Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Remedies

Rhodiola and Vitamin E

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Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles, CA)
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We've just simplified our fountain of youth formula after experimenting for the past 6 weeks. The concoction we listed here previously takes too much time and energy to carry on for more than a day or two!

We have noticed that along with drinking plenty of water, the 2 supplements listed below will take 5-10 years off your face within a matter of hours. Unfortunately, these effects are short lasting. If you stop taking the supplements, your glowing and youthful skin will disappear once the supplements leave your system...


1. Drink at least 8 glasses of distilled water a day.
2. Take together, 1 Rhodiola and 1 Natural Vitamin E capsule first thing in the morning, and then repeat the supplements in the afternoon.

You will notice that the combination of rhodiola and vitamin e causes your pores to shrink. This combination is almost as good as getting a facial.

The supplement from Siberia called Rhodiola costs around $30 for a quality brand. Make sure to read our fact sheet first to see what you need to look for. We tried dropping the supplement to see if just water and vitamin E would work and decided that no, this was an important component. Similarly, we don't think you can just take the Rhodiola and get these fantastic results either. It's the combination of rhodiola and vitamin e water that is so potent.

If you decide to try this combination of remedies, give it a few days and then please let us know (yea or nay) what you think!

P. S. 1: No, we don't sell Rhodiola, but you can read more about it here.

P. S. 2: The following combo produces immediate results if you already exercise regularly and eat well (i.e., no fast or junk food). If you don't, this concoction may not work at all.

Show a Kindness

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Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 02/11/2017
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"Show a Kindness"

Valentine's Day says, Remember to show love. You know, do something that shows you really care. Remember to be thoughtful. Check and see if someone is okay, let someone know you are okay. Your thoughtfulness will give someone a smile.

For those of us who have family, friends, a marriage etc. we really should not be waiting on a special day to express love and appreciation. Often we get so wrapped up in ourselves and own problems we don't even call and see how others are doing, or perhaps our work calls for most of our time. As the song says we need to, "Stop, look, listen to our heart hear what it's saying".

Our thoughtfulness may give someone laughter, healing, a smile, an appetite and perhaps bring them out of gloom. It may give an elderly person incentive to live on a while longer.


Replied by Megan

Thank you HisJewel for this positive message reminding us to be kind and loving to others every day, not just on Valentine's Day! I am witnessing friends tailspin into madness from the never-ending negativity and nastiness in the news and on Facebook. No one is holding back anymore. One of my friends has gone off the deep end succumbing to fear. I got into a taxi yesterday and the taxi driver spewed nonstop about everything that is wrong with this country the whole ride. He wouldn't stop. No one has any sense of what's appropriate any more.

We need to focus on acts of kindness, joy and prayer to counteract the craziness taking over the country. Thank you for this.


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Posted by Ashaki (Garner, North Carolina) on 06/26/2007
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how to look young -- i always get a good sleep and put a hot cloth on all of my bumps and boils.

Supplements and Outlook

Posted by Reina (NY, NY) on 07/20/2008

I will be 50 and look 30 (according to what I am constantly told).....I work out everyday, (run, weights, stretch, sit ups), drink ACV, take MSM, C, E and am a vegan and a beginning raw food live it person. I do not sleep a lot of hours and am very intolerant of toxic people, places and things. I laugh at myself and at life since I will sooner or later. I totally accept myself as I am as long as I am doing something about me and my life.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Li (Nashville, Tn) on 01/21/2014

Ted from Thailand, what tips would you recommend to always stay healthy and to slow the aging process down. Are there certain lifestyle changes and supplements that give most bang for the buck? Thanks.

Replied by Mike62

Li: A loving God gives his thankful children everything they need in each habitat to thrive. One of the poorest people in the whole world, a 95 year old tarahumara walked 50 miles over rough terrain because he ate right. A world wide celebrity who lived in mansions and rode in chauffeur driven Mercedes Benzes, Julia Childe, suffered for decades because she did not. Very poor people like myself have 4 advantages in this harsh environment of the 21st century, the internet, the global economy, enlightened knowledgeable wise men like Ted, and religious people who love their neighbor like Bill. Lucky for some of us we are able to get refrigerated organic whole flours for 1c/20 calories. Fermenting them with water kefir grains makes them more potent. The Chinese detected 4x the energies coming from resveratrol in hu zhang when fermented for 1 day. Fermenting adaptogens in liquid phyto caps from North Carolina can give a calm energy to all the systems. Brewing 3g yucca powder and 3g fresh harvest incredibly potent maca in 1 pint kefir fermented with organic whole buckwheat flour delicately poises mitochondrial proteins and turns on 2 longevity pathways. A 17 blend mushroom extract from Washington is the best fungi. Vitamin c from organic strawberries increases the absorption of the polysaccharides. Raw fermented wild harvested ocean nutrients have the highest energies. Skate liver oil from Nebraska and Thai fish sauce brewed for 2 years are best. Carbs are for fuel. The man who ran 120 miles per day for 5 days ate 95% carbs. Organic whole sugars, raw honey, raw organic fruits, kefir, and activated barley are best. Protein is for structure, enzymes, and neuro transmitters. The super foods non denatured whey isolate, colostrum, raw cocoa powder, non defatted desiccated liver, Hawaiian spirulina, and chlorella are best. Fats are for the cellular wall. 1/2 saturated, expeller pressed coconut is best, 1/2 unsaturated, and 1/6 omega 3 from plants, black chia is best. Strength athletes need more protein and fat because they add muscle.


Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca) on 07/16/2013

Greetings, I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to increase Telomere naturally. The supplement is out in the market, but it is so expensive.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, USA)
2100 posts

Sara: The supplements on the market are a specific derivative of Astragalus extract; so, simply take Astragalus extract. It is recommended to rotate 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

If you're seeking longevity, consider a broader approach including antioxidants (especially Resveratrol), hormones like Melatonin, DHEA, HGH. Love 528 harmonics repair and rejuvenate stressed or aging dna.

Replied by Sara
(Sacramento, Ca)

Thank you so much for your feedback. DHEA, Melatonin and HGH are more harmful for the body rather than being good.

Replied by Mike Giller
(Denver, Colorado)

A phd in cellular biology did a thorough study of telomeres and discovered that the astrogalus extract is not effective and actually harmful. What lengthens and protects telomeres are all the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals the body requires in their bioactive form. The best way to get these is taking 92% raw organic vegan and 8% raw grass fed animal products.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Mike, could you explain why Astragalus, in your opinion is harmful... It is the base of many Chinese herbal formulas, a known immune stimulant.

Replied by Mike Giller
(Denver, Colorado)

The herb is good. You are right. 2 or 3 years ago when I was studying remedies trying to get better I came across one of those longevity sites and the man explained exactly, in scientific terms, why the purified form does not work and in fact is harmfull. I remember the entire site was very lengthy but very well done. I remember that at the end he gave a list of all the stuff he took and in fact he took the purified extract for a while. After more research he came to a different conclusion. In my opinion most purified extracts do not work. I have read where pure resveratrol does not work and where pure curcumin does not work from scientists who do research work in labs. There is a famous herbalist, sort of a character in a good way, and his motto is concentrate don't purify. There are many issues which affect the telomeres and taking a purified extract is not going to address all of them and probably throws them out of whack. Probably taking the herb along with a complete program is beneficial.

Replied by Angelique
(British Columbia)

If you check out Binaural/subliminals on You Tube, Lucy Herzig has a great one especially for telomeres and it's also recommended to precede it with her mitochondria one also.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars


HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, sun's going down so you can't get your Vit D 3 except via a supplement. What most don't know is that Vit D is not a vitamin, but a hormone. So now you must ante up with a supplement. We stay in the sun, yet take at least 14,000 iu's a day year 'round. It is that important.

We stopped getting the flu shot many years ago. It's not the flu that we worry about with this shot. It is the mercury that kills your brain. Instead we start in Sept thru March getting a monthly blood protocol called UBI or ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION.

Do not pass this by lightly. Anti-biotics are almost worthless.

UBI could save your life and few know about it. The Germans discovered this in the 20's and it shut down in the '50's with the advent of anti-biotics.

Folks smartern the average still do it. Now you know.


EC: Thanks, ORH:

Here's a good NIH article on UBI:

Ultraviolet blood irradiation: Is it time to remember “the cure that time forgot"?

J Photochem Photobiol B. 2016 Apr; 157: 89–96.

Ximing Wu,a,b,c Xiaoqing Hu,b,c,d and Michael R. Hamblinb,c,e,*

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

MY BAD,,,,,,,, went back and watched the Riordan video and my doctor is behind UBI by a generation. He cannot do ozone, but he does Hydrogen Peroxide IV's, so he can do the Riordan protocol. I have sent him this video and will ask him to respond least I head to Georgia, where my Integrative Doctor there can do UBI w/ Ozone.

SJS,,,,,,, ====ORH====

Urine Therapy

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Posted by Poppy (Chiasso, Switzerland) on 05/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

urine therapy is n.1 on my health list. i was desperatly ill, immune systems at zero level. It cured my body and mind.

n.2 is pure earth. which i use to help me tolerate pollution and chemical sensivity. i sniff earth to protect my airways and clean my face with earth after being exposed to chemicals: such as chemical sprays::deodrant pesticides herbacides..for pollen allergy it's fantastic. i experimented with earth after reading an article on workers in fields put earth in a hanky and sniffed it once in a while when bringing in the hay.

n.3 onion passed over nails and teeth ..whitens, cleans and strenghens...i got lovely nails now, they use to flake.

Used wet tea bags are excellent for hair and me a glowing light tan.

lemon lightens the hairs on face

vinegar a good deodarant

bicarbonate soda i use for cleaning and washing clothes,, but only in small amounts. for body use it is not great in big amounts.

Walking barefoot straightens the body and heals spine shoulder pains. I use no soaps or any bought beauty products.

I had acne..but urine therapy got rid of that. Experiment with anything natural. that is my advice.. thankyou for this page and all who gave tips.

Vinegar or Lemon Salt Drink

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Posted by Natalie (Decatur, GA, USA) on 11/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Lemon and vinegar.. SOUR = HEALTH! I have been reading alot recently about the benefits of herbal/natural cures for everyday ailments. Not because I am sick BUT, rather, because I am almost NEVER sick! I have always been that "rare and weird" child. The one that wanted Olives, Pickles, and Lemons instead of sweets. My family called me the "Sour Baby"! Plus, I have always loved Salt over Sugar.. but, only on sour foods.

Only in the past 5-6 years (I am 28 now), have I really noticed how sickly all of my friends are. While I always seem to stay healthy. This fact was very ODD to me as I am the poorest of all of my friends. I have no health insurance, I RARELY see a doctor, etc, etc.. So, I started to study my diet and saw that I am almost ALWAYS the only person that adores sour foods. I (I know this sounds weird) Love to mix Vinegar and Salt in a shot glass..and drink it in tiny sips all day. The same with Lemon juice and salt. Often, I slice lemon wedges, cover them in salt, and eat them while watching tv. Because of this, my friends think that I am insane but, it's like my candy!? They just giggle about it.

Lately though, now that I have been reading up on my habits, I am the one giggling. I am the one that never gets sick! I have found tons of info that proves my original thoughts on the matter. Sour = Health!

Note: there is a downfall though, My method is high in Sodium. (I can live with that) BUT, all of the acidic foods (Lemons, Tomato, Vinegar, ANY Citrus) are very bad for your teeth IF you brush within 30 minutes of eating or drinking them!! Doing so literally eats the natural enamel off of your teeth. My Dentist scolded me about this!!! So, Brush before you ingest.:) Then, Drink lots of water and make sure to swish around your teeth.

Replied by Rick
(Montreal, Quebec)
5 out of 5 stars

I also use vinegars (ACV, Umeboshi and Sweet Brown Rice vinegars) with sea salt. As for your lemon and salt, I prefer lime (juice of one) and sea salt in a glass of water. We know that potassium is a feel good mineral, and lemon and lime are high in potassium, hence the natural attraction to consuming their juices. I sometimes sip at lime juice and salt in water all day long. For me, it produces a good mood, clear thinking and energy.

Vitamin B Complex and Folic Acid

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Posted by David (Titusville, FL) on 06/07/2007
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I just turned 60 and I still have my brown hair. I attribute this to taking B vitamins in a 50 mg. complex (50 mg. of each B vitamin in one capsule), and two or three 800 mcg. of folic acid tablets. The B vitamins are known to be a stress reliever. Remember the old saying how kids can give you gray hairs? It's true! Stress can make the gray come in! The B vitamins inositol and choline are important for the color of your hair. Did you know that some wool companies deliberately make their sheep deficient in these two B vitamins so that the wool will be much whiter?! Folic Acid also helps with hair growth and had been named after the word Folicule, meaning hair! Looking younger than your age and knowing that you didn't dye your hair to look younger makes people ask if you found the fountain of youth! Try the B vitamins and folic acid for at least 6 months and you make notice a great change!

Vitamin C

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Posted by Joan (San Bernardino, CA) on 09/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My Fountain of Youth is primarily daily multi-use of Vitamin C. I take 500 mg each time. It works best if I take 10-12 per day, no closer together than every 30 minutes. I just keep them on my desk, or in my pocket. Vitamin C makes so many things happen better in the body. Collagen is primarily made up using Vitamin C. The liver alone needs 3000 mg/day, in divided doses, to process all the toxins, etc. that are required by it--and there are MANY. This is just the beginning. But it definitely keeps me looking young--I just turned 54, and have no ailments of any kind, and use no drugs, while everyone I know go to doctors (the "gods") and faithfully take their precriptions (drugs).

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

What form of vitamin C do you take? This sounds like a good idea.

Vitamin E

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Posted by Janet (Delaware, USA) on 08/30/2008
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I was very curious to see vitamin E listed as a remedy on your anti-aging page. I feel very strongly that vitamin e is essential for women as they age. I know it helps me with hormonal fluctations and I notice that I have more vitality on the days when I take it. I have taken E off and on for at about 15 years and am now in my early forties. It's been great as a pms remedy and an after-menstrual-cycle-is-over remedy. I was trying to find out good dosages for E and came across an article that Vit E might act as a substitute for estrogen, which is why it is suggested for menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Has anyone been taking vitamin E for perimenopause or menopause? Thanks.

Vitamins and Homemade Sun Tan Oil

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Posted by Violet (Torrevieja, Spain) on 10/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

YOUTH -- I take mega doses of vitamins....especially A C and E. Maxi B and a good multi vitamin as well. I make my own sun oil as paraffin.... just 1/3 vegetable oil, 1/3 cologne, 1/3 aloe vera gel. It is burns and no aging....just a lovely tan!


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Posted by Stephanie (Missoula, Montana) on 08/22/2012
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I know this is going to sound crazy, but I found the solution to beautiful, young looking skin. I am 45 years old and I am always mistaken for being early to mid 30's. The other day at the doctor, my nurse said I looked late 20's and wanted to know what skin care creams I use. Here's my secret... I don't do anything. I do not put a thing on my skin. I started doing this in my late 20's. I rinse my skin with purified water, gently blot dry and leave it to air dry the rest of the way. If my skin is peely or a bit dry, I take a towel and rub it gently to exfoliate after a rinse.

I do not go out in the sun, if I do, I use a good sunblock. That is it. When I turned 38, I thought maybe I should start using creams, just to preserve my skin. So I went to the makeup counters and tried out everything expensive. They actually made me look stretched and dried out, and less youthful.

Another thing to consider is this, if you want to look healthy and have a glow on the outside, it's what you put into your body that gives you that glow and healthy look. No cream or regimen can do that for you long term.

Posted by Mahesh (Los Angeles, USA) on 11/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After reading Dr. Batman's findings and the transcript of his interview, I immediately got into Water Therapy. After I began to drink 2 liters of water a day with about a teaspoon of added crystal sea salt (non refined), I found that on the 3rd day my skin felt soft and supple. I shower in hot water (not warm) on cold mornings and that used to dry my skin to the point of terrible itchiness all over the body including my butts and I either had to satisfy myself (satisfaction = a scratch for every itch) or I hade to apply mosturizing cream all over my body. I could see dry dead cells fall of my chest and abdomen area every time I removed my banian or T-Shirt.

I no longer have any visible dry and/or flaky skin and the skin feels smooth & supple. My butts feel very soft to the touch. My skin now glows and is radiant. I guess I am done with moisturizers (no more of harmful chemicals to be rubbed on my skin). Also, I sleep better at night.