Effective Natural Remedies for Gallstone Relief and Prevention

Apple Juice
Posted by Liz (Hollywood, Ca.) on 02/21/2013

I was doing very well prior to slipping back into eating out. Little by little it seems to build and bam, attack!! The Stone has been released!

I noticed that table bread for me in any amount should be avoided at all cost. I also noticed that excessive fat content in one or two meals in a day will bring it on.

I am doing a flush now with Organic Apple Juice. I drink warm/hot water in the morning with Lemon Juice. I am sticking to mostly vegi's and rice during the Flush. I am doing this Flush with the help of a Dr and a Nutritionist. I am taking a bile thining supplement. I am tying to eat healthy fat and do not have an issue with Real Organic Butter or Salt in moderation with vegi's. I did this flush before and flushed many Stones. Yet, it dawned on me after eating a slightly escallating amount of trigger foods which I am probably also alergic to, I was passing a stone. The Apple Juice is a miracle disolvent for Stones. After an attack rest your body because there is so much going on with the Bile Duct. Drink Apple Juice and try to stay stress free. Eat carefully.

If I have to have surgery but with more disapline and time, MAYBE I can avoid it because I also contemplate the what if's. You know, what if it the start of hospital surgeries. I have read that if your healthy and your bloodwork shows high levels resulting from an attack then you may be able to heal by eating a better diet. Potatoes (Gold) seem to also be a miracle food for some reason. Good luck with your health.

I read last night that it takes years for stones to develope. If you have cleaned up your diet and you go back to eating something you are not use too you will trigger a potential stone release. You have to dissolve the stones and you have to eat healthy fat. The Gallbladder needs good fat.. That's it's job. I underworked mine. I didn't eat good or bad fat just refined breads and sugar over the years and minimal vegtables. I love carb's.