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Sawdust in the Eye
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 03/18/2023
5 out of 5 stars

My son was milling some cedar wood and got some cedar dust in his eye.

He wasn't home for quite a while and I think he was probably rubbing it some. When he came in his eye was red and swollen and before I even asked what happened I asked if he was having an allergic reaction. When he explained what happened, I wasn't sure if his eye was just irritated or if he was having a reaction or both.

I had him take Benadryl and I put a drop of castor oil in his eye. Within minutes he had some relief. I repeated the castor oil before bed and by morning his eye looked and almost felt normal.

He is not a complainer and was very uncomfortable. I was afraid we would have to get an emergency appointment with the eye doctor, but the castor oil did the trick!

I am pretty sure I reported this cure before when his older brother had wood dust in his eye, but this tip is one to keep in mind, so here I am again with it. :)

~Mama to Many~