Natural Remedies for Gallstones

Juice Therapy
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 12/09/2012
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Don't Flush if you are afraid. You should start juice therapy to dissolve the existing stone.

  • Tamarind Juice - Dissolves stones
  • Lemon Juice - softens stones
  • Apple Juice - softens stones
  • Carrot Juice - Mineral Supplier, Immunity Builder and Liver cleanser and gall bladder cleanser.
  • Tender Coconut Water - Diurectic
  • Phylanthus Niruri(Stone Breaker) Tea - to dissolve stones.

to make stonebreaker tea. Boil glass of water, when the water boils stop the heat and add half tsp of phylanthus niruri powder and set it aside for 10 mins. after 10 mins filter and drink it. Drink the tea on alternate days (as a minimal dose).

Very Important info about Juices. Juices should be home made and fresh not the store bought, store bought juices are just water with sugar and colors. Alternate each juice everyother day.

Day 1. Tamarind Juice
Day 2. Carrot Juice
Day 3. Apple Juice
Day 4. Lemon Juice (can be taken daily also)
Day 5. Tamaring Juice and so on