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Tea Tree Oil for Nasal Polyps

| Modified on Dec 17, 2022
Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Rumyana (Germany) on 01/20/2018
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Hello, I´ve been using tea tree oil on a q-tip for 3 days already to treat my nasal polyps. Since the second day I got a white layer over the bigger polyp. I don´t know if this is good or bad. I searched a lot in Internet but I couldn´t find any report about this effect of the tea tree oil on polyps. Could someone please tell me if you had a similar experience and what was the end result if you had a white layer on the polyps after tea tree oil?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Nasalpolyp (New Jersey) on 10/04/2013
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Hi, my husband has been suffering with nasal polyps for some months. The ent prescribed predinosone and though it helped, it hasn't been eliminated and it was still bothering him. He was even thinking of surgery when we found this information about tea tree oil recently...

08/11/2011: Gary from Sacramento, California, Usa replies: "Try Tea Tree Oil applied directly via a Qtip. The polyp will fall off in about 3-4 days."

He started using a few drops of it in distilled water (to his comfortable level), and put some drops with a nasal spray into his nostril. After 1-2 weeks, he feels like the swelling is mostly gone.

The other day he went to the ent, the dr put the endoscope in his nostril and they said they couldn't see the polyp. He showed them the picture of the polyp that the dr took before, but to his amazement, the dr said it's gone. Thanks to God for showing us this treatment. Just wanted to put it out there in case it may help anybody else.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Gcook (Newnan, Ga) on 12/10/2012
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I tried the tea tree oil recommendations on my sinus polyps and they are gone. To ensure the never come back, I mixed tea tree oil with alkalol in a old sinus spray bottle and use twice a day. Last Friday; a sinus polyp fell out and I have been smelling every since. It works! I had this problem going on for eight years with two surgeries to no avail........ Thanks for the recommendations, I thank God for this site and all the info here...

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Prasanth (India) on 08/08/2016
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Hi All,

This is Prasanth from India. First of all I would like to thanks a ton for this website who actually founded it. This is Miracle website which cures ailments.

Coming to me, I was a great suffer for sinusitis due to nasal polyps which is visble. I am afraid of surgergies so when searching for natural remedies I found this website by god's grace. wow. It was horrible yesterday, miraculously seeing some improvement after following below steps:

Day 1:

Mixed 5 drops of tea tree oil into one spoon of Caster Oil (hexanne free) one and had put it into both nostrils two drops each. (instead of qtip ) Initially scared to put tea tree oil, but how ever my suffering with nasal polops gave me force to use it. I have used it.

It is not much strong so to cause sting..I have added more caster oil for safeside.

Next thing I have done is, nasal rinse(water+ saline powder + two drops of tea tree oil into it) and then used this as Rinse solution. It clease most of bad stuff inside. I see little blood it it..

Day 2:

I have now added a 1/4th of spoon of ACV (Apple cider venigar) into my nasal rinse solution(water+sinusair saline powder+1/4th spoon of acv) and then did the nasal irrigation...

wow this combination seems to be very well than tea tree oil combination.. It did not sting much..

To my amazement, I noticed my nasal polyp shrunk noticeably than yesterday....

WOW god bless this website and who found this solution...It seems to be working, I am going to update this post I am going to try this solution contineously..

I really thank this website, I hate of surgeries and fear of it, some how Tea Tree oil and ACV comes to rescue...

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Leung (Botswana, Bobonong) on 03/10/2022
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I really want to thank you for your guidance and discussions on this platform.

I have suffered for more than twenty years from chronic sinuses and nasal polyps with mno sense of smell and having a lot of mucus. Despite blowing out regularly, blockage never cleared: I had an operation in March 2019 but never enjoyed the results as by October 2019, I was back to blockage from polyps. The only treatment that gave two weeks clearance is Madrol/prednisolone which: there was zero response to nasal sprays including nassonex.

I started using tea tree oil 5 drops+ castor oil teaspoon+5 drops iodine(😀)+5 drops extra virgin oil(😀) then thoroughly mixed them in a bottle. I then put two drops of this concoction into each stuffy nose on 08/03/2022 and today 10/03/2022 is my day 3 AND just on day two I could breath a bit on one nose and slept breathing better with it. Today on day 3, 💪💪💪👍👍for the first time without prednisolone/medrol, I can blow out my nostrils with clear thin mucus unlike the "usual" former brownish thick one. I can sense smell though it is not such perfect and the asthma that I was taking seretide twice daily has improved such that I am so far on day 2 without taking it.

I just want to thank everyone who has shared their experiences here for now my life has improved and I hope for perfection.

Please share the alcohol treatment that I came across here on one of the posts as a deterrent for recurrence of polyps: I cannot afford to go back there: my life is better than after operation.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Cedric Low (Malaysia ) on 07/31/2016
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I have nasal polyps since 2014 as diagnosed by ENT doctor, a surgery is the only solution according to the doctor. Since then I try to find every possible solutions besides surgery as he told me it will grow back again after the surgery, and no guarantee it will cure them forever and need to use nasal steriods for the rest of my life. I cant smell anything for like years, good food, followers etc. I am so fade up, try every possible solutions besides surgery but it did not cure, my polyps grew even bigger almost pop out from my nostril! I am so fade up! Thank god I found out this website, the solutions given here by using Tea Tree oil and castor oil really helps! After using it for a month my nasal polyps shrink and bring my smell back!

What I do everyday are:

1. Using Sinus rinse 4 times daily mixed with 2 drops of Tea Tree essential oil every wash.
2. Using Qtip (each nostril once) to apply tea tree oil which I mixed with Castor oil as carrier oil (10 tea tree oil + 1 table spoon of castor oil, put it in small container so I can use it for many times), 2 times daily.
3. 1 teaspoon of castor oil everyday
4. Apply Aloe (4 drops each nostril) after rinse my nose, 2 times daily.
5. Wear mask when go out or in kitchen to keep away the allergen (as my case is Mold Allergy/alternaria)
6. Sleep early everyday between 10pm - 11pm to let my body fix and heal itself.
7. Exercise half to 1 hour daily and make sure to sweat everyday, drink a lot of water to replenish my body fluid.

I am so happy today, after years of struggle and fighting for sinus problem and cant smell anything for years, finally I am able to smell the aroma of coffee and my surrounding! It felt so wonderful after years of suffered and it finally heal and getting better day after day! Im so grateful, even though I still cant breath normally using my nose as the polyps still there, but they are getting smaller, and I believed one day it will cure by itself and I can breath like a normal person. I also read the book Secret by Rhonda Byrne and apply the technique to believe my nasal polyps can be healed one day and let the universe do the work. Thanks again and people here to share their experience. I hope who suffered nasal polyps benefited from my experience. All the best!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Anonymous (New Delhi, India) on 12/21/2017
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Nasal Polyps

I tried Tea Tree Oil with carrier Coconut Oil for my nasal problem. I had lost sense and could not smell for long time. I tried TTO 5 drops with COO 10 drops and I regained smell and fragrances recognition within 24 hours onwards. My nasal polyps are very large and have tried TTO & COO for last 3 days.

I have to wait to tell my experience regarding shedding and reduction of my nasal polyps.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jordan (Indiana) on 08/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I applied tea tree oil directly to the nose polyp via Q-tip and it went away three days later with no hassle. I tried Heavy doses of garlic with no success and antibiotics which worked till it stopped working and this worked the fastest!

I had the polyp for four years.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Harsharan Singh Datta (India) on 01/07/2018
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I am using Tea Tree Oil for last 20 days. I started using for Polyps reduction and removal through shrinking and eventually dropping off. when I started I diluted using coconut oil. But now I apply TTO directly 10 drops in each nostril three times a day. one day a one inch long destructed probably polyp came out in part. This reinforces that the process is going on. I get yellowish nasal waste every second day indicating something is getting cleared. My smell senses have also increased immediately after the usage which was zero earlier. Now I have also started Ayurvedic Support Medicine which is also very very helpful. This is a proprietory medicine for respiratory and asthamatic disorders.

TTO oil is good for polyps as of now.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Amanda (Toronto, Canada) on 03/04/2017
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Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar treatment for nose polyps

For 6 days now I have been administering tea tree oil mixed with olive oil to my husbands nostrils with ear buds. Twice a day. Two wipes per nostril as high as it is comfortable for him. They have shrunk and have receded much further up his nose. I can barely see them now. More importantly his passages are both clear and he can breathe.

He has also been taking some generic allergy tablets...two in am and two in pm. He has also been drinking apple cider vinegar every evening...a small shot glass.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Kate (Brooklyn, Ny) on 01/29/2015
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In response to all those asking what Gcook added to the tea tree oil- it is a natural nasal wash called "ALKALOL". I've had sinus pollyps since post 9/11 and have been using dilluted Alkalol/ sea salt washes for relief and cleansing. You can look it up. It comes in a 16 oz bottle. Has all kinds of good stuff in it including spearmint and wintergreen. Can't hurt. I'm now just trying the tea tree oil and will try mixing it with the Alkalol.

I'm in the process of scheduling my 4th surgery now as polyps have returned finally after my last surgery- end of 2011. Surgery is like mowing the lawn to kill weeds I like to say. It is not possible to get to the root of the problem- root of the weed- by mowing the lawn- cutting the pollyps out. We must get to the root of the problem. And in my experience- doctors do not get to the root of the problem. They do not have time. They give you 10 minutes per/ visit on average. All they can do is try to alleviate symptoms.

On this forum, everyone seems to have great ideas and "cure alls"- we've heard them all on here- right? I'm thinking for me- if this tea tree oil doesn't work, I'll try the most difficult suggestion on here which is eliminating sugar (under 5%) and carbs (under 10%) Sounds like a convincing argument- but all of our bodies are different. We've all come to this place from very different circumstances- remember- what cures one may not cure another. But following up with how the treatment worked in the long run on this site is super helpful to everyone- so let's try.

I will let you know how the tea tree oil works for me- with and without Alkalol. I have way up in my sinus' pollyps and did the q-tip topical application last night. It made me very congested but you often have to persevere through that to get results so I'm not going to let a few days of more congestion stop the experiment. Too much at stake. I will say- I have had my sense of smell for most of the years- save a few weeks reprieve while on a run of prednisone- or right after a surgery but last night and this morning when I put the tea tree oil doused q-tip up into my right sinus- it hit a point where it must have opened something up as I could smell the tea tree oil in my right sinus. Now I'm back to congested for the moment. I will keep you posted... And best of luck to everyone! Sinus pollyps have destroyed my quality of life.

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