Effective Natural Remedies for Gallstone Relief and Prevention

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gbgirl (Tabernash, Co) on 05/07/2013

Most of the large visible "stones" from these olive oil flushes have been proven to be saponified fat from ingesting all that olive oil; it's likely smaller, actual gall stones could be flushed out too, but my N.D. warned me these flushes could be very dangerous for people with stones experiencing attacks as they trigger the spasming of the GB and could cause stones to release and become stuck. She advised me to eat an 80% pesco-vegan diet, and take peppermint, vit. C, fish oil, and lecithin capsules 3x daily to help prevent, soften, and dissolve stones. Also to reduce or cut alcohol intake, and drink LOTS of water to keep bile flow moving. So far I have been attack-free for 3 months, only some twinges now and then when I am stressed, dehydrated, or not eating well.