Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Remedies

Flaxseed Oil

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Posted by Marilyn (Snellville, GA) on 07/11/2007
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At 52 my skin looks great - very few wrinkles - and I am reluctant to admit it - I'm a sun worshipper. I have taken 2 tbs of flaxseed oil a day for years and I also use it with any cheap face lotion. I rub in (currently) Suave lotion with a small amount (dime size) of flaxseed oil. Could be genetics - but what the heck - flaxseed is still good for you.

Foot and Calf Massage

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Posted by Shirley (Mid, MO) on 07/31/2007
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re: Fountain of Youth Fomula feet massage. I've been taking cold showers for about 4 months now and I have always applied virgin coconut oil all over, after blotting myself dry. I love the softness of my skin using this oil.

I also had the dry flaky feet. The first thing I used for that condition was a product called Feet Relief. It cleared it up after the first application and that was great, but it's so expensive to keep buying, so I decided to try the coconut oil to see if it would keep my feet soft as it does on my body and it's been great. I have been using it the same as you all are saying here. I first massage it on, wait a few minutes for my skin to absorb the oil and put on clean white socks. Your remedy is right on. No more dry flaky feet on me. I love this oil! Since I read this post, I'm going to try the foot massage with the tennis ball. I can't wait to see how that feels. It does sound great. Thanks to everyone that posts for all the great ideas for a healthy life.

Foot and Calf Massage
Posted by Nicole (Newcastle, Australia) on 06/07/2007
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I came across the comment about massaging your feet at night with coconut oil and decided to give it a try, while also using the coconut oil nightly on my face. I noticed straight away on the first morning after doing this that the coconut oil had dried and shrunk the few blemishes I had on my face. It had also left my skin feeling lovely and smooth. The dark circles under my eyes hadn't disappeared but I felt that they were a bit lighter. After the second night of this routine the circles seemed lighter again. On the third evening I was too tired to bother with massaging the oil into my feet, so I just used it on my face- the next morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror those dark circles had almost completely disappeared! Thank you so much for this wonderful site. It's already been more helpful than years worth of expensive creams,lotions and potions filled with nasty chemicals :-)

EC: Yep, we got lazy on the third night too.

Foot and Calf Massage
Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta, GA) on 06/03/2007

Massaging the Feet and Calves with Coconut Oil:

One night last week we started massaging coconut oil onto our feet at night to treat severely cracked heals. We ended up using the extra coconut oil on the calves as well. The next morning we awoke feeling very refreshed ... looked in the mirror and noticed improved skin tone, tighter pores and no dark circles under the eyes! Several more nights of massaging coconut oil... yep, same results. We also did the technique in the middle of the day and found that concentration improved markedly. This technique is obviously fantastic for improving circulation to every part of the body, including the face and brain!

You'll Need:
Coconut Oil (organic if you can find it)
Clean Cotton Socks

The technique: Sit on the floor with a towel spread out in front of you. Stretch one leg out onto the towel and start applying and then massaging the bottom of the feet with coconut oil... Reapply the coconut oil several times. Make sure to apply firm pressure to each part of the foot. Also massage your calves as vigorously as you can using one or both hands. Position your hand so that your thumb wraps around the calf. You are trying to improve the circulation in both the feet and calves, so try to apply as much pressure as possible without causing pain. We suggest you massage each foot and calf muscle for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Once finished with the massage, use the towel to dab any excess oil off and then put your cotton socks on immediately. The oil can get onto fabric, carpeting and wood floors!

Note 1: Get a reflexology book if you want to learn exactly what points of the body you are stimulating by massaging the bottom of the feet.

Note 2: If your feet are severely cracked, try adding 100% shea butter after an application of coconut oil.

Note 3: Be careful not to drip the coconut oil on your floor or carpeting as you apply it.

Fruit and Vegetable Juicing

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Posted by Ray (South London)
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Fruit or veg juice every morning helps to keep skin looking fresh. To exfoliate, honey and fine cornmeal mixed together remove the ashy layers -use all over the body, the honey soothes and heals skin. Eating proteins and carbs separately ( each with veg). The body is able to digest the food better making proper use of the nutrients - this is shown in the skin for more info look up the word Trophology

Fruits and Veggies

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Posted by Shala (Ashburn,VA) on 01/11/2006
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I am 30 years old, but most of my friends ask me if I am still in High school. I have 2 kids, one is 6 years old and the other is 4 years, but I still look like a girl. I was not like this before, but after I started adding lot fruits and vegg to my lunch and dinner and eating in a timely manner, I lost almost 20 pounds in 6 months, and that didn't affect my glow, I usually see people loosing weight lose their natural glow in skin, But not me, as a matter of fact it improved my glow drastically....I even stopped eating non-veg and fatty foods. Trust me, it works like miracle...u too try... I never ever use any any cream or anything to my face, except for a regular daily moisturizer any brand with no grease in it.

Replied by B
(Celebration, FL)

re: Fruits and Veggies for Beautiful Skin. I agree! I have been veg for most of my life. I am 38 and looked 29. When I eliminated dairy from my diet too, I started to look even younger (say 25). Now I get carded all the time!


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Posted by Hector Villanueva (Lancaster, Ca) on 10/17/2008
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I was told by a friend that his father was and has been taking Garlic though diffrent methods,. Chewing, leaving garlic in Honey then after months of fermenting would give it to his kids instead of cough medicine, He also leaves the Garlic in Tequila for months and each night before bed he takes a shot. He's 81 years old, rides a bicyle and has a girlfriend who is 34 years old and is now pregnant.. I have personally along with my friends and family have been taking Raw Garlic for over 5 years and I havent gotten sick.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)
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Garlic slows down cell production and enhances the immune system.. Thins the blood and is full of antioxidents.. In a male it can slow the production of sperm, making breeding difficult. If you are going to have surgery knock it off a couple of weeks before, or you might need tranfusions... Apart from those minor concerns, I've been taking it on and off for years and at 64 havent a line on my face... If anyone can get hold of the first edition of Omni magazine.. It has a raft of anti ageing tips.. One of the best was fractionated dna.. Left behind at the bottom of the brewing vessel and usually discarded.. This is about the only source of fractionated dna for stiching breaks in the dna sequence. It can apparently be made into biscuits. Basically it's broken and dead yeast cells. Well worth a bit of research!

Posted by Douglas (Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A.) on 03/03/2008
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I'm 41 and people think I'm in my mid twenties, really.

I started using natural health remedies when I was about 12, probably younger. I learned about them from my grandmother who seems to have a kitchen antidote for all my summer ailments of fever, cold, nerve tonic; she even burned her own natural repellents.

I consider myself self- taught, and garlic is something I think no one should be without.

My studies over the years has lead me back to garlic everytime I treat an ailment for myself or recommend to someone else. From the common cold to prostate problems to longevity.

What makes garlic uniques is that it increases the potency of whatever you combine it with. For example if you take a multivitamin that has 500mg of vitamin B1, taken with garlic the potency of B1 will increase 5 to 10 times 500mg. It is the case with other essentials.

Currently, I'm taking garlic (including my multi) for a concussion after a nasty winter ice fall. Of course, I went to the hospital for treatment, nothing broken or torn, yet the pain and damage at the cellular level which doesn't show up on an X-ray, I know is there because of the dizzy spells and aches and pains I'm experiencing.

I know I need rest, water and garlic, for now.

Replied by Xara
(London, UK)

An absolutely delicious remedy, that revs up the immune system, cancer fighting, higly protective of the cardiovascular system and is antiaging and incredibly nutricious and will impress at the dinner table:

Middle Eastern avocado dip:

take two/three garlic cloves, crush them to a pulp and allow to sit for 15 mins.
Mash up 2 large ripe avocados
add the minced garlic, two table spoons EV Olive Oil, tablespoon Tahini (optional) and two table spoons ACV and himalayan crystal salt to taste.

this can accompany a meal, or just dip into with toasted wholemeal pitta bread and raw sliced onions.

try it, IT TASTES DIVINE!!!!!!

Replied by Mark
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Garlic is not for everyone. It's also an irritant and can be toxic. It kills brain cells according to the late Bob Beck that invented the Silver Pulse and Beck Protocol.

He said that many, many years ago the airforce would not let pilots fly after eating it because it killed brain cells.

I know personally I can't stand the stuff. It will inhibit my digestion, and make me burp all night long and give me horrible breath. I have to use it very sparingly and be careful. I'm not allergic to my knowledge.

I never have thought it was as great as people say it is. So many better things for fighing viruses and infections without the negative effects of Garlic.

Like Collodial Silver, Lugol's Iodine, Coconut Oil, ACV, Olive Leaf Extract and the list goes on and one. It would be my last choice.

Replied by Emi

This was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Garlic does not kill brain cells, however, it does lower blood pressure and can make you doze off which is why pilots don't use it just before the flight.Geez

Replied by Mia
(Lyngby, Denmark)
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic is an absolute life saver for prostate cancer!

My father who is in his eighties, takes it ( crushed ) mixed with one spoonful of yoghurt every single night. He also goes for a daily walk and has plenty of rest. His memory is phenomenal. His mother died after suffering for nearly two decades from Alzheimer's.

God, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic

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Posted by CA (PD) on 02/25/2007
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This is not my personal remedy, but from a lady that is over 100 years old. She says she has lived so long because of her faith in God, 1 tsp of cod liver oil a day, and a clove of garlic swallowed whole a day. She said it must be swallowed whole so that you don't get the garlic smell in your mouth or skin. I haven't tried that part yet, but the cod liver oil makes me feel better.

Goji Juice

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Posted by Marie (Cold Springs, NV) on 02/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I take a number of different natural products to stay healthy.

I'm a grandma in my mid 40s and have the energy to keep up with my 2 year old grandson. People always mistake him as my own.
They also mistake my son for my brother.

My husband and I both drink Goji juice. We've been taking 2-4 ounces 2-3 times a day.

It has helped in several ways. My blood pressure was a little high, at the borderline level. It is now down well within normal.

I've discovered that the flexibility in my neck and legs has improved.

I sleep more soundly (and my dreams are much more colorful and strange, heh).

The best results I've seen however have been in my complexion. It has cleared up a lot of my adult acne and my skin is healthier. I LOOK YOUNGER!

My husband and I often meet couples younger than us ... who believe we are younger than they are.

I have actually been called "Miss" lately!!

Good Attitude

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Posted by Vina (Calgary, Canada) on 02/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Fountain of Youth I'm always being told I look younger than I am or I haven't changed over the years. I just met an old male friend at the funeral of his sister. He looked at me all dreamy eyed and said you haven't changed at all and shook his head. My daughter looked at this guy after he turned around and said, hmmm I can see he cares for you. He heard her and said yes, I still do. I don't think I stopped smiling that day. I know my friend would have to a chuckle out of that one. I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and keep a very positive attitude. I'm serious if I meet negative people and can't lift them up, baby I'm gone, I don't have any time for negativity. I don't like these two words (I can't) Keep them out of your vocabulary and move on and do the things you want to do. I'm blessed with very good skin, but you can look young even with wrinkles as long as your attitude is vibrant and young. No one will notice the wrinkles, they notice the life in you. Give God all the glory and you will certainly have a wonderful story.

Replied by Sandy
(Abilene, Tx)
5 out of 5 stars

AMEN... I have always thought that no matter what if you surround yourself with positive people life is so much richer.. I may not have lots of money but I find the pretty things in people and life when asked why I am so shipper in the morning I tell them I woke up and it's going to be sunny in my world no matter what. Oh, yeah and always smile, wrinkles or not. My kids can attest to the leave I can't outside the door I have no room for that.

Good Oils Diet, Choline and Inositol Supplements

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Posted by Tom (Park Ridge) on 10/14/2006
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I eat foods high in good oils. Also I have very low stress. Additionally, I take choline/inositol supplements. 43 years old but people think I'm in my mid thirties, even though I'm 30 lbs overweight!

H2O2, ACV, Vitamin E

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Posted by Eric (Chicago, IL) on 01/24/2006
5 out of 5 stars

After trying expensive french creams and bio engineered products I've just discovered home remedies on this website and I am grateful for the money savings and the new vitality!

What I use:

3% hydrogen peroxide - this is a great toner, but be careful not to get on your hair/eyebrows as it can lighten your hair color. Otherwise, works wonders on mild acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar - drunk twice a day has helped my energy and complexion. It has also helps me keep lean and slim.

Vitamin E oil - applied to soften rough patches of skin and on hands. Adds a youthful glow and lightens dark spots. Works great.

Last and not least: drink as much water as you can take. Not all at once...throughout the day and with meals.

I am 26 and often get carded when people don't believe I'm over 21. This could work for you too!

Replied by Charlotte

No offense, but 26 means NOTHING. I'm 30 and I wasted most of my 20's as a heavy smoker and drinker, and I still get carded. Plain old genetics can keep people looking young for quite a while! My great-great-grandmother is still alive.

Sure, I'd like to undo the damage I've done, that's why I'm here, but I wouldn't dream of being so naive as to assume I have the key for "how to stay young"! As far as I can tell, it's "drink far too much and smoke a pack a day while attending metal shows all night"...and I strongly suspect that this is not correct!

Hemp and Organic Olive Oil

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Posted by Jparadiseoneluv (Decatur, Georgia) on 01/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I can really say that it has aided me in changing my life and it along with daily cold showers, has returned so much of my youthful vigor that it's scary sometimes. I'm 41 and I have the libido of a 25 year old. I've been using organic hemp seed oil and organic olive oil, sometimes virgin coconut which has healed a stomach ulcer. Those three made the real difference. I also make an oil that is a "treat all" blend consisting of all of the before mentioned as well as sunflower, sesame, avocado, essentials, cinnamon, peppermint, oregano, tea tree, and clove oils splashed into the mixture to target the negative energies that they do individually. However it is a hard pull and may send one into a healing crisis and that's not always convenient, It should be planned when one can sleep because you will be very tired and need much rest. My muscles are kind of "self toning" also. It also de addicts you from all sorts of issues. It will send you in reverse, kind of like the fountain of youth. Some say it will even change gray hair back to its original color. It definitely regrows hair that has stopped. All of my wisdom teeth have gone back inside of the gums and completely closed up. They don't bother me anymore.

I challenge you to take this time and re invent yourself so that you can make it through the difficult times that we all may soon face. I've never gone to doctors and I never will as long as you stay in the vortex of healing, our akashic memory will continue to be opened and truths of how we are supposed to be living that we already know, will continue to be revealed to us. Those who didn't make it here just weren't supposed to, but YOU however, were supposed be here to experience the new age of enlightenment where there is no binding to conventional wisdom. Enjoy the blessings you are given. Namaste~

Replied by Andreea
(Grimsby, On, Canada)

Hello, I need a clarification about this post: do you do oil pulling with this mixture or do you ingest it?

Thank you!

Replied by Marco
(Toronto, Ontario)

Jparadiseoneluv, Can you elaborate more how do you take your oils and how often you take? thanks

Replied by Jenny
(London, United Kingdom)

Hi, do u blend all these oils together? and how much of each? and how many times a day/week do u take them? Thank you. Jen

Hemp Milk

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Posted by Pauline (Sebring, Florida) on 08/22/2009

Pauline from Florida 08/22/2009 Question: I would appreciate anyone who can answer my question. I would like to know what are the benefits we get from drinking this fountain of youth.

3oz's milk/Hemp Milk
3oz's water
1 tablespoon of molasses and add cinnamon.

I just found this site the other day and have been reading some of the letters and all of the wonderful benefits these formulas are doing for everyone. I love this site and I'm going to keep coming back and reading more letters and how people are being help with all these formulas.

I have been drinking A/C/V and water for a very long time but, had to stop because I was losing to much weight. I starting back about a month ago and lost a lot of weight again I weight 110 when I started and now I weight 103. I'm going to stop dirning a 16oz glass once a day. Now I'm going to drink an 8oz glass every other day. I'm only 5'1 1/2" tall so, I don't need to lose anymore weight.

I was reading where you guys use baking soda in your A/C/V I tried that yesterday in an 8oz glass and I really did like it. It takes away some of that vinegar taste.

Good luck to everyone, I love you guys for all of the great formulas that you have put on this website.