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Tea Tree Oil for Nasal Polyps

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Frank T (London) on 09/05/2017
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I have been using a castor oil carrier with tea tree oil 10ml to 10 drops twice a day for a month now, I haven't noticed any improvement in fact it seems slightly worse but this may be the progression of the condition. I have also tried adding ACV to the Neil Med nasal rinse without any improvement but did not persevere with this as I found it unpleasant and seemed to irritate the polyps making them worse.

I'm getting a bit desperate now as I have tried the usual steroid nasal sprays etc, a salicylate free diet, Chinese herbs, Enhanced oxygen therapy, Salt caves, TTO, and ACV. I have been diagnosed with Samters Triad which seems to have been brought on by a three week visit to China four years ago where I stayed in a very polluted part of the country.

I think my immune system is still fighting the pollution I experienced in China rather than me having a sinus infection.

I suppose my next course of action will be to try gluten free, dairy free and low/no sugar diets.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Doeboymcjc (London, Uk) on 09/10/2012
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Hi, just an update from my last post, Sunday 19th August 2012: on 23rd August I stopped using the TTO as it made my nose completely blocked and would run for about 2 hours after use. I am not going to do this again, EVER. Sorry to those who swear by it. For me it is a waste of time as it feels like i'm going backwards.

I am still on my no sugar diet but have reintroduced carbs as I realised that I was becoming so weak that I could not think properly. I am on my forth week of the no sugar diet and still no results. I DID however get my smell back for about 2 hours in the evening on Saturday 1st September and it was sensational! But it went as soon as it came, pretty much. I am using my Micromist still three times daily. No sugar is a killer as I crave sweet things but I guess it's healthier and good for my teeth. So when my dentist asks me how I got such amazing teeth my answer will be "polyps" ;)

If this diet does not work after 1 month then i'm going to try something called 'Sinus Wars 13'. It's supposed to be a cure at about £70 a bottle. It's not a natural cure like the no sugar diet, but i'm desperate. I hate this condition.

I will keep y'all posted. Thanks.


Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mike E (Huntington Beach, California) on 04/19/2012
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BEWARE!!! I have nasal polyps and have gone to the doctor in the past. He gave me nasal steroid spray and it worked. I would prefer a natural solution. I came across this link and tried Tea Tree Oil applied with a Q-tip. It made the polyps worse and I am miserable! Headache and hard to sleep b/c lack of air. The polyps have become larger! Try one nostril first if you decide to try this method!!