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Posted by Debra (Edmonton, Alberta) on 02/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Dr Derry from Victoria on Vancouver Island has a book out about Breast Cancer and his research shows that taking 1 to 2 drops of iodine a day in a glass of water can help to prevent breast cancer. His book is very informative and gives a scientific reason why it works. I have been using Iodine this way for 6 years. I also use it on moles, tags and other skin conditions and it helps to make them small again. I have used it for sore throats too and it works wonderfully. Just use it sparingly as it can be toxic with too much use.

Posted by Patricia (Laguna Niguel, CA) on 12/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I love this website! Lots of wonderful home remedies. I read about Iodine and went on ebay- I bought Povidone- Iodine first to try, and painted myself with it over every problem area of my skin- the colors were disappearing in 15 minutes or so. The bottle says for external use only and do not apply it over large areas of the skin. Well, I have not tried take it internally yet, but as I understand it, Povidone is used for prep surgeries, which means it is in contact with blood and internal organs. After my first application on small areas, I noticed that the morning after I could see significant improvement on my skin where there used to be acne-like pumps that I had for several years- some shrank and some went away. I then started using it on all scars and it seems to make them more smooth and heal better. Upon seeing that, I asked my husband to paint me all over my back- dry, flaky skin with red irritable spots- and over night, they became more smooth. So I started to use it more and more, sometimes it stains my clothes, but my skin seemed to be healing. Don't know if that is also indication of my iodine deficiency. I wonder if it works any differently from Lugol's. I do have signs of low thyroid function, like cold intolerance, poor circulation. Can you tell me if I can take the Povidone internally? How is it different from Lugol's?

Posted by Janice (Red Hook, NY) on 12/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Just a note after reading send in other cures re iodine. When I was a teenager I developed warts; I never consulted anyone but started putting just a drop of iodine on the warts every day. After about 3 months (maybe less - that was 40 years ago) they turned black and fell off. I've never had another wart. (I've never had a boil either, and hope I never do, but my partner has been bothered by them for several weeks. We're trying several of the remedies on your website. Thanks! It's a great site.)

Posted by Christiane (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I'have been experimenting with several remedies. I have been doing the HP inhalation for a few weeks now but only when fatigued. I use a throat spray bottle and spray a few times until I cough while inhaling, that seems to be the only way that I can determine that it's not just coating the back of my throat. I notice that it works almost immediately to get me out of that "desperately need more sleep" haze. It lifts that "heavy" feeling. I tried it again 2 days ago when I only got 4 hours of sleep with the intent that if I did the HP inhalation and it worked AGAIN then I would be convinced. I'm completely convinced for fatigue purposes at this time. I intend to increase my usage soon.

Also, I read where someone mentioned using iodine on cysts. I am using it on a cyst (may be caused by an ingrown hair or not!)on my shin, about the size of the circumferance of a sharpie marker. I started this a few weeks ago and was applying the iodine once a day for about 3 days straight. Then I forgot about it. I just happened to look this morning and it has shrunk by about half and the skin on top just peeled off. I will be starting up again today to see if I can get rid of it completely over the next week or so.

I have Candida but no insurance and I was trying a product that has been rated as the number 1 recommended product. Unfortunately, it felt like my kidneys were not happy about it so I had to get off of it. I am going to try some other methods to see if it helps. I'll post when I know more.

Posted by Diane (Burbank, California) on 08/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I read here something about iodine curing skin tags, so I decided what the heck. I used the iodine twice a day on a skin tag on my underarm, and nothing much happened for a while, other than the skin around it getting red and irritated, but then this morning, the skin tag was black. Later on, when I went to check it, it was gone!! Wow - it really works. Thank you for this informative and fun website.

Posted by Leslie (Geneva, IL) on 06/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

For 4 days I have been applying Lugols Iodine to my nose polyp, once in the morning and at night. Has reduced in size and shape. Before was very red, now looks like color of surrounding tissue. Will continue this experiment and report to you the outcome.

Posted by Donna (Dalton, GA) on 04/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had been reading about Iodine and how it could get rid of different skin lesions, so I decided to give it a try on several Sebaceous Keratoses on my torso, several quite large. It has worked wonderfully. It took about 2 weeks for them to go away, and I applied it 2x a day most days. I put it on with a q-tip and let it dry before getting dressed. I sometimes scratched them lightly first with a emery nail file before applying the iodine. I use the Lugols, because I also take it by drops internally each day.

Posted by Steve (Metairie, Louisiana) on 04/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had at least 10 moles removed by my dermatologist, and after they were burned off (they usually burn, or freeze them), It took about 2 weeks for the cuts to heal (depending on the depth of the cut). Then, once the skin was basically healed, a pink mark was left behind. After a while (usually a month or two), my color would return and blend in with the surrounding area. Some of the areas that my dermatologist cut left a hole in my skin, which has never filled in. So far, Iodine has removed moles from my skin, but never left any holes (depressions) in my skin.

Posted by Diane (Chesapeake, VA) on 02/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I use tincture of iodine (everyday) on skin ulcers which refuse to heal. Sometimes I apply iodine 2 to 3 times a day. I never miss a day when treating squamous cell carcinoma. The area being treated by the tincture of iodine often becomes very sensitive or itchy...don't discontinue the iodine...keep applying iodine on the ulcer. The itchy skin will scab's just the healing process. Scrape off the skin if it again develops a white flaky patch or a brown scab...then, apply more iodine. Use the iodine for at least one to two months until the skin ulcer has completely disappeared. Then, use Retin-A cream to complete the skin rejuvenation process. Use Raw Organic Palm Fruit Oil along with the iodine to promote deep healing and also use Raw Organic Palm Fruit Oil along with sun block to prevent future skin damage. The ulcer patches have developed on my hands and lower arms. One skin damaged area shows my skin separating on crease lines on top of my wrist. The day after I applied the tincture of iodine to the separating skin, the crease lines showed signs of healing, as blood circulation appeared in the area. The areas I treat are all about the size of a quarter, which is larger than the freckle-sized spot. I figure the underlying skin damage takes in a larger area and it may only show up on the skin as a small freckle-sized spot. Last, everyone will ask you why you are using iodine on your's's sooo old fashioned. Don't let the embarrassment of orangey skin stop your beats having a doctor remove the cancer and leaving you with holes where the carcinoma or melanoma used to be. I use this treatment on all skin problems, to include possible melanoma. In addition to the topical treatment, I plan to add a daily dose of Lugol's Iodine in my drinking water. I want to treat all cancers and other health problems from within. I have red hair and white skin with lots of freckles, and I am very sun sensitive. I have been terribly burned year after year while growing up in California. I am now 56 years old, and the skin cancer is just starting to appear. That's why I feel it necessary to add the Lugol's Iodine daily to my drinking water.

Posted by Sharon (Boston) on 09/29/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Please delete my previous email from January and put this one in its place. This is the most successful remedy combination I have experimented with for dermatitis!

I have had an itchy dermatitis on and off around my nose for about 10 years. It was triggered after working in an office in Los Angeles for a man who smoked all day long (illegally of course, but he was a top entertainment executive so no one complained at that point in time). After years of smoking, the cigarette smoke was embedded in his furniture-- that's a horrendous smell to someone whose never smoked. Plus, think of all those microbes! At any rate, it took about 3 years to clear and then came back every time I would get around old, furniture embedded cigarette smoke. Psychological response? Maybe! At any rate, it came back again this summer after a few month respite.

But this time, I am happy to report that after years of playing around with every prescription and supplement under the sun, I think I have finally hit upon a dermatitis cure! It will only cost about $5... $.79 for the decolorized iodine, and $4 for a bottle of vitamin E oil. Here is my cure:

Using decolorized iodine for the face, take a q-tip and dab the dermatitis with iodine. If this is not on your face, you can use regular iodine. But it will stain you orange for a few hours.

If your dermatitis is on sensitive skin around your nose, like me, it will burn like crazy when you apply the iodine. Don't inhale the fumes while it is drying (takes about 10 seconds to dry). After it dries, apply some natural vitamin e oil. I open a large capsule and use that for several days before it runs out. Your skin will redden from the iodine and dry out, but the vitamin e will heal it and keep it from flaking. Keep this area moist with vitamin e oil all day and night if possible.

Do the topical iodine for 2 days, 3x a day. After the 2nd day, cut the iodine back to 1x a day. However, you will still want to keep the vitamin e oil on all day. After 3 days of 1x daily application of iodine, cut the iodine back to every other day. Continue every other day for 10 days (or less). Keep up the vitamin e oil every day until the dermatitis has disappear completely.

Let me tell you, the iodine and vitamin 3 oil starts to work on clearing up the dermatitis in about 24 hours! Initially the skin will look red and inflamed, but don't worry... the vitamin e speeds up the healing process.

I hope everyone with dermatitis (even perioral dermatitis) will try this cure. My particular form of dermatitis is one of the trickiest to heal so I am thrilled to maybe have a cure! I will let you know in the future how long this holds before I have to do the iodine again. Hopefully, never! Thanks, Sharon.

Posted by Bliss (Brooklyn, NY) on 07/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks so much for providing this useful information. I had a mole on my neck which was removed when I was a teenager and in the last few years (30 years later) it grew back even larger than it had been before, and I was worried about how much a dermatologist would charge to remove it (not to mention the pain). It was large and pink, one inch by 1/2 an inch, and in 8 days it has shrunk and dried up, and is now a small scab which should fall off in a few days. Thank you again!

Posted by Olivia (Linden NJ) on 07/05/2006
5 out of 5 stars

After going to a dermatologist and explaining how a skin tag, which I thought was a mole, was constantly getting snatched with the seatbeat each time I buckled up.... The dermatologist told me that she would be right back, at that point her office assistant came in and explained that it would cost $75 dollars to remove that one skin tag, and that for $375 the doctor could remove all of them for me.... I gladly told them I would think about it. After some soul searching and remembering my Mom telling about the Iodine years ago.... I with the luck of fate, found this site and tried decided to give it a try. I applied the clear Iodine for a week, once in the morning and once in the evening.... I need to note that I noticed a tingle so I just keep at it and in one week my skin tag just fell off. Car rides are a dream, no more ouch.... Thanks for being here, what a wonderful resource, I will use this website and recommend it to all I know.

Posted by Tim (Charleston, WV) on 05/19/2006
1 out of 5 stars

I used Iodine on a couple of small skin tags under my eyes. The Iodine seemed to work for awhile but made the tags much larger and hard. They looked terrible. I could not wait for them to fall off, so I went to the Doctor and had them removed. The Doctor informed me that the Iodine inflamed the tags and made them larger and unsightly. I would still use Iodine, but would not treat tags where they were visible.

EC: Get more mole and skin tag remedies here.

Replied by Wood Doctor
Houston, Texas

IF you are using the Lugols for skin tags you stopped too soon. They will really swell to a couple of times there size. They become very tender to touch. You are so close at this point if you keep putting the iodine on twice a day. Usually within a few days they fall off. Don't stop applying the Lugols until the skin is perfectly smooth in that area.

Posted by Joan Marie (Shenandoah Valley Virginia) on 03/25/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Painted iodine cured my tag and wart. Both dried up and fell off but you must be consistent - apply 2 or more times daily for a month before giving up. Surrounding skin area can be tender, so be careful to coat just the tag or wart.

Posted by Glynda (Springfield, Missouri) on 03/01/2006
1 out of 5 stars

I tried iodine on a mole, it dried the skin out so badly around it that it felt like scales! And the mole is still there. Is this someone's idea of a joke?!!!

Replied by Sammy
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I had the same thing happen recently. Tried to remove a newly formed flesh colored mole with iodine and the area around the mole which I had also got iodine on, is now a red eczema type blistered rash. Yuck. I put Canestan cream on it daily and its going away. I might try it again once the rash goes. But will try the vaseline ring thingie. I am also now taking iodine supplements to try to help what I believe are hypothyroid issues. I will report back if it helps.