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| Modified on Jan 31, 2024
Latest Research on Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 01/31/2024 2080 posts

This new (January 30, 2024) comprehensive review of melatonin confirms the many health benefits of melatonin in people :

Here is a relevant quote from the review :

While melatonin was initially understood to only regulate circadian rhythms, recent studies indicate that it has a far-reaching effect on various organs and physiological systems, such as immunity, cardiovascular function, antioxidant defense, and lipid hemostasis. As a potent antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and immunoregulatory agent, multiple therapeutic applications have been proposed for melatonin.

While this sounds great, not everything is yet known about all of the health benefits that melatonin provides to humans, animals and plant life and that means that melatonin can do even more than this review highlights. I'm still at 132 mg of melatonin per day and I am bolstering this with regular use of melatonin lotion. The natural age related decline of melatonin in people can not be good for our long term health based on the thousands of studies illustrating how melatonin helps maintain our health.


Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 08/08/2023 64 posts

Melatonin: Single Supplement Prevents and Reverses Macular Degeneration - new article from Dr. Shallenberger.

I will be trying melatonin soon because this author (age 77) has the retinas of a young man:

Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by Art (California) on 07/11/2023 2080 posts


I have no experience with it.


Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by Cheryl (California) on 07/10/2023

Art and Rob, Thank you for the info. I am going to try everything, Thank you for answering my questions. I feel supported. Do you know anything about bemers for sleep?

Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by Art (California) on 07/08/2023 2080 posts


More information about what symptoms you are experiencing and the doses of what you are taking would be helpful information.

Regarding melatonin, if you can tolerate more than 30 mg, that would be helpful. Dr. Shallenberger gives all of his patients 180 mg per night or more for more serious conditions such as stage 4 cancer. Don't take melatonin during the day. If you make a decision to add more melatonin, do it slowly.

For sleep, decide what time you want to go to bed. As an example, if you want to got to bed at 11:00pm, take one third of your melatonin dose at 9:00 pm, one third of your dose at 10:00pm and the last third of your dose at 11:00 pm. I call this melatonin 123 and it gives a slower release of melatonin that tries to mimic melatonin release from the pineal gland and sometimes is a bit more effective for sleep.

I wrote about the use of melatonin for stroke here :

For constipation, magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate at the max label dose may help. Take this or at least part of it with your second melatonin dose and take your zinc at that same time as it also helps with sleep. It helps with the melatonin for sleep. I wrote about these 3 for sleep here :

Adding vitamin D in the morning may be helpful as a deterrent for a second stroke as discussed here : D supplementation in post, outcome after stroke [9].

Here is a relevant study quote :

' Vitamin D supplementation in post stroke patients is helpful in prevention of recurrent stroke and is suggested to reduce neurological, psychological and musculoskeletal disorders [8]. It also reduces morbidity, mortality and improves functional outcome after stroke [9]. '

Aiming for the upper half of the reference range could be helpful. The reference range is 30 - 100 ng/ml for 25 OH d.

Once you have a stroke, even a TIA, the chance for another stroke increases significantly so you still have to keep preventatives in mind, not just treatments.

The berberine is helpful, but that would be at 1500 mg/day in 3 divided doses of 500 mg at breakfast lunch and dinner.

Another supplement that can be helpful is Vinpocetine at 30 mg/day as discussed here : controlled human studies, VPN, in several countries in Europe.

Here is a relevant quote :

' In controlled human studies, VPN increases cerebral perfusion and oxygen extraction and prevents the worsening of attention in patients with multiple cerebral infarcts so; VPN has been used to treat stroke in several countries in Europe. '

CoQ10 is also good at higher dose and in the more preferable form of Ubiquinol such as this :,aps,182&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&psc=1

Get earlier morning sun exposure such as 20 minutes or more each morning.

It takes time to recover from a stroke and I would think in terms of a year or more, but these steps may also help ward off another stroke or TIA and that is very important.


Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by Cheryl (California) on 07/08/2023


Can melatonin get my system back to normal after being on prescription medication? I can't seem to get my system back to normal, I wrote a post in recent contacts about it. If so, how much should I take?

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 06/16/2023 2080 posts


Sorry to hear about your present condition and hopefully you will be able to find the best remedies to get well soon. If you need ideas, EC is a good place to find those and the remedy inventory is quite large now!

Oscar and Ted have been unavailable for years now, but Bill and Deirdre are still here!

Best wishes, Timh!


Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Timh (KY) on 06/13/2023 2064 posts

Wow thanx Art. 😀 My health eventually got so bad that I could no longer be active here (as either a reader or contributor) and currently not yet enough functional, but I am still alive and continue making progress. I do wonder how Deirdre, Bill, Oscar, Ted among others of which I cannot properly remember, are doing??? Of your comment "it's been a minute" makes my foggy memory of how long it has actually been obvious, and recently I have been singing over & again the quote from Al Stewart "Time, time, we hardly even knew you - you never touched us with your lies"!

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 06/12/2023

Wow! I never would have thought it would even resolve both the itch and whooshing sounds in the ear. I am inspired now to make an all over body oil with some melatonin. Love it!

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 06/12/2023 2080 posts


Thank you for saying so!

I have not seen a ready made product of this nature.

The simplest way is to dissolve the melatonin is gin. The alcohol content in the gin will evaporate rapidly after application and the juniper berry content has anti inflammatory and antioxidant effects also. This could potentially be used under your normal face moisturizer.


Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Sue (VA) on 06/12/2023

Hi Art,

Your posts are so interesting and educational. You mentioned using melatonin topically for hair and I believe also skin. How would a lay person/non-chemist make this, or is there an existing product you like? Would such a formula be safe on the face and around the eyes? Many thanks!

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 06/11/2023 2080 posts

Sorry, Ashley,

I don't know the answer to your question because I have never had a bottle of melatonin make it to the expiration date.


Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 06/11/2023 2080 posts


Wow, it's been a minute since you've been around! Glad to see you back posting again!

I wrote about how melatonin can be very useful for osteopenia and osteoporosis here :

Definitely a nice alternative to the prescribed bisphosphonates like Fosamax.


Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Timh (KY) on 06/11/2023 2064 posts

W I k I p e d I a


One function of the pineal gland is to produce melatonin. Melatonin has various functions in the central nervous system, the most important of which is to help modulate sleep patterns. Melatonin production is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light.[23][24] Light sensitive nerve cells in the retina detect light and send this signal to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), synchronizing the SCN to the day-night cycle. Nerve fibers then relay the daylight information from the SCN to the paraventricular nuclei (PVN), then to the spinal cord and via the sympathetic system to superior cervical ganglia (SCG), and from there into the pineal gland.

The compound pinoline is also claimed to be produced in the pineal gland; it is one of the beta-carbolines.[25] This claim is subject to some controversy.[citation needed]

Regulation of the pituitary gland

Studies on rodents suggest that the pineal gland influences the pituitary gland's secretion of the sex hormones, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH). Pinealectomy performed on rodents produced no change in pituitary weight, but caused an increase in the concentration of FSH and LH within the gland.[26] Administration of melatonin did not return the concentrations of FSH to normal levels, suggesting that the pineal gland influences pituitary gland secretion of FSH and LH through an undescribed transmitting molecule.[26]

The pineal gland contains receptors for the regulatory neuropeptide, endothelin-1, [27] which, when injected in picomolar quantities into the lateral cerebral ventricle, causes a calcium-mediated increase in pineal glucose metabolism.[28]

Regulation of bone metabolism

Studies in mice suggest that the pineal-derived melatonin regulates new bone deposition. Pineal-derived melatonin mediates its action on the bone cells through MT2 receptors. This pathway could be a potential new target for osteoporosis treatment as the study shows the curative effect of oral melatonin treatment in a postmenopausal osteoporosis mouse model.[29]

Pineal gland - Wikipedia

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Ashley (Santa Cruz California ) on 06/11/2023

Does melatonin degrade if 1 year has passed expiration date on bottle?

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 06/11/2023 2080 posts

Hi Madelyn,

Thank you for the feedback on what I wrote about melatonin and longevity!

I am currently taking 132 mg of melatonin per night. I have taken higher dose melatonin for many years, but have increased my dose over the years as studies reveal more about the multiple positive health effects of melatonin in humans, animals and plant life.

To me, given the current scientific evidence for melatonin, it makes sense to me to try to counter the proven, age related decline of melatonin in the body. This is why I have consistently written about the health effects of melatonin on EC and elsewhere to share the value of melatonin in helping to maintain our health.

Regarding topical melatonin, I use it topically also. As an example of how I might use it topically, recently a friend mentioned that her ears itch occasionally and that in one ear she also hears an annoying "whooshing noise". She was already using a topical spray of melatonin on her scalp that I had made for her to improve hair growth as I recently wrote about on EC, but can't find to link to and I suggested she try spraying the melatonin in her ears to see if it improved the itching. She called me last night and told me that the spray had alleviated the itch in her ears better than anything she had previously used for that purpose. She also said that on her first application it had also alleviated the annoying whooshing noise in her ear.

I realize I talk incessantly about the many health effects of melatonin, but this is a health forum and melatonin is one of the most healthful single supplements that I am aware of.


Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 06/10/2023

Hi Art, thanks for sharing your thoughts on melatonin. How many mg of melatonin do you take daily for health benefits, longevity, etc? I'm 43 and definitely want to take this antioxidant powerhouse on a more regular basis. I bought some bulk melatonin powder and have been using it on my skin from time to time after reading some studies showing its positive effects on the skin. Just thought I'd share :)

Life-Extending Properties of Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 06/09/2023 2080 posts

I frequently discuss the health-promoting value of melatonin, but often wonder why melatonin declines as we age and gets to a very low level of production around age 40 or about the same time as age-related diseases start to increase.

Although melatonin does many things to try and maintain homeostasis in our bodies, the decline of melatonin as we age doesn't allow melatonin to do this job as effectively as it did when we were younger.

So in thinking about this, I have considered that perhaps melatonin is actually a molecule mechanism built into the body to help prevent population overgrowth. An age related decline of melatonin would help to ensure that people do not live too long as living too long would quickly promote overpopulation of the planet and would result in insufficient food to feed the overpopulated planet. This idea brought forth the question of how the body would know that it needs to reduce melatonin production in order to help prevent overpopulation.

One way that I thought of is through calorie intake. When the body regularly receives a healthful caloric intake, that means there is plenty of food available and prospects are good for continued survival and the body responds to this by decreasing melatonin production at the rate we currently see. On the other hand, if caloric intake declines significantly, as in people are starving, melatonin levels decline even further by 20% in just one week or less as discussed in the following study : voluntary fasting by, % (26–28).

Here is a relevant quote from the study, keeping in mind that this study comes closest to the caloric restriction seen in starving, but not actually starving, as mild to moderate caloric restriction has been shown to have life extending effects :

' Short-term voluntary fasting by total rejection of food or with very limited intake of energy (<300 kcal per day) from 2 to 7 days reduces melatonin concentration in the blood by about 20% (2628). '

A reduction of melatonin by 20% would significantly lessen the pro health and pro survival effects of melatonin and a very likely outcome from such a scenario would be shortened life expectancy due to increased inflammation, oxidative stress, increased cardiovascular disease, increased cancer rates and reduced total antioxidant capacity. This in turn would likely increase mortality at an earlier age, thereby reducing planet population growth until healthful caloric intake could be restored.

In contrast, increased melatonin intake to try and offset the natural age related decline of melatonin will significantly reduce the number one cause of death in the world, cardiovascular disease (CVD) as I previously discussed here :

If you significantly reduce the number one cause of death in the world, CVD, it seems a reasonable expectation that people are likely to live longer. When you add the organ protective effects and bone protective effects of melatonin to that equation, increased life expectancy also seems a reasonable conclusion. Adding further to this, when you also take into consideration the multiple anticancer mechanisms of melatonin as discussed in the following link, it seems longer life expectancy due to melatonin is a reasonable idea : inhibits proliferation of cancer, signaling pathways in tumor cells.

Here is a relevant study quote regarding some of the ways that melatonin works against cancer :

' Melatonin inhibits proliferation of cancer cells through triggering cell cycle arrest and causes cell death by induction of apoptosis. Melatonin suppresses metastasis angiogenesis, and proliferation of cancer cells through affecting various signaling pathways in tumor cells. Melatonin also regulates autophagy pathway in cancer cell by affecting oxidative stress condition in tumor cells. These findings suggest that melatonin may increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to anti-cancer agents and may be a potential treatment for cancers either alone or in combination with other anti-cancer drugs. '

Studies that actually test if long term use of melatonin can extend life expectancy are lacking due to the length of such a study of many years, but given the above effects of melatonin, it seems illogical to think that melatonin would not extend overall life expectancy. So far melatonin has only been used in animal and insect studies in terms of life extension. The following study discusses melatonin and how it showed life extending effects in a small mammal :

This is a relevant quote from this 2009 study :

' Under normal conditions, this animal shows the first signs of aging after reaching 12 months, mainly through the loss of circadian rhythm in its activities. By continuously administering melatonin, starting a little before 12 months, the appearance of these first signs was delayed by at least 3 months, which is a considerable period in relation to the lifespan of this shrew*. '

The following study discusses some of the known mechanisms of melatonin by which it can potentially extend life expectancy : anti-aging effect of, or indirect oxidative stress damage.

Here is a relevant study quote describing some of the mechanisms by which melatonin may offer life extension :

' MT plays an anti-aging role by upregulating the expression of silent information regulator 1/Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1). SIRT1 is a histone deacetylase, and its physiological function is to remove acetyl groups, bind DNA strands together, and silence a target gene. In 2008, a study reported that MT increases the level of SIRT1 in a mouse model of accelerated aging (SAMP8 mice), demonstrating a positive correlation between MT and SIRT1 for the first time.9 This positive correlation was supported by two other studies.10, 11 MT enhances the deacetylation of SIRT1 substrates by upregulating SIRT1 expression and thus inhibits premature senescence '

Given all of the above information, it would appear that if you get extra melatonin through supplementation or natural means it can be healthful and possibly life extending, but if you continuously have low and or declining levels of melatonin, it may shorten your time to death. Overall, melatonin should make your stay here on earth a more healthful one!


Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 05/19/2023

Correct, Art. But it's good to know that if he does continue with that low dose Melatonin, it not only does no harm, but even helps. Thank you!

Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by Art (California) on 05/18/2023 2080 posts


Yes, I think when you are talking about major health conditions, 2 to 3 mg of melatonin may be better than no melatonin, but generally I would think that pharmacological dosing would be needed for maximum benefit.

If you hadn't said he is opposed to alternatives, I would make suggestions for diabetes and the heart, but that sounds like it would be a waste of time with him.


Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 05/18/2023

Thank you Art. I had been hoping it would help him with diabetes, a heart condition etc., but I guess this low dosage, 2-3 mg. wasn't doing much for that anyway.

Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by Art (California) on 05/18/2023 2080 posts


Melatonin is not addictive in any way, shape, or form. It does not help everyone get to sleep, but for those that it does, it seems to work very well. In comparison to medical marijuana, when I was testing it as a sleep aid, I found that when I was done testing it, I definitely felt a "need" to take it again and in fact, it took some time for that urge to go away. After the test, I would be in bed, not quite asleep and I would be thinking that I should take some of the medical marijuana so I can get to sleep. I never have that issue with melatonin. If I forget a dose, I forget a dose and that is it.

It is not surprising that he had trouble falling asleep the first night off from melatonin, as the body needs a moment to adjust to the amount of melatonin it is getting at night.

As to whether your relative should stop melatonin, that would mainly depend on his age. If he is in his 40's or older, it may be useful to continue the melatonin to try and partially compensate for the age related decline of melatonin in people. If they are under 40, it may be fine to reserve melatonin for when the body can make good use of it, such as Covid-19 or worse.

I don't know what his other ailments are, so I can't really comment on that aspect of your post.


Effective Melatonin Dosages
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 05/18/2023

Art, a relative was taking Melatonin pills to fall asleep easier. The dosage is VERY small compared to your recommendations. Just the pills you find in any drug store.

He sleeps well now so the doctor said he should stop for now, so that the body doesn't start relying ONLY on the pills to fall asleep.

The first night off of it, he was not able to fall asleep all night. But now he does.

1. Is Melatonin for sleep addictive?

2. Being that he is not in favor of alternative medicine, I was hoping the little he was taking would help with other ailments. But the dosage was so low, it probably didn't do much for other things.

What are your thoughts on this?

Side Effects
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 04/01/2023

Denise, Google Mexidol. Also chinese herbal formulas: bupleurum&dragon bone is one of what it is called “shen tonics” that is very good. Better yet see an acupuncturist/herbalist. Never buy any supplements on Amazon. Mexidol is an exception-you can only buy it on Amazon. It might take up to 3 years to get off clonazepam.

Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 03/29/2023 2080 posts


Amazon has melatonin down to .3 mg. for some people that is all they need for sleep. I take 132 mg/night, but I had to work my way up otherwise I felt very tired the next morning. Even now, when I move my dose up above 132 mg, I will feel it the next morning.,aps,128&sr=8-3

In one study it showed that just 2 mg of melatonin before bed could reduce nocturia, which is very helpful in getting more restful sleep.

I think if you have not already been taking melatonin for awhile and then just take 10 mg, it will likely make most people feel tired in the morning. Also, not everybody can tolerate melatonin, even at low doses. For those people it is better to use the natural ways to increase your melatonin levels because melatonin made in the body does not cause side effects. I wrote about how to do that here :


Side Effects
Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 03/29/2023

I doubt I'd wake up at all if I took as much as some folks do, I am shocked don't mind saying. I took a 10mg tablet and felt groggy for most of the a.m. so please be careful with trying it out.

I need something to help me sleep as I am weaning off clonazapam and melatonin was again suggested. I was having a hard time at night, not upping to my usual dose of 1 mg of clonazapam, so I'd just fall back into the 1 mg per day. I'm hoping just a smaller dose of Melatonin will help me and not leave me hungover, or groggy.

I found some bottles of 5 mg Melatonin, but then I kept looking, and found 3 mg bottles so I bought the later. Very inexpensive and I am hoping. It these don't work for me, then I guess I'll have to find another hopefully safe sleeping supplement.

Cavity, Gum Soreness
Posted by Art (California) on 12/15/2022 2080 posts

A friend who takes high dose melatonin every night recently mentioned to me that she discovered that she had a new cavity forming on the side of one of her teeth.

She uses melatonin that dissolves in your mouth, so she decided to place melatonin at the site of the cavity with her tongue each night when she went to bed. She told me that within two months, the cavity was very significantly reduced in size, so she will continue to repeat this process until it is completely gone. She also told me she had an area of gum that was sore, so she told me she applied melatonin to the area of the sore gum, and she said the pain was gone in two days. This second aspect she is reporting does have studies to support that melatonin is healthful for the gums.

I was aware that melatonin is good for the health of the oral cavity, but I was not aware that it could reverse a relatively new cavity. When I looked at studies regarding melatonin and oral health, I found that melatonin is noted for use against or as a preventative for gum disease, but no mention as a cavity fighter. Here is a typical study discussing multiple health benefits of melatonin for the oral cavity, including bone regeneration, but teeth are not actually the same as bone :

Here are some relevant quotes from the study :

' Oral cavity is affected by a number of conditions such as periodontitis, mucositis, cancers, and cytotoxicity from various drugs or biomaterials. Research has suggested that melatonin is effective in treating the aforementioned pathologies. Furthermore, melatonin has been observed to enhance osseointegration and bone regeneration. '

' Topical administration of melatonin has a positive effect on periodontal health and osseointegration. Furthermore, melatonin is particularly effective in improving the periodontal parameters of diabetic patients with periodontitis. Melatonin exerts a regenerative effect on periodontal bone and may be incorporated into of periodontal scaffolds. The cytotoxic effect of various drugs and dental materials may be countered by the antioxidant properties of melatonin. Topical administration of melatonin promotes the healing of tooth extraction sockets and may also impede the progression of oral cancer. '

As you can see from this study, melatonin offers many benefits to help maintain oral health, but the repair of new cavities is a new one to me.


Montmorency Tart Cherries for Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 07/06/2022 2080 posts

This brand new study suggests that drinking 480 ml of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice or taking capsules of the tart cherry each day had little to no health benefit in the parameters tested in the study. This suggests that Montmorency Tart Cherries are a poor source of melatonin.

Here is a link to the study :

Here is a relevant quote from the abstract :

>>> ' Despite the potential benefits of antioxidants and melatonin, we did not find improvements in sleep time or quality, cellular health or BP in participants consuming MTC for 30 days, though BM decreased in capsule groups. ' <<<

This study implies that if you plan to get your melatonin and its known health benefits from cherries, that will not likely happen. Even if you are just looking for better sleep, the result is still likely to be no benefit.


Melatonin and Anti-Rejection Drugs
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/25/2022 2080 posts


Because of the serious nature of your wife's condition (kidney transplant & potentially related issues), you should be talking to her transplant specialist about the use of melatonin and here are a few studies that suggest that melatonin may be beneficial, which you can show to her doctor to give a little more information on the potential utility of melatonin in kidney transplant. I am not a doctor and this is well beyond the scope of information that you should be looking for on a forum that specializes in home remedies. Here are a few relevant links that her doctor can consider as to whether melatonin will be useful for her specific case. :

Best wishes to the both of you!


Melatonin and Anti-Rejection Drugs
Posted by peter (chicago) on 01/24/2022

Attn: Art from California

My wife is on anti rejection drug for kidney transplant and blood pressure medication.

She has trouble sleeping and told me Melatonin can not taken. Please let me know is that the case.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Moira (Co. Laois) on 01/09/2022

Use vitamin d it is the sàme at over 500 u per week if sick help with more until it abates and go back to th 500 u again every week

Melatonin and Daytime Use
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 09/29/2021

One of the concerns that people have with using Melatonin 4 times a day for covid or other viruses is that, because Melatonin is used to help with sleep it is presumed to make you too tired during the day. I will share some of my personal experiences with that.

When we had covid back in January we all used high dose Melatonin (thanks to Art who kept us informed about the protocol! ) I used it on everyone in the house - ages 9 to 83, based on weight, as Dr. Neel recommends. We took it 4 times a day.

My 83 year old mother in law with dementia did not know what the pills I gave her were, I just added them with her other meds and supplements. She was not symptomatic of covid, but we were using it to try and prevent covid since others in the home had it. (I think it worked, or at least helped! She never got sick, but did lose her sense of smell.) Anyway, her sleep/wake patterns were no different than when she wasn't taking round the clock melatonin. (She always takes it at night.)

It was hard to tell how it affected those of us who were actually sick. Sick people sleep more.

I take 15-20 mg of melatonin every night to help me with sleep (and it definitely improves my quality of sleep! )

Last summer, an hour after taking my melatonin dose, my daughter-in-law went into labor. I had an hour of sleep but woke up easily and drove an hour and 20 minutes to the birth center where she had the baby. I had no trouble driving and no trouble staying awake all night.

I had the opportunity to repeat the experiment last week. I had taken my 20 mg of melatonin and fallen asleep when my daughter went into labor. I woke up and stayed up the rest of the night with her and was able to see another grandchild born. (What a privilege! )

I cannot know how it affects others. But I can say that melatonin does not make it impossible for at least some people to stay awake after taking a significant dose. Certainly it would be wise to know how such a dose would affect you before driving a long way or using heavy equipment.

~Mama to Many~

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Glennise (UK) on 09/09/2021 3 posts

Thank you for replying. Delivery from Piping Rock was super fast, it only took 1 week from US.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Art (California) on 09/06/2021 2080 posts

Hi Glennise,

This one ships to the UK:

You can get melatonin by prescription in the UK and any dose is better than no dose. If your Dr. will write a script for each of you for 5 mg capsules for sleep, that amount may hold you over until your order arrives.


Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Glennise (Hampshire) on 09/04/2021 3 posts


I'm in the UK & my son who is asthmatic have just been diagnosed with Covid. Did you manage to find a UK supplier please. I have ordered some from Piping Rock but it will probably take a couple of weeks to get here.

Thank you.

Side Effects
Posted by Deb (Treasure Island, FL) on 07/24/2021

I have noticed nose bleeds with melatonin

Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 03/17/2021 2080 posts

Hi Kenny,

Yes, there are people who can not tolerate melatonin as I have mentioned many times on EC, but the majority of people do tolerate melatonin as shown in many studies. Generally, as soon as you realize that there is a negative reaction to melatonin or you are not tolerating melatonin because of symptoms such as you described, it is probably a very good idea to stop using melatonin immediately rather than continuing. It is sort of like your body is trying to let you know that this is not compatible with you.


Side Effects
Posted by Kenny H (TN) on 03/17/2021

For many years, I had trouble sleeping and took Melatonin and always felt groggy and a hangover from taking it, but since pot is not legal in TN, what choice did I have? And then all of a sudden, my whole system flipped and then suddenly I couldn't get enough sleep! Suddenly 8 hrs was not enough and I always felt exhausted! What a nightmare! Not saying the melatonin had anything to do with it, but it what I was taking and it scared the holy hell out of me!

Now I'm fighting diabetes and liver damage and thyroid malfunction which came on all of a sudden also and while I am overcoming that slowly but surely by alternate day fasting, cutting ALL wheat products out of my diet, and the old timey cottage cheese and oil (Flax, black seed & Hemp oil) medicine cancer cure remedy!

But I'm not my old self by any stretch as before I started taking melatonin every night and so am very leery about ever taking melatonin again! Besides it always makes you feel so tired and groggy and who the hell needs that when your 65 yrs old? Certainly not me! So the jury is still out on that one! The side effect of melatonin is it makes you drowsy and tired, and I need just the opposite of that!

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by MK (NY) on 02/08/2021

Isn't it strange that they banned melatonin in England, Scotland and Ireland back in 1995? It's even more strange that they haven't allowed it after the thousands of studies that have been done on it since then worldwide. How archaic!

Perhaps now is a good time to start a petition in your country to legalize it for over-the-counter use.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Art (California) on 02/08/2021 2080 posts

Hi Katie,

I found 10 mg capsules on Ebay UK :

You may have missed my post about Xlear Nasal Spray for Covid-19, but these are the two main components I plan to use if I get Covid-19. Here is a link to that post :

Here is a link to the product on Amazon UK :

If you can, get her started on the spray if you can get it from a local drug store. The post that I linked to above shows how they used the Xlear Nasal Spray, how often and what effects it had on the small group of patients.

Good luck to you and your friend!


Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Katie (London) on 02/08/2021

One of my friends has just been diagnosed with covid and she is higher risk so I'm worried. I am in the UK where melatonin is not available. I've been looking at buying melatonin from pharmacies in Poland but they only seem to sell 1mg or 3mg so I would need a huge number to ingest 80mg per day for covid-19. Also many refuse to post to the UK.

Can anyone advise me how to buy sufficient quantities from a reputable source?

Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 01/31/2021 2080 posts

Hi HisJewel,

Thank you for the feedback on melatonin!

What I have noticed is that some people can develop diarrhea from HDM [High Dose Melatonin], but in the few people I have seen or heard of this side effect, that delay, can vary from 3 days to 3 weeks. In either case, the delay makes it possible to use melatonin long enough to help achieve the desired result with Covid-19 and it may be possible to use melatonin for a very brief period even if diarrhea does occur in an attempt to have maximal effect on Covid-19. Stoppage of HDM seems to allow a fairly quick recovery from the diarrhea. I still feel that the combination of melatonin plus the addition of the Xlear Nasal Spray, suggest the potential for a quick recovery.

Here is a link to what I wrote about Xlear Nasal Spray and Covid-19 : Https://


Side Effects
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 01/31/2021

Regarding Melatonin Side Effects,

Melatonin was a big help in starting my fight to get well even with side effects.

I decided to reorder some more Melatonin, because I was glad that I had it on hand to meet a possible emergency during my coughing fits. As I mentioned I took about 100mgs of Melatonin for each of 3 days. I took 4 to 5 pills a few times a day and once at night. They were 5mgs each. No, my brand did not make me sleep or sleepy; however, I found that when I was ready to sleep they let me sleep at least an hour or two at night. The side effect I had was loose stools.

Some years ago, I had ordered some Melatonin from eBay. I am not sure why I bought them, I do remember reading a book back then that said it was good for stopping any further memory loss in its track. Anyway, this Melatonin product was from overseas, it was a powder, and a very high mgs per tiny scoop. I do not remember the company. I remember going to sleep that night and not waking up until morning. In the garbage it went. As I used to do all night prayer often and too much sleep would interfere with my work. The interesting thing is I do not remember having any side effect, only what it said it would do give me sleep.

The Melatonin that I had on hand when I was sick this month, I bought last year because Earth Clinic, Art and others posted Melatonin benefits for COVID 19.When I decided to buy more, I noticed that I needed to find out what "Other ingredients" are in each brand and kind of Melatonin. The company that I got mine from had at least 3 different kind of Melatonin mixtures. I did not want any artificial sweeter in mine so I was reading the labels. Then it dawn on me that perhaps one of the" Other ingredients" in the brand that I already had was what caused the side effect that I encountered. So please read the label.


Melatonin and Blood Thinners
Posted by Art (California) on 01/23/2021 2080 posts

Hi Pam,

Yes, melatonin has blood thinning and anticlotting effects, so getting your doctor's approval if you are already on a blood thinner makes safe sense. Too much blood thinning is bad and can be dangerous. Some common supplements like vitamin E and Serrapeptase can have blood thinning effects also, so anyone who is already on a blood thinner should seek their doctor's advice if adding a supplement with blood thinning qualities.


Melatonin and Blood Thinners
Posted by Pam (Ponte Vedra, FL) on 01/21/2021

Does Melatonin have an effect on a person taking a blood thinner?

Posted by Art (California) on 11/02/2020 2080 posts


Try this combo for better sleep :


Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/01/2020

I, too, had little success with melatonin until Deirdre (I think, or was it Art?) mentioned large doses. I now take 10 mg an hour before bed and 10 mg of timed release melatonin just before bed. I also take niacin (for cholesterol, but the flush helps me sleep), only 500 mg, every night along with the timed release melatonin. I've been sleeping much better since I started this protocol. I still don't sleep great, still wake up off and on, and sleep only for about 5 hours per night, but it's so much better than it was. What does are you taking, Jake? Be careful, tho, since melatonin can make your stool loose. With my ibsd that's a real concern, but this dose I'm taking seems to do well.

Posted by Jake (Tucson) on 11/01/2020

I have read a report recently that talks about the mixed findings with melatonin. It's hypothesis is that it relates to the circadian rhythm and should be taken at least 2 hours away from food. It is suggested that one might try to eat dinner earlier, and/or skip breakfast so as to avoid glycemic interference.

Side Effects
Posted by Bbhe (Nyc) on 09/21/2020

I definitely feel your pain. I had insomnia for years. Turned out it was gluten. (Yeah, I thought I'd tried eliminating it, but I guess I hadn't. If I get even a pinch of flour, ping, eyes wide open all night long.) Melatonin makes me loopy as well unless I take a tiny tiny dose. Also, if I do high intensity workouts sometimes that makes it worse, especially if I'm fasted.


Side Effects
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 09/16/2020

I've been taking a, for me, high dose of melatonin for insomnia. I've been taking 10 mg at 7, another 10 mg at 8 and one more at 9, then off to bed. The first night I slept fine, next night not so great and, but the third night, was having stomach troubles. So, I backed off for a week. I then to 10 mg at 7 and, at 9, took a 10 mg timed release tablet. I kept waking up but my concern is that I was dizzy. I had to be careful getting up and then was fine. So I stopped it for several days.

Then, last night, I took a 5 mg regular tablet and, during the night, woke up dizzy. Even at the gym this morning, doing barbell bench presses, I was dizzy upon sitting up. So, is this the melatonin or something else? I stay hydrated and my blood pressure was good (I took it several times), so it's not that.

Possibly low blood sugar? I had not eaten for some time when it happened. Any thoughts? I swim, so wonder if it's not my ears? I do not have vertigo during my normal day, only upon rising from flat to sitting (of course I don't stand until it passes). I don't want to visit a dr until I've eliminated other causes. Thanks. I really need relief of the insomnia! I've taking benadryl and want to stop.

Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 07/06/2020

Dear Gertjr - I'm very sorry to hear that your husband passed away. You have so much stress to deal with but I'm glad to hear the melatonin is helping. As difficult as it is with so much to do, you will need time just for yourself - to grieve, to rest. You are in our thoughts. Take care ...

Posted by Art (California) on 07/06/2020 2080 posts


I am very sorry for the loss of your of your husband.

I am glad that you found benefit with melatonin and I hope it continues to help you through this difficult time. You need good sleep to allow your body to repair itself after so much damaging stress. Good health to you!


Posted by Charity (Faithvile, Us) on 07/06/2020

Gertjr, Sorry for the loss you are going through. Griefshare is a website that will send you free daily encouragement and information on how one processes and how it affects the body.

Many people avoid talking about grief trying not to cause more pain. Then it can be difficult, not feeling like you have someone to talk to about what you are going through. First and foremost stop all negative chatter in your head . Write positive things to say to yourself. I did well and I am well. Every day I celebrate how good life is, and I remember the good things . I have suffered depression and all that comes with it so I say this to encourage you as you transition to the next beautiful stage of your life. HIs Blessings, Charity

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 07/06/2020

Dear Gertjr,

Bless you. I am so sorry about the deep loss of your husband! 💔😢


~Mama to Many~

Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 07/06/2020

I tried Art's protocol over the last few days and it worked! I was so pleased. My husband passed away on Saturday and I was exhausted and really needed sleep, had finished all my Tramadol (needed to stop taking it anyway), and took 3 mg every hour, going to bed after the 3rd dose. Slept like a baby until the cat woke me up, then went back to sleep for another hour, 7 hours in all. After several nights at the hospital, this was such a blessing. The last 2 nights haven't been quite that good, but still better than I expected with having so much on my plate right now. Thanks, Art.

I have a bit of migraine pain today, so hopefully that's not the melatonin but the stress. I'm probably a bit dehydrated, too, so need to take better care of myself.

EC: We are so sorry for your loss, GertJr. Sending you much love.

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/05/2020

Old post but the melatonin may have been ineffective if it was not actually melatonin - a fraudulent product. Trying a different brand might have been the solution. My brand always works for me, my Mom's does not always work for her.

Posted by Bee (Gig Harbor, Wa) on 09/28/2016

thank for suggesting that the electronics be turned off earlier at night for a natural melatonin. I was reading all the comments and many of them had the electronics piece in common.

Induce Dreaming
Posted by Danny (Powell, Wyoming) on 11/14/2015

Can you express a little more on the relationship between melatonin and the pineal. Thank you.

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