Natural Remedies for Gallstones

Avoided Surgery
Posted by Monica (New York ) on 12/28/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to thank everyone who posted here because it gave me the courage to try the natural route rather than have surgery.

I started having a strange pain on my right side that I basically ignored for months until one day after eating lunch and having an alcoholic beverage, within 20-30 minutes I had pain under my rib cage that was a little more alarming. I immediately related it to the food. I finally went to the doc, he sent me for an u/s and confirmed multiple stones, one being as big as 2cm. He then referred me to a surgeon which I never went to because I started researching all I could about gallstones. I'm a big believer in natural remedies and before going the surgical route I like to try other things. I wasn't completely against it just seemed so definitive and I don't do well with being told to do things without good reason. Anyway long story short I never got the surgery, I am eating like I used to and I no longer have pain. I should add after finding out I had stones the pain did get worst at night and I couldn't sleep well. So here's everything I did asap and nothing is in particular order. I just threw everything I could at this.

  • I stated drinking Chanca Piedra 1600mg 2 pills 2x's a day for up to 6 months.
  • I changed my diet immediately! No greasy food, no fried food, no sugar, no alcohol, no rice, etc. I instead ate lean meat with raw salad. My salad consisted of kale, radishes, carrots, cucumber, tomato, red/yellow pepper. Radishes are good for this so I made sure to always eat that.
  • I started drinking papaya juice and aloe juice mixed together with every meal. 1/2 cup of each 2-3's a day. I found this on this site, under pancreas ailments because I was also getting pain on the side of my pancreas so I wanted to fortify that. This also helps with digestion which your pancreas, liver and gallbladder all work together to do so I wanted to make digestion easy as possible.
  • I started drinking a lot of ginger/turmeric tea and I would add 1 tbsp ACV to it. ACV is great if you start having pain. It settles it.
  • I took a liver support supplement I found on amazon called Natures Craft Liver Support.
  • Okay and lastly I did about 4 liver flushes using the Andreas Moritz method. I could have done more but my pain finally went away after the 4th one and I got lazy.

I should add that though I ate so many apples and apple juice before the flushes, and I would get temporary relief it wasn't until I used Malic Acid (500mg, 3x's a day=1500mg for 6 days before flush) instead for the 4th flush that one *large* stone came out and after that the pain finally was all gone.

Its been more than a year and I still have my gallbladder, no pain, I sleep well, and I am able to enjoy some of the yummy things I used to like doughnuts, chips, fried foods, alcohol. I do this in moderation now but before I couldn't eat any at all or I'd have pain. I still eat my salads consistently and occasionally take some Chanca Piedra. I continue to eat as healthy as possible.

I hope this helps you to not give up!