What's Your Favorite Health Tip?

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Posted by Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 05/29/2014

I was wondering if another subject could be added to this wonderful site if followers could add their favourite health tip for general health? Mine is to have a lemon every day! Thanks Earth Clinic.

EC: Hi Suseeq, great idea! We were about to create a new page, but then remembered we have already have a remedy favorites page! We just renamed it to Favorite Health Tips.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/15/2012

Hi Slim2483, It's funny you should mention this book because I just brought it up the other day. My mom read and referenced it religiously when I was very young and growing up. My mom had terrible bladder and kidney issues and they were afraid she'd lose a kidney. Well, she was determined not to and a friend gave her Adele Davis' books. I recall "Let's Get Well" the most. She also would do yoga with a man on tv who was named Richard Hittleman. Hardly anyone at the time here in the US knew much about yoga. It was all very unusual at the time and some people thought my mom was just silly. Well, she saved her kidney, we learned a lot about nutrition and vitamins and it had a great influence on me. The other great thing is almost 50 years later, things Adele Davis said and recommended are considered completely normal by most people today! And look how many people do yoga and don't give even it a second thought- it's a household word! Best to you, Lisa

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 10/15/2012

Hi Citygirl27, I think you are mistaken. I have referenced books on here in the past with no problem. If I am mistaken, I appologize. I do know that I have referenced a book or two with no issues though.

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 10/14/2012

Why do you allow a shameless plug for a book like this, but you won't allow someone to post a book as a supporting reference in a post? Please be consistent and delete the "favorite health book" thread or allow people to post books as supporting references for their posts.

Posted by Slim2483 (West Sacramento, Ca, Usa) on 10/14/2012

I have books upon books. The best is Let's Get Well by Adelle Davis I say it's the bible for health. Easy to read & understand..

Posted by Florie (Austin, Texas, United States) on 09/24/2012

All of Purity Products' HA supplements include collagen. I broke my wrist a few months ago, and my hand is very stiff and has some of the symptoms of Dupuytren's Contracture (hope not), which include a sort of thickening of the palm said to be collagen "overgrowth" (I think), so I'm worried about taking supplemental collagen. I was looking for a straight HA, and have only found one by Pure Encapsulations, but very expensive. On the other hand, I may NOT have Dupuytren's... Fingers also won't completely straighten out (another symptom) plus I have some nodules.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/18/2012

My Favorite Chinese Herbs: Dragon Herbs http://www.dragonherbs.com/

My Favorite Candida Protocol: Body Ecology http://bodyecology.com/aboutbed.php

My Favorite Stem Cell and Anti-Aging Center: http://www.stemcelltreatment.org/

My Favorite companies for shilajit and fulvic acid: Omica http://www.omicaorganics.com/store/ and Dragon Herbs

My Favorite companies for natural skin care/ essential oils: http://www.livinglibations.com/ and http://www.annmariegianni.com/

Posted by Doddie (Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa) on 09/22/2011

Bill would you recommend that a person take everything separately and not use a multi-vitamin, or should all these be taken in addition to a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement? Also is there a link as to maybe your daily diet and incorporating all your supplements for morning, noon and night? Thank you so much for your posts!!

Posted by Alfred (Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/10/2011

I feel and doing great. Have not written recently, because feeling good every day. Still on PP HA.. Takes care of the joints, work smooth, my mustache is black almost about 80% but when you run out of HA the hurt returns fast.. As you read how to stay young, or stay healthy.. So many things to do.. So I decided to throw all that good stuff in my system.. Finally got my Thai wife to steam all of my vegtables, always a big bowl of garlic.. I snack on that during the day like pop corn or potato chips but for me Garlic. Lots of fresh fruit around here, honey and cinnamon pre mixed.. Need something sweet, a small spoon will do the trick, tomato juice always in the fridge , Alo Vera growing outside, brake branch off, wash. Eat the whole thing, also Purlane growing outside. Cut a branch or two, mix in the salad, something to drink throw a little of Magnesium in the water, same with metylene Blue, no salt, no sugar, ACV pre mixed.. One bottle in bedroom, one in the food room, swig on it all day and night, Green tea.. Plus other good things like Taro, sweet potato, regular potato. I take a swallow of virgin Coconut oil with no flavor now and then.. That covers most of it.. Health worth more than money, you are what you eat.. Little courtesies are the wayside flowers of life. Any questions.. I am here for you.. My best Alfred

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 10/26/2010

Here is a link to an article on the Daily Mail today: www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1323758/Can-cutting-Carbohydrates-diet-make-live-longer.html. Interesting that they make it seem that the dangers of a high carb diet were discovered today while the governments must have always known that a high carb diet as they were advising is the worst you can eat. By the way, there is an interesting comment by author Barry Groves whose book I reviewed on this site, in the comments section!

Posted by Kay (In The Valley, Ca) on 07/11/2010

E.C., That link takes us to the Purity's website, but I would like to know where the "Best Sellers" list is on the Home Page for future reference.

Thanks so much,

EC: Hi Kay,

Best Sellers is one of the green navigation tabs at the top of their home page: http://www.purityproducts.com/purityEcommerce/control/main

Go to their logo at the top of the page, then then move your eyes down. Best Sellers is the first tab on the left. Next to it is the tab called: Health Concerns. Point your mouse on the tab and a drop down box appears where you will see one for HA Formulas.

They should redesign that page since a number of people aren't seeing the green tab!

Looks like this:

Posted by Cindy (Cochrane, Wi) on 07/10/2010

Sorry but where is "best sellers" supposed to be? I don't see it on the home page. I would also appreciate this information as I found it confusing
thank you

Posted by Katherine (Tucson, Az) on 07/09/2010

I am still confused. . . What is the actual product from Purity Alfred is using? He says he is using "Ultimate HA", but when I search their site for Hyaluronic Acid, I find three products:

*HA Joint Formula
*Ultimate EYE Formula
*OmegaBerry Super Formula with Vitamin D & Acai

I know he also mentioned Hylastin, which I was able to find. Which product is the one both he and others on EC have been using to such great effect? Or have people been using the brand from Ted's posts (Purebulk, I think)?

I've been having significant and worsening joint pain, and would like to try this out since I've been using way more Ibuprofen than I'd like to. Thanks!!!

EC: Hi Katherine,

Alfred and others are indeed using one called "Ultimate H.A. Formula"... Click the tab on the home page at the top that says "Best Sellers" and then click on "HA Formulas". You'll see it on that page (2nd one)... Just make sure to read the side effects associated with this formula on our HA page here: https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/hyaluronic-acid.html#SE

Posted by Phil (Dearing, Ga/usa) on 06/26/2010

Wow! Hi Ted, great stuff about the HA and degenerative disc. I had written in before with a question about my moms degenrative disc. I guess you were busy, but I am glad I found this tonight! Even though she has had surgery already, the Doctor told her that all of her disc were degenerating. All those cat scans, just to tell her, well you're going to have pain and you're going to have to learn to deal with it and another surgery could be a future possablity. Well, let's hope not!

I do have a question though and I think someone else did to. When you say CAPS, would this be from a regular liter of drinking water. I know that 500cc is half a liter, but are you talking about just like the caps on soda and water bottles?

I also have two comments to Earth Clinic. First and for most THANK YOU! Second you should put this info on the degenerative disc section and also on Ted's latest questions, because there have been some questions from others on there about degenerative disc there and Ted did not get a chance to answer them.

Thank you all,

EC: Thanks for the suggestion, Phil. Will cross-post to the Degenerative Disc Disease page under "Ted's Remedies".

Posted by Kim (Chicago, Il) on 06/05/2010

Well, it's June 5, 2010 and I am awaiting Alfred's updates. I am in a defensive state about this PP company. I have read several complaints from dissatisfied customers. However; I have noticed where one can order the products from Amazon.com and could potentially avoid direct contact with PP. If I am somehow missing Alfred's post, that was suppose to be posted on June 4, 2010...would someone please direct me to it's location. Thanks!

EC: Sorry, we posted the update on the hyaluronic acid supplements page. However, make sure you read the side effects Alfred also reported!


Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/25/2010

Why Does HA pills work so Well

Good Day the World of Great human Beings.. We, you and me. Lets talk HA.. it suppose to turn our years back a bit.Why Does P.Products works so well and produce amazing results.. I know many of you have available to the HA powder.. But that does not work alone.. It has to be mixed with other ingredients to be absorbed into the body system. This is what P. Products is mixing in.

1. Antoxidant stabilizers
|2. Absorption Assimilators
3. I-p6
4. Vitamin C

I will give my update June 4th.. after 4 months of taking HA.. Interesting whats happening.. Just listen to your body.
See you on the 4th..Meanwhile think Positive, Think your feeling great.. if your feeling great, you will be great.

I Care

Posted by Hope (Sacramento, Ca) on 05/19/2010

Hi Alfred -

Thanks so very much for your quick response! It is very much appreciated and also your delightful radiance of Being!

Best to You-

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/18/2010

Hello Hope.. Yes, i found a Pill that has NO MAGNESIUM STEARATE.. Hylastin.(Hyaluronic Acid & Omega -3 ) has No Magnesium Stearate. From P products. Stay well my friend in California.

I Care

Posted by Mariah (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/16/2010

To Robert from Martinez Ca. In previous posts, Ted has said "Caps" when referring to liquid and he has had to clarify he means a capful (the amount that a cap can hold). They're usually a standard size ... from a 2L soda bottle or a water bottle, for example. I hope this helps you.

Posted by Hope (Sacramento, Ca) on 05/15/2010

Hi Alfred-

A while back I understood that you may have said the the high quality product you bought of Hyaluronic Acid did not contain magnesium stearate, but when I go to their website it does contain this ingredient. I would like to find something without this added ingredient. Is this possible?

Kind Regards....

Posted by Addy (Flowery Branch, Ga) on 05/14/2010

I recently read the post regarding the dissolve test to check your vitamins. So of course, I went home and performed the test. Of the 4 I tested, only my Vitamin C didn't make it! I love this website!!!

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/13/2010

Next time you buy vitamins.. Ask yourself.. will they dissolve under 20 min? I have been doing the TED test.. If the pill does not dissolve in under 20 min. I will return them..This will make the seller of vit. aware that what they are selling is not good. Years Ago when i had a toilet problem.. the plumber took toilet out.. i said to him what is all that stuff down there ,looks like ants. He said Vitamins.. most of the Vit. come out the same way they go in. Then, I did not believe him.. but after giving the Vit. the TED test.. I believe the plumber. Yes, are saving money on vitamins. How did i find the Vitamin that is working for me. From P. Products..From A paper back book called "WHATS BEST" in vitamins. it listed.. In book it listed 45 vit. Makers. I tried the 3 top ones. 1. took 4 pills daily. 2. took 6 pills daily, 3. took 14 pills daily.. I settled with the number 1 pill maker. Their pill dissolves in 12 min. I agree the pills are pricey.. but if they work, which they do..that great. but you buy a cheaper ones, the pill does not work.. Money down the drain. If you can not afford the #1 pill.. buy anyway and take 1/2 of dose daily..Now its cheaper and you know it works. Pills are cheaper than Doctors.. Good health worth more than money.

I Care

Posted by Robert (Martinez, Ca) on 05/10/2010

Hello, I read Ted's post on HA & he mixed 500mg with 9gms salt in 500cc water & then said to take "8 caps" per day. As this is a liquid, what does he mean by 'caps'? Thank you, Robert

Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm) on 05/09/2010

This is for those of you with acid reflux and acidosis. Have you checked out water ionizers? As we get older our bodies become more acidic from eating mostly acidic foods and not enough alkaline foods. Our bodies are 70 to 75 % water and as our cells become more and more acidic, we develop things like acid reflux, and many other diseases because they thrive in an acidic environment. I suffered with acid problems unbelieveably until I started drinking alkaline water and eating a more alkaline diet. Google Jupiter water ionizers or google Jupiterionizers.com. You will absolutely be amazed and the results you will have. My husband has arthritis and the stiffness is going away. It has changed our lives. It reverses the ageing process also. Check it out. Don't believe just me.

God Bless and best wishes to all.

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 04/22/2010

Every April & May I seem to go through a bottle or two of Freeze Dried Stinging Nettle, by Eclectic Institute. Great for allergies.

There are other brands though make sure they are freeze dried as this seems to be more effective than other processes....(I just purchased New Chapter "Alergy" which is Stinging Nettle, because the store was out of Eclectic, & disappointed that it has little effect @ twice the cost.

For Omega 3's, I like NutraSea or Nordic Naturals. They appear to be higher quality..distilled, removing any toxic metals.
I also really like a Milk Thistle product from Naka in Germany with Sea Buckthorn...great for the liver, detox & the skin but a little pricey.

One other is Juvenon..a combo of Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine & Biotin.... (though it is cheaper to buy them separately & prefer Jarrow for this). I only take this a few times a week, with the omega 3s...very good anti-oxidant.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 04/20/2010

Hi Alfred,

Thank you for your kind words. I have spent so many years and so much time in my own search that it is my hope that I can help others with what I have learned and continue to learn. If we empower ourselves, we can empower others. Then we can raise humankind up and we are unstoppable! We have reached a critical mass of ill people and I believe people are beginning to reach out to find answers outside of mainstream medicine.

We have Deirdre to thank for this amazing site with people who need answers and those who have found some. Thank
you too for I have learned from you also.

As for Lake Piru, it is not far from here and actually I was living in the San Fernando valley through the 60's!

Be well and blessings to you,

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/20/2010

Lisa.. your one kind caring Person..Helping people along the way with positive feeling and positive words. You take your time and help those in need.

Is Lake Piru in your area. took my kids fishing and camping there in the 60"s before you were born. Rolling hills, lots of Oak trees..Stay well. Thanks for your kind words to me.

My Best
my best

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thai) on 04/20/2010

Birdy sorry about bad taste you had with HA.. Hard for me to believe that happened.. When we are born.. our body is Loaded with HA.. As we get older Ha disappears slowly.. It shows in white hair, liver spots on back of hand, skin barnicles of different kinds..

The HA pill you took with 20mg.. Was it outdated(old). Not kept in the fridge.., did you have the pill a long time, or maybe when you purchased it, it was outdated.

If you only have a skin problem, maybe best to get a cream.

Stay well.. I care a lot about people

EC: Hi Alfred,

If you do a Google search "Hyaluronic Acid Side Effects", you will note that rashes and breakouts are one of the more common side effects!

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 04/19/2010

There appears to be to ways of producing it, one from rooster comb and another from bacteria. One could try the one produced by bacteria to see if the same reaction occurs..& yes, there are several reports of allergic reactions/rash similar to your account. Long term use of this supplement is unknown, as with many...so taking breaks for a while would side on caution.

Posted by Birdy (Ankeny, Iowa, Usa) on 04/19/2010

I tried taking hyaluronic acid a few years back in hopes that it would add moisture to my skin that had become dry from menopause. I had a severe allergic reaction. I had not seen real benefits and in fact felt it made my skin feel too soft and without enough strength and integrity to it. Anyways, I went to a football game after taking one I believe 20mg capsule and it was raining out that day. i broke out in lumps that itched on my face just like a giant cold sore or rash. I had 2 large ones. I do not recommend this stuff.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 04/19/2010

Well Alfred, I love your posts and at 83 years young, I listen to what you have to say. Sometimes it's hard to read how a product, whether outward or inward is making someone look so young when I get to the end of the article and they say they're 29! Easy to look 19 when you're 29! But you! You sound like a live wire! Anyway, I ordered the HA from your source you recommended because of all you had to say but in addition, to what Ted just wrote in regards to how it lubricates the body.

Always looking forward to your posts, Lisa

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/18/2010 391 posts

Hyaluronic acid, yes I buy them from purebulk. The only particular brand I like is not the brand itself but for those formulations used for horses, which is proven to work. Hyaluronic acid is way better then the popular Glucosamine sulfate. It is a miracle supplement against back pain caused by degenerative spinal column.

My formula that works is as follows: 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder (sodium hyaluronate) plus 9 grams of sea salt in 500 cc of water. Store in refrigerator when not in used. The formula advocated by the (purebulk) will not work as it degrades Hyaluronic acid since vitamin C will obviously degrade them. They do get more stable if EDTA is added in small amounts as free metal irons tend to degrade them. The dose is about 8 caps three times a day empty stomach. It takes about 2 weeks to completely remove all back pain and the joint affected area in extremities may take a little longer. I have a couple of cases with severe spinal degeneration of cartilage and gets fully restored upon taking of HA. What the HA does is very simple. It is a major component of synovial fluid - spinal fluids. It is also found in your skull that acts as a shock absorber. So if the movie Rocky got decomissioned from boxing, the HA will restore the brain concussion and helps boxers against brain damage as HA will act as shock absorber between the brain and the skull.

As for the severe cartilage degeneration, the cause is simple: your cartilage works like a hydraulic system. The HA (Hyaluronic acid) is the hydraulic fluids which fills up the spinal column. The addition of HA fills up the deflated tire of your cartilage, thus restoring the the flattened cartilage. HA is one of the fluids that is also used by cells, but the obvious application is for back pain.

As mentioned, all people that I know of do not need to do spinal surgery caused by damage of the cartilage and can get it fully restored with just HA in a matter of 2 weeks and all pain is gone. However, a back pain may also be caused by muscle stiffness due to lack of magnesium as well as arthritis, which MSM does well in eliminating the arthritic neck pain and back pain. It takes about 1 week to reduce the severity of arthritic back pain by 50% in about 1-2 week. Further reduction is possible.

I have a man who is chairman who owns oil spill up technology was involved with motorcycle accident and had brain concussion. Taking HA larger dose such as 12 capful three times a day reduced his concussion pain within a matter of 30 minutes, with complete recovery from the concussion pain within the week. As for HA's effect as an anti-aging supplement, it might help restoring some wrinkles, but the best way to do this, for both men and women (we're talking about people who are 40 or over) is the progesterone cream, used only twice a week at 1/8 teaspoon, mixed with a small amount of HA. This will reduce the aging skin from both HA & Progesterone.

The basics of HA is simple: it hydrates the body's system. It also acts as a lubricant along the lungs to reduce asthma. When the lungs dries up, you get asthma and the HA lubricates the cellular tissues in the organ, thus restoring the lung's breathing capacity. Of course you still need to rid of fungus which causes asthma. As for the person with a severe neck arthritis, for 20 years, went 50% away within 1 week and completely away in about 3 weeks using MSM 2000 mg x 5 times a day plus B1 thiamine 200 to 400 mg a day (for numbness of extremities).

So James Coburn, the actor who mentioned about curing arthritis with MSM was correct in MSM curing the arthritis. The problem was dose/frequency issue that I have to find out, as well as compare its effectiveness against other arthritis supplements out there. As it turns out, MSM is the best supplement for arthritis, but not HA, which is more ideally suited for joint pain and spinal degeneration, even to the point that the person even WON'T NEED BACK SURGERY. The cartilage actually regenerates itself. So when people speak of hydration consider HA.

Posted by Paul (Ny, Ny) on 04/13/2010


I saw an older Post from Ted, he recommended another place you could buy the HY ACID, it seems less expensive, and it is 100% HY ACID. The place name is PU***tan.

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/13/2010

To Rena from Mineral bluff, georgia

I started taking Hylastin.. which is Hyaluronic acid & Omega -3..which I feel is better than the one I am taking. The one I am taking is Ultimate H.A. the reason I switch .. the pills are a little smaller and easier for me to swallow..

Thanks for checking..

Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 04/13/2010

Hi Alfred from Bankok,

I noticed from the Purity products, they have several different Hyaluronic Acid products to choose from. May I ask which one you use. Thank you, Peace, Rena.

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/12/2010

Re-Peter from Chicago..Good day..I did not pay too much attention the first 3 or 4 days.. then I notice the hair on my arms..When I was 30 or 40.. I was very hairy on my arms and leg. but over the years gone.. I guess wore off..No hair. but now lots of black hair which started about 3 or 4 days. Its been going on 3 months.. getting hairy again.. Top of my head Bald..Now lot of black hair. my white mustache is turn black..About 10days latter.. my wife said to me.. what happened to the backs of your hands.. those ugly liver spots gone. I looked.. Yes, gone.. my face had Barnicles of ageing which is clearing up.. My skin is tightening.. I think if your younger it will work faster. If you can go to the library and check out the book.. "How to live to 100 without growing old" will really impress you. Purity Products is suppose to best on the market.. But you should take at least 100mg a day.. there are many other brands of pills.. you can go crazy trying to decide whats best. these pills I am taking dissolve in under 10 minutes. At 83 yrs young I am running out of time.. So I must take the best.
Stay well Peter
Good health is worth more than money

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 04/10/2010

Hi Peter...Regarding my own dosage of Vitamin C and lysine, I usually take this on its own between meals. I also take the more alkaline sodium ascorbate form of Vitamin C (which is normally sold as Ascorbic Acid). Since this is a preventative against heart disease and arteriosclerosis in particular, my own dosage is 3 grams of Vit C per day, but this can be increased to 6 grams or more if required. I split these doses into 3 doses a day. With the 3 grams of Vit C I also take exactly the same amount of of lysine -- 3 grams.

Here is a link to an mp3 audio recording of Linus Pauling himself advising on the proper dose of Lysine/Vit C to take for good heart maintenance:

Linus Pauling's Recommendations

And here is Linus Pauling talking again of how he helped three other people with bad heart and arteriosclerosis problems using Vitamin C/Lysine therapy:

Linus Pauling's Success Stories

Another reason I take Vit C/Lysine is that, according to Ted, this treatment is also effective against tumour cancers (fungal) as well as being effective against the flu and cold virus and other problems.

My own dosage just acts as a preventative against heart disease and an immune booster if you like.

Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 04/08/2010


* Mega-Vitamin C Dosages with Lysine
Bill, how often do you do this a month ? How many times a day ? How many hours in between dosage? Thanks!

Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 04/08/2010


Thank you for sharing the information. How long did you take this product before you notice these fantastic effects?

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 04/08/2010

Here is my best list for herbs/natural chemicals that I use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis:

* Supplementing Magnesium and Using Transdermal Magnesium
I both supplement with with Magnesium(mag gluconate) as well as use it on my body with a garden sprayer after showers -- a very easy way to keep your magnesium levels up. I use Epsom Salts(mag sulphate) or magnesium chloride for this form. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme processes in your body and most people are deficient in Magnesium. The most effective all round mag supplement appears to be Magnesium Chloride.

* Ted's Alkalizing Remedies
I mainly use the Lime/Lemon remedies with BS or just BS alone in water as a very effective body alkalizer -- probably the best there is. I also use the ACV plus BS in the mornings to stimulate digestion and for energy. These alkalizing remedies were a major factor that helped to cure my own candida. I use them all regularly even now.

I take Borax internally and use it on my skin regularly to minimize fungus build up in and on my body. Very effective. Also helps to balance the body's hormones and good for your bones.

* Hydrogen Peroxide
Inhalation useful for colds, flu, sore throat onset and against general lung infections. Also a good energizer/pick-me-up. I also take one capful 3% HP in a litre of water to clear out and flush my lymph glands on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how I feel. I also use it to disinfect my ear, nose and throat(I use a 1.5% HP for this) regularly.

* Iodine Foot/Throat Painting
Easiest way to supplement iodine -- you can use lugol's, iodine tincture or even povidone iodine for this. I just paint it on my feet, twice a week. I use iodine to strengthen my immune system and also to help leech out flourine, bromine and chlorine from my body.

* Mega-Vitamin C Dosages with Lysine
I'm over 60 y o, and this is simply a preventative against build up of arterial plaque around the heart arteries. Arteriosclerosis and heart disease are one of modern society's greatest plagues. This remedy involves taking doses of between 2-4 GRAMS Vit C (as ascorbate) plus the same dose of lysine on a frequent basis as per the Pauling Therapy. This dosage is also strongly anti-viral, anti-fungal and immuno-stimulating as well as being good for the heart. This therapy, in much larger doses, is also recommended(together with aspirin) by Ted against both cancer, flu, colds and other problems.

* Protease Enzymes -- with Bromelain, Papain etc.
Taken as a digestive supplement and as an aid to my immune system when necessary. Papain and Bromelain have the added advantage of being able to work in both an acid or alakaline medium. Protease enzymes also clear up the bloods "debris" -- including heavy metals, viruses and bacteria, in support of the immune system.

* Methylene Blue plus Vit C
The best pick-me-up or energizer that works for me. Also a deep acting anti-fungal that used to be used as a malaria remedy in the past. Vit C must always be taken with MB because it tends to stain the whites of your eyes blue, and turns urine green. Very effective, no side-effects when taken with Vit C.

* Sodium Thiosulphate -- Getting Rid of Heavy Metals
I use this several times a month to leech out any heavy metals from my body. Can be bought very cheaply at any aquarium store. Also used in regular medicine, in much larger quantities, to flush out the dangerous heavy metals that are used so often in cancer chemo. ST also seems to help with insomnia.

Virgin Coconut Oil
I used this this as well against my candida problem. Very effective against constipation. I simply cook with VCO and will not use anything else now. I also use it regularly on my skin.

* My Own Herbal Remedy to Fortify the Organs, Intestines and Immune System
Now consists of a decoction of Tinosora cordifolia(Gudduchi, Giloya), Chanca Piedra(Phyllanthus niruri, Bhumia Amalaki), Tumeric and Neem leaves -- all of which grow in my garden area. Excellent protective support for liver, kidney, intestines and blood. Contains strong immune boosters. I take this decoction about once every month for 10 days.

* Using Herbs as an Absorbtion Synergist
I have used garlic, pepper and Vit C as absorbtion synergists for other herbs/minerals. But my favourite is, without doubt, Cayenne which has the ability of simultaneously causing body-wide vasodilation, while making the heart beat more efficiently without raising the blood pressure. I've just created an alcoholic tincture of cayenne, which was disappointing -- so I have reverted back to my one mashed African chili pepper, soaked and strained, in a glass of water taken regularly. In the many articles that I've read on cayenne, several simply describe that cayenne is a cleansing "heart food".

I'm currently trying to locate a good vitamin c source herb -- the Indian Gooseberry or Emblica officinalis -- to complete my own herbal remedy. I know it grows in my area, but it is being very illusive !!

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 04/07/2010

thanks EC, my apologies....didn't realize it was under the favorite products heading...

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/07/2010

to Rob in Manhattan..

Are you now taking HA from Jarrow or Source naturals? I am taking HA from Purity and I have sent to ailing friends who swear by it.. that it does work.. Rob over the past 60 years I wanted to save money.. So I purchased from companies like Jarrow and Source naturals.. Only to find out, because it cheap does not make it good. Then one day I woke up.. If it has to do with my health.. I want the best.. If it is too expensive.. Take 1/2 of what they recommend..Then buy the cheaper version.. Then compare personally..

Rob I am not saying that Jarrow or Source Natural are no good.. I am saying that I have a winner that works for me and my friends.. Please when you have time.. Give your pills Ted's water test and see how long it will take them to dissolve..stay well Rob.. Good Health worth more than money.. Alfred

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 04/06/2010

sorry, I am a little suspicious with you boasting about one specific product...there are many others on the market that get good reviews & are cheaper & in some cases a more reputable brand...like Now, or Jarrow or Source Naturals... I would go with any of these first & save your $$$.

EC: Hi Rob,

I invited Alfred to send in his favorites list for our new "product favorites" page last week, otherwise he would never have written this up. He met Ted a few times in Bangkok and I believe it was Ted who had recommended this particular brand to him.


P.S. I hope you will send us your list too!

Posted by Gazza (Wauchope, Nsw Australia) on 04/06/2010

Hi Cindy I have craved sugar most of my life and have just got on top of it and I just used the protocol using Hydrogen Peroxide or H202 to get rid of candida albicans. Kind regards Gazza

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/04/2010

Hello you nice Earth Clinc Folks..I think I found The Fountain of Youth Pill.. I located a book Called “How to Live to 100 Without Growing Old By Bill Sardi..

Has to do with HA .. Hyaluronic Acid.. This stuff was discovered 30 years ago but no one did anything about it… It Reverses the Ageing Process. YES.. It Reverses The Ageing .. Our body had plenty of HA when we are born. But as we get older, we start loosing it..Taking the pills with at least 100mg in 3 pills ..Process. Helps your eyes, your skin, my bald spot almost filled in, if you have a broken joint.. it fills it in with a type of putty.. that makes it new again. Your joint will work without pain. It does many other things also. I am taking this from computer library ...”.Perfect working joints, flawless skin, Excellent breathing, great sex at all times, good sleeping habits, clear, mental alertness, 20-20 vision, Strong bones.

After 50 + years of looking (now 83) I found a vitamin pill that works.. believe it or not.. MADE IN USA from. purietyproducts.com. Using Ted's suggestion.. Place pill in water, if does not dissolve in less than 20 min, the pill will go out the same way they went in. The Puriety Products dissolved in less than 10 min. that's amzing.. You get full benefit from these Vitamins.

When I am nice enough to get invited for dinner at a friends home… no more wine, only enjoy for the moment.. I bring a bottle of Vitamins that work.. Nothing said at the moment.. I get a different kind of look but a thankyou.. About two or 3 days later.. I start getting calls.. Of Thankyou.. Alfred those pills from purity are great. My husband stopped snoring, or no more headache, or I sleep better..or you know what..

How do I know the pills work??.. When I have a friend who is having health problems. . I gave them a bottle. Several days latter they call and thank me, Another friend got MS.. Sent him a bottle that had HA in it.. Purity has 100 mg of HA in their pills.. Some other brands have 10mg which is not enough.. The guy that had MS made him walk with ease, pill really a big help, my Thai Brother in law.. had cancer in his groin and disabled one leg, tired easily.. After taking HA for one day, he was able to walk further, without pain.

Stay well folks
Little Courtesies Are The Wayside Flowers of Life.
Much caring

Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 03/11/2010

Where to find chemical compounds in Canada

Hi for those looking for potassium bicarbonate powder, potassium citrate powder, calcium hydroxide and many other products in Canada, you can try http://canadawide.ca. It it located in Ottawa, Ontario. But these products are expensive and you might pay extra because of chemicals. You may also have to wait a couple of weeks depending on immediate availability.


Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 03/11/2010

Where to find potassium citrate powder

I live in Canada, I could find potassium citrate in tablet form, but the powder is a lot harder to find. I was able to order some from zooscape.com in the US. Even after the exchange rate and the shipping fees, it was still a lot cheaper than buying the tablets.


Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 02/13/2010

I wanted to give this recommendation for those interested in Chinese herbs/medicine. This is an ancient tradition/art and one which many westerners are unaware of. I have been using them for years and have had really miraculous experiences through their use but, I think many people are at a loss of where to resource them. There are two quite amazing companies that offer the very finest Chinese remedies/tonics and herbs. They are shamanshack.info who creates traditional remedies from Chinese herbs and are tonifying to the body. He offers the raw herbs in combinations that you brew teas from and then drink. They are extremely effective. The other is called DragonHerbs and they have all sorts of formulas but mostly in capsule form with some teas. They are much more pricey though. If Chinese medicine is something that interests you and you would like to educate yourself on it, both sites offer excellent books which I have read. I hope this information can help someone. Peace, Lisa

Posted by Donna (Drexel Hill, Pa) on 02/13/2010

The book that really got me interested in natural cures for good health was a book by Dr.Timothy Brantley called "The Cure". It's a book I would recommemd for all to read. This book really gave me the power to take back my health. Read it, you'll love it. Blessing to all.

Posted by Cindy (Ch, Wi, USA) on 02/13/2010

thank you for creating this new page. what i would like to know is what supplements or advice have helped anyone with sugar/carb cravings so i can get past the first few days to get sugar out of my diet. my job can be real stressful at times which doesn't help. thanks to everyone.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 02/12/2010

This is awesome that you are going to give this a try! I would like to say that the zeolite and fulvic acid from Omica organics are very high quality products. I have been using them for the last few months. I add them here because I have seen posts over the last year of people wanting recommendations for these products and since it was never allowed I never mentioned them. Also, msm, another wonderful product that is fantastic for joint/muscle pain is available in powder form from a company that has really quality products-the name of the co. is Ultimate. It is a 16 oz. pouch for a very reasonable price as opposed to the very high cost of it in capsules or small bottles found in the health food stores. I am always in search for the best quality/ best price for excellent products which I try and use if they really work. I will keep posting other amazing things I have found useful in my search for health.

Peace, Lisa