Natural Remedies for Gallstones


Posted by Whisperingsage (Ca) on 02/08/2017 42 posts
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I am well acquainted with gallstones and the flush. I have one comment on " eating cleanly" as referenced above. Low fat diets and fasting, skipping meals are causes of gallstones. The gallbladders main job is to emulsify fats. A normal happy gallbladder squirts out a quart a day if bile. If it doesn't get the chance to do that, it concentrates and forms stones.

I learned over multiple times of the flush that something in my physiology was forming them faster and the flush was pretty exhausting. Finally I tried MSM after listening to a Mercola interview with Dr Stephanie Seneff on sulfur. That was the one nutrient I hadn't been sure to get. MSM combined with TMG ( a glyphosate detox nutrient made from beets) pretty much cured my gallstones and chronic 13 year diarrhea ( which originated from retaking childhood vaccines to get into nursing school, expensive mistake). I do have to be careful to stay on those as otherwise they come back quickly. I have also helped two people with gallstones, my husband one of them, and MSM worked within an hour.

Also, I had learned coffee is a gall bladder stimulator, and pops stones out 75% of the time and cumin is also a gallbladder stimulator. That's what I looked for, things that would cause it to squeeze. Not making it squeeze out ( low fat diets) will just leave old bile to concentrate.

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How do you use cumin or coffee to stimulate gallbladder contractions? Also, what amounts of MSM and other supplements did you take?

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Carolyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/10/2015
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About 3 months ago I started getting reflux off and on. 2 weeks ago I came down with a heavy cold, and about 6 days ago the reflux got really bad and I also had gallbladder pain. I have had gall bladder pain before, several years ago and cured it then with a liver diet, and grapefruit juice and olive oil.

With a bad cold, reflux and gall bladder pain I decided that my first line of attack needed to be my cold.

About 4 days ago I got serious with the cold cure- cod liver oil- 1 desert spoon full, Rose Hip Vital- 3 capsules, colloidal silver- 1 dessertspoon full and olive leaf extract- 1 dessertspoon full. I did this about 4 times per day, away from food.

In between, I also took about a desert spoon full of casa casa seeds in water about 3 times per day. They are a special type of poppy seed that I get from the Indian grocery store. You put them in water and they go gluggy and expand. After 2 days of this treatment my cold was quite a bit better as I had expected....but the funny thing is that my reflux and gall bladder pain has COMPLETELY disappeared!

I don't know what did it, but knowing how difficult to treat and common reflux and gall bladder problems are, I would say this cure is worth pursuing for anyone in pain and discomfort.

Posted by Gbear (N. Calif., US) on 03/12/2015
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In a emergency short of ER, if there are stones stuck in the duct, I have used 1200mgs., (milligrams), of Magnesium Citrate which relaxes the opening to pass the stones. A Harvard study & Amer.Journal of Epidemiology showed "5 or more units of nuts per week (frequent consumption) had a significantly lower risk of gallstones". Juicing beets with tops is good maintenance as is 2-3 Tbsps. of lecithin granules daily with meals. Digestive enzymes are good before meals & less expensive is a spoon of sauerkraut with meals, homemade is easy.

An 'old' simple remedy I've used is to cut up a whole lemon including the rind/skin, add 1-2Tbsps. olive oil, 2-3 cloves of garlic, in a blender, & blend till milky & smooth. May add water to thin. Strain through a wire mesh & drink. Stay away from foods that aggravate stone production. Add to the diet burdock root, parsley, milk thistle dried as tea or pick the entire plant if grows locally, clean & lightly steam for vegie use. Eat more fiber & apples are good for the pectin & malic acid. Don't forget daily 'clean' water. Make magnesium chloride solution, NOT epsom salts, from Dead Sea salts or equivalent.Take 1/2 cup boiled RO or distilled water & dissolve 1/2 cup mag. chloride salts in the water.Stir until clear, store in a mason jar. Apply, when cooled, to gallbladder area when feeling stone probs. This solution may be diluted with water if it stings the tender skin areas & can be used on other painful body parts to relieve pain. It may also be placed in a spray bottle for easy application. Sometimes there are problems absorbing calcium which boron helps with, low dose, in a 'general' mineral supplement. Keeping the body alkaline avoids using the body's own bone minerals to buffer acids, which contribute to stone formation.

Posted by Gbgirl (Tabernash, Co) on 05/07/2013
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Most of the large visible "stones" from these olive oil flushes have been proven to be saponified fat from ingesting all that olive oil; it's likely smaller, actual gall stones could be flushed out too, but my N.D. warned me these flushes could be very dangerous for people with stones experiencing attacks as they trigger the spasming of the GB and could cause stones to release and become stuck. She advised me to eat an 80% pesco-vegan diet, and take peppermint, vit. C, fish oil, and lecithin capsules 3x daily to help prevent, soften, and dissolve stones. Also to reduce or cut alcohol intake, and drink LOTS of water to keep bile flow moving. So far I have been attack-free for 3 months, only some twinges now and then when I am stressed, dehydrated, or not eating well.

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Hi. I'm afraid the liver does not have the power to saponification fats of anything else for that matter. If you look into this thoroughly you'll find it was falsified research. Flushes are safe and effective but as with anything must be done properly and to a proven protocol.

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HI U JENNIE,,,,,,,,,,,,, since I's SJS, what did you just say? Did you say that liver flushes are good or bad.

We do liver flushes a couple of times a year per Hulda Clark's protocol. Are you telling us that we are pissin up a rope?


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Actually they are false, flushes do not work. A lady went in to hospital and had her 'stones' checked when she carried on having pain and they melted when heat was applied. Flushes are dangerous and left many in emergency surgery.

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Of course gallstones would melt if heat was applied. Most "stones" are not made from mineral, they are chunks or balls of cholesterol. Cholesterol is wax. Wax melts when heated. However, I myself did pass a handful of these things and there was a sort of tough grayish-white possibly mineral skin around them. How would a flush cause THAT?

The following statement is from the Mayo Clinic:

"The most common type of gallstone, called a cholesterol gallstone, often appears yellow in color. These gallstones are composed mainly of undissolved cholesterol, but may contain other components. Pigment gallstones. These dark brown or black stones form when your bile contains too much bilirubin."

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Posted by Tanya (Hailey, Id) on 09/30/2009
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I suffered unusual pain in my upper right abdomen and just thought about it for 36 hours wondering what it could be. Remembering my mom's problems with her gallbladder, I thought I'd try her sworn remedy. I purchased some ground mustard and opened it in the car to take some - about 1/4 teaspoon using the foil top as a spoon.. Got home, drank a ton of water! Craving my homemade white bean, tomato, corn soup and wanting more of the mustard in a palatable form, I dumped 1 tsp in each of 2 good bowls of the soup. I also bought a bunch of organic cherry tomatoes I was craving. I ate it wondering if I ate too much.. Then took a hot bath, dressed up really warm, sweating everywhere, put a magnet on my side, went to bed and woke up pain-free. Completely. I am surprised I had this issue because I try hard to listen to my body but I read that my diet may have contributed to it - and severe stress. "Thank you mom!" (June 1923- October 2008)

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Posted by Anne (Ny) on 02/18/2014

I came across this site in a search for natural gallstone remedies. Last week I had intense bloating and a trapped gas feeling that would last a few hours then subside. I went to see my doc and he sent me to the ER as a precaution. They did blood tests and said I had mild pancreatitis :( They did an ultrasound and they said I had a small stone or a couple of small stones in my gall bladder. Right away they were talking about taking it out and I said NO WAY. They also wanted to to an MRCP to see if there was a stone or stones in the bile duct. My amylase and lipase were high upon arrival, but overnight, with nothing by mouth, not even water, my numbers dropped a thousand or more points. I graduated to liquids ( I was admitted ) and put on IV fluid with potassium and magnesium. Next day there, numbers within normal range ( higher end ) and I was put on solid but low fat food. I went to ER late friday afternoon and came home Tuesday around same time, by that day my numbers were normal range. While in the hospital, a Facebook friend told me about lemon juice and olive oil and I started researching. While there I requested apple juice and lemon wedeges and I age them. I think it helped. Since I am home, I am doing lemon juice and olive oil every day, so far so good. But I am wondering if the mild pancreatitis was not due to long term, but intermittent Immodium use because of irritable bowl, as certain foods seem to go right through me. Lately they seem to be finding a connection between Immodium and pancreatitis, so I don't know. Any thoughts on me trying the full cleanse ? I have yet to try ACV, but am going to go get some. I am drinking organic apple juice now. They say pears are good and if you look at pears, they are shaped like a gall bladder and are green. Many foods look like the organ they are good for. I was so shocked by the attack, but it seems more and more younger people are getting gallstones these days. All the hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup and crap in our water. I felt much better and never felt acidic when I was on a lower carb diet, I have to go back to that too.

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Anne. Thanks for your informative post as it will likely help others in similar situation. If I may, along w/ your current rx, triple strength lecithin plus a combination of root of Burdock - Dandelion - Yellowdock will help considerably. This combo will increase the soluability of the fats while simultaneously increase the flow of bile (much like the lemon). As for the mild infection in the pancreas, I would recommend Oregano Oil softgels during meals.

Posted by Kk (Seattle, WA) on 07/01/2012
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Have to post this! I am doing liver flush by H. Clark. I could not follow exactly how she recommended it like lye doing right after taking olive oil/lemon juice. I was up for about 4 hrs afterward because had a lot to do. This liver pain I had for months is something that worries me a lot, it is mild but annoying (have to say my USS liver was negative for stones or anything abnormal). I learned about liver flush and decided to proceed after antiparasitic treatment. This am I had bright green irregular shape forms come out, hard to touch, but smashable with gloved fingers. They were wax like texture. Green hard wax! They would not desolve in water, if to press them against sink surface they would stick to it and not get flushed with water. Such odd and ugly stuff! Looks like they were about to form into stones.

I have to follow instructions next time and get more of this out. Highly recommended!

thanks to this website, I would never get to this on my own

Posted by Elisha (Manila, Philippines) on 06/27/2008
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I was diagnosed with "Focal Caliectasia" in my right kidney via ultra sound 4 years ago. Per doctor's recommendation, I need to undergo further IV xray which I did not follow because of fear. I just leave it as is.

After reading EarthClinic several times, I decided to take 2oz of olive oil and 2oz of lemon juice and followed by 500 ml of water for the kidney cleanse regimen two weeks ago. I'm not aware if anything came out when I urinate but one thing for sure when I have my bowel movement I saw something floated. I took the same regimen last night and again something floated. This time, I used chopstick to pick them one by one and I was surprised to see green gallstones.

I did not take any apple juice nor epson salt. I took my normal breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfast - Old Fashion Oats with walnuts and almonds, Soy Coffee and Strawberry Jam Sandwich
Lunch - 1/4 Roast Chicken (Remove the skin) with one cup of White Rice and kelp with tofu soup
Snacks - Cinnamon Sweet Potato Crisps and Tien Chi Flower Tea
Dinner - Steamed sliced Lapu-lapu (grouper fish in the Philippines) with 1/2 cup Brown Rice and stir fry mustard with ground ginger & few drops of sesame oil.

I guess it all depends on the condition of your body that's why these gallstone came out with 2oz of olive oil and 2oz of freshly squeeze lemon juice.

EC: Read all about the olive oil and lemon juice remedy here.

Replied by Monika
Lawrence, Ks

The reason why it is important to take the apple juice for a week or so before the cleanse is because it contains malic acid, which softens the stones. Last thing you want is to pass a non-soft stone. Also traditionally the Olive oil/lemon mixture is done after several servings of either epsom salt, or in my case Magnesium Citrate to clean you out. Good luck.

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, Dietary Changes

Posted by Dan (Hollywood, Fl, U.S.A.) on 09/04/2010
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I have been flushing my gallbladder on occasion for the last approximately 18 years simply using 10-12 ounces of olive oil taken a few ounces every 15 minutes followed by a sip of lemon juice.

I am a 52 year-old male, 6 ft. Tall, 150 pounds. I have been a Vegan for 27 years, eating a mostly raw food diet. Yet, I still get a gallbladder full of
Gallstones periodically (twice in the last 4 years.) I had always attributed this to occasionally eating foods cooked in oil or roasted nuts, as these indulgences would result in either a gallbladder attack or extreme discomfort. However, everything I have been reading says that these green wax-like stones are comprised mainly of cholesterol which my girlfriend informed me only comes from animal products. Therefore my experience tells me that the cholesterol theory may be incomplete. In my search to eliminate gallstone producing fats from my diet I stopped eating "raw" cashews because they are heated in the shelling process and so are actually not raw. Does anyone have any ideas on why non-cholesterol eating people get gallstones?

Replied by Kimberly
Minneapolis, Mn

Hi Dan. Just to let you know, the cholesterol in your gall bladder and gallstones is produced in your own liver. It is not the cholesterol that we may or may not choose to ingest.


Posted by Nicole (Geneva, Switzerland) on 03/11/2009
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tomato juice garlic cayenne pepper and lemon juice cured my sinuses

2 Bunches of fresh Parsley

Boil 2 bunches of Fresh Parsley into 1 litre of Water and drink during the day. Add whatever you like to make it go down in a more pleasant way. I like lemon for example. The most important with Gallstone is to dring a MINIMUM of 2 litres of water a day.

The parsley tea can be boiled and drunken cold or hot.

Replied by Erika
Oakland, Ca

Just so women know, parsley tea will often bring on menses in a non-preganant woman if she is late on her cycle for stress or hormonal reasons. So be aware the while the tea may help your gall bladder, it may also bring an early or unexpected menstrual period.


Posted by Molly (Qualicum, Bc Canada) on 11/10/2011
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I read Andreas Moritz book on the "Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush". It is an excellent tool to help get rid of stones. Lately I found the enteric coated peppermint capsules have almost been a miracle. They are supposed to help dissolve the stones, plus the pain is gone within about 15 minutes. You have to take them in between meals on an empty stomach. Sometimes I just take them in the middle of the night if I wake up. Gold Coin Grass tincture helps (available from SensibleHealth. Com) and some of their other tinctures help clear the congested bile. Another good site is

Produce Bile

Posted by Susan (Denver, Co) on 10/07/2011



Posted by Bhop (Ireland) on 12/08/2015
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I've had recurring Gallstones for about 5 years and have tried all the home remedies repeatedly. The only thing that seemed to work was the standard flush everybody recommends, but it's time consuming and uncomfortable. I read somewhere that Radish Juice had an affect on disolving bile so I bought a couple of bags of Radishes and ate them. The pain has lessened considerably and I can sit more comfortably and breathe deeply again for the first time in quite awhile. I don't know if eating Radishes will completely clear out the stones but I'm delighted with the improvement so far. Hope this helps others. Good Luck.

Replied by Timh
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B: If you have a chronic gallstone case, then it is most likely you also have liver disease. An herbal combination of Milk thistle/Dandelion/Artichoke will provide the antioxidant protection plus increased bile flow.

It would be wise to have some diagnostics done by a pysician as Hepeaitus is also likely.

Lots of great info & help at

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Pam (Colorado, US) on 02/17/2015

I just tried Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for my Gall Stone attack. I remember I had one years ago and did a cleanse with cucumbers and such. I juice fast regularly and eat healthy - until the last few months. I started eating out and now paying the price. I've drank the ACV with organic apple juice and a little water. About 3 TBS of ACV. Feeling relief right away! I've used ACV to help with so many things! Please MAKE SURE you use the raw, organic ACV or you will get sick. I promise - you'll get sick.

Soluble Fiber

Posted by Rei (Venice, Fl, Usa) on 03/19/2013

Stevenson & Carole: I found a very interesting website and hope you'll have some time to take a look. It's a journey that one man took to save his gallbladder as well. While he has not had a follow up scan, he states that he is completely symptom free. I may incorporate some of his suggestions while keeping up with my bean consumption.

I don't know about how you both handled this, but I'm finding it extremely hard to eat anything more than these beans! Other than my morning coffee and cream which I absolutely can not give up. That is my drug of choice! I grind my beans every morning and when I want true decedance, I enjoy my cream and espresso's with my Nespresso machine. Granted, I cut my consuption down to 2 cups a day, but I refuse to give it up. :-)

Carole, I'm a bit concerned about the tamarind. Although I actually have tamarind paste in my pantry as I type, I did a very brief search and found that while it helps the liver, it is not so good for one that has gallstone issues. Here are 2 links that I stumbled across. Perhaps I'm reading it incorrectly? &

I did however come across some unnerving info in regards to legumes and gallbladder, which I would like some input/opinioins. I will continue this regimen knowing what Stevenson has experienced, but still somewhat concerned.

Let me know what you think...

Thanks, Rei :-)

Replied by Stevenson
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Rei, thanks for your info. I will read the links you posted tonight, but don't be discouraged. I have read so many pages about all the things we should not eat as they will give us more problems with gallstones etc etc and I just decided that I don't want to restrict myself that way. I should be able to eat healthy food and not just cut away everything that seems ok to eat. By stumbling on the legumes regime, it made the most sense to me and has worked wonders that I could have never imagined for my body. The results speak for themselves.

As far as having a hard time eating more than the beans, well, I just mixed my veges, fruit etc in the bean portions so when I had the six times a day beans, it also included everything else I needed, so I was just fine. It takes a little bit of discipline, but not much. Every other day, I had a little oats with blueberries as well, as I was already full from my bean dishes.

Replied by Carole
Bury Village, West Sussex,, England

You have certainly posted a lot of relevant information which I have only had time to quickly scan. I will read more thoroughly at the weekend. Some of the information is completely at odds with other comments I have read.

As to tamarind.... it was posted here and when I looked it was good for 'gallbladder disorders' and also for lowering cholesterol.

I settled get confuddled by all the information.

As to eating the beans.... I find it hard to eat the six portions spread throughout the day.... Which is complete contradiction to the protocol I had just started.... Trying to reduce the number of smaller meals to 'encourage the gallbladder to fill completely between meals.

As to coffee.... consumption of moderate amounts of coffee (weith or without caffeine) and/or other herbs that promote bile flow.

I will comment further when I have read all your postings... thank you.

Gallby has done exceptionally well! Wish he had the scan though.

p.s. Having problems typing this up - not sure what will appear?

Replied by Stevenson
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Rei, thanks again for the links you posted. My scan is April 8, so lets see what it shows and then go from there I guess. Dr. Oz this week talked about soluble fiber and just how important it is for us and my case confirms this too. He mentioned I think it was one week a month to go a week with as much soluble fiber as you can, so he must know something those links you posted perhaps missed?

The internet can drive me nuts sometimes as there will always be someone somewhere bashing everything that is healthy for us, so I do my best to try and keep an open mind and use good reason and go from there.

Replied by Rei
Venice, Fl, Usa

Stevenson & Carole,

It's been a quite some time since I've been here. I was doing well on the bean protocol, but fell off the bandwagon about 2 weeks ago. Here in the US it's "tax time", so my schedule has been ridiculous to say the least (I am a bookkeeper w/several clients). Today is the deadline, and I just remembered to file for myself!

Although I fell off schedule, I have managed to have beans every day. I've cleaned up my diet pretty well, adding tons of fresh raw veggies, Quinoa, and I have had very little animal products. In the last month, I've had a 2 meals with actual animal meat, per se. I had a few shrimp one night and some chicken another. Up until this weekend, I have felt complete relief of any nagging pain and discomfort. Then came the pizza, with all the cheese and fat. I paid dearly for that move. Obviously I need to get back on the bean protocol full force. It's a shame really, had I stuck with it completely I would be in the last segment of it.

Carole, how are you doing with things? Any noteable changes for you?

Stevenson, did you get your results back from the scan?

I've added raw beets to my food intake yesterday, after that horrid attack. Perhaps that will help me as well. Who knows...

Replied by Carole
Bury Village, West Sussex,, U.k.

Hi Rei! My gb area seems fine.... If you see my post re heartburn you will see I have now started a different set of problems! ?!

I did 5 weeks of the high legume protocol and don't know if that has contributed to the heartburn problem as legumes are acidic ? So having a week off from lots of beans and then will have another go. Was waiting to hear from Stevenson- see how things went with the scan.

I didn't really get any useful feedback from Karen Hurd.... whether there is any evidence of the legume therapy actually working.

The only thing I can say from your post.... At least you know that you can do better! And what foods still create problems!

I'll let you know what my gb surgeon says after Friday. I really want to keep the gb. Sadly I was turned down for the Chinese surgery because of my wonky thyroid issues. My U. K. Surgeon says he can perform surgery to remove the stone.... But doesn't recommend it because of the increased risk of bile leakage!

I don't know some days..... what else is there to try?

Take care.