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Food Poisoning
Posted by Jamie (Fairmont, Minnesota) on 12/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello you WONDERFUL people! Thanks you SO much for this resource! I was in the middle of my third serious bout with salmonella in a year and feeling little relief from the antibiotics after 8 days. After reading a book by Dr. Hulda Clark I am convinced that I was picking up Salmonella from milk products. Hulda says that Lugol's kills vicious stomach bacteria including salmonella so I got online looking for it when I found this site. I read through all of the comments and went looking for the iodine. Someone said I could get it at walmart so I tried. The Pharmacist had no clue about iodine deficiency and wouldn't give me the iodine he had ordered for me. How disgusting and irresponsible! I ordered the book by Dr. Brownstein Iodine: Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It along with a 2 oz. bottle of lugol's solution from I was very discouraged by the fact that there was no overnight shipping option available on the site. A day or two after ordering I emailed them expressing my discouragement and they responded with a toll free number that could be used to get overnight shipping. My Lugol's arrived a day earlier than expected and I tested for allergy on my foot. I knew I wasn't allergic since I have had iodized salt for ever, and I had no irritation from the iodine on my foot. So I began the dose recommended by Hulda for salmonella which is 6 drops in a half cup of juice after meals and at bed time. After reading the book by Dr. Brownstein and looking at the Optimox site I knew that 6 drops 4 times a day is equivalent to 150mg of iodine a day. The relief from the Salmonella began nearly immediately but was nearly complete after a day of the scheduled dose. I had no symptoms of taking too much iodine, so I continued to the third day at that dose (as recommended for treating Salmonella in Hulda's book). Then I cut back to 6 drops 3 times a day to counter my newly recognized iodine deficiency. Just so you know, the Salmonella are DEAD!!! And I feel ALIVE!!!

5 years ago I should have been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease but was told that my "lumpy bumpy" breasts needed vitamin E. I didn't take it seriously as I wasn't diagnosed with anything. I had just had my first child. Over the last 6 months I have had pain in my breasts not just before a period but at intervals during the month that wouldn't even allow me to hug my (now I have 3) children. I had no idea until reading this site and the information from Dr. Brownstein that I had fibrocystic breast disease, the precursor for breast cancer (which is so prevalent in this area that it should be a CRIME that people are not handed iodine by the government in giant sized rations!) The great lakes basin is the worst in the WORLD for iodine deficiency--we are the reason salt is iodized--only well enough to fend off goiter and mental retardation which were becoming a problem in the early 1900's in this area! The actual need for iodine by your body is 13.5mg a day and that's after fixing a deficiency. And that number does not take into account the other factors we are exposed to. (Halogens which replace iodine in the body everywhere around us--chlorine, bromine, fluorine--in bread, in toothpaste, in water) THIS IS EPIDEMIC!

Two days into my salmonella killing spree with iodine, I began my menstrual period without cramps. I have had such terrible cramps from my period that I have a stock pile of ibuprofen. (which makes your stomach bleed and hurts your liver) but what are we to do? IODINE! I have been on Iodine for 4 days now and each morning I wake up with cramps but almost as soon as I take my 6 drops of lugol's my cramps are GONE! It's like the cramps are there because my ovaries are begging me for much needed iodine to clean me out. I am so thrilled about this! By the way--my breast pain has diminished to almost none, and they feel like 16 year old breasts. No kidding. My energy level has sky rocketed and I am losing weight. (I should mention that I am taking the iodine with a liquid B complex supplement because Dr. Brownstein says it is possible to get heart palpitations and/or symptoms of iodine allergy if you are deficient in vitamin b2 and b3 since they are needed to transport iodine throughout your body. I can feel my metabolism normalizing--it feels GREAT!

For a long time I have wondered why my ears hurt--I thought maybe I was taking an autotoxic (something toxic to your ears) drug--I wasn't taking any drugs other than ibuprofen--so I wasn't convinced, but I was becoming afraid that I would eventually lose my hearing. I have also become slower in the brain over the last few years. I attributed it to the mercury in my fillings after reading Dr. Clarks book--but having seen the symptoms of iodine deficiency including hearing loss and cretinism I now believe I am severely deficient in iodine and I am so excited to not get any worse. I am getting better!

Posted by Barb (Auckland, New Zealand) on 09/12/2006
4 out of 5 stars

Alopecia Areata is bald spots that occur all of a sudden on your scalp. I dab it on once a day on bald spots for a week to a fortnight - and then forget about it (if I can) and hope:) So far it seems to start the growth of hair again. It changes the scalp texture from red and irritable back to normal scalp. Within 6 weeks to 8 weeks usually spot is covering with little hairs. The iodine may even help the fatigue that comes when your hair falls out too - when a bald spot is occurring I tend to get deathly pale and feel exhausted.

Posted by Tish (Granger, IN)
5 out of 5 stars

I just started painting twice a day. I have always had irregular menstrual cycles and cysts and recently started having problems with acne. It has been about 1.5 weeks now and my acne is almost gone. I have had acne problems for the last 6 months and tried everything over the counter and topical you could imagine. I was ready to give up and go to the doctor for meds. Thank God for iodine! It is too early to comment on the female issues, but I am having some positive signs in this area too.

Fact Sheet on Iodine
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA)

Here is some additional info we found on the following website:

"... Work done by many researchers over the last few years has shown that iodine is utilized by many different sections of the body. Twenty percent of all of the iodine sits in the human skin. A lack of iodine in the skin manifests as very dry skin and skin that does not sweat when an individual becomes hot. In newborn children iodine is responsible for the development of the babies' I.Q. Recent research shows iodine deficiency is felt to be the source of attention deficit disorder in children.

Iodine is utilized by every hormone receptor in the body. The absence of iodine causes a hormonal dysfunction that can be seen with practically every hormone inside the body. Dr. Flechas has recently been able to show that patients with insulin resistant diabetes have a partial to full remission of their illness in the presence of taking iodine. Iodine deficiency is also felt to be the source of ovarian cysts. With iodine replacement therapy the cysts disappear and women have stopped having ovarian cysts.

Posted by Neil (The 'original' Nashville, Nc) on 05/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

On 10/27/2011, David (Lubbock, Texas) posted the first post:

> ...I noted someone had problems with burning eyes from taking iodine. I have taken 250 mgs daily for about eight months, luv it. It has fixed all my ailments, My eyes burn, if I don't wash well, scrub my face twice a day, I believe the iodine is loading up in the skin oils, and making it alkaline, which burns the eyes if it contacts them. Anyhoo, scrub your face, keep the oil off and you will live long and healthy taking iodine. david lubbock tx...


We haven't heard from David, lately. Is he missing because he was really taking 250 mg every day? I wonder if he meant 25 mg, instead? Or maybe he forgot to include the Selenium?

So far, I've read pages 1 and 16 of theseiodine comments. I have to go back and see if "Atomidine" is mentioned in any of the other 14 pages. I'm attached to Atomidine, because I'm stocked up on it. But it doesn't have the combination of elemental iodine and compound iodide, so maybe it's not the best supplement.

The Atomidine does seem to provide a de-toxifying effect. After taking it the previous day, I wake up around 4 AM with a racing heart. (Maybe 75 or 80 beats per minute when it would normally be less than 60, but with a bit of a pounding sensation, too.) Usually, that was my cue to stop taking the Atomidine, but now that I read from y'all that the racing heart is a symptom of detoxifying, then I'm sticking with it.

Last week, I took one drop later in the afternoon, and it woke me up before sunrise with a racing heart.

Two days ago, I took one drop in the morning, and it didn't wake me up the next night, so taking it in the morning seems to be a good strategy. Yesterday, I took two drops in the morning, and it didn't wake me up. Today, I took three drops in the morning, and I'm still alive.

Last year, I went through a couple of bottles of RLC Labs iThroid -- 12.5 mg capsules, which contains a combination of iodine and iodide, and certainly smells like the real thing. And it's dark, dark green. It didn't create any detox symptoms, even though it has hundreds of times more iodine than Atomidine. I don't know if it helped, but it didn't hurt.

So, my first guess is that the Atomidine is a better detoxifier than iThroid. However, detoxifying is a different process than taking sufficient supplementation, so there's still a need for the iThroid.

Without guidance, I would stop taking one if I were taking the other.

When I went shopping [on Amazon], I don't remember why I chose the iThroid over the Lugol's. Maybe iThroid was less expensive per mg. Maybe it's because iThroid liquid is in a capsule, and that seemed more convenient than spilling iodine all over the place. I mean, I'm not a messy person, but I have my moments. I'll have to check again; it would be intuitive that a simple bottle of liquid should cost less than putting it into capsules.

Don't forget; if you take iodine -- whatever size dose per day, then take a standard 200 mcg capsule of Selenium also. Selenium is an inexpensive supplement.

Or, one of the google returns say:

> Brazil nuts are known to include as much as 95 mcg of selenium per nut. Given that the RDA for selenium is 55 mcg and we recommend getting 200 mcg daily, just a couple of Brazil nuts could have you set.

Brazil nuts, however, can be a nuisance to remove from their shells, eh?

Posted by September (Los Angeles) on 10/08/2015

I have Hashimotos and take iodine tincture everyday. It caused a flare up when I first started but as soon as I added companion nutrients it completely stopped.

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Slim2483 (Ca) on 06/26/2014 Good info, I use use it & it has done wonders for me.

Posted by Eugene (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My GF has Hashi's and a goiter and with the help of Iodine (starting with a 1/2 of Iodarol pill and going to 50mg) her goiter went away first time in over 10 years and she is feeling much much better.

Hardened Breast Implants
Posted by Tiffany (Tampa, Fl) on 10/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have breast implants and one of them had hardened. I was taking iodine drops for my thyroid, and it very quickly softened up the hardened implant.

Bill's Iodine Fact Sheet
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 07/07/2010

Hi Bill, what a coincidence. I am just back from my country, Portugal, where I visited a doctor in a health shop who cured my bad knee years ago. Talking to him I mentioned the white spots on my legs and arms (he is now a natural dermatologist among other things). He gave me an iodine liquid to apply on the spots three times a day. I only started a week ago so it is hard to see whether it is working or not but interesting to read in your posting that this actually appears to cause regeneration of the skin from the bottom up. He told me that it will take maybe three months to see the results as I am not a very bad case. For years I have been to numerous dermatologist and no one ever seemed to have an answer for this problem which was slowly getting worse. They all had different explanations but the verdict was that there was nothing they could do! Thanks for all the good work and help!

Bill's Iodine Fact Sheet
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 10/06/2011

Hi Saoirse, As you're having what appears to be a cleansing reaction, it would be worth giving your liver some support. Taking lemon juice in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning is good for our liver. Also things like Milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric.

It may also be worth taking one or two days off a week (5 on 2 off), this way you give your body time to catch up. If you are still getting headaches it may be worth staying at the lower level for another week or two. I know we want to get better quick but over loading the liver may in the long run actually take us longer and be sicker in the process. It is encouraging that you did not take that Drs opinion and persisted in finding your answer/s. All the best and let us know how you go.

Enlarged, Cystic Thyroid
Posted by Catherinecheshire (St. Regis, Quebec) on 10/24/2010

The Lugols you can buy in the US is the weaker stuff so take ten drops a day for three months to get your iodine levels up then drop down to five drops a day as a maintenence dose. It took me about four hours of searching to find this info online. Also, there was info on using it for cold, flu, congestion, and bladder infections but these were higher doses and if you have too much in your system its gets washed out and causes you no side effects. My mom gave my grandmother (who is 90) about 20 or more drops and it cured her of congestion and the cough that goes with it.

Enlarged, Cystic Thyroid
Posted by Franjy (Perth, Wa Australia) on 04/28/2011

The one subject that doesn't come up in the whole iodine subject is the fluoride in our water displaces iodine in the body. What all of us have to do is stop using fluoridated water for bathing, cooking, dishwashing, and drinking. I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid. After 2 months of no meds and taking iodine with distilled water I have absolutely no hyperthyroid symptoms.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 01/21/2011

Hi Linda... Elemental iodine and potassium iodide are different. Iodine is an element and potassium iodide consists of two elements in one molecule. SSKI is just a Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide(known as KI in chemistry equations), thus shortened to SSKI.

The element iodine is very poorly dissolved in just water whereas potassium Iodide easily dissolves in water. And Iodine is much more soluble in an aqueous solution of potasium iodide. Thus a Lugol's Iodine solution is normally 10% potassium iodide in water in which 5% elemental Iodine is completely dissolved. Lugol's is therefore a mix of water, iodine and potassium iodide.

This is why Lugol's Iodine is the best form of iodine to supplement -- because you get the benefits of both elemental iodine as well as potassium iodide in a convenient aqueous solution.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 01/22/2011

Hi Francisca... Regarding the differences between Lugol's Iodine and a kelp source there are perhaps few differences. However, I've noticed that kelp supplements from the US and Europe, per tablet, only ever supply between 120-200 MICROgrams of iodine. Whereas, if you take just two drops of 5% Lugol's Iodine, this gives you about 12. 5 MILLIgrams. Therefore the recommended Lugol's dose will supply about 100 times more inorganic iodine for your body. Bear in mind that the RDA -- Recommended Daily Allowance -- used to be called the MDA -- Minimum Daily Allowance. This was a subtle change, but has been very telling concerning peoples deliberately misled understanding and trust.

The much smaller kelp dose will certainly help to supply just your thyroid, but will not be helpful for other problems -- including hypo- and hyper-thyroid problems, caused by iodine insufficiency in your body.

To understand this, the Japanese eat at least 4.6 grams of seaweed everyday which supplies a minimum of about 13.8 mgs of iodine for their bodies and this unique habit appears to be why the Japanese have the lowest rates of uterine, breast and prostate cancer in the world. As well, they also have the lowest rates of lung cancer despite the Japanese people being one of the heaviest national group of smokers in the world. The Japanese also have some of the lowest rates of thyroid problems, fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibroids and diabetes problems. This also seems to be tied in with their high iodine diet. This sort of health can only be achieved if the RDA for iodine is totally ignored and a higher dose of at least 12.5 mgs of iodine is supplemented per day.

Now also add to this all the "iodophobia" that is out there -- the fear people have on ingesting larger iodine doses than the RDA recommends, despite the fact that iodine is very body friendly. For a period of about two weeks, I took over 100 mgs of iodine -- which is around 800 times more than the RDA. I never noticed any problems or odd effects on my own body(which is not to say that some people may have problems with this dose which is dependent on on good kidney excretion).

As to the problems of obtaining good supplements -- well this is a problem associated with Codex Alimentarus laws. Many of the supplement companies nowadays are owned by the big pharmaceuticals, who deliberately put out poor quality supplement mixtures in dosages that do you little good at all. Recommended RDA iodine dosages are a good example of this.

I've thought about this problem -- concerning ensuring that supplements contain helpful dosages -- and there are two things you can do. Either you order these supplements over the internet and pay a bit more for them, or just get a friend who owns a dog, cat or horse to go to the vet and ask them to purchase the Lugol's Iodine for you at the vet clinic. It's a fact that vets are for more tuned into curing animal medical problems that our doctors are at curing our problems. Also, vets seem to be far better tuned into natural remedies like using iodine and ACV in animal feed than our beloved doctors -- as the writings of Dr Jarvis attest. You can also purchase DMSO, MSM and many other good quality supplements for yourself from the vet and at a far better price. Ted also recommends vets as a source of good MSM and DMSO powder.

Posted by Phips (Brisbane, Australia) on 02/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was much the same way, experiencing ectopic heart beats (skiped beats or P.V.C - premature ventricular contractions). I tried many different supplements that only gave short releif but then came back. I tried herbs for the heart and minerals like potassium and magnesium. I even tried molybnum. I then had my vitamin D levels tested, they were very low. I had been to the emergency department many times, but they could not find anything wrong with me. I was refered to so see a cardiologist who got me to wear a 24 hour cadiac monitor. I even was put through the stress test to test my heart function under stress. All came back normal. I then subsiquently got disgnosed with borderline hypothyroidism. I thought, that must be the cause of my ectopic beats.

I then thought I would like to try some Lugol's solution (iodine), but didn't.

But what I tried, stopped the ectopic beats quickly and never to return. What I took was 1 250mg tablet of calcium citrate. The first tablet took about 3 hours to work. The next morning I woke up with ectopic beats, but of a much milder form. No longer every 3 to 10 beats, but now about 3 missed beats in a minute. I then took my next calcium citrate tablet on an empty stomach - and in about 1 hour my ectopic beats ceased comletely. I now take 1 calcium citrate tablet daily and am no longer bothered with ectopic heart beats.

How I came to relize that it was calcium I needed was when I tried a good quality magnesium supplement for a couple of days with no benifit (it actually might have made this more intense). I then put two and two together. Low vit D = low calcium.

I hope this helps sombody out there.


Posted by Ella (CA) on 07/17/2021

Atomidine is from Edgar Cayce. He was not a scam but one of the best documented Medium/ Psychic, named the sleeping prophet and diagnosing illness. Do Check out his group. ARE aka Association Research and Enlightenment. You can browse his circulating files with every known disease. He cured many people, and is worth studying by anyone who is into alternative medicine, He is known to be the father of alternative medicine.

Posted by Melinda C. (Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 02/08/2017

Nascent Iodine - the real thing - is the same color as Lugol's and also tastes equally bad. ;-)

Knee Issues
Posted by Kris (Winnipeg, MB Canada) on 06/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

iodine cured Bad knee.

35 years with bad knee. joint would come off some times. always swollen. applied regular iodine externally three times a day. applied one week on and 4 days off. only the affected part would mildly burn and the knee will feel bug crawling inside the skin. after a week the bad skin looked like war zone. so gave four days break. new skin came after break. started the application again. itch started badly on the knee. applied Tea tree oil over iodine to stop the itch immediately. after 4 weeks knee shape came to look like normal. at this time the effected part squeezed to the size of a quarter. still kept on applying on the affected area and surroundings. pain went away after 3 weeks from the start up of the application. but didn't stop applying. this has been 4 months now. knee is like brand new.

i did switch from regular store available iodine to lugol's iodine after 3 months. started applying iodine to every family member's joint pain and cysts. iodine never failed to cure.

Posted by Jeanmarie (Seekonk, MA) on 01/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Lugol's Iodine that I ordered has given me relief from all-over-tissue-pain after searching for 12 years. I'm an N.D. candidate; therefore, shunned all meds, but the Dr.'s said my rheumatoid factor was sky high and every time I ate Sugar, Bread or overate or had anything much to eat, I would get inflamed and achy and wake up the next morning barely able to move. I've got an active 13-year old and wanted my mobility back. Every time I take it with food or shortly thereafter, my pain totally vanishes. I thought something was up when it would vanish for a period of time if I ate lobster or had a seaweed body wrap on vacation. It's the iodine!!! I take about 4-6 drops 3X/day. Eureka!!! I just wonder now if I'll have to take this for the rest of my life.

Hot Flashes
Posted by Tammy (Pleasant Grove, Utah) on 06/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been having the hot flashes from Menopause the last year. I had been taking estroven or similar products, but found that Lugol's Iodine was more helpful and cheaper.

Food Poisoning
Posted by Jan (Buffalo, NY) on 04/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I travel extensively and carry a small HDPE bottle of Lugol's for the inevitable food poisoning that occurs in restaurant food. When I get a case of it, I take 15 drops of Lugol's in water and it takes less than 15 minutes to stop the cramps. Dr. Hulda Clark does recommend Lugol's Iodine. I buy my Lugol's in pint bottles at the local pharmacy. I tell the pharmacist that I use it for staining tissue slides for microscopy. It works every time.

Posted by Judy (Louisville, KY) on 02/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

When we were kids (I have 2 sisters) and we would get a sore throat our parents would say "lets get the paint" and they would paint our tonsils with the iodine in the medicine cabinet and to date not one of us has ever had to have our tonsils removed

Skin Ailments
Posted by Sharon (Boston) on 09/29/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Please delete my previous email from January and put this one in its place. This is the most successful remedy combination I have experimented with for dermatitis!

I have had an itchy dermatitis on and off around my nose for about 10 years. It was triggered after working in an office in Los Angeles for a man who smoked all day long (illegally of course, but he was a top entertainment executive so no one complained at that point in time). After years of smoking, the cigarette smoke was embedded in his furniture-- that's a horrendous smell to someone whose never smoked. Plus, think of all those microbes! At any rate, it took about 3 years to clear and then came back every time I would get around old, furniture embedded cigarette smoke. Psychological response? Maybe! At any rate, it came back again this summer after a few month respite.

But this time, I am happy to report that after years of playing around with every prescription and supplement under the sun, I think I have finally hit upon a dermatitis cure! It will only cost about $5... $.79 for the decolorized iodine, and $4 for a bottle of vitamin E oil. Here is my cure:

Using decolorized iodine for the face, take a q-tip and dab the dermatitis with iodine. If this is not on your face, you can use regular iodine. But it will stain you orange for a few hours.

If your dermatitis is on sensitive skin around your nose, like me, it will burn like crazy when you apply the iodine. Don't inhale the fumes while it is drying (takes about 10 seconds to dry). After it dries, apply some natural vitamin e oil. I open a large capsule and use that for several days before it runs out. Your skin will redden from the iodine and dry out, but the vitamin e will heal it and keep it from flaking. Keep this area moist with vitamin e oil all day and night if possible.

Do the topical iodine for 2 days, 3x a day. After the 2nd day, cut the iodine back to 1x a day. However, you will still want to keep the vitamin e oil on all day. After 3 days of 1x daily application of iodine, cut the iodine back to every other day. Continue every other day for 10 days (or less). Keep up the vitamin e oil every day until the dermatitis has disappear completely.

Let me tell you, the iodine and vitamin 3 oil starts to work on clearing up the dermatitis in about 24 hours! Initially the skin will look red and inflamed, but don't worry... the vitamin e speeds up the healing process.

I hope everyone with dermatitis (even perioral dermatitis) will try this cure. My particular form of dermatitis is one of the trickiest to heal so I am thrilled to maybe have a cure! I will let you know in the future how long this holds before I have to do the iodine again. Hopefully, never! Thanks, Sharon.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Ted (Port Orchard, WA) on 02/10/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I use pH Testing tape to test my pH of my saliva. What I read is your saliva should be 7.35 and when I am real close to that, I don't have any shoulder pain at night when I sleep on that side. I learned about 8 months ago that if you're low on iodine, your thyroid doesn't function properly. It affects your mental attitude, like stress, depression and emotional feelings. I was with a lot of stress from my was sent home Aug 18th with 2 weeks to live because all the drugs they had given her the last year had almost destroyed her liver. Also, my mother of 102 years old was in an assisted living place and didn't like it. She was having leg pains, upset stomach and headache. I gave her colloidal silver, change her calcium to EZSORB powder and started putting clear iodine on her throat and in not time she was happy and not having leg pain. To test your iodine level, you put a 1" ring of the brown iodine on your stomach and if it is gone in 24 hours, you're low. I get the clear iodine from Albertson Gro for $1.29 plus tax. I put it on my thyroid under my chin. In 30 minutes the stress feeling is gone. You won't over dose as your body won't take it in if it doesn't need it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

More About Iodine Deficiency Caused by Table Salt
Posted by Susan (USA)

J.C. Jarvis, M.D. author of Folk Medicine was particularly fond of iodine replacement due to the chorine content of our drinking water. He writes: "The clinical activity of any one of these four halogens is in inverse proportion to its atomic weight. This means that any one of the four can displace the element with a higher atomic weight, but cannot displace an element with a lower atomic weight. For example, flourine can displace chlorine, bromine and iodine because flourine has a lower atomic weight than the other three. Similarly, chlorine can displace bromine and iodine because they both have a higher atomic weight. Likewise, bromine can displace iodine from the body because iodine has a higher atomic weight. But a reverse order is not possible. A knowledge of this well-known chemical law brings us to a consideration of the addition of chlorine to our drinking water as a purifying agent. We secure a drinking water that is harmful to the body not because of its harmful germ content but because the chlorine content now causes the body to lose the much-needed iodine..." -- (Folk Medicine, Henry Holt & Co., 1958, HB, p. 136)

To counter the effects of iodine loss, Dr. Jarvis recommended various methods including: eating foods rich in iodine: food from the ocean, radishes, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, strawberries, mushrooms, lettuce, bananas, cabbage, egg yolk, and onions; Painting a small area of the body with tincture of iodine; and taking preparations known to be rich in iodine, including cod liver oil, kelp tablets.

Dr. Jarvis was very keen on Lugol's iodine for treating various illnesses, including colds and flu, and for countering the effects of stress: He writes, "Supposing you do follow the suggestions outlined above and find that some weeks the pressures of your private and your business life are causing you to lose the ability to bounce back. Then you should add a drop of Lugol's solution of iodine to your glass of apple or grape juice at breakfast, or you may take it in the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. The point is that the potassium in the solution (Lugol's is 5% potassium iodine) blocks off the body mechanism that organizes for aggressive action, releasing its hold on the body when opportunity for rest and relaxation arises. The iodine swings into action the body and the building up and storing of body reserves. When working under pressure, include the Lugol's solution dose each day until the period of pressure passes. If it should happen that your body becomes saturated with iodine, you will find that there is an increase of moisture in the nose. If this occurs, omit the iodine until the nose is normal.

Lugol's Iodine can be purchased in some drug stores or over the internet.

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