Natural Gallstone Remedies

Banana Stems  

Posted by Suji (Kerala, India) on 10/27/2013

Banana Stem (available in Indian stores) is a great remedy for gallstones. Can be eaten raw or cooked. If eating raw, slice it thin and eat it. Remove the fibery stuff that comes when you slice.

Calamansi (Citrus Fruit)  

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Posted by Raymond Michael (Metro Manila, Philippines) on 07/21/2016
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I've tried gallbladder flushing before and yes it was effective. now I've discovered something easier, faster & cheaper. take one glass of hot water with 1 spoon of calamansi (small citrus fruit) which is abundant in my country or lemon, whatever is available in your country before going to sleep. the following day you will pass it melted. You will see it semi-liquid and dark green in color. Do it once or every other week. Keep healthy everyone :)

Replied by Rosette

Can we do this every day if there was a gall stone?

Castor Oil Packs  

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Posted by Connie (Houston, Texas) on 05/25/2012
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My husband was rushed to the ER with extreme pain and said it was as severe a pain as a kidney stone he passed eight years earlier. A CT scan showed many gallstones, some too large to ever pass, and much inflammation. While existing on pain meds while waiting until Monday ( on a week-end of course) to see his doctor we remembered hearing about castor oil packs especially for gallbladder attacks. We got online and got instructions. He had three in two days and the pain had begun to fade by the end of the first treatment. No more pain and he followed up with another remedy: a daily glass of natural apple juice (the kind you can't see through) and a spoonful of virgin olive oil for a month. This happened in July 2009 and two physical exams since then have shown no problem at all. Hurray!

Chanca Piedra  

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Posted by Oska (Uk) on 02/11/2017
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Hello my fellow suffers, I was experience pain at the same time night every few weeks a dull ache and pain nausea and low fever that lasted several hours but in the morning nothing like it was a bad dream. when to the doc who couldn't work out what it was after seeing 3 different ones who kept saying it as acid and prescribed me proton pump inhibitors which reduce acid and bile production, which I never took as I told them I did not suffer from indigestion or acid reflux, im not overweight generally eat healthy and exercise regularly male mid 40 so may be they didn't suspect anything? Then 3 months later had a gallstone attack freighting experience I thought I was going to meet my creator went to A&E did all the usual checks next day felt better so was being discharged when a senior indian nurse said do you have gallstones? didn't know anything about them so did research on line and as soon as read the symptom's BANG in knew it was gallstones, Doc arrange a scan which confirmed I had one 11mm stone and several others. Since the attack taking the apple cider vinegar apple juice and lemon milk thistle turmeric with a bit more healthy fresh fruit and veg no pain at night and 1 or 2 small attack's months apart felling 90% better and a lot fitter but have a slight soreness on my right side and gallbladder that wont completely go away, no matter what I take. After the docs found out they where gallstones they effectively would not offer me any treatment or medication other than removal of the gallbladder which im trying my very best to avoid, iv had a discussion with a particular doc twice and he says gallbladder is not needed and its a great operation to remove it and they will just keep coming back I keep saying to him why would I have this organ if was never needed in the first place? So I was getting a despondent with the situation of constant soreness and interment low pain after 5 months of ACV and lemon grapefruit ect the gallstones where still there presumable as docs wont do a second scan said the soreness is due to gallstone inflamtion I have NOT tried a the lemon and olive oil flush as it doesn't make sense to me as people have reported passing hundreds of stones some 1 to 3 inches in there stools how when the cystic duct is only 5 to 9 mm in diameter on average? Then I took CHANCA PIEDRA non alcoholic Tincture they recommend 5 to 10 drops twice a day in warm water I took 2 drops to test it, that night had a gallstone attack not a bad one but I passed a stone which I felt, I increased the dosage gradually increased to 5/7 drops over the next few days and when sleeping at night on my back felt what could only described as a train of stones or sludge moving down the cystic duct I am still passing them every now and again but the soreness hasten completely gone but do feel better. The CHANCA PIEDRA TEA is better for kidney stones and has the effect of lowering you blood pressure more than the Tincture dose.

Conclusion CHANCA PIEDRA REALY WORKS, however I would cleanse your body for at least a month before you take it. No alcohol which is probably the biggest cause of gallstones plenty of AVC lemon apple ect as you need to be in a position where your gallbladder and internals are healthy and can take the stones passing. Chanca Piedra works by increasing your bile flow and opening your ducts nobody really knows how it works it just dose God knows best, I don't know how many stones I've passed until I have a scan which I'm working on as the doc won't do it and is waiting for me with a scalpel in his hand so will update you. Be Gentle and Patient with your body it takes years sometimes to form gallstones so I can take time to heal Good Luck.

Posted by Ricoh (Manila, Philippines) on 05/20/2015
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Good day everybody. I want to ask are there any herbs beside chanca piedra which has the ability to dissolve large gallstone?? I am very fortunate that there are many CP plant here in my place but the problem is, I have a low blood pressure & that is the reason why I cannot take CP decoction any further because CP is known to lower blood pressure. after 4 days of taking chanca piedra decoction, I can really feel that the stones are moving inside my liver but the problem is, I'm starting to feel nausea, difficulty in breathing, feeling loss of balance when I'm standing for a few minutes etc etc all which is a sign of extreme low blood pressure so I decided to stop taking CP tea. but my other problem now is, I'm not feeling good in my right chest area as if there's a blockage that needs to be released. maybe that stones that is being moved by CP is causing the blockage and maybe if I could only take CP, it will push the stones maybe outside the liver but I just can't take CP anymore because my blood pressure is 90/60. so please help me and give me advice on what to do next. is it true that holy basil has also the ability to dissolve gallstone because I've read somewhere in this website that it is also effective in dissolving gallstone and I have a holy basil in my garden.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Ricoh,

I have seen Holy Basil mentioned in treating kidney stones. And some herbs will treat both. It seems worth a try since you have it in your garden!

Herbalist Philip Fritchie lists Butcher's Broom and Cascara Sagrada as being lithotriptic (stone dissolving) specifically for gallstones.

Cascara Sagrada can have quite the laxative effect, though. When I have taken it, I have taken it with ginger and and fennel. But still, start small with this herb.

Butcher's Broom I have taken alone for varicose veins and it never gave me any trouble.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lottiecandy

I just bought some chanca piedra since I am feeling some pain under my right breastbone.. it's 500 mg per capsule. I am currently taking 3 caps a day.. do you think that's enough to dissolve the stones?? how many a day is recommended? Please advise. thanks

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

This is excellent !!!

also...A-F betafood, by standard process is amazing for gallbladder health, sold mostly through chiro and N.D.s, helps digestion immensely, I have used it daily since 2010. Amazon sells it, read reviews, kinda spendy

Posted by Carole (Bury Village, West Sussex, England) on 02/17/2013
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An update on my situation. I have just had another scan which shows that the only change in my gallstone is that it has got bigger! It is now measuring 3.1cms. For the past three months I have been on an intensive protocol to help dissolve? break up the stone? However.... There has been no indication that the herbs have done anything! I have been using Gold Coin Grass as a tea and also a tincture. I have also been using Chanca Piedra as a tincture and also a tea and have just started a herbal supplement. Other things to help the situation.... Drinking lots of chamomile tea/lemon juice (helps to dissolve gallstones); dandelion coffee/beetroot (helps improve bile flow). Tamarind for gallbladder support.

Has anybody actually had any success with dissolving large gallstones using herbs? And how much of anything does one need to take for it to be effective. The Chanca Piedra (for instance) suggests just one 500mg capsule per day.

I did do one gb/liver flush a few weeks' ago and it was fine and the discomfort was better for a little while. However, I keep being advised not to attempt any flushes with such a large stone. Surgery would seem to be my only option.... which is sad when I have put so much effort into trying to keep the gb.

I'd appreciate any help.

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Hi Carole, I know that the liver flush removes g/stones, because I have done it numeruos times & it is quick & no fuss, just 2 days, Hulda Clarks method is simple & it works.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Carole: Is your GS a Calcium, Cholesterol, or mixed??? I have done several gb flushes over the yrs with many small and medium sized, but it was only about a yr ago I did a flush and passed a few small stones and one as large or larger than your 3cm. I was somewhat shocked at the size and that I had successfully passed it. It appeared to be mostly cholesterol but could have had some calcium, although I didn't closely examine. I don't do the passive method of simply laying down on the left side. I take a roll of toilet tissue (a few minutes fallowing the oil/lemon drink) place it directly over the gb, pull my thigh over the tissue, and squeeze quite hard (with help from hands n arms); wait a few minutes and repeat a few times. This active method literally "forces" the stone to pass.

Try this method in the early morning, and if in a rare occasion the stone gets stuck in the bile duct, you can make a quick dash to the emergency medical clinic for removal.

Replied by Carole
Bury Village, West Sussex,, England

Blimey Timh - you're brave! However, this is just the sort of support I need! People who have actually passed large stones. I am told mine is calcified. I am sure if it was cholesterol - then with the protocol I have been on - it would have changed.

I have been using beetroot; dandelion coffee; lecithin granules; tamarind; milk thistle; lemon juice; peppermint oil; chanca piedra; gold coin grass; chamomile..... All can dissolve calcified gallstones!

I just wonder if I need to be on higher doses? My CP capsules says one 50mg a day. However, an earlier post from Bill suggests 100mg x 3 times a day! A big difference. I'll have a talk through options with the herbalist/acupuncturist tomorrow. However, it is this lady who is cautioning me against flushing with such a large stone!

I won't give up yet. Thanks for your input.


Replied by Shawna

Hi Carole,

I know your post is old, however what was your outcome? Did you have surgery? I've been doing everything you're doing since January 2015, I haven't had a cleanse yet to remove stones but taking all the same as you listed plus more to increase liver bile. I have a large stone over 2 cm plus smaller. I see a Alternative Health Dr as well. She wanted prepare my body before attempting a flush. I'm worried for stone to get stuck. Bile duct is normal no issues, gallbladder inflammation was .06 in January last week down to .02. Now I'm worried all the expenses to go natural vs surgery. I hate thought surgery but what point do people just do it? I cannot drink a lot of apple juice it gave me full body over load of yeast, so Malic Acid tablet plus eat pears and apples. So any other great cleanses without drinking Apple juice week before or day of would be appreciated. Thanks Everyone

Replied by Jeanette

Hi Carole,

I'm in the same boat as you. Scanned proof of a 2.5 cm stone in my gall bladder. I have been searching for ways to remove it and have also been advise not to do a flush, as the stone is too big. I'm now basically vegan and taking liberal amounts of apple cider vinegar and apple juice. also been told fragrant herbs in cooking is good along with tea's such as peppermint and dandelion. My search about chanca piedra brought me here. I am very interested to hear your experience and others also.

Replied by Bee
New York

Hi Jeanette. Gallstones

I will share a story with you..I was having really bad pain in my gallbladder so assuming they were stones.. I like you did not want to do a whole flush so instead I did the apple juice in the ACV and also lemons.. Then I drank two or three cups of the chanca piedra tea maybe every two days.. Well I have been eliminating stones; a lot of stones.. large ones that I couldn't believe and small ones.. I must have had over 100 stones;maybe more.. The pain now is down to a one from over a ten ... I believe the stone breaker tea (chanca piedra) really does break up the stones and the ACV and apple juice loosens up the stones.. I am shocked myself that this really works.. I got the tea from Amazon or Sunfoods sells it also..

Replied by Maz.

Could you please tell me which brand you bought?

Posted by D. Jones (Seaford De, De) on 05/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to say that I have been using Chanca Piedra for 2 years and it should be the first option in my opinion. I have used high doses of vit C as well as Chanca Piedra, lethicin, and magnesium for gallstones. I tried many things but Chanca and vit C would be my first move as well as lethicin and magnesium. Also I started to lessen the chanca after some time and added biotin and fenugreek which is good for diabetes as well. Of course a healthy diet and lower fat intake is a must. Having gone through the attacks and what I call the heats, I wouldn't be without the Chanca and C. It took me 6 months to find out about these supplements and I hate to see someone else suffer needlessly. I used the 400 mg of Chanca 3x's a day till relief then cut back to once a day, maybe 2 if I had any fatty meal or snacks, I love walnuts. And I started out at 1000 mg of C 3x's a day, probably could take more. Somebody advised me on the C and I believe that to be a huge help too. Taurine is something to look into as well. Hope this helps someone as well, the cleansing did not help me so this was a blessing when I got this info.

Replied by Wyandotte

Hi. I have heard about chanca piedra being quite effective for gallstones. However, no one tells you what type of gallstone it will dissolve. Do they mean the calcified kind, or the cholesterol kind of gallstone? Thanks.

Replied by Bee
New York

Hi Wyandatte. (Canada)

I had tons of gallstones.. I have no idea which kind they were but they were very painful.. I first did the apple cidar vinegar and apple juice to loosen them up and then drank a few cups of the chanca piedra tea most days.. I expelled some huge stones .. I couldn't believe how big they were.. I expelled lots of broken up stones..and small stones.. all kinds of stones and some other weird stuff lol...Anyway; its been three months and my pain as of today is either a one or not here at all.... I don't know if calcified stones pass through but at that point I didn't care. I was willing to take the chance and get these painful stones out...

Replied by La

Ok when you say expelled do you mean peed them out? I have just started the same regime as you for gallstones and I'm curious, thanks!

Posted by L.m. (Redding, California) on 04/06/2011

Several years ago I had an ultrsound done and they found that I have four large gallstones about 2cm in size. Of course my doctor wanted me to have my gallbladder taken out but I would not consent. Over the years I have done numerous liver/gallbladder flushes but these gallstones are to big to flush. I would like to dissolve them and I want to find out what the best formula for doing this is. I am not only interested in the formula/substance but also want to know the science behind how it works.

A friend of mine who is into natural remidies recomended a South American herb called Chanca Piedra which he said translates as "break stone. " I can't find any dosage information or instructions on the most effective way to use it. I have made tea with it but am considering putting it into capsules. If you have information regarding this herb and the most effective way to take it I would be interested. I am also interested if you know of any other substance that would dissolve these monster stones I have.

Sincerely, L.M.

Replied by Celt33
Toronto, On, Canada
5 out of 5 stars

L. M. I have been using the Chanca Piedra from AOR for about 2 weeks now and about 90% of the symptoms are gone. I take one capsule 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

Chanca Piedra, is Phylanthus Niruri. It is the stonebreaker.

The annual herb Phyllanthus niruri is best known by the common names Stonebreaker(Eng. ), Chanca Piedra(Sp. ) and Quebra Pedra(Port. ), Seed-Under-Leaf(Eng. ) but has many other common names in assorted languages, including dukong anak, dukong-dukong anak, amin buah, rami buah, turi hutan, bhuiaonla, Meniran (Indonesia), (Malayalam) and / Keela Nelli (Tamil). The herb is known as Nela Nelli in Kannada and "Nela Usiri" in Telugu. It is a widespread tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas. It is a relative of the spurges, belonging to the leafflower genus of Family Phyllanthaceae.

I should say about this herb. Phylanthus Niruri, used to grow in abundance around my house in India. I used to pluck and eat it just like that during my childhood.

This is the top most potent herb for liver than Milk Thistle or any other herb. It is used in Unani, Ayurvedha, Siddha herbal medical system for more than 5000 years. If possible, you can contact any Indian herbal practitioner for accurate dosage.

Himalaya company also sells P. Niruri capsules. You can follow their dosage.

You can start with 2 capsules per day. If you want to be very safe then eat 2 tsp of chywanprash which contains Phylanthus Niruri (chanca piedra) and many other herb for your whole body.

One more info, Phylanthus Niruri is extremely potent and Heat(in ayurvedic and Siddha theory)Producing herb, so don't over use it. EC, pls don't mention this as a side effect because there will be no side effect by using this herb other than it is heat producing.

*Heat is the body's fire - Pitta (fire/water)

Even I am going to start eating this herb occassionaly for general health.

Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Laverne
Abilene, Tx
5 out of 5 stars

It works. Softens stones to pass them .

Replied by Saifee

Exact measurements and how is it to be taken?

Replied by Kyle

So what are the measurements of the combination?

Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Apple Juice  

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Posted by Can (Edirne) on 02/06/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Mix cinnamon-cloves-ginger and apple juice in a glass this will help gallstones remove from the gallbladder.

Replied by James P.
Fargo, Nd
5 out of 5 stars

The prep was easy, the mixes were pretty nasty tasting, but afterward I only felt minor "gurgling" on right flank.... Nothing painful or extraordinary. The next day I had a pretty serious case of diarrhea and released about 100 m&m sized green pellets. I couldn't believe it!! It's hard to believe that a natural, non-invasive and $12 solution to this problem exists! I'm going to try it again in a month, to rehydrate myself and to prevent a low in potassium! Thanks everyone!

Replied by Seema
Delhi, New Delhi

My mother suffering from gallbladder stones- stone size is 3mm or 4mm 8-9 stones. She was 60 years old, weight is 29 kg, heart -patient, high b. P, aurthrities, heap-replacement surgery is already done in june 2011. In that time we prefer only naturalpathy. We see your site and started apple, ginger, clove, cinnamon juice only two spoons. It sufficent or this thing is remove gallbladder stones. Tell me the proper quantity or if it's effective or not.

Replied by Guddi

Hi, How much quantity to be taken and till how many days? Please let me know.

Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Brenda (New York , New York) on 02/09/2013
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Hi, I was diagnosed with a gallstone 2 yrs ago. Just 1 1.5cm approx and opted not to have the gall bladder out. It doesn't makes sense to me. However, I don't really know what I'm doing and I may be causing more problems. I have never eaten fried food or any sweets since. Meat is mainly salmon, chicken, turkey or occasionally lamb No animal stocks, only vege. I get some olive oil or avocado daily for fat. I make all of my own meals. I recently I had my first major attack in 2years, but I did not have any fat at all. I made a pizza with fat free cheese for dinner and about 2hrs later it started, lasted the typical 4hrs and subsided. That was really confusing. And since then, I have constant irritation. Maybe it's alot of gases, however, Otherwise I eat mainly organic diet, with a good amount of fresh veges and fruit, and sip water throughout the day. I am commited to keeping the gallbladder, but, I don't know how to keep from having problems.

I recently started Lecithin gel capsules with olive leaf before I go to bed. I take vit D3 and calcium in the am. Also, my weakness is occasional creme in my coffee and on the weekends a couple glasses of wine. Can some one explain why the wine is bad? When it was originally diagnosed, by a gastro he wanted to take it out becaue as he said that's what they do. The U/S showed the 1 stone and multiple calculi that were so small they could not be measured. Beyond surgery he would not assist me, so I'm in the dark. I took acupuncture for about 6 months and chinese herbs which caused me to PAINLESSLY pass the calculi. It had no effect on the larger stone. I lost my job and could not afford to continue. I will start the Chanca Piedra this week, but can someone advise me on navigating this alone? I don't want to hold onto the gallbladder and and damage other areas.

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

Chaca Piedra is the real medicine to break the stones. Or even take chanca piedra tea.

Try juice therapy variety of juices throughout the day: apple juice, tamarind juice, lemon juice, carrot juice, lemon juice

And Ted's Alkalizing formula.

Check the following link:

the juice therapy will soften the stone and wash it away. Have your regular diet, don't take Calcium tablet. Carrot juice is enough for nutrition.

Good Health

Posted by Jon (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 01/14/2012

I had my first Gallbladder Issue a year and a half ago, I thought it was the cholesterol so I went vegan. But even eating raw veggies and alternate protein sources I still had to do flushes often. I even got my biggest stone (larger than a quarter) when I was vegan. Soo.... I think it has to do more with healthy bile rather than low cholesterol levels. Lately I am trying raw goats milk, salmon, and a chinese herb gold coin grass. As well as yoga and meditation. I'll see what happens. Lol

Epsom Salt  

Posted by Rachel (Valley Park, Mo) on 09/18/2013

Hi, I read here about the Epsom salt together with lemon, olive oil and apple juice for Gallstone flush. Can you pls let me know where I can buy the Epsom salt coz the Epsom salt that I have been looking on the internet are for bathing, not edible. Thanks! Rachel

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Rachel from Valley Park - If you need the epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) right away, instead of ordering online, you can find them in just about any pharmacy (including those in large stores like Walmart or some grocery stores). Most people use the salts for bathing or soaking their tired feet, but it can be used for flushes as well. Do make sure it's pure magnesium sulfate without any additives (it should state that on the label). Some brands add fragrance (like lavender) or other ingredients (like menthol crystals).

Before you begin, you may want to see if your library has The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz. He goes into great detail about what to expect and there is a Frequently Asked Questions section in the back.

Here is what he says about the composition of epsom salts:

Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) can be found in mountain regions and is contained in sea salts. It is also manufactured synthetically by combining natural minerals.

Good luck! Bess


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Posted by Ahmed (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 10/01/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Dry Figs cures Gall Stone and Prostate. If consumed 50 Gms daily, will ease passing urine in 3 days. (It's my personal observation) To clear gall stone, do this 2 months contineously. (I read this in a book and my sister got cured by this as confirmed by before/after ultrsounds) Thanks.

General Feedback  

Posted by Jotay (Mishawaka, In) on 08/15/2013

I was diagnosed with gallstones today and told I need to get my gallbladder out. They wanted to schedule me with a surgeon. I said no, I want to wait. I don't have insurance, but mainly I don't want surgery!

I have read so much on here and everyone seems to have horrible pain. I haven't had bad pain. All I really have is a miserable icky feeling in my upper stomach. Like I ate a huge meal and it is just sitting there... Sometime feels rancid. It's truly awful. I dont read on here about anyone else experiencing this. So a part of me is wondering if my symptoms are something else, aside from the stones.

I asked the nurse on the phone the if the stones were big and she called me back after talking to the dr and said he didnt say. Gotta love that. So I have no idea.

I have terrible back pain regularly and don't sleep well on normal nights so the cleanse concerns me because I cant lay still or sleep. So how do I do that. Also what if the stones are big? will I be able to pass them?

So many questions.... Any advice?

Replied by Ed2010

Try the following juice therapy in any fashion.

Drink at least 2 litres of juice daily, combination of un pasteurized apple juice, lemon juice, tamarind juice, Apple cider vinegar with water. Drink 1 chanca piedra tea daily, to break the stone. Gall stone pain will symptom in pain starting from right chest to the back. Also, cramp and pain starting from right shoulder till the forearm. Take rest for the whole week as you will be continuously peeing when you are in juice therapy. This is a very safe therapy and you will not loose any minerals as you are replenished with minerals from apple juice, lemon juice, carrot juice. Good Health

Posted by Carole (Bury Village, West Sussex,, England) on 02/06/2013

How long can one take Chanca Piedra? Is the capsule form better than the tincture? I am currently taking the tincture for dissolving gallstone.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

Hi Carole... I have used Chanca piedra extensively. It was part of my own candida cure to keep both calcium and sugar levels down in my blood. I have also used chanca piedra for other people and I know how good it is at dissolvong gallstones and kidney stones. It even cures gout. The best form is just an aqueous solution -- the alcoholic extract is not as good as the water extract. I live in the Philippines where Chanca piedra grows everywhere and is a weed and I use it alot as a diuretic cleanser for my body to periodically purge and cleanse the blood. CP is also strongly antiviral -- it can cure Hep B and they are currently researching CP for its beneficial effects against HIV AIDs and cancer. CP is a very powerful herb and yet there is no known overdose limit to this herb -- therefore its very safe.

I took strong doses of CP for a whole year non-stop for my candida problem and it did nothing but good and helped and contributed to my own eventul candida cure.

I made the CP decoction directly from picked herbs but the tea or capsule forms are also good ones to use.

Replied by Vanessa
Tarlac City, Philippines

Hi! I've just read your comment about chanca piedra. I immediately checked outside and found a lot of them! I was recently advised by my doc to have my gallbladder removed and I'm suffering from non stop pain for 2 mos now. How do I make a CP tea? Thanks!