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Ulcerative Colitis Remedies

Humic Acid
Posted by Balikadam (North Bergen, Usa) on 01/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Ted, I just wanted to tell you that You SAVED MY LIFE. I was diagnosed UC almost 1 year ago. My entire colon was UC. Doctor gave me Asacol and Canasa. They worked 3-4 months, after that stopped. I have done SCD diet. Scd diet worked for awhile after 5 months stopped to work. I was going to bathroom 20 times a day with bloody diarrhea.

I found your article on this website. I have been using humic acid 3 months. It cured my UC. As far as I can see that people can not find Humic acid on the web. I would like to suggest 2 website link. People can find them. Thank you so much, this has changed my life!

1. website (cheaper)


2. website (expensive)


Unusual Remedies for UC
Posted by Annie (Branson, Missouri) on 03/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This will sound crazy, but here it is. I had suffered for a number of years from ulcerative colitis, and my symptoms were growing worse. I recently started smoking cigarettes again, after quitting for 14 years. My ulcerative colitis has gone away.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Christian (Germany) on 01/09/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Josephus,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I am on my 4th day of rice fasting and the situation improoved noticeably.

Did you drink the Kefir while you were on the fast or did you drink it before and after the fast? Could you tell me which amout you took each day?

I could imagine that the Kefir has big influence in restoring the gut flora...

Hope you're still doing well and best wishes to you,


Baking Soda, Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Chris (Paris, France) on 01/19/2013

Raw apple cider vinegar is alkaline producing so I think it would be beneficial for those suffering from colitis. Here is a list of alkaline/acid producing foods. http://rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm

Remember that it doesn't matter what the food's ph is or what it tastes like that determines whether or not it has an alkaline or acid effect on the body. For eg., after digestion, citrus fruits are alkaline forming in the body and animal products are acid forming.

Baking Soda, Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Goodhealth (New Jersey) on 01/04/2016

Pedro, please search more about organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It is acidic in its natural form but once it enters your body it is in its alkaline form. ACV is one of the best remedies for UC.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Gert Jr (Madison) on 11/12/2019
5 out of 5 stars

The people who tell you to juice or eat raw do not know what serious UC, Crohn's, or ibs-d really is. Do not listen to them, you will hurt yourself. To calm your gut, try brown rice (L---bergs has no arsenic). This packs your gut with soothing mucilage that absorbs toxins and lets them exit. Then eat well-cooked vegetables, adding them slowly to your diet. Then proceed to well cooked fish or chicken as tolerated. You have to do what soothes your gut, not causes more irritation.

Posted by Angela (Australia) on 12/23/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had what I feel sure is ulcerative colitis for quite a few years now and because I didn't want to used prescription drugs I tried Turmeric. It took 5 weeks before it began to kick in and the relief I felt from not having to lie awake at night with the pain was wonderful! If you want to try this you could probably use something for the pain until it kicks in for you?

I use the bulk organic turmeric from iherb and fill double 00 capsules, I found this as good if not better than the extract tablets and a lot cheaper too. [Do use disposable gloves whilst filling the capsules or you'll end up with yellow fingers! ]'

I take two of these capsules with every meal and have found this suits me. A few times I tried to cut down the doses but the symptoms started to re-appear, so I've pretty much kept to the same dosage for years now, with NO side effects.

I hope that other people with the same awful problem will find this useful.

Best wishes, Angela.

Apple Juice
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 08/29/2017

Here is a post from Ted...



Hi Ted and all on Earth Clinic, So, I thought I found something great when I originally sent through this post on eating green tea.

I ended up having a great month with virtually no symptoms. But, one day I forgot my green tea and went about the day.... only to find a massive amount of blood and diarrhea.

Turns out, the tannins in the green tea as AMAZING for masking the symptoms of UC.... But the caffeine was actually making it worse. (My success with the green tea led me to taking green tea extracts for energy and that put me in a flare.)

Just got out of the hospital a few days back, and what I've learned over the last two months is:

Decaf green tea is great. The organic decaf uses carbon dioxide to decaf the tea without really decreasing the tannin content.

Limit fat intake to less than 30 grams MAX per day.

I'd love to comment more about a bunch of stuff. But, if you're reading this, just know that decaf organic green tea and eliminating fat does some amazing stuff for UC.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
385 posts

Well, the cure is possible and I found those that helped. You have to understand there are basically two aspects of ulcerative colitis., the cause is mostly mycobacterium, which gives rise (after they are killed or living) to lipopolysaccharides. The lipopolysaccharides cause the inflammation which causes ulcerative colitis, but the mycobacterium also causes them.

As for the green tea it contains tannic acid, and most of it is on the leaf, some is in the liquid, that is why green tea you have to prepare it yourself, with the green tea leaves. In fact most of my remedies require that any herbs or any tea, you must consume the powder of the leaves and nothing is thrown away. You also get the same results (approximately) if you also consume tannic acid. Basically its the tannic acid that kills the mycobacterium in general, and some of the polysaccharides, but definitely doesn't really speed the healing process in the regeneration of tissues cells at all, but it does reduce the inflammation on the intestinal tract. Any nurse or doctors will tell you that if you have diarrhea, always take the green tea (especially eating leafs) or Coke (it contains caffeine. So it was both the green tea and the caffeine that actually helped, especially the alertness definitely comes from the caffeine. But it may help some people and it may hurt some people on caffeine due to differences in biochemical imbalances that exist in the body. As you go through the "general" green tea with different applications, you get different aspects and therefore some of the conflicting information, even different brands, but if you are dealing with ulcerative colitis then green tea helps in case the person has constipation, though that seems to occur more in Crohn's disease then anything else.

As to the coffee, in Thailand we drink green coffee, it has less or no carcinogens, but once you roast a coffee, then you get hydrocarbons, and you don't want that, because people with this condition are vulnerable to colon cancer.

As to your being helped glutamine is correct, it does help the healing but the bacterium of mycobacterium has to be rid of it or lessened, and you must have normal blood sugar to begin with as glutamine helps the healing. But it will always be the lysine and N acetyl cysteine to help the healing. To kill these mycobacterium is cinnamon, but they caused irritation and this is why lowering the inflammation initially will help. Boswellic acid will kill them too, but without the inflammation. So someone with abnormal blood sugar above 100 mg, /dL might require more, such as gymnema slyvestre. But someone with serious bleeding probably going to need less humic acid, but more vitamin K1 and K2, but also aloe vera oil. And someone who is seriously weakened will need more N acetyl cysteine, selenium, and a shot of B12. You have to really understand that most people who do have ulcerative colitus has a serious deficient vitamin K, this pattern of vitamin K has been deficient in human diets for the last 100 years, and making it worse, with margarine. Under no conditions are these people allowed to eat vegetable oils and margarine, it will lead a person to a hospital just taking plenty of potato chips and french fries!

But you always need DHEA 200 mg and melatonin at night at least 10 mg to help treat the inflammation and also some killing of mycobacterium, DHEA actually increases immune system indirectly, as does Lysine, the white blood cells, but inflammation is absolutely essential.

As to the greens, copper chlorophyllin, chlorella. and perhaps spirulina also help but very differently in ulcerative colitis. Copper chlorophyllin works as copper is toxic to most mycobacterium, but then so do MSM. Chlorella works by getting rid of excess heavy metals as they are required for mycobacterium growth (as do virus! ) so they ultimately performed recycling work, but you can die prematurely if they overtake the body as there is some signs of decaying within the body! Spirulina works similar to chlorella although I think less aggressively then chlorella.

So yes it is a matter of time to cure ulcerative colitis, first the cause (mycobacterium), second the leftovers (lipopolysaccharides), third the healing of ulcerative colitis. The immune system can "see" the mycobacterium, with astralagus, DHEA, melatonin, in different aspects of the immune systems too long to discuss. The lipopolysaccharides can be broke to pieces to neutralize, such as bromelain, digestive enzymes. The mycobacterium may be destroyed with cinnamon. cinnamic aldehyde (less extent), ellagic acid, tannic acid, green tea, humic acid also. The aloe helps accelerated healing of the intestinal tract, but also glutamine, but mostly the lysine, glycine and vitamin C (major components of collagen). The glutamine also helps, but some BCAA (branched chain amino acid also). My simple method is basically humic acid, aloe vera oil and lysine as the major elements, but depending upon my clients I can have hundreds of variations, but it rest on the understanding, and then developing the strategies to cure ulcerative colitis.

Any way this is my latest information so far on ulcerative colitis, as time will permit. So what I have found is basically the same as what you found, both coffee and tea.


Aloe Vera
Posted by Pramol (Nyc, Ny) on 06/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Im not usually a blogger - but feel it necessary to write about my positive experiences. I have first flare up of UC around 4 months ago. Following numerous tests and colonoscopies my GI prescribed Pred and MP60 pills. Both of which were horrible for my system, I put on weight, lost hair, felt tired and irritable. After the course had finished, nothing had worked, so my GI upped the doses and I started all over again. Once again it failed to get me into remission.

I then (after finishing the course) put aside western medicine, and tried some eastern cures. First attempt was using pro-biotic tablets, I used it for 2 weeks, and it didnt really do much for me. Then I turned to cats-claw tablets, again no real response. Finnally I stumbeled across Aloe Vera. This worked instantly for me. One shot in the morning orally and once again in the evening. Withing 2 days I noticed the bleeding and the bloating reducing, and within a week it had fully subsided. I now keep one gallon in my fridge, and whenever I have flareups (like last night) quick dosage of AV nips the UC in the bud and I return to normal life. I have no adverse side effects from AV (appart from the horrible taste! ). I also adjusted my diet, I reduced dairy and carbonated drinks, and reduced cafine. I also stared yoga and running more often. I can say emphatically that AV along with diet and more excercise has changed my life!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Rsw (Ohio) on 06/23/2017

Hi Kay,

May I suggest a non-toxic, no side effects (except possible sleep disturbances for a week or so), inexpensive, FDA approved at 50 mg/day but used at low doses of 1.5-4.5 mg/day drug to help with your UC? It is LDN or low dose naltrexone. Here is an article on it that may interest you:


The official site is www.ldninfo.org

At the top of this site is a reference to a Yahoo LDN Group with over 13,000 people who use LDN for a variety of diseases. You can join and ask any questions you may have. They are very willing to share experiences and answer your questions. It is often used in conjunction with a gluten and sugar-free diet for UC or Crohn's, but not always. At about $45/month for compounded LDN capsules, or even less if you get it elsewhere, it may really be something worth trying to improve your health and give you some relief.

Best wishes.

Humic Acid
Posted by Aloweusa (GA) on 07/25/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I'm the same guy that wrote my experience back in 2012. Praise God I'm still living a normal life and have completed many Ironman triathlons. There is hope!!! The brand I've used is Morning Star Minerals- Vitality Boost HA.

Take 1oz in fruit juice or non chlorinated water (very important).

If that doesn't work, you can up the doze. I started at 1oz and was up to 2ox twice a day at the beginning. With time, I was able to reduce that. I now only take it occassionally.

Hope this helps

Aloe and Slippery Elm
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 08/01/2023 108 posts

WHICH Vitamin E supplements were supposedly shown "to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate" ...? Synthetic ...?

This is VERY IMPORTANT ... Because Synthetic vitamin E is known to be either less or non-effective ... and there are more than one type of natural Vitamin E ... "[Studies] examining the role of vitamin E in the immune system have typically focused on α-tocopherol; however, emerging evidence suggests that *other* *forms* of vitamin E, including other tocopherols as well as tocotrienols, may also have potent immunomodulatory functions.

"Future research should continue to identify and confirm the optimal doses for individuals at different life stage, health condition, nutritional status, and genetic heterogeneity. Future research should also characterize the effects of non-α-alpha-tocopherol vitamin E on immune cell function as well as their potential clinical application...."

Regulatory Role of Vitamin E in the Immune System


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mayan2012 (London, Ontario, Canada) on 04/14/2012

Actually hydrogen peroxide comes in food grade. It is amazing for many different ailments.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Labes (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 07/17/2010

Dear Freakzilla154,

Colitis, IBS, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis are just names of infections of the bowels. Like an infection of a kidney can give you kidney failure, an infection of the bowel gives us all what I like to call bowel failure ( Colitis, IBS, Chron's disease, Ulcerative colitis, Ulcers, you name it). To reach your health again, you have to treat the infection causing your bowel failure. The first big bug than can causes those bowel failures is bacterium avium, which most doctors misdiagnose. This bug will suppress the immune system and invade all your body including your bowels. You will feel extreme fatigue and bowel failure. What you can do to treat this bug is to take H2O2 therapy. You can also drink ozonated water 6 times a day to kill the bug. I have read that magnetic pulser can destroy this bug. You have to take also ionic silver or colloidal silver internally everyday in order for you to weaken the bacteria. Ted also said that borax also kills those mycoplamas. Since your immune system is suppressed by this bacteria (AIDS like state is attributed to this bacteria), you have to take selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, 2000U VitD3, Vitamin B complex. You have also to ch-elate your mercury by EDTA or some humic acid or chlorella.

Candida also can be a cause, but Candida in many cases is just a symptoms of mycobacterium avium infection. Killing the mycobacteria will definitely kill the candida. Hope that will help you a bit

Baking Soda
Posted by Warren (Perth, Australia) on 02/09/2010
5 out of 5 stars

try bi carb soda for ulcerative colitis! It will corrrect bad flora in the gut and reduce symptoms quickly. 1 teaspoon in a glass off water 3 times per day.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Judy (Toormina, N.S.W. Australia) on 03/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to tell you for 7 years we have been trying to find a cure for our daughter Natalie with chronic ulcerative colitis, she was just about to have her colon removed when a friend told us about black strap molasses. Within a week of taking 1 teaspoon daily she has been in complete remission and said she has never felt better am so grateful. I have been taking it too and have found a big improvement in my well being and nervous system. regards Judy Harrison

Posted by Carol (Toronto, ON) on 02/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

L-Glutamine (high dose): Upon the suggestion of a nutritionist I went to see, she claimed she didn't have a single ulcerative colitis patient to a L-glutamine. The one she gave me has a high dose of L-Glutamine along with other herbs like Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root and not much else (sorry I don't have a bottle here). It's a powder you mix with water every morning 1/2 hour before you eat anything and you need to do this for 3-5 weeks before you see results. And let me tell you I was shocked in 3w when it finally went away after over a year of daily attacks.

The premise of how it works is that when you have impaired digestion, your body doesn't break down proteins efficiently causing you to become deficient in amino acids. L-Glutamine is the amino acid necessary for rebuilding you intestinal wall which sheds itself every 5 days or so? and without that amino acid becomes damaged. By giving yourself pure form, in liquid (requiring no digestion of pills etc) you give your intestines what it needs to make a healthy lining. It was really mad at the time that something so simple recommended by a nutritionist of all people cured my colitis when I had spent huge $$$ seeing naturopathic Dr's, chinese herbalists and acupuncturists, some of which helped temporarily but the L-glutamine was the magic ticket for me.

It took a lot longer for my digestion to return to normal but the L-glutamine totally took care of my diarrhea, spasms and bleeding in 3w of faithfully drinking it every morning.

I just wanted to mention to be wary of psyllium fiber. The first ND I tried gave me a supplement so close to the one that worked but it made me worse and I know now that I can't take psyllium fiber AT ALL, but I can handle the flax fiber in this drink. And I also discovered that multi-vitamins cause me to bleed. I can only take whole food vitamins. Two things you might want to watch out for.

Slippery Elm
Posted by Carl (Leeds, West York UK) on 12/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Colitis: Slippery Elm Powder

Slippery elm kick-started my return to good colonic health. After enduring several years of extreme colitis symptoms I spent a whole week without food except for a teaspoonful of slippery elm powder mashed with banana. It can be mixed with water but it is a bit of an art. I preferred the banana method.

This was taken first thing in the morning and again in the evening before bed. Sipping only water all day, taking hot baths and lots of rest. Going to bed no later than 9 or 10 O'clock ensured that my colon had plenty of opportunity to heal itself.

The first 4 days were spent feeling weak and lethargic but I feel that it was my body busy repairing itself. By day 7 I was symptom free. From then on it was a matter of avoiding harmful food and drinks and generally living a less stressful and abusive lifestyle.

The slippery elm powder I am convinced gave me the encouraging cure start that I needed.

Acupuncture, Turmeric, Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Angela lapsley (Worcester, Uk) on 11/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had was diagnised with severe ulcerative colitis and given steriods which I refused to take, held out and had acupuncuture reflexology each week, started on Tumeric and aloe vera juice everyday, along with higbee propolis bee pollen,echinacea etc, it cleared up, still take the aloe juice and recently had a flare up, jjust the start of bleeding etc, and immediatly reverted back to tumeric, etc, as above cleared up, without doctors orders.

Dietary Changes
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/12/2019

Just wanted to add to my earlier comment. When your gut is inflamed and raw, you need to soothe it and then work at keeping it calm moving forward. Raw has lots of insoluble fiber, which acts as a brillo pad on your insides. You want soluble fiber--the stuff that gets gooey (mucilagineous). This is what you get from applesauce, lima beans and anything that is very mashable when cooked. There are herbs, too, that generate mucus, which coats the gut linings and further acts to protect it. This is like marshmallow and slippery elm, among others. Other things, like glutamine, help to restore the gut lining. The problem with all these suggestions is that you do not get an overnight cure. It can take years and not really cure it, just make it manageable. Do research and read as much as you can, make a notebook and keep track of what you tried and how it worked. Also keep track of how you eat, sleep, exercise, etc. You will notice a pattern--when I do a,b & c, I feel better. When I do x, y and z I get worse. 2 things I highly recommend are bone broth and kefir. Start with bone broth, as much as you like. It will nourish you and provide the building blocks for healing. Eventually, once your insides have calmed down a bit, add the kefir very slowly, maybe a teaspoon per day to start. It will give you plenty of probiotics as well as minerals and vitamins, is usually well tolerated, and is easy to make at home so you have plenty on hand. Really, you have to go back to bare basics and get calmed down before you can hope to proceed. It's tough, but what is 2 weeks when you have the rest of your life ahead of you?

Boswellia Serrata
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 05/08/2017

In other words, drink buttermilk. We learned in cooking class that if you didn't have buttermilk, you could make some by adding some lemon to milk. It makes sense! Buttermilk contains all of the B vitamins!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jandell (California) on 09/12/2016 7 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with UC 2 weeks ago. I've had this on and off for several years and have done a good deal of reading on this subject and it's causes, treatments, and cures (which so far none is know, but there are lots of things to try). I just started on Lialda a few days ago and have had some really severe cramping with constant "d" which I think is referred to as a flare on most of the internet.

As for the cause of UC, at this point after a good deal of reading on the net and watching a PBS program, I'm inclined to think that UC might just be a case of various severe food allergies as it's basis. I found doing/taking 4 things helped with the cramping, 1)& most important to stop all gluten & dairy & reduces other foods that cause "d" within 30 min of eating them, 2) a(1) hi potency probiotic; 3)30 min later "2" 500 mg of Quercetin & 4) 2 hr later a packet of the Rx Cholestyramine (it's an old Rx for stopping "d", that works for me. So for right now, that regiment stops my cramping and "d"for the rest of the day.

Also today, 2nd day of taking Lialda, my Dr.told me to cut back to 1 Lialda every other day, that they might be too strong for me (Important....I read, do not cut them to take 1/2 half a tablet or half a dosage, that will not work) Also, today, I talked with my health food store, (Sprouts, in east county of San Diego) told me about their client who had used the herbal mushroom Chaga who had very good and dramatic results with this UC. Since I'd researched, read, & taken Chaga in the past I was not worried about taking it and decided it give it a try to see if it would help me with my UC. Today I took 1 Chaga at about 3pm and it had dramatic results within in 30 min, on the physical, energy and cognitive level(fog lifted). I'm not recommending this, I'm just saying that it worked (so far) for me. Hopefully this helps some others.

Avoid Carrageenan
Posted by Rene' (lark) (Tx) on 09/13/2015

I wanted to report back on my wonderful healing. After almost three weeks of being off all my 'health' foods that contained Carrageenan I am almost totally back to normal after suffering all of 2015 with ulcerative colitis. I was also taking whole leaf aloe vera juice ( the gel contains carrageenan) and also a slippery elm capsule instead of turmeric for inflammation. This has been nothing short of a miracle for me as I could barely leave the house or sleep at night. I am so grateful to God. Please be cautious as to what the ingredients are in your healthy regimen. You never know what can cause an adverse effect.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by St (Florida, US) on 01/25/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis via biopsy during colonoscopy. I am allergic to the drug used to treat UC and was advised by regular MD there was nothing they could do. Dr said if I didn't find a way to get it under control on my own I only would last about 5 years. After bleeding internally for 1.5 years going a D.O., ARNP, DC & acupuncturist, helped me get it completely under control.

Here is how: Chiropractor found I was highly intolerant to wheat, that was the first I eliminated. so no wheat, no gluten.

Further food logs revealed no more dairy either. There are other foods that I found as triggers & I avoid them and the regimen I take daily is:

4 probiotics a day they also contain a yeast cleanse this is crucial. I get them from AST enzymes on line. When I tried to take less I found myself catching the colds and flu bugs everyone else was getting. At this dose I seem to never catch what everyone else is getting.

I tried every other brand of probiotics and was super sick due to the dairy. Also tried non-dairy I ordered on line but didn't work.

I drink psyllium husk this is a bulking fiber it helps sweep the intestines and keep bowels regular

I take omega 3 every day to reduce inflammation

I take Quercetin 500 mg a day this is to help with the allergic components.

I eat whole foods only and very little processed foods such as gluten free bread. Very little meat as it causes inflammation. Drs. said no pork although I do cheat and eat a small amount here and there. Eating alkaline foods and no acidic foods is very important

It is highly likely you may have a yeast problem which was confirmed for me in a stool sample. In order to get rid of it you have to eliminate sugar and take the probiotic yeast cleanse I mentioned earlier.

A food log is the best way to start. Aloe Vera juice did not help me nor did a lot of the other over the counter natural things. To a speedy recovery!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Joann (Cranston R I) on 03/20/2016

Try slippery elm capsules for all intestinal issues. Take at least 2 capsules with a full glass of warm water about one half hour before all meals. They are not expensive, just make sure its a good brand. Slippery elm will coat stomach and intestines. No side effects.

Posted by Sharon Christmas (Anderson, Sc) on 03/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric has put my Ulcerative Colitis in remission. I take six 450mg capsules in the am and six at pm till all symptons are gone then I just take one in am and 1 in pm I have severe ulcerative colitis and turmeric has been awesome. If it flares up I start back on the six and six been doing this for 2 years and it has been a blessing to be in remission.

Probiotics, Dietary Changes
Posted by Merrin (Perth, Western Australia) on 08/11/2012

Thank you for your extensive, informative post. The last 4 funerals I attended were of slim, athletic people so it got me thinking "what went wrong"? Hereditary disease? Stress? Inflammation? Dehydration? Artery Plaque? Colon malfunction? Yes, dietary change is paramount. I have begun my journey back to good health, discovered Earth Clinic, family think I'm crazy BUT I'm sleeping like a log, suffer fewer headaches and manage stress better. Thanks to EVERYONE, your posts change lives!

Humic Acid
Posted by Aloweusa (Las Vegas, Nv) on 06/15/2012
5 out of 5 stars

6 Years of Ulcerative Colitis. Normal function within about 10days.

I moved to America in early 2005 and immediately started having problems with my GI tract. Stomach cramps, frequent bathroom visits and weight loss were all symptoms. In a bad day I would use the bathroom 20 times. After 6 months I returned home to Ireland and saw a GI specialist who tested me and said I had IBS and to watch what I eat and learn to live with it. Over the following years I just gritted my teeth and got on with life. I moved back to the USA. I always knew where the bathroom was because I might have to run there at a moments notice.

In June 2011 I had a terrible episode after going wine tasting in Napa, CA. I knew alcohol wasn't good for my stomach but I wasn't aware just how bad things can get! This was the first time I had a bad UC flare up. I lost about 12 lbs in 3days and only narrowly avoided hospitalization because I went to see a GI specialist. I had all the tests and he diagnosed me with gastritis in the stomach, an esophageal ulcer and pretty severe Ulcerative Colitis. He said that UC is an autoimmune disease and I will have to take medication for life to deal with it. I was annoyed that I officially had a disease with no cure and I wasn't prepared to accept that.

I took the Meds: PPI for stomach acid and Asacol HD for anti-inflammation of the bowel. The PPI helped the acid in my stomach but the Asacol only helped a little. I went for my follow up visit and there was some improvement (bathroom visits down from 12 to about 6/day and I still had the urgency that only someone with UC or a similar problem can understand) but not as much as the Doctor would have liked. He told me to stick with these Meds for another 2 months and if there is not a significant difference then he would consult with some other Doctors and start steroids etc. I did not want to go down this route as the logical end is surgery and colostomy bag.

I started trolling the internet for cures. Tried yogurts- no help. Tried paleo diet/gluten free- no help. Tried staying off alcohol-helped a bit but not enough.

I then decided that I had to get my acidity under control. I started taking baking soda and water and it helped a bit. I also started eating organic food and reducing processed foods including refined sugar which I know could send me to the bathroom in minutes. Then Ted suggested on this site to try Humic Acid. I liked the sound of how it blocked the fungal/myobacterium cycle and I ordered some in liquid form online. Within 3 days of taking humic acid I noticed a difference. My urgency was reduced and the occasional stool was already getting firmer. Day 5, I was shocked at the effects, my stool was like I remember as normal.

I stopped taking the humic for one weekend (5 days on, 2 days off theory) and symptoms got slightly worse towards the end of the weekend so I resumed the humic on the Monday and I haven't stopped since. I believe Humic acid is mostly responsible for the unbelievable improvement. Removing the toxins from my diet and not drinking tap water filled with fluoride and chlorine may also be a factor. I also take L-Glutamine and Vitamin D and have started to take the fulvic acid also because they say it is best to take both together for overall health.

I want to shout it from the rooftops- Humic acid is a miracle for UC, God guided me to earthclinic and God bless you all for helping!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Eve Z. (Sydney ) on 12/21/2021 15 posts

What quantity of AV do you have each time?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Kay (Richmond, Bc) on 06/22/2017

I have had this fabulous disease for 13 years now. I have been on all the latest and greatest drugs that have been mentioned food elimination diet. I have not eaten meat for 30 plus years have low iron and ferritin. The az-something also referred to as immuran. I take 3.5 of those daily mezavant 4 tabs daily and have the highest dose of stellara which is the newest drug. Not working unfortunately and the best side effect is it's making me loose my hair. I thought remicade was working fairly well but the dose kept increasing and the time between started every 2 months then down every month.Dr says despite every best effort and several medication concoctions I'm at the end of the road and surgery is being suggested a second time. I got a sense when talking to dr that he is still convinced that it is just colitis. It was suggested crowns/colitis. I looked at and said sure why not colitis has caused lupus, arthritis and not celiac but 95% gluten sensitive. I eat very healthy, work out no family history of it. I think that's what I find so frustrating. Trying to stay positive, trying to do what I like doing always knowing where a washroom is of course. I enjoy running but can not and do not eat or drink anything especially coffee until 1 pm and take Imodium fingers crossed that I won't have to hit a bathroom on route.

I know this is long but never vented on any site like this before.

Aloe and Slippery Elm
Posted by Steve (Houston, Tx) on 01/06/2012

Brad - Have you checked into Vitamin E treatment. Just do a google search for "ulcerative colitis vitamin E". I have suffered for years and felt I didn't have anything to lose by trying it. I started the treatment two weeks before a colonoscopy. I noticed a difference within a couple days, and did not treat in the second week. My GI declared me UC free. He didn't take well to my explanation, but I wouldn't expect anything different. He is about to lose a lot of money. This is no BS, I have been on Asacol for 8 years and suffered for atleast 8 years prior to being placed on the Asacol. I was totally shocked by the results. If you use this treatment make sure you get the "natural" vitamin e and NOT the "synthetic".

Humic Acid
Posted by Marlane (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) on 07/26/2011

Awal, the Ayuvedic remedy Shilajit is pure Humic Acid, I should imagine that if we can get it in New Zealand and Australia you must be able to get it in Pakistan. Good luck.

Aloe Vera, Turmeric
Posted by Natwell (Cosp, Co) on 03/21/2011
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Regarding Turmeric and Aloe Vera for UC:

Bleeding increased for me using turmeric. I did some further checking and found that turmeric is a blood thinner so it can increase bleeding. I am still using aloe vera. Also called the companies for composition information about aloe and found that the only company to get aloe vera from without the "diarrhea factor" is Lily of the Dessert because is tests 40% lower in the laxative ingredient- and you can only use the inner filet juice NOT GEL because the gel has cargeena (sp?) which produces inflammation. So I am using 1 oz. Aloe vera juice 4 x a day and am working up to six, started with 1 oz. 2 times. Bleeding is my worst and biggest problem because it sends me to the hospital and I cannot afford to get more transfusions without the doctors trying to send me to surgery. I ordered the Butyrate enema kit today which builds mucosa lining.

Baking Soda, Activated Charcoal, Supplements
Posted by Allison (Houston, Texas) on 06/14/2010
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I have colitis, with an acidic PH for both saliva and urine. After reading Ted's comments, I have tried magnesium citrate, as well as lime and baking soda for months. But what did the trick for me to reduce the pain of colitis was: I used 1/2 teaspoon baking soda twice a day: once in the morning and once 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime. I put the baking soda into emptied geletin capsules ( about 3 capsules) and down them with a 1/2 glass of water ( the taste is too salty for me without the capsule. also, I didn't want the stomach acid to neutralize it before it gets down further in the intestine. If you don't use the capsules, use more water to make it more dilute so it doesn't burn or irritate the intestinal lining.) Then about 10 minutes before bedtime, I take one or two capsules of activated charcoals with 1/2 glass of water ( the brand I buy has 280 mg of activated charcoal in each capsule, thus 560 mg total if taking two. you can find this on the internet. If not, I am thinking activated carbons sold by fish pet shops might work similarly ( I personally have not tried this yet, but I would if I couldn't find any activated charcoals. If you have to use the carbon, please write in your feedback to others), but you will have to pulverize it or ground it up to make it into a fine powder to increase its absortive surface).

Reviews I read on activated charcoal uses include all kinds of stomach ailments including against food poisoning. I remember I had bought some potting soil once that had small pieces of charcoals in them to absorb the bad smell of bacteria. To experiment, I bought activated carbons from Walmart at the pet fish section and sprinkled a little to put into peatmoss for my potting soil. Results: the plants grew small and skinny dispite all the fertilizers I put in compare to similar other pots without the activated carbon. Lesson: The activated carbon absorbed so well it absorbed the fertilizer as well. The label warns that high absorbancy of activated charcoal may reduce the effectiveness of certain medications, thus take it at least 2 hours AWAY from your regular medications or vitamin/mineral supplements. I take mine right before bedtime so that it can have hours without interference from any food to work it's way through the intestines and absorb all the foul bacterias in there. If your colitis is highly active right now, you might consider increase the frequency of activated charcoal, perhaps up to three times per day. I saw results in mine less than a week. There is also the option of adding the activated charcoal to a water based enema, although I hadn't needed to use it this way. Use filtered water for this as regular water has clorine. Once the colitis is under control, I would reduce the amount and frequency used, again, because it will absorb your food and nutrients as well as the bad bacteria. You might consider taking some probiotics as well afterwards to build back the good gut flora.

If you have an acidic ph and it deems that you take baking soda, I strongly recommend you take a good quality vitamin B-complex, vitamin D, along with extra sublingual(under the tongue) folic acid and B-12 to ward against some of the side effects I read under the Baking Soda section on Earthclinic website. I recommend sublingual because I have read that some people's gut don't have the neccesary bacteria to breakdown and absorb the b-12, and that people with autoimmune diseases usually have deficient folic acid and vitamin d in their blood.

I have also found that both L-Glutamine and Sweet Dairy Whey have a firming quality in that they dry and firm up loose stools. So if you need to take magnesium citrate to alkalize the body( magnesium has a laxative effect), you might add 1 to 2 tablespoon l-glutamine or sweet whey to reduce the side effects of magnesium. While those who suffers from constipation in their colitis may want to add magnesium citrate to see if there is any relief.

All in all, ulcerative colitis is a bugger of a disease to battle! One med may work today but not another day. I hope my personal experience can offer those in active stages one more option to try to get this disease under control. Thanks, Ted! and Thanks Earth Clinic!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Pfred (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) on 01/30/2012

I was diagnosed with IC in Nov. 2011 but have been symptomatic for years. I am a medical researcher. I believe in a balance between modern medicine and natural medicine. After I gave birth to my daughter 12 years ago, it has been downhill since. I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, gastroparesis and now ulcerated colitis. I have had a full hysterectomy and have had my gallbladder removed. One thing after another. This is my strategy to save my body from anything else and also cancer. Before I made any changes or adjustment to my personal intake, I researched each area to substantiate clinical research and validity of each issue below. I personally required (for my body) at least 3 to 5 different references that all stated the same claim metabolically and with the same efficacy.

(1) Ph levels

Ph levels must be balanced or our immune systems attack our own bodies. So, I have switched to a balanced acidic / alkaline diet. It was easy. I just added a few things to my diet and removed a few things from my diet. I also bought the four books that they suggested on this sight for references. Once you are Ph balanced, you can move on to the next item - Enzymes.

(2) Digestive Enzymes

Since I have had my gallbladder removed, I have only added chemical enzymes - Reglan and Hyocycamine. They work for a while and then stopped. I ordered enzymes from a business in Alaska. Their digestive enzyme supplement is called _________. Their medical claims are correct. Their opinions are their opinions. I will know the outcome in a few months with another colonoscopy and of course bloodwork.

(3) Humic minerals.

I followed advice from this site and ordered these minerals. Immediate change. So, logically if my body is in great Ph shape, I have added the Enzymes to help clean my blood and force my immune system to stop attacking... It is logical to add the Humic Minerals to my much depleted body. The enzymes will help my body get back in shape and then put those minerals to work. I take _____ Fulvic and Humic Complex - $49. 00. They send dosing instructions.

(4) Prickly Pear supplement

I am taking this to help with inflammation. Go to your health food store. I plan to replace with real prickly pears as soon as the weather changes and I need to check the Ph level as well.

(5) Aloe Vera Juice

I am taking this to help with inflammation. Go to Walmart Pharmacy. Ph level on my jug was 6.2.

(6) Take YOUR MEDS

Do not stop any meds without Dr. Supervision. Results are measured via scopes and bloodwork. That is how you make decision. ALways use your facts and leave emotion out of the decision. Cell repair takes time. Finish the course of Prednisone per your Dr. Advice. It is saving your life right now. You will be off soon and then that weight will start to go away.

This strategy is for my body. I wanted to share. I hope the best for all UC patients. We all know it is not any fun and we share your emotions at all levels.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Hopeafteruc (Lakewood, Oh) on 01/23/2014
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Well, I was diagnosed with UC 3 yrs ago. Went to too many doctors/specialists and they had me on different medications including steroids. I get pain on the left side combined with bad diarrhea and bloody watery stool...To make the story short I cut out all dairy from my diet- as much as possible- and I take one tablespoon of milk of magnesia in the morning but I don't drink water or liquid with it till 1 hr later ( that is very important). It has been 2 weeks and my stools is as close to normal as has ever been since I don't know when.

P.S. I used MOM by itself without the baking soda!! I hope this post will help other people. I will try to post again here in couple weeks, cheers!!

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