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Carrot and Black Grape Juice, Coffee
Posted by Joule (Denpasar, Bali Indonesia) on 11/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone there!

I have got sinus polyps in my nose almost 4 years two of both in my nose. At first, I tried coconut oil mix with tea tree oil. And after 1 weeks I felt its good. But they are came back again. And I hear from my grandfather, he told me to drink carrot and black grapes juice, and black coffee without sugar.

I mixed carrot and black grapes juice and I drink, after two minutes, I drink black coffee without sugar. In one week, I felling better and sleep better. I watting in three weeks and my sinus polyps gone completely. And now I feel free sinus polyps for one year. Thanks.


Joule Yon