Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Remedies

Hemp Milk

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Posted by Michelle (Stamford, CT) on 08/30/2007
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Another alternative to using soy or milk in the Fountain of Youth recipe is hemp milk. I tried this a couple of nights ago and enjoyed it so much that I'd like to share it here. Hemp is high in protein and the EFAs Omega 3 and 6.

In a small pot combine and heat to warm (do not boil):
3 ounces hemp milk
3 ounces water
1 tbl molasses

Stir till molasses melts, and once mixture gets thoroughly heated, sprinkle cinnamon to taste. No extra sweetener is needed.

Hyaluronic Acid

Posted by Alfred (Ransit, Thailand) on 10/26/2009

i am reading a book title"How to Live 100yrs Without Growing Old" hyaluronic Acid.. good for the joints that are damaged.. fills them in like a putty.. reverses the ageing process.. the joints become functional.. Its also good for our skin.. I was told that a man had to walk with a stroller.. one leg one inch higher than the other.. within 5 stroller necessary.. man could walk 7 run...were can i buy?

thanks for your time

Alfred Baron
only 82 yrs young

EC: It's easily found in health food stores here in the USA. Not sure about Thailand, will forward to Ted.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Hyaluronic Acid I usually purchase over the internet. The common ones is from puritan's pride that I am aware of.

Joy's Remedies

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Posted by Joy (Solana Beach, CA) on 02/15/2009
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I am fifty-five with long brown hair that has not turned grey (except for a few strands which I pluck...ha). And I look pretty young. I am often told that I don't look old enough to be a grandmother. Anyway, one of my beauty secret is SPROUTS. I eat them every day in my salad. I eat clover sprouts, pea sprouts, or one that is a combination clover, lentil and fenugreek sprouts. Sprouts have exponential nutrition. Also, I eat other fruits and veggies every day--a lot of them raw. (See cures I've had in third paragraph.)

I also take a couple of fish oil pills a day, and I am just starting to take a multi-vitamin again, B vits and 1 tsp or so of powdered vitamin C formula (2,000 mg)that al little calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and potassium...and bioflavanoids. And I make a fruit smoothie and include a heaping tsp of powdered wheatgrass juice...and I just ran out of my bottle of Kyo-Green (barly grass, wheat greass, brown rice, Chlorella, kelp and FOS).

Recently, I have added 1 TBSP of ACV twice daily, 1TBSP BSM (black strap molasses), 1 TBSP or so of Organic Coconut oil, a pinch of cayenne pepper (in my ACV drink), raw and cooked garlic, cinnimon, and cooking with spices such as tumeric, ginger, thyme, sage, rosemary, etc. to my regime. As a result of this new regime, I have CURED long-standing headaches and allergies. And I used coconut oil to cure a red patch that had been on my foot for at least two days! And to cure toenail fungus, I am using regular rubbing alcohol (70%) that you can get in any drugstore and a generic brand of Vicks Vapor rub. All of my toes have cleared up except for three stubborn toes...that I believe will eventually grow out/heal. I also brush (frequently) my teeth with baking soda and rinse with a solution of 1/2 H202 and 1/2 water. I also take baths with epsom sals and lavendar and rose aromatherapy oils. And sometimes, I finish a bath with a cold shower.

And, I am still reading all the great posts on get more information and ideas. Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful site!

Replied by Joy
(Solana Beach, CA)

I forgot to mention that I just started taking Lugol's oil (iodine)...a couple of drops every day or so. If you look at the "iodine remedy" on earthclinic or google "the health benefits of iodine," you will find very important/interesting info--including at YouTube.

I also just started taking Magnesium Oil (topical Magnesium). I read a couple of books on the importance of Magnesium. One book was called, "The Magnesium Miracle," another was: "The Magnesium Factor," and another "The Calicum Lie." Again, if you Google, "The health benefits of Magnesium," you will find very interesting info. Or if you go to and type in magnesium. You just spray a little on parts of your body: legs, arms, torso, etc. every day or so. Supposedly, Magnesium applied topically in the form of Magnesium oil is better absorbed...and supposedly, there are many health benefits. But be sure to educate yourself.

Replied by Gigi
(Palm Coast, Florida)

Question: Where does one get the oil version of magnesium?

Replied by Rosy
(Orlando, FL)

Interesting, I will be reading more into magnesium. I wonder if that is why I always feel better when I regularly take epsom salt baths. Maybe I will try magnesium oil and see if that works too. But I have read that is will act as a laxitive if too much is used.


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Posted by Emilia (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/13/2007
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I am using kefir (fermented drink) for a long time. I am making it by myself. From the country where I am coming (Macedonia) it is very a popular drink and considered very healthy. But also you can find it in the healthy stores. It helps with constipation, regenerates intestinal flora. It is very good for the skin. When you apply on the face before going to bed, after few days you will notice the results. Clean and more firm skin. Looking very youthful.


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Posted by Birdy (Ankeny, Iowa, Usa) on 05/30/2011
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I want to share with you a real help for older looking skin. Drink lemonade. Watch how your pores will reduce, skin tightens up and at the same time your skin stays soft and not too dry with elastin. I have tried so many different things and if they help fine, but this is one that I have learned I can incorporate into any regimen and it is the best toner you can do for the skin. Drink it if you are an older woman in particular. It is also excellent for killing off the feeling of a cold or canker sore. Youll thank yourself drinking lemonade. many other benefits, but for LOOKS its the one. Happy aging!!!!!!!!!!! Birdy

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Great advice but what do you mean by lemonade exactly? Maybe a silly question but different countries have different meanings for the same word. Do you mean water and lemon juice like we do in Portugal, or a fizzy sugary drink like in many other countries...

Replied by Birdy
(Ankeny, Iowa, Usa)
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I just drink lemonade with sugar, it also contains pectin, citric acid, abscorbic acid, lemon pulp, lemon juice concentrate, water, a few other things in it. I have noticed I like this one best, possibly cuz of the pectin. But lemon (experiment) will tone your skin. It can make you thirsty meaning dehydrate ya a little. So drink some water if it causes too much dehydration. I think of it this way without being scientific. What does lemon do? Puckers things up. Tightens and tones. It also cleans and whitens.

Posted by Louise (Ocean Grove, Australia) on 01/27/2008
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My Fountain of Youth has been lemon juice inside and out. I drink the juice of half a lemon in warm water first thing every morning and about six months ago I started using it on my face as well. Over the years I have tried many vitamin c serums and none have done anything for my skin. Also glycolic acid treatments either don't have any effect or irritate my skin. Lemon juice has both glycolic acid and vitamin c. Three nights a week after washing my face I simply squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then pat that juice onto my face and neck. I then squeeze another teaspoon and use this on my hands and forearms. This has significantly reduced any discolourations and made my skin smoother and brighter. The first couple of times I used it there was slight stinging, but my skin has adjusted to it.

My other Fountain of Youth secret is facial exercises and facial acupressure. In my early 40's I found that I was beginning to get lines and puffiness around my eyes as well as jowels. Now I spend about 5 minutes a day doing some very easy facial exercises and another two minutes a day pressing acupressure points on my face. The lines and puffiness have almost completely disappeared and the jowels have firmed up completely. I have also managed to get rid of most of the family double chin (we are all short, with short necks and a tendency towards double chins).

Lastly, dry skin brushing has made a huge difference to the texture of the skin on my body and definitely increased my energy levels.

EC: We wrote Louise, asking for more details


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Posted by Patricia (Sioux City)
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When I meditate, my face takes on a glow that lasts for the day. I find soulful prayer helps to get me to a meditative state. I think that helps me stay and look younger than my 48 years.


Posted by Jeremiah (San Diego, California) on 06/28/2009

I have found that Melatonin, besides being an excellent sleep aid, is also an excellent Anti-Aging agent. The reason for this is that Melatonin, along with vitamin C and E, is an antioxidant and prevents oxidative damage. Melatonin influences our biological clock, affecting the way we age, and controls sleep patterns. Melatonin levels drop as we age, which may explain why sleep patterns change.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Polly (London, England) on 04/10/2013
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I'm reading all your varying ideas for looking and feeling young! I'm 62 and have been told I look in my early 40s. As people have said there isn't an easy option it does take concentration and care.

I have recently discovered acupressure which along with losing weight with Paul Mckenna has changed my health and body shape wonderfully. There are massages to help thyroidal problems and facial looseness. I use organic and essential oils for body and facial moisturisation and for oil pulling (which I first found left me thirsty so I now drink a good glass of filtered water before doing it in the morning).

Also, I think this is most important, I follow my blood type way of eating by Dr Peter D'Adamo. It's fascinating because it gives answers to different people's experiences with varying foods. E. G. if you're an O type you should eat red meat (not pork no one should eat pork) and tomatoes give me, I'm an A type, eczema but they're good for O types.

The blood type shows why a lot of people are NOT good with ACV or rhodiola (which is brilliant for O's though). I could go on but suffice to say it can cure a lot problems like arthritis etc. I'm not on any medication but I take some herbal supplements. I have no health problems.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/02/2012

Hi everyone, I know that I often mention how Donna Gates has helped me with health understanding. She is a leading authority on candida and she also just wrote a book called "The Baby Boomer's Diet". I wanted to post this audio of an interview with her but I know it is for a limited time only. This talk is about "growing younger" and finding our optimum health. She even explains how Chinese medicine works! She has enlightened me so often, I had to share! Hope you enjoy! Lisa

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Alfred (Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/04/2010

Two months passed by quickly.. Exercise in the morning, Eating only when I am hungry.. Past Oct. My BD.. Now on my 84th year.. Body seems to like what I am giving it.. My blood pressure was a little high.. was 156/ 131/65.. going into the correct direction.. Still taking PP. ULTIMATE HA 100gr day. The book I am reading on HA- Tell me I will not notice the repair of my bad joint.. But they are getting repaired slowly and will last long time. Long as they do not hurt ok with me. When we are born lots of HA in our body.. So I feel I should replace Daily. But my skin looks good, hair turning seems like too slow to black, barnicles of aging disappearing slowly, ones that are still there the banana skin takes care of them.

Been retired in Thailand two years now.. One month ago ran out of my Vitamins that I brought with me.. Now I am using.. Its amazing.. There is a change.. Energy mostly.. I am taking PP-OmegaBerry with Vit D, Acai, Resveratrol and other good stuff, pill taste like berry going down. Also PP-Perfect Multi Super Greens.. I cannot get over it.. Just loaded with good stuff for the system. Cut my pill consumption from 30 to 9 pills daily.. PP products are loaded with all the good stuff we need.. Yes I can go to the Powered Stuff purchased in Bulk, mix myself.. But always a question in my mind.. Did I mix too much or too little.. So that why I am staying with PP. Products. Everytime I call them.. They give me an answer.. But other Vit. Places you call, you never get an answer as If THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING.

Still on the cinamin/honey mixture.. For my sweet tooth.. ACV is a basic in my house hold. ACV does alot.. And Cancer stays away.. A little tomato juice from time to time. Messages now and then- Stand on the Vibrating macnine for 10 min. 4 times per week.. 3 times a week.. 5 min. Wakes up everything. The way I feel, which is Great.. My Body keeps telling me, That I am doing the right thing. Never sick, no colds, lots of energy, no arthritic pain. That its.. Your are what you eat and put into your mouth.. Health worth more than money.

See you ALL in 2 months or so. A Big Hug to you all, Alfred

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Alfred, I was beginning to think you work for Perfect Multi. Though I looked up some of their Company profile and if what they state is true, I like their approach.. Using no fillers or flow agents, fair trade etc. Seems like a good brand.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Barbara (Toronto, On, Canada) on 12/16/2009
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My Secrets to Eternal Youthfulness

1. Do not smoke, drink, take any drugs, swear or have a negative or combatative personality. Be good in your habits and thinking. Live at peace with the world and yourself.

2. Eat a 100% healthy diet. This means a vegetarian or vegan diet, low to no salt, sugar, yeast. Eat alot of whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, fruits, veggies, soy products. Avoid foods you are allergic to, even slightly. Use only canola oil which has a very low level of saturated fats and drink a glass of water, herbal tea or juice a day.

3. Exercise regularly and moderately. I aim for 3 aerobic workouts for 20 minutes and 1 strength and weight bearing workout a week and 2 yoga or other stretching workouts a month.

4. Get plenty of rest, sleep and do not give in to stress. Take your time and value your privacy and space.

5. Have a spiritual base in your life. It can be anything positive like time spent with your children or pets, going to church, creating peaceful and life enriching environments, volunteering, praying or reading about religions. Connecting with the higher powers of love and giving and sharing help alot in this world and can aid and strengthen you.

6. Laugh, live, love and learn.

7. Take care of yourself inside and out. Aim for natural cures including massage, rest, water therapy, home and natural remedies, vitamins supplements. Use only organic, eco and cruelty free products and avoid chemicals and harsh ingredients such as fragrances.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Desiree (Maidenhead Berkshire, UK) on 04/26/2009
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i'm 48 plus and people regularly tell me i look like i'm in my mid 20's maybe early 30's,i can't say myself, because i'm so use to 'inspecting me' but i'd love to share the condensed version of what i do- first, i have to admit that, my health regime is a 24/7 lifestyle, my approach starts with my mind-i am really into training the brain-rewiring how i think and i trust the bodies innate intelligence to guide me to the appropriate thing to do-so, for example- at bedtime, in the morning and at regular breaks throughout my day i am in the habit of feeding information messages like-my beauty is increasing-i am always amazed how my body responds, you have to relax and really allow and receive... it's an absorption - so, i start my day with a large glass of water or two mixed with a little apple cider vinegar followed by a large mug of green or black organic tea with milk/honey- 3 amla tablets and 3 aswaghandha shatavari tables then i settle down to my creation thoughts and meditation= as far as diet is concerned-i drink carrot juice usually mixed with whatever i fancy, maybe a little beet apple celery or cucumbers, everyday day a large glass is enough-i do alot stretching - eat organic vegetarian-several little meals a day- rarely eat after 4pm i think i'd feel to health-nerdy if i didn't eat some junk, so i eat some junk organic junk-once a week or twice a month maybe, pizza, chips, fried stuff, cookies, chocolate whatever, i drink lots of water-water with a splash a apple cider is a wonder-...for little under eye lines i disappear them with a concentrated seaweed powder mask -fenugreek paste works and black tea splashes are great-i use almond and rose then this lovely turmeric sandlewood cream under make up -oh there's more-i drink herb teas like raseberry red clover once a month make a tea out of tumeric root and cinnamom bark i usually drink this once a week- take b vitamins and multi vitamins-i know it sounds full on-but i love health

Replied by Rehana

God has given us a will power and positive thinking to overcome all pur stresses. Take all fruit and veggies in rotation. Lack of Vitamin B and D causes Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis-- So I take B-12 and D drops. Take Omega-3, Magnesium Fish oil No matter what, herbal cures are the best, with no side effects

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 04/13/2009
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Fountain of Youth:

I sometimes take ALA (alpha lipoic acid) along with a teaspoon of Omega 3 oil just before bed. I take half of a 300mg ALA time released tab.
I experience a better dream state, and calmer mind..(less inflammation)

Taking it with the oil may help it's effects on the brain. (a full dose of 300mg seems too much, you should experiment. Some have reported muscle cramps
with ALA, and yes, I have noticed this too...make sure you are getting your magnesium, potassium. etc.

(re: omega oils, prefer brands that are distilled, with Thyme oil to protect)


...lots of water, the EC suggestion of 2tsp ACV sipped throughout the day is great..

Lots of color in the diet, small meals, low glycemic foods, turmeric! & anti inflammatory herbs...develop close relationships..(never show up to an invitation empty handed).

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Renata (Toronto, Canada) on 03/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Its simple, firstly your only as old as you want to be (mind over matter), secondly water, yes water, not any kind, it has to be Evian, something in this water is amazingly pure and detoxifies the body, drink at least 1 to 2 litres a day. Your eating habits are important, no more than 1,500 calories a day, and make sure you eat healthy, veggies, fiber, fruit and nothing with salt, STAY AWAY FROM SALT, its a killer, there is enough salt in just about everything we eat, so when you shop look for low sodium products, okay???Exercise, find out which form best agrees with you and then do it every other day without fail. Practice breathing skills and meditation. Do not take medications unless you really need to. And hey many people create there own sickness, think positive you can do it! And the most important for staying young, well we all know what that is dont we??? SEX, SEX AND MORE SEX, NEVER QUIT THE SEX OKAY??? LOL, hope my suggestions will be of some help to you all! Bye, bye,