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Thyroid Issues

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Posted by Mary (London, UK) on 01/20/2007


These poor people need to be treated for hypothyroidism. Brittle nails, falling hair, being deathly pale and being exhausted and tired are all symptoms - as are most of the things you are saying the iodine "cured".

The iodine will help only because it is feeding the thyroid but it may not help completely and they will feel much better if they take a free T3 test to confirm low thyroid hormone. Publishing these instances without proper attribution to the serious health problem they can signify is irresponsible. These are sick people! And they need more than iodine.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Actually, the T3 method to measure iodine deficiency is not accurate. Another way is your body temperature.

I have seen instances that body temperature is low while T3 is good. In other instances I have seen none of these but a severity of fibrosis to occur. Fibrosis is actually a condition of iodine deficiency but the T3 is o.k. while the conditions was cured after taking iodine. So present medical practice in my humble opinion is primitive. Iodine quenches glycation of protein involved in aging and arthritis and this doesn't show on T3 but is a wonderful way to reduce arthritic pain by allowing the healing to process. Skin pores opening up too large is also cured with an iodine as it stimulates skin regeneration reducing the size of skin pores. I know, I have a huge one on my face and it is mostly cured that most people cannot see it.

So we really have to be practical about it. Analysis is just that, it won't cure your conditions and you will be lost forever in trying to figure out how the T3 is related to oversized pores, arthritic pains, fibrosis, asthma, clogged eustachian tubes, fallopian tubes (preventing pregnancy), where such fibrosis formation are due to abnormalities in skin metabolism. Figuring out why is one thing, getting yourself cured is what we all seek.

Replied by Dianekjs
(Raleigh, NC)

Ted-- do your comments refer to taking iodine internally, or applying topically? I have a variety of problems that I am hopeful iodine will help--enlarged pores, patches of dermatitis, and hair loss--but I'm not sure what form to use, how much, etc. Thanks for your advice.

Replied by Bilabong
(Sea, Wa)

Wish my mom had had the benefit of this wonderful website. She suffered horribly throughout her life with fatique and a ton of other symptoms. Had she had access to all of this information she would have drank it up. The doctors just told her she was crazy. They would say low thyroid, high thyroid, then low thyroid. Fibro came along just at the end of her life. I feel like she was so beaten down by years and years of health issues that she finally succombed to cancer. Iodine might have been just what she needed. Doctors never did squat for her.

Replied by Victoria
(Toronto, Canada)

I have hypothyroidism and have been taking a high dose of medication. I recently purchased Lugol's Solution 50 ml - what is the proper dose to take? I was advised to take one drop under my tongue. I don't think this is enough.

Can another give me some advise?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Victoria...If you wish to follow the Iodine Protocol then please have a look at this article:

The Iodine Protocol

This article describes how to supplement lugol's iodine(as LI or Iodoral). Please also make sure to read all the reference links at the bottom of the article -- these links describe the history of use of iodine in medicine over the last 140 years or so. The links also describe the many benefits as well as how to avoid problems while supplementing logul's iodine.

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Hi Bill or Someone in the know,

I have thyroid and iodine questions. What are Anti thyroid antibodies? and is it okay to take iodine if you are hypothyroid? can you take iodine if you are hyperthyroid? What does thyroid antibodies have to do with taking iodine.

I successfully use a few drops of 5% Lugol's Iodine in water several days a week. I also rub it on my throat if I feel a sore throat coming on and it chases the soreness away. I have been doing these for at least two years now and have had no known problems.

I do not want to overdo a good thing so I was checking Spirulina's iodine content, and one site said iodine should not be taken if you have anti-thyroid antibodies.

The plan is to get well and stay well without making myself sick.

Thank you in advance,


Thyroid Issues
Posted by Elizabeth (Gaston, OR) on 09/25/2006

I'd seen all kind of Dr. s they said my thyroid was in reasonable limits. The natureopaths had me on tons of herbs saying my thyroid was low. One natureopath put me on thyroid medication which had me in horrible mood swings and no benifits. I found Lugol's when I read Dr. hulda clarks book "a cure for all diseases". I've been taking 4-6 drops a day and my weight gain stopped(I'd gained 65 pounds in 4 months) and I've actually started loosing weight, 10 pounds in the last 3 months. And my mood has returned to normal. I've also been doing the zapping and all the cleanses she reccommends in her book. Thanks.

Replied by Ellen
(St. Louis, Missouri)

I just found this web site. I had my thyroid removed 4 years ago. Do you know if this iodine will work if you do not have a thyroid? I also have liver spots all over my body. This is called Seborrheic Keratoses. Do you know anything about this and a possible thryoid connection? Thanks! Ellen

Replied by Janice
(Hudson, Co, Usa)

I never saw a reply to Ellen from St. Louis, Missouri's request. Does anybody have a suggestion for Seborrheic Keratoses?

Replied by Jean
(St. Pete, Fl)

Take fish oil & put it on the skin for any skin problems.Worse to happen is you'll smell fishy

Replied by Wenona
(Benton, Ar)

Iodine will still help, other organs/systems of the body use/need iodine even without your thyroid. A former coworker of mine had her thyroid removed and I told her about coconut oil, which she tried (she said one tablespoon a day). She was on synthroid and after taking the coconut oil, her dose of "medicine" had to be reduced. Just her experience, but other people could have the same or different.

Replied by Green Augustine
(North Wales)
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Hello Wenona.

I've been borderline hypothyroid for years as were all the women in my family. I started taking Coconut oil as I had read it helped the brain health, and both my mother and sister had Alzheimer's. But I was also keep track of my basal temperature because of low thyroid, and noticed about 2 weeks or less after taking coconut oil daily, just one tablespoon, that my temp was up from 36.1 tO 36.5 Celsius and my 'dry eye' problem had disappeared.

I actually wrote to Bruce Fife who wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle, and he said that as coconut oil stimulated the thyroid which then balanced the hormones, everything works better. So win- win all round. And when I forget to take it, I'm reminded quite soon by return of dry eyes and cold feet! It also helps a huge amount with 'turkey neck' which you get as you grow older:-) . So I agree with your friend's finding. It's a great product as long as you're not allergic to any of its components.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Karen (England) on 04/25/2006

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in Feb 2006. I had lost weight, my hair was thinning and I had appalling sweats. I was given medication to regulate the thyroid function, beta blockers to control the rapidity of my heart (up to 139 btm) and to stabilise atrial fibrillation and Warfarin (coumadin) to prevent stroke. After six weeks I was advised by the hospital to have radioiodine treatment (which would make me radioactive for two weeks) and cardioversion to jolt my heart back to the correct rhythym. I know that these prodecures are commonly used and are fairly effective. I definitely didn't want them! I decided to look at homeopathic treatments, which, oddly led me to my local doctor's practice. In my session he prescribed a different natural remedy (the main ingredient being unrefined sea salt). He also said sometimes the iodine is depleted with hyperthroidism. I went home and dug out some kelp that my partner had stopped using. I had only 3 tablets in single doses and my heart beats have returned to normal. I have to admit that they have actually become rather low with a resting beat of 46 btm. I think this is caused by me continuing to take the prescribed medication as well. I have stopped the kelp. I would like to stop the prescribed medication now but need to see the doctor first. My appointment is not for six weeks. I definitely believe that the iodine in the kelp has helped me.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Lorraine (Charlotte, NC) on 03/27/2006

I am using iodine for hyporthyroid. Feel better and am losing weight after consistantly gaining weight for over a year. Iodine cured my fatigue, hypoglycemia, dry skin, brain fog. I feel I still have a ways to go. Does anyone know if iodine taken internally or painted will cure acne? My son has tried everything and still no cure for his severe acne. He is 25 yrs old and it's killed his self esteem. Thanks for any help! Lorraine.

Replied by Marie

Try cutting out dairy. That is likely the problem if its cystic acne (painful acne that is large and takes a long time to go away). After a decade of battling it, I finally tried no dairy for a week. Problem solved. I make kefir and have ice cream made with that. I can eat butter and hard cheese with no issues.

Replied by Mimi
(Georgia, USA)

For my horrible, embarrassing acne, years ago I went vegetarian for one year. I also used a gentle baby soap for cleansing and taught myself to completely leave my skin alone. No touching (germs) or popping (sorry). If moisturizing is needed, I would recommend a hypoallergenic one with a bit of sunscreen. After things clear up, keep eating healthy and try some of the great tips on EC for skin care. Best of luck. I love and am so grateful for my beautiful skin today. Best of luck to your son.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Ted (Port Orchard, WA) on 02/10/2006

I use pH Testing tape to test my pH of my saliva. What I read is your saliva should be 7.35 and when I am real close to that, I don't have any shoulder pain at night when I sleep on that side. I learned about 8 months ago that if you're low on iodine, your thyroid doesn't function properly. It affects your mental attitude, like stress, depression and emotional feelings. I was with a lot of stress from my was sent home Aug 18th with 2 weeks to live because all the drugs they had given her the last year had almost destroyed her liver. Also, my mother of 102 years old was in an assisted living place and didn't like it. She was having leg pains, upset stomach and headache. I gave her colloidal silver, change her calcium to EZSORB powder and started putting clear iodine on her throat and in not time she was happy and not having leg pain. To test your iodine level, you put a 1" ring of the brown iodine on your stomach and if it is gone in 24 hours, you're low. I get the clear iodine from Albertson Gro for $1.29 plus tax. I put it on my thyroid under my chin. In 30 minutes the stress feeling is gone. You won't over dose as your body won't take it in if it doesn't need it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Lynda (Brisbane QLD Aust.) on 01/19/2006

I have been taking iodine, Lugol's 6 drops a day for a few months now, my problem being hypothyroidism. My general health has improved, but going by my urine test i am only half way there. I'm sure by the time i have my next test i will feel great!

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Joanna (England) on 01/17/2006

hi, i suffered with weight gain and thinning hair, although blood tests showed borderline hypothyroidism i started taking sea kelp and at last my weight has slowly started to come off and as a plus my hair grows much thicker and quickly. i will take this supplement for life.

Replied by Koio

Hi Joanna, How much kelp do you take. Is it possible to over supplement it. Is it possible luck of it to be a reason for heart palpitation? Thank you.


Posted by Fran (Rocky Face, Ga) on 08/03/2008

I am using Iodine to cut off the blood supply to a tumor also, Saw Palmetto, as well as Chickweed, kelp has so much to offer.

EC: Fran, what type of tumor are you trying to treat? Thanks...

Replied by Ashley
(Cambridge, MA)

Fran, what sort of tumor do you have and where is it located? Has the iodine worked for you? Has it left a scar? What is the purpose of the chickweed? Are you applying it topically or drinking it?

Where to Buy: Canada

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Posted by Val (Innisfail, Ab Canada) on 03/31/2014

Hello I am looking for Lugol's Iodine in Alberta, do you have a location here where I could purchase it?

Replied by Toourlady89
(Hayward, Ca)

You could purchase Lugols Iodine from Amazon in different concentrations..

FYI: if you will be using Lugol's internally, there is a protocol of vitamins here on this site to follow to safely take iodine without untoward side effects..

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Val from Innisfail - I get 5% Lugol's from London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart (you need to ask the pharmacist to order it for you). Mary from Saskatchewan recently mentioned a number of Calgary compounding pharmacies that carry it as well (in stock so it doesn't have to be ordered). I don't know if Innisfail has a compounding pharmacy but if there isn't, try any pharmacy. You may want to talk directly to the pharmacist (sometimes the assistants aren't as helpful).

Also, Bill from San Fernando said that Lugol's can be purchased at the vets and some pet shops in Canada.

Hope this helps - good luck! Bess

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Donna (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/26/2010

Hi there, I have been reading and looking for a long time in order to find Lugol's in the Great Toronto Area. There is a compounding pharmacy in Mississauga called Hooper's. They sell Lugol's, 25 ml for $4.95 tax.

Since I found it and started taking Lugol almost 2 months ago I became a new person. My yeast infections are gone, hopefully forever, I sleep well, no more PMS. I wish all of you a healthy and happy life.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)


Happy to hear you got such good quick results! I put this up months ago, but it's likely lost in the noise on this site.

There are at least two major chain stores (could be 3, 4, or 5) that have direct access to their supplier to get a good size bottle of original 5% LUGOLs here in Canada, and "good size" is either choice of a 100-ml or 500-ml bottle

Here is one:

Another is food Superstore (Loblaws/Oshawa group company)

Price is way cheaper than 25 ml at a time! But, in most cases, you must visit the pharmacy counter in person and ask for it to be ordered in! It will take 1-5 days is all. If you ask over-the-phone, they'll just give you the canned response "Lugols? Naw, never heard of it and don't have it"! That sounds like our experience, since you got only a 25-ml size. BTW, there's even one company, likely many around near a sprawling city like Toronto, that makes the stuff in a 500 ml bottle! It's PCCA Canada in London, ON. They have a website and a 1-800 number, so you could even call them to ask which stores they supply. Under $40 500 ml bottle. A Scroogle search finds them no problem, just about 9th down. Another brand possibly is Xenex, but they're out in Vancouver, so I doubt they'd ship all that way what with the breakage.

Replied by Donna
(Toronto, Ontario)

Thank you Tom, for your feedback. I read your posting back in April, and I tried all the big stores in person. They act as they have never heard of Lugol's before. I even wrote an e-mail to Rexall as per your suggestion and I haven't heard anything back since. The new piece of info you shared about the PCCA company in London, ON helped me a lot. I went on their website and looked for pharmacies that buy from them. I called the first pharmacy on the list and I was able to get a 100 ml bottle for 10.99 the next day. They don't stock it but they order it for you on the spot and it will be available the next day. They also have 500 ml available.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Betty ( Calgary, Alberta, Canada ) on 08/02/2010

Hello, I have a quick question, where can you get this Lugol's solution from. Can you please advise.

Replied by Joylie
(Solana Beach, Ca)

If you go to google and type in "Lugol's oil, " it will bring up websites that sell it. The first website listed is Natro Doc (I wasn't able to include web address because of a glitch at I haven't bought from them, but their site says they carry Lugol's oil.

Replied by Bessie
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Betty from Calgary - One place in Calgary that carries Lugol's Solution is Cambrian Drug Mart, 728 Northmount Drive N. W. In Calgary (403-289-9181). You may want to phone first to make sure they have a supply in. Good luck!

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)


Apparently it's a dirty secret in Canada that almost any pharmacy, including any of the chain stores, can and will order it in for you in mere days at most! But you have to ask for it directly from the pharmacist, in person and not over the phone. They will simply look it up on the computer and verify it's there. Could be Xenex brand if out West, or if out east maybe another name. It is not in any way a Rx or controlled item here--YET! It will be either the 100 ml size or 500 ml, 5% LUGOLS original strength in Canada. Expect to pay maybe $11-14 for a 100 ml, or about $45 for a 500 ml. They will likely charge HST or PST/GST also.

Replied by Betty
(Calgary, Alberta)

Thank you guys...

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 04/10/2010

I have read the e-mails here telling where to find Lugol's Solution in its original strength (5%/10%), and it seems the confusion from the Canadian people is that perhaps they are phoning the various brand name pharmacies in the stores and asking them, when it turns out they are talking to mainly clueless floor help instead of asking the pharmacist directly, preferably in person!

I have found that now,April 2010, when following up by e-mail to the Help or "Contact Us" links on the company sites, I get answers.

Most use a fill-in e-mail form on their page, not a browser e-mail. So you won't have a record of the sent e-mail.

One specific company, Rexall, a drugstore name here,when called said they didn't have it. But when I e-mailed their company site (just Search any engine for this)they replied in 2 days and even gave me the exact branch store and name of pharmacist I could ask to order it in for me.

I also tried:
London Drugs
local health food stores

Any Search will show up the main Canadian maker of LUGOL'S in Coquitlam. I used that name/link to the item page in my e-mails to show them what I wanted exactly. There is a 100 ml and a 500 ml size.

I also contacted them by e-mail and they said 'YES, our product IS available NO PRESCRIPTION, but you mustfind out from the retail company if their wholesaler can get it in for you!

Replied by Tom
(Toronto, Ontario)

Looking for Lugal's Iodine? Hulda Clarke sells the purest form - that's all I ever use. Just google her name/store.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Gaby (Vancouver, B.c., Canada) on 08/13/2009

Sources for Lugol's in Canada: Two very inexpensive sources of Lugol's in Canada are Kripps and Finlandia Pharmacies in Vancouver. No prescription. Gaby

Replied by Sherry
(Ponoka, Ab)

I would like to add, Lugol's is found at the drug stores in Canada, If it is not on the shelf as the Pharmacist to order it for you, If they ask what you want it for, tell them it is for your pet or horse that has some ailment, and want to get rid of the problem asap, I didn't have a problem then. I have had friends that had a problem with pharmies in that respect, GOOD LUCK

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Brad (Winnipeg, MB) on 03/14/2007

I cannot find lugol's anywhere in canada- it is possibly not approved. i did see lugol's iodine for marine purposes such as fish tanks. is this the same and can i take it internally or paint it? thanks, Brad

Replied by Louis
(Courtenay, BC)

Hi Brad,

In regards to purchasing Lugol it is available in Canada with no restrictions (for now anyway), an you can purchase it at xenex lab. I just got some 500ml for $43.00 CAD including delivery and tax.

Good luck


Replied by Cindy
(Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada)

I have checked all over for the Lugol's Iodine, and cannot find it anywhere, I did check the website for Xenex Labs, and you cannot direct order from them. Is there anywhere else to Look?

Replied by MJ
(DC, U.S.A.)

You can order Lugol's Iodine online. To comply with EC's guidelines, I can't post the URL or site name, however if you do a Google search you should find the online store that sells it.

Good Luck!

EC: Feel free to send us urls for lugol's or food grade h202!

Replied by Anonymous
(Anonymous, USA)

Looks like might carry it. Wishing YOU well!

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

J. Crow's has it in 2 strengths:

Replied by MJ
(DC, U.S.A.)

I purchased Lugol's Iodine online from JCrow: You'll have to scroll down the page a little to find the order form, but the page contains an abundance of info. on the Usefulness of Iodine. I don't have a link for food grade H202.

EC: Does JCrows ship to Canada?

Replied by MJ
(DC, U.S.A.)

JCrows does ship to Canada and other international countries.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

It seems J. Crow's would ship to Canada. They have "Province" and "Country" as fields on their order form, and also this on the site:

"Phone or Fax Toll Free 1 800 878 1965 in US & Canada"

There's also this note on the order form: "Shipping on international orders figured at time of shipment

Replied by Don
(Kailua, Hawaii)

I have ordered lugol's solution from online Swansons vitamins.

Replied by Pieter
(Edmonton, Alberta)

bought lugols solution made by xenex labs at my local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy... they didn't stock it, but ordered it for me when I asked. the solution is 5% iodine, 10% potassium iodide, 85% water

Replied by Kk
(Ottawa, On)

You can get this product from costco cheaper than any other pharmacy.500 g or 100g--Xenex lab $30.and $9.
I live in ottawa. Prod # PT231 (5 g iodone 10 g potassium iodide.)

Where to Buy: Philippines

Posted by Linda (Lapulapu, Cebu, Philippines) on 09/04/2009

where in philipppines can i buy lugols solution?