2. But like you have said it does not cure them. So once I finish the course of steriods I am back to being completely stuffed up. So here I am and I am ready to stop and to cut sugar out of my diet. I want to feel better! I am so thankful that you have shared your experiences and will keep you posted on my progress.

Replied by Dennis
Greenwich, London, Uk

Can you please tell me what AVC stands for? Thanks!

EC: AVC = Apple Vinegar Cider

Replied by Debbie

I've suffered with this for soooo long. The word suffer actually does not describe how awful it's been. I have the worst sweet tooth so it's going to be super difficult but it actually makes 100% sense. I've tested positive for mould allergy which I believe is all linked.

I am unable to breathe at all through my nose, I have visible polyps in each nostril and awful pressure in my sinuses, my ears are always blocked and I have had no sense of smell or taste for more years than I care to remember. It's truly miserable and embarrassing!

I'm doing this TODAY!

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus

Pnokeo from Bahamas, sorry for the late response but polyps and asthma do often occur together. I believe the cause for both are yeast infections. However, your "large polyp higher up" may not be a polyp and instead be a prolapse in your nasal cavity. A prolapse will also cause breathing and smell issues. Refer to your doctor for that possibility.

William from AZ, you are spot on, sugar is an addictive drug.

Meredith from MA, there is a 4th option, which is cut out sugar. But the medical cartel will not tell you to do that or how to do that.

Debbie from Dorset, it is probably easier for a smoker to quit smoking than for a sweet toothed person to quit sugar. You need to possess a massive amount of perseverance. Starting from breakfast, monitor your food items to be under 10% carbs per volume per each and go further into the day as you progress. For breakfast, I choose from example items such as avocado with flaxseed oil, soft boiled eggs - salted, spinach leaves and oven baked bacon. When you can string one month together, the polyps will disappear. After that happens, keep it going for another month and then monitor your food items to be under 10% carbs for any one meal. You can eat meat and potatoes again one day and in the interim, to appease the sweet tooth, strawberries and cream do qualify. All the best.

PS My email address posted 08/25/2012 has been cancelled.

Eliminate Yeast From Diet  

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Posted by Greg (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 02/01/2010
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Hello other nasal polyp sufferers,

I had nasal polyps for 21 years and have done years of reseach on their causes, and have had just about every medication available,they are all temporary.I had write in as I know how they can affect your life.The real cause of nasal polyps in my case was a yeast allergy. If you change your diet to vegetables, some fruits, and fish and meat you will eradicate your polyps.You must do this for at least three months maybe longer, to eradicate the bad yeast infection in your digestive system, with vitamins and minerals,good luck, greg from aus

Replied by K.k
Sydney, Aus

Strangely enough, eventhough the cause of my polyps were dust mite allergy, with an ongoing 'clean' diet i found that it was effective at reducing my polyps. i dont think the positive results in my case was from cutting out yeast though.

Essiac Tea  

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Posted by Brenda (San Antonio, Texas) on 06/24/2010
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got a good story about polyps: seen them go away in 2 wks using these four herbs in liquid or caps: they are sheep sorrel, burdock, turkey rhubarb and slippery elm. you can find many products with this combination. good luck, brenda

EC: Brenda is referring to the herbs commonly known as Essiac Tea.