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High Fiber, Probiotics

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Posted by Susan (Smyrna, Delaware) on 01/15/2013

I have had ulcerative colitis for 22 years and have tried a lot of different stuff! The best thing that I've found is high fiber (to sweep away the inflamation! ) and multiple probiotics. I eat what ever I want and I went to work for 30 years and rarely missed a day. My high fiber is oatmeal, cheerios, miniwheats, multigrain bread. Fiber 1 chewable is best if you don't get enough fiber with cereal. For years I had to push myself to go to work. The first time I took the probiotics I couldn't believe how much better I felt. I was getting sick once a year and using antibiotics for years and wasn't replacing the bacteria in my gut and had only bad bacteria in my gut. I was almost high from feeling good it had been so long. I use the pills once a month for maintenance and a few days after using an antibiotic for 10 days. (to put good bacteria back in! Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria! ) I take the pills the day before a day off because they will make you poop alot (just that first day!)

Humic Acid

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Posted by Ketchup (Maehongson, Thailand) on 09/02/2014

Dear Ted. I hope you can help.

Since you are based in Thailand, I was hoping that you might be able to help me to source some of the suggested supplements to cure ulcerative colitis.

I am living in the North of Thailand, near to Chiang Mai but can easily order online if necessary.

I have read much about the mycobacterium paratuberculosis and it's potential cause of colitis/crohn's.

Diagnosed with UC 2 years ago, I would say its mild compared to others' stories. Thankfully!

I have managed to hold off all western medication thrown at me, and instead have worked with my diet to manage the condition. The best results I've had have been from correct food combining, which I follow very strictly.

However, although I'm now passing good stools for most the time, the inflammation still returns and causes pain and bleeding. In fact, fasting for a period of 2 weeks gave me the best results but I lost so much weight that I'm fearful of taking this route again. I'm already 6 kgs below my normal weight.

So, I'm hoping that an Humic acid/aloe vera approach may work to help kill MAP and alleviate symptoms. I feel that this approach with my current diet might just result in permanent healing.

I am, however, finding it difficult to source Humic acid in Thailand. Can you advise? I've ordered a liquid supplement containing Humic acid from Australia but I've read that the powder is preferred. Is it possible to source here in Thailand do you know?

Also, is there anything else that you would recommend that I take along side the Humic acid?

Thanks for your time

Replied by Ketchup
(Maehongson, Thailand)

Better But With Side Effects

Hi, for anyone interested..

I have acquired the Humic acid now. Bought in Australia and mailed over to Thailand. I have been taking 15 ml 2x/day along with aloe vera.

I had an immediate positive effect. In 2 days all bleeding stopped and by 1 week no more pus or mucous either. Good stools and regular.. note that I follow strict food combining principles so my stools were fairly good even before the introduction of Humic acid.

Addition benefit of the humic acid was a huge increase in energy levels. From day 1 I noticed the difference.

However, after almost 2 weeks, I now have external hemorrhoids. I'm wondering what to try to resolve this. I've actually been meaning to do aloe enemas as per Ted's recommended approach to UC but now that I'm ready to do this I'm worried about inserting the tube at the site of inflammation.

Ted, can you recommend anything? Perhaps aloe vera topically?


Replied by Ketchup

Nearly 4 weeks on the humic acid and I can safely say that I feel free of UC. Hemorrhoids have gone with the help of aloe vera topically. I have no other symptoms now. All bleeding stopped after 2 days, pus, mucous etc. gone after a week. Now passing 1 stool each day, well formed, energy levels rising, putting weight back on.

Big thanks to the guy that suggested I try this protocol.

Big thanks to Ted

Replied by Denise
(Colorado, US)

Can you tell me when you took Aloe Vera, in what form, and how much at a time please?

Humic Acid
Posted by Irene (New York) on 01/10/2013

Dear All, my 18yo son was diagnosed with UC 10 months ago. At the present time he has been taking Humic acid since 12/20/12, but some days he still has formed bloody stools. If anyone have suggestions, please post them. Regards, Irene

Replied by Sp
(Wb, Nj, Usa)

Have you looked into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for him? (It's also commonly refered to as SCD. ) There are websites and books devoted to it.

Humic Acid
Posted by Aloweusa (Las Vegas, Nv) on 06/15/2012

6 Years of Ulcerative Colitis. Normal function within about 10days.

I moved to America in early 2005 and immediately started having problems with my GI tract. Stomach cramps, frequent bathroom visits and weight loss were all symptoms. In a bad day I would use the bathroom 20 times. After 6 months I returned home to Ireland and saw a GI specialist who tested me and said I had IBS and to watch what I eat and learn to live with it. Over the following years I just gritted my teeth and got on with life. I moved back to the USA. I always knew where the bathroom was because I might have to run there at a moments notice.

In June 2011 I had a terrible episode after going wine tasting in Napa, CA. I knew alcohol wasn't good for my stomach but I wasn't aware just how bad things can get! This was the first time I had a bad UC flare up. I lost about 12 lbs in 3days and only narrowly avoided hospitalization because I went to see a GI specialist. I had all the tests and he diagnosed me with gastritis in the stomach, an esophageal ulcer and pretty severe Ulcerative Colitis. He said that UC is an autoimmune disease and I will have to take medication for life to deal with it. I was annoyed that I officially had a disease with no cure and I wasn't prepared to accept that.

I took the Meds: PPI for stomach acid and Asacol HD for anti-inflammation of the bowel. The PPI helped the acid in my stomach but the Asacol only helped a little. I went for my follow up visit and there was some improvement (bathroom visits down from 12 to about 6/day and I still had the urgency that only someone with UC or a similar problem can understand) but not as much as the Doctor would have liked. He told me to stick with these Meds for another 2 months and if there is not a significant difference then he would consult with some other Doctors and start steroids etc. I did not want to go down this route as the logical end is surgery and colostomy bag.

I started trolling the internet for cures. Tried yogurts- no help. Tried paleo diet/gluten free- no help. Tried staying off alcohol-helped a bit but not enough.

I then decided that I had to get my acidity under control. I started taking baking soda and water and it helped a bit. I also started eating organic food and reducing processed foods including refined sugar which I know could send me to the bathroom in minutes. Then Ted suggested on this site to try Humic Acid. I liked the sound of how it blocked the fungal/myobacterium cycle and I ordered some in liquid form online. Within 3 days of taking humic acid I noticed a difference. My urgency was reduced and the occasional stool was already getting firmer. Day 5, I was shocked at the effects, my stool was like I remember as normal.

I stopped taking the humic for one weekend (5 days on, 2 days off theory) and symptoms got slightly worse towards the end of the weekend so I resumed the humic on the Monday and I haven't stopped since. I believe Humic acid is mostly responsible for the unbelievable improvement. Removing the toxins from my diet and not drinking tap water filled with fluoride and chlorine may also be a factor. I also take L-Glutamine and Vitamin D and have started to take the fulvic acid also because they say it is best to take both together for overall health.

I want to shout it from the rooftops- Humic acid is a miracle for UC, God guided me to earthclinic and God bless you all for helping!

Replied by Anthony
(Philadelphia, Pa)

HI, Happy to hear the great results you have seen. I also have UC and all that accompanies it. Could you tell me what brand humic acid you use? Also, what brand fulvic acid you use? Thank you!

Replied by Anthony
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Hi, Happy to hear your great results. I have similar issues cause I have UC. Which humid acid and fulvic acid products do you take? Could you please let me know? Thank you very much and good luck!!

Replied by Aloweusa
(San Ramon, Ca)

Email me and I will help you with it. aloweusa at gmail.

Humic Acid
Posted by Balikadam (North Bergen, Usa) on 01/02/2012

Hello Ted, I just wanted to tell you that You SAVED MY LIFE. I was diagnosed UC almost 1 year ago. My entire colon was UC. Doctor gave me Asacol and Canasa. They worked 3-4 months, after that stopped. I have done SCD diet. Scd diet worked for awhile after 5 months stopped to work. I was going to bathroom 20 times a day with bloody diarrhea.

I found your article on this website. I have been using humic acid 3 months. It cured my UC. As far as I can see that people can not find Humic acid on the web. I would like to suggest 2 website link. People can find them. Thank you so much, this has changed my life!

1. website (cheaper)


2. website (expensive)


Replied by Anthony
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Hey, that's great to hear such great news! God Bless you! I know the feeling. I have a pure humic acid, 100% humic and I have not had great success with it. I have no idea why, but I was gonna look into a new humic supplement. Which one have you used from the 2 you mention? I will try that one! Thanks so much!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2073 posts

Anthony, I would add some milled flax seed during the Humic Acid cleanse as it will gently purge the colon of toxins. 1/2 spoon 2 daily. And why stop there, try some Dr. Christopher's "Red Clover Combination" for a whole body detox. These herbs will lose the bad stuff while the humic chelates for elimination.

Replied by Devendra
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Could you please tell me how to use Humic Acid as a treatment for UC? I mean how much quantity, how to take, any specification for the Humic Acid, any idea where can I get it etc. It would be really helpful as currently I am having a flare-up.


Replied by Yuriy Lyashevskiy
(Ooltewah TN USA)

Can anyone tell me about Ted's protocol? I been in ulcerative colitis flare up after c. Diff for almost 2 years and nothing helps. Just purchased the humid acid is there are certain way to take it?

Replied by Aloweusa

I'm the same guy that wrote my experience back in 2012. Praise God I'm still living a normal life and have completed many Ironman triathlons. There is hope!!! The brand I've used is Morning Star Minerals- Vitality Boost HA.

Take 1oz in fruit juice or non chlorinated water (very important).

If that doesn't work, you can up the doze. I started at 1oz and was up to 2ox twice a day at the beginning. With time, I was able to reduce that. I now only take it occassionally.

Hope this helps


Still no Uc symptoms? Do you use anything else?

Replied by Madi
(Houston Tx)

That's great to hear! Your post has given me hope I also want to try Humic acid. While taking Humic acid what kind of diet did you follow or foods that you avoided while taking Humic acid. Thank you!

Humic Acid
Posted by Anthony (Philadelphia, Pa) on 12/30/2011

Hey Ted, How are you doing? I bought some humic acid powder and I'm not exactly sure how my measurements should be. It's 100% humic and is completely black and when I have mixed it, it is a little difficult. I'm not sure why, but eventually it does mix but leaves some sediment at the bottom. Should this happen and is it fine? This is the place I purchased it from (http://www.teravita.com/Products/Products.htm). If you copy and paste the link you will see the products, however I have the 100% so it's not there but the 90% humic is there and it's the same description but obviously the most potent.

Also, how much should I be mixing??? I have been putting regular water in about a glass liter jar and putting 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of the humic in it and mixing. I drink 1 ounce 2-3 times a day. Is this ok? Could you let me know what I should be doing? I feel no different at all or any changes with myself or colitis. Everything seems the same basically, however it's only been a few days!

Also, as I understand, there should be no taste, but I do get an earthy/rocky taste with this.... Is this normal since it's 100%? So is you could help me with these four points, I would appreciate it so much!
1. Is this humic fine?
2. Is this normal the way it mixes and sometimes alittle clumps at the bottom (sediment)?
3. Are my measurements fine?
4. The amount I take is fine?

Replied by Dennis
(Window Rock, Arizona)

What is the dosage for humic acid?

Humic Acid
Posted by Morgan (Warner Robins, Georgia) on 08/14/2011

My name is Morgan and I am 23 years old. I have been battling what they believe to be Ulcerative Colitis for over 2 years now. When I say "what they believe" I mean that I have all of the symptoms as someone with UC but all my test results come back negative. I have had 3 colonoscopys and 4 scopes but no answers. My colon walls are inflammed and have been taking asacol three times a day and when it's a bad flare up (blood in stool and diarrehea) then they put me on steriods. Nothing has seemed to work for a long period of time. I have read over the site about natural remedies and was interested in the Humic Acid results. This is all very new to me, I was wondering where I can get it and the dosage?? Thanks!!!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Have you been tested for celiac's? Your symptoms certainly point in that direction. You should read up on it and see if you think your symptoms match. Just a note, the test for celiac's isn't always totally reliable. Sometimes you have to do an elimination diet and see if it changes your health. Do some research before you see your doctor again. Good luck to you.

Replied by Anna
(Toronto, On)

Hi Morgan. Please try PROBIOTIC Florastor. Working really good. Hope it helps. Take care.

Replied by Mark Anthony
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Hi Anna, You say to use Flurastor but when I bought it the label says NOT to use with bloody diarrhea! Did you have bloody diarrhea prior to use? Thanks.

Humic Acid
Posted by Anthony (Philadelphia, Pa) on 08/13/2011

Hello Ted, how are you? I'm a 28 yr old male who has ulcerative colitis/proctitis, skin issues on scalp/face, and high mercury levels(scored a 7, when 2 was normal), and a white tongue that will not go away and always seems like something is in my throat. Well, I have read so much on this site and what you have posted. Thank you for it all. I have followed some with little results. So here goes: I recently recieved humic acid in liquid form and it says to take an ounce a day so I have been splitting it up in 3 doses and taking it that way. Its been about 6 days so far and I feel it's ok however where can I buy the kind of Humic you use? Maybe this isn't as potent? My proctitis has been better the last 2-3 weeks. I use a canasa supposity a day, take 2 grams vit C, vit E, 50 mgs Zinc citrate, and boswelli. I also alkalize using a whole lime and 1/2 tsp baking soda (using this for about 2 weeks). My bowel movements have been fine however sometimes it burns and there are alot of holes in my BM (Sorry, just wanted to explain). Tonight, I just added lugol's iodine to my humic acid (2 drops). Also, I dilute the humic acid with some water when I take it. I gonna try to get the cinnamon oil and aloe vera oil, but I definitely need the humic powder? Should I use another combo with the baking soda instead of the lime? Maybe potassium citrate?

I would like to explain why I'm taking the zinc, vit E, vit C.... I have this condition on my scalp and face where my follicles get clogged with keratin/sebum and then it oxidizes and it's preventing my beard hair from growing in some spots like the root is dead. It gets dry and oily at the same time (like it is compensating), itchy and when I get a haircut there are white little hard balls everywhere (assuming it's keratin/sebum). My hair is so rough and the sebum just wont stop and it's really weird. I do get some cyst, but I feel the zinc has helped with that but only that, not the oily, dry, rough, patches with keratin plugs. And lastly, I do have sinus problems where there is always mucous in my nose.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you can help me out! Take Care!

Humic Acid
Posted by Rick (San Diego, Ca) on 07/03/2011

Ted: I have been researching to take Humic Acid for my UC, however I've been finding a lot of Humic Acid in tablet form. From reading what you and others have been posting it seems as though you are taking Humic Acid in a liquid state. I was wondering does it make a difference to take it in tablet form? or is Liquid form best for UC? And if liquid form is better, would you be able to recommend a provider of it? I am unable to find it in liquid form. Thanks for all the help and best wishes! Rick

Replied by Awal
(Attock, Punjab/pakistan)

i am also in search of Humic acid liquid if someone know about it please let me know also.

Replied by Marlane
(Geelong, Victoria, Australia)

Awal, the Ayuvedic remedy Shilajit is pure Humic Acid, I should imagine that if we can get it in New Zealand and Australia you must be able to get it in Pakistan. Good luck.

Replied by Awal
(Attock, Punjab/pakistan)

ok thanks marline let I try and will share my finding , Did you had used this for UC please let me know about dose, procedure etc for better result, shilajit is freely and in a good quality is available here in Pakistan.

Replied by Mike
(Parksville, Bc, Canada)

Humic acid in liquid form is the best. The stuff I was taking is called Master Detox. I was taking 2ozs - 4 times per day at one point but now take it 3 times per day. Within 2 days I was feeling better, within 7 days I was seeing very little blood and within 29 days I actually had a somewhat solid BM. However, it has not as yet resolved all of my Diarrhea.

Humic Acid, Cinnamon Oil, Aloe Vera

Posted by Katey (Pinole, California/usa) on 10/10/2011

For Ted: I have been diagnosed with uc/proctitis since June of this year (started to have symptoms since January 2011). I was prescribed asacol and took 12/day until about 1 month ago. My symptoms were reduced but my stool was still quite loose and I started to lose weight slowly because I was not absorbing. My weight loss to date is 44 lbs. And I continue to lose a bit. My hair has recently started to fall out and had some constipation about 2 weeks now. My skin looks fine but I don't have much fat.

I am unable to find humic acid. Any recommendations where I could find this in my area. I am taking 1/8 teaspoon magnesium citrate 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. Also I am not clear on how much cinnamon oil and aloe vera to use. I was so bad yesterday that I tried some jojoba oil and a drop of cinnamon oil; helped and had some relief from the gas in rectum.

Thanks very much.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Eric (Iowa City, Ia, Usa) on 12/22/2010

Dear Ted,
I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with UC about 10 months ago. Through this ten months my doctor prescribed me with Prednisone and Apriso. Those things did work for me to begin with, but after I got off the prednisone I flared up again, this happened about 3 times. So I gave up with the Apriso feeling like that wasn't working well enough and went to taking Boswellia, Turmeric, Olive Leaf Extract, and Aloe Vera Gel, all in capsules. This has been working very well for the last month or so but I still feel like a flare up could happen anytime.

So my main question is, is it safe for a person to take H2O2 with UC? I've read in some places that it is possible that it could rupture the colon... But then I have also read that it has healed and cured some peoples UC. Please advise! Thank you in advance!

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

I don't think ingesting H202 would be a good idea with UC, since the intestines are in a damaged and fragile state. You need to focus on soothing and healing the intestines. I would start drinking aloe vera juice, the kind that "tastes like spring water", can't mention the product name but starts with a "G". This doesn't have the properties of aloe that cause diarrhea, which people with UC don't need... Also look into herbs that soothe and heal the mucus membranes of the body.. Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root are two good ones.. There are more. The turmeric was a lifesaver for me with my IBS-D.. It literally healed my IBS within weeks... I now take a maintenance dose every day. Do you take the turmeric with a healthy fat? This makes all the difference in the world. I hope you continue to feel better. Good luck!

Replied by Eric
(La, Ca, Usa)

I do take turmeric but only in capsules. I know that there is a powder form that may be better to take, but how would I go about taking it? Would just mixing it in water work? I'll definitely look into getting slippery elm or marshmellow root, I would still like to try the H2O2 but will hold off on that for a later time, I have just heard many great things about it. Theres a book that I read and was about a lady who took H2O2 with colitis and said shes been symptom free ever since. Thanks for the advice I appreciate it so much!

Replied by Toronto
(Toronto, Ontario)

Hydrogen peroxide says "poison" on my label. I thought if you drink this stuff you can go blind literally. Who gave you the idea you can drink that stuff internally? There are limits the human body can deal with before it causes death or permanent damage, don't mess with already known to be dangerous stuff you don't understand fully. If God put a healing property in something to cure ulcerative colitis, I don't believe He put it into Hydrogen Peroxide, look to more natural methods of bacteria killing in things like ginger, lemon juice, garlic, cabbage, oil of oregano, etc.

Replied by Mayan2012
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Actually hydrogen peroxide comes in food grade. It is amazing for many different ailments.


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Posted by A Roper (Sydney, Australia, NSW Australia) on 04/18/2009

I recently had a flare of UC, got home from hospital feeling about 50%, kept taking the steroids (50mg), salofalk (2 grams), colifoam twice a day and wasn't seeing any improvement... so, after doing some research I added 5mg 3 times a day of L-Glutamine to my routine 30 minutes before meals and saw improvement almost immediately. I'd say I'm 90% to remission and I've only been taking the stuff for a week. I haven't felt this good in 2 years.

I also take a probiotic once a day, 5mg metamucil at dinner and 25mg aloe juice first thing in the morning, but I've been taking those for awhile and although they help, I don't believe they resonsible for this major improvement.

It should be noted that my UC is so bad that traditional medicine has not been effective at keeping me in remission and my doctor said if I have another flare I have to have surgery. L-Glutamine may just save me yet.

Replied by A Roper
(Sydney, Australia)

Just wanted to update: I have not had a flare of ulcerative colitis since February 09 and as much as I believe L-glutamine has helped, the main thing for me has been avoiding antibiotics. I realised they were causing my colitis. Change of season, sinus infection, antibiotics, flareup.... I picked up on the pattern and isolated the issue. I'm perfectly healthy now and don't think I ever had ulcerative colitis - just a reaction to antibiotics.

Replied by Dante
(Houston, Texas)

Hey, back in the beginning of February of 2010 I had to go to the hospital and they told me I had colitis. Well, now that you mentioned antibiotics, I remembered that earlier in the year I had been given antibiotics for my tonsilitis. But I wanted to make sure if it was before or after my flare up. I just found my pill bottle and the date I was prescribed those antibiotics was about 15 days prior to me getting very ill with colitis. I think I may just have found what caused my colitis. In my opinion, penicillin will definitely kill off your good flora. However, I was given different antibiotics specifically for calming down colitis flare ups. So I think penicillin is really bad for your intestines. It attacks the bad and the good. Thanks for your info. [email protected]

Replied by A Roper
(Sydney, Australia)

This is A Roper from Sydney. Just wanted to update again that I have not had a relapse of UC since by previous posts - I've been clear since 2009. I'm not taking any medication at all and haven't for a number of years. I haven't had any antibiotics since 2008, haven't had any vaccinations. I've hardly had a cold. For me, antibiotics were definitely the cause. I suspect they triggered dormant viruses I contracted from vaccinations. I haven't been tested for such viruses but I'm planning on it soon. The more I know, the more I can do to keep myself cured from UC. Hope this helps anyone dealing with it.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To A Roper from Sydney,

Great news on the non recurrence of ulcerative colitis.

I just saw a success story of a lady who had suffered from UC for years and was on continued meds to keep the UC under control.

She experimented with Colloidal Silver and in two weeks could tell the UC had dramatically diminished. Now, three months later she is not on meds and the symptoms of UC are gone.

She is convinced the Silver finally killed the infection.

Posted by Carol (Toronto, ON) on 02/09/2009

L-Glutamine (high dose): Upon the suggestion of a nutritionist I went to see, she claimed she didn't have a single ulcerative colitis patient to a L-glutamine. The one she gave me has a high dose of L-Glutamine along with other herbs like Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root and not much else (sorry I don't have a bottle here). It's a powder you mix with water every morning 1/2 hour before you eat anything and you need to do this for 3-5 weeks before you see results. And let me tell you I was shocked in 3w when it finally went away after over a year of daily attacks.

The premise of how it works is that when you have impaired digestion, your body doesn't break down proteins efficiently causing you to become deficient in amino acids. L-Glutamine is the amino acid necessary for rebuilding you intestinal wall which sheds itself every 5 days or so? and without that amino acid becomes damaged. By giving yourself pure form, in liquid (requiring no digestion of pills etc) you give your intestines what it needs to make a healthy lining. It was really mad at the time that something so simple recommended by a nutritionist of all people cured my colitis when I had spent huge $$$ seeing naturopathic Dr's, chinese herbalists and acupuncturists, some of which helped temporarily but the L-glutamine was the magic ticket for me.

It took a lot longer for my digestion to return to normal but the L-glutamine totally took care of my diarrhea, spasms and bleeding in 3w of faithfully drinking it every morning.

I just wanted to mention to be wary of psyllium fiber. The first ND I tried gave me a supplement so close to the one that worked but it made me worse and I know now that I can't take psyllium fiber AT ALL, but I can handle the flax fiber in this drink. And I also discovered that multi-vitamins cause me to bleed. I can only take whole food vitamins. Two things you might want to watch out for.

Replied by Michael
(LA, CA)

You mentioned that is took a lot longer to get your digestion back on track, what was your key to success with that??

Thank you thank you,

Replied by Andrey
(Moscow, Russia)

I'm suffering from UC for a 5 consequtive years with few short remissions due to hydro-cortison and salofalc therapy. However, it does not help for last year or so. I've read your notice about L-Glutamine. I checked over internet and has found lots of it, in pills, powder and something else. But it all refers to some fitness and bodybuilders's sites. Is it the same remedy that you meant? If yes, what type is better - pills, powder or any? Please advise.

Replied by Macky
(New Iberia, La)

Barley Grass Capsules and Slippery Elm Capsules are very helpful for colon diseases. They helped me with crohns disease from the bleeding and diarrea. Please read about these herbs. I also quit drinking cows milk and caffeine.

Replied by 4a_with_love
(Ottawa, Canada)

I heard that U-Colitis can be maintained in remission using Clay ( Betonite clay) ( internal or compression); can someone confirm that this works or not;
Is it safe for someone who is in flare stage with a lot of blood in the stool to take Clay ? Thank you for your attention.

Licorice Root, Job's Tears, Lotus Root

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Posted by David (Tacoma, Washington) on 04/10/2008

Licorice Root, Job's Tears, and fresh Lotus Root, Ulcerative Colitis. There is a book that I own, it's called Chinese Natural Cures, by Henry C. Lu, who has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1972. This book claims that it has the cure for Gastric Ulcers. Please get a copy, try the remedy and give me some feedback. My email address should be visible to you. Thanks and best wishes.

Replied by Jeny
(San Antonio, Tx)

My kinesiologist cures me all the time...take lots of Probiotics daily three times day, take 5 capsules each time for a week and collodial silver in water and you will cure. No popcorn! I have had this especially when you had just finished a regimen of antibiotics tht kills your good bacteria. Probiotics replaces them!

Replied by Neeraj
(Uttarakhand, India)

In india where can I get this and under what name
I am going physically and emotionally down with colitis. I have lost 14 kg weight due to this and I feel so weak my career is at stake, lots of things left unturned.

Replied by Naznine
(New York, Usa.)

Hello Neeraj,

It will be difficult to find this product in India. However there there are other remedies available to you.

Turmeric (Haldi), Black seed (Kalonji), Fennel Seeds (Saunf), Boswellia Serrata (Salai Gugulu), Fenugreek (Methi Seeds), Coriander seeds (Dhanya seeds ) Pineapple, Papaya, Pomegranate, Grapes, Bananas. To take the Turmeric -use fresh ground turmeric root mixed with a pinch of Black Pepper and coconut oil to increase the potency of turmeric. Butter milk with a little ginger. Star Anise(Chakri Phool), Tulsi, Fresh Coconut water, Cardamom(Elaichee).Triphala is an Ayurvedic formula that can be used for UC-buy a high quality brand.

Eat easy to digest foods, and eat small meals at frequent intervals-like Moong ki Khichdi. Try some Yoga and meditation and avoid stress.


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Posted by Aggie (Chicago, Illinois) on 09/09/2008

I was browsing the Internet for anything that would help my Ulcerative Colitis. I have had it for about 10 years (I may not have it any more though ;-) ). The thing that worked for me was Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). Most people are skeptical because of the word "Miracle", but I highly recommend it. "Don't knock it, until you've tried it." It's basically Sodium Chlorite / Chlorine Dioxide. You may want to do a little bit of research, but it wasn't that bad for me at all. I would go into details, but it takes about 20 pages to describe. I have a log online. If you want the log, just contact me and I'll send you the URL.

I can eat virtually anything I want (I'm still getting used to being normal again). The "treatment" took about 2-3 months, but I feel BRAND NEW!!!!

EC: Yep, we're hearing a lot of great things about MMS, especially from Joyce.

Replied by Matt
(Staten Island, NY)

hey can you please send me the url to more info of this MMS solution that helped you ? thanks.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hello Matt, You can google Miracle Mineral Supplement and download the first half of Jim Humble's book for free, it has a nominal fee for downloading the 2nd half of his book. He is a very interesting guy and his long time persistence in trying to get this information out to the general public is to be commended. It is rather lenghy but interesting reading.

For a short summary of how it works and what it does, you can pull up the reference that mentions MMS - "no miracle, just wonderful chemistry". I think this fellow's site calls himself the Phaelosopher.

Have fun reading.

Replied by Ana

Please send me the online log. I am interested where did you get it from and also did you take any other supplements/medicines etc with it. I hope your online has all these details. Thanks!!

Replied by Aggie
(Chicago, Illinois)

Well, it turns out I may have spoken a bit too soon or went off of it a little bit too soon. I have been having a few issues lately. Either way, I am back on the MMS again and now I'm not sure if the effects are Herxheimer or UC now.

Also, I reread the MMS protocol again and it turns out I never actually finished the entire process. So, I attribute this second coming to that. I only did the 15 drops about 5 times total. It turns out, you're supposed to do the 15 drops twice a day for an entire week.

I'm not sure if the URL will get cut or not, but the log is at:

Replied by Ed
(Miami, Fl)

I'm a regular joe blow that had UC couple years ago and took Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). And never had UC agian. Give a try it might help like it did me.

Replied by Aggie
(Woodridge, Il, Usa)

Quoting myself from 09/09/2008. It turns out the MMS did NOT really do the trick for me. I'm still ailing, but I've further found that most of the time the changes are due to stress. It may be different for many others, but for me that seems to be it.

Replied by Ilana


I saw your post and would like to receive your log. I have started mms few months ago on and off after I completed 21 days 1000 protocol. Recently I was feeling that some infection starts so I took 6 drops and after an hour 6 drops again. The next day I took 6 activated drops once and then continued with an hourly 3 drops for 7 doses. Now my legs hurt so much I can barely lie down. Please tell me what I can do to feel good again? Thank you.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Oscillococcinum is very effective for me for any flu like issues and works on headaches too. A bath would help you with some water and lemon, orange or pineapple. You could add some epsom salts if you have them or even a bit of baking soda might help. The bath takes water out of the body and fingers shrivel....so you drink water while soaking. The bath tricks the brain to shrink the pain signals. Get some music and a candle and soak a while. It makes the brain think the pain is coming from the body of water and not the legs. I ruptured l-5 and this was my go to pain relief for over a year. You could use milk thistle or activated charcoal to detox you of your die off symptoms. Molybdenum might help if you have any on hand. ginger with lemon or either or both. I am just giving you tips....not all of the above. Baking soda in water might help you get neutralized. Read the box for instructions.

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