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Posted by Jay (Canada) on 11/22/2014

It has been a week since I started the turpentine cure to get rid of candida. My shoulders and neck are stiff and sore now.

I've read this is because of my liver working overtime trying to get rid of all the nasties. I don't want to stop the turp treatment.

Should I do a liver detox? Or is there a supplement I can take to help with the shoulder/neck pain or the liver?

Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks in advance

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Bentonite Clay taken orally prior to meals will absorb the nasties.

Replied by Jamie
(Austin, Mn)

Yes, stop the terp and do a liver detox...Wilson's organic coffee. I have been doing them since kinda and am in awe of the shoulder pain decreasing more than 50%. I have schluermans kyphosis. Now I know I can be healed of that too.

Replied by Wydo

For a liver detox Ted recommends lecithin and silymarin milk thistle seed extract. Ted says be careful with the silymarin as it will detox you so fast that you could die from the toxic stuff that comes out. Start with a weaker silymarin maybe just once a day. Then when you buy the next bottle of silymarin get the 1000 mg and take it everyday twice a day. Get Bill Thompson's book on Candida. It has a lot of information on how to do this.

Posted by Gigi (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 10/12/2014

After reading all the stuff on Turps, I wanted to try it out as I have many of the symtoms of candida. I got a bottle from a friend, took it home but was very reluctant to start. I took 1/4 tsp mixed with 1 tsp of castor oil. I felt a slight headache but nothing to stop me from my daily chores, it went away later in the day. I took 2 cascara segrada pills to ensure I passed it out, was not sure of this stuff!

I am happy to say, I had a lot of diarreah, the next day my SINUSITIS which had been a major problem for as long as I know myself was gone, I was not getting up to blow my nose all the time, it was GREAT, I also had so much energy, OMG, I started sending emails to all my friends I was elated. I have not taken another dosage I am still scared as they say it can damage your liver & kidneys. The person I gave it to has really red eyes so I am not sure, I wish I knew more about this but the energy increase is sure worth it.

I WISH PEOPLE WOULD POST MORE ABOUT THEIR REACTION. Please...please, we only talk about what we take and why we ara taking it, it sure would be NICE if we talked about the after effects, GOOd or BAD...please...this is a wonderful site, especially in today's society where you can't get nothing but doctors and their prescription pads!

Replied by Cindy

Hi, I second the thoughts on turpentine use. If anyone can share their helpful experiences and even the kind they used. Thanks.

Replied by Deb
(New York, US)

I just started taking the turpentine with honey two days ago. I mixed it a 1:4 ratio. My first dose was 1 teaspoon and then today I took 1/2 teaspoon. Today my throat and tongue feel irritated and I feel as though I am coming down with the bug. I do wish people would post their experiences and side effects. It would certainly help. I am not sure that I will continue this regimen after today.

Replied by Steph


I'm on day 10 of turp and maple syrup stopping and starting. I want to be free of all parasites. I feel a die off and am sleepy. Had diarrhea. I am fruitarian raw vegan. We must keep a clean foods and poop 3x a day so worms can get out. Bought my turp from georgia farm diamond something.

Replied by Nancy
(Dallas, Tx)

You're probably detoxing. Drink a lot of water after you take it.

Replied by Lee
(New Zealand)

So is it ok to eat fruit when parasite cleansing? I'm struggling as to what I can eat. Loosing weight too fast.

Replied by Passenger On The Healing Train

HI - just responding to the request for reactions to turps. I was really excited at the thought of this wonder cure and took turps + coconut oil + molasses when I was quite ill from Candida/flu/IBS/mystery gut changes* a couple of weeks ago. As I seemed to have nothing but turps burps as a consequence I thought I'd better be more exact and ordered some castor oil (the cheap stuff is unobtainable in pharmacies here, and I wasn't going to pay health shop prices, so I got it on ebay - organic and good). I've spent the last two weeks preparing- alkalising, using Ted's borax protocol, supplements (Vits C, B comp, K + acidophilus, + oregano oil + glutamine + lecithin + milk thistle + que pedra tea, gymnema sylvestre tea, chrysanthemum tea, + no sugar. I've also been trying borax and epsom salt baths, [I've listed this as some readers on EC seem to like detail - general diet is below**])

So this morning I took the turps, CO, BSMolasses combo and felt all excited about having BMs filled with pathogens/parasites but again nothing, no great expulsion. Did have a few waves of internal tension - quite severe at the peak. I guess this was the fungus 'panicking in fear of the turpentine'. I followed this with eating spirulina (I think it is the 'same' as chlorella for heavy metal attachment - could anyone clarify if this is so? Mine is in the form of a powder, l-eugh! ). I hope that I haven't just sent the fungus to the furthest corners of my bod...

My primary reaction, though is 'eurgh don't like the taste or texture of this combo', and I'd rather take it transdermally. After 3 hours the desired result - and a BM similar to the sort you get when you do a liver cleanse. I just had to be patient.

I have 3 Qs for EC readers - has anyone tried turpentine 'packs' - like castor oil packs? Perhaps with turps mixed in with the castor oil? How did they work out? Some people say 3 meals a day, others say 5 or 6. I'm a bit confused about what's best, and am trying to regularise my food intake and restrict it to a 'food window' (thanks EC) - so what is best 3 or 6?

Also - another question about hydration. I know we are supposed to drink 2L/8 glasses a day - but can this be in the form of herbal tea (can we count in our Bicarbonate of Soda + lemon + water here?) or does it have to be 2 L as well as herbal tea? Your help on this would be much appreciated. * I have IBS and occasional YIs. These have started to recur and so I think that Candida is the culprit. I also have spent a bit of time in 'exotic' locations, sometimes eating street food and probably picked up bugs, I know I had "India belly" in India, dysentery - possibly with amoebas, "Bangkok belly" in Thailand, "Egypt Belly" in Cairo, and "Beijing Belly" in China - so violent it produced a haemorrhoid! (Since healed, thankfully). I have used wormwood and balanced out naturally after the incidents but recently was struck down with the mystery gut thing which caused great fatigue.

This first happened about 2 months ago whereupon I stopped smoking (I had a 7-8 a day habit). A few weeks after this I had another mystery gut thing which even enemas couldn't shift, and I took this as a sign to make changes and immediately dropped coffee, alcohol, and steadily sugar. BMs have become increasingly the focus of my attention (! ) and I have been trying to regularise them. The loss of fruit from following the anti-Candida protocol (I'd normally eat 3 - 5 pieces a day) has reduced my fibre and I am experiencing being backed up quite frequently, in spite of eating much cabbage and greens. I am enjoying all the positive effects of making changes, particularly the development of a taste for savoury foods, and appreciation of those flavours, but having to crash with fatigue a couple of times most days. **I'm vegan, I eat tofu every other day and pulses on alternate days, fresh veg, cooked/steamed, and soups. Coconut/olive oil for frying. In stir fry I use ginger, garlic and fennel. Most meals are topped with 'Natch' (nutritious yeast - dried). I do have grains for breakfast, with chia/ flax seed/psyllium husk. Lately been mixing with spirulina, soy yoghurt and I eat a lot of nuts. I have gluten free bread (max 2 slices a day) and ryvita (ditto). Since giving up fruit, I've also upped the quantity of veg including cucumber and celery. I am a bit of a grazer and am trying to restrict my intake to set meal and snack times. I use a water filter and make teas from herbs: mint, sage and bay, and spices: fennel, turmeric, ginger, caraway, and add black pepper, cinnamon. In a day I am drinking 4 - 6 mugs of herbal tea, 1 mug golden milk, 2 - 3 mugs of dandelion coffee, 2 glasses alkalising water, 2 - 3 glasses water.

Now you know everything about me!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I have been using some borax soap foot soaks since august . First a pinch in two gal once a week for an hour and now every other day. I have found some interest in copper and dreamed I was eating copper pennies by the handfuls. So I had read about copper pipes and had a couple pieces in the house and added them to my foot soaks....I also use a supplemental copper zinc formula but not daily. Read an interesting article by L .Wilson online about copper .Some have it stored but not available for body to use and it's considered toxic . Others are low and it causes all kinds of problems. Both conditions are deficient in the copper to help fight candida symptoms. He said chocolate cravings may be from low copper or unavailable copper . He mentioned vegans are imbalanced in this mineral. You can google copper and Dr. L Wilson and it's a long read with lots of candida insights. He also gives a lot of insights on how to get proper hair analysis to diagnose minerals . Not sure if my borax foot soaks with copper are helping but I seem to be more active lately and my attention span has improved. I wish you Well on your Journey. Love, Charity

Posted by Caladesi (Florida) on 05/30/2014

Bill, I have been using the turpentine for only 1.5 weeks and it is great for the candida, I even saw white rope like fungus pass the day after my first turp dose. No herxing either. I am on a vegan high raw diet, but eat fruit (juciy not sweet fruits like bananas and dates) with some cooked low fat vegan for dinner. It's what I can sustain. My main concern now is helping my 75 year old mom onto the turp for her candida/allergies, etc. She is currently taking Atenolol 25mg which is a beta blocker for irregular heart beat. Even though she remembers turp sugar being around her house as a kid and her grand dad using it, she is terrified to swallow it, which I understand!! I was too and am still having a hard time getting past the gasoline like taste, but it does work better than anything I've ever tried, so I am on it 2x week for now. I want to see if I can work up to more but just need to take it slow as I have had CFS for 8 years and am sick and tired of being sick and tired. God bless you for your help!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Caladesi...I am very happy for you that the turps protocol is working so well. And yes, turps was widely used internally in the old days.

Although both you and your mother are having candida issues, I would also ask you to consider two other problems that you both might have whose symptoms are very similar to candida symptoms -- especially symptoms like brain fog , lethargy, low energy, depression etc.

First, hypothyroid or low thyroid was also an issue for me when I had candida. See the many symptoms for hypothyroid here. Just taking the Iodine Protocol(with companion nutrients) resolved that one very fast for me. So perhaps it's advisable for both you and your mother to get a thyroid test. Do not use the TSH/T4 test which your doctor will probably recommend because it is very inaccurate. Ask him for the Free T3/Free T4 test instead, much more accurate. Also, if you or your mother are low thyroid, do not use the synthetic thyroid drugs that the doctor may recommend. Use the Iodine Protocol. I didn't bother with the thyroid test. I just took the Iodine protocol and I've been on it ever since.

Methylation problems are the other issue. If you are under- or over-methylated this can cause problems with your neurotransmitters(seratonin, dopamine, norepeniphrine and epeniphrine levels), immune and detox systems. This will have consequent and distinct ill-effects on your mood and your body's detox and immune systems.

Lack of methyl groups in the body(under methylation) is associated with seasonal allergies, high blood histamine levels, obsessive compulsive behaviour, addictive tendencies etc.

Over-methylation(excessive methyl donors n the body) symptoms can be associated with: anxious behaviour, low blood histamines, no seasonal allergies, panic attacks, food/chemical sensitivites etc.

See the full symptom lists here:


Methylation problems arise because of lack of specific vitamin and mineral nutrients causing lack of enzymes activity in the Methylation Cycle at different critical points in the cycle. These cause serious non-functioning blockages in the Methylation Cycle itself.

Fixing these methylation cycle blocks or breaks will therefore benefit both your CFS and Candida problems.

Here is a methylation protocol for people with CFS which should benefit both your CFS/Candida conditions:


You should also be able to buy all the supplements necessary to re-adjust and re-balance your methylation cycle from here.

It's also well known that many vegans lack proper methylators like Vitamin B12 because there is usually a deficiency of B12 in vegan diets. Zinc is another one that is lacking in vegan diets which can lead to high copper levels in the body. Magnesium is another one. That's why getting a hair analysis might also be beneficial for you. A hair analysis will also tell you all the heavy metals you have in your body and will also tell you what vitamins/minerals are missing in your diet as well.

Other nutrients that should help your mother's heart problem are regular daily dosages of Acetyl-l-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, D-Ribose, Magnesium, and Selenium.

Replied by Robyn

Bill and Caladesi, you are lucky if you can take it. I reduced it to 1 drop but the pain is still far too great. I would just end this 21 yrs of severe suffering. Bill suggested I have paw paw with each meal. I have hcl and enzymes but isn't paw paw a bit sweet? if I'm trying to get rid of candida.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Robyn, I've been experimenting with Papaya Leaf Tea. If the Paw Paw you are talking about is Papaya, than the Leaf Tea won't have the sweetness in it.

Replied by William
(Jacksonville, Florida)

Hi all. I'm new to an infectious dkin disease with Candida issues as well. So rearched online natural remedies for my condition. Found a lot of natural remedies. I decided to go to the local Natural Roots store and I purchased some Turmeric and Echinacea to take orally. Also, bought some essential oils and bar soap. JoJoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil and Eucalyptus Oil for topical use and for baths mixed with Epsom Salt and Munuka Honey-Tea Tree Oil bar soap. The essential oils and soap has almost completely healed my skin after 2 weeks of use.

However, I found online many sites stating Turpentine kills Candida and many other internal issues aswell. So, I purchased some 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine by Strip Clean at the Hardware store. I started taking it orally as suggested by what I found from online sites researched. The first day mixed half a teaspoon of turp with a tablespoon of honey. Not bad at all. Two days later I took the same dosage. In to my second week I upped the dosage to a full teaspoon of turp with a tablespoon of sugar. I liked it much better and I was feeling great, more energy than I 've had in many many years. Two days Iater I took that same dosage and was loving the way I was feeling. Passed some type worms. But, my chest hurts, the upper GI. And my stomach is cramping. Is this part of Candida die of or do I need to go to E. R. ? Thanks for your help.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi William...Your upper GI pain might simply be due to symptoms caused by candida die-off or Herx reactions. And if you are, at the same time, detoxing heavy metals with other protocols then this can give very similar symptoms as well as, in some cases, strange skin problems. Initially, when you start the turpentine protocol, these die-off and detox symptoms should be expected, since you will initially be killing huge amounts of candida and other pathogens with the turpentine and other protocols and the same goes for the heavy metal detox.

Further on down the timeline, when you eventually get the candida and detox numbers down significantly, your immune system will then start to become healthy again and act dominate your body as it should and eventually you health should be much improved.

What I'm saying here, as an ex-systemic candida sufferer myself, is that when you start any successful protocol against candida then you will always feel worse before you begin to feel better and heal. Indeed, if this were not initially the case, then I would seriously question whether the anti-candida protocol you are using is working properly or not.

I also use turpentine in my own anti-candida protocols, which is a bigger protocol that is shown here in some detail. This protocol has also been quite successful for other candida sufferers who have used it.

Replied by Karen
(San Antonio, TX)

Bill, is excessive hunger for junk food normal when taking turpentine?

Replied by Kevin
(Santa Barbara)

Every time I see "irregular heartbeat", I think of my severe Right Side Bundle Branch Block, google it. It's a heart problem that's similar, roughly, to your mom. I cured it in 8 months by slowing my breathing down. My former heart problem totally went away.

It's not easy. Especially sleeping. Wearing a construction mask helps the O2 CO2 exchange. When away, breathe through nose exclusively, and if possible, have her close one nostril, I used an earplug up one nostril .

I was shocked it worked. An old doctor friend told me about it. The young doctor I went to had absolutely no clue.

Good luck! Please try it.

Replied by Coreen
(Olympia, Wa)

Can't find a single comment on dosing/how to take turpentine orally for candida...... Please advise- thanks!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

C: The usual delivery method for Turpentine is saturate two large or three small sugar cubes, dissolve in mouth and wash down with water or natural beverage once per day.

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

I am not a fan of eating sugar by itself. Can I take the Turpentine with BSM (blackstrap molasses) instead? If so, how many drops of turp for each tea or tablespoon full of BSM? Thank you!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Yes, you can take Turpentine with most foods or liquids as it is a natural solvent and actually doesn't taste too bad; kinda like a Gin tonic. I used to take with sugar cubes but needed to reduce sugars so now I simply get a swig of my Coffee/Tea/Water and add two small droppers and down the hatch. I do this once daily.

Replied by Ryan
(Ucluelet, Bc, Canada)


I believe paw paw is a fruit that was cultivated before the banana cartel became a thing.

Replied by Marie
(Camas, WA)

Use only turpentine that is 100% "spirit gum". You want to make sure it is not petroleum-based turp.

Posted by Rishicash (Long Beach, Ca) on 03/09/2014

I've read through all of the posts here for candida/turpentine therapy but didn't come across anything about a protocol diet. This blog is Best Type of Turpentine, but I couldn't find anything else regarding it.

The reason I bring this up is that I've had severe, chronic candida/parasites/intestinal bacteria for 30+ years and spent thousand of dollars and suffered through numerous programs with absolutely no benefit until I tried Turp with which I started to feel better the next day.

Back to the diet. I followed Dr. Daniels protocol to the letter for six weeks. Dr. D says that 3-4 eliminations daily are required along with super hydrating...and no meat or dairy. Her recommended diet is very carb based with grains in particular. After six weeks I decided to come off of it to see how I would feel and the first thing that happened is that I got very constipated immediately and has remained that way for two months now which has freaked me out a bit since I wasn't pre-protocol. My symptoms also started to return soon afterwards.

I tried to get some advice about the constipation from Dr. D, but she kept trying to sell me her book and sessions which I can't afford. I got ahold of Tony Pantalleresco as I had nowhere else to turn for advice and although he is quite a character, he was very generous with his time and advice...as in free. I explained to him what was going on and even sent him Dr. D's protocol. Tony was emphatic that the constipation problem was due to all of the grains and that they were terrible for candida. He didn't say anything about 3-4 eliminations a day or super hydrating, etc.

So although the turpentine part is the same, they are two very different protocols. Dr. D says the treatment won't be effective or can even be harmful if not followed precisely and Tony says otherwise. True, Dr. D has an MD, but she also has a business degree from Wharton.

I've been afraid to resume turpentine therapy since I was afraid that I might have damaged my system resulting in constipation, but Tony has assured my that isn't the case. I'm staring again with Tony's recommendation tomorrow. I'd like to hear what anyone else has to offer on this. There aren't many people who are familiar with Turp therapy and this is the only Turp forum I've found.

Replied by Mike62

Rishicash: There is just one word that describes the super hero who comes to everybody's rescue: enzymes. Enzymes are a mixture of nutrients that have more electrons than protons. They make high energy water. Activated barley has the most enzymes. Home grown sprouts and live ferments are second. Raw organic produce and raw grass fed animal products are third.

Replied by Lina

Constipation is a sign of dehydration start drinking more water preferably alkaline water to balance the bodys ph an 8 or higher and take you some probiotics or eat greek yogurt, at least once a day.Raw vege juice always jumpstarts a constipated colon carrot celery apple is a nice combination. Fishoil omega 3 also helps a stressed colon. Hopefully you will find relief with these solutions, good luck.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

One spoon of Milled Flax Seed would definitely add a big boost to the veggie-juice.

Posted by Cindy (Use) on 12/22/2013

Hi I would like to hear from anyone who has/is trying the kerosene treatment for candida. how is it working for you, how much do you use etc. Thank you

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

I want to share a video that I found from a Google search on the usage of turpentine. It's pretty detailed & will benefit the ones wanting to know more on how to use turpentine as well as the health conditions treated by it. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WtzHyl1GRA


This video is no longer available. The YouTube account was terminated.

Replied by Fiona

I have been taking turpentine bath every single day for the last several month. When I start turpentine bath soon around waist area started to have a breakout. A lot of Fibrin structure. looks like scab. at the end what determins human death is the number of fibrin. The more fibrin coms out, the skin become half transparent and softer.when the kidney was cleansed I had major change in inner ears. As kidney and ear are related. I was producing a lot of ear wax. I often wondered when I was a child, I regularly produce ear wax. when I got sick, actually it stopped at a considerable speed. I believe my system started to get clogged. that is why. As the kidney started detox, my ear follows up.

After I started turpentine bath I reduced the number of herbs and supplements. Because turpentine itself is a powerful therapy. And I also rotate putting these into bath. For example, methylene blue, Magnesium, povidone iodine, MSM, Borax, Aquarium salt, BHT, DMSO. The beauty if turpentine bath is there is absolutely no extra effort. Because we all wash everyday, I take bath everyday.. Nothing added..!

Replied by Faeqa
(Amman, Jordan, Jordan)
66 posts

Hi Fiona from Tustin: which kind of Turpentine you mean? The kind distilled from pine tree resin or petroleum distillate? Thank you

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Hi Faeqa. What you need to look for in turpentine is "100% gum turpentine" or "pure gum turpentine" on the label. Check out Walter Last's site with more information about turpentine/kerosene: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/kero.htm. God Bless!

Replied by Racheal

Re: Kerosene for Candida. I just started the kerosine therapy and I haven't seen any difference, although it's just the third day. Is anyone doing it right now? Lets get your situation report.


Kerosene is derived from petroleum and turpentine is derived from the healing sap of spruce or pine trees. It is very important to use only "100% pure gum spirits". Look up turpentine videos NOT ON YOU TOOB OR GOOGLE as it is censored!!! Use bitchute to see real doctors and scientists and their real uncensored opinions!


Thanks for the tip on checking out bitchutes. I have candida and I am on a protocol for MTHFR double mutation. I have just started the turpentine protocol that Dr. D. recommends(1 tsp of turpentine on heaping tsp of sugar). I am also looking at Bills Protocol. I have air bubbles at night that disturb my sleep. I don't get the acid reflux, just air bubbles. The doctor said it is food sensitivities. I get pressure in my chest that wakes me up and then I burp. I make myself burp, because the air bubbles get trapped in the upper left chest area. I went on the turpentine for 4 days now, and I am off 2 days. The 4 days on the turpentine, I had less burping especially the 4th night. The burping has started to come back again, since I have been off of it for the second night. I just took a test for food sensitivities. I am taking an enzyme and staying away from the foods I have a sensitivity to. Maybe I should stay on the turpentine longer than 4 days. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks for all the information on this website.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Rachael...In order for Kerosene to be effective you must use it in the right way. I'm working with an autism group at the moment. All the autistic children are infected with candida as well as parasites. I know this because they must post pictures of their stools every day on this site. Their stools always show parasites as well as biofilms coming out of the children's intestines.

The way to use kerosene or turpentine is to take one teaspoon mixed together with at least one tablespoon of castor oil. You can add molasses too for a better taste if you like. The purpose of the castor oil is to help spread the turpentine throughout the intestines more thoroughly -- don't forget that the intestines is 28 ft long so the kerosene has to be used efficiently.

If you are just supplementing kerosene on its own with water outside mealtimes, then the kerosene will be rapidly absorbed into the blood from the stomach -- with not much kerosene left to go into the intestines to fight the candida and remove biofilms there. Taking kerosene with water is OK for blood born diseases but not OK for candida -- because the throne and fortress of candida is always in the intestines which has the biofilms.

So take the kerosene mixed with castor oil and take this at mealtime just before you eat. That will ensure that the majority of the kerosene goes where it should -- into the intestines to both kill the candida and remove the biofilms as well.


Hi Bill, what does the biofilm in the stool look like? I have had what I thought was mucus in the stool for a few years. After reading what you wrote I am wondering if it is mucus or bio film. Thanks

Replied by Miquela
(East Coast, Usa)

Dear Bill and Ted, I have been reading and appreciating all your info so much. What an incredible service! I am writing in regards to my 2 1/2 year old son. I would like to try some of these remedies for him: colostrum and turpentine/castor, also perhaps the iodine protocol and transdermal magnesium oil. He's struggled with digestion, candida related symptoms since birth, with weakened immunity, and most recently a case of lyme (we think) and re-occuring pinworms.

We have always chosen to treat naturally and gently, but I am concerned that he is not thriving and that I must find a way to treat the root issue. I had chronic yeast throughout the pregnancy and then antibiotics for Typhoid Fever one month before his birth. He's always struggled with constipation and currently is on probiotics, prunes, chia, etc. and is still only having a BM every other day. Any extra help in figuring this all out would be deeply appreciated. I am planning to do castor/turp and iodine protocol for my own candida issues, and hopefully get my husband to do it with me for depression. I will let you know how that goes. I don't seem to understand the length of time to continue all these protocols? Thanks again, all my best* ~Miquela

Replied by Beverly

Miquela from East Coast, Usa 02/04/2015

Writing about your 2 1/2 yr old son. My daughter had a huge problem with pin worms & nothing worked..not even the Dr. prescriptions. This was about 38 yrs ago! An elderly grandmother told us give her 100% pure Turpentine. She said that every fall & spring all the people used to use 10 drops of turpentine FOR ADULTS (on sugar..only for taste so do as you need on the sugar..maybe honey or just water).. For kids less depending on size. I gave my daughter 5 drops & you do this for 3 days on empty stomach. I was AMAZED. She was free of the pin worms right away. Since that experience I use it for parasites of different kinds. You can try it & see how the little one does with it..I wish the precious little one well.. God Bless..

Replied by Garry

When I read about your son having constipation it has compelled me to tell you a story of my daughter. About the age of five she started having constipation problems and before she was 20 doctors wanted to cut out a large section of here colon and have her start using a colostomy bag from then on. Through her own wisdom she declined. She continued having problems bloating after eating small amounts of food to the point she would look 6 months pregnant.

She is now 33 years old and about 6 months ago she went on a diet some water with a different ph level, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. I do not know the quantities but I am sure this diet is online. Anyway this is all she consumed for 10 days. I saw her on the 5th day and she said Dad this has been so hard, but the first few days was really the hardest. I asked her about a month later how the diet went, she said Dad I have been having regular bowel movements 3 times a day. I was astonished honest to god she would not have a bowel movement for up to 2 weeks on a regular basis. I always feared she would die before she was 21 and now she just glows full of energy for the first time ever.

Sorry off the subject of turpentine, which I have been taking for the past few months, not religiously though, just when I feel the need and yes it did give me chest pains at first, but that could be partially from a resting heart rate between 115 and 122. I have started a healthier diet also now eat fruits and vegetables (yuck). now my resting heart rate is between 80 and 93. Still not great but highly improved and oh yes no more chest pains...

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 01/07/2013

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well, I began my turpentine treatment this morning by injesting 1/2 tsp soaked in sugar cubes. Dr Daniels' protocol calls for 1 tsp, but I'm kinda chicken and will go slow. I do appreciate your earlier input and will let you know how this wild and strange adventure comes out. I opted to go this way because candida is one tough thing to get into control. A few hours later I took a pslyllium fiber shake containing bentonite clay, diatatamisious earth, cayenne and flax seed meal. Hopefully, as this passes through, it will drag out some of the affected yeast in my intestines. Wed. I will get a Hydrogen Peroxide I.V. to work on those in my blood stream.

Some posters have said they have done battle with these little critters for years. At 76, I need a PDQ treatment. ======RH========

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites

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Posted by Michael (Gabriola, Bc) on 07/12/2021

Turpentine for Candida, biofilm, and parasites

I started with a hardware store brand of pure gum spirits of turpentine and it made me feel crappy. Couldn't function kind of crappy. The lady on the information line said it was not food grade. I'm guessing pulp industry by product with residual chemicals contaminating it. I took one teaspoon once or twice and said no more. I researched the stuff and looked for the absolute best I could find. I read reviews here claiming taking Diamond G brand was like a night and day experience compared to hardware stuff. I researched that. They shouldn't be marketing it as pure gum spirits. It may not have residual chemicals in it but it's made from slash and stumps left over from logging.

Real pine gum spirits come from tapped and/or wounded pine trees. There are different compounds at different ratios from tapping vs regular bark and wood. The trees' response to heal produces something special. I found a high-quality true pure gum spirits source. The trees are sacred and traditionally tapped. It has a faint pine smell and that's it. It didn't taste as bold or harsh if that makes sense and there was no chemical taste.

All that being said I still had roughly the same reaction to it. I took a teaspoon a day for 3-4 days before giving up on it. My head was very foggy, I had something akin to a headache, my body felt crappy (I don't know how else to explain it) and I could barely function.

The testimonies here and doctor Daniel's endorsement obviously gave me a ton of confidence but it didn't work for me. My delicate premature organs might have something to do with that. I may have better luck with much smaller doses if I ever get the confidence to try this again.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Michael,

Very sorry to hear you had these side effects. Most people start off the turpentine protocol with just a few drops so I am wondering why you went to the full dosage right off the bat? I did the turpentine protocol a couple of summers ago and started with just 3 drops on a sugar cube to see if I had any reactions. I felt great - lots of energy! But only after a few days of just 3 drops did I slowly increase to more drops.

The slow, low dose method is what people on EC generally advise when it comes to potent remedies like turpentine and I agree!


Great advice! My first drop lit me up. Especially since I took it by itself without sugar. The sugar slowed down the effects much better. This is the only substance I've taken that has given me such great results!! Highly recommend

Replied by Natasha

Replying to Michael - if U were taking it for a parasite infestation then it's highly likely you are experiencing die off symptoms which I experience exactly what U describe no matter what I take for them so I believe it's not the product but the formaldehyde and heavy metals being released by parasites as they die - it's the most hideous experience and I've been dealing with it for ten years - best way is to not go too hard and take some charcoal to help absorb the waste and get some colonics to flush it all out good luck

Replied by Gregory
(Chemainus B.C.)

I see you're on Gabriola island. Did you order Dr. G's from the Internet?


Posted by Bob (Pa) on 07/10/2015

Pre WWII tonic:

My dad says he took kerosene and molasses for colds before 1935. Is that possible?

Comparison of Turpentine Brands

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 04/13/2018

Several years ago I purchased some of the Diamond G Turpentine. I love it! It does not smell like a chemical, but like fresh pine. I love it! I have used it medicinally here and there.

Not long ago I decided to use my turpentine to do some cleaning. I had some dust build up on some wood trim in my bathroom. The turpentine cleaned it beautifully and left a pleasant lingering pine scent.

I decided I should get some less expensive turpentine for cleaning. Yesterday I found 100% pure turpentine (Klean Strip) at the hardware store, so I purchased that. I expected it to smell as nice as the Diamond G. Wrong!

It smells like a chemical. I don't know if the processing or source of trees or something else is the cause of the great difference in smell between those two brands.

I may use the Klean Strip for cleaning. However, I would not use it medicinally. :(

And that is my 2 cents on those two turpentine brands.

~Mama to Many~


Posted by Joes (Calgary, Alberta CA) on 02/01/2015

Since I started turpentine, (up to 8 drops, 2x/week) I have problems with constipation. I have constipation issues, but I was doing enemas for that, and since the turpentine that is less effective. Does anyone have problems with this and how do you address it? Thanks

Replied by Mr. Ree

Take 200 mgs magnesium malate 4-5 times a day or more until you have relief...Then reduce that amount.. You should get down to 400-600 mgs find out that will be sufficient, but everybody's diffferent....Swanson sells magnesium malate at 200 mgs/capsule...Don't buy hard pills and they have a tendency to not dissolve...


Posted by Eric (TX USA) on 02/14/2024

I've been doing a bunch of research on this subject of turpentine cleansing and I can't seem to find anything regarding its use by a Type 2 diabetic, does anyone have any insight on this?

i plan on doing the method with the turp/sugar and castor oil that seems to be the best option for me with starting in small amounts and then working up as determined by the reaction…


Replied by Reader

The castor oil may interfere with your meds if you take them too close together. Castor oil is a laxative. The turpentine probably won't interfere or it would be well-known by now.

Replied by Jodie

Dr Andrew Kaufman is doing a podcast on this in 1 week.


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Posted by Eric L (Bakersfield ) on 12/01/2021

When I first got copd, I landed in the hospital, the er doctors, didn't have the right medication for me, I found out that it was inflammation in the lungs that caused the whole problem.
Well, I had gotten rid of a lot of inflammation in Skin cancer. So I threw the medication the doctor gave me in the trash. It was horrible stuff. They weakened my heart with it.
Started drinking 1 teaspoon of Kerosene at wee hrs in the morning, 3hrs before or after a meal.

I got rid of all the inflammation in no time. I take a maintenance dose every day for the rest of my life. I still get phlegm that I have to get rid of.

Replied by Mary
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Are you in North America? Aren't there horrible additives in kerosene. I know it used to be used but now? Glad it works for you!!


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Posted by Matthew (Apache Junction, Arizona) on 03/30/2021

Turpentine - Proceed With Caution

Ingesting gum spirits of turpentine induces leukocytosis: A proliferation of white blood cells. More specifically, Polymorphonuclear Leukocytosis. These leukocytes include the white blood cells that have a strange-shaped nucleus: Basophils, Eosinophils, and Neutrophils, and probably Mast Cells and Macrophages.

The practice of ingesting turpentine prior to cold and flu season is to activate the immune system to clean out your body of cellular debris, toxins, and other harmful material. Accumulation of these toxins is what causes you to become sick. As well as a poor diet, deficient in vitamins and minerals. From my experience, I think that it works.

I started taking turpentine in March 2020 because of Covid-19. I started with 10 drops of turpentine on sugar. (I used a plastic disposable pipette as the dropper). The next day I had 15 drops on sugar. Three days later I had 20 drops on sugar. I slowly worked my way up to a teaspoon (80 drops) by May. I limited my intake of turpentine to once a week.

CAUTION. Taking too much turpentine too frequently will over sensitize the immune system so that you can have a serious allergic reaction to common things. I found that out one afternoon after having a teaspoon of turpentine in the morning, and later, in the afternoon, I ate about 30 pistachios. My throat swelled up within 15 minutes. I had a hard time swallowing. I could no longer breathe through my nose. My nose wasn't stuffed up. No, my soft palate and nasopharynx had swelled up. The swelling took over 24 hours to subside. That really scared me. In the past, I could eat a thousand pistachios without a problem. My immune system was over active. Be careful.

I now take turpentine about every two to four weeks: 30 drops on sugar.

Stick to small doses for detoxing. If you're trying to flush out parasites or destroy Candida albicans, one teaspoon is the most you should take. Be sure that you are having normal bowel movements before taking so much turpentine. I would like to copy and paste my entire Turpentine Diary here, but it would take too much editing.

For the record, I used "Klean Strip" pure gum spirits of turpentine. You can buy the more expensive brand if you want. Don't buy odorless turpentine. That stuff is mineral spirits, not turpentine. Good luck.

Replied by Mary
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Maybe you could put parts of your diary. I would love to read it.

Replied by Nas
(Miami, FL)

Have you thought of starting a blog?

Replied by Lili
(Western Australia)

Well done and thank you for sharing your journey. I have been taking 100% gum of turpentine for a month now... starting slow with one drop a day building up to 20 drops per day. A few days rest when reaching that amount and knowing my body was dealing with that amount, I then launched into the parasite / candida cleanse of 1 tsp with sugar and I am very happy with the results. I don't really get any herxing unless I haven't kept myself hydrated but that happens hardly ever and I am able to correct it quick enough once I down some liquid or better yet give myself an enema which quickly gets rid of die off.


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Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/10/2014

This comment is for Bill from Philippines:

Hi Bill thanks for all your wonderful research and the answer to some questions I have asked. I wanted to know if you have ever heard of anyone using turpentine to get rid of tape worm? the reference you have given has people using 15-30 millilitres followed by castor oil a half hour later. Also I see here using it in a soapy enema? Any thoughts?

Here is the text:

As a remedy against the tapeworm, the dose is from one-half to one fluid ounce (15-30 mils), followed in half an hour by castor oil; the safety of these large doses is dependent upon the catharsis sweeping out 'the bowel before the turpentine can be absorbed. It is best administered in the form of an emulsion, although it is frequently given by dropping into a teaspoonful of sugar. (J. P. C., Sept., 1873, p. 223.)

In the form of an enema the oil of turpentine is highly useful in obstinate constipation, tympanitis, and seat-worms. From one-half to two fluidounces (15-60 mils) may be added to a pint of warm soapsuds.

Thanks Bill

Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 02/26/2014

Hi : I just wanted to post about my recent experience of taking Turpentine in the morning and an MMS enema in the evening to expel worms. It has worked. I got the idea from the work Kari rivera and Andreas Klacker are doing to recover kids from autism.

They are finding that the removal of worms is doing wonders for the health and cognition of these kids and have developed a protocol. they use metbednezol (sp?) to kill the worms as well as MMS they call it chlorine dioxide and the MMS enemas.

I have way to many little maybe big health issues and spend way too much on my health with little to show for it. I decided to take matters into my own hands and see if some version of this protocol would make me feel better. I have more energy, have lost my horrid food sensitivities and get out lots of gross worms on the days I do this.

My question is am I the only one who has tried this? I feel down right now as I tried to describe this to my doctor who just basically ignored my discovery telling me it might not be worms and I should get a test. Thanks for reading. Mary

Replied by Maureen

I am about to try the Turp therapy - just ordered a bottle from Georgia. However I wanted to comment specifically on the subject of MMS and parasites.

I have had good success with Borax for candida, and we have done some "cycles" of MMS with the family just for overall health. I am always up for the next level of personal bio-hack.

I found in December that one of my sheep had a tapeworm. Perfect time to test the MMS. (She was very ill and had lost a lot of weight. I was out of town and found out she had the runs for weeks)

I suspected that the MMS would not work alone, so I started the MMS with DMSO, AM and PM.

After 5 days I added Standard process Zymex II (a parasite specific enzyme formula). 3 days later I added a few papaya seeds to the oats. after 3 doses of papaya seeds (PM, AM, PM) I went into the barn to find about 2 feet of tapeworm.

Within 3 days her poops were pretty normal, and she has doubled in size since then.

Her sister started with runny poops about 2 months later. I did the same protocol and she passed the tapeworm exactly the same. Hers was at least 4 feet.

Replied by Mark
(Goldcoast Australia)

I've also done the Kalcker MMS protocol. Best parasite protocol. I had severe issues with parasite infestation for many years, caught them on my multiple Indonesia surf trips. Tried everything but only this worked. Was crazy to see the parasites expelling out. Had some measure greater than 20cms. Had multiple different species. Highly recommend..

Replied by Susan

I was wondering about the mms enema. Does anyone have information about this?

Replied by Lacy

You "need" a test because your cure makes "Dr him/her" no MONEY! (Oh' and they never want you to trust your own eyes...pffft) JMHO.... Hang in there & ignore the programmed! Namaste Lacy B

Replied by Mardell
(Laurens, Sc)

No, you are absolutely on the right track I experienced the same situation. Use it periodically and keep an eye on what comes out. Use for a couple weeks after just to make sure it kills everything, yeast, fungi, parasites and who knows whatever else. Good luck

Replied by Carl
(Liverpool Uk)

Kerosene - where can I get it 100% pure?

Replied by Irma
(Chicago, Il)

Where can I buy turpentine from in the city of Chicago? My mother and grandmother used to use it for deworming.

Replied by Olivia

Irma, you can order the right turpentine @ this website


Replied by Kamil

Does anyone know the protocol used for the mms and turpentine please?

Replied by Liz
(Lincolnshire Uk)

I have previously done the MMS and have now been doing turps/sugar on and off for a few weeks with many helpful outcomes which reverse if I stop. I have wondered about somehow combining the Turps & MMS and would be extremely happy to hear more about how you have faired on the turps in a.m. and MMS in the p.m. protocol you have been using please... How are you?

Replied by Kimberly
(Milwaukee WI)

Hello all thank God I found you!!!! I am having a horrible time dealing with this and none of these Wisconsin Dr.'s care. Telling me I'm delusional smh.. I feel so lost because I know what I'm going through and how my life has been interrupted because I'm dealing with these parasites daily. I used Turpentine because the assistant at the drugstore told me about it. I emptied out a lot and was disgusted. I am going to do 4 days on /off and hopefully it get the electrical feeling parasites out. Any suggestions for me please share. Thanks to u all and these DR's suck.

Replied by Abby

Can I ask do you do this and stay home or function as usual?


I have been taking 1 teaspoon a day with sugar and chase it with water. I am prone to constipation so I take things to make sure I can move my bowels. I have been staying near home because I want to drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you are working right now, you could try it on a weekend. I take mine first thing in the morning. However, a person can take a dose anytime of the day. You do whatever works for you. Therefore, a person wanting to try it on the weekend could start late Friday afternoon or Friday before dinner.

Replied by Michael
(Seward Ak)

Hi Mary. I used 1/2 tsp turpentine on a tablespoon of org sugar for 3 days and passed a mass of worms the size of both my fists together. I haven't taken mms as enema . But I had an abscess, pretty sure caused from my cell phone, and took 10 drops of mms in 1/4c of water 3 hours on the hour for four days and my abscess went away, with no dmso. I'm going to try your advice for what you did. Not sure how many drops I should take. Will probably do 10 drops in 1 liter of distilled water. Thank you for your testimony here❣️

Replied by Sparrow

Thanks. I will do a little more reading on the topic, you have been soooooo helpful

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