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Castor Oil
Posted by Rowena (Canberra) on 08/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to everyone praising the benefits of castor oil for nasal polyps. I have been afflicted with this for 20 years. I've had surgery which was life changing (deviated septum), however every now and then they would return. I am using a tiny spoon of castor oil in my nose and I was able to breathe within hours. I'm still unwell and recovering from seasonal flu, but castor oil is providing excellent relief. Thank you to you all.

Castor Oil
Posted by Philippa (Gloucestershire) on 03/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I know this is an old thread but I am writing this to help others who may be suffering from similar conditions.

I think I got Covid in October 2019 or early November that year. I had been really fit that July and then moved house in October which was very stressful. There were several cases of severe "flu" in the village next to us which lead to some deaths but nobody knew about Coronavirus or SARs-Covid-19 until 31 December 2019 when I had an aha moment when the WHO made the announcement about a newly emerging virus. Happy New Year!

My symptoms were severe Hives for 8 months, severe sinus congestion which I still have (March 2021) and extreme fatigue. Also I gained 20lbs due to fatigue and being in bed for 8 months. Since last August my health is still poor.

I had nasal polyps for the first time in my life during this time and I now have chronic sinusitis.

I too have been doing the "lazy" Castor Oil pack - flannel and hot water bottle over night. I do sleep much better.

I know that Candida is opportunistic when the immune system is challenged so I am returning to a 90% raw vegetable diet with broths, water and green tea.

I am charging my filtered water with healing frequencies - especially 528 Hz - use head phones on the bottles and You-Tube from your mobile!!!!

I have made up a nasal spray of ACV and cayenne - yes it hurts, but works.

I oil pull with VCO anyway.

Fresh air and walking help even if I am paralysed with fatigue afterwards.

I had latent EBV anyway and Coronavirus has been proven to reactivate it.

These are just a few things but I do hope this helps someone else.

Castor Oil
Posted by Sgd (Dayton, Ohio) on 12/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Sinus Polyps: I took a tea spoonful castor oil daily about 6 days for three weeks before seeing my ENT doctor. He told me that there were no polyps in my sinuses. It was unbelievable, for I had polyp surgeries twice in the past. Castor Oil works for me.

Castor Oil
Posted by Dee (Berkshire, Uk) on 04/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Dear All, I am very very excited to share my health news with you! I have had 12 operations for removal of nasal polyps, usually every 2-3 years since they regrow so fast and I am determined not to have another one. I have tried many remedies and of course, I don't need to mention the use of antibiotics and steroids. I am asthmatic as well and use usual inhalers and steroid treatments.

A few days ago, I was ready to call my doctor in order to obtain a referral for my 13th operation. I was desperate, both nostrils blocked and I could see the polyps almost protruding out of my nose! The fact I cannot breath through my nose, not only affects my sleep, speech but also affect me psychologically. I get depressed and experience "brain fogginess".

Thanks to Earthclinic, I have discovered the ACV which is fantastic - helps with even during asthma attacks.

Now, I discovered Castor Oil. I cannot tell you enough what amazing results I obtained in the past couple of days.

I have applied Castor Oil on my nostrils and I have also tried to create a Castor Oil pack. I only applied oil on my liver area (so not a pack as such - please research for a proper pack description), covered it with a flannel and applied a hot water bottle. Firstly, I have slept very well, secondly, I woke up with my nose UNBLOCKED. The night before I was ready for surgery seeing the polyps almost protruding through my nostrils, yet in the morning they retracted or shrunk so I was able to breath. I was not able to breath perfectly but it was a huge improvement. The visible swellings caused by polyps were gone and my face looked less like a 'boxer's' face. I am a long time sufferer and this was a huge breakthrough! I hope I will manage to avoid my 13th operation by continuing to use Castor Oil.

Ted's remedy: Ted considers that this condition might be due to rancid fat in the body and therefore he recommends Lecithin for fat breakdown, Vitamin C - 1000mg, ACV. [I am not fat (58kg- size 8-10 UK), however, I have noticed that when I lose weight and don't use wheat in my diet, my asthma and breathing problems are almost non existent.]

So, what I did:

1. Castor Oil applied on nostrils (a tiny bit on eyelids and wrinkles too! )

2. Castor Oil pack on the liver area

3. The following day when my nose was unblocked, I inserted diluted Grapefruit Seed Extract in my nose (acts as disinfectant and antibiotic - please research! )

4. I am taking Lecithin and Vitamin C and try to remove bread (to start with) from my diet.

Good luck to all - if it worked for me, a long term sufferer I am sure it will work for many of you.

Many thanks Earthclinic and again, good health to you all.