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Benefits of Iodine for Health

| Modified on Jun 22, 2024
Vitamin C to Dissolve Iodine Stain
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 04/08/2024

Vitamin C to Dissolve Iodine Stain

Somewhere on EC you may run into my original post about my lugol's iodine adventure suspense drama at my aunt's house.

She has a fancy bathroom with a green toilet and tub. Well this was during the very deadly COVID time. I was trying to keep me well so I could help to keep her well. I took a bottle of iodine with me in the bathroom. My bad, I spilled some iodine on her toilet, and it refused to wash off. Then I remembered people posting on EC about how Vitamin C can make your even your clothes healthy. So I crushed some Vitamin C tablets and wiped the toilet. The iodine stain came off the toilet and there was no evidence that I spilled iodine on it. That remembrance brings me to what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, my throat was bothering me, so I pulled out the iodine. I should have put some on a cotton ball, but I was in a hurry. So I poured a bit on my hand and went to rub my throat, and some iodine dropped on my blouse and started sliding down it. I had on my favorite mustard color blouse. I opened the jar of vitamin C powder. There's a gram scoop inside, so I used that one scoop, I rubbed the dry vitamin C powder along the iodine run and the stain disappeared in front of my eyes. "Amazing." I thought I would have to change blouses, that quick there was no sign of the spill. This is a day later and still no sign of iodine stain.


Detox Bromides
Posted by Leah (Ireland) on 09/05/2023

Hi Share, Thank you so much for your reply. It is only my TGAB that are high, TPO ab are normal. I actually embarked on this whole journey because I want to start a family, so I wanted to do a detox, but that is when I found out about being iodine deficient and having high TGAB. This was 2 years ago now. Since my GP said I shouldn't worry, and the whole covid thing, I put it all aside as I was overwhelmed with the whole situation. But now, I am back on track, and my husband and I wanted to continue where we left off. Before that I want to be sure that my body is ready to bear a child and that my child will have all the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy. So, I've redone the thyroid test, and TGAB are lower now than they were 2 years ago, so I am hopeful. I am taking all the companion nutrients, however probably not for long enough. So for now, I have stopped with iodine few days ago (I was using Lugols Iodine 2%). But will include it maybe once per week in small dose for now and track my thyroid levels and antibodies. In my research I have come across lots of conflicting info when it comes to iodine and antibodies. Some people say stay away, while others say it helped them with Hashi and other thyroid issues. There is even one source which I found on this very site, says in case of antibodies, we are harming the thyroid with small iodine doses and should take higher doses to create iodolipids, but I was too scared to try that. Maybe if I could find a doctor who could track all my hormones and everything, would be a different story, and I might be up for the high dose, but no luck in finding one so far. Thanks again and I will keep you updated. Cheers from sunny Dublin

Detox Bromides
Posted by Share (Seattle) on 09/04/2023

Hi Leah,

A few thoughts about your situation:

1. When you say high antibody levels I am assuming TPO Ab (Thyroid Peroxidase Ab) & Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb). If so, elevated levels of these antibodies are the definitive test for Hashimoto's, a serious autoimmune condition. Taking high doses of iodine with this condition are contraindicated, at first - it can make the condition worse.

Best to see a naturopath or holistic physician who specialize in thyroid conditions to help you resolve & navigate this condition. Often, a person starts out hyperthyroid and ends up hypothyroid with Hashimoto's.

Your symptoms may indicate iodine toxicity so I would definitely stop taking the 15 mg of Iodine - especially if you have Hashimoto's.

For those who are simply having iodine detox issues, one simply drops the iodine dose to low levels, wait for the symptoms to subside, and slowly build up the dose every other week or so.

In addition to the issues with Hashimoto's, many physicians who treat thyroid conditions have noticed that most Americans starting iodine have adverse reactions. This is because our toxicity levels are so much higher and the co-factors needed to utilize iodine are commonly deficient (e.g., Selenium, Zinc, B2, B3, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Sea Salt, healthy EFAs).

Before taking Iodine it is very important to first "prep" the body so that your thyroid can use the iodine which means taking the Iodine co-factors for a month. Then, start taking iodine at very low doses, under 1 mg, and slowly build up every week or two until you reach the desired dosage level.

And, it is fine to only take low daily doses of Iodine because the levels gradually build up in the tissues over time though, it will take longer to become iodine "sufficient". In general, it will take about a year to become iodine sufficient taking the standard dose 12.5 mg/day.

Detoxing the body during the "prep" is also very helpful.

Some people are very sensitive or allergic to iodine so they take Atomadine. Again, starting at a low dose and slowly increasing it.

Many have cleared Hashimoto's by eliminating all gluten, taking daily doses of selenium (must take the right form and dose), taking a special thyroid hormone preparation, taking the Iodine co-factors and eventually incorporating iodine into the regimen where they start with very low doses (under 1 mg) and slowly build up the dose.

Others have had other complications involving E. histolytica, mold and other infections that can cause or exacerbate Hashimoto's so these conditions need to be addressed.

Also note, there are many iodine formulations on the market that are toxic or adulterated. So, it is very important to find a high quality brand with a proven record (e.g., compounding pharmacy, etc...).

See the websites:

Wishing you the best in your health journey

Detox Bromides
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 09/04/2023

Leah, maybe try to get your iodine by painting it on your skin? On the soles of your feet?

Detox Bromides
Posted by Leah (Ireland) on 09/02/2023

Hi Cindy, just wondering how have you been? Are you still doing the detox? Did you take the recommended supplements with Iodine? Also, salt loading can apparently help with detox.
I have just increased my LI dosage slowly to 15mg, and now I have throat pain and feeling like something is stuck there. Feeling like I'm getting a flu, and so tired.. Not sure if this is detox or am I harming my thyroid. I have normal levels of thyroid hormones, but I do have high antibodies. Scared to continue, and is so hard to find a doctor to help me guide through this. My GP is useless, she told me I shouldn't worry because all of my hormones are normal, even though I have these high antibodies, and my iodine urine levels also came back really low. Any thoughts much appreciated. Cheers, Leah

Detox Bromides
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/23/2023 480 posts

Crikeys! Getting rid of bromine is like a Catch-22 thing. It's like dislodging a sedative with a bad edge to it but, at the same time, you want it out of you - I'm going to bed. And hope I can just sleep through it.

I cut the dose way back but just used straight KI. I think it might be speeding things up a bit so - THAT would be good. Yuck.

Detox Bromides
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/21/2023 480 posts

I've been doing doses of iodine every once in a while but I REALLY don't like that bromine backlash. They gave me valium when I was in the hospital so I'd be rested for surgery and it is NOTHING like that. The valium was more like a happy sleep and drowsiness but that bromine crap - crikeys. It's just plain horrid.

I'd kinda like to get my hands on whomever decided it's okay to spread such monstrous concoctions all over the place...which makes me even more angry because I'm not that sort of person and the very idea that I can be made to feel that way is extremely unsettling.

Detox Bromides
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/06/2023 480 posts

This iodine detox really takes it out of ya! I suppose, it's the dislodging of bromides which are used as a sedative and even to induce coma. Some days I feel super good but most are "blah" and all I want to do is sleep. I suppose that will be for another month of two...crikeys! But it's to be expected since I've never taken iodine before and have probably been soaking up and storing bromides since the advent of their commercial uses...

Sore Throat
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 01/20/2023 480 posts

I've been taking/using iodine for about a month and didn't get a detox reaction, initially, but I upped my intake to about 160mg per day and have finally been getting some pains, lumps and rashes BUT, I've also awakened with a sore throat several times and decided, this morning, to put some iodine on my wrists (that's what you do for a sore throat) and it worked! I didn't think it would since I'm already taking so much of it but it did! And instantly! It was the darnedest thing!

For context - I've been "cleansing" for years but this is my first actual detox so I'm sort of surprised that so much is happening. It is expected that iodine takes about 3 months to both detox and restore the body's iodine stores so we'll see what happens!!

I got onto iodine due to a sore, swollen and lumpy breast which was very quickly dealt with by painting the breast with povidone iodine solution (betadine) several times over the course of a couple of days at which point a small lump moved outward toward my armpit then around where it settled right on top and it has been busy! Sometimes smaller, sometimes larger, sometime hard and sometimes soft. It seems to be swelling and then sort of coming apart and then what remains is smaller. It's very interesting.

Anyway, I couldn't believe the sore throat trick worked! It's like there's a direct line from the wrist to the throat!

Menstrual Issues
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 10/11/2022 84 posts

No, it's NOT TRUE that "if you take too much Iodine, you can end up with hyperthyroidism", as Iodine is not powerful enough to make you hyperthyroid, if you're hypothyroid.

Further, you won't harm yourself, if you take too much Iodine, because Iodine is water-soluble, and your body will use what it needs at the moment, and very easily eliminate any excess through the urine.

Iodine is a very-very necessary supplement.

However, there are a few very powerful special interest groups that are hell bent for taking away your access to Iodine.

For many years since 1948 they sent us lots of fear messages based on the (recently debunked) "Wolff-Chaikoff Effect" that erroneously claims hypothyroidism is caused by excessive Iodine intake.

Those special interest groups have iodophobia, and iodophobia is contagious.

Their iodophobic bioterrorism is a real threat to our nation. While they're masquerading as guardians of our thyroid gland, they don't realize that one of the easiest and most effective ways to destroy a nation is through the removal of Iodine from the food supply.

Iodine Interactions
Posted by Anne (OK) on 10/01/2022

I know this is old, but others may need this answer.

Acid converts elemental iodine into potassium iodide. Your thyroid and several other organs need iodide. Your breasts and several other organs need elemental iodine. If you need elemental, you want to eat/drink acids like orange juice away from lugols/idoral/nascent/etc..., that is elemental supplements. If those aren't your concern, then it's no problem.

Posted by jackline (UK) on 02/27/2022

I had a burn from an exhaust pipe in 2000 too but did not know about the benefits of iodine and now I am left with a big scar on my leg.

Posted by Kim tindol (Godley, TX) on 02/01/2022

Does anyone know what the other remedy might be?

Iodoral Iodine
Posted by Ruqayya (Pennsylvania) on 10/29/2021

I find Iodoral the best for iodine supplementation, one tablet every day. I don't do any tests. I can tell by the way I feel and I don't do very well with the cheaper substitutes nor plain kelp.

Iodoral Iodine
Posted by MissM (NY) on 10/29/2021

You should get your thyroid checked, and see what your levels are. You can find out more at They have a list of symptoms, which tests, how to interpret. It's best not to treat Willy Nilly.

There are a number of natural thyroid replacements available. You can use iodoral but best to be thorough and get a reading if you are very depleted or mildly depleted.

Iodoral Iodine
Posted by GertJr (Madison ) on 10/27/2021

I started ioderal because I am always cold and, looking at my diet, figured I didn't get iodine otherwise. I'm still always cold. I still don't sleep. but my skin is no longer dry and flaky, so go figure.

Iodoral Iodine
Posted by Sedaray (Los Angeles) on 10/26/2021

I had a great doctor who recommended Iodoral. She had me take a test where I swallowed a handful of iodine pills and peed in a big container for a few days, then sent a sample for testing. The results said I needed the iodine.

I took it for several years, initially I was much less affected by cold, and had less dry mouth and nose. Gradually my sleeping schedule cut down to 8 hours from 12. Yay!

A few years later I began getting bad colds regularly. After gradually cutting down and noticing an improvement, I quit the iodine; if I took 1/2 pill, within hours I had a stuffy runny nose.

At that point I figured I didn't need the iodine any more, I keep it in case I feel as bad as I did years ago and so far so good.

So: pay attention to your body, make small changes and if necessary keep a record of your progress.

Posted by Ella (CA) on 07/17/2021

Atomidine is from Edgar Cayce. He was not a scam but one of the best documented Medium/ Psychic, named the sleeping prophet and diagnosing illness. Do Check out his group. ARE aka Association Research and Enlightenment. You can browse his circulating files with every known disease. He cured many people, and is worth studying by anyone who is into alternative medicine, He is known to be the father of alternative medicine.

Posted by Ophelia (Cebu, Philippines) on 11/10/2020

Seafood like shells, clamps are rich with iodine.

Posted by Maria (Hertfordshire ) on 06/26/2020

About twenty years ago I went to my doctor because I was putting on weight and feeling tired, she told me that I may have an under active thyroid, so she sent me for a blood test, and said if l do l would be on tablets for the rest of my life. So when l went home I checked my green pharmacy book and read about kelp for an under active thyroid. One week later I went back to my doctor for my results which she confirmed that I had an under active thyroid. I told her I did not want to take the tablets and I was going to try kelp, she suggested that after a month or so I would need another blood test to see how it went. So I went to my local herbal shop and bought powdered kelp, and I really enjoyed it on my avocados. When I went back for another blood test, my doctor said my thyroid had gone back to normal. And I don't take kelp very often.

Posted by Erwin (Az) on 01/24/2018

I've been struggling with heart flutters, or irregular heartbeat every time I exercise. Are you still currently taking iodine for your arrhythmia's? If so, are you taking Lugol's Iodine? Which one? 5%, 2%. And lastly how much did you start off with. I assume with one and work your way up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Side Effects
Posted by Kay (Tulsa , Ok ) on 09/30/2017

I just put one drop of iodine in my orange juice and then vomited at all up 3 minutes later, why?

Iodine Side Effects
Posted by J (Fla. ) on 09/17/2017

I plan on starting the Borax treatment- I have RA, allergies, An Autoimmune disease. Whatever.

6 mo ago, I started iodine therapy- did whole protocol- salt, vit. B's, everything for my thyroid. I gained 25 lbs! in 1 month. This is not an exaggeration. I cannot get it off. So I am hoping the Borax will get rid of the chronic fatigue etc. I had no BO on the iodine but I sure plumped up. Any idea why? Especially since it's supposed to help the thyroid, which is why I had put on weight before and had no energy?

Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Iowama (Usa) on 08/22/2017

Hi Cheryl,

You have different reasons for supplementing Iodine than I do, but when I first started using iodine drops, I also suffered severe vertigo as a result. I still don't understand what makes me different from the others who use the supplement protocol and salt loading and have things go well. What I finally did, and it worked, was to take the companion nutrients that I had purchased, and for a full year, I used them without supplementing iodine at all. I did use pink salt at the table, which contains iodine, and I cut way back on cruciferous vegetables during that period. My thyroid nodules shrank visibly during that time and I stopped having a rash across my neck as well. I've never been certain what caused that intermittent rash. This year, I have started iodine drops when I know I am about to eat cruciferous vegetables and I have no bad side effects whatsoever. None. I don't even count the drops; just take a small swig from the Logul's bottle. Is it possible that some of us are just ancestrally and genetically different where iodine is concerned?

Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Cheryl (Pa) on 08/22/2017 2 posts

I am trying to figure out why I have had so much vertigo as well. It happens mostly when I am moving quickly or laying down or getting up from laying down. I also have had numbness in my face and right eye twitches. I was taking potassium iodide 225 mcg because my urine iodine was low and then it became very high so I went off it for about a month and retested and my urine iodine was too low. For the last month and a half I have been taking 225 mcg every other day. I have noticed brain fog, lots of headaches and some nausea and periods feeling like low blood sugar. The last couple of weeks I noticed my face was numb and then I noticed the vertigo and the eye twitching. The only thing I changed in my supplement regime was to add oregano oil. I stopped the oregano oil, the licorice root and the iodine on Sunday and am feeling better. I am not sure what the culprit is? I also was bitten by a deer tick in late June but as I have chronic Lymes and have had several active infections, I think I would have demonstrated symptoms sooner than this. I still have the brain fog and a mild headache but it does go away at times. The eye twitching seems less and the vertigo is about the same but the numbness feels somewhat better. I am going to the lab today to get another urinary iodine done so I am curious to see what it shows. I am also having thyroid antibodies tested as well as my TSH, and other thyroid tests seem to be in range. I am also wondering if I need my nature throid increased. I am currently at 3/4 grains or about 44 mg and started treatment in April when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Any thoughts on the side effects of too much iodine? I do use a lot of Himalayan sea salt and am eating grain free. I have not lost any further weight which is good and am maintaining my weight. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!!

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 04/03/2017

Hi Bill or Someone in the know,

I have thyroid and iodine questions. What are Anti thyroid antibodies? and is it okay to take iodine if you are hypothyroid? can you take iodine if you are hyperthyroid? What does thyroid antibodies have to do with taking iodine.

I successfully use a few drops of 5% Lugol's Iodine in water several days a week. I also rub it on my throat if I feel a sore throat coming on and it chases the soreness away. I have been doing these for at least two years now and have had no known problems.

I do not want to overdo a good thing so I was checking Spirulina's iodine content, and one site said iodine should not be taken if you have anti-thyroid antibodies.

The plan is to get well and stay well without making myself sick.

Thank you in advance,


Increased Energy, Better Sleep
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 03/08/2017

I have posted before about using iodine for low thyroid. I have used it for years with great results. Well, it isn't cheap and after I ran out a few months ago I decided to try something else. “Thyroid Energy” got good reviews so I tried that. It did seem to work for me. If I forgot to take it for a few days I would start getting a dry mouth, which is how I know my thyroid is doing poorly.

Well when I ran out of the Thyroid Energy stuff, I decided to go back to Iodoral, and I don't even know why I decided to do that. It arrived last week and I have been taking it with selenium and zinc and C and my other usual stuff.

Yesterday I realized that I have more energy than I have had in a while. In the late evening my mind is more clear and I am folding laundry (instead of “waiting until tomorrow.”) I am also sleeping more soundly.

I am pretty sure it is the Iodoral. You know, sometimes things change gradually and you don't realize they are changing. I think my energy got worse and my sleep got worse over time I didn't make the supplement change connection at all.

Iodoral is kind of expensive but at the end of the day, it is worth it, literally!

~Mama to Many~

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Karen (Madison, Al) on 03/08/2017

I began taking nascent iodine about 3 weeks ago. Started 3 drops per day in the morning, straight in my mouth then swallowed with water. First week was great. Great energy, started sleeping better, etc. Then it turned bad. I started retaining water/bloating in my stomach. To the point my "fat jeans" now won't button. I'm guesstimating about an 6 lb. weight gain in 3 weeks. I don't know what to do now. I am afraid to switch to Lugol's and take a higher dose since no one seems to know why I am bloating/swelling. I do take magnesium, C, and a raw multi in the afternoons to partner with iodine and help the side effects, to no avail. At such a low dose, why am I experiencing this?

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Koio (Sofia) on 02/21/2017

Hi Joanna, How much kelp do you take. Is it possible to over supplement it. Is it possible luck of it to be a reason for heart palpitation? Thank you.

Posted by Melinda C. (Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 02/08/2017

Nascent Iodine - the real thing - is the same color as Lugol's and also tastes equally bad. ;-)

Multiple Cures
Posted by Connie (Utah) on 08/11/2016

I believe the iodine was helpful in many ways because of it's properties. It's concentrated in parts of the eyes, so a deficiency could interfere with vision. Iodine has antimicrobial properties and has been used to treat eye infections. I don't know the formula. There are many causes for vision loss...I would consult an expert. Hopefully they would be able to detect the cause.

When there are many other symptoms, there could be infections that are systemic. I've been fighting infections in the gut, sinuses, mouth, etc. that have been disabling. The iodine has been helpful as a part of the treatment. I take a drop of 2% once or twice a week now. ( I'm sensitive to it, so that's all I can tolerate.)

I still have some vision issues. Lately, I've reduced dietary starches in attempts to starve off infectious microbes. This has reduced generalized pain, even in the eyes. I hope you can find a diagnosis with proper treatment. It's crucial.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Steve (Romulus, Mich) on 08/08/2016

I was reading your post and noticed you are a visual artist... Me too! I have had the most difficult time painting. I can not hold an image and I've been painting 35 yrs. I've had many of the problems listed. Hair loss, chronic pain, vital fatigue, weakness etc. I would like to ask how much you are taking / iodine? And how long before you noticed your visual skills coming back? Thank you for your post, it gives me more hope...

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Calaska (Lenoir City, Tn) on 06/26/2016

When I first started taking iodine..nascent iodine is much better than Lugols or painting with some research on this..I started out 2 drops a day in small amount of water in the morning.. I felt little difference, so I bumped my dose up to 6 drops a day and noticed a big energy increase..but also hurt literally everywhere and was exhausted in evening! It finally subsided and I realized after research that I was detoxing and dumping harmful bromine. So don't stop, just cut back dose if this happens, then increase SLOWLY.

I take 5 drops in a.m. on empty stomach and again in early afternoon and feel fantastic and lost 4 pounds so far. You are right about feeling fidgity and increased heartrate and throat fullness at first. It's the thyroid gland displacing bromine and uptaking iodine..all good..just go slow if discomfort is too much. Iodine is something 80% of us are deficient in. It's like waking up and living when you get levels up!

Posted by Neil (The 'original' Nashville, Nc) on 05/12/2016

On 10/27/2011, David (Lubbock, Texas) posted the first post:

> ...I noted someone had problems with burning eyes from taking iodine. I have taken 250 mgs daily for about eight months, luv it. It has fixed all my ailments, My eyes burn, if I don't wash well, scrub my face twice a day, I believe the iodine is loading up in the skin oils, and making it alkaline, which burns the eyes if it contacts them. Anyhoo, scrub your face, keep the oil off and you will live long and healthy taking iodine. david lubbock tx...


We haven't heard from David, lately. Is he missing because he was really taking 250 mg every day? I wonder if he meant 25 mg, instead? Or maybe he forgot to include the Selenium?

So far, I've read pages 1 and 16 of theseiodine comments. I have to go back and see if "Atomidine" is mentioned in any of the other 14 pages. I'm attached to Atomidine, because I'm stocked up on it. But it doesn't have the combination of elemental iodine and compound iodide, so maybe it's not the best supplement.

The Atomidine does seem to provide a de-toxifying effect. After taking it the previous day, I wake up around 4 AM with a racing heart. (Maybe 75 or 80 beats per minute when it would normally be less than 60, but with a bit of a pounding sensation, too.) Usually, that was my cue to stop taking the Atomidine, but now that I read from y'all that the racing heart is a symptom of detoxifying, then I'm sticking with it.

Last week, I took one drop later in the afternoon, and it woke me up before sunrise with a racing heart.

Two days ago, I took one drop in the morning, and it didn't wake me up the next night, so taking it in the morning seems to be a good strategy. Yesterday, I took two drops in the morning, and it didn't wake me up. Today, I took three drops in the morning, and I'm still alive.

Last year, I went through a couple of bottles of RLC Labs iThroid -- 12.5 mg capsules, which contains a combination of iodine and iodide, and certainly smells like the real thing. And it's dark, dark green. It didn't create any detox symptoms, even though it has hundreds of times more iodine than Atomidine. I don't know if it helped, but it didn't hurt.

So, my first guess is that the Atomidine is a better detoxifier than iThroid. However, detoxifying is a different process than taking sufficient supplementation, so there's still a need for the iThroid.

Without guidance, I would stop taking one if I were taking the other.

When I went shopping [on Amazon], I don't remember why I chose the iThroid over the Lugol's. Maybe iThroid was less expensive per mg. Maybe it's because iThroid liquid is in a capsule, and that seemed more convenient than spilling iodine all over the place. I mean, I'm not a messy person, but I have my moments. I'll have to check again; it would be intuitive that a simple bottle of liquid should cost less than putting it into capsules.

Don't forget; if you take iodine -- whatever size dose per day, then take a standard 200 mcg capsule of Selenium also. Selenium is an inexpensive supplement.

Or, one of the google returns say:

> Brazil nuts are known to include as much as 95 mcg of selenium per nut. Given that the RDA for selenium is 55 mcg and we recommend getting 200 mcg daily, just a couple of Brazil nuts could have you set.

Brazil nuts, however, can be a nuisance to remove from their shells, eh?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kathryn (Brevard, Nc) on 05/05/2016

Since I get such great benefit from this site and all of your reportings, which I appreciate so much, I am writing to tell you that Iodoral (iodine) has helped me tremendously. My thyroid has been low for many years now. I've taken many things for it to no avail. Also suffered from adrenal fatigue, parasites, leaky gut, excess heavy metals, heart palps and arrythmia, and candida.

I read Lynn Farrow's book on high-dose iodine after beginning Bill Thompson's candida program (also with great success so far, I might add - thank you Bill). I am not 100% cured so far, but I am very happy with the results of both. Bill's protocol is unique in candida-cure land, imo, because it includes Lugol's. I find I hate the taste of that and it is easier for me to use Iodoral.

So, main symptoms: Hair loss, constant fatigue, extreme brain fog, with heart palpitations and arrythimia, especially at night so I was sleep deprived.

Dosage: Started with 25 mgs. Iodoral with salt loading and all the suggested supplements in Lynn's book (you'll have to look it up). In one week, went up to 50 mgs. In a couple of weeks, went up to 100 mgs. All this is intuitive for me, mind you, and no doubt will be for you. A short time after that, went up to 150 mgs.

Now, I am not salt loading and taking Vit. C only sporadically, but still take all the other suppies with the Iodoral. Whereas my heart palps used to keep me awake, I now only notice them once in a while and they are very mild. The brain fog is greatly reduced (Hallelujah! ), hair no longer falling out like it was and I have lots more energy and motivation. Still taking my OTC adrenal and thyroid glandulars. I had stopped them when I started the Iodoral to see what would happen, but then began again and they seem very helpful.

Was it the candida protocol or the high-dose iodine, (or the stuff I do for leaky gut and parasites)? One led to the other and both have been winners. I say, without the iodine, the candida protocol would not be as effective. I just wonder if the Iodoral will be a lifetime thing? I know I'm a lifer on the candida suppies (plus the diet) but I'm happy to take them all to get these results. Quality of life is much more important to me than quantity. Many thanks.

Posted by Yoshi (Australia) on 03/04/2016

As a user of Lugol's Iodine Solution and selenium for my hyperthyroid condition I just want to point out I have looked into "Atomidine" or otherwise known as "Nacent Iodine". The short version is that it appears to me to be a scam. My best estimate is that it probably contains potassium iodide in water and no elemental iodine such as in Lugol's solution or Iodoral tablets.

Here are the reason's why:

- No available Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and therefore the ingredients are hidden from the public (is this legal?)

- Dubious chemistry formulation that appears to be complete bogus (using electricity to keep elemental iodine unbound what the?! ? Ask a chemistry student about this but my reading suggests it's nonsense)

- Reportedly no awful taste like Lugol's solution

- Reportedly it's clear and not a dark purple brown

- Reportedly less irritating to the skin and digestive tract than Lugol's

- These last 3 points experientially and scientifically all lead me to believe just a solution of water and potassium iodide.

Interestingly enough I also came across another couple of odd names "decolorized iodine tincture" and "white iodine" tincture. They all had MSDSs and it was no surprise that they contained nothing more than iodide usually potassium iodide. Hence why they are clear and do not stain.

So bottom line is don't pay top $$ for Branding nonsense. If you want to take the recommended iodine + iodide the cheapest is simple Lugol's solution or the tablet form such as Iodoral. If you want to use a clear iodide remedy such as for removing warts, moles ect around the hands, face or anywhere visible you don't want unsightly yellow/brown staining then try a potassium iodide solution. One container I saw that contained a 6% solution said it could be used topically for hair loss. I want to try this as I've read Lugol's does work topically for hair loss but not without unsightly yellow/brown stains and scabbing formation.

The other thing I'd point out that is if you have days your stomach is too sensitive to take Lugol's try potassium iodide as this doesn't irate the skin anywhere near as much as the iodine. Now I know Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Flechas etc say many of the glands need iodine and you therefore need iodine + iodide but I'm just saying if you, for whatever reason, have days you cannot take Lugol's from stomach upset the at least you can take potassium iodide which will work on the thyroid.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Maria (Usa) on 02/28/2016

Please could you write down some more specifics about the use the of iodine with children. Oral, painted, what kind, etc. thanks

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 12/15/2015

Dear Carmel,

I had a similar experience. I felt terrible all the time and was diagnosed as hypothyroid. The prescription medication made me feel worse, too.

I went off of it and started taking Iodine, selenium, vitamin C etc. I also took Extra Virgin Coconut Oil daily for a long time. All of that made me feel much better. In fact, last time I had bloodwork done, my thyroid numbers were normal. I still take iodine and other supplements. I start feeling badly if I run out.

A blood disorder I had had for decades cleared up as a side benefit of whatever I was taking (I suspect the Coconut Oil)! :)

~Mama to Many~

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Carmel (Essex, England) on 12/15/2015

This really interests me. I have a slightly underactive thyroid and tried the usual thyroxide from the doctor - all three brands - all three brands gave me worse problems than the original problem, was not able to work or live a normal life on them as feeling so bad. I tried the natural thyroids too and they made me feel awful in different ways. So I now take iodine/kelp together with brazil nuts - for selenium - and so far although not perfect I feel far better and am able to live a normal life and enjoy life again. Would love to hear from others. Carmel. Thanks.

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Ravee (Dubai) on 12/04/2015

Hi Bjornbjorn, I think Felicia has responded adequately. If I may add, Are you getting enough sunshine (especially during the times when your shadow is shorter than you). If it is difficult to get sunshine in your geography, you may think of supplementing by way of Vitamin D3 (50000IU = 2 micro grams) tablet once a week. A glass of any combination of Vegetable juice or salad daily.

In addition to ample water you are already drinking, add a spoon (about 10~15gms) of unrefined sea salt or Celtic Salt or Himalayan salt to a bottle of water about a liter and keep sipping it. This will supply Magnesium, Calcium, (small amounts of Iodine) and other about 60+ trace minerals which are helpful in balancing and curing the ailments you mentioned.

Regarding Lugol's, a starting dose of 1 to 2 drops in a cup of water would do wonders. If you want to apply on skin (though the absorption varies) try applying on various parts of body... say one day arms, second day on thighs, third day on stomach areas etc.....

Hope this clarifies some of your questions.

Regards, Ravee

Posted by Carmel (Essex, Uk) on 11/02/2015

You say kelp grows on rocks, this is how it used to be, now it is factory farmed, where it really is organic and pure with no contaminants or metal. IF it is not farmed then it is not guaranteed to be pure. Different kelps also have different amounts of iodine in depending on their quality so one tablet from one manufacturer can be weaker than two from another.

The Importance of Iodine
Posted by Carmel (Essex Uk) on 11/02/2015

Have an underactive thyroid and still struggling with it despite taking the medication from the doctor - thyroxine. It is as though the side effects and the problems that you still have do not make it worthtaking it. Am now thinking of a mix of kelp (factory farmed definitely organic and mercury free) and natural thyroid pills. Please get in touch if you have any input on this, especially if you have an underactive thyroid and it is better now. EMAIL ME AT rychhmo a t a o l do t c o m. Thanks.

Menstrual Issues
Posted by Carmel (Essex Uk) on 11/02/2015

You can escape various things you listed by drinking spring water or distilling your own water instead of drinking tap water.

Posted by September (Los Angeles) on 10/08/2015

I have Hashimotos and take iodine tincture everyday. It caused a flare up when I first started but as soon as I added companion nutrients it completely stopped.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Green Augustine (North Wales) on 08/25/2015 41 posts

Hello Wenona.

I've been borderline hypothyroid for years as were all the women in my family. I started taking Coconut oil as I had read it helped the brain health, and both my mother and sister had Alzheimer's. But I was also keep track of my basal temperature because of low thyroid, and noticed about 2 weeks or less after taking coconut oil daily, just one tablespoon, that my temp was up from 36.1 tO 36.5 Celsius and my 'dry eye' problem had disappeared.

I actually wrote to Bruce Fife who wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle, and he said that as coconut oil stimulated the thyroid which then balanced the hormones, everything works better. So win- win all round. And when I forget to take it, I'm reminded quite soon by return of dry eyes and cold feet! It also helps a huge amount with 'turkey neck' which you get as you grow older:-) . So I agree with your friend's finding. It's a great product as long as you're not allergic to any of its components.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Wenona (Benton, Ar) on 08/23/2015

Iodine will still help, other organs/systems of the body use/need iodine even without your thyroid. A former coworker of mine had her thyroid removed and I told her about coconut oil, which she tried (she said one tablespoon a day). She was on synthroid and after taking the coconut oil, her dose of "medicine" had to be reduced. Just her experience, but other people could have the same or different.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Mimi (Georgia, USA) on 07/26/2015

For my horrible, embarrassing acne, years ago I went vegetarian for one year. I also used a gentle baby soap for cleansing and taught myself to completely leave my skin alone. No touching (germs) or popping (sorry). If moisturizing is needed, I would recommend a hypoallergenic one with a bit of sunscreen. After things clear up, keep eating healthy and try some of the great tips on EC for skin care. Best of luck. I love and am so grateful for my beautiful skin today. Best of luck to your son.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Marie (Morrison) on 07/25/2015

Try cutting out dairy. That is likely the problem if its cystic acne (painful acne that is large and takes a long time to go away). After a decade of battling it, I finally tried no dairy for a week. Problem solved. I make kefir and have ice cream made with that. I can eat butter and hard cheese with no issues.

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Carmel (England) on 07/13/2015

We keep reading that certain vegetables and peanuts work against these things, but the British Thryoid Organisation has examined these issues in detail and insists that the amounts most people eat would not affect it, you would have to eat huge amounts of it every day for it to make any difference.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 01/21/2015

Hi Victoria...If you wish to follow the Iodine Protocol then please have a look at this article:

The Iodine Protocol

This article describes how to supplement lugol's iodine(as LI or Iodoral). Please also make sure to read all the reference links at the bottom of the article -- these links describe the history of use of iodine in medicine over the last 140 years or so. The links also describe the many benefits as well as how to avoid problems while supplementing logul's iodine.

Thyroid Issues
Posted by Victoria (Toronto, Canada) on 01/21/2015

I have hypothyroidism and have been taking a high dose of medication. I recently purchased Lugol's Solution 50 ml - what is the proper dose to take? I was advised to take one drop under my tongue. I don't think this is enough.

Can another give me some advise?

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 12/11/2014

Hi Kami...You can buy 500 mls of Lugol's Iodine in Manila for delivery within the Philippines from this website:

Lugol's Iodine -- Manila

The above 500 mls or half liter of lab grade lugols iodine will only cost you 380 pesos($8.52) and is astonishingly cheap(and will last you for years) when you compare it's price against J Crow's LI(made in America) which costs a ridiculous $25 for just 30 mls of LI for equine use.

Other vendors of LI in Manila are shown below:

Light Infinity Wellness Center,
West Avenue, near Baler ST,
Quezon City
Tel: 414 10298

Generics King Pharmacy
San Francisco
930-G Del Monte Ave,
SFDM, 1104 Quezon City,
Tel: 632-4116692

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Kami (Texas, US) on 12/10/2014

Hello, I see that you're from the Philippines and I have a friend who would like to try Lugol's or Iodoral, but she hasn't found a good source and said that the stores don't carry it in her area. Could you steer me in the right direction. Is there a company that will ship to her and that won't cost an arm and a leg in shipping charges? Thank you so much!!

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/15/2014

Hi Silversurfer...Thanks very much for your kind praise which I'm sure I don't deserve. None of the anti-candida protocols that I advise have been discovered or invented by me -- these remedies mostly belong to other people. And alot of these remedies have been around for hundreds of years. All I tried to do was just use some logic and connect the dots.

My favourite candida/pathogen kill combination now consists of Ted's alkalizing remedies, Lugols Iodine, Borax and Turpentine/castor oil. These protocols seem to be the most consistently effective against candida/other pathogens/parasites.

I've also been working with and advising a parents autism group for the last year or so and I've seen up-close how efficient the Turpentine/CO remedy is at killing candida, parasites and removing biofilms. Some of the results and photos have been pretty astounding using just this one protocol together with Kerri Rivera's MMS/Hulda Clark PP/GcMAF approach against ASD. Many of the parents who had hit a brick wall with Kerri's protocol(which is very good, by the way) with no improvement for months suddenly found accelerated improvements all around with their autistic kids when they added just the turpentine/CO protocol. I'm also happy to report that many of the parents in this group have also moved on and also added borax, alkalizing and LI to there protocols as well.

I'm also glad that you will be using the protocols in your nutritionist work. That pleases me no end. The whole point of my book, apart from helping people cure their own candida issues, was to get that important information out there and let other people, who are far more qualified and cleverer than I am, run with it.

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, DC) on 10/14/2014

Thanks so much for the info, Bill. I have your book and have been following your protocol religiously. Within the first 2 weeks my jock itch has almost totally resolved itself without any creams or added support. I have been struggling with it for years. Also, I am beginning to just feel much better overall. I happen to be a clinical nutritionist and am also utilizing your protocol with my clients. Much thanks for all of your research and efforts. You never know how many people you can touch.

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/09/2014

Hi Silversurfer...I would go with Lugols Iodine or Iodoral every time. Nascent Iodine is simply not as good as LI. For instance Nascent Iodine -- containing just triiodide -- cannot detox heavy metals or halides(like Bromine and Fluorine) as can LI. That's because Nascent Iodine only contains triiodide. LI or Iodoral contains molecular iodine, iodide and triiodide. So Nascent iodine -- just triiodide -- does not have the other added health benefits of molecular iodine and iodide.

Here is a paper which describes in more detail why LI or Iodoral are the best forms of iodine to supplement.

Iodine Supplementation Guide

Having said that, Nascent Iodine is highly absorbed and tasteless and can easily be given to kids because its so gentle(due to no heavy metal or halide detox side-effects). Nascent iodine will also have benefit for the thyroid and other glands because it is so easily absorbed. Nascent Iodine isn't a bad form to take but, in my opinion, its just not as good as LI because LI gives the body so much more benefit.

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, DC) on 10/09/2014


My question today is for Bill. I was wondering what your thoughts are on nascent iodine vs lugols (potassium iodide). Pros/cons?

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 08/09/2014

Hi Karenina...Detoxadine is nascent iodine which only contains triiodide. It's also fairly well known that triodide forms of iodine do not detox heavy metals very well. Lugols Iodine is much better for detox. So naming it Detoxadine is just a contradictory marketing ploy.

That's why I always prefer to use lugols iodine because it contains iodide, molecular iodine as well as triiodide -- all of which are useful for the body.

The reason you get strange side-effects from using any form of iodine is because you have probably been eating a supermarket-bought processed food diet all your life which is high in heavy metals and other poisons and hugely lacking in anti-oxidants.

So your body will be lacking in anti-oxidants and will also probably have an excess build up of heavy metals and halides. To check this you can get a simple hair analysis -- this will tell you all vitamins and minerals your are lacking in your body and will also tell you about the excessive heavy metal and halide levels in your body as well.

Lugol's Iodine will detox cadmium, aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic, bromine and fluorine. So if you have high amounts of these heavy metals and halides already in your body, iodine will remove them quickly from the cells and put them into the blood and this puts a strain on the liver and kidneys, hence the strange hyper symptoms. So the problem here is really your diet and not the iodine.

And if you also have an extensive infection in your body(known or unknown), iodine may also cause a significant Herx reaction from the die-off with more strange symptoms.

I take 8 drops 5% lugols iodine(50 mgs) per day -- been doing this every day for 8 years -- with no side-effects at all because I always ensure to take the iodine companion supplements like selenium, vitamin C, Magnesium, B Vitamins, Zinc etc as advised in this document:

The Guide to Supplementing Lugols Iodine(or Iodoral)

You should never supplement any form of iodine without also taking the iodine companion supplements every day as well. With iodine, start small and go slow is the rule.

Lugols Iodine and Iodoral are equivalent and are the most useful iodine supplements for the body.

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 08/09/2014

Hi Karenina...Detoxadine is nascent iodine which only contains triiodide. It's also fairly well known that triodide forms of iodine do not detox heavy metals very well. Lugols Iodine is much better for detox. So naming it Detoxadine is just a contradictory marketing ploy.

That's why I always prefer to use lugols iodine because it contains iodide, molecular iodine as well as triiodide -- all of which are useful for the body.

The reason you get strange side-effects from using any form of iodine is because you have probably been eating a supermarket-bought processed food diet all your life which is high in heavy metals and other poisons and hugely lacking in anti-oxidants.

So your body will be lacking in anti-oxidants and will also probably have an excess build up of heavy metals and halides. To check this you can get a simple hair analysis -- this will tell you all vitamins and minerals your are lacking in your body and will also tell you about the excessive heavy metal and halide levels in your body as well.

Lugol's Iodine will detox cadmium, aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic, bromine and fluorine. So if you have high amounts of these heavy metals and halides already in your body, iodine will remove them quickly from the cells and put them into the blood and this puts a strain on the liver and kidneys, hence the strange hyper symptoms. So the problem here is really your diet and not the iodine.

And if you also have an extensive infection in your body(known or unknown), iodine may also cause a significant Herx reaction from the die-off with more strange symptoms.

I take 8 drops 5% lugols iodine(50 mgs) per day -- been doing this every day for 8 years -- with no side-effects at all because I always ensure to take the iodine companion supplements like selenium, vitamin C, Magnesium, B Vitamins, Zinc etc as advised in this document:

The Guide to Supplementing Lugols Iodine(or Iodoral)

You should never supplement any form of iodine without also taking the iodine companion supplements every day as well. With iodine, start small and go slow is the rule.

Lugols Iodine and Iodoral are equivalent and are the most useful iodine supplements for the body.

Nascent Iodine
Posted by D Lin (US) on 08/08/2014

I've tried the Detoxadine and it gave me hot flashes with only one drop a day. I stopped the supplement and went back on the Lugols. I've not had any hot flashes with the Lugols 2%.

Iodine Deficiency
Posted by Slim2483 (Ca) on 06/26/2014 Good info, I use use it & it has done wonders for me.

Plant Iodine supplement
Posted by Sam (Miami, US) on 06/19/2014

I found tree/plant Iodine/Potassium supplement on barefootherbalistmh site and very impressed. I am taking it with "worms be gone" tincture for a month now. There is passion in these products, passion for herbs, plant and its healing qualities. If you decided to supplement with Iodine, I recommend you look into these supplements.

General Feedback
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/02/2014

The element BROMINE is very bad for you. It is in many, if not most, breads, soft drinks, and more. Bromine displaces iodine in a very many biological processes and causes: Cancer, mental disorders, skin disorders and more. It very much screws up your entire endocrine system. This is NOT news but few are aware of just how dangerous BROMINE is to so many aspects of human health. These very real dangers have been well documented for over 30 years now.

Be wary of sea salt and seaweed foodstuffs also because they contain bromine. Using iodized salt is best. Iodine is the element you need. The element bromine readily displaces it and thereby screws up all the many biological processes involved. Ignorance is NOT bliss....Oscar

Posted by Julie (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/29/2014

Sorry Annie, I didn't check out responses to my warning in 2011 until today. You may have already found a supply by now. However, I bought my iodine from Chemist Warehouse. It is David Craig Aqueous Iodine Solution and they have to get it in for you as they don't normally stock it on the shelves.

All the best. Julie

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Shelly (Texas) on 05/09/2014

I have tried the Detoxadine and I don't think it is strong enough. It taste kind of good but I think it's too weak. I wouldn't recommend it.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 04/01/2014

Hi Val from Innisfail - I get 5% Lugol's from London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart (you need to ask the pharmacist to order it for you). Mary from Saskatchewan recently mentioned a number of Calgary compounding pharmacies that carry it as well (in stock so it doesn't have to be ordered). I don't know if Innisfail has a compounding pharmacy but if there isn't, try any pharmacy. You may want to talk directly to the pharmacist (sometimes the assistants aren't as helpful).

Also, Bill from San Fernando said that Lugol's can be purchased at the vets and some pet shops in Canada.

Hope this helps - good luck! Bess

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Toourlady89 (Hayward, Ca) on 04/01/2014

You could purchase Lugols Iodine from Amazon in different concentrations..

FYI: if you will be using Lugol's internally, there is a protocol of vitamins here on this site to follow to safely take iodine without untoward side effects..