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Enlarged, Cystic Thyroid  

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Posted by Andrea (Winchester, Kentucky) on 04/15/2010
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I have been using a colorless kelp iodine for several months for an enlarged and cystic thyroid. My blood tests for thyroid indicated a low level of the hormone. I used chemical replacement for a few months and felt much better, but the thyroid was still enlarged. I used 3 drops, twice a day as recomended on the bottle. The swelling stopped. I stopped taking the chemical prescription. My blood tests normal. The thyroid is still very slightly enlarged, but doesn't bother me any more.

Replied by Lisa
St. Louis, Mo

Can anyone tell me how much iodine I should be taking? It's mainly because of dry hair, dry skin, extreme tiredness, etc. I can't find dosage info anywhere. I have Lugols iodine.

Replied by Catherinecheshire
St. Regis, Quebec

The Lugols you can buy in the US is the weaker stuff so take ten drops a day for three months to get your iodine levels up then drop down to five drops a day as a maintenence dose. It took me about four hours of searching to find this info online. Also, there was info on using it for cold, flu, congestion, and bladder infections but these were higher doses and if you have too much in your system its gets washed out and causes you no side effects. My mom gave my grandmother (who is 90) about 20 or more drops and it cured her of congestion and the cough that goes with it.

Replied by Franjy
Perth, Wa Australia

The one subject that doesn't come up in the whole iodine subject is the fluoride in our water displaces iodine in the body. What all of us have to do is stop using fluoridated water for bathing, cooking, dishwashing, and drinking. I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid. After 2 months of no meds and taking iodine with distilled water I have absolutely no hyperthyroid symptoms.

Replied by Jessica
Chicago, Il

YES I have to agree with the Iodine. I take 4 dropper fulls and literally in 48 hrs my thyroid/goiter (not noticible, but I can feel it when I swallow) has literally shrunk so well I can't feel it when I swallow anymore! I love IODINE!

Excessive Sulphur  

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Posted by Janette (Sydney, Australia) on 12/27/2009
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Iodine balances sulphur overload

I took Alprim a well-known drug for urinary tract infection which occurred due to food poisoning, my body unbalanced with the sulphur content of this drug, giving me stinging eyes, headache, over active thyroid and pains in my body....too much acid forming.

I took a teaspoon of organic kelp iodine, within 5 minutes the pains in my body near my neck and shoulder went, the heaviness left my head, it felt like the fluid in the brain begin to flow (odd but yes), my eyes slowly began to loose the sting although it took a day.

I have heard Iodine is great for getting rid of sulphur burps as well.

Anyone had this type of experience?

Excessive Sweating  

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Posted by Rachel (Charleston, Sc) on 08/09/2010
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I started using iodine/iodide and my hyperhydrosis disappeared. I no longer suffer from excessive sweating on my hands and feet and I no longer have cold extremities.

Replied by Drpeprchick
Ontario, Canada

How are you taking the iodine, internal or external? Thanks

Replied by Saba
Mentor, Oh

To Rachel from Charleston, Sc: All I can say is WOW! I have suffered from excessive sweating on my palms and feet ever since I was a little girl. Please, Please could you tell us how you used it, how often and for how long? Thank you. Saba.

Fact Sheet on Iodine  

Iodine is an essential trace mineral necessary to the human body for normal growth and development. Seventy to eighty percent of iodine is found in the thyroid gland in the neck. The rest is distributed throughout the body, particularly in the ovaries, muscles, and blood. A deficiency of iodine can lead to hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels); symptoms of this condition include sluggishness, weight gain, and sensitivity to temperature changes. In infants and children, hypothyroidism can impair physical and mental development.

Posted by Earth Clinic

Here is some additional info we found on the following website:

"... Work done by many researchers over the last few years has shown that iodine is utilized by many different sections of the body. Twenty percent of all of the iodine sits in the human skin. A lack of iodine in the skin manifests as very dry skin and skin that does not sweat when an individual becomes hot. In newborn children iodine is responsible for the development of the babies' I.Q. Recent research shows iodine deficiency is felt to be the source of attention deficit disorder in children.

Iodine is utilized by every hormone receptor in the body. The absence of iodine causes a hormonal dysfunction that can be seen with practically every hormone inside the body. Dr. Flechas has recently been able to show that patients with insulin resistant diabetes have a partial to full remission of their illness in the presence of taking iodine. Iodine deficiency is also felt to be the source of ovarian cysts. With iodine replacement therapy the cysts disappear and women have stopped having ovarian cysts.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease  

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Posted by Barbara (Baton Rouge, LA) on 05/26/2008
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I had problems with Fibroystic Breast Disease and the doctor put me on 3 drops of Iodine in a glass of orange juice each day plus a pregestrone cream for the breasts...this more problems.

Replied by Linda K.
Palm Desert, CA
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It should be clarified that an iodine that is ingested be safe for internal consumption. NOT to be ingested is the iodine that is used for treatment of cuts, etc. on the skin. IOSOL IODINE is safe for internal use.

Replied by Wjbaumchen
Lennon, Michigan

Lot of bad information on what you can ingest. Iodine that is non-radioactive and in it's elemental form is safe to ingest. That is basically two iodine atoms bound together kind of like O2 is two oxygen atoms bound together. Iodide is just some form of iodine that has something else bound to it like potassium iodide their is one iodine atom and one potassium atom bound to each other. You can turn any Iodide back into elemental iodine by hitting it with a strong acid then an oxidizer. Lugols contains both forms of iodine for best absorption at a rate of 2x's as much Iodide as iodine that is the magic ratio of Lugols. As to the warning about Iodine not everyone with thyroid disease responds the same and we know that iodine works best when two or more forms of it are presented to the body at the same time. So ideally it is best to try it first. No decision should be made based on fear must have data to make a decision. You can buy potassium Iodide about 150grams of 99.9% lab grade or USP grade for about $27 so not expensive at all from that you can make Lugols by turning some of it into elemental iodine and leaving some it as is. If you live outside of the USA it is easy to by Iodine Crystals and Potassium Iodide and make you own dirt cheap in large amounts. If you live in the USA Iodine Crystals are now controlled and you have to register with the DEA to order or import it. Because less then 1% of the population uses it to make illegal drugs we all have to suffer. Like I said it is not hard to convert Iodide to Iodine but it is stupid to have to do this. Tinkture of Iodine has elemental pure Iodine at 2% and has Sodium Iodide at 2.4% and 47% Alcohol the rest is water. It is safe to use orally and topicaly but the sodium iodide is not the best form to use because most people have too much sodium any ways and really need to get more potassium in their body. Little rhyme from a few hundred years ago for doctors. " If you do not know the where or why? Then prescribe the "K and I"! " k is used on the periodic table to represent Potassium and I is for Iodine....

Posted by Tracie (Willow, AK) on 11/24/2006
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I'm in the process of experimenting with iodine to cure fibrocystic breast disease. I've had cysts since I was 13 and am now a menopausal 48 yr. old. (Can't even dicipher a self-breast exam since I'm so lumpy) I started with some kelp tablets and increased all the way to 8 per day. At that point the quantity of lumps was lessened but then a couple of them enlarged and were really sore. I then changed over to Iodonol tablets (iodine/iodide) and now the cysts are getting smaller and for the first time since I can remember, my breasts are beginning to feel like they are supposed to. My hot flashes have lessened also, which is curious and I wonder if the iodine is the reason.

Posted by Jean (London, England) on 01/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I can confirm that iodine in the form of kelp is a cure for fibroystic breast disease. I have been taking it for about 10 years and it works so well that if I don't take it for a few days, say if I run out of tablets or forget to take them on holiday, my symptoms return within days. I have read that taking iodine can be dangerous if you have thyroid problems, but I don't see how the dose I take (1 tablet a day or 150mg) can be a problem. The side effects caused by conventional medicine e.g. diuretics, can be much worse, so I was determined to find a natural remedy. I think this use of iodine/kelp should be more widely known, but there seems to be a curious silence about it. Maybe it is too cheap and readily available as you suggest in your article! Keep up the good work.

Food Poisoning  

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Posted by Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 11/16/2008
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I had a chronic case of salmonella food posioning. I read in Dr. Hulda Clarks book 6 drops of Lugol's iodine 4 times a day would get rid of the salmonella. I forgot how long she said to take it. I usually take the iodine for a couple of days after I feel better. Lugol for me works every time I pick up any salmonella bacteria from eating out.

Posted by Jan (Buffalo, NY) on 04/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I travel extensively and carry a small HDPE bottle of Lugol's for the inevitable food poisoning that occurs in restaurant food. When I get a case of it, I take 15 drops of Lugol's in water and it takes less than 15 minutes to stop the cramps. Dr. Hulda Clark does recommend Lugol's Iodine. I buy my Lugol's in pint bottles at the local pharmacy. I tell the pharmacist that I use it for staining tissue slides for microscopy. It works every time.

Posted by Jamie (Fairmont, Minnesota) on 12/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello you WONDERFUL people! Thanks you SO much for this resource! I was in the middle of my third serious bout with salmonella in a year and feeling little relief from the antibiotics after 8 days. After reading a book by Dr. Hulda Clark I am convinced that I was picking up Salmonella from milk products. Hulda says that Lugol's kills vicious stomach bacteria including salmonella so I got online looking for it when I found this site. I read through all of the comments and went looking for the iodine. Someone said I could get it at walmart so I tried. The Pharmacist had no clue about iodine deficiency and wouldn't give me the iodine he had ordered for me. How disgusting and irresponsible! I ordered the book by Dr. Brownstein Iodine: Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It along with a 2 oz. bottle of lugol's solution from I was very discouraged by the fact that there was no overnight shipping option available on the site. A day or two after ordering I emailed them expressing my discouragement and they responded with a toll free number that could be used to get overnight shipping. My Lugol's arrived a day earlier than expected and I tested for allergy on my foot. I knew I wasn't allergic since I have had iodized salt for ever, and I had no irritation from the iodine on my foot. So I began the dose recommended by Hulda for salmonella which is 6 drops in a half cup of juice after meals and at bed time. After reading the book by Dr. Brownstein and looking at the Optimox site I knew that 6 drops 4 times a day is equivalent to 150mg of iodine a day. The relief from the Salmonella began nearly immediately but was nearly complete after a day of the scheduled dose. I had no symptoms of taking too much iodine, so I continued to the third day at that dose (as recommended for treating Salmonella in Hulda's book). Then I cut back to 6 drops 3 times a day to counter my newly recognized iodine deficiency. Just so you know, the Salmonella are DEAD!!! And I feel ALIVE!!!

5 years ago I should have been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease but was told that my "lumpy bumpy" breasts needed vitamin E. I didn't take it seriously as I wasn't diagnosed with anything. I had just had my first child. Over the last 6 months I have had pain in my breasts not just before a period but at intervals during the month that wouldn't even allow me to hug my (now I have 3) children. I had no idea until reading this site and the information from Dr. Brownstein that I had fibrocystic breast disease, the precursor for breast cancer (which is so prevalent in this area that it should be a CRIME that people are not handed iodine by the government in giant sized rations!) The great lakes basin is the worst in the WORLD for iodine deficiency--we are the reason salt is iodized--only well enough to fend off goiter and mental retardation which were becoming a problem in the early 1900's in this area! The actual need for iodine by your body is 13.5mg a day and that's after fixing a deficiency. And that number does not take into account the other factors we are exposed to. (Halogens which replace iodine in the body everywhere around us--chlorine, bromine, fluorine--in bread, in toothpaste, in water) THIS IS EPIDEMIC!

Two days into my salmonella killing spree with iodine, I began my menstrual period without cramps. I have had such terrible cramps from my period that I have a stock pile of ibuprofen. (which makes your stomach bleed and hurts your liver) but what are we to do? IODINE! I have been on Iodine for 4 days now and each morning I wake up with cramps but almost as soon as I take my 6 drops of lugol's my cramps are GONE! It's like the cramps are there because my ovaries are begging me for much needed iodine to clean me out. I am so thrilled about this! By the way--my breast pain has diminished to almost none, and they feel like 16 year old breasts. No kidding. My energy level has sky rocketed and I am losing weight. (I should mention that I am taking the iodine with a liquid B complex supplement because Dr. Brownstein says it is possible to get heart palpitations and/or symptoms of iodine allergy if you are deficient in vitamin b2 and b3 since they are needed to transport iodine throughout your body. I can feel my metabolism normalizing--it feels GREAT!

For a long time I have wondered why my ears hurt--I thought maybe I was taking an autotoxic (something toxic to your ears) drug--I wasn't taking any drugs other than ibuprofen--so I wasn't convinced, but I was becoming afraid that I would eventually lose my hearing. I have also become slower in the brain over the last few years. I attributed it to the mercury in my fillings after reading Dr. Clarks book--but having seen the symptoms of iodine deficiency including hearing loss and cretinism I now believe I am severely deficient in iodine and I am so excited to not get any worse. I am getting better!

General Feedback  

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Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/02/2014

The element BROMINE is very bad for you. It is in many, if not most, breads, soft drinks, and more. Bromine displaces iodine in a very many biological processes and causes: Cancer, mental disorders, skin disorders and more. It very much screws up your entire endocrine system. This is NOT news but few are aware of just how dangerous BROMINE is to so many aspects of human health. These very real dangers have been well documented for over 30 years now.

Be wary of sea salt and seaweed foodstuffs also because they contain bromine. Using iodized salt is best. Iodine is the element you need. The element bromine readily displaces it and thereby screws up all the many biological processes involved. Ignorance is NOT bliss....Oscar

Posted by Lorig (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 10/25/2012

Looking for information on Lugols 2% iodine. Its confusing and I have conflicting information. Should it be taken orally or transdermally? Which is safer and most effective? Should it be taken daily or twice a week? Thank you.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 09/10/2012

This is to Bill of Luzon, Philippines:

Gabriel Cousens, M.D.: "Iodine is found in every single one of our body's hundred trillion cells. Without adequate iodine levels life is impossible."

I love this man. He's such a genius and I thought, of all people, you would appreciate this quote! Lisa

Posted by Mark (Denver, Co, Us) on 08/14/2012

I tested for Iodine deficiency (urine test) which showed my Bromide levels were elevated and Iodine was deficient.

I have been taking 50mg per day of Iodoral for the past 5 months to hopefully excrete bromide and saturate with iodine. In addition, I have been taking a minimum of 3k mg daily of ascorbic acid vitamin c, 400 mg magnesium oxide, 200mcg of selenium and 1 pill of atp co-factors. These supplements are all in tablet form with fillers which might not be good!

My question is I would like to know what Ted recommends for excreting bromide so that Iodine can become saturated. There is a liquiod Iodine supplement called Lugol's that many people talk about... Please provide your recommendations!

Also, have you heard of Intramax, Intrakid and Intramin from Drucker Labs? Please provide your thoughts on these products!

Thanks, Mark

Replied by Adc
Phx, Az

To Mark - Have you retaken the iodine loading test/bromide test again since starting iodine supplementation to determine that your system still has too much bromide and not enough iodine?