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Effective Natural Remedies for Managing Sinus Polyps


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Posted by Determined (Traverse City, Mi, Usa) on 11/01/2011

After reading threads about bloodroot I decided to give it a shot. I had just run a course of steroids for my nasal polyps, so having a clean slate, was a great time. For the last week I have been using the following concoction in my neti pot: 1/2tsp salt, 12 drops of bloodroot tincture, filled to 3/4 with the hottest tap water, then topped off with H2O2.

I have been using this once a day, and my sinuses just don't appear to be producing a fraction of the mucus. I am unsure if it is to drying, but drying of any sort is a vast improvement.

Replied by Determined
(Traverse City, Mi)

Just a follow up:

The sinus rinse with the neti pot has been doing it's part. I went to a homeopathic web site,and put nasal polyp into the search box. It brought up three homeopathics for control of nasal polyps. I ordered them and have been taking them for over a month now. My sinus creates half of the mucus it would otherwise, and I can always clear it out at the beginning of the day.

Replied by Cyndi

Hey, just wanted to say I would advise against using tap water. It can contain deadly parasites. Always use distiled bottled water. It's very rare but it can happen a few people have died from using tap water in their pot.

Replied by Mandy
(Colorado Springs, Co)

I always boil my water for 5 minutes.

Replied by Joanna

Can you share what you found on the homeopathic site? you can e-mail me: [email protected]

Posted by Seth (South Bend, IN) on 02/07/2009

I have nasal polyps and have tried everything including surgery to remove them with no success. I read that blood root was used before western medicine to successfully treat polyps. I'd like to know if black salve can be used to treat nasal polyps.

Replied by Chad
(Anchorage, Alaska)

yeah, i am also looking at Bloodroot for treatment of nasal polyps, but can't find any information about it. wonder why? i do have extensive experience with the black salves, and know the positive/negative aspects of bloodroot, but seeing no decent alternative to nasal polyps, i am curious about mixing 1 Tblspn of Bloodroot and 1 Tblspn of Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2) in 8oz (240ml) of water, and using the tea as a nasal spray ... gosh, with 7 billion people in the world, i'd think someone has already tried this! do i have to be the guinea-pig? :)

Replied by Amanda
(Coloma, Michigan)

In reference to bloodroot, you must look into the following books:Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss- one of the best and most reliable books on herbal usage available. It has also much information about food, nutrition, exercise, it also has the botanical names of plants, which is very important. It has information on blood root.

"The way of Herbs" by Michael Tierra. Another very extensive and also talks about blood root.

Well, truth of the matter of it is that bloodroot certainly does work for everything from nose polyps to using it as an ink or dye for clothes. It can be used as an emetic, a stimulate, and as a topical application for pain. Now, when you go to look for it on the Internet, it will probably be expensive. But the truth of the matter is that it grows wild near ponds and similar water ways. It is literally littered all over the nearby woods along the river banks and ponds. I recommend to save yourself some money and also increase your intelligence, get a book with colored pictures for wild flowers and fauna of north America and go out and find some. It should be gathered in the early spring. But, please do get these books, they are wonderful and the authors know what they're talking about which means you are in safe hands taking their instruction, of course if you ask the doctor he'd rather cut into your face than admit an herb ( a natural gift from our Creator) would work. In truth, nutrition, herbs and exercise along with a constructive interest( such as natural medicine) are all you need to cure anything from a sore throat to skin cancer and even aids and syphilis. So, good luck! And remember, let's use all that has been given to use to keep us on the right track.

Replied by Sylvie
(Gloucester, Uk)

Bloodroot does NOT harm skin tissue, in fact it is quite the reverse! I used a blood root salve on my Mother's skin cancer and it removed it within 3wks and without any scar tissue whatsoever. My friend had the same type of skin cancer and much younger than my Mother, however she chose to have a Doctor remove it and now has a horrible scar about the size of a 50p coin. It is quite deep too, so compare that - a 40yrs woman left scarred opposed to a 99yrs old woman with no scar? The article on the blood root herb was a disinformation article clearly. I bought this salve from a man who was quite recently, mysteriously dragged onto a plane literally by 'men in black' in Equador and he has never been seen again since?!

Replied by Gailforce66
(Chicago, Il)

Sylvie, I have collected Bloodroot previously and have also been driven off by the disinformation. The older generation in my native Apalachia used it for many ailments but I fear it has been lost. The man in who was taken in Equador is very interesting.... Did he routinely make herbal medicines? I'm sure this would make him a target as the codex alimentarius was supposedly passed in the UK? Also, did he list ingredients on his salve? I make my own salves and would be very interested. Thanks for the post.

Replied by Terezia
(Dallas, Tx)

I'd like to testify on behalf Bloodroot.

I myself have just used the very Black Salve sold by the above mentioned gentleman, who had been jailed, chased out of the country, harassed and kidnapped for making the original Black Salve, so effective, it removes skin cancer in a week.

His name is Greg Caton, his family still operates in Equador, under Alpha Omega Labs.

The Black Salve I received from him, removed 5 cancers from my face, out of which one was on the tip of my nose.The salve does not harm the skin in the 12 hours it has to be kept on. It causes rosiness, similar to the effect of dry-brushing.

But it instantly reveals cancer, causing it to become black, as it is literally eating it away, until it becomes a black stub and falls out.

I've done my research before getting Black Salve, and decided to do it after finding the video on Youtube about the lady who had enough of being butchered by doctors, and who's nose cancer healed perfectly, leaving no scar.

That is because by cutting, the cells are mutated. The Black Salve on the other hand, removes the harmful cells in full, leaving the healthy ones untouched, and the body takes care of the healing process, just like it does when you fall and cause damage to your tissues.

Black Salve removed a green pea size of malignant tissue out of my nose, leaving me with a hole. But of course it instantly started to fill up. Right now it is completely filled up, and there still is a flat little scab on the top of my nose, which I'm patiently waiting for to fall.... especially because I haven't been outside for two weeks :)

The important thing is not to remove the scab, but wait for it to fall off.

So on whatever problem you may apply the Black Salve, don't panic when it starts removing malignant tissue, it is the best surgery you can get, and it will heal just like any other wound heals on your body.

My Best to Everyone,

God Bless you People

Replied by G
(Nyc, Ny)

Terezia: which product did you buy from this company.... Ie Bloodroot Paste; Cansema Salve. Also, when I clicked to get estimated shipping costs, I could not find the U. S. on the list of countries. Thank you.

Replied by Terezia
(Dallas, Usa)

The USA site of the A&O Labs is

Carrot and Black Grape Juice, Coffee

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Posted by Joule (Denpasar, Bali Indonesia) on 11/08/2017

Hi everyone there!

I have got sinus polyps in my nose almost 4 years two of both in my nose. At first, I tried coconut oil mix with tea tree oil. And after 1 weeks I felt its good. But they are came back again. And I hear from my grandfather, he told me to drink carrot and black grapes juice, and black coffee without sugar.

I mixed carrot and black grapes juice and I drink, after two minutes, I drink black coffee without sugar. In one week, I felling better and sleep better. I watting in three weeks and my sinus polyps gone completely. And now I feel free sinus polyps for one year. Thanks.


Joule Yon

Replied by Priscilla

Are you serious, I have been living with them off and on for 12 years, have had 3 surgeries, but they have returned. I have been trying teatree/melaluca essential oil, apple cider vinegar, but nothing is shrinking the polyps. I would like to try your remedy, but my stomach can be sensitive to coffee after a couple days I start to get a lot of heart burn. Is black grape juice the same as purple grape juice? I hope it works!

Replied by Mahfuza
(United Kingdom)

Hi, do u buy carrot and black grapes juice or make juice at home from the fresh black grapes and carrots?

It's been 25 years I am suffering from nasal polyps, I had done two operation, 2nd one had on 2012. however I never feel better after operation. Polyps back. I am using flixonase nasule drops, steroid spray doesn't help.

Thanks you in advance for your information.

(Montreal, QC)

Those Flixonase drops are a waste of time. Never worked for me. For a period Betnesol drops worked, but they no longer work either. I suspect the maker changed the formula. So it's in my hands now to look for a natural remedy.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Rowena (Canberra) on 08/06/2021

Thank you to everyone praising the benefits of castor oil for nasal polyps. I have been afflicted with this for 20 years. I've had surgery which was life changing (deviated septum), however every now and then they would return. I am using a tiny spoon of castor oil in my nose and I was able to breathe within hours. I'm still unwell and recovering from seasonal flu, but castor oil is providing excellent relief. Thank you to you all.

Castor Oil
Posted by Sgd (Dayton, Ohio) on 12/18/2012

Sinus Polyps: I took a tea spoonful castor oil daily about 6 days for three weeks before seeing my ENT doctor. He told me that there were no polyps in my sinuses. It was unbelievable, for I had polyp surgeries twice in the past. Castor Oil works for me.

Replied by Sgd
(Dayton, Oh Ohio)

I am modifying my statement. I am not quite sure how many weeks I have taken a teaspoonful castor oil. It could be six day of one or two weeks, not three.

Replied by Hannah

Why Castor oil only six days a week? Is it harmful to take every day? What does six day of one or two weeks mean?

Replied by Fk

Hello, I would like to know the method of using Castor Oil. And does it have any side effects? Thank you, Fakhra

Replied by Andrew
(Dayton Oh)

I used Home Health castor oil-- cold pressed, cold processed, and hexane (poison) free. It has been safe for me.

I mixed one tea spoonful castor oil with 4 oz hot water and drank it before going to bed

Replied by Nitin

Hello, am based in India, can you please let me know which brand/make of castor oil did you use.

Replied by Fjk

Hello, I am sorry I am unable to follow you. Can you please explain in detail on the method and process used for this remedy. I mean, I want to know, the amount and time to be taken.

Castor Oil
Posted by Anupam (Mumbai, India) on 06/16/2012

I am putting castor oil in my nose for last 10 days and I have seen visible improvent in my breathing. I dont think that polyps have shrunk drastically but for sure improvement is visible.

Replied by Anupam
(Mumbai, India)

Castor is okay but I moved to homeopathy and wow it really works. More update on homeopathy section.

Castor Oil
Posted by David (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/04/2012

The Castor Oil works wonders for Sinus Polyps!!!!!!!! I was in the proceess of getting ready for my first surgery to have my polyps removed.

After extensive research, I started applying castor oil drops 'inside' my nostrils each night before bed. I use about 3-4 drops in the nostrils. Within the week, my polyps have shrunk so much I can no longer see them when looking up my nostrils with a mirror! I can breath out of both nostrils now!

I'm also noticing that my sense of smell is slowly starting to return. I'll continue this regimen until I can completely get my sense of smell back so hopefully by May/June of 2012 I'll be 100% again. :)

Replied by Dave
(Central, Virginia)

David, How is the castor oil treatment going?

Replied by Emilio
(Stony Brook, Ny)

Hello Dave, I had sinus and polyp surgery in 2008. Thankfully, I've had not need to operate again. However, my sense of smell is minimum to none. I saw a nee ENT and he says that, small polyps are blocking my smell sensors. I wounder if your smell has come back after you are using the castor oil. Also, you only insert it in the nose right? Not ingested?

Thanks, Emilio

Replied by Joule
(Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia)

That's good news Brother... I also had sinus polyps on my both nose But now I used castor oil and I feel better... I wait till 1 week. Hopely my polyps shrunk

Replied by Sharon

David, Joule

Thanks for sharing. I have been diagnosed with small polyps blocking the air way to my smell sensors. I would like to try castor oil

I would like to know if there is a certain grade for the drops to be used in the nasal area.

Will any of the cold pressed castor oil sold in general store work?

Castor Oil
Posted by Dee (Berkshire, Uk) on 04/29/2011

Dear All, I am very very excited to share my health news with you! I have had 12 operations for removal of nasal polyps, usually every 2-3 years since they regrow so fast and I am determined not to have another one. I have tried many remedies and of course, I don't need to mention the use of antibiotics and steroids. I am asthmatic as well and use usual inhalers and steroid treatments.

A few days ago, I was ready to call my doctor in order to obtain a referral for my 13th operation. I was desperate, both nostrils blocked and I could see the polyps almost protruding out of my nose! The fact I cannot breath through my nose, not only affects my sleep, speech but also affect me psychologically. I get depressed and experience "brain fogginess".

Thanks to Earthclinic, I have discovered the ACV which is fantastic - helps with even during asthma attacks.

Now, I discovered Castor Oil. I cannot tell you enough what amazing results I obtained in the past couple of days.

I have applied Castor Oil on my nostrils and I have also tried to create a Castor Oil pack. I only applied oil on my liver area (so not a pack as such - please research for a proper pack description), covered it with a flannel and applied a hot water bottle. Firstly, I have slept very well, secondly, I woke up with my nose UNBLOCKED. The night before I was ready for surgery seeing the polyps almost protruding through my nostrils, yet in the morning they retracted or shrunk so I was able to breath. I was not able to breath perfectly but it was a huge improvement. The visible swellings caused by polyps were gone and my face looked less like a 'boxer's' face. I am a long time sufferer and this was a huge breakthrough! I hope I will manage to avoid my 13th operation by continuing to use Castor Oil.

Ted's remedy: Ted considers that this condition might be due to rancid fat in the body and therefore he recommends Lecithin for fat breakdown, Vitamin C - 1000mg, ACV. [I am not fat (58kg- size 8-10 UK), however, I have noticed that when I lose weight and don't use wheat in my diet, my asthma and breathing problems are almost non existent.]

So, what I did:

1. Castor Oil applied on nostrils (a tiny bit on eyelids and wrinkles too! )

2. Castor Oil pack on the liver area

3. The following day when my nose was unblocked, I inserted diluted Grapefruit Seed Extract in my nose (acts as disinfectant and antibiotic - please research! )

4. I am taking Lecithin and Vitamin C and try to remove bread (to start with) from my diet.

Good luck to all - if it worked for me, a long term sufferer I am sure it will work for many of you.

Many thanks Earthclinic and again, good health to you all.


Replied by Daniels
(London, Middlesex, Uk)

Dear Dee, I am also a long term nasal polyps sufferer living in UK.

I have had four nasal polyps remove surgeries so far and I am refered to ETN specialist this month. Aniyway I would be appreciated if you could tell me where you bought a castor oil. Basically could you give me your email address in order to stay in touch with you? Regards, Daniel

Replied by Dee
(Berkshire, Uk)

Hi Daniel, I bought my Castor Oil in Whole Foods (formerly Fresh & Wild). It is organic, cold pressed. I have to say, to this day, my nose is completely unblocked. I am doing so well - my confidence is back, no more brain fogginess, sleep well and my nose doesn't look swollen like a professional boxer's one anymore! I wouldn't like to post my email address here, however, could you give me yours and will gladly send you my details. Good luck with ENT - I am determined not to go through another operation. Maybe this remedy will work for you too, best wishes!


Replied by Vivienne

Hi Daniel,

I, like you have had 4 operations to remove nasal polyps and each time they return. I also suffer from asthma. After my last op 3 years ago I under went an Asprin desensitisation program and I'm currently taking 300mg of Asprin daily. The polyps have returned, but nearly as bad as before, however my sense of smell has gone. I would like to try the castor oil, but was curious as to how it went for you? Vivienne

Replied by Janet

Nasal polyps ..asthma .. Possibly related to toxic mold. Common symptoms for black mold in the environment. You may want to look into it to prevent more problems. Or more surgeries. I use a nasal pump washed out I add 2 drops of iodine and fill remaining with mineral water. Spray each nostril 2 x. 4 hours away I use Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide spray to control the lung issues. Just a thought that might give you another avenue. Janet

Replied by Princess
(Manchester England)

How do you apply the castor oil? On the outside or inside the nose and how much? Thank you.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Princess,

Castor Oil does penetrate the skin well but for polyps I would probably put the oil in a bottle with an eyedropper and drop a few drops into each nostril once or twice a day.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Philippa

I know this is an old thread but I am writing this to help others who may be suffering from similar conditions.

I think I got Covid in October 2019 or early November that year. I had been really fit that July and then moved house in October which was very stressful. There were several cases of severe "flu" in the village next to us which lead to some deaths but nobody knew about Coronavirus or SARs-Covid-19 until 31 December 2019 when I had an aha moment when the WHO made the announcement about a newly emerging virus. Happy New Year!

My symptoms were severe Hives for 8 months, severe sinus congestion which I still have (March 2021) and extreme fatigue. Also I gained 20lbs due to fatigue and being in bed for 8 months. Since last August my health is still poor.

I had nasal polyps for the first time in my life during this time and I now have chronic sinusitis.

I too have been doing the "lazy" Castor Oil pack - flannel and hot water bottle over night. I do sleep much better.

I know that Candida is opportunistic when the immune system is challenged so I am returning to a 90% raw vegetable diet with broths, water and green tea.

I am charging my filtered water with healing frequencies - especially 528 Hz - use head phones on the bottles and You-Tube from your mobile!!!!

I have made up a nasal spray of ACV and cayenne - yes it hurts, but works.

I oil pull with VCO anyway.

Fresh air and walking help even if I am paralysed with fatigue afterwards.

I had latent EBV anyway and Coronavirus has been proven to reactivate it.

These are just a few things but I do hope this helps someone else.

Castor Oil, Steaming, Neti Pot

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Posted by Marilyn (Canada) on 04/18/2016

I am very happy to report that my nasal polyps have not become a problem since using castor oil.

In the morning I steam my sinuses, then I use the neti pot with 1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar to one cup distilled water (warm).

The AC vinegar stops all bacteria growth (sinus infection) In the evening I steam again and put 2 drops of castor oil in each nostril when I go to bed.

I used a rinse (cortisol) from the doctor for a month to get them down so I could breathe and smell again. Once that was done I have only used the castor oil and apple cider vinegar to keep all infection and polyps at bay for 3 months and running!! I think I'll cancel the MRI scheduled next month in preparation for surgery...don't need it!

Replied by Mahfuza
(Manchester, Uk)

Hi Marilyn, are you using Organic, unfiltered, with mother apple cider vinegar? I am using the organic Apple Cider Vinegar, in my nasal rinse 1/2 spoon two times a day, it's been more than a week, but did not see any improvement yet, I use tap water, however boiled it for few minutes.

I will try castor oil.

it's been 25 years I am suffering from nasal polyps, steroid spray doesn't help, my nose is always block. I had operation for two times.

Thanks for sharing.


There's really no need to use apple cider vinegar, as castor oil is a well-known antifungal. It kills candida and other fungal species.

Replied by Anon

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Sue (Ireland) on 10/23/2016

Great site, thanks for all the information. Re nasal polyps, I was told I had them and could get them taken out. Did a bit of research on that and decided, no thank you. I started spraying colloidal silver in each nostril, a few times a day, it took a few months but it really helped. I also added a few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus and or lavender which also helped. Another thing was inclined bed therapy, raising the head of your bed by 6 to 9 inches, I used a few small bricks under each leg of the top of the bed, it helps with circulation, and I can feel my sinuses clearing also.

Replied by Mikes

Hi Sue,

I just read your post I also have Polpys and after going to ent I am back on steroids.

Could you please tell me in more details where you got Colloidal Silver and how you made the spray if you dont mind

Thanks for your time.


Replied by Sue

Hi Mikes

Sorry for long delay in replying - only saw this now as I scrolled down.

I bought colloidal silver in the health shop - not cheap but lasts for ages. If you get a large bottle, then put some in a smaller bottle and add a few drops of tea tree or lavander oil. Just spray a few squirts in each nostril morning and night. I also find if I have been eating too many carbs I get a bit clogged up, but the raised bed really helps too.

Again, sorry I didn't see this message from you for ages, and hope you get relief. Best wishes.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by David (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/15/2013

I believe I can provide some help to those who are suffering with polyps and the associated nasal inflamation, runny nose, postnasal drip that comes with polyps.

First, there is an underlying congestion problem caused by any number of factors ranging from environment to diet. One nurse once told me that she had observed a correspondence between those who had chronic congestion and those who had a particular blood type and she believed the blood type produced a thicker mucus.

Second, those who suffer with such congestion will correspondingly be most likely to find an infection developing in the sinus cavity... because it is inflamed and as such an infection can more readily grow there.

Third, the infections in such people tend to be cronic and hence the cronic infection will produce the polyps that is housing either, virus, fungus or bacteria or a combination of the three. The variability of such a mix is the reason why polyps are of a variety and "behave" differently, some spreading.

Fourth, a partial solution: As to the underlying congestion issue (see the item "First" above) I have no suggestion but as to the consequential result of infection (see item "Second" above) we can aleviate the infection easily. By using on a regular basis "collodial silver" to knock out the "oft occuring" infections we can keep the sinus cleared of the congestion, postnasal drip and running nose because those three are the by- products of the infection. The polyps will not grow or will die off with constant irrigation of a silver solution.

I use silver in my sinus cavity when ever I feel any sign of post nasal drip or runny nose; sign of a cold; congestion like a stuffy nose. I use an ear syringe to squirt the colloidal silver (gently) into my sinus cavity and there will be a stinging on the dominately infected side.

The reason some people get results from Tea Tree Oil is that TTO is an anti viral and anti biotic and anti fungal. I do not think it is nearly as effective as colloidal silver and TTO can have some side effects as enumerated in preceeding posts.

I make my own colloidal silver, a very simple process.

So in conclusion: An underlying congestive sinus is caused by any number of reasons but the real problem is the consequential infection of the cronically thick mucus passages. If the infections linger, polyps will develop. Thus, one must irrigate the sinus passages with colloidal silver to eliminate the secondary effect... cronic infection which is causative of the polyps.

Replied by Robin
(Rural, Va)

Yes, I have found Colloidal Silver to be the absolute best thing for my constantly runny nose, and post nasal drip. I have suffered this for more years than I can remember. I don't know about polyps though. I am a blood type O. I use a bottle that has a nasal saline spray in it, and empty it.

Replied by David
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Robin, I've used Colloidal Silver (CS) for 18 years. The blood type observation was just to say that the underlying congestion is not caused by a virus/fungus/bacteria but vfb sure do grow in a constricted nasal passage... It's an infection factory! I'd love to get rid of the underlying constriction (thick mucus) but at least I keep it from becoming something worse... Turning into an infection. I take a little bottle of CS with me even on trips. The slightest indication of infection and I irrigate the nasal passages. Before I knew of CS I'd get 3 or 4 serious infections a year. Often they would become a serious upper respiratory infection.

Sometimes I do have to fight off a persistent infection for a week or longer but the infection never gets past the sinus cavity.

Best to you in your health journey. Post here if you want to elaborate or ask any questions.

Replied by Anonymous

Just read most of the comments about Polyps, I think most of the comments were excellent, I think David from Fountain Inn had it pretty well spot on, also some of the remedys might work for some and not others as other people have already said and I have just found out that we have a immune system slightly different from other people and its the reason we get the problems that we have, I have had sinus problems for as long as I can remember, the other day my ears were so bad I went to see the ENT Dr, My daughter said why not check your nose at the same time I thought why not long time since last check, she discoverd a large Polyp in the right side two smaller ones left side, I'm on loads of medication which works (I can smell and taste food now) strange that most people seem to have large one right side, also I would like to say I'm a great beliver in Castor oil and ACV, so when med stops salt bath and some of the others, all the best to every one.

Replied by Alan
(London, Uk)

Exactly how do I go about this CS nasal treatment? Do I mix the CS with xylitol or water? Is your procedure similar to sinus flooding? What if I do not make my own CS, which one is best to buy?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Alan from London:

You give yourself a Colloidal Silver "irrigation" by ingesting the solution into sinus by squirting gently with an ear syringe... Or putting about a teaspoon into palm of your hand and just sniffing.... or by using a nettie pot...

I prefer the ear syringe because the pressure from the squeeze forces the solution way back into the sinus cavity. It will sting a lot the first time you use it... But ten minutes later when you do it again, it will only sting a little. The silver is killing the virus/fungus/bacteria...whatever microbe is there.

Also squirt into the ears two or three times during the day. That will not only knock out the infection, if any, in the ears but between the squirts into sinus and ears, the eustacian tubes will also be relieved of infection.

As to your other questions: I use the CS at about 100 parts per million (ppm). Here's the test for knowing if your CS is strong enough: If you are infected and you are; does the application sting when you squirt into sinus and then within five minutes are you beginning to drain from the sinus?

If yes to those questions your CS is sufficiently strong and you have a good brand.

I started using my own little "generator" twenty years ago because I was so prone to colds, sinus infections and consequently chest colds. CS saved my life. I've only had five chest colds in a twenty year span. Prior to CS in my life, I was getting two or three a YEAR. (I was also plagued by migraines, but CS didn't help that... Colloidar silver kills microbes but is not a "SILVER bullet" for everything.)

If you decide you want to get your own generator (just two strands of silver with capacity to plug into socket or battery of 3, 9 volt, batteries. Mine cost less than a hundred bucks) google something like: colloidal silver generator, or economical colloidal silver generator. I've had mine for 20 years with the SAME strands of silver. Just got a new one because the wiring on the first went bad. I got that fixed so now I have two. (I am not associated with any silver manfacturer, nor do I sell or work for any silver making company. I'm a lawyer.)

Best to you and write back for any clarification. Dave

(By the way, I love London.)

Replied by Jewel

Thank you so much for this information. I've been searching for years for help with these nasty polyps in my sinus cavities. There is one dominant on the right and another on the left, which is not so troublesome. However, during certain seasons, they tend to swell causing headaches, dizziness, breathing problems, itchiness, bleeding, and a sourish smell in my mouth. I have had a terrible P.N. Drip for twenty years. They are the nastiest thing I've ever had.

I have sought long and hard for solutions, cures, remedies, and relief to no avail. Turmeric sort of helped, but not for long.

As I read your witness for CS, I remembered my homeopathic doctor giving me a bottle years ago. It was tucked away in the back of my medicine closet. I got it out and used it immediately. I used it in a netti-pot, and only a splash of it. I used it to rinse out the dominant side. I immediately noticed the silver as it affected my teeth, believe it or not. It was sort of uncomfortable at first.

After a few minutes, I noticed immediate relief. I spit up a gross chunk of phlegm (so sorry for being graphic there) that the CS loosened and had a bit of drainage for awhile, but could breathe again. I went to bed, and woke up breathing normally.

I do not know how long it will last, and am a bit nervous to continue the process regularly, but I will use it when I get stuffed up again.

Thank you for the help. First time something worked on these impish growths.

Grateful to you,


Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Thank you Jewel,

I got a lot of responses from that 2013 post. Glad the colloidal silver helped!


Dietary Changes

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Posted by Jessica (Chicago, Il) on 07/25/2017


I have noticed that my nasal polyps shrink when I have an empty stomach. They almost completely shrink. I believe my body is producing too much mucus when I eat food. Is there any medical literature or anyone who has experienced this?


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Jessica, google "the mucusless diet". Personally I don't think you need to go to such extremes but it might help you zero in on what is causing the problem for YOU. For starters, dairy is mucus forming for some people.

Replied by Adell
(Baltimore Md)

I've had nasal polyps for over 5 years. I had the surgery 3 years ago and the polyps grew back worse. I have begun to work with an acupuncturist and she had me research leaky gut syndrome. I am now on a regimen of vitamin supplements and an 80% plant based diet with very little sugar. The first week was HARD (toxin release) but I am feeling MUCH better (3 weeks so far). I am told it takes 2 to 3 months to go through this detox/rebuilding process.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kkt3 (Castlegar, B.c., Canada) on 04/18/2013

Hi, I have been reading up from this amazing site for quite some time and now will sit and explain my experience. Yes, nasal polyps are the worst. Nuff said on them. On April 13th my girlfriend switched our diet. We have been eating meals from this site, The difference has been unbelievable. The weight loss is incredible to. The polyps in my right nostril have decreased in size by at least 75%. Don't know whats farther up there. But no more bulging sinus on the right side. I now have some air flow thru that side and each day it gets a bit better. Sometimes better than other, but some. Patience being the key as it will take some time, We are trying this diet for 1 month. I have also been putting some castor oil on the bridge of my nose on the outside for the last 3 days. ACV has been a regular in my diet for a long time. What works for 1, might not work for another. Will update along the way. Keep the faith!!!

Replied by Dante
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I am strongly leaning on the diet solution, though I can't wait for it to take effect. I will be getting the operation and then change my diet life style. I watched Dr. Berg's video on youtube on "what causes tumors, polyps, and moles and pimples." Check him out.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Liza (Charlottesville, Va.) on 01/25/2010

I've had sinus polyps for almost 20 years, have had 2 surgeries, steroid injections etc. etc. I went on a diet this summer that consisted of vegetables, fruits, and protein plus olive oil for salads. My polyps have mysteriously disappeared. I have my smell and taste back. I can only think it is diet related. gluten? wheat, yeast? I was so throroughly tested for food allergies so I'm not sure why I've had relief, but I will stay on this food plan.

Replied by K.k
(Sydney, Aus)

i've realised that too, for me, i think its getting rid of dairy products that is causing the reduction in polyps. i think its related to mucus or something. but i also found that its immensely difficult to keep up the clean diet regime. once you eat something 'wrong', the polyps fire up again.

Replied by J.a.
(Saskatoon, Sk)

Would it be possible that you send me this diet plan? I too, am thinking it's dietary that's causing my infections and loss of smell. I am desperate and I am not too keen on going for surgery. Thanks

Replied by Jannette
(Ridgewood, Nj)

I am wondering how long you stayed on the diet before you felt relief? Also, have you reintroduced any of the eliminated items back into your diet? I immediately react to wine so I haven't had any in over a year and have been on a restricted diet the past two weeks and still see no change.

Replied by Joanl
(Arlington, Tx, Usa)

I am just beginning to help my husband with his newly diagnosed nasal polyps. His right side is completely blocked, so he is having ear trouble too. My approach includes diet, cleansing, herbs, and homeopathy. Diet plan: I let him have one food at a time, fruit, oatmeal, chicken soup, plain yogurt.. (no junk! All organic! ) and would ask for reports of more or less stuffiness. Grapefruit made him stuffy.. Poor guy, he's been eating grapefruit every day for 10 months. Then I had an idea: why not use the simple test used for homeopathic remedies for food too? So: first I had him hold his left hand out, with his thumb and middle finger pressed together. I say, hold strong, and then I try to pull them apart using my two index fingers. His test was weak, I could pull them apart with little resistance. I had him hold a package of oatmeal over his belly button for a count of 8 seconds. Tried the test again while he still held it there. Strong like bull! I couldn't pull them apart. Ok, oatmeal he can eat. Tried the grapefruit. His hold came apart like wet spaghetti. No more grapefruit until he tests strong for it. The I went bananas, testing him on all sorts of things. No more coffee, beer, cashews, etc. He did fine with organic pinot noire wine, but weak on another red wine. Unfortunately, he wanted to test ME on my gluten free cookies... Sob... But I tested strong for coffee.. Yea! I could test him for anything, really, I had him hug me and he tested super strong! (thank goodness) The theory is if a substance makes your test strong, it is good for you, if it makes your test weak, then its not. Allergies can be tested this way. For free. Let me know how it goes!

Replied by Joanl
(Arlington, Tx)

Note: while on prednisone the test was null, he tests strong on everything, which is the drug, not him.

Replied by Joanl
(Arlington, Tx)

Its been 3 weeks since starting to treat polyps: allergy identification is crucial. My nasal rinse is 1/4 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp glycerin, 4 ounces of thyme tea (just brew thyme like you would any kind of tea for 10 minutes and strain), 28 ounces boiled distilled water. We use a dropper to put squirts in the nostrils, 3-4 times per day. Once in a while we add grapefruit seed extract 2-3 drops to the ounce. Excellent results!!! The thyme tea is antifungal, antiviral. Also has tannins. On Essiac tea also, brewing it at home for little money.. Its no big deal to brew small batches.

The big winner in herbs is this invention of mine: 3 parts tumeric, 3 parts ginger root, 1/2 part horseradish, 1/4 part goldenseal. (example: 3 teaspoons each of tumeric And ginger , half a teaspoon of horseradish , quarter teaspoon goldenseal) All powder forms. Capped in 00 capsules, 8-10 a day. Cheap to do if you cap your own; you can buy this stuff and the essiac tea herbs at "years to your health" here in the metroplex, or online. I have no affilliation there, just been buying there for 20 years. They ship. Husband says the herbal capsules are a huge help. The food testing is great, and for sure he is eating correctly combined foods. (no protein with starch, etc. )He feels awesome and has lost 14 pounds.

Replied by Joanl
(Arlington, Tx)

Allergy identified: citric acid, vinegars. Elimination of allergen=reduced polyp size by 30% within 2 days. Citric acid is in a lot of foods and vitamins, also used as a preservative.

Replied by Givemeair!
(Cookeville, Tn, Usa)

One of the main frustrations of having nasal polyps for years, (and trying about every conventional and wholistic remedy known) is that despite countless internet searches for information, nobody seemed to know what causes them. It turns out that, although allergies, crud in the air etc may aggravate them, the real, specific cause is now known: VEGF, or Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Look up an article on the Science Daily website called "Researchers Track Down Protein Responsible for Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Polyps". Now, VEGF (in too large amounts) enables the growth of blood vessels which in turn enable the polyps to grow.
The good news is that whereas there are drugs (complete with a range of likely side-effects) to inhibit VEGF, there are scientifically known and accepted lists of foods (and some herbs and supplements) which work as well or better, minus the side-effects. Do a search for "Dr. William Li's list of naturally anti-angiogenic foods". Also, go to PubMed and do a search for "Herbs that specifically inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor and have direct activity against angiogenesis".

I am very hopeful now of slow but steady progress toward being rid of these pesky polyps. If results take months, so what?
Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy some green tea, dark chocolate, red wine, and a bunch of delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables - especially in "green smoothies".

I will update you on any significant improvements in my condition (and the polyps have been _bad_ in recent months).

Replied by Alana
(Seattle, Wa)

WOW!!! I just prayed about finally finding an answer to my long battle with severe nasal polyps is the hope of avoiding another nasal surgery. My chronic asthma and allergies are no walk in the park either. Currently my right nostril has a huge polyp completely obstructing it and descending to the entrance (lovely! ), at least the left one is partially open still. Had a great day packing it off and on with 50/50 water/hydrogen peroxide plus tea tree oil to get some relief and shrinkage. The good news is, yes it truly does work, it also stings and hurts a fair bit but it is, for me at least, a way to avoid surgery, time off and the $$$ that always entails. I will be looking up the good Dr. Li's anti-angiogenic foods too. The prospect of chocolate and green tea beats the bitter herbs I've been scarfing like candy today! Thank you for the great new information! May God Bless you for so graciously sharing this news with all of us!

Replied by Raquel
(Los Angeles, California)

Get a food allergy test. I had 2 sinus surgeries for polyps and get fed up with my ENT who told me there was nothing I could do. I saw a holistic doctor, got a food allergy test, and when I eliminated the foods I was allergic to (wheat & dairy - common allergens), my sinus problems totally disappeared!

Dietary Changes, Probiotics and NAC

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Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 05/20/2013 13 posts

I suffered for many years (10+) with nasal polyps and chronic sinus infections. I had other health issues but this was one that was chronic and annoying!

What helped me the most was

1) going gluten free/dairy free and

2) taking a good non-dairy pro-biotic and NAC 600mg (N-acetyl cysteine).

I haven't had a sinus infection since 2008 and I rarely get sick with colds/flu and I no longer have allergies... I know this may seem extreme but it is worth it. Hope this offers some hope!

Good Luck ~ Carleen

Replied by Lucy B

Polyps appear if you have candida overgrowth in your intestinal tract. Candida likes sugar - fruits, grains, alcohol, ect. You need to kills the candida in order to get rid of the polyps.

I just started an anti-candida program and hope it's going to work for me. I have polyps for 15 years - surgeries, steroids, fasting and what not..

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