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Posted by A Roper (Sydney, Australia) on 02/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

This is A Roper from Sydney. Just wanted to update again that I have not had a relapse of UC since by previous posts - I've been clear since 2009. I'm not taking any medication at all and haven't for a number of years. I haven't had any antibiotics since 2008, haven't had any vaccinations. I've hardly had a cold. For me, antibiotics were definitely the cause. I suspect they triggered dormant viruses I contracted from vaccinations. I haven't been tested for such viruses but I'm planning on it soon. The more I know, the more I can do to keep myself cured from UC. Hope this helps anyone dealing with it.

Posted by A Roper (Sydney, Australia, NSW Australia) on 04/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I recently had a flare of UC, got home from hospital feeling about 50%, kept taking the steroids (50mg), salofalk (2 grams), colifoam twice a day and wasn't seeing any improvement... so, after doing some research I added 5mg 3 times a day of L-Glutamine to my routine 30 minutes before meals and saw improvement almost immediately. I'd say I'm 90% to remission and I've only been taking the stuff for a week. I haven't felt this good in 2 years.

I also take a probiotic once a day, 5mg metamucil at dinner and 25mg aloe juice first thing in the morning, but I've been taking those for awhile and although they help, I don't believe they resonsible for this major improvement.

It should be noted that my UC is so bad that traditional medicine has not been effective at keeping me in remission and my doctor said if I have another flare I have to have surgery. L-Glutamine may just save me yet.

Posted by Carol (Toronto, ON) on 02/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

L-Glutamine (high dose): Upon the suggestion of a nutritionist I went to see, she claimed she didn't have a single ulcerative colitis patient to a L-glutamine. The one she gave me has a high dose of L-Glutamine along with other herbs like Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root and not much else (sorry I don't have a bottle here). It's a powder you mix with water every morning 1/2 hour before you eat anything and you need to do this for 3-5 weeks before you see results. And let me tell you I was shocked in 3w when it finally went away after over a year of daily attacks.

The premise of how it works is that when you have impaired digestion, your body doesn't break down proteins efficiently causing you to become deficient in amino acids. L-Glutamine is the amino acid necessary for rebuilding you intestinal wall which sheds itself every 5 days or so? and without that amino acid becomes damaged. By giving yourself pure form, in liquid (requiring no digestion of pills etc) you give your intestines what it needs to make a healthy lining. It was really mad at the time that something so simple recommended by a nutritionist of all people cured my colitis when I had spent huge $$$ seeing naturopathic Dr's, chinese herbalists and acupuncturists, some of which helped temporarily but the L-glutamine was the magic ticket for me.

It took a lot longer for my digestion to return to normal but the L-glutamine totally took care of my diarrhea, spasms and bleeding in 3w of faithfully drinking it every morning.

I just wanted to mention to be wary of psyllium fiber. The first ND I tried gave me a supplement so close to the one that worked but it made me worse and I know now that I can't take psyllium fiber AT ALL, but I can handle the flax fiber in this drink. And I also discovered that multi-vitamins cause me to bleed. I can only take whole food vitamins. Two things you might want to watch out for.