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12 Surprising Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Liquid Cayenne
Posted by Jerry (Davis, Il) on 02/04/2013

I'm looking for liquid cayenne 250,000 heat units.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 08/11/2011

Hi Francisca - I was wondering about that too. I used to be able to get cayenne tincture at the health food store but since moving to Calgary, I haven't found any. I know Dr. Schulze is a famous brand (there are Web sites that tell you how to make it using his methods which is a bit different from other, more simple, methods such as I would prefer to buy it already made - just my preference. Good luck in finding what works for you. Cheers, Bess

Cayenne Vs. Chili Peppers
Posted by Mkb (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 01/04/2010

Hi.we in Malayia take lots of chilly and there is so many varieties of it.The hottest chilly is the small green chilly we name it"Chilly Padi",this chilly really knock you off. My question is does all this chilly come into the Cayenne pepper group and can Tabasco be categorize as cayenne pepper,Gnc in Malaysia does not sells capsule Cayenne pepper,so i normally purchase organic Chilly powder for my cayenne dosage.Ted please enlighten me on this issue

Multiple Cures
Posted by John (Pennsylvania) on 02/18/2015

Myrrh is also good for the gums.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Nancy (Shreveport, LA) on 04/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Cayenne Pepper Information Needed: I have been drinking a tonic of 2 tsp raw acv and 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper in 16oz of water and sipping throughout the day. It is fabulous. I am 65 (almost 66) and it really revs up gives my metabolism and mental focus. The only problem I have is that it slightly burns my throat after about 8 oz. I always swish with plain water after sipping to protect my tooth enamel and then swallow. This cools my throat somewhat. Is there a problem with it burning? I don't really mind it as I love the increase in the body and mind. But, is there a potential problem? Am I doing damage to my throat?

Inner Ear Infection
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 05/11/2009

go to youtube and check out Epley maneuver for vertigo. would grapefruit seed extract help in the healing process? please don't use as ear drops!

wishing you well

Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 01/09/2011

John, Thanks for the alert I had not heard of this contamination so did some googling and now there are two chemical poisons - the Sudan Red you mentioned and also Para Red. They are illegal dyes that should not be in food. The list of food and spices that are contaminated is still growing and they are sill looking for more. To think I recently looked at some paprika that was very pale and decided not to buy it.