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Oil Pulling for a Tooth Abscess

Oil Pulling
Posted by Help Me I'm Scared (Malaysia) on 08/06/2016
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I don't have reports for a cure or anything, but I need your help, I really don't know what to do. My dentist has said before that I have a dying tooth and one day I would need a root canal, I was and still am against it and within last week I noticed an area above the dying tooth starting to ache and swell a bit, especially when I touched it. After 5-6 days I decided I needed to do something as I suspected it was either a tooth abscess or an infection.

To try and combat this, I oil pulled with coconut oil. The first day it didn't swell as much and there were not much changes, however, the next day (which is today) when I OP and rinsed with salt water, I think I saw a small little hole thing draining out the pus, a fistula was it called? That didn't feel too bad, but then throughout the day it started getting worse, especially after I ate some durian (I'm thinking as the durian is pretty heaty, it might have triggered something?) so as soon as I got home, I OP again and rinsed with salt water after. I took a nap and woke up 2 hours later to find the swelling has seemingly doubled in size. Is this normal?

I know some people have bad healing reactions and I was wondering whether this was one of them. Please help, I really dont know what to do.