Gallbladder Flush Recipes and Treatment

| Modified on Mar 30, 2024
Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 05/11/2016

I have completed four gallbladder flushes in the last three months and am excited to report that they work! I have been hesitant. I have been skeptical. But when desperation came along, I had to give it a go and I am so glad I did!

At least 12 years ago I started to have pain in the gallbladder area. A sonogram of the area concluded that I did NOT have stones, but I have since learned from Timh that the scans can miss the stones. The gallbladder pain and trouble came and went through the years. It tended to be worse in pregnancy. Somewhere along the line I found Earth Clinic and started using Apple Cider Vinegar for gallbladder attacks and other things and it helped me for years.

In the last year, it seems that things were getting worse and worse. More and more foods were on my "that doesn't agree with me list, " and I mean healthy foods. The supplement Betaine Hcl helped for a while and then it stopped helping. I was afraid to eat pretty much anything. I did finally see a doctor who sent me for an ultrasound. The report was that I had one large stone (1.5 cm) and that my gallbladder was "full of stones." Meanwhile, I started taking digestive enzymes and at least I could eat if I was careful and didn't eat too late in the day. Bloodwork indicated that my liver function was fine. So, after hearing about gallbladder flushes for a dozen years, I finally got up the courage to try it. I figured, the worst thing that could happen would be that I would get a stone stuck and need surgery. I was headed there anyway, so I had little to lose and a lot to gain.

I followed the protocol outlined on the gallbladder cleanse page. I was careful to follow it closely at that seemed important. In brief here is what I did:

No fat breakfast and lunch. No food after 2pm.
7 pm - 1 T. epsom salt in 3/4 cup water. NOT delicious, but tolerable with a straw.
9 pm - 1 T. epsom salt in 3/4 cup water. (Still NOT delicious! )
The epsom salt was doing its job of purging my system, but I didn't feel too awful and was able to play card games with my kids until their bedtime.
11pm - 1/2 cup organic olive oil, 1/2 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I added 1/4 t. salt and 20 drops black walnut tincture and 6 digestive enzyme capsules. (I put it all in the blender, except for the enzymes.) I drank my drink, which was actually pretty tasty. It was like salad dressing. I lay down on my right side with my right leg bend and up. I was afraid it might make me sick but it did not. I was afraid I would need to get up and have more purging from the epsom salt, but I did not.
7 am - 1 T. epsom salt in 3/4 cup water. (STILL NOT delicious! )
9 am - 1 T. epsom salt in 3/4 cup water. (Okay, I really don't like this.)
11 am - I resumed juice and later light soup etc. But dinnertime I felt pretty good though ate lightly.

I probably passed around a dozen "stones" during the day. Small pea sized and colored. Not too exciting. Obviously NOT the large stone seen on the sonogram. But I had read that you may need to do several to get all of the stones out. A little discouraging, but at least the first flush was behind me and it wasn't awful at all. Just kind of inconvenient. You basically can't do much and need to be near a rest room for close to 24 hours.

A few weeks later I repeated the flush (2nd flush). I used 1 T. epsom salt in 2/3 cup water (instead of 3/4 cup), which is recommended if you don't get many stones the first time. I also added 1/2 teaspoon citric acid to my olive oil drink. I kept every thing else the same.
I did pass more stones - the green kind. Probably 100 or so. Plus "chaff."

A few weeks later I repeated the flush (3rd). The only change was that I think I layed on my back and not my right side. I had almost no stones and just some chaff. I was getting discouraged, but at least after each flush I did feel better for a week or two.

Somewhere around the time of the second flush I started to take dandelion/burdock root/alfalfa tincture (home made) because these are good herbs for stones and for liver/gall health.

After the third flush I started using castor oil packs several nights a week over the liver area. So before my fourth flush, I had been doing castor oil packs and herbs.

Fourth flush. I repeated the protocol with the tweaks from before (2/3 cup water with the epsom salt, citric acid.) I also laid on my left side instead of right. (That is what Timh says he does. It makes more sense to me to do that, too.)

I had dozens of green stones and some chaff around the time of the morning epsom salt drinks. And the day after that, lo and behold, I passed two rocks, each about 2 cm in length. I was so excited!!! These were light in color, irregularly shaped and hard. Wow, wow, wow! I couldn't quite believe it. Aside from paying for another ultrasound, I had worried that I would not know if the stones were out. What if they came out and I missed them? What if the herbs dissolved them?

Why did the fourth flush work the best?
Maybe it took that long to get things moving.
Maybe the herbs and castor oil helped.
Maybe laying on the left side is better.

Interestingly, I felt bad for a couple of days after the flush. Usually I am back to normal quickly but I took a longer time to recover. It makes me wonder if the whole thing caused some detox type reaction.

Another thing to note is that I have consumed apple cider vinegar regularly for years. As in - I have bought and used gallons over the years. I love it for many things. For some, apple cider vinegar seems to dissolve stones. But maybe my type of stone doesn't dissolve with acv.
I did try taking Malic acid for days up to the flushes and it didn't seem to make a difference for me.

After the first flush I read that you could have a taste of honey at the end of the epsom salt drinks to get rid of the bitter taste, so I did this and found it helpful.

There are many "nay sayers" to the gall bladder flush. Certainly it does not behoove certain people if people can do this at home and avoid surgery....there has been the assertion that the small pea green soft stones are a result of saponification and that they are just the olive oil and I can't recall what else and not real stones. If this assertion were true, it would not make sense that each time I have done a flush I get a dramatically different amount of those green stones. One time I had almost none. Another time at least one hundred. I would expect if this were saponification and I always followed the same recipe, the amount of green stones would be about the same.

I will probably do a few more flushes. I am a little bit addicted now. :) I am pretty amazed that for under $10 I have cleaned out my gallbladder, been spared surgery, and get to keep this little organ that has caused me a good bit of trouble, though I am sure I am better off with it than without it!

I hope this will be helpful to others. I have found reading the stories of others' experiences very helpful to me in this whole process, so I decided to write out the details.

~Mama to Many~

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Ma (Phoenix) on 06/11/2020

This is my experience with the epsom salt flush.

A brief health history first:

I suffer from R. Arthritis for about 10 years. The first 9 years I've been able to manage pretty well with exercise strict diet and herbs. The last year, I seemed to have gotten worse to a point that I couldn't get out of bed. Everything I ate caused me severe joint pain that I just would starve myself and sleep all day. I also noticed that I wasn't hungry anymore and lost about 15 lbs in less than 6 months. I'm petite 110lb and went down to 95 lbs where my bones in my shoulders and ribs were showing. I tried my own natural remedies: turmeric, acv, etc. and still severe pain

Finally after 6 months of nothing working, I saw a local ND but she was no help. All she did was suggest detox supplements that she sold and although I had a little bit more energy, my joint pain was unbearable, like 9 to 10 unbearable and barely getting any sleep at night. I spent about $1000 on her and I was still suffering. She also was a devout believer in muscle testing, so she would tell me I couldn't eat this food or that food which left me barely eating and starving myself further.

I tried elimination diet while in her care and I was starving myself figuring out what foods to eat. I think she made me worse. Then I broke down and decided to spend money on a functional practitioner and he ordered a thorough panel of tests: blood, stool, urine, etc. I found out that I was severely deficient in vitamins, iron, calcium, etc. So I had several bacteria in my stool (h.pylori), had methylation, and high ammomia, high cholesterol, etc. So instead of tackling my bacteria issues which were causing me digestive issues, he sold me expensive herbal supplements to focus on reducing inflammation which cost another 200. Then after 2 weeks he started adding b vitamins and vitamin d but no probiotics or anything to focus on my digestion. I drank Ted's antibacterial tea (1 tsp of each: thyme, cumin, oregano, ceylon cinnamon, and 1/2tsp of clove (everything was grounded) and drank that 2 to 3 times a day and that really helped my joint and my digestion but was still feeling nauseous and having very loose stools..

Finally I decided to let him go and found an amazing ND from N. Mexico. I left a message to the front desk about my issues and he told her to call me back told me to take 4 drops of Lugols first thing AM and Afternoon on empty stomach wait an hour and then take enteric probiotic then wait an hour to eat. He said in about 4 days you should start feeling better. In 2 days, I was pain free and was able to eat way better. Not perfect but 80 to 85% improvement. I decided to drive 6 hours to go see him the next week. I told him about my lab test and all my issues. He didn't even look at them. He knew exactly what I needed. I forgot to add that I also have a very painful right shoulder that is frozen. An xray showed demineralization and osteoporosis (he said vitamin c will cure this).

So he gave me this regimen: no gluten or dairy, eat chicken, eggs, legumes, and lots of fruits and veggies, 4000 mg of vit c, a mutivitamin which includes probiotics and digestive enzymes, fulvic and humic acid drink, plant based iron supplement, and said to sit in sun for 30 minutes everyday for vitamin D. He also told me about earthing which I try to do everyday but now I'm looking into making an earthling mat for my bed. He also said, do an epsom salt flush. I waited a few days to do this flush but in the meantime, everything he gave me, my pain went from 9 to 10 to 2 to 4 just in a few days.

So here is my experience with epsom salt flush. It was a horrible experience. It tasted terrible and although I had lots of chaff and green stones, I was nauseous and had diarrhea and pounding headache for a week rendering me not being able to take supplements or eat anything losing 5 lbs and my weight going down to 90lbs.. A few days later, I suffered severe pain heart palpitations that I thought I was having a heart attack that would not stop after a half hour. I almost went to the emergency room but was scared about the covid. I tried everything to calm it down: breathing exercises, meditation, thinking happy thoughts, but my heart kept pumping hard. Finally I decided to take cbd and it helped me fall asleep peacefully with no problems. I woke up in the morning and my heart started pounding again but not as badly as the night before. I decided to do some research on epsom salt and read that it has high magnesium and figured out on my own that you need potassium to balance it. So I ate banana and freshly squeezed pink grapefruit (from my tree) every day and I haven't had any problems with my heart ever again. It's been 2 weeks since I did the flush. I think the reason my body reacted so badly to it is because I was already sick from the h. Pylori and nutritionally deficient, and so underweight that my body couldn't handle that much magnesium. I want to try the flush again bc I think it will help my digestion but I'm doing extensive research before I engage. I also want to gain more weight before I put my body through that again.

Sorry such a long story but I am feeling way better. My body has been through so much for the past year that now I'm just getting my strength back and am slowly introducing my body to different foods, almost like a baby. My pain has subsided to level 1 to 2 maybe 4 on bad days. My right shoulder is better but I found out I pinched a nerve in my neck causing my shoulder pain which I can barely move. I'm just going to start pt and go from there. That Lugol's saved my life and now I can sleep eat and exercise. And what's amazing, it only cost $ 12 for 2 bottles of 2%. I spent over 4k on the the 2 doctors and got nowhere. Shows that even ND's don't know what they're doing. Finding a good one very rare.

Hope my story helps. Stay safe and healthy!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Blake (Fort Worth) on 01/24/2018

I just did my first gallbladder flush, and to my surprise I passed 3 fairly large green stones (1 - 2 cm), about 5 medium stones (.5 - 1 cm), and some smaller ones! Also, I passed a LOT of small white pieces of "chaff".

Instead of stopping the flush in the morning according to the protocol, I extended it the rest of the day because I did not start passing the green stones until the end. I thought I should keep it going to see if more would come out - and they did!

I added Grapefruit Seed Extract to the Epsom Salt drink on day 2 because I am pretty sure GSE is good for killing parasites.

In the weeks prior to the flush, I did 6 weeks of coffee enemas, drank ACV, drank beet juice, and ate lots and lots of spinach. Also, I purchased a mini-trampoline, jumping about 3 times a week, which is excellent for the digestive system and probably helped stimulate the stones to pass.

I am grateful to the good Lord for giving me wisdom to heal my liver. Thanks to Earth Clinic for this helpful site! It's great to know I can easily do this again in the future. And ya know - the process really was not all that unpleasant!!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Stephanie (Ca) on 12/11/2017

For gallstones, here is your answer, and I have done it personally. Works unless you have a serious infection or if your gallstones are too big and calcified to pass.

1) plan an evening and the next day when you can take it easy and not have responsibilities.

2) on day of cleanse EAT ABSOLUTELY NO FAT WHATSOEVER! It's only one day and yes this includes creamer in your coffee!

3) fast and limit water intake after noon on day of cleanse.

4) have the following on hand: 60 capsules of Epsom salts (Hulda Clark store online has them, maybe your health food store) two fresh grapefruits, organic olive oil.

5) at 5pm take 15 capsules and enough water to swallow.

6) prep your bedtime, do hygiene, arrange bed so you can sleep on back.

7) prep 3/4 C squeezed grapefruit juice and 1/2C olive oil.

8) at 9:00 take 15 more capsules

9) At 10:00 sharp, drink ALL OF THE MIXTURE AND LAY DOWN ON YOUR BACK. Don't get up until am.

10)when you wake take 15 more caps. You are going to have diarrhea! Look for little plugs floating in the toilet, these are the stones (google pic search “gallstones” to see what you're looking for).

10) four hours later take your fourth and last dose of 15 caps. You can re introduce food slowly, start with some fruit or rice, something mild.


Not eating fat causes bile to build up; (if you cheat and don't fast you will get nauseous) epson salts dilate sphincter of gall bladder; drinking oil stimulates GB to contract expelling stones; the stones float because they are made of cholesterol. This is VERY safe to do, and is best done before a bad attack, but if you are in an attack, taking epson salts will ease the pain (because it dilates the sphincter and eases pressure). I have done both during an attack and when I wasn't having an attack to prevent one. The first time I did it one of my stones was calcified! You can also get just a bunch of cholesterol “chaff” that is clogging up your GB but hasn't formed stones yet.


Good luck! 😉

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Dave (Houston ) on 07/09/2018

I started doing gallbladder flushes in 2000. I usually do one every 3 months. One thing I noticed is that to be really successful I needed to do a parasite cleanse first. I like black walnut hull, cloves, and wormwood seem to be the most effective. Amazingly parasites will clog the bile duct and prevent stones from passing, even when dilated by Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salts). I like the Hulda Clark flush, a tablespoon of Epsom salt at 6 pm, 8 pm then at 10pm take olive oil in grapefruit juice, though others on here have other juices they like. I have found that taking Chanca Piedra helps remove more stones.

Dark green stones are the older ones, light green to tan are newer. Cholesterol, the main component of stones, is light and floats. You are always making new stones, I noticed when I need more sleep it is time for a cleanse. Cholesterol will bond with calcium making them really difficult to dissolve (these stones show up on x-ray, newer stones will not), so the Flush is the effective way for people new to liver maintenance to proceed. Epsom salts are rather hard to swallow after several flushes, so I found that a swallow of pop after downing each dose helps reduce the aftertaste.

Also, this may sound silly, keep your tongue on the floor of your mouth, taste buds on the bottom of your tongue strongly taste Epsom salt.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Grannyjo (Usa) on 06/05/2014

7 Day GALLSTONE Flush.

I forgot where I got this from, my family has used it for years with success. My daughter was told she needed gallstone surgery some years back but used this flush instead. She passed the stones, and didn't need the gallstone surgery.

I don't know about you, but I believe my gallbladder has a purpose for being there and I'd like to keep it. -------------------------------------


. Apple juice
. Grapefruit juice (canned is OK).
. lemon juice, fresh squeezed is better
. Epsom salts
. Extra virgin olive oil (The green colored oil)
Monday through Saturday drink all the apple juice you can with your regular diet.

On Saturday, 3 hours after lunch, dissolve 2 teaspoons Epsom salts in a small glass of hot water and drink it, followed by a glass of grapefruit juice.

Repeat the Epsom salt, hot water procedure in 2 hours.

Eat nothing for dinner except a half a grapefruit and a glass of grapefruit juice.

Just before going to bed, mix 1/2 cup of warm olive oil with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice and drink it.

Follow that with 1/2 cup olive oil mixed with 1/2 cup of lemon juice.

Then go straight to bed lying on your right side with your right knee pulled up as close to your chest as possible for a half hour.

On Sunday morning take 2 more teaspoons of Epsom salts in a small amount of hot water, at least an hour before eating breakfast.

That mornings bowel movement will contains small green irregular shaped cholesterol stones, some just smaller than the size of cherries.

I know this is tough but it has worked really well for my family. hope it works well for you.


Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Ronald S. (Loudon, NH) on 08/22/2019

My wife Martha had been diagnosed with a severe gallbladder attack and was hospitalized. Many tests were done all day at the ER and Hospital. She was there for three days! They finally found a large stone inside her gallbladder duct and they had to remove it. They did by going down through her throat. Next step was to remove her gallbladder, but we said no. WE wanted to try our own natural method for removing the rest of the stones. We went home and began the protocol using epsom salt capsules, Chanco Piedra, and apple juice. We basically followed the protocol by Hilda Clark. Took 15 capsules of epsom salt the 1st day, 30 the second day and finally 60 capsules in three divided doses the third day. On the third day you fast and drink only water or some apple juice.

That night before going to bed you drink 3/4 of a juice glass of a good olive oil and 1/4 of the glass with lemon juice. You go to bed immediately and hopefully sleep. You can take "Orthinine" before bedtime to help you sleep. The next morning my wife passed a ton of stones, some large most the size of a pea. All day she passed stones and the next day passed more for a total of 261 stones!! After that they stopped. Wow! We couldn't believe it. For each of the products we took, follow the directions on the bottle or take them according to Hildah Clark's website.

We will try it again in a couple of months. You could try the Chanco Piedra capsules three times per day for four days and then just take the lemon juice and olive oil and see what happens. it most likely will work. I am going to try this method myself in a week or so. Ronald

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Jhinton (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/05/2016

I did several gall bladder/liver cleanses for their health benefits prior to ever having a gall bladder issue. About 6 years ago, after going several years without doing a cleanse, I had a severe attack that had me writhing in agony before I finally went to the local ER. They gave me bad advice, pumped me full of pain killers, and advised me to have my gall bladder removed. I thanked them for their advice then ignored it.

I did a cleanse the next day and another one a few days after that. I drank about a gallon of unsweetened apple juice, some distilled water, and a tbs or so of apple cider vinegar, and ate nothing but a can of beets mixed with flax seed oil. At night I drank a bottle of Magnesium Citrate (epsom salts might be a bit better, but tastes terrible) followed an hour later by a half and half mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, then went straight to bed. In the morning I drank a second bottle of Magnesium Citrate and another a few hours later. I passed a large number of stones, a few hundred, and still have my gall bladder.

I did another one a few days later (although, some naturopaths advise against one so soon) and another a few weeks later. It is better to fast on the juices for 3 days before doing the olive oil and lemon juice, but after my serious attack I wasn't going to put it off that long.

Preventative measures that I've used include drinking a tbs or more of flax seed oil a half hour before meals, and mixing the oil with beets when I feel discomfort. I've been warned against coffee, but I read a study that states that those who drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day are far less likely to have a gall bladder attack. I can't verify that study, but I do not restrict my coffee drinking.

I started having some pains again while climbing Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, but they were only enough to make me nervous. I was on the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia, and having a full blown attack was something to fear. For this reason, I'm going through a cleanse right now as a preventive measure before my wife and I go on a Mekong River cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia. The temporary discomfort and trouble involved with cleanses is nothing compared with the pain and danger of a serious gall bladder attack.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Renee (Chicago, IL) on 08/13/2014

After having a few, random but severe pains in my stomach, I thought that maybe I just had an issue with milk. I stopped drinking it entirely (which was very hard to do) in hopes that these pains would stop. They didn't. I knew something was going on & didn't even think anything of my gall bladder. A few months went by & it was becoming worse. I was getting attacks 2-3 times a week, when it used to be maybe 1 a week. After the last one, the most severe of it all, I decided to Google.

Every single symptom I was suffering from was in conjunction with gall bladder issues & stones. It made sense, the pains where right where it suggested. I initially went through my health insurance's website to find someone to go get a check up. But when I used the cost estimation tool, it was going to cost me at the very, very least $7,000. That was just for the procedure to remove my gall bladder, let alone recovery & anything else. My brother had his removed a few months ago & ended up paying $28k. No way, not for me.

So I found a lot of sites listing the natural approach. I was a bit skeptical, but after reading so many positive reviews, I decided for less than $20, I'd give it a try. What's one more week if it doesn't work..then I will contact a doctor. I am so happy to say that it won't be necessary.

I followed the cleansing instructions very closely. I knew I had two days off in a row coming up so I decided to start the process the night of my last attack. It was really late at night & I first ended up running to the store to get some Apple Cider Vinegar...what a lifesaver. It cut the pain out within 20 minutes for me. While I still felt some pressure, I was actually able to sleep thanks to this stuff.

Then, for the next 4 days, I ate 2-3 apples a day and drank as much 100% apple juice as I could. I ate pretty clean during that time, too. I also normally drink a gallon of water a day, so I stuck with that so I kept myself well hydrated. On the day of the flush, I was a bit excited to see if it was going to work for me. I drank apple juice with the epsom salt, because the water route was just not working for me. It was horrible, I won't lie. I cringed knowing I'd have to repeat the drink but in the end, it is so worth it.

For the final step, I drank a 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, with a 1/4 cup sugarfree grapefruit juice. I would have preferred to freshly squeeze the juice but I just simply did not have that option. I laid on my right hand side for 2 hours straight. Then I got some water (big mistake) and ended up throwing up a bit of the evoo. Not fun, it was the weirdest feeling to throw up oil. I had read after the fact to not do anything else after the last drink, but I was a bit thirsty & kind of a night owl.

The next morning, I drank another serving of the salt. No movement. Then it was time for the final serving & thank god for that. I ended up chasing it down with some honey because I was afraid I was going to throw up again. Luckily, it stayed down & just about an hour later...well, out came the stones. I was basically on & off the toilet for a few hours & was amazed at what was coming out. It makes you feel kinda weird to get up & look at what has come out, but it was also kind of fascinating.

This has saved me thousands of dollars & those little devils are just right there. I ended up eating some low-sodium soup two hours after the last salt drink...I was starving. But I eased myself back into it & didn't have the mentality of "Oh, well they're out now so I can go back to eating like crap." I feel like after this cleanse, I need to stick to a cleaner diet to prevent this from happening again. While the flush was very successful for me, no side effects at all, it's not something I would want to do again. You definitely need two consecutive days, because you will basically live in your bathroom for a while. But I would recommend this to anyone & everyone. It is much better than paying way too much money to get your organs removed.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Isabel R. (Ningbo, China) on 01/07/2018 2 posts

Hi! I have done gallstone flushes two times now this last 3 months. The first one did not work, the second one worked *even though I am still not sure if I should lay on may right side or left side.

But I did an ultrasound check and it shows still a 15 mm gallstone! So my question is, is there a way to dissolve this big gallstone with chanca piedra (have already been taking it for a month)

And how much time would it take me. Have you had any succesfull experience dissolving big gallstones?

I do not eat meat anymore, nor milk or cheese. Only fish and eggs. I do not eat sugar anymore nor bread. My liver exams shows my liver is in perfect condition now, also my pancreas.

What more can I do?

Thanks in advance!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Lovelylia (San Diego, Ca) on 01/27/2010

Gallstones Pain Nausea = Nightmare!

My first gallbladder attack came on abruptly in my early twenties. I had just started school at San Diego State University. I was running to class, dodging gi-normous sheets of rain (this was in the late 90s during the infamous El Niño storms). Out of nowhere, a flood of nausea welled up from my solar plexus and I found myself doubled over. The pain was so sharp and sudden that it practically knocked the wind out of me. My boyfriend just stared at me wide-eyed and panic-stricken. After about 5 minutes, I recovered enough to make it to class, but afterward I was totally freaked out, because... I mean, what the heck WAS that?

The bouts of pain and nausea continued over the next week, and by then I was seriously tripping. All I could think was that 1. something was really, really on an internal-organ-level, which was not something I'd ever imagined or had to deal with before, and 2. I didn't have health insurance.

So, I did the only thing I could think of at the time that my starving-student-budget would allow: I went to an urgent care center. The doctor there looked me over in hurried-urgent-care-doctor fashion and asked me 20 (or more) questions. He had the nurse give me a cup of what he called a "G.I. cocktail" which was some gooey white stuff that seemed to sort of numb my insides in a way that felt as weird as it tasted. Then he told me that, from what I'd just described, although he couldn't properly diagnose it without an ultrasound, he guessed that I had gallstones. He said that once you have them, the only way to get rid of them is by having your gallbladder surgically removed. He gave me prescriptions for an ultrasound and some Vicodin, neither of which I got filled because I couldn't afford to.

As soon as I got home, I started researching my condition on the internet. Surprisingly, I discovered that there were alternative perspectives of the disease ("I have a disease?"), its origins and how to treat it. It was pretty fascinating stuff, actually. My looming despair began to lighten to cautious optimism. Thus was my first foray into the world of alternative/holistic medicine and philosophy, where I still live to this day.

One remedy I discovered online at the time was Hulda Clark's olive oil/lemon gallbladder cleanse. I decided to go for it. I had no insurance and no money for conventional medical treatment, so why the ~hail~ not (sorry for the obscure El Niño joke :).

I followed the cleanse instructions as precisely as I could. I downed my olive oil/orange juice mixture and went straight to bed (per the instructions), overwhelmed by the competing emotions I was feeling all at once:

*** Scared ***
"What if this makes things worse and I end up in the emergency room?"

*** Skeptical ***
"It's probably a bunch of BS. Who am I to question the medical establishment's prognosis of a serious medical condition by attempting to cure it with some back alley remedy that uses $8 worth of items you can buy at a corner store."

*** Excited/Hopeful ***
"What if it works? I know it's gross, but I kinda can't wait to see what comes out."

Fast-forward to the following morning: O . M . G.

I could hardly believe it. That morning, nature called me out of bed before the sun came up, and I was stunned to see that I had just passed hundreds, I'm talking HUNDREDS of stones... and they were all BLACK. It was one of the grossest things I'd ever encountered. And the coolest. Though the quantity decreased with each round, I continued to pass more stones throughout the morning that averaged about the size of a pea. What a relief it was to know the this cr@p was no longer IN my body. It took a good deal of effort to refrain from broadcasting my experience to everyone I knew, as if they just couldn't wait to hear about the contents of my toilet.

My perspective of the Western Medical establishment was permanently altered that day. Basically, this inexpensive grocery store remedy had done what the urgent care doctor had said was not possible. I do accept that Western Medicine is necessary in some situations, but I generally find it unnecessarily invasive, as well as inadequate in its ability to treat root causes and address the whole person. As a result of my first experience with this liver cleanse home remedy, in addition to the pain and nausea subsiding, my skin cleared up and I began to lose some of the weight I had gained over the previous year. Also, during the several months following I was able to work through a LOT of emotional baggage that I had been mired in for years. From a Holistic point of view this is a perfectly reasonable and complementary side-effect of such a release.

MY LIVER CLEANSE, circa 1997:

* fruit and apple juice for breakfast

* baked potato w/ a little salt only for lunch

* no water or food after 2pm

* that afternoon, prepared solution of 3 Tbs Epsom salt & 3 cups water, stored in a container for later use

* 6pm - drank 3/4 cup of the Epsom salt water and immediately thought, "OMG...this stuff is actually considered fit for human consumption?"

* 8pm - drank 3/4 cup more of epsom salt water, "Yecht!"

* 10pm - juiced 3 medium sized oranges & combined with 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil. Took it to my bedside in a plastic lidded container. Shook it several times and then drank it fairly quickly, as I expected it to be disgusting. Actually, it wasn't so bad... the Epsom salt was way worse!

* proceeded to lie completely still face up on my bed for 30 minutes and then somehow allowed myself to drift off to sleep

* the instructions say to take another 3/4 cup dose of Epsom salt when you wake up the next morning, but NOT before 6am, then take the remainder 2 hours later. That morning I woke up before 6am and started passing stones right away. A little later, I tried to take another dose of Epsom salt water, but I only ended up drinking about 1/2 of it until I convinced myself that the cleanse was already working and, therefore, that was a good enough excuse to avoid drinking the rest of that nasty concoction. I should mention, however, that in subsequent cleanses, I have followed the instructions more thoroughly, and the results are worth enduring the taste in the end.

The instructions I've seen for this same cleanse have been slightly modified since then, and these days can be found @

I've tried variations of the cleanse with varying degrees of success.

In conclusion, YEA for me.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Ma (Phoenix) on 06/29/2020

Hi Gayles.

I wanted to add more details to my regimen bc doing it exactly seemed to work well for me.first of all, no grains, dairy, red meat, and night shades. The first thing in am take 4 drops of 2% lugols, wait about an hour but if thats too long 30 minutes is fine. The ND inNM said to put the drops in a vegetarian capsule so it goes directly into stomach and not get absorbed before that. Then take 1 enteric probiotic, wait an hour to eat. Eat the regimen I mentioned above and in the afternoon after waiting 2 hours after a meal, take lugols again and then probiotics. Follow this for about 6 days. I did this for a month bc I wanted to kill those pesky bacteria. I truly believe that I got R. Arthritis from bacteria and or viruses. Anyway, about 2 weeks I started adding a few drops every few days and around a month I was up to 10 drops, I just decided to take only in am bc it was cutting into my eating time and I felt it was important to eat to gain weight. After over a month, I stopped taking lugols but I continued taking probiotics everyday and still do. I felt energetic and pain down to 1 to 2.

As for the supplements, I took 2000 mg vitamin c (naturesplus super c) in am and 2000 pm, then I took the inner vitality fulvic/humic acid 2 oz twice daily. I would drink it with my green juice. I juiced twice daily with the most nasty tasting greens ever- dandelion leaves, rainbow chard, kale, beets, red cabbage, cilantro, parsley, celery, ginger, and pineapple (everything organic but if its beyond your budget just soak fruits and veggies in water and baking soda or spray food grade hydrogen owroxide to rid the pesticided). This helped with my inflammation and energy. I also drank 1 tbs of organic extra virgin coconut oil and ev oilce oil 2x's day which improved my dry itchy skin on my face. I'm going to start adding sunflower seed oil and sesame seed oils, too. I took multivitamins(vitamin 75/life essentials)) from the herb store in NM. This multivitamin I took before each meal 3x's daily with food bc it had enzymes and pre/probiotics plus nutrients. because I had low iron I took plants based iron (tonic f and nemia bought at herbal store in NM)) 3 each twice a day. I should take fish oil for onegas but want to try to get it through flax seeds.. I still drank the antibacterial tea twice a day (mentioned above) with raw honey and 1 tsp tumeric 2x's day remember to increase bioavailability need black pepoer and oil with tumeric). Its been over a month and I'm feeling way better. I haven't gained weight but I'm not losing it either so thats a good start.

I did start getting headache after a month of this regimen and wasn't sure what was causing this, so I just cut the supplements in half and stopped the iron. I still feel like the epsom salt cleanse got me back to ground zero and I'm still trying to get myself back again. I've also been having ringing in my ears since the flush but it finally has gone away for 2 days now. Wasn't sure if it was allergies or not and my headache has been gone for about 2 days too. I still sit in sun for 30 minutes everyday. Also look into earthing. go on youtube and type earthing Clint ober. There are cheap ways to ground yourself without spending crazy amount of money on the products. Go on youtube and there are good videos to make cheap grounding mats and cloth for your bed.

I have other issues thats effecting my digestion (ie can't digest nuts and beans) but I'm still doing way better than 2 months ago. I just took some more tests Urinanalysis, iron, vitamin d, thyroid (my first tests indicated hypothyroid but lugols helped greatly with this too), and liver enzymes. Once I get those back next week, ill know how to proceed.

Hope this helps. It's been a long arduous journey and I'm so thankful for earthclinic bc I have used many suggestions from Ted and others that has improved my life. Oh I forgot to add that I sprout my own beans which eliminated lectin and easier absorbability. I've learned how to cook home made meals and don't buy anything without knowing the ingredients.

I'll update my progress on the tests next week. Hope this is more clear and would love to hear your progress..

Sorry for long details but I hope this helps. Stay safe and healthy!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Holly (Toronto, Canada) on 03/07/2017

I'm very thankful for all the almost countless helpful and at times life saving remedies provided hear on Earth Clinic. The Earth Clinic contributors and reader's success stories have been my guiding light in helping to heal me as well as many friends and family members, so I would like to start by saying....Thank you!

I have been visiting this site for years now and have always just spent my time reading and learning and have never posted, until now.
The reason I have finally posted is due to the fact that I simply want to warn people about one simple yet potentially very dangerous thing regarding the "Gall Bladder Cleanse" protocol.

I would highly recommend using lemon juice and NOT Grapefruit Juice if you are on certain medications. The list of medications that interact with Grapefruit juice is staggering and some of the interactions can be very severe, so if you are on a medication and still want to use it then please be sure to check that any medications you are on are actualy safe to take with the Grapefruit juice before starting.

Here is one of many links available showing medications that interact with Grapefruit juice:–drug_interactions#Affected_drugs

Much love and light to all.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Candi (Nashville, Tn) on 06/08/2017

Whoa, not as easy and painless as everyone says. This flush was the equivalent of having a 24 hr stomach virus. Had to hold back the puke all night, spent night on cold bathroom floor, stomach hurt constantly with no relief and had maybe 6 or 7 straight water bm within a 2 hr period. However, the last poo of the morning following the night from hell produced hundreds of green floating balls and 2 large ones maybe an inch across. Not a total fail but you couldn't pay me to do it again.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Melody (Over The Moon) on 06/08/2017

As bad as that 24 hours sounds, surely it beats surgery and the aftermath and the thousands of dollars surgery would cost? Plus, those who have surgery to remove the gallbladder often have health problems that last the rest of the life.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Timh (KY, US) on 08/14/2014 2063 posts

@Renee: Good to hear of your successful gb cleanse!

Excuse me if someone proves me wrong, but I have always believed that one should lie on their left side so the gall can drain directly into the duodenum. That's what's always worked for me anyways. This explains your vomiting as you weren't properly draining (bile and olive oil backed up).

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 01/08/2018

I use malic acid and gold coin grass to dissolve the stones. Natural calm magnesium 2tsp in warm water every day to keep the liver/gallbladder/pancreas ducts open and flowing. It may take a month or so to get relief and it may be an ongoing process if your liver makes big stones. Some people just have this issue, others don't.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 07/31/2017

Dear Mark,

It took me 4 galls bladder flushes over a course of a few months (take at least 2 week breaks between them) to get the largest stones out. I would encourage you to read the stories on the gall bladder flush page. All of them. It will give you ideas for tweaking your procedure and maximizing the results.

While the first flush helped me, I was not symptom free until after the 4th. I now need to do them a couple of times a year. I can tell if I start having a bit of heartburn it is time to do another. (That is a symptom for me in particular, not prescriptive for others.)

~Mama to Many~

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Tony (San Antonio) on 08/01/2017

That is amazing results! Albeit, it was very discomforting for you. Perhaps the number of stones you had in you that needed to pass is why you had such uncomfortable moments. May I suggest drinking apple juice with a bit of apple cider vinegar daily?

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Vandana (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) on 01/28/2012

I tried this method and sure enough there were green pea like structures expelled out the next day. I, in my curiosity wanted to get these things tested. I kept them out to dry and after two days noticed the "stones" decreasing in size, they also exuded an oily stuff. The "stones" turned mushy. There were no remains of the so called stones after another two days. Finally, the picture came to the forefront. This is not expulsion of stones, it is saponification, a process somewhat like soap making. The oil, acid in and the lemon juice react to form those "stones". The epsom salt is a laxative and that is why they are expelled out. How do I otherwise see the olive oil which I drank on my drying dish? I am not at all convinced by this method. Also, how does the lemon juice and olive oil reach or have any effect on the gallbladder so as to push them out? The bile reaches the digestive tract, the food does not go through the liver. Just give it a thought before you do this. I did it and now I am convinced that it has nothing to do with liver cleanse.

Has anyone ever got those "stones" tested in a lab?

If yes, I would like to know about it.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Ann (Sydney, Australia) on 05/29/2016

My grandfather died having gallstone surgery so when my mother found that she had gallstones she was scared. She had a scan done and I saw the scan in the doctor's surgery. There were many gallstones in her gallbladder and also backed up the duct into the liver. The doctor wanted to operate. My mother did not want this and said that she would think about it. The doctor laughed and said ... you will be back!

Well, my mum did the Hulda Clark flush and got many many gallstones out. Green ones, brown ones, black ones, tan ones. Some were hard like rocks. Others like mashed peas. There was also lots of "chaff" ... like grass clippings. She did the flush about 5 times over the next few years and NEVER had to have surgery. No pain or symptoms either.

I have also done the flush and got lots of stones out. You must put an old strainer in the toilet to catch the stones or they will go down the toilet and you won't see them.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the gallbladder flush works.

All the best,


Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Galina (United States) on 07/20/2019

Hi, I was wondering how many flushes one needs to do to get rid of all the gallstones? I did 15 flushes so far and every time lots of stones coming out still. It seems impossible for the gallbladder to fit so many stones in it. Not sure where they are coming from but I still have pain in the gallbladder/liver area. I guess I will keep doing flushes until they're all gone.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 01/10/2018


It took me four flushes before the largest stones came out. One was a similar size to yours.

I did lay on my left side that time.

Also I think using castor oil packs for a few nights including the night of the flush helps my flushes to be more productive.

~Mama to Many~

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Debra (California ) on 03/26/2018

I have been using Fennel or Fenugreek pills with 100mg magnesium lactate. 2x Per day. I also drink close to a gallon of water a day.

I understand Fennel shaves down the stones small enough to pass. I also drink "Buddha Fennel Tea" I have not had any problems at all after being hospitalized in June, 2017. I did not have my GB removed even though it was recommended.

Blessings to all!

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Whisperingsage (Northeastern California, Ca, Usa) on 06/09/2012 45 posts

Vandana; I worried about the same issue- that the green would be the olive oil. So I found someone who had taken just the Apple Cider Vinegar, and I took a quart in 3 days. I had an ultrasound and the smug tech was sure I would have stones (evidently EVERYBODY has stones). But he shut up because the results came out negative. They were gone.

Before that, I had gone on the Atkins cholesterol protocol since I reasoned stones were majorly cholesterol. Part of that I remember was Vitamin E, PABA, Vit B6, inositol, lecithin, taurine, Vit C, niacin 1500 mg, dimethylglycinate (the precursor to Vitamin B15), and a few other things. That protocol alone had me passing hundreds of the small ones first, a beautiful emerald green. As I got those out, they gradually got more painful to pass and larger, and I could pop those out 70% of the time with coffee (I am not a natural coffee drinker, but this was for medicine), sometimes peppermint and sometimes I had to resort to the vinegar. Finally, I just had large ones left and I wanted to be rid of them all and be done with it, so bypassing the oil, and epsom salts, I just held my nose and drank the vinegar in fairly large doses. That got the rest of them out. That was when I had the ultrasound and was negative.

By the way, apple juice never helped me. I think I have a fructose sensitivity and the high fructose in the apples, just kept my liver making stones.

Nobody has said this, but look up fructose rats and you will find there are dozens of studies showing fructose cause triglyceride abnormalities, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, enlarged heart and congestive heart failure, and fatty liver disease, and finally gall stones. Fructose is very bad for your liver.

Gallbladder Flush
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 08/08/2017

Dear Gigi,

I am glad you are going up with your health and weight, it sounds like.

Gall bladder flushes are pretty hard on the system. Given your still recovering health, perhaps you should consider some more gentle options for now. I find I lose several pounds in the day or so after a flush. (I think it is mostly from dehydration from the flush, and they come back pretty quickly, but given your low weight, I would be concerned about that for you.)

Castor oil packs over the liver/gall bladder area may be of help to both the liver and the gall bladder. I have found them to be very helpful for gall bladder pain when a flush was not possible.

You could consider the herb Chanca Piedra (Stone Breaker) to try and reduce/dissolve stones without a flush.

Milk thistle or or dandelion supplements might be an option to help to the liver. (If your bilirubin is on the high side, I am thinking your liver needs some assistance.)

I hope one of these things will help you on your continuing health journey, here.

~Mama to Many~

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